10 Coolest Courses At Drake University

Drake University, a midsized, private university in Des Moines, Iowa, offers courses that keep students interested in learning and reaching for their dreams. Their variety in programs included courses that can’t be found in other universities. Check out 10 of their coolest courses below:


Photographer photographing an owl

Do you enjoy photographing nature and all the incredible animals that roam the earth? Through BIO 061, you’ll be able to go off-campus and photograph landscapes, flora, and fauna with the class. The course focuses on the content, technique, and composition of your images. Students will use digital SLR cameras and lenses, digital sensors, exposure, and light composition. The best part is that no previous experience is needed, just an interest in learning.


a corner of the earth in space

Gender and space are seen in various novels and movies. One of the primary filters is gender, where ideas of space and the future are sifted and not completely visible. This Women’s Studies course will investigate visual and literary texts while discussing its relevance to various historical contexts, and how it relates to men and women.


drawing of salem witch trials occurring in a court room

The Salem Witch Trials are an important piece of history that isn’t usually taught through its course. Students will investigate the relationship between the practices and changes in social, political and economic settings since then. Specific topics throughout the semesters include “The Birth of Mass Cultural”. “The 1950’s: Televison Takes on the American Home”, and “The Salem Witch Trials”.


Handwritten board with the words "Small Business"

Many college students begin their own small businesses before they graduate. With a course like BUS 150, students can feel more secure taking control of their own ideas while understanding what it takes to run a successful business. This course emphasizes the managerial decisions required to start and maintain a business.


Alphabet letters in American Sign Language

Have you ever wanted to learn American Sign Language? ASL 070 examines its historical development, values, cultural identity, communication, and language of the deaf culture. You’ll also learn about specific members of the deaf community who have made significant societal contributions. The course will also draw comparisons and contrasts between the deaf culture and hearing culture.


Intaglio printmaking consists of creating visual images on a metal plate for press printing. You’ll see how original prints, from antique to contemporary, can be transformed into different visual images. It’s a new skill to learn or a way of enhancing your photography portfolio.


Gym teacher giving a lesson

Being a health and physical education teacher comes with many years of learning how the body responds to exercise and the importance of staying healthy. EDUC 002 studies the meaning, scope and historical foundation of health and physical education in schools. You’ll leave the semester with the knowledge and skills needed to create your own health and physical education programs.


Different parts of advertising

Advertisements are everywhere! Have you ever wondered where the ideas originated or how the idea became a full grown billboard in the middle of the street? Students will explore all forms of media, how people consume media, persuasion theories, writing and designing your ideas into advertisements. By the end of the semester, students will plan and execute an ad campaign.

9. LLAB 032 – Natural Hist: Field Arch

Waterfall in the middle of the woods

As part of the Natural History Workshops, these introductory courses are for anyone who is interested in learning more about nature. Students will take off-campus trips to visit parks, nearby mountains, and locations where there is so much to learn about nature.


Recycling sign

Have you ever seen art made out of things you would consider garbage? This really cool course turns discarded or obsolete materials and objects into sculptures. Repurposing traditional objects that many throws away can be a great way to express yourself through art or create a new masterpiece for your dorm room.

While following your specific major’s plan for graduation, try taking some courses that are for pure interest. Those may spark a new hobby or interest that can continue being a part of your life years after graduating. Good luck next semester!

10 Easiest Classes at Penn Tech

College can be an intensely difficult time of adjustment for many people, whether it is academic, social, or environmental. It may be a good idea to balance your schedule with some easier courses to lead a manageable lifestyle. Below are the ten easiest classes at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

1. MTH 005 – Elementary Algebra I

This class is a way for students with very minimal experience in algebra to establish a foundation in basic algebraic concepts. Technology, such as calculator use, is incorporated into this class to help students in solving problems. Furthermore, this class is open to any students from any subject area.

This is a picture of addition on a chalkboard to demonstrate the basicity of this mathematics course.

2. PHO 101 – Black-and- White Photography

This class teaches students on the basics of camera operation and the aesthetics behind photography. This class is suitable even for students with little background in photography, who have a budding interest in the subject. The only caveat may be that the students must have access to a 35 mm camera.

This picture is of a camera and it is black and white to represent the focus on black and white photography.

3. ANT 113 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This class allows students to learn about the holistic nature of culture and how it influences our food, sexuality, language etc. This is only one of the few anthropology classes offered at Pennsylvania College of Technology, so it may be a good class to explore if you have a small interest. The prerequisite for this class is ENL 111- Cultural Diversity.

This picture demonstrates the exchange of cultural information and the differences in beliefs between people.

4. BIO 111 – Basic Botany

This class takes a general look at the basics of plant sciences and the biological nature of a variety of plants. The details that this class parallels that of a human biology class, except the same lens is applied toward plant biology. If you have a desire to learn more about plants and their physiology, this class is for you.

This picture is of plants and flowers.

