10 Coolest Courses at University of South Carolina

At the University of South Carolina, there are a couple of interesting courses that students can pursue. Such courses ensure that they will have an amazing experience during their stay. Besides, these units explore the various aspects of the society, hence they should be mandatory. Below are some of 10 courses that everyone should consider studying

1. MUSC 117 – Aural Skills I

The course introduces scholars to the basic skills in music. Some of the simple topics students learn include rhythmic reading, sight singing, dictation and more. However, students should have background knowledge in Music (Theory and Composition).

Music students coming from coming from class

2. AERO  102 – The Foundation of the U.S. Air Force II

This course requires students to have taken AERO 101. Basically, it covers the management of the Air Force. As such, this includes their values, modes of communication, leadership skills and more. Generally, these aspects are interesting and most students usually want to associate with the unit.

U.S. Air Force during a forum at the University of South Carolina

3. AESP 428 – Design I

It mainly entails application of design using technology and statistics. All these make students to explore design and forego other technical subjects such as architecture.

Student practicing visual design

4. AFAM  202 – Introduction to African-American Studies: Arts and Cultural Foundations

The course helps in understanding the different ways of life that black Americans have evolved through during their stay in the United States. Moreover, the cultural diversities and their adaptations to the artistic skills of the Western cultures are the most fascinating parts of this subject.

American cultures that the blacks adapted to

5. ANTH  212 – Food and Culture

The study areas of this unit involve cooking various delicacies from different cultures. Overall, most scholars love it because they learn about the numerous culinary habits around the world. Moreover, the food is provided freely by the university thus cutting down on costs of their practicals.

Food festival at the University of South Carolina

6. AFAM 353 – Introduction to U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics

It covers the racial and ethnic differences that alienated the blacks from the whites. Mostly, students take this course to understand the histories of African-American legends such as Martin Luther King Jr.

A pictorial representation of African-American heroes in history

7. ANTH  216 – Violence and Peace: Anthropological Perspectives

Some of the interesting topics covered in this unit include everyday experiences, cultural practices, and current events. From this, scholars can apply the knowledge in developing peace-making strategies for solving conflicts. The simplicity and reality in this course is what attracts many students.

Artistic plea for peace by students

8. AFAM 438E – Caribbean Literature

The course is easy since lecturers only teach languages and stories from the Caribbean Island. Overall, for students to qualify, they need to pass in ENGL 101, ENGL 292, ENGL 102, and ENG 292. The prerequisite units are some of the best preformed. Therefore, this makes the learning experience more fun-filled.

Caribbean writers visiting at the University of South Carolina


9. AERO 401 – National Security Affairs

The basics of this course include understanding the U. S. Constitution, how the forces operate, and what the national security systems are made of. Subsequently, students love the course because they can easily apply it in real life situations and current affairs.

A representative from the National Security Affairs during a debate at the University of South Carolina

10. ARTE 101 – Introduction to Art

The course covers how visual art should be displayed during exhibitions. Secondly, it covers the history of various artistic descriptions and much more. Everybody loves art and those who choose this unit express unmatched passion towards their studies.

A student putting up her creations in the art gallery


Top 10 Library Resources at the USD

The University of San Diego, a private Roman Catholic research university, is one of the premier liberal arts institutions on the West Coast. With over 40 undergraduate programs and a system spanning seven different colleges, USD consistently ranks among the top 100 private higher education resources in the country. But just how extensive are their library resources? Read on and find out.

1. San Diego Circuit

White mark up on blue background, containing SD Circuit logo

The San Diego Circuit is the main Circuit Library Consortium which links the University of San Diego with with California State University San Marcos, San Diego County Library, San Diego Public Library, San Diego State University and the University of California-San Diego. Registered users can borrow a title from any number of the libraries listed for free.

2.) Academic Search Premier

Students gathering in a library to socialize as well as study

Available only to registered students and faculty, Academic Search Premier provides full text for over 4,500 journals, including full text for nearly 4,000 peer-reviewed titles and pdf back files dating back to 1975 and earlier.

3.) Research Guides

Students reviewing materials online

Designed by Copley librarians to assist first time users in navigating both the library and coursework, and remains one of the more popular resources for undergraduates.

4.) Digital USD

Logo of University of San Diego Copley Library

Digital USD publishes and provides open access to the scholarship, creative work and archival material produced by faculty members and students of the University of San Diego.

5.) ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

ProQuest Dissertations logo - black and red text on gray background

As a service from the Library of Congress, University theses and dissertations are published alongside the Graduate Records office and are available free of charge for students and faculty in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database, as well as Digital USD.

6.) Copley Library Inter-library Loan

A blue hand waving

If during the course of your research you come across specialized titles and journal citations unavailable at either Copley Library or any of the San Diego Circuit Libraries, the Inter-library Loan Department can arrange to borrow available items for you from another institution.

7.) Group Study Reserves

Students gathered in a library to study

Copley Library currently has three separate reserve rooms available for student and faculty group use, complete with lecterns, whiteboards, monitors with DVD and laptop plug-ins and furniture for 10-34 individuals.

8.) Research Databases

White text and black outline of a globe on a blue background

The Pardee Legal Resource Center at University of San Diego’s Law School maintains an active number of pertinent research databases for students, with a particular emphasis on tax law, foreign and international law, California law, federal law and legal commentary.

9.) Technology Immersive Resources

Stock photo of a student studying on a laptop

With over 80 computer workstations for student use, wired and wireless networks for patrons with laptop computers as well as laptop computers available for checkout, the Copley Library at University of San Diego helps provide unparalleled connectivity.

10.) Online Databases

Stock photo of PC monitors

With Copley Library maintaining over 187 online databases pertaining to any conceivable course at University of San Diego, instant citation and verifiable research results has never been easier.

Libraries at University of San Diego and Surrounding Areas

1.) Copley Library

Stock photo of USD students gathering on the lawn outside f Copley Library

Currently housing over 600,000 separate items, including ebooks, online databases and physical media, the Helen K. and James S. Copley Library is open over 100 hours per week for students and faculty, and is part of the San Diego Circuit Library Consortium, which links university libraries throughout the greater San Diego region.

Copley Library is open daily from 7:00 am – 2:00 am, with a reference department open daily from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

2.) Pardee Legal Research Center?

