University of Calgary | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at University of Calgary. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download UCalgary Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ACCT 2174/15/20197:00 PMView Now
ACCT 3014/27/20197:00 PMView Now
ACCT 3234/26/20197:00 PMView Now
ACCT 3434/27/201912:00 PMView Now
ACCT 4254/26/20198:30 AMView Now
ACCT 4654/26/20193:30 PMView Now
ACSC 3274/23/20193:30 PMView Now
ANTH 2014/25/20198:30 AMView Now
ANTH 3314/25/20193:30 PMView Now
ANTH 4254/17/20197:00 PMView Now
ANTH 4354/23/20193:30 PMView Now
ARKY 2014/26/20198:30 AMView Now
ARKY 2054/24/20198:30 AMView Now
ASTR 2094/18/20198:30 AMView Now
BCEM 3934/17/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2054/24/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 2434/18/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 3054/24/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 3134/18/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3154/15/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 3314/25/20193:30 PMView Now
BSEN 3954/24/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 2014/26/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 2034/17/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 2094/15/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 3154/16/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 3514/26/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 3534/26/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 3574/15/201912:00 PMView Now
CHEM 3714/17/20193:30 PMView Now
CMMB 3434/22/201912:00 PMView Now
CMMB 4134/16/20197:00 PMView Now
CMMB 5454/27/20193:30 PMView Now
CNST 3334/25/20193:30 PMView Now
COMS 2014/16/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 3134/25/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 3194/22/20197:00 PMView Now
CPSC 3594/27/20197:00 PMView Now
CPSC 4114/24/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 4134/15/20198:30 AMView Now
CPSC 4574/24/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 4714/26/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 4814/16/201912:00 PMView Now
DEST 2014/23/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 2094/23/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 3234/26/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 3254/23/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 3574/18/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 3774/15/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 3894/16/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 4014/24/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 4954/24/20198:30 AMView Now
ENCH 3154/27/20198:30 AMView Now
ENCH 3314/16/201912:00 PMView Now
ENCH 4214/17/201912:00 PMView Now
ENCH 4234/26/201912:00 PMView Now
ENCH 4294/15/20193:30 PMView Now
ENCH 6474/25/20197:00 PMView Now
ENCI 4134/15/20193:30 PMView Now
ENCI 4234/22/20193:30 PMView Now
ENCI 4514/24/20193:30 PMView Now
ENCI 4734/26/201912:00 PMView Now
ENCI 5044/27/20193:30 PMView Now
ENCI 5954/22/20193:30 PMView Now
ENCM 3694/24/20197:00 PMView Now
ENEL 4694/18/20193:30 PMView Now
ENEL 4874/25/201912:00 PMView Now
ENEL 5854/25/201912:00 PMView Now
ENGG 2014/22/20193:30 PMView Now
ENGG 2024/17/20198:30 AMView Now
ENGG 2094/23/201912:00 PMView Now
ENGG 2254/24/201912:00 PMView Now
ENGG 3114/22/20197:00 PMView Now
ENGG 5134/18/20198:30 AMView Now
ENGL 2054/22/20197:00 PMView Now
ENGL 3934/27/20198:30 AMView Now
ENGL 4064/26/20193:30 PMView Now
ENGO 5814/15/201912:00 PMView Now
FNCE 3174/22/20193:30 PMView Now
FNCE 4514/26/20198:30 AMView Now
FNCE 4714/15/201912:00 PMView Now
GEOG 2134/15/20198:30 AMView Now
GEOG 2314/26/20198:30 AMView Now
GLGY 3014/15/20193:30 PMView Now
GLGY 3234/26/20193:30 PMView Now
GLGY 3334/17/20193:30 PMView Now
GLGY 3534/18/20193:30 PMView Now
GOPH 3754/18/20197:00 PMView Now
GRST 2054/23/20193:30 PMView Now
GRST 2094/16/20197:00 PMView Now
GRST 2114/23/20198:30 AMView Now
GRST 3454/25/20193:30 PMView Now
HTST 2004/23/20193:30 PMView Now
HTST 2024/18/20197:00 PMView Now
HTST 3074/24/20198:30 AMView Now
HTST 3214/17/20198:30 AMView Now
HTST 3264/27/20197:00 PMView Now
HTST 3334/15/20198:30 AMView Now
HTST 3674/15/20198:30 AMView Now
INDG 2014/26/20198:30 AMView Now
INTR 3014/22/20193:30 PMView Now
KNES 2034/18/20198:30 AMView Now
KNES 2134/27/20193:30 PMView Now
KNES 2604/15/20193:30 PMView Now
KNES 2634/26/20198:30 AMView Now
KNES 3444/25/20193:30 PMView Now
KNES 3554/16/20198:30 AMView Now
KNES 3734/27/20198:30 AMView Now
KNES 3754/18/201912:00 PMView Now
KNES 4334/22/20198:30 AMView Now
LWSO 2014/24/20198:30 AMView Now
LWSO 2034/26/20198:30 AMView Now
LWSO 4154/16/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 2114/27/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 2134/25/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 2494/16/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 2654/16/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 2674/16/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 2714/27/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 2774/16/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 3114/25/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 3674/15/201912:00 PMView Now
MGST 2174/17/20193:30 PMView Now
MGST 3914/18/20193:30 PMView Now
MGST 4534/22/20198:30 AMView Now
MKTG 3174/27/20197:00 PMView Now
MKTG 3414/18/201912:00 PMView Now
MKTG 4354/23/20193:30 PMView Now
MKTG 4654/26/201912:00 PMView Now
MKTG 4934/25/201912:00 PMView Now
NURS 2874/15/20193:30 PMView Now
NURS 4974/15/20193:30 PMView Now
NURS 4984/17/20193:30 PMView Now
OPMA 3174/16/20193:30 PMView Now
OPMA 4034/17/20198:30 AMView Now
OPMA 4074/15/20193:30 PMView Now
PHIL 2494/27/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3474/24/20193:30 PMView Now
PHYS 2234/24/20193:30 PMView Now
PHYS 2594/26/201912:00 PMView Now
PHYS 3714/27/201912:00 PMView Now
PHYS 4434/18/20197:00 PMView Now
PHYS 5014/27/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 2014/24/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 2794/26/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 2834/15/20197:00 PMView Now
POLI 3214/25/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 3434/22/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 3994/26/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 4294/16/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 4354/27/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 4394/17/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 4734/16/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 4834/26/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 4914/18/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 2004/22/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 2034/17/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 3454/25/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 3514/23/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 3534/16/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3654/26/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 3694/17/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3754/22/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3834/25/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 3854/27/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 4754/16/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 4934/22/20198:30 AMView Now
RELS 2034/24/20198:30 AMView Now
RMIN 3174/25/20198:30 AMView Now
SAST 3034/23/201912:00 PMView Now
SOCI 3014/24/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 3034/24/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 3154/16/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 3274/27/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 3334/22/20193:30 PMView Now
SOCI 3714/26/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 3734/18/201912:00 PMView Now
SOCI 3754/23/20193:30 PMView Now
STAT 2054/22/20198:30 AMView Now
STAT 2134/22/20198:30 AMView Now
STAT 2174/22/201912:00 PMView Now

UBCO | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at UBCO. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download UBCO Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ANTH 1004/26/20199:00 AMView Now