5. FYE 101 – First Year Experience

This class is catered toward freshman students who want to garner some skills to ensure a successful college career. The course reviews the nature of college culture and focuses on tools that strengthen academic skills. Furthermore, the class encourages greater involvement in the college community.

This picture is of an individual climbing up in skill knowledge.

6. RDG 111 – College Reading, Reasoning, and Study Skills

This class reviews reading and study skills that are necessary for all college courses. This class may be incredibly influential for students that have taken off from school for awhile or find the transition from high school to college difficult. Study habits such as outlining, note-taking and test- taking is reviewed in this class.

Image result for reading clipart

7. MUS 111 – Introduction to Music

This class aids students to develop a ear for music to analyze the art form of music in western civilization. Students will learn how to critically listen to music and analyze trends in the history of music. This class is catered toward art students.

This is a picture of different musical symbols.

8. SOC 111 – Introduction to Sociology

This class overviews how society has an impact on human behavior an beliefs. Social structures in different cultures and subcultures are also discussed within this class. Students will learn a different perspective in dissecting social values and beliefs.

Sociology spelled out in the shape of people

9. SCI 100 – Environmental Science

This class goes over how environmental interactions occur and how humans have an impact on the health of the environment. Topics that are discussed, include various environmental issues and geological/ biological aspects of the environment. Students will have a basic understanding of the current environmental issues through this course.

Environment represented by hands holding earth and dirt and a plant growing

10. SCI 103 – Science in Modern Society

If you’ve ever wondered how science plays a direct role in everyday life, this class is for you. This course is directed toward students who have an inkling for science, however, do not want to study it as their focal major. This class reviews how natural science topics can be used to analyze current issues in science.

This picture is of an individual's everyday life

College is often overwhelming at times, and it can be necessary to take a few easy classes to reduce the stress and pressure of being in college. Being in college comes with many responsibilities, including academics, so taking courses catered to your personal capability may be beneficial. Above are the top ten easiest courses at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

10 Easiest Courses at OSUIT

With a new semester starting, you know might have a feel of how you like your classes. If they are boring, and totally put you to sleep, OSUIT offers so many courses that may meet your liking. If you are paying so much money, you want to enjoy each and every class even if they are general ed classes!

1. HUM 2663 – Study/Travel/Work across Cultures & Borders

If your major requires for you to study abroad during your 4 years at college, or you just want to study abroad yourself, this class will teach you all about traveling while working or study abroad. This course will give you the in and out’s of what its life to work in another country after graduating if that is your plan to do so.A plane crossing the ocean from the United States to another part of the country.

2. SPCH 1113 – Introduction to Speech Communications

It is super important to realize that as college students working towards a higher education, and one day being in the work force, we need to learn how to speak  effectively and correctly. There is nothing more embarrassing than totally butchering a very important interview. Plus, public speaking is very important now because many jobs do require to have some background in public speaking.A women behind a podium speaking to an audience.

3. HUM 1113 – Music Appreciation

This class is an introduction on how music became what it is today, rap, boy bands, and everything else we love. Music comes in so many different forms, languages, etc, and it is important to learn the development from music and how it has changed over the years. If you have an appreciation for music and need to get a general education credit out of the way, this course would be so fun and easy for any student.The world

4.  HIST 2323 – Oklahoma History

Okay, if you’re from Oklahoma, this class MIGHT be boring for you, but if you are from out of state, why not learn the history of the state that you’re calling home for the next 4 years? This class includes the history of the state, but will also take students on trips to many of the important monuments, or places that hold history to the state.The Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument that was located from the state capitol

5. ORIE 101 – College Strategies

Still have a hard time getting used to the college life and feeling like there are not enough hours of the day to get everything done? This class may seem like a mandatory freshman class, but it is not. This class is opened to any student that needs help finding other strategies to study, get things done, and stay motivated.A chart with essential college tips.

6. PSY 1133 – Introduction to Psychology

Although this is a popular course to take, it is one of the ones that any advisor tell students to take. Not only because it is in interesting class, but because during college we go through to many emotions and stages and sometimes its so hard to keep up and know when we are feeling down or when we actually need to speak to somebody. College may be fun and the best years of life, but it can also bring you down and make you feel helpless. This course can teach you how to cope with your emotions and help those around you.A brain including psychology key terms.

7. HLP 1032 – Personal Health

The “freshman 15” is only true if you let it happen. No matter how healthy you are, going into college is a whole different ball game! You can find yourself eating pizza and Chick Fil A for an entire week without even noticing. This health class will teach you the overall way to be healthy, but it also includes a nutrition course that will help students out with making better choices when eating on campus.The 5 essential things needed to have good overall health.

