Restaurants & Cafe for Students at Xavier University

A Jesuit university in Norwood and Cincinnati, Xavier University is one of the oldest Catholic university in the United States. Aside from great studies and quality of education, the university also focuses on the overall wellbeing of their students and offer them great dining options. As such, you may be interested to know the different restaurants and cafes for students at Xavier University!

1. Currito – Burritos Without Borders

logo of Currito

Have a taste of your favorite burritos at Currito! They offer a wide range of burritos for fast and casual dining, which makes it the perfect place for students. It is located at the Fenwick Place, and they accept dining dollars and X cash. Enjoy it with your friends or alone while doing some school work!

2. Pizza ATM

logo of Pizza ATM

Enjoy your pizza just like how you want it to be – fresh and hot! It is the first Pizza ATM vending machine in North America and provides easy service for all students. If you are craving for a pizza, then you’ll love to have a slice of it from the Pizza ATM. They also accept Dining Dollars and X Cash.

3. Victory Perk

victory perk logo

Looking for the perfect dining common place? Victory Perk is a great one to consider! They are one of the most notable and recognized as an award winning all-you-care-to-eat dining, which is super convenient for students on campus. They have a wide range of meals to choose from, and will surely keep you coming back for more!

4. Fresh Xpress

logo of Fresh Xpress

A place to check out if you are craving for wraps, sandwiches, breakfast and quesadillas, Fresh Xpress give you a wide range of options to choose from. This is located at the Conaton Learning Commons where the business programs provide an opportunity for students to learn culinary, management and also different marketing skills while in a teaching kitchen environment.

5. Blue Bob’s Diner

logo of blue bobs diner

Blue Bob’s Diner is best for people who love breakfast meals! They are offering fresh breakfast all day and additional meal options such as hand cut fries, smash burgers, soups, salads and more. It gives you a whole new experience while on campus and keeps you energized with the best meals and variety options.

6. Hoff Dining Commons

interior image of Hoff dining commons

Enjoy a wide range of meal options available at Hoff Dining Commons. There are over seven food stations, bakery, vegetarian and gluten-free options and Coca Cola Freestyle machine. The dining services at Hoff Dining offers seasonal farmer markets, meal plans, hormone-free dairy products and way more. There are also cage-free eggs, sustainable seafood and vegan options.

7. Other Nearby Restaurants

restaurants at Xavier University

There are many restaurants near Xavier University that may be a perfect place for your cravings. This includes Subway, Starbucks, Gold Star, and Graeter’s Ice Cream. You may also want to check the First Watch, PF Changs, Cloud 9 sushi, Busken Bakery and Whole Foods. They offer a wide range of meal options to fit your preferences.

Restaurants & Cafe at Marquette University

Marquette University offers a variety of dining room options that allows the students to eat whenever they want, as much as they want and also grab all of their favorites! The university have big dining halls that also comes with a great offering of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. It can be fun and let you be fulfilled of everything you need while on the campus.

If you want to know your options, then check out the restaurants and cafe near Marquette University below. 

1. Union Sports Annex

photo inside the Wow cafe at Union Sports Annex

The Annex is the best place to visit if you want to eat and have some fun! The students can use Dining Dollars or MarquetteCASH and choose whatever they want to have on the menu. This features the WOW cafe and comes with individual TVs for each booth. It’s a perfect place to have themed parties, and they offer packages that you can use.

2. Lunda Room Buffet

Buffet at Lunda Room

If you are interested for some fine dining, then the Lunda Room is a great place to visit. It allows you to eat some of the best food at the university and offers 10% student discount. Their offerings include specialty desserts, buffet and interactive cuisines made by the guest chefs. You’d be able to enjoy their dining brochure and get the best for your needs!

3. Tory Hill Cafe

food at the tory hill cafe

Tory Hill Cafe is located at Eckstein Hall in the Law School. It’s a great food location that offers you freshly prepared meals that goes from breakfast sandwiches, Parmesan, Apples and Arugula Salad. All of their meals suit the needs of the students and they also have comfortable dining areas.. You can visit them to grab a coffee and take some sandwiches!