Pardee Legal Research Center

As one of the region’s most extensive and esteemed law libraries, the Pardee Research Center is open seven days per week on a schedule of 112 hours during the fall and spring semesters and on a reduced schedule during the summer, as well as extended hours during exam periods.

The Pardee Research Center is open Monday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Fridays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sundays from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. The library is closed on Saturdays.

3.) University of California San Diego Public Library

University of California San Diego Public Library

The UC San Diego Public Library regularly features public workshops, lectures, film screenings community activities and special collections and is regularly ranked among the nations top 25 public academic libraries.

UC San Diego Public Library is open Monday – Thursday from 7:30 am – 12:00 am, Fridays from 7:30 am – 8:00 pm, Saturdays from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Sundays from 10:00 am – 12:00 am.

4.) San Diego County Library

San Diego County Public Library

With over 33 branches and a media circulation of approximately 11.5 million titles accessible to any California resident, San Diego County Library remains one of the most active public libraries in the state and regularly hosts workshops, lectures and special events.

San Diego County Library is open Mondays from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, Tuesdays – Wednesdays from 9:30 am – 8:00 pm, Thursdays from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, Fridays – Saturdays from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm and Sundays from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

5.) San Diego Public Library

San Diego Public Library

The largest library in the San Diego County library system, boasting some 1.2 million titles, regular classes and events and a robust selection of digital learning and ebook materials.

San Diego Public Library is open Mondays from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, Tuesdays – Wednesdays from 9:30 am – 8:00 pm, Thursdays from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, Fridays – Saturdays from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm and Sundays from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

6.) California State University San Marcos Kellogg Library

California State University Kellogg Library

Offering numerous digital, print and scholarly resources to University of San Diego students through CSU’s participation in the San Diego Circuit Library Consortium, including inter-library loan, reserves and citations.

The Kellogg Library is open Mondays – Thursdays from 6:00 am – 12:00 am, Fridays from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturdays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sundays from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.

7.) San Diego State University Library

SDSU Library dome view from above

Featuring a strong focus on STEM related curricula research, a healthy selection of bilingual titles and one of the most vast collections of science fiction works in the country, as well as numerous collaboration and research labs.

The San Diego State University Library is open daily from 7:00 am – 1:00 am.

Top 10 SCSU Library Resources

South Carolina State University (SCSU) is historically known as a four-year black university situated in Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States. It is the only state funded, historically black land-grant institution in South Carolina is a member-school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). This university has access to several library resources not only for effective research, but to also help you when studying or doing other work!


This is a picture of the official symbol of JSTOR which is a website of academic journals.

Jstor is an amazingly beneficial website that can assist you with various projects and research papers. This website is a digital library that contains academic journals, books, and primary sources. All sources found on this website are scholarly approved!

2) Biography.com

example og autobiography book for malcolm X

Biography.com is a website which has detailed descriptions of a person’s life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person’s experience of these life events. This website is wonderful when you need to research accurate information about a specific individual. The link to the website is even provided on the university’s page under Library!

3) Newslink

This is an image of a newspaper that has "Latest News" written in bold and is a report of a certain incident.

Newlink is an amazing website which provides articles that connect to over 65  most linked newspapers and TV stations from major cities around the country – including:  Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Miami Herald, USA Today, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chicago Tribune, Charlotte Observer, The State (Columbia, SC), Wall Street Journal, and many others.

4) Google Scholar

This image showcases what we assume is associated with a typical scholar, including a graduation hat and loads of books!

This website is absolutely amazing to find resources which your school cannot provide. Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines.

5) Citation Machine

Citation tools graphic logo

This website is a life-saver for all students! Citation Machine is a wonderful website which provides and helps students and professionals on how to properly credit the information that they use. Cite sources in APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard etc…

6) Study Rooms

This image showcases what a typical study room would look like with one table and 6 chairs in a secluded room.

SCSU is an amazing university that provides students with several library resources. This also includes wonderful study rooms! Small study rooms accommodate up to 5 people and large study rooms accommodate up to 10 people. SCSU also provides study room lounges that can be reserved by students!

7) Scan and Deliver

This is an image of the game scrabble and the word written says Deliver to correspond with the title of this blog section.

Scan and deliver is an amazing resource at South Carolina State University. Through this service, students can request copies of articles and book chapters the library has in print but not online. Scanned files are delivered to your Interlibrary Loan account, which can then be used for various essays and other projects!

8) Collaborative Technology rooms

This is a very cool looking picture of a collaborative technology room with various computers and desks.

Collaborative technology rooms accommodate up to 4 to 8 people with a display monitor including connections for up to 5 laptop computers. These rooms are amazing for tech-students or students in general who want to work together on various projects!

9) Printer/Photocopying Services

This is an image of a printer which is in the middle of printing out a certain document.

This is 100% a lifesaver resource for all students! SCSU has amazing printing and photocopying machines which are used for all students who need to print out last minute essays or any other information! This service is also a great help to students who don’t have a printer or photocopier!!

10) Workshops

This image has the word workshop written and alongside are several other words that correspond to the Workshops, like teamwork or motivation.

South Carolina State University has amazing library workshops provided by librarians. These workshops are absolutely free and provide a variety of teachings about research and citation management tools.

Top 5 Libraries Near/At South Carolina State University

1) South Carolina State Library

This image showcases the front-side view of the South Carolina State Library.

Do you have a huge exam coming up or do you just need a place to study? The South Carolina State Libray has amazing resources and services to support students with their assignments and projects.

2) Orangeburg County Public Library

The image showcases the logo of the Orangeburg Library which states "More than books"

This is an off-campus library near South Carolina State University! This is an amazing library to find additional resources for projects and essays. It is also a very relaxing study spot in case you don’t want to study on the on-campus library.

3) The Citadel Daniel Library

This is an image of the inside of the Citadel Daniel library. The picture shows a great image of what the inside layout of one section of the library looks like.

The Citadel Daniel Library is a very popular library for its various study rooms and available resources. This library is a common spot among students to go to when studying for exams or needing some quiet study time to catch up on due dates!

4) Clemson University Library

This picture showcases the beautiful Clemson University Library, with a man-made pond and fountain in front of the library enterance.

This library is known to be one of the most beautiful libraries in the whole entire world! Although most people come here to work or study, the Clemson University Library carries an array of books and resources for students. It is also available for the general public who can come here to study and also utilize all services!

5) Miller F. Whittaker Library

This is an image of the front-side view of the Miller F Whittaker Library. The image shows how the building looks from the outside and its surroundings.