ANTH 1704/23/20196:00 PMView Now
BIOL 1254/25/20191:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2004/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL 2014/25/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL 2044/23/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL 2654/8/20191:00 PMView Now
CHEM 1234/24/20196:00 PMView Now
CHEM 2014/9/20199:00 AMView Now
CHEM 2044/9/20196:00 PMView Now
CHEM 2144/9/20199:00 AMView Now
CHEM 3114/13/20196:00 PMView Now
COSC 1114/18/20196:00 PMView Now
COSC 1214/18/20191:00 PMView Now
CULT 2154/10/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON 1014/18/20191:00 PMView Now
ECON 1024/24/20191:00 PMView Now
ENGL 1124/10/20199:00 AMView Now
ENGL 1504/11/20191:00 PMView Now
ENGL 1534/17/20191:00 PMView Now
ENGR 3204/16/20199:00 AMView Now
ENGR 3614/18/20199:00 AMView Now
GEOG 1294/15/20196:00 PMView Now
GWST 1104/25/20196:00 PMView Now
HIST 1224/13/20196:00 PMView Now
MATH 1004/16/20196:00 PMView Now
MATH 1014/16/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH 1164/16/20191:00 PMView Now
MATH 1424/12/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH 2254/16/20191:00 PMView Now
MATH 3174/8/20199:00 AMView Now
MGMT 1004/17/20191:00 PMView Now
MGMT 3024/16/20196:00 PMView Now
PHIL 1204/13/20196:00 PMView Now
PHYS 1214/15/20191:00 PMView Now
PHYS 1224/12/20199:00 AMView Now
POLI 2204/25/20196:00 PMView Now
PSYO 1114/15/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYO 1214/12/20196:00 PMView Now
PSYO 2204/13/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYO 2414/8/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYO 2524/13/20196:00 PMView Now
PSYO 2714/15/20191:00 PMView Now
SOCI 1114/10/20196:00 PMView Now
STAT 1244/8/20199:00 AMView Now

UBC | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at UBC. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download UBC Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ANTH 1004/11/20197:00 PMView Now
ANTH 2104/9/20198:30 AMView Now
ANTH 2154/12/20197:00 PMView Now
ANTH 2174/23/201912:00 PMView Now
ANTH 2274/17/20197:00 PMView Now
APBI 2004/15/201912:00 PMView Now
APBI 2104/24/20197:00 PMView Now
APSC 1014/15/20197:00 PMView Now
APSC 1604/23/20198:30 AMView Now
APSC 2014/18/20198:30 AMView Now
APSC 2784/11/20198:30 AMView Now
APSC 4504/15/20193:30 PMView Now
ARCL 2044/23/20198:30 AMView Now
ARTH 1024/24/20193:30 PMView Now
ARTH 2264/11/20197:00 PMView Now
ARTH 3394/25/201912:00 PMView Now
ASIA 1014/23/20197:00 PMView Now
ASIA 3154/24/20198:30 AMView Now
ASIA 3724/15/20198:30 AMView Now
ASIA 3764/11/20193:30 PMView Now
ASTR 1024/24/20198:30 AMView Now
ATSC 1134/23/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOC 2024/25/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOC 2034/26/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOC 3014/25/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOC 3024/17/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOC 3034/12/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOC 4034/18/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 1114/18/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 1124/13/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 1214/18/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 1404/12/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 1534/26/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 1554/26/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 2004/23/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 2014/25/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 2044/12/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2104/24/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2304/8/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2344/26/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 2604/18/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 3004/10/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 3354/9/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3364/26/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3464/15/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3614/13/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 3624/11/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 4124/12/20197:00 PMView Now
BUSI 2934/12/20197:00 PMView Now
BUSI 3354/9/20197:00 PMView Now
BUSI 3534/12/20197:00 PMView Now
BUSI 3934/24/20197:00 PMView Now
CAPS 3014/15/201912:00 PMView Now
CAPS 3914/12/20193:30 PMView Now
CENS 2024/9/20198:30 AMView Now
CHBE 2304/16/201912:00 PMView Now
CHBE 2444/26/20197:00 PMView Now
CHBE 2514/24/20193:30 PMView Now
CHBE 3454/11/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 1234/15/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 2054/13/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 2114/12/20197:00 PMView Now
CHEM 2134/9/201912:00 PMView Now
CHEM 2504/9/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 3024/8/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 3054/26/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 3114/10/20197:00 PMView Now
CHEM 3134/13/20193:30 PMView Now
CHEM 3274/24/20198:30 AMView Now
CHIN 1314/18/20197:00 PMView Now
CHIN 4834/26/20197:00 PMView Now
CIVL 2154/12/20198:30 AMView Now
CLST 1054/9/20193:30 PMView Now
CLST 2324/11/201912:00 PMView Now
CLST 2604/25/20197:00 PMView Now
CLST 3314/12/20193:30 PMView Now
CLST 3344/9/20198:30 AMView Now
CNPS 3654/13/201912:00 PMView Now
CNPS 4274/13/20198:30 AMView Now
COEC 2934/26/20197:00 PMView Now
COGS 2004/8/20193:30 PMView Now
COGS 3004/18/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 2034/8/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 2044/26/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 2054/15/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 2914/25/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 2924/26/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 2944/11/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 2964/12/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 2984/17/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 3064/11/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 3204/11/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 3354/9/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 3534/18/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 3554/25/20193:30 PMView Now
COMM 3624/23/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 3704/17/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 3744/25/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 3934/24/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 3944/13/20193:30 PMView Now
COMM 3984/8/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 4364/8/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 4384/18/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 4394/25/20193:30 PMView Now
COMM 4504/18/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 4574/24/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 4584/24/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 4914/26/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 4984/26/20193:30 PMView Now
CONS 1274/24/20198:30 AMView Now
CONS 2004/13/20198:30 AMView Now
CPSC 1034/17/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 1104/17/201912:00 PMView Now
CPSC 1214/15/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 2104/16/201912:00 PMView Now
CPSC 2134/26/20193:30 PMView Now
CPSC 2214/12/20197:00 PMView Now
CPSC 3134/12/20197:00 PMView Now
CPSC 3204/11/201912:00 PMView Now