4. Schroeder Dining Hall

photo inside the Schroeder Dining Hall

Schroeder Dining Hall lets you swipe to get meals and drink that you want. It’s a common choice of many people. It is an international dining facility of the university and the menu change every week. Additionally, you can choose from the multiple stations of soup, salads, and pizzas.

5. The Commons

image inside the commons

The Commons is one of the newest dining area at Marquette University. It offers three buffet style dining halls including the Straz Tower and Cobeen Hall. It’s a great place to check out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even if you are craving for some late night snack. They have different options like pizzas, bakery, BBQ and a whole lot more!

6. Cobeen Dining Hall

students eating at the cobeen dining hall

With one swipe at Cobeen Dining Hall, you’ll have a full access on all the food being offered there. It is located across the Carpenter Tower and offers three buffet-style that is similar to the Straz Hall and Wild Commons. They are open to serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are best known for filling option if you are looking for good meals. 

7. Straz Dining Hall

photo inside the straz dining hall

Straz Dining Hall is designed to fit the needs of the vegans! It offers healthy options that caters the needs of the students and facility. They are located at the first floor and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are offering same meals just like the Wild Commons and Cobeen. Additionally, they have stations for large salads, fry dishes and vegetables. 

Restaurants and Cafes at Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is a private research university in Nashville, Tennessee. Honored after Cornelius Vanderbilt, this school was established in 1873. Here’s 7 of their best college cafes!

1. Suzi’s Espresso

suzies cafe vanderbilt

Suzie’s Espresso is an exclusive Vanderbilt cafe with 3 locations on campus. They have great freshly made coffees, cappuccinos, teas, espressos and more! Students love their great prices, too!

2. Grin’s Vegetarian Cafe

grins vegetarian vanderbilt

Like the name states, Grin’s is a vegetarian and vegan friendly cafe on campus. This cafe has great salads, sandwiches, wraps, soups and more! They have great food and great prices!

3. Food for Thought Cafe

food for thought vanderbilt

Food for Thought is a cafe in the Central Library that is a great place to hit when you’re cooped up in the library studying. They have great seating, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, snacks, coffee and more!

4. Fido

fido bar nashville

Fido is a local Nashville cafe that’s only a short drive away from campus. This is a very eclectic cafe with creative salads and sandwiches and bar foods that students and locals love. They have reasonable prices as well!

5. Pancake Pantry

pancakes and waffles

Another locally adored restaurant in Nashville is Pancake Pantry. This restaurant is all about pancakes! They have tons of different varieties of pancakes, waffles and more at great prices!

6. Cafe Coco

cafe coco nashville

Cafe Coco is a Nashville favorite that’s open 24/7! They have beautiful indoor and outdoor seating, a small stage for occasional live performances, and great coffees and pastries! Students love their prices too!

7. Jeni’s

 jenis nashville

Jeni’s is a quaint little ice cream shop in Nashville! They have tons of different unique flavors like Poached Pear and Wild berry Lavender! This ice cream shop is a student favorite for its amazing prices.

Restaurants in or at California Lutheran University

Students studying at the California Lutheran University will find a lot of dining option both at the campus and outside. Those dining areas present on the campus ensure to keep the quality, taste, and hygiene of the food up to the mark. Also, they aim to give a suitable environment for the students that can cater to their specific needs. So, there the students can do a quiet study, group discussions or plan a get together with friends. Sometimes, when the students need to experience food outside the university, there are diverse dining solutions near campus. In this respect, let us see the dining solutions both within and outside campus:

1. Ullman Dining

A girl standing at fresh salad bar

This dining place within campus offers the students and staff with plenty of made-to-order food options. The place specializes in brick-oven pizzas, grilled items, salads and fresh fruits bar, pasta bar, deli counter, and bakery goods. The student and staff can tailor their meals with the help of a digital kiosk system.