The Miller F. Whittaker Library is a wonderful public library for all students. This library has several resources and an array of books, as well as, various study rooms that can be reserved by a group of students!

Top 10 Library Resources at CSUEB

Libraries maybe a little outdated to some but it’s still a great place to think. At times, you don’t even know what you can get from a library. California State University – East Bay boasts a wide selection of books and resource material for numerous individuals, be it the students, alumni or even visitors. This makes for a great place to get your homework done.

1. Reference Service

The reference section can help students find the right resource and citations for their write-ups.

If you can visit the library during the reference service hours, you can be guided to with your research and citation materials by the appointed aide. There’s also a more in-depth approach which is a 30-minute consultation with the librarian.

2. Services for the Disabled

Desktops available for individuals with disabilities.

Being a disabled should not limit you from enjoying the library, equipment and workstations are wheelchair friendly and available for use for the entire length the library is open.

3. Borrow with Ease 

Any CSU member can enjoy the trove of information in the CSU-EB libraries.

If you are a member of any CSU campus, you can borrow any CSUEB materials provided you have proof of being a student, a faculty or alumni.

4. Learning Commons

Learning Commons provide a space for thinking and collaborating.

This is a study space located in the lower section of the mall. This area provides numerous desktop and space for CSU members to collaborate ideas, conduct discussions or research, in peace.

5. Laptop Loaning

You can loan a laptop for a few hours up to a semester.

You can’t burn the midnight candle in the library thus CSUEB provides students. Loaning a laptop can be a few hours to an entire semester; however, they are limited in number so it’s best to get them if you really need one.

6. Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can help users in their needs to gather information and use the library resources with ease.

The CSUEB equipment have been tailored to aid any individual. From JAWS ( Blind or low vision aid ) to Dragon Naturally Speaking ( a voice recognition software ), any handicap should not get in the way of making full use of library resources.

7. eBook Textbooks

Textbooks are not limited to those on paper; eBooks can aid students on accomplishing their tasks too.

Despite the presence of physical books, CSUEB also provides students free reading of eBook textbooks. You can easily find a specific textbook from the library’s course catalog.

8. Relevant Donated Materials

Research materials and other media that have been donated can be used for future research material for students and faculty.

If you have any content that you would like to donate or collaborate to the greater informational good, you can easily donate them to CSUEB’s Hayward Public Library. This is a great aid to students who need further citations or support for their future research projects.

9. Wide Selection of Media Reserves

Various media resources such as books, DVDs and etc. are easily accessible for use.

There are various ways to get information and media is one of them. CSUEB boasts a wide selection of media that can be used by both students and faculty alike.

10. Popular Reading Collection

Fiction and non-fiction books are stacked to the brim for students to read.

Not only do you have informational material and write-ups, CSUEB also caters to some leisure reading which we all need from time to time.

Libraries at California State University – East Bay

1. Hayward Public Library

Entry to the Hayward Public Library which is also a part of the Hayward Campus of the CSU-EB.

The Hayward Public Library is a great source of information due to its treasure trove of media, information and even entertainment. With a library card, you can easily access these pieces of information and even do some event programming.

2. Concord Campus Library

The Concord Campus Library may be small but it has a reliable courier service to gather your source materials.

Primarily catered to service the Concord Campus students of CSUEB, thus accounts for being a small library. However, do not let its size deter you as the Concord Campus Library provides a steady circulation of materials that can be easily acquired from its reliable courier service.

3. Weekes Branch Library

The Weekes Public Library offer a space for a less stressful time in the library.

If you opt for more pleasure reading to break from the monotonous trend of studying, visiting the Weekes Branch Library is a good change of pace. There’s also a park in front if you want to relax.

4. San Lorenzo Library

San Lorenzo library's wide interior and high ceiling promotes a good space to concentrate and hosts events.

The San Lorenzo Library offers a wide selection of books that can be enjoyed by various individuals of varying age groups. While not truly catered to the educational aspect, the San Lorenzo Library also hosts various events which can be relevant to students.

5. South Branch Library

The posh design of the South Branch Library provides a quick breeze through the shelves of books.

Usually called as San Leandro Library, the South Branch Library provides various amenities that can aid students in accomplishing schoolwork. They also have a veteran’s resource center thus helping veterans get their benefits.


Top 10 Majors Offered at Drexel University

Drexel University is a state of the art private research university located in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States. It has been in existence for last one millennium having been founded in 1891. For the 2019, ranking edition of Best Colleges in National University Drexel University was ranked at 102. Some of the major offered include:1.

1. Accounting (BSBA)


Deals with accounting, finance management and taxation

Accounting is known to be loved by many students who are sharp in mathematics. Some of the courses covered under accounting include management accounting, auditing, financial accounting, taxation among others. Accounting offers an opportunity to work as an accountant in governmental accounting, public accounting, corporate and non-governmental accounting.

2. Mathematics (BA, BS)


Mathematics deals with abstract reasoning

Mathematics loved and hated in equal measure, some student say it hard for it requires abstracts reasoning at the college level, but all in all, for those student planning to apply their skills in solving a problem experienced in the technology, mathematics is ideal to major with and minor in subjects where mathematics is applied.

3. Engineering (BSE)

 engineering can be applied in many fields

For those students intending to practice engineering this is the best major to take, this means it can be combined with other interdisciplinary studies for example law, teaching, music, medicine and more. Taking Engineering major will provide one with base in the foundation of engineering and some quantitative skills which can be applied in many fields.

4. Marketing (BSBA)


Entaisl buying and selling practice

Drexel University boost of producing the best professional marketers in the world today. Its graduand are known for excellence brand management, digital marketing, market research, retailing and new product development and more.

5. Health Sciences (BS)


Health science is scaling up of late

As we know health care profession is the fastest growing job sector not only in the United States but in the world at large. Drexel University offers a rigorous 4 years curriculum to its student taking health-related professions. Graduand can further in more than 40 masters, doctoral and professional development programs.

6. Biomedical Engineering (BS)


Engineering is combined with biomedical

Drexel University offers this major with collaboration with the School of Engineering, School of Art and School of Computing. Student through this program gets experience in engineering design apart from personal growth. The program is credited by the Engineering Accreditation (ABET).

7. Virtual Reality & Immersive Media (BS)


virtual-reality is anew course

Though it a new course it has gained ground in Drexel University to be one of the top major offered. High qualified tutors are able to produce competent graduand who are able to work in different field of virtual reality and augmented reality and more.