CPSC 3224/15/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 1014/9/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 2114/16/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 2214/26/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 2344/26/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 2554/12/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 3014/8/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 3024/26/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 3034/11/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 3064/8/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 3114/18/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 3174/25/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 3194/17/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 3264/12/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 3374/23/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 3504/15/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 3654/12/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 3674/24/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 3714/8/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 4414/25/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 4474/13/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 4564/16/20193:30 PMView Now
ECON 4654/15/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 4664/23/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 4724/13/20198:30 AMView Now
ELEC 2014/26/20197:00 PMView Now
ELEC 2024/26/20197:00 PMView Now
ELEC 2114/8/20198:30 AMView Now
ELEC 2214/24/20197:00 PMView Now
ELEC 3114/23/201912:00 PMView Now
ELEC 3154/15/201912:00 PMView Now
ELEC 3414/16/201912:00 PMView Now
ENDS 2214/10/201912:00 PMView Now
ENGL 1004/24/20197:00 PMView Now
ENGL 1104/16/20197:00 PMView Now
ENGL 1114/16/20197:00 PMView Now
ENGL 1124/10/201912:00 PMView Now
ENGL 2204/17/20198:30 AMView Now
ENGL 2214/8/201912:00 PMView Now
ENGL 2224/25/201912:00 PMView Now
ENGL 3484/13/201912:00 PMView Now
EOSC 1104/15/20197:00 PMView Now
EOSC 1124/9/20193:30 PMView Now
EOSC 1184/18/201912:00 PMView Now
EOSC 3104/18/20198:30 AMView Now
EOSC 3144/17/20198:30 AMView Now
EOSC 3264/25/20193:30 PMView Now
EOSC 3404/16/20198:30 AMView Now
FIST 1004/26/20193:30 PMView Now
FIST 2104/15/20197:00 PMView Now
FIST 2204/8/201912:00 PMView Now
FMST 2384/8/20193:30 PMView Now
FMST 3144/18/20197:00 PMView Now
FNH 3304/11/20197:00 PMView Now
FNH 3404/11/20197:00 PMView Now
FNH 3514/25/201912:00 PMView Now
FNH 3554/11/20198:30 AMView Now
FNH 3714/9/20197:00 PMView Now
FNIS 1004/8/20198:30 AMView Now
FNIS 2104/9/201912:00 PMView Now
FRE 3024/18/20198:30 AMView Now
FREN 1014/23/20197:00 PMView Now
FREN 1114/8/201912:00 PMView Now
FREN 2254/8/201912:00 PMView Now
FRST 2104/17/201912:00 PMView Now
GEOB 1024/13/20198:30 AMView Now
GEOB 1034/25/20193:30 PMView Now
GEOB 2704/13/20198:30 AMView Now
GEOB 3004/23/20193:30 PMView Now
GEOG 1224/8/20198:30 AMView Now
GEOG 2114/15/20197:00 PMView Now
GEOG 2904/10/20197:00 PMView Now
GEOG 3104/11/20197:00 PMView Now
GEOG 3114/26/20197:00 PMView Now
GEOG 3164/12/20197:00 PMView Now
GEOG 3284/23/20193:30 PMView Now
GEOG 4974/9/20198:30 AMView Now
GERM 1004/23/20197:00 PMView Now
GERM 4334/15/20197:00 PMView Now
GRSJ 1014/26/201912:00 PMView Now
HIST 1024/17/20197:00 PMView Now
HIST 1034/23/20198:30 AMView Now
HIST 2024/18/20198:30 AMView Now
HIST 2204/15/20198:30 AMView Now
HIST 2374/26/20197:00 PMView Now
HIST 3254/24/20197:00 PMView Now
HIST 4324/13/20198:30 AMView Now
ITAL 1014/9/20198:30 AMView Now
JAPN 1004/23/20193:30 PMView Now
KIN 1034/15/20197:00 PMView Now
KIN 1514/9/20198:30 AMView Now
KIN 1614/18/20197:00 PMView Now
KIN 1904/25/20197:00 PMView Now
KIN 1914/11/20197:00 PMView Now
KIN 2304/11/201912:00 PMView Now
KIN 2314/26/20197:00 PMView Now
KIN 2614/17/201912:00 PMView Now
KIN 2754/25/20197:00 PMView Now
KIN 2844/23/20198:30 AMView Now
KIN 3614/18/20198:30 AMView Now
KIN 3714/15/20198:30 AMView Now
LATN 1014/23/20198:30 AMView Now
LATN 1024/23/20193:30 PMView Now
LFS 1504/16/20197:00 PMView Now
LFS 2504/23/20193:30 PMView Now
LFS 2524/24/20198:30 AMView Now
LING 1014/17/20198:30 AMView Now
LING 2094/12/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 1004/25/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 1014/11/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 1034/10/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 1054/10/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 1104/23/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 1214/11/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 1524/13/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 2004/10/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 2154/25/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 2204/13/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 2214/25/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 2234/18/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 2274/10/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 2554/25/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 2564/11/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 2574/25/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3004/11/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 3014/12/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3024/23/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3034/23/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3054/18/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 3074/17/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 3094/24/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3124/8/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 3164/25/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3174/26/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3184/9/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 3214/26/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 3234/12/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 3404/10/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 3424/15/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 4004/25/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 4014/23/20193:30 PMView Now
MECH 2224/25/20198:30 AMView Now
MECH 4664/12/20198:30 AMView Now
MICB 2014/15/20197:00 PMView Now
MICB 2024/11/20197:00 PMView Now
MICB 3084/25/20198:30 AMView Now
MICB 3254/8/20197:00 PMView Now
MTRL 2804/15/20198:30 AMView Now
MTRL 3654/11/201912:00 PMView Now
MUSC 2214/13/20193:30 PMView Now
NEST 1014/17/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 1004/9/20197:00 PMView Now
PHIL 1014/24/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 1024/13/20193:30 PMView Now
PHIL 2204/13/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 2304/12/20198:30 AMView Now
PHIL 2404/11/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3164/25/20193:30 PMView Now
PHIL 3304/9/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3314/12/20197:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3334/9/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3354/16/20197:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3384/11/20197:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3404/17/201912:00 PMView Now
PHIL 3754/8/20197:00 PMView Now
PHYS 1014/8/20198:30 AMView Now
PHYS 1084/9/201912:00 PMView Now
PHYS 1184/8/20193:30 PMView Now
PHYS 1574/25/20198:30 AMView Now
PHYS 1584/18/20198:30 AMView Now
PHYS 1704/8/201912:00 PMView Now
PHYS 3054/11/20193:30 PMView Now
PHYS 4014/8/201912:00 PMView Now
PHYS 4744/24/20197:00 PMView Now
POLI 1004/15/201912:00 PMView Now
POLI 1014/18/20197:00 PMView Now
POLI 1104/9/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 2204/18/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 2404/13/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 2604/25/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 3204/26/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 3214/8/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 3244/13/20193:30 PMView Now
POLI 3334/18/201912:00 PMView Now
POLI 3604/15/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 3754/10/20198:30 AMView Now
POLI 3804/25/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 1014/10/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 2074/15/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 3004/11/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3014/10/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3024/23/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 3054/8/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3064/13/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 3084/15/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3094/25/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3214/11/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3314/18/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3334/13/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 3504/25/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3614/9/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3654/23/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 3664/15/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 3684/24/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 4014/16/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 4624/8/20197:00 PMView Now