2. Centrum’s Café

Entrance of cafe

Over the years, this café has been the top choice of all the students. In fact, it is the all-time favorite of every person on the campus. This café offers fine quality grill food and healthy salad options along with home-made hot beverages and refreshing drinks. The café environment is for all the students who want to do serious studying, type the lectures on a laptop or have a good time with friends. Its patio seating is very relaxing and perfect to sip a refreshing drink to beat the heat of the day.

3. The Royal Egg café

Juice and breakfast serving on table

The café is perfect for light morning breakfasts as it uses fresh organic ingredients to prepare the dishes. The ambiance of the place is highly inviting and warming. The place is clean, and the staff is very helpful and polite. Many students are seen having breakfasts and completing their assignments and skimming through their books before their scheduled test or quizzes. Home-made pastries and jams, sandwiches of different protein varieties, pancakes, fresh food, salads, and hot coffee are the place specialties.

4. 3 Amigos Restaurant

Mexican tacos

This dining place near the university campus offers a lot of Mexican delights. The students find the Chicken tortilla soup, breaded fish tacos, and Supreme Burrito very tasty and rank them as specialties. The food is up to the mark, hygienic and tasty as the hot sauces, chipotle and salsa complement them.

5. Cajun Crab shack

Seafood platter

Those students who need to taste made-to-order seafood dishes and authentic Cajun taste, this place is right to go. The servings of the restaurants are big, and the tasty and food quality is up to the mark. Full of flavors and spices, the checks cook the dishes to perfection. Students can opt for different flavors in their dishes such as lemon, garlic-butter, lime pepper, and Cajun. Fish and chips, crab cakes, Buffalo wings, shrimps, calamari and lobster complemented with potato, sausage and corn are the specialties.

6. Rachada Thai Cuisine

Thai soup

This restaurant specializes in offering Thai food and is a family-owned business. Thai soups and salads are the place specialties, and the taste is very yummy. Even the Indian students who love spicy food will not find the place disappointing. The environment is peaceful, and the food service is praiseworthy.

7. Cafe Firenze

The Italian speciality dish

The specialty of the restaurant lies in its environment. The open kitchen prepares fresh Italian food that is, and in the patio seating, the students enjoy the tasty food. The place offers a different kind of kinds of pasta and pizza options that are an all-time favorite of the students.

With these different dining places, University students can overcome the stress of their studies. In different environments of these cafes, they can relax, plan hangouts with friends or do serious studying while sipping coffee.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near CBU

California Baptist University is famous for offering its own dining solutions to its students. The food is hygienic, healthy and tasty just as the students prefer. Such food keeps them going until the rest of the day. Also, as university studies are very hard and demanding, students need a good dining environment. There, they can relax, have a good time with friends and enjoy tasty and healthy food. In this way, the university life becomes bearable and full of life. So, let us see some of the dining solutions within the university campus:

1. Alumni Dining Commons

The inside of the dining hall

Located in the heart of the university campus, this dining area is also a central residential eating place. The specialty of the dining areas lies in the fact that they offer the students and staff with all-you-care-to-eat food options. Also, they make very platter artfully attractive. At this dining area, there are a total of seven food outlets. They include a salad, home-made soup, make-your-own waffle, fresh fruit section, dessert, beverage, cereal, and ice-cream bar section.

2. Wanda’s

Students sitting of comfortable couches of the dining place

Among the students, faculty and the visitors, this is the most popular spot on the campus. This place has a great coffeehouse environment. Also, it is a perfect place for grabbing a quick or a refreshing beverage. Students and staff populate the place for many activities such as quiet reading or group discussions. In addition, Wanda’s also allowed the students and staff to dine on their charming patio that oversees the great Stamp’s Courtyard.

The special offerings of the place include home-made freshly brewed coffee, fresh baked items, smoothies, classic burgers, and snacks. Also, there is a wide variety of Mexican specials and made-to-order sandwiches.