8. General Business


ideal for those interested with theory and practice

This major provide student interested in understanding the theory and practice in the area of business, for example, economics, marketing, accounting and more. The knowledge acquired will enable the student to work in different business organizations.

9. Management Information Systems


Management Information Systems really nice course to major in

Drexel University is known for its solid foundation in business. The university is able to produce prepared student in the information technology and business. Its graduand are able to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and business function.

10. Biological science


It prepare student to work in laboratory

Students who major in Biological Sciences are well prepared to work in commercial laboratories or technical research. To be able to major Biological Sciences Drexel University require the student to have taken chemistry, physics, mathematics, humanities, and science and human affairs through this, they have been able to produce the best graduate.

Drexel University still remain to best and highly sort after university in US, for good selection you can through the list of major offered. As it stands now, the acceptance rate is at 74.7%.To get more information about the courses offered you can contact the university.





Top 7 Residences/Dorms at Queen’s

Queen’s University is definitely a place that you can make you feel at home. In fact, more than 90% of their Freshman community stays on campus. Queen’s University ensures that every individual that attends their school, especially first-year students, are able to reside on campus. One thing to note is that residences actually operate on a lottery system meaning that students can rank their preferences for room style, but not the building specifically. 

Here are 7 of the best Residential Halls on campus.

1) Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall on a sunny summer day.

Address: 75 Bader Lane, Queen’s University, Kingston, On K7L 3N8

Named after Queen Victoria, this hall was truly built for a queen. Upon planning to open this residential hall, the school had to make special accommodations by Opening it up to residents in two stages. The Victoria Hall is the largest residence hall on campus, housing nearly 900 students. It is a co-ed facility.

2) Adelaide Hall

Adelaide Hall at Queen's University

Address: 137 Stuart St., Queen’s University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N8

In honor of the wife of one of Queen’s University’s greatest contributors, R. S. McLaughlin, Adelaide Hall is named after Adelaide McLaughlin. To those that know and love this hall, her name is Addy. It is the second oldest residence on campus with room to sleep 115 young ladies.

3) Ban Righ Hall

Address: 10 Bader Lane, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

This Hall holds the title of being a foundational residence of Queen’s University for many reasons. First and foremost, Ban Righ hall was the first place of Residence on campus. Second, in order to expand the campus with this the raised funds to build through teas, bake sales, bridge parties, etc. Enjoy the beautiful vintage infrastructure while basking in the modern campus life.

4) McNeill House

Mcneill House at Queen's University

Address: 40 Lower Albert Street, Queen’s University, Kingston, On, K7L 3T8

This House was named after Queen’s University’s former Vice-President, William Everett McNeill. In 2006, the building was renovated and given a more modern twist. McNeill House is co-ed and holds up to 220 residents. The rooms are a fair size also.

5) David C Smith House

David C. Smith House at Queen's University

Address: 222 Stuart Street, Queen’s University, Kingston, On, K7L 2W1

The David C. Smith House is one of the newest buildings on campus. Built September 2015, only upperclassmen have dibs on this residential hall. With its modern look and convenient location, who wouldn’t want an opportunity to reside in these rooms.

6) Brant House

Brant house at Queen's University

28 Albert Street, Queen’s University, Kingston, On, K7L 0E6

With one of the most unique designs on campus, the Brant house has to be one of the best places on campus to live. It appears to levitate off of the ground, created with a portion of the building that is in the shape of a massive glass cube. This beautiful structure is one of the newest residential houses and was built Sept. 2015.

7) Waldron Tower

Waldron Tower at Queen's University

17 King St. West, Queen’s University, Kingston, On K7L 2W4

When Waldron Tower was built everything was very well thought out and planned from the creative design to the view. This residence is 11 stories, directing all windows toward Lake Ontario. No one gets left out of having a chance to get this beautiful view. These are co-ed rooms. Residents are also conveniently near City Park.  

From the “X” shaped building to the tower peering over Lake Ontario, this campus is a win-win it comes to top dorms and residences. Choose a hall wisely and enjoy your stay at your new home away from home.

Here’s your Move-in Day Packing List at Queen’s University

1) Room Basics

a bed room

-Twin XL / Twin/Full XL size comforter set

2) Food and Snacks

Snacks like chips and nuts

-Little Debbies
-Tv dinners

3)Tech & Entertainment

TV on a TV stand

-Cell phone
-Hygienic technology (blow dryer/shavers/flat iron)

4) School Supplies

School supplies


5) Cleaning up & Organizing

3 bottles of Clorox disinfecting wipes

-Filer (for books)
-Air Freshener plug-ins
-Clorox wipes

6) Campus Gears

A student wearing gear for Queen's

-School shirt
-School hat
-School License plate
-School Stickers
-School Writing utensils

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

Hot plates

-Candle warmers
-Hot plates

5 Best Restaurants at York University!

York University is a wonderfully diverse university with the best student resources for a successful university experience including mentors and amazing professors. However, the number one helper for any student in university is, food! York is extremely popular for its restaurants and variety of food selection! Students are always creating numerous activities including bake sales, and exciting events like Smoothie week!! Thus, this blog is your number one guide in the five best restaurants in York which will help you survive all semester!

1) Pizza Pizza

PIcture of a large pizza with pepperoni

Pizza is a dish that can never go wrong, and Pizza Pizza is definitely one of the best restaurants at York University! With numerous options including cheese, chicken, vegetarian etc., all pizza slices are freshly baked! The slices are also extremely huge and vary from $1.25-2.00. This restaurant is one of the most affordable, quick and delicious meals at York!

2) Indian Flavour

picture of a restaurant called indian flavour

One of the best parts about York University is the extreme multiculturalism and students of immense ethnicities. York caters to every single person and this restaurant is for everyone! Indian Flavour is one of the best diners at York which serve authentic Indian food. From veggie samosa’s, and biryani to halal meat, there are several dishes at affordable prices for students who enjoy the zesty and spicy taste of Indian cuisine!

3) Freshii

Freshii foods poster

This restaurant is for all the health fanatics out there! Freshii is also one of my personal favourite food joints at York University. This restaurant serves amazing healthy meals including buddha bowls, healthy burritos, soups, and various other foods. This restaurant is especially great for vegans and vegetarians! Freshii also serves amazing vegan chocolate chip cookies and everything is once again extremely affordable!