RELG 1014/12/20198:30 AMView Now
RELG 2014/23/20197:00 PMView Now
RELG 2034/13/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 1004/11/201912:00 PMView Now
SOCI 1024/8/20193:30 PMView Now
SOCI 2004/16/201912:00 PMView Now
SOCI 2014/24/20193:30 PMView Now
SOCI 2104/9/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 2174/26/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 2504/10/201912:00 PMView Now
SOCI 2604/25/20197:00 PMView Now
SOCI 3014/17/20198:30 AMView Now
SOCI 3024/13/201912:00 PMView Now
SOCI 3104/12/201912:00 PMView Now
SOCI 3124/9/20197:00 PMView Now
SOCI 3284/25/20193:30 PMView Now
SOCI 3614/8/20197:00 PMView Now
SOCI 3714/24/201912:00 PMView Now
SPAN 1014/9/20193:30 PMView Now
SPPH 3004/24/20193:30 PMView Now
STAT 2004/24/201912:00 PMView Now
STAT 2514/23/201912:00 PMView Now
STAT 3024/8/20198:30 AMView Now
THTR 1204/13/20198:30 AMView Now
WRDS 1504/10/20198:30 AMView Now

University of Alberta | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at University of Alberta. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Alberta Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ACCTG3004/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG3114/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG3224/13/20192:00 PMView Now
ACCTG4144/26/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG4154/12/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG4184/12/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG4244/13/20192:00 PMView Now
ACCTG4564/25/20192:00 PMView Now
ADMI3024/15/20199:00 AMView Now
ALS1154/23/20192:00 PMView Now
AN SC1204/16/20192:00 PMView Now
AN SC3114/24/20199:00 AMView Now
AN SC3124/17/20192:00 PMView Now
ANAT2004/25/20192:00 PMView Now
ANAT4004/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ANTHR1014/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ANTHR1504/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ANTHR2064/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ANTHR2074/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ANTHR2084/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ANTHR2094/18/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC2004/23/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC3234/24/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC3654/25/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC4654/17/20192:00 PMView Now
ASL1114/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ASTRO1224/24/20192:00 PMView Now
ASTRO4304/16/20192:00 PMView Now
AUBIO1124/23/20199:00 AMView Now
AUECO1024/27/20199:00 AMView Now
AUREL1004/30/20199:00 AMView Now
AUSTA1534/26/20191:30 PMView Now
B LAW4034/23/20199:00 AMView Now
B LAW4224/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOCH2004/26/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOCH3204/15/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOCH3304/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL2014/16/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL2084/17/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOL3614/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL3804/23/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL3914/25/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL4954/15/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOLE2074/15/20192:00 PMView Now
BOT3214/25/20199:00 AMView Now
C LIT2434/23/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E3144/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CH E3184/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E3454/18/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E3514/23/20192:00 PMView Now
CH E3744/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4454/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4464/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4484/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4644/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CH E4854/16/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM1014/16/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM1034/16/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM2634/15/20192:00 PMView Now
CHRTC3504/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CIV E2704/26/20199:00 AMView Now
CIV E3314/15/20192:00 PMView Now
CIV E3744/15/20199:00 AMView Now
CIV E3954/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CLASS1044/23/20199:00 AMView Now
CLASS1104/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CME2654/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT2014/15/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT2294/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT2724/26/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT2914/17/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3014/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3134/17/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3254/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3664/24/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT3794/18/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3914/23/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT4744/24/20199:00 AMView Now
DANCE2004/16/20192:00 PMView Now
DANCE4314/24/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS1004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS1054/24/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS2014/25/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS2064/15/20192:00 PMView Now
EAS2094/17/20192:00 PMView Now
EAS2124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
EAS2304/25/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS3684/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE2034/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE2094/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECE2124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECE2404/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3024/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3034/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3424/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3804/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE4014/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE4574/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECE4604/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE4874/17/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON1024/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON2114/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON2134/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON2994/23/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON3864/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON3874/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON4144/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON4224/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON4824/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON5424/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON5994/17/20199:00 AMView Now
EDPY4424/25/20192:00 PMView Now
EDU1004/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ENCMP1004/26/20199:00 AMView Now
ENCS4064/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ENCS4734/16/20199:00 AMView Now
ENG M3104/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ENG M5304/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGG1304/23/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL2124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL3394/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL3764/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ENGL3894/24/20199:00 AMView Now