3. Brisco’s Café

Students sitting in the patio

This café is an ideal place for friends’ hangout and having a fun time together. The students can dine in the beautiful open-air environment in the comfortable chairs and couches in the patio. Those students who want to do a quiet study or catch a few headlines on TV can take inside seating. This café opens its doors in the regular university hours and offer great lunch items that are tasty and light. The menu of the café changes daily.

4. El Monte Grill

People dining and sitting in the café.

This dining area is present in the Lancer’s Plaza and specializes in Mexican food. The place offers all the Mexican delights such as burritos, tacos, and salads. Also, what makes the Mexican food really tasty is the garnishing of salsa and guacamole on its top.

5. Foodology

People dining inside the restaurant

In the field of fresh produce, this dining place takes a new approach. With the need for little processing and simple ingredients, this place prepares homemade dressing, sauces, and spreads. Thus, without compromising on taste and flavors, these sauces and dressings are nutritious and healthy.

For those students who are in a hurry, homemade sandwiches in the display cooler are for them to grab.

6. Wang Cho Korean BBQ

BBQ platter

Situated at the Riverside Plaza, this restaurant offers tasty BBQ dishes that are light and healthy. It’s Angus Beef Brisket, and marinated Beef boneless and California Roll is among the specialty dishes.

7. Field House Restaurant and bar

Medium rare steak

Students who crave for a meal in a refreshing and relaxing environment can head for this restaurant. The place offers the best quality steaks, burgers, rustic pizzas, and fresh salads. The bar also offers the finest quality home-made cocktails and huge varieties in wine. Thus, a group of friends who want to share a good drink and give toasts to one another can visit this place at all times.

Thus, with these dining solutions on the university campus, the students will enjoy their time. It is because these places satiate their hunger and offer a good environment to study, relax and enjoy with friends.

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at Kennesaw State University

Many college students often find that eating in restaurants or working in cafes off campus can be a great stress-reliever. While these restaurants or cafes may be rare or far from campus, they are often worth the visit. These places are excellent for spending time either with friends or away from them, all while you can grab a bite to eat. Below are some restaurants and cafes near Kennesaw State University.

1. Mellow Mushroom

An image of Mellow Mushroom exterior

For those of you that enjoy creative pizza options, this would be the place. You can order the classics and there are several additional options including Gourmet White, Holy Shiitake Pie, and House Special. The House Special is more like your classic red sauce pizza with all the toppings. The smaller salad portions are generous and can easily be shared if also ordering pizzas. The Chastain Road location also has a good beer menu with several local beer options. Mellow Mushroom is definitely worth a visit!

2. Tinto’s Coffee House

An image of Tinto's Coffee House interior

At Tinto’s Coffee House, they have the best real speciality Colombian Coffee in metro Atlanta, passion for the coffee, delicious alternatives and amazing customer service. If you are a craft coffee connoisseur, then you will love this place. It’s a great alternative to the usual coffee chains that are frequently crowded in Kennesaw. They always have different types of coffee brewing of various sweetnesses, finishes, and acidities. The owner even takes his time to go over the different flavor profiles if you are unsure of what to order.  The place is quiet and more secluded if you need to do work and relax. They also have a wide variety of baked goods and lite breakfast items for snacking.

3. Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill

An image of Papi's Cuban & Caribbean Grill exterior

Many places claim Cuban authenticity but few deliver like Papi’s. The sweet plantains are a nice way to start the meal. They are sweet and perfectly cooked with just a light crunch. The Ropa Vieja (Old Clothes) is a favorite as a sandwich and by itself! If you have any space left in your stomach, the smooth and creamy flam is a delicious way to end your meal.

4. California Dreaming Restaurant & Bar

An image of California Dreaming Restaurant & Bar food

At California Dreaming, the steaks are amazing. The filet and the prime rib are superb, and fresh made croissants with a honey glaze just melt in your mouth. The staff is consistently pleasant and efficient. There is great outdoor dining area with a flat screen TV to chill after a long day. Prices are very reasonable and there is nice ambience albeit surrounded by a parking lot and other restaurants.

5. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

An image of Ruth's Chris Steak House interior

The food is tasty, the atmosphere is gracious, and if you order one of the lower-priced entrees (e.g., chicken, pork chop are $29 as I remember), you can get out of there without an exorbitant bill. The service is polite and quick considering the amount of people coming in daily. The restaurant is beautiful and definitely worth a visit every now and then.

6. Ted’s Montana Grill

An image of Ted's Montana Grill neon sign

Ted’s Montana Grill is the perfect place to come with friends and grab a great meal. The staff is very pleasant and service-minded. The restaurant may get crowded, so be sure to beat the dinner rush! The food is good and the meat is beyond expectations. It may be a bit pricey, but that’s if you order the Bison meat. Be sure to come visit!

7. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

An image of Capriotti's Sandwich Shop exterior

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is nice and welcoming. The food is made to order and the selection of sandwiches is delicious. The philly cheese steak with light peppers is a fan favorite. Located in a new strip mall, this new sandwich shop offers a variety of subs and salads that are made fresh to order and large.

8. Big Shanty Smokehouse BBQ

The Big Shanty Smokehouse BBQ is a real challenge for those seeking a true BBQ experience. Anyone who appreciates good BBQ, from beginner, to experts, to gourmets, may agree that this is a must-visit destination. The sides are great, & desserts too. The place is clean and a very efficient operation. Definitely worth a visit!

These restaurants and cafes above can be the perfect break to your daily on-campus routine. If you attend Kennesaw State University or you happen to find yourself in town, these restaurants and cafes are definitely worth a visit, as they all have great service, a relaxing atmosphere and delicious and affordable meals.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Emory University

Are you a student at Emory University? Here is a list of some of the best restaurants and cafes you should try. They are so close by and you definitely do not want to miss out on all the delicacies they have to offer.

1. Double Zero

Italian Experience

Creative Italian small plates, pasta & Neapolitan pizza served in a stylish, modern space. This is the perfect place to take your date or even have a fancy dinner party on a special day. The prices are on the higher end but definitely worth every penny. They also have vegan and gluten free options to cater to everyone. Most reviews say the food is delicious and the ambiance perfect.

2. Rise-n-Dine

Breakfast at Rise n Dine

This Emory Village diner with a retro feel doles out American breakfasts & lunches. Rise-n-dine’s eclectic and happy décor welcomes diners who seek healthy options for breakfast or lunch, including specialties such as sweet potato pancakes, build-your-own omelettes, breakfast tacos, veggie sandshiches, and housemade huumus, granola, and jam. Rise offers a full complement of espresso drinks. Students can enjoy their big portions and quality breakfast with reasonable prices.

3. Floataway Cafe

French Experience

This French-Italian cafe was transformed from an old warehouse into a beautiful place to enjoy the ultimate French-Italian experience. They also have an extensive wine list to choose from. The prices are decent and could be the perfect place to take that special someone for a perfect night.

4. Saigon Cafe

Vietnamese Experience

Saigon Café, a small chain with a hot spot in Emory Village, does well to make Vietnamese food from southern, central and northern regions of the country. They have delicious pho noodle soups & other traditional South East Asian dishes. Enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine with affordable prices at this beautiful cafe.

5. The Depot By Caldi’s Cafe


Kaldi’s opened a full-service cafe at the Depot, a historic train station located at One Eagle Row, in the heart of Emory’s campus. This chill coffeehouse specialises in coffee & espresso drinks made from carefully sourced beans. Need a comfy place to study? Bring friends and study at the Depot.

6. Lucky’s Burger and Brew


Emory Village community is filled with families, students, and professionals, and has quickly discovered and adopted Lucky’s as a local favourite for great burgers, salads, sandwiches, and brew! Satisfy your cravings with the ultimate juicy burger and fries. Emory Village is known for their affordable prices.