4) Sakura Japanese Restaurant

sushi tray

Personally, I was never a huge fan of sushi until I came to York University and I tried the sushi at this restaurant! It was amazing and extremely delicious! This restaurant not only serves sushi but also katsu, teriyaki, and several vegetarian options! There are numerous options at this restaurant and all the food is freshly cooked and served pipping hot, which makes it even more delicious!

5) Tim Horton’s

Tim Hortons cup of coffee and wings in the background

The last best restaurant at York University is, of course, Tim Hortons! In my opinion, this food joint is probably a students best friend. We all need our morning coffee or tea and bagels to survive throughout the day! Luckily, York University has at least 5 locations of Tim Hortons throughout the campus! Tim Hortons has an amazing variety from coffee, tea, ice cappuccinos to bagels, egg sandwiches, wraps, donuts, and Timbits!  This place is extremely affordable even on campus, and is an extreme live saver, especially during exam season!

These are the five best restaurants at York University with the most affordable and delicious food! I recommend you all try these places because they will change your life!

Top 10 Professors at the UMiami

In college, your professors can make the difference between an enjoyable semester or four months of struggling. Nobody wants a professor who is so easy that you don’t learn anything, but at the same time, excessively difficult instructors make each class a challenge and put a dent in your GPA.  Read on for a list of the ten best professors at the University of Miami to ensure the best learning experience possible.

1. Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez

Rating: 100%

Department: Nursing

Courses Taught:

NUR 307-Learn More
NUR 453-Learn More
NUR 613-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Ahh-mazing lectures. He is truly the best professor at the U. Learned a lot from him and hope I can take every class with him. Very easy on the eyes too!”

“The guy is a walking encyclopedia. Truly the best professor I have ever had. Thank you!”

“Great professor and provides great support to students. Very tough class, be ready to read the book and study your butt off! Thank you for everything Dr. Gonzalez.”

2. Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter

Rating: 100%

Department: Public Health

Courses Taught:

BPH 310-Learn More
BPH 321-Learn More
BPH 419-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Dr. Porter is easily the best professor at UM. I am a senior and wish I would have found him earlier. This is the only class I have ever looked forward to going to every day and was upset on the few days I had to miss for travel. If you come to class, participate, and turn in the assignments you are guaranteed to have a great semester. A++++ class!”

“Dr. Porter is hands-down one of the best educators I’ve had, period. He truly does care about his work and his students, and that passion shines in his lectures. In practice, his classes are fairly graded and interesting. I’ve taken four classes with him and he was a strong influence in my decision to pursue a career in public health.”

“I just came here to say that Dr Porter is everything you want in a teacher. He is funny, knowledgeable, caring, and keeps his classes interesting. He definitely wins the award for best dressed too.”

3. Rebecca Hu

Rebecca Hu

Rating: 100%

Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENG 105-Learn More
ENG 150-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She’s the best. literally. I sat through her class on my computer, had a biweekly paragraph to write, and one 10 page paper at the end of the semester. she cares so much about her students and class, and is the sweetest person ever. super easy. put in the right amount of effort for the minimal work there is, do it for her sweet, adorable soul.”

“BEST PROFESSOR EVER. Her grading is fair and she made me a better writer. If you show up to class you’ll probably get an A.”

“Rebecca is the nicest and most helpful English teacher I’ve ever had. She’s really approachable and helpful outside of class and he really teaches you how to write. I’d take him again if I could. Definitely recommend.”

4. Gina Maranto

Gina Maranto

Rating: 100%

Department: Ecosystem Science

Courses Taught:

ECS 113-Learn More
WGS 350-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“SUCH an incredible prof. ive had her for two semesters and each class has been so incredible ive actually looked forward to going. She will do anything for her students. Sweetest woman and loves discussion, never a dull moment in her classes. I wish all my profs were like gina.”

“I loved Gina and I’m excited to take more classes with her. She’s really educated in her field and taking this class opened me up to many things I hadn’t previously known. Participation is in the form of how many assignments you turn in – those are IMPORTANT! Do those, go to class and make sure she knows who you are and you’ll do great.”

“She’s the most amazing human being on the planet. Would do anything to help any student. Easy class. She’s perfect.”

5. Karen Turner

Karen Turner

Rating: 100%

Department: Business

Courses Taught:

BSL 212-Learn More
BSL 304-Learn More
BSL 412-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Professor Turner is amazing. She clearly outlines what you need to know and quizzes are straightforward. She is easily accessible outside class. If you don’t show up, you definitely won’t pass. She takes the time to clearly explain everything you need to know. There’s also minimal textbook work.”

“TAKE HER! She’s incredible! Lecture heavy but very fun and makes them interesting, cares about you as a student, really considerate personally and as a teacher. The class is tricky and she’ll make it rigorous but it’s so worth it. She’s a true gem I have zero regrets with taking her class. Make use of office hours and email bc she’s there to help!”

“Best professor I have ever had. She really helps you understand the material and makes class very interesting”

6. Mario Perez

Mario Perez

Rating: 100%

Department: Accounting

Courses Taught:

ACC 211-Learn More
ACC 212-Learn More
ACC 312-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Perez is an awesome professor he makes the class clear and explains what he is doing very well. In addition, if you don’t feel like showing up he is available often for office hours. Before each test he tells you what problems to study. I would recommend taking any accounting classes this guy teaches you will get an A.”

“Awesome professor. He is always ready to help. He has a bunch of office hours and is excited to answer questions. Apart from that he is super nice and really wants you to understand accounting. He never uses power points which makes the class not be boring or monotone and actually quite entertaining. Its not an easy A unless you work for it.”

“Professor Perez is by far one of the best professors at UM. He’s very organized and gives handouts so its important to go to class to get them! He makes the materials incredibly clear and easy to understand. He’s always willing to help and very understanding if theres a problem. Exams are hard but if you go to class and study you should be fine!”

7. Patricia Rua

Rating: 94%

Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught:

MTH 103-Learn More
MTH 107-Learn More
MTH 108-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“TAKE RUA IF YOU CAN!!!! I had a horrible experience with Calculus in high school but Rua completely changed my attitude towards it with this class. She explains everything perfectly and I was able to understand the material without depending on memorization. My favorite professor ever!!”