FIN3014/25/20192:00 PMView Now
FREN1114/13/20192:00 PMView Now
FREN2114/12/20192:00 PMView Now
FREN2124/27/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET2704/17/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET3024/18/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET3754/25/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET4184/17/20192:00 PMView Now
GERM1124/12/20199:00 AMView Now
HE ED1104/25/20199:00 AMView Now
HE ED2214/25/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL2114/16/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL2684/18/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL2704/17/20192:00 PMView Now
HECOL3104/18/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL4414/23/20192:00 PMView Now
HGP1004/16/20192:00 PMView Now
HGP2524/15/20192:00 PMView Now
HIST1114/17/20192:00 PMView Now
HIST1124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
HIST1154/23/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2604/18/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2614/25/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2814/17/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2964/23/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST3774/17/20192:00 PMView Now
IMIN2004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
IMIN4524/24/20199:00 AMView Now
INT D2804/18/20199:00 AMView Now
LING2044/24/20199:00 AMView Now
LING3194/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MARK3014/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MARK3124/18/20192:00 PMView Now
MARK4324/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MARK4424/18/20192:00 PMView Now
MAT E2014/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E2114/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E3364/18/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E3514/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E4944/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH1004/15/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH1014/12/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH1024/13/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH1184/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH1344/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2014/12/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH2094/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH2144/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2224/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2284/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH2414/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2534/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH3004/15/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH3174/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH3344/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH4144/23/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E2304/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E2604/15/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3314/16/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3404/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E3624/18/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3714/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E3804/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3904/16/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E4204/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E4304/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E4514/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E4634/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E4804/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E5634/15/20199:00 AMView Now
MICRB2654/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MICRB3154/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MICRB3164/15/20192:00 PMView Now
MICRB3204/23/20192:00 PMView Now
MIS3114/12/20192:00 PMView Now
MMI1334/23/20192:00 PMView Now
MMI3514/18/20199:00 AMView Now
MMI4454/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MUSIC1004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MUSIC2014/25/20192:00 PMView Now
NEURO2104/15/20192:00 PMView Now
NEURO4104/24/20199:00 AMView Now
NS1104/15/20192:00 PMView Now
NU FS1004/24/20199:00 AMView Now
NU FS3564/17/20199:00 AMView Now
NU FS3744/24/20199:00 AMView Now
NU FS3774/15/20192:00 PMView Now
NURS4054/18/20199:00 AMView Now
PAC1144/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PAC1184/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PHIL1014/16/20192:00 PMView Now
PHIL1024/23/20199:00 AMView Now
PHIL2504/16/20192:00 PMView Now
PHIL2654/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PHYS1244/15/20192:00 PMView Now
PHYS1264/16/20192:00 PMView Now
PHYSL2144/25/20199:00 AMView Now
PHYSL3724/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PHYSL4054/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PL SC2214/25/20199:00 AMView Now
PL SC3524/25/20199:00 AMView Now
POL S2244/16/20192:00 PMView Now
POL S2354/23/20199:00 AMView Now
POL S2614/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2124/23/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2234/23/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2394/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO2414/18/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2824/17/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3054/18/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3234/25/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3334/25/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3354/17/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3414/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3474/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3504/17/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3514/25/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3674/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3724/17/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3774/15/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3814/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO4054/18/20199:00 AMView Now
R SOC3554/23/20199:00 AMView Now
R SOC3754/18/20192:00 PMView Now
RELIG1024/17/20199:00 AMView Now
RELIG1034/18/20199:00 AMView Now
RELIG2004/17/20192:00 PMView Now
RELIG2744/18/20192:00 PMView Now
REN R1104/18/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R2604/24/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3144/18/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3504/16/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3604/18/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3644/16/20192:00 PMView Now
REN R3664/17/20192:00 PMView Now
REN R4424/17/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R4454/23/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R4834/18/20192:00 PMView Now
SCAND3994/23/20192:00 PMView Now
SMO3114/24/20192:00 PMView Now
SMO4154/15/20192:00 PMView Now
SMO4164/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2034/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2414/25/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2514/23/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2604/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2714/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2914/23/20192:00 PMView Now
SOC3014/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC3274/24/20192:00 PMView Now
SOC3664/25/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC3824/18/20192:00 PMView Now
SPAN1124/26/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT1514/12/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT2354/26/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT3534/18/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT3714/24/20199:00 AMView Now
STAT4794/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ZOOL2424/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ZOOL3254/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ZOOL3424/23/20199:00 AMView Now

University of Windsor | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at University of Windsor. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Windsor Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ACCT 15104/15/20198:30 AMView Now