7. Falafel King

Middle-eastern experience

Falafel, shawarma & hummus platters plus some sushi options in a casual, basic space. Confused whether to eat a sushi or a shawarma? Falafel King has it all! It is very close to campus, and the restaurant may look old but it is very well known for its falafel dish. Atlanta Magazine named it best falafel in 2007 and Atlanta Journal Constitution readers picked it as second best falafel in Atlanta in 2011.

Try out all the different cuisines near your university from Vietnam to the Middle East! Emory University has something for all your cravings.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Rhode Island College

Food is a necessity for survival, it’s the basic needs that’ll keep students intact throughout their study year. Rhode Island College which is one of the best coeducational colleges in Rhode Island has varieties of restaurants and cafes located within and around the campus premises. These college cafes offer different types of menus depending on the student and staff’s needs. Highlighted below are the various kinds of restaurants and cafes that can be found in Rhode Island College.

1. The Cafe

The interior of the cafe at rhode island

This Cafe is located in the lower level of the Student Union, is a newly renovated eighty seat capacity gathering place with a view of the quad that provides a pleasant place to eat, meet friends and surf the net. They offer freshly baked pizza, wonderful calzones, wraps, toasted ciabatta sandwiches, soups, and many more.

2. Admiral Spa

Varieties of foods at Admiral Spa

This restaurant has one of the best set of foods on Rhode Island. Students always crave for their delicacies which are always served hot. They have provisions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their foods are always sweet and affordable.

3. Robert’s Delicatessen

Image of burger at Robert's Delicatessen

This restaurant offers special delicacies every day. Their standard menu items are so good you probably haven’t tried anything else. This tiny spot gives you the feel of street food from the comfort of restaurant dining. They always make sure their customers are highly satisfied. This is a popular hangout for most students of Rhode highland college.

4. Curry Walla Indian Cuisine

Curry walla indian cuisine logo

They offer quality and varieties of Indian foods and drinks. They have a very cool and comfortable environment for their customers. Their food price ranges between $11-$25 depending on the type you want. They operate every day from Morning till night.

5. Anthony’s Italian Deli

Italian deli

Anthony’s Italian Deli is the best place to go with your girlfriends so that everyone can share a bit of everything. Most of their foods are tasty, delicious, nutritious and affordable. You can eat to your satisfaction with as low as $10.

6. Pizza Queen Smith

An Image of pizza at Pizza Queen Smith?

They have delicious pizza at a reasonable price. Students have always testified to the fact that their Pizza has great seasoning and taste. They also have the crust, cheese, toppings and sauce. This is a very good joint to take your lunch.

7. Osho Sushi and Bar

Delicacies at Osho Sushi and Bar

This is one of the best spots for student and staffs of Rhode Island College. They have different types of menus that their customers can choose from. They also offer hot breakfast sandwiches, waffles, omelet bar, and oatmeal every morning at breakfast. One unique thing about them is that they offer 24 hours service.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Fordham University

Fordham University is one of the best private research institutes around the world. They are known for excellence and good moral standard. They have various facilities that can make students enjoy their stay in school. There are several cafes and restaurants situated within and outside the university’s premises. These food outlets have delicious foods and quality drinks for students and staffs of the university. Highlighted below are the various restaurants and cafes for students of Fordham University.

1. Schmeltzer Dining Room

An image of food at Schmeltzer Dining Room

This restaurant features varieties of food brands to meet your dining expectations. You can grab a sandwich and a Mediterranean twist. You’ll also have the opportunity to try something new or select your favourite classic foods. Their foods are affordable and they have friendly staff.