“Ms. Rua is by far the best professor not only in math but any subject matter, ever! She is a true definition of a caring professor. She takes time out of her own schedule to tutor you. She teaches in a form that will grasp your attention and keep you focused. Highly recommend her especially if you have math difficulties.”

“Amazing teacher, describes everything and makes sure everybody is on track. Expect to go to class and have homework, do those two and you will get a good grade, and also learn math!”

8. Susan Leary

Susan Leary

Rating: 96%

Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENG 105-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She is just amazing! If you do your best you can really learn how to write very good papers using her theory of thought. She makes the lectures funny and interesting by using people’s papers to teach. She truly cares about the students and is actively engaged in their learning process.”

“Absolutely loved this class. She is by far the best professor I have ever. She makes the class so interesting and it is a very free-flowing class. Graded is solely based on 3 papers and participating in class discussion. If you need ENG 105 or any english class that she teaches take her.”

“Oh man, Susan is a true gem in academia. I have never met someone so genuine, caring and compassionate as her. Her love for what she does truly radiates and reaches every student that she teaches. She truly has made an impact in my life and my love for literature. I strongly recommend her, you will embark on a journey of intellect and creativity.”

9. Marina Portnoy

Marina Portnoy

Rating: 98%

Department: Management

Courses Taught:

MGT 304-Learn More
MGT 401-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Professor Portnoy is a wonderful and caring individual. She provides quality feedback and seeks to empower the students to understand and analyze the facets of Strategic Management. Most importantly, you can tell that she truly goes out of her way to help and provide guidance. It was an absolute pleasure taking her class.”

“Absolutely wonderful professor. Professor Portnoy has relevant experience in her field, inspires others to achieve, gives quality feedback, and cares deeply about her students and the work that she does. Was a pleasure to take this course, and I would recommend any class with her as the professor. 11/10”

“Professor Portnoy is excellent. She cares about her students success and gives plenty of time to work on projects. You speak in front of the class often and do in-depth research for projects. From this, I learned valuable business information and developed my professional skills including critical thinking, research, writing and public speaking.”

10. Wes Smith

Wes Smith

Rating: 94%

Department: Kinesiology

Courses Taught:

KIN 202-Learn More
KIN 221-Learn More
KIN 233-Learn More

“The absolute best. He really knows his stuff. All you have to do is show up and listen and you will learn everything you need to know for the course. Everything he teaches has practical applications for your own lifestyle.”

“You can tell how truly passionate he is about what he does. Amazing, interesting lectures. Quizzes were so easy and half of them were take home. Tests you had to really study for, but there were only 2 and he did online video review sessions the day before which was extremely helpful. As long as you put in some effort you’ll have no problem.”

“This guy is an unbelievable professor. If you can take a class with him, do it. He’s the absolute best.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at the University of Miami

1. Research Project by Ralph Sacco M.D.

Ralph Sacco

Faculty: Neurology

Dr. Sacco works is the chair of the  Neurology Department at the University of Miami. He conducts research on the causes and treatment of strokes.  His primary focus is on minority and ethnic groups.  Dr. Sacco aims to create better prevention and treatment plans for stroke victims.

2. Research Project by Glen Barber Ph.D.

Glen Barber

Faculty: Cell Biology

Dr. Barber’s research aims to understand mechanisms of innate immunity to virus infection and malignant disease.  A major focus in his laboratory is interferons, which are produced in response to infections.  Dr. Barber is credited with discovering important mechanisms that explain interferon production and aspires to continue uncovering information to help create more effective treatments for infections.


3. Research Project by Denise Vidot Ph.D.

Denise Vidot


Faculty: Epidemiology

Dr. Vidot is currently conducting a study investigating the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of cannabis use.  She also specifically analyzes effects of cannabis on HIV patients.  She hopes to improve health outcomes for substance abusers, particularly from minority backgrounds.

4. James Englehardt Ph.D.

James Englehardt


Faculty: Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Englehardt directs the Water Quality Engineering Laboratory at the University of Miami. Developments and discoveries from his work include energy efficient water treatment systems and technologies to make drinking water safer.  His goal is to develop an eco-friendly, affordable water system in order to make clean water available worldwide.

5. Blaine Fowers Ph.D.

Blaine Fowers


Faculty: Educational and Psychological Studies

Dr. Fowers is a licensed psychologist and Fellow of the American Psychological Association’s Division 24.  He is primarily interested in the ethical dimension of psychology and focuses on the interplay of virtues, cultural ideals, and human flourishing in psychological practices and ordinary life.  Dr. Fowers aims to help students better understand their own potential and desires.

In the end, it is never possible to love every one of your professors.  Nonetheless, certain professors have a reputation for making class more difficult or boring than is necessary.  When building your schedule, consider opting for sections taught by some of the ten professors listed above to optimize your success and enjoyment this semester.


Top 10 Professors at VCU

Some of the people that have the biggest influences on you and your college experience are your professors. So it doesn’t come as a big surprise that many students take interest in what professors they take each semester and  question whether or not they can thrive in those classrooms. Here are the top 10 professors at Virginia Commonwealth University that will enrich your learning experience, help you succeed in your courses, and be engaging, and, therefore make your next hike to an 8 a.m. class a little less dreadful.

1. Michael Southam-Gerow 

Michael Southam-Gerow 

Department: Psychology

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

PSYC 101- Learn More
PSYC 407-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Dr. SG is great!! I looked forward to going to his class to see what he’d say next. High-energy, funny and he knows how to teach. You do have to study for his tests, but he makes it fun. VCU should have more teachers like him. For any reason, take his class!!”

“I came to love Psychology because of this professor! He makes learning quite enjoyable. He also has a pretty good sense of humor and an approachable personality. He wants you to succeed in his class so he tries to give out extra points when possible. Definitely recommend!”

“Southam-Gerow is the best teacher I’ve had yet at VCU. He is the epitome of a prof that “makes class fun”. He keeps you interested the entire class period and explains everything very well. Study hard for tests, but TAKE HIS CLASS.”

2. Sherif Moussa

Sherif Moussa

Department: Chemistry

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

CHEM 101- Learn More
CHEM 102- Learn More
CHEM 303- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“The best lecturer ever. Most student won’t struggle in his class. However, if you’re weak in chemistry, I would suggest you go to his office hour and get help. Even if attendance is optional please attend. He is the best professor ever!”

“Dr. Moussa is an amazing professor. I am not a chemistry person at all, but I was interested throughout the whole semester. He uses personal lecture notes, which he posts on BB for your review, as well as the Top Hat application. He also uses Top Hat for participation/attendance.”