ACCT 25104/12/20198:30 AMView Now
ACCT 25504/16/20197:00 PMView Now
ACCT 36004/6/201912:00 PMView Now
ARSC 30104/10/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOC 13034/6/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOC 20104/6/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOC 33104/17/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 10134/8/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 11114/13/20193:00 PMView Now
BIOL 20214/11/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 20504/13/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 20704/15/20193:00 PMView Now
BIOL 20804/13/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 21314/17/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 24804/10/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 30704/8/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 31424/12/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOL 35814/6/20197:00 PMView Now
CHEM 11034/15/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 23004/9/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 23104/6/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 24104/10/201912:00 PMView Now
CHEM 25104/12/20198:30 AMView Now
CMAF 10104/15/20198:30 AMView Now
CMAF 30204/15/20198:30 AMView Now
COMP 10004/13/20198:30 AMView Now
COMP 10474/17/20197:00 PMView Now
COMP 20574/16/201912:00 PMView Now
COMP 20674/8/20198:30 AMView Now
COMP 27074/9/20193:30 PMView Now
COMP 46704/16/20193:30 PMView Now
DRAM 21004/11/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 11004/12/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 11104/8/201912:00 PMView Now
ECON 22104/12/20193:30 PMView Now
ENGL 10064/8/201912:00 PMView Now
ESCI 10004/9/20198:30 AMView Now
ESCI 11114/11/20197:00 PMView Now
ESCI 11304/12/201912:00 PMView Now
ESCI 20104/16/201912:00 PMView Now
ESCI 26104/15/20198:30 AMView Now
FINA 27004/13/201912:00 PMView Now
FINA 37104/11/20198:30 AMView Now
FINA 37204/16/20197:00 PMView Now
FRSC 20074/15/20198:30 AMView Now
GENG 11104/16/201912:00 PMView Now
HIST 28704/15/20197:00 PMView Now
INCS 23704/11/201912:00 PMView Now
KINE 10004/10/20198:30 AMView Now
KINE 10304/8/201912:00 PMView Now
KINE 10504/15/20197:00 PMView Now
KINE 15004/6/20193:00 PMView Now
KINE 30404/16/20197:00 PMView Now
KINE 36204/6/20197:00 PMView Now
MACS 39104/15/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 10204/6/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 17204/9/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 17304/11/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 19804/10/201912:00 PMView Now
MGMT 10004/6/20197:00 PMView Now
MGMT 24004/15/20193:30 PMView Now
MGMT 24304/13/20197:00 PMView Now
MGMT 30004/6/201912:00 PMView Now
MKTG 13104/17/201912:00 PMView Now
MKTG 23204/12/20193:30 PMView Now
MKTG 33904/12/20198:30 AMView Now
MKTG 43904/17/20197:00 PMView Now
MSCI 20204/11/20198:30 AMView Now
MSCI 21304/6/20197:00 PMView Now
MSCI 33104/17/201912:00 PMView Now
NURS 17304/17/20193:00 PMView Now
PHIL 11004/13/20197:00 PMView Now
PHIL 11204/10/20193:30 PMView Now
PHIL 12904/11/20197:00 PMView Now
PHIL 16004/13/20198:30 AMView Now
PHIL 22604/17/20198:30 AMView Now
PHIL 22704/9/20197:00 PMView Now
PHYS 10104/10/20197:00 PMView Now
PHYS 13104/16/20193:30 PMView Now
POLS 10004/10/20198:30 AMView Now
POLS 16004/11/20193:30 PMView Now
POLS 23204/11/20193:30 PMView Now
POLS 25204/6/20197:00 PMView Now
POLS 26404/10/20198:30 AMView Now
POLS 28804/12/201912:00 PMView Now
POLS 36304/8/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 11504/8/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 11604/9/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 22304/15/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 22404/12/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 22504/11/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 22804/9/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 23004/16/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 23604/8/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYC 32004/12/201912:00 PMView Now
PSYC 32204/9/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 32304/10/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 32704/13/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 33704/10/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 35304/8/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 37004/9/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 42204/15/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYC 42704/9/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 43004/11/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 44504/8/20193:30 PMView Now
SACR 26004/6/20197:00 PMView Now
SACR 36304/8/20193:30 PMView Now
SOSC 25004/15/20193:30 PMView Now
STAT 29104/15/20193:30 PMView Now
STEN 10004/15/20197:00 PMView Now
STEN 39704/13/20197:00 PMView Now
STEN 49004/6/20197:00 PMView Now
STEN 49804/6/20197:00 PMView Now
SWRK 20404/9/201912:00 PMView Now
WGST 21004/8/20198:30 AMView Now
WGST 25004/13/20198:30 AMView Now

Illinois State University | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at ISU. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Illinois State Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
AGR 1105/8/20193:10 PMView Now
ANT 1025/7/201910:00 AMView Now
ANT 1765/7/20191:00 PMView Now
ANT 1855/9/20191:00 PMView Now
ANT 2815/7/20191:00 PMView Now
ART 1765/7/20197:50 PMView Now
ART 2755/6/201910:00 AMView Now
BSC 1455/7/20191:00 PMView Now
BSC 1605/6/20193:10 PMView Now
BSC 1615/8/201910:00 AMView Now
BSC 1705/7/201910:00 AMView Now
BSC 1815/8/201910:00 AMView Now
BSC 1825/7/20197:50 PMView Now
BSC 1965/7/20197:50 PMView Now
BSC 1975/8/201910:00 AMView Now
BSC 2015/8/20193:10 PMView Now
BSC 2035/6/20197:50 PMView Now
BSC 2195/8/20197:50 PMView Now
BSC 2605/7/20197:50 PMView Now
BSC 2835/6/20191:00 PMView Now
CHE 1105/6/20191:00 PMView Now
CHE 1405/8/20193:10 PMView Now
CHE 2205/6/20191:00 PMView Now
CJS 1015/6/20191:00 PMView Now
COM 1115/7/20195:30 PMView Now
COM 1605/9/201910:00 AMView Now
COM 1785/7/20191:00 PMView Now
COM 2025/6/201910:00 AMView Now
COM 2295/9/20191:00 PMView Now
CSD 1155/8/20191:00 PMView Now
ECO 1055/9/20193:10 PMView Now
FCS 1015/8/20197:50 PMView Now
FCS 2245/6/20197:50 PMView Now
FCS 2315/8/20193:10 PMView Now
FCS 2325/6/20191:00 PMView Now
FCS 2505/6/201910:00 AMView Now
FCS 3475/8/20193:10 PMView Now
GEO 2075/7/20191:00 PMView Now
GEO 2115/8/20193:10 PMView Now
HIS 1115/7/20197:50 PMView Now
HIS 3955/6/20191:00 PMView Now
HSC 1565/8/20193:10 PMView Now
HSC 2485/8/20191:00 PMView Now
IT 1685/7/20198:00 PMView Now
KNR 2215/6/20193:10 PMView Now
KNR 2445/8/20197:50 PMView Now
KNR 2475/6/201910:00 AMView Now
KNR 2545/7/201910:00 AMView Now
KNR 2805/6/20193:10 PMView Now
MAT 1195/6/20198:00 PMView Now
MAT 1205/9/20198:00 PMView Now
MAT 1455/6/20198:00 PMView Now
MAT 3095/7/20198:00 PMView Now
MKT 3355/8/20191:00 PMView Now
NUR 2225/9/20191:00 PMView Now
NUR 2255/6/20197:50 PMView Now
NUR 2295/8/201910:00 AMView Now
NUR 2395/7/20191:00 PMView Now
NUR 3275/6/20191:00 PMView Now
POL 2125/8/20191:00 PMView Now
POL 2155/8/20193:10 PMView Now
PSY 2155/9/201910:00 AMView Now
PSY 2235/9/20197:50 PMView Now
PSY 2305/7/201910:00 AMView Now
PSY 2635/7/201910:00 AMView Now
SED 1015/7/20195:30 PMView Now
SOC 1065/6/201910:00 AMView Now
SOC 1235/7/20191:00 PMView Now
SPA 1115/4/20198:00 PMView Now
SPA 1125/4/201910:00 AMView Now
SPA 1165/4/201910:00 AMView Now
THE 1525/7/20193:10 PMView Now
THE 1605/8/20198:00 PMView Now

George Washington University | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at GWU. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download GWU Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ACCY 20015/6/20193:00 PMView Now
AH 10315/7/201910:20 AMView Now
AMST 11605/6/201910:20 AMView Now
ANAT 21605/6/201912:40 PMView Now
ANTH 10015/6/20193:00 PMView Now
ANTH 10035/6/20193:00 PMView Now
ANTH 10045/7/20197:40 PMView Now
ANTH 35015/9/20193:00 PMView Now
ANTH 35045/7/201910:20 AMView Now
APSC 21135/6/201912:40 PMView Now