2. The Ram Cafe

The interior of The Ram Cafe

This is a popular spot for students at Fordham University. They offer ‘grab and go’ dining options for breakfast, lunch or any time of day, including sandwiches, wraps, soup and salads, as well as fresh produce, bakery and coffee selections and traditional essentials. They run their services from 8am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

3. Cronin Cafe

Delicacies at Cronin Cafe

The Cronin Café is located on the 6th floor of the Law Building library. Their features include Peet’s Coffee, with a variety of sandwiches and snacks designed to power you through your studies. They have a friendly and cool environment. You can get hot coffee and snacks with as low as $10.

4. Bon Mi Restaurant

Image of sandwich at Bon Mi Restaurant

Bon Mi is located just west of the main law school entrance on 62nd Street. Bon Mi brings Non-Traditional Southeast Asian cuisine to the Fordham community, layering flavours to create a unique dining experience. Their food is very delicious and affordable.

5. Argo Tea

argo tea cafe

Argo Tea is passionate about bringing teas directly from growers around the world and blending them into unique and delicious signature beverages. They usually have high patronage due to the quality service they offer.

6. Cosi Restaurant

This is the picture of cosi restaurant

Cosi combines fresh ingredients and the timeless flatbread to create sweet flavours. They carefully source their ingredients to provide quality products while taking meaningful steps towards sustainable practices. They offer delicious salads, flatbread pizza and bowls, soups, sandwiches beverages and many more.

7. Dagger John’s

fordham lounge chair

This is the quintessential college campus lounge space, roomy enough to hang out with a large group of friends, but with a vibe that’s cozy and intimate. You can enjoy all your favourites from a refreshing smoothie to a ‘grab and go’ item. This location is home to Chopsticks, Chloe’s Smoothies, Sambazon Acai Bowl’s, and BKG Coffee Roasters.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Nebraska is a fun place to live as an undergrad once you find your own spots. We have compiled here the best spots to eat around the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to keep your body and mind fueled as you study!

1. The Mill Coffee and Tea

This spot has multiple freshly brewed coffee and tea options from multiple country origins . This is the perfect spot to get caffeinated and study in an aesthetic space. The minimalist post industrial ambiance will get you to focus and finish that midterm paper!

Inside of the Mill Coffee and Tea.

2. Ivanna Cone

If you are more of a sweet tooth person, this local ice cream shop is your go to. Ivanna Cone has multiple homemade ice cream options with specialty flavors. Their menu also includes smoothies with fruit and ice cream!

Menu at Ivanna Cone.

3. Misty’s Steakhouse and Brewery

This steakhouse not only serves quality steak and a variety of burgers, but also has good drinks and wine selection. The menu includes chargrilled steaks, famous prime rib and seafood. This is a go-to in Nebraska for a quality American cuisine experience.

Classic Burger and Fries at Misty's.

4. Leadbelly

Perhaps one of the best features of this spot, other than its great food, is the fact that it opens until midnight and 1 am. Leadbelly features the great Canadian Poutine dish, potatoes and gravy heaven, burgers and sandwiches. If you are a vegetarian options exist but are limited.

Leadbelly Nebraska Facade.

5. Vincenzo’s Ristorante

This Italian spot features Tuscan flat breads, authentic spaghetti dishes, vegetarian pizzas and entrees featuring chicken and salmon. Their dinner hours extend to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This spot has by far the most authentic Mediterranean Italian ambiance and food. Plus, they include gluten free options!

a seafood dish at Vincenzo's.

6. Blue Sushi Sake Grill

If you are in the mood for fresh sushi, this spot has a wide ranging menu including salmon and tuna options. For vegetarians and vegans, they have vegetable roll options. In addition, they add raw and non raw options.

Blue Sushi entrance.

7. The Oven

This spot specializes in North Indian cuisine. Indeed, they cook their dishes in a clay oven and include, chicken, lamb shrimp and tandoori options. They have several locations at the historic Haymarket for a classic ambiance, or a chill vibe at the Cellar.

Sample dishes at The Oven.

Being a student in Nebraska does not mean you don’t get to enjoy quality foods or experience different cultures. The food scene next to Lincoln will not only fuel your finals but also transport you to Italy, India, China and Japan.