“Chemistry was my most feared subject. I’m still not in love with it, but he made it doable. Go to class, do the recitations, and you will get an A.”

3.  William Newmann

Image result for william newmann vcu

Department: Political Science and International Studies

Rating: 95%

Courses Taught: 

POLI 105- Learn More
POLI 367- Learn More
INTL 105- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Professor Newmann is incredibly knowledgeable and very down to earth. He breaks everything down in simpler terms but will also tell you the technical definition of everything. One of if not my absolute favorite professor! Highly recommend him!”

“One of my favorite classes ever, without a doubt. The assignments are a map quiz, two exams, and a paper. For the paper, he allows you to turn in a rough draft, and you must, as his comments are a huge help. This was my fourth class with him, and I am taking my fifth next semester! If you need an upper level political science, take this one.”

“Dr. Newmann is one of the top professors at VCU. This is my 5th course that I have taken with him. he is very fair. I always enjoy his classes and I always truly learn. He is very concerned about his student and he is extremely fair. All of his classes get filled pretty quickly, he is in high demand & he teaches Homeland Security, political science.”

4. D’Arcy Mays

D'Arcy Mays

Department: Mathematics

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

STAT 210- Learn More
STAT 643- Learn More
HONR 190- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Dr. Mays is an amazing professor. He’s been teaching STAT210 for years and really knows his stuff. He posts all class lectures online along with practice tests with keys and keys to the exams after so you can see what you did wrong. Final is optional and replaces every grade lower than it, but doesn’t do make up tests.”

“Dr. Mays is seriously the best math/statistics professor I’ve ever had. He explains things very clearly and answers students’ questions thoroughly. He posts 3 practice tests online before each test which was extremely helpful and useful. His grading policy allows the final to replace EVERY grade lower than it so a good grade is very achievable.”

“He is a good professor, this is coming from a person who SUCKS in any math based course. He makes everything really understandable. Come to class for clickers and do the practice test right before and you will get a decent grade. ”

5. Chris Saladino

Chris Saladino

Department: International Studies


Courses Taught: 

POLI 105- Learn More
INTL 105- Learn More
POLI 361- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“I’ve taken Saladino for two Poli classes now and I’ve loved both. He’s really smart and entertaining. If you do your work and genuinely care, he will respect you. He’s really easy to talk to and always responds to emails. He understands that students are human too and he’s willing to work with you. He gives interesting and relevant information.”

“Great teacher. Sarcastic and funny. Makes his lesson fun and understandable. Notes are a must for this class. Make sure to become friends with others in the class, it comes in hand when studying for tests and quizzes. Occasionally gives out extra credit, but if you learn the material and pass the tests than you’ll for sure get an A or B.”

“Saladino was my favorite professor this semester! Super funny and has a tendency to rant a little bit. Very knowledgeable about international relations and will give students opportunites to ask questions!”

6. Leigh Ann Craig

Department: History

Courses Taught: 

HIST311- Learn More
HIST 312- Learn More
HIS 201- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Dr. Craig loves history with every fiber of her being, and that love is infectious. Her class isn’t easy, you’re gonna read a lot and write a lot more, but by the end of the class you will have all the tools to take on upper-level history courses and the history field in general. She gives thoughtful feedback and is always happy to help students.”

“Without a doubt, Dr. Craig is one of my favorite professors at VCU. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the Middle Ages and presents it in a way that’s entertaining and understandable. Textbook was optional, although she does assign chapters. Attendance, midterm, final, and three papers make up the grade. VCU is lucky to have her.”

“One of the best professors at VCU. Extremely knowledgeable about Medieval and Early Modern European history. I would definitely take Dr. Craig again if I had the chance. She’s always able to answer questions and usually responds to emails within 10-30 minutes. I really loved this class and looked forward to going to it every day.”

7. Bryant Mangum

 Bryant Mangum

Department: English

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

ENGL 375- Learn More
ENG 301- Learn More
ENG 374- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Prof. Mangum is by far the best prof I have had in my 3 years at VCU, and he doesn’t even teach within my major. With that, if you aren’t an English major, this class could really be a challenge for you, like it was for me; lots of reading and class discussion but Mangum is so understanding, helpful, and caring. Tests are daunting.”

“Dr. Mangum is by far the best professor I’ve had in my 2 years at VCU. The class is mostly lecture and class discussions, but he’s so passionate and knowledgeable that I could sit and listen to him talk for the whole class and not get bored. You can tell he loves all of his students and will go out of his way to make sure you succeed.”

“This is the sweetest man in the world! Take any and as many classes with him as you can!”

8. John P. McFarland

John P. McFarland

Department: Finance

Rating: 90%

Courses Taught: 

FIRE 315- Learn More
FIRE 301- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“P. McFarland is the man, he made me fall in love with finance and business world. He goes by points! He’s easy going and respected by students, he knows what he’s talking about. All the assignments are helpful and the test are easy from his lectures. The most generous and intellegent peofessor I’ve met in VCU. I would absolutly take the class again.”

“J Mac is the man, just take this class trust me. All you have to do is complete the assignments and you will get an A. He wants you to succeed.”

“SUCH A NICE MAN! If you go to class and read the text, then you’ll get an A. This class is actually something that you can use throughout your life, so I would definitely recommend taking it.”

9. Justin J. Reed

Justin J. Reed

Department: Art

Rating: 90%

Courses Taught: 

ARTF 134- Learn More
PHOTO 243- Learn More
PHOTO 491- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“BEST PROFESSOR. He expects a lot from his students which is very helpful since it makes you push yourself. CONCEPT ABOVE ALL. Continuously work on all of your projects. He will appreciate if you speak up (and your mind) in crit. Professionalism is important with him. I 100% recommend him.”

“Justin is an amazing Time Studio teacher!! Not only was his class informative but it was also fun. He goes out of his way to help students- I met him for technology demos and conferences outside of class several times. Half of assignments are readings and responses and the other half are video projects. You will need a portable hard-drive.”

“Justin is THE BOMB. Extremely inspirational, pushes you to work hard, and overall a great time. I always looked forward to going to his classes. Participation is extremely important, so get out of your comfort zone and speak up in his class! Very insightful, as he has had a killer career in the photo world. Take Justins class, you won’t regret it!”