ASTR 10015/9/20197:40 PMView Now
ASTR 10025/7/201910:20 AMView Now
BADM 10045/7/201912:40 PMView Now
BISC 22075/7/201912:40 PMView Now
BISC 22135/7/201910:20 AMView Now
BISC 24505/7/201912:40 PMView Now
CHEM 10045/8/201910:20 AMView Now
CHEM 11115/8/201910:20 AMView Now
COMM 10255/9/201910:20 AMView Now
COMM 10425/9/201910:20 AMView Now
COMM 21005/9/20193:00 PMView Now
COMM 21405/8/20195:20 PMView Now
CSCI 10225/7/20197:40 PMView Now
CSCI 11115/8/20197:40 PMView Now
CSCI 11125/6/201912:40 PMView Now
CSCI 13115/7/201910:20 AMView Now
CSCI 45315/9/201910:20 AMView Now
CSCI 45415/7/201912:40 PMView Now
ECON 10115/9/20193:00 PMView Now
ENGL 2800W5/9/20193:00 PMView Now
FILM 21545/6/201910:20 AMView Now
GEOG 10015/8/201910:20 AMView Now
GEOG 10025/8/20195:20 PMView Now
GEOG 10035/7/20198:00 AMView Now
GEOG 21275/6/20197:40 PMView Now
GEOL 10015/13/20193:00 PMView Now
GEOL 10055/9/20193:00 PMView Now
HIST 11205/7/20193:00 PMView Now
HIST 13115/6/201912:40 PMView Now
HIST 21135/7/201912:40 PMView Now
HIST 33325/9/20197:40 PMView Now
HIST 37115/9/20193:00 PMView Now
HLWL 11145/7/20198:00 AMView Now
HSSJ 11005/8/201912:40 PMView Now
IAFF 10055/9/20193:00 PMView Now
IAFF 31885/7/201912:40 PMView Now
ISTM 41215/9/20195:20 PMView Now
MATH 12315/9/201910:20 AMView Now
ORSC 11095/8/20195:20 PMView Now
PHIL 10625/10/201910:20 AMView Now
PHIL 11935/8/20195:20 PMView Now
PHIL 20455/9/201912:40 PMView Now
PHIL 21255/7/20193:00 PMView Now
PHIL 21315/7/201910:20 AMView Now
PHIL 21325/6/201912:40 PMView Now
PHIL 22815/10/20197:40 PMView Now
PHYS 10215/9/20195:20 PMView Now
PHYS 10225/8/20195:20 PMView Now
PSC 21055/9/201912:40 PMView Now
PSC 21105/7/201912:40 PMView Now
PSC 22175/9/20193:00 PMView Now
PSC 22205/7/20197:40 PMView Now
PSC 22255/6/201912:40 PMView Now
PSC 23305/8/201910:20 AMView Now
PSC 23315/8/20195:20 PMView Now
PSC 23375/6/201912:40 PMView Now
PSC 23745/7/20195:20 PMView Now
PSC 24425/6/201910:20 AMView Now
PSC 24825/7/201912:40 PMView Now
PSYC 31215/7/201912:40 PMView Now
PSYC 31255/9/20197:40 PMView Now
PSYC 31285/6/201912:40 PMView Now
PUBH 21125/6/20193:00 PMView Now
PUBH 31305/9/201912:40 PMView Now
PUBH 31325/7/201912:40 PMView Now
PUBH 3135W5/8/20195:20 PMView Now
REL 10035/8/20195:20 PMView Now
REL 25625/8/201910:20 AMView Now
SLAV 20065/9/201910:20 AMView Now
SMPA 10505/7/20193:00 PMView Now
SMPA 21025/8/201912:40 PMView Now
SMPA 3245W5/8/201910:20 AMView Now
SMPA 33525/9/201912:40 PMView Now
SMPA 34715/8/20195:20 PMView Now
SOC 21015/6/201910:20 AMView Now
SOC 21045/6/20193:00 PMView Now
SOC 21355/6/20193:00 PMView Now
SOC 21365/6/20193:00 PMView Now
SOC 21675/9/201910:20 AMView Now
SPHR 10725/9/201910:20 AMView Now
SPHR 21065/6/201910:20 AMView Now
SPHR 21085/8/20197:40 PMView Now
SPHR 21335/9/20197:40 PMView Now

Dalhousie University | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at Dalhousie University. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Dalhousie Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
BIOC 14204/15/201912:00 PMView Now
BIOC 23004/12/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOC 33004/13/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOC 44034/11/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOC 47014/23/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 10114/15/20198:30 AMView Now
BIOL 20044/11/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 20204/16/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 20304/18/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 20404/22/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 20604/24/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 30444/18/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 30624/13/20193:30 PMView Now
BIOL 30654/22/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEE 35254/18/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 10124/13/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 10224/13/20198:30 AMView Now
CHEM 24024/11/20198:30 AMView Now
CIVL 44104/18/20198:30 AMView Now
COMM 11014/16/20193:30 PMView Now
COMM 11024/22/20193:30 PMView Now
COMM 15024/24/20193:30 PMView Now
COMM 22024/13/201912:00 PMView Now
COMM 31054/16/20193:30 PMView Now
CSCI 11054/22/201912:00 PMView Now
CSCI 11204/16/20198:30 AMView Now
CSCI 11704/24/20193:30 PMView Now
CSCI 21124/15/20193:30 PMView Now
ECED 22004/10/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 11014/11/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 11024/12/20198:30 AMView Now
ECON 22014/12/20193:30 PMView Now
EMSP 23204/12/20197:00 PMView Now
ENGL 10404/22/20193:30 PMView Now
ENGL 10504/16/20193:30 PMView Now
ENGL 11004/24/20197:00 PMView Now
ENVS 12004/17/20193:30 PMView Now
ENVS 32004/16/20198:30 AMView Now
ERTH 10304/18/20193:30 PMView Now
ERTH 10604/17/201912:00 PMView Now
ERTH 24104/18/20198:30 AMView Now
GEOG 10304/18/20193:30 PMView Now
HIST 20214/16/20197:00 PMView Now
HPRO 32504/16/20198:30 AMView Now
HSTC 18014/24/201912:00 PMView Now
MATH 10004/23/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 10104/23/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 10604/10/20198:30 AMView Now
MATH 11154/10/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 12154/12/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 12904/18/20193:30 PMView Now
MATH 21124/15/20193:30 PMView Now
MGMT 15014/16/20198:30 AMView Now
MGMT 21014/13/20193:30 PMView Now
MGMT 28034/15/20198:30 AMView Now
MICI 21004/13/20193:30 PMView Now
MICI 42184/18/201912:00 PMView Now
MINE 22004/11/20198:30 AMView Now
MUSC 20194/22/20198:30 AMView Now
NESC 21604/23/20193:30 PMView Now
NESC 24704/11/20197:00 PMView Now
NESC 30434/18/20193:30 PMView Now
NESC 31804/24/20198:30 AMView Now
NESC 32274/17/20193:30 PMView Now
PHIL 1000Y4/24/20193:30 PMView Now
PHIL 1010Y4/16/20198:30 AMView Now
PHIL 28104/10/20193:30 PMView Now
PHYC 12904/17/20198:30 AMView Now
PHYC 24524/13/201912:00 PMView Now
PHYL 1010Y4/23/20193:30 PMView Now
PHYL 20444/15/201912:00 PMView Now
POLI 22204/11/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYO 10124/18/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYO 20804/22/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYO 20904/15/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYO 21604/23/20193:30 PMView Now
PSYO 22204/24/20198:30 AMView Now
PSYO 24704/11/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYO 31294/12/20198:30 AMView Now
SOSA 10024/13/201912:00 PMView Now
SOSA 10034/17/20193:30 PMView Now
SOSA 2001Y4/16/20193:30 PMView Now
SOSA 25034/23/201912:00 PMView Now
SOSA 32854/12/20193:30 PMView Now
STAT 10604/10/20198:30 AMView Now
STAT 20604/13/20193:30 PMView Now
SUST 20014/18/201912:00 PMView Now
THEA 20124/24/20193:30 PMView Now

Brock University | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at Brock University. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Brock Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
APCO 1P014/11/20192:00 PMView Now
APCO 1P504/13/20192:00 PMView Now
APCO 1P934/16/20192:00 PMView Now
APCO 3P944/24/20197:00 PMView Now
BCHM 3P014/11/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 1F254/13/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL 2P034/13/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2P054/10/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2P924/18/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 2P964/15/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL 2P974/23/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3P034/13/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3P434/24/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3P504/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL 3P604/10/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 3P914/22/20197:00 PMView Now
BIOL 4P414/23/20197:00 PMView Now
BTEC 3P504/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BTEC 3P624/16/20197:00 PMView Now
CHEM 1P914/12/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM 2P124/16/20197:00 PMView Now
CHEM 2P214/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM 3P934/18/20199:00 AMView Now
CHYS 1F904/10/20199:00 AMView Now
CHYS 2P104/23/20197:00 PMView Now
CHYS 2P354/10/20192:00 PMView Now