10. Micol Hutchison

Micol Hutchison

Department: Languages

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

UNIV 499- Learn More
UNIV 101- Learn More
UNIV 112- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Micol is the best professor I’ve had thus far. Especially when you’re a freshmen, she does her absolute best to make you feel comfortable in a classroom setting. There are a lot of assignments, but if you stay on top of them and pay attention in class you’re bound to get an A. I gave maybe 60% of my effort to this class and got a 92. She’s awesome!”

“Professor Hammack is very clear and she makes the class interesting. You know what the expectations are and she’s always available to help. The class is very discussion based, and it’s a lot more interesting if you talk. I definitely recommend her.”

“Micol Hammack is BY FAR my favorite teacher I have ever had. She is more than willing to help with any assignment or paper! For each paper we had to write she spend the two weeks before pretty much outlining it for us. Take her class! You will not regret it!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at VCU

1. Research Project by Arun Sanyal

Arun Sanyal

Faculty: Medicine

Sanyal’s research focuses on cirrhosis and alcoholic- and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). He has been named one of Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists for 2018. In his work, Sanyal has developed national practice guidelines for several hepatalogical conditions such as NASH.

2.Research Project by William C. Broaddus

William C. Broaddus

Faculty: Molecular Biology

Broaddus focuses on the molecular biology of brain tumors and which therapies best work in treating them. He also researches the biomechanics behind neurosurgery and the best methods to localize the tumors. He is also interested in expanding knowledge in skull base surgery.

3. Juan Lu

Juan Lu

Faculty: Family Medicine and Population Health

Lu researches healthcare disparities and its effects on the population. One of her peak interests is the effect of traumatic brain injury in a patient’s economical status. She also has expertise in large database management.

4. Barbara D. Boyan

Barbara D. Boyan

Faculty: Engineering

Boyan focuses on cell and tissue engineering and specifically studies the steroid hormone signaling in regenerative medicine.  She also researches bone and cartilage biology and developing technologies that that will aid researches in understanding tissue regeneration. Boyan is also the co-founder of four biomedical companies.

5. Molly L. Bristol

Molly L. Bristol

Faculty: Oral and Craniofacial Molecular Biology

Bristol focuses on human papillomavirus type 16 and its effects on developing oral cancers. She researches how this viral infection leads to tumorigenesis within patients. Specifically, she observes the molecular level at which these processes occur as the DNA damaging agents break the double strands within the virus.

Meeting amazing professors can transform your educational career in so many ways. Some of the most passionate people you will meet on campus are the professors that have been through it all as students and professionals in their fields. Keeping this in mind will make your time at college even more unforgettable.

10 Easiest Courses at Alaska Pacific University

Going to school in chilly Alaska can make it tough to get out of bed for class, and having a schedule packed with difficult courses certainly does not help.  Check out the following list, which includes some of the easiest class options at Alaska Pacific University, to help the following semester breeze by.

1. COMM 10004 – Public Speaking

This class is targeted at even the most reluctant public speakers, and emphasizes the improvement of every student’s verbal communication skills and confidence.  No matter your career goals, being able to speak in front of others is vital, so this class is not only a GPA booster, but will help develop a lifelong asset.

Scared public speaker

2. DIG 10000 – Computer Applications

Opening a new document to type your next essay is one thing, but having the skills to efficiently utilize the tools and features of all Microsoft Software, including Powerpoint, Excel, and Word, can be extremely useful.  This class is yet another win-win situation, being easy to complete but also offering lifelong skills in any career.

Office applications studied in course described above

3. ES 65500 – Climate Change

While “Global Warming” might be losing popularity, the term “Climate Change” is commonplace.  This course discusses the causes and consequences of Earth’s shifting temperatures, with an emphasis on the scientific evidence.  Social and political factors will also be discussed, so you are sure to leave with a substantial, well-rounded perspective.

Tree graphic showing healthy climate vs. climate change

4. HUM 10000 – Introduction to Arts and Humanities

The exact focus of this course changes year to year, but you are guaranteed to study a fundamental genre of visual art or music, from its history to its place in society today.  Examples topics include Rock and Roll music, watercolor painting, and music around the world.  Don’t worry if you lack prior experience, because this class is tailored to beginners.

Graphic with representations of different arts (theater, painting, music)

5. OEE 60800 – Ideas of Nature

This course examines the role that nature plays in all parts of American society, with a lot of focus placed on indigenous people groups.  You will have the opportunity to share your own opinions while hearing from classmates as well.

Forest path with bench and trees

6. PE 10200 – Fitness for Life

Staying healthy in college can be tough, but this course will keep you on top of your health and fitness game.  It covers the basics of exercise physiology, nutrition, and stress management, but the main focus is creating a personalized program for each student to become their healthiest self.

Human exercising on heart rate background

7. PH 20100 – Introduction to Philosophy

These days, meditating and evaluating reality are no longer only for extreme intellectuals and yogis.  This course offers an introduction to the study of knowledge itself, deemed philosophy, through a discussion of its history, principles, and place in society today.  In essence, this course only asks you to think about your own thinking- simple.

Photo of The Thinker sculpture

8. PY 23500 – Creativity for Healing and Growth

The mission of this course is to access, understand, and use the creative process to enhance personal growth.  Theories and research behind using creativity as a therapy will be addressed, but the main focus will be on students developing or sharing their own methods of creative therapy.  A few topics you will be able to explore are theatre, painting, vocal presentation, and dance.

Head with creativity exploding from it

9. SC 15500 – Introduction to Meteorology

You might check weather.com frequently to decide on what to wear, but the truth is that most people understand little more about meteorology itself, which is the study of the atmosphere and its processes- most notably the weather.  This course discusses a basic overview of the atmosphere, then dives into the science of weather patterns and forecasting, giving you the expertise to finally understand the weatherman on TV.

Crazy lightning storm

10. WL 11001 – American Sign Language I

Being at least bilingual is a major asset in any career, but if traditional language classes have given you trouble, consider sign language.  This course will help you build your foundation in American Sign Language by focusing on basic conversation and deaf culture.  The best part?- you will learn to “talk” without ever having to struggle with pronunciation or spelling!

Graphic showing American Sign Language in sign language

In the end, the most important considerations when creating your class schedule are your own interests and goals.  Be sure to enroll in courses that will help you achieve your career aspirations and keep you excited to learn more, but consider adding in a few of these options to help give your GPA a much needed boost.