CHYS 2P994/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CHYS 3F024/22/20199:00 AMView Now
CHYS 3P154/12/20192:00 PMView Now
CHYS 3P654/18/20199:00 AMView Now
CHYS 3P954/13/20197:00 PMView Now
CLAS 1P924/16/20197:00 PMView Now
CLAS 1P944/22/20199:00 AMView Now
CLAS 1P974/12/20197:00 PMView Now
CLAS 2P344/18/20197:00 PMView Now
CLAS 3P254/15/20197:00 PMView Now
COMM 2P654/23/20192:00 PMView Now
COMM 2P984/15/20199:00 AMView Now
COSC 1P024/23/20199:00 AMView Now
COSC 1P504/13/20192:00 PMView Now
COSC 2P054/10/20192:00 PMView Now
CPCF 1F254/24/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 1P914/15/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON 1P924/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON 2P214/12/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 2P234/10/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 2P304/22/20197:00 PMView Now
ECON 2P914/24/20192:00 PMView Now
EDUC 1F954/15/20199:00 AMView Now
ENGL 1F914/16/20199:00 AMView Now
ENGL 1F954/12/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL 1F974/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ENGL 2P704/18/20197:00 PMView Now
ENGL 3Q934/12/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL 3Q954/17/20192:00 PMView Now
ENTR 2P914/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ERSC 2P034/16/20197:00 PMView Now
ERSC 3P034/13/20192:00 PMView Now
ERSC 3P074/15/20197:00 PMView Now
ERSC 3P124/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ETHC 3P824/10/20199:00 AMView Now
FNCE 2P914/23/20197:00 PMView Now
FNCE 3P934/17/20197:00 PMView Now
FNCE 4P054/22/20197:00 PMView Now
FREN 1F904/24/20192:00 PMView Now
GEOG 1F904/12/20197:00 PMView Now
GEOG 1F914/11/20197:00 PMView Now
GEOG 3P144/17/20197:00 PMView Now
HIST 1F924/11/20197:00 PMView Now
HIST 1F954/23/20192:00 PMView Now
HIST 2F204/23/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST 2P164/13/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST 3P164/16/20199:00 AMView Now
HLSC 1F904/22/20192:00 PMView Now
HLSC 2P074/11/20197:00 PMView Now
HLSC 2P094/18/20197:00 PMView Now
HLSC 2P214/17/20192:00 PMView Now
HLSC 2P274/16/20197:00 PMView Now
HLSC 2P404/24/20199:00 AMView Now
HLSC 2P494/16/20192:00 PMView Now
HLSC 2P904/24/20192:00 PMView Now
HLSC 2P924/22/20197:00 PMView Now
HLSC 3P094/12/20197:00 PMView Now
HLSC 3P194/22/20199:00 AMView Now
HLSC 3P214/17/20192:00 PMView Now
HLSC 3P374/13/20197:00 PMView Now
HLSC 3P974/23/20197:00 PMView Now
HLSC 4P954/22/20192:00 PMView Now
HLSC 4P994/13/20199:00 AMView Now
IASC 1P014/11/20192:00 PMView Now
IASC 1P504/13/20192:00 PMView Now
ITIS 1P974/13/20197:00 PMView Now
ITIS 2P914/11/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 1P934/15/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 1P984/13/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 2P054/12/20199:00 AMView Now
KINE 2P094/15/20197:00 PMView Now
KINE 2P204/23/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 2P414/17/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 2P844/24/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 2P974/22/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 3P024/22/20197:00 PMView Now
KINE 3P054/13/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 3P104/11/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 3P704/16/20197:00 PMView Now
KINE 3P904/16/20192:00 PMView Now
KINE 3P944/12/20199:00 AMView Now
LABR 1F904/22/20192:00 PMView Now
LABR 1F994/18/20199:00 AMView Now
LABR 2P004/23/20192:00 PMView Now
LATI 1F004/17/20192:00 PMView Now
LING 1F254/22/20197:00 PMView Now
LING 1F944/22/20199:00 AMView Now
LING 1P934/12/20199:00 AMView Now
LING 2P534/11/20197:00 PMView Now
LING 2P914/13/20197:00 PMView Now
LING 2P994/17/20192:00 PMView Now
LING 3P514/13/20197:00 PMView Now
LING 3P714/22/20199:00 AMView Now
LING 3P904/16/20197:00 PMView Now
MARS 1F904/22/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 1F924/12/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH 1P054/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH 1P064/16/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH 1P674/18/20197:00 PMView Now
MATH 1P974/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH 2P984/11/20192:00 PMView Now
MGMT 1P934/12/20192:00 PMView Now
MKTG 2P514/13/20197:00 PMView Now
MKTG 3P244/22/20199:00 AMView Now
MKTG 4P944/11/20192:00 PMView Now
MUSI 1F104/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MUSI 1F504/22/20197:00 PMView Now
NEUR 2P374/16/20197:00 PMView Now
OBHR 3P974/15/20197:00 PMView Now
OPER 2P914/13/20199:00 AMView Now
PHIL 1F904/15/20197:00 PMView Now
PHYS 1P214/22/20199:00 AMView Now
POLI 1P934/13/20197:00 PMView Now
POLI 1P964/11/20192:00 PMView Now
POLI 2F124/10/20197:00 PMView Now
POLI 2F204/12/20199:00 AMView Now
POLI 2F304/15/20192:00 PMView Now
POLI 2P474/10/20199:00 AMView Now
POLI 2P924/24/20199:00 AMView Now
POLI 2P934/16/20192:00 PMView Now
POLI 2Q984/11/20197:00 PMView Now
POLI 3P164/13/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 1F904/18/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYC 2F234/24/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYC 2P204/11/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 2P254/15/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYC 2P374/16/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3F204/17/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3P604/15/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3P684/10/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 3P754/18/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 4P564/13/20197:00 PMView Now
PSYC 4P714/12/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYC 4P724/23/20197:00 PMView Now
RECL 1P994/23/20199:00 AMView Now
RECL 2P524/17/20192:00 PMView Now
RECL 3P704/17/20192:00 PMView Now
SCIE 1P514/10/20197:00 PMView Now
SCLC 1F904/12/20192:00 PMView Now
SOCI 1F904/17/20197:00 PMView Now
SOCI 2P114/13/20192:00 PMView Now
SOCI 2P204/23/20197:00 PMView Now
SOCI 2P474/16/20197:00 PMView Now
SOCI 2P624/17/20197:00 PMView Now
SOCI 2P984/15/20199:00 AMView Now
SPMA 1P914/18/20197:00 PMView Now
SPMA 2P274/13/20192:00 PMView Now
SPMA 2P964/10/20197:00 PMView Now
SPMA 3P074/10/20199:00 AMView Now
SPMA 3P214/16/20199:00 AMView Now
WGST 1F904/22/20199:00 AMView Now

Binghamton University | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at Binghamton University. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Binghamton Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ACCT 2115/13/20198:05 PMView Now
ACCT 2125/13/20198:00 AMView Now
AFST 1015/16/201912:50 PMView Now
ANTH 1185/14/20198:00 AMView Now
ANTH 1255/16/20198:05 PMView Now
ANTH 1665/14/201910:25 AMView Now
ANTH 1685/17/20198:00 AMView Now
ANTH 3335/13/20195:40 PMView Now
ANTH 3365/14/201912:50 PMView Now
ANTH 3375/17/20193:15 PMView Now
ARTH 2765/17/20198:00 AMView Now
ASTR 1145/14/20195:40 PMView Now
BCHM 4035/15/201910:25 AMView Now
BCHM 4265/14/20193:15 PMView Now
BIOL 3115/14/20198:00 AMView Now
BIOL 3185/13/20193:15 PMView Now
BIOL 3195/13/20198:05 PMView Now
BIOL 3305/13/201912:50 PMView Now
BIOL 3515/14/20195:40 PMView Now
BIOL 3555/17/20193:15 PMView Now
BIOL 3715/17/201910:25 AMView Now
BIOL 4035/15/201910:25 AMView Now
BLS 1115/15/20198:05 PMView Now
BLS 1125/15/20195:40 PMView Now
CHEM 1025/13/20198:05 PMView Now
CHEM 1085/15/20198:05 PMView Now
CHEM 1115/17/201910:25 AMView Now
CHEM 2215/13/201910:25 AMView Now
CHEM 2315/15/20198:00 AMView Now
CHEM 3325/15/20198:00 AMView Now
CHEM 4515/16/20198:00 AMView Now
CINE 1215/16/20195:40 PMView Now
CQS 3115/13/201912:50 PMView Now
CS 1105/14/20198:00 AMView Now
CS 1205/13/20198:05 PMView Now
CS 1405/15/20198:05 PMView Now
CS 2405/16/20198:00 AMView Now
CS 3735/13/20198:00 AMView Now
ECON 1625/13/20195:40 PMView Now
ECON 3605/16/20198:00 AMView Now
ECON 4445/14/20198:05 PMView Now
ENG 200B5/16/201912:50 PMView Now
ENG 2285/16/201910:25 AMView Now
ENG 2455/13/201910:25 AMView Now
ENVI 1495/15/201910:25 AMView Now
ENVI 2015/13/201912:50 PMView Now
ENVI 3125/16/201910:25 AMView Now
FIN 3115/15/20198:00 AMView Now
FIN 3225/16/20193:15 PMView Now
FREN 1115/17/20198:00 AMView Now
GEOG 1015/16/201912:50 PMView Now
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