8. ASL 1636 – American Sign Language

Knowing sign language this time around is so important. We constantly run into videos on social media of a worker shocking a group of parents/family by knowing sign languages and signing to them. It is such as special gift/skill to have and there is nothing harmful about knowing ASL! This course will give the fundamentals, and background about ASL as well as hands on activities/ ASL practicing with kids and adults who use ASL.The word ASL being signed

9. CUA 153 – Cake Decorating

Honestly who wouldn’t love how to learn how to decorate a cake? This course will teach you all the skills about how to decorate the perfect cake. Plus, you get to eat/take home free cake. BONUS! Cake decorating has actually been known to relieve stress and anxiety so if this is something you think might calm you, consider this course.A person decorating a cake.

10. CUA 1101 – Exploring Wines

Okay, wine tasting? Say no more. If you are 21 or over this class might be something worth taking! This course explains all the different types of wines, and the history of wine making. Nothing like impressing people around you with your wide knowledge of wine and picking out the perfect bottle for any visitors that are over, or out to dinner. PLUUUSSSS, you go on 2 different wine tours around the city, how awesome is that?A picture showing 3 out of the many different types of winesIt is clear that OSUIT has so many cool courses that many may be interested in taking if they are looking for a course that they will find interesting, or helpful in their college career.

10 Easiest Classes at South Dakota State

South Dakota State, besides having a beautiful campus, has a wide array of subject to study – over 200 fields! This college is all about setting you up for success upon entering the world after school. Let’s take a look at some of their courses, shall we?

1. SPCM 501 – Advanced Interpersonal Communication 

What could be so hard about learning a few hand gestures? Plus, taking this class will look great on a resume since it shows that you’re thinking outside of the box and thinking about those around you. The professors really make this course enjoyable and you’ll enjoy the funny moments that this class will bring!Sign language requires attentive details to not just hand gestures but also eye contact

2. ANTH 210 – Cultural Anthropology 

Humans have changed as their environments have over several thousand years. From cavemen limping on their two feet to the fastest marathon runners in the world, we’ve come a long way. This course will truly give you a sense of appreciation on where we fall on the evolutionary timeline of human development and change.Humans have adapted to their environments to accommodate their needs

3. ART 111 – Drawing I  

What could be so hard about drawing? As you take the class, take note of how your definition of art will have changed, if it changes at all (which it probably will!). Learn different aspects of drawing like perspective, imaging, texture, etc.Art comes in many different forms - sometimes it's landscapes and sometimes it is the simple beauty of living life everyday

4. HSC 230 – Stress Management for Life

You’d be surprised to see how much the average human stresses on a daily basis. And not all stress is bad! However, this course has been proven to better the lives of students in making them aware of how much stress is unhealthy. Personal health always comes first and your professors will emphasize that constantly!A little stress if healthy, but too much causes several psychological and physiological problems

5. MCOM 145 – Media Literacy and Ethics 

What role does the media play in our lives? A much bigger one than we anticipated. How  we project news to the world is important because several factors, such as bias, can influence how we react, and ultimately form our views, toward it. A good majority of the class does well and passes!The media can alter the public perception on a particular topic or subject

6. MUAP 181 – Piano Accompanying

There’s no such thing as a wrong note! It’s all music! Your instructors will definitely spend a lot of time with you if you are a beginner and completely new to music. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable classes you can take on campus.Piano is known to be one of the most fundamental instruments in the world

7. HLTH 230 – Stress Management – Yoga 

Yoga is only for old people! That’s one of the biggest stereotypes people have about this class. You’ll learn how yoga can increase your flexibility and reduce your stressed neurons. Grab your mat because you’re going on adventures in this class!Yoga is an effective way to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and to clear your mind

8. PSYC 441 – Social Psychology 1 

Uh-oh. A psychology course….what’s there to fear? This is one of the most interesting and fascinating classes that this campus offers and it’s definitely a must-take! You’ll learn about perception, a little bit on the human brain, and various personalities!Psychology helps us understands emotions as well as human cognition and behavior

9. SOC 721 – Social Stratification 

Social stratification, or the idea that people in a society are ranked based on their class, persists everywhere. In this class, you will learn that sometimes, stratifications like these must exist in society for a society to function. Each class has its unique characteristics and you’ll come to appreciate the respect that professors hold for your opinions in this course.Social stratification exists in nearly every single society in the world, regardless of where you go

10. EEC 332 – Child Guidance and Classroom Environments

Students sitting in the front are nerds and those in the back are the “popular” kids right? Not so much. Taking this course will help you understand the different kinds of students you’ll find in a typical classroom environment. This class is basically an analysis of the “psychology” of a classroom and its students. Enjoy!Classroom settings - whether noisy, quiet, etc. - are mostly based on what kind of students there are in the classSo there you have it! The top 10 courses that are absolute must-takes at South Dakota State University. While you’re at it, enjoy the campus, its people, and above all, what the interesting professors have to say!

10 of the Easiest Courses at the UPR-RP

Students around the world are preparing to go back to school. Some are trying to find easier classes to take throughout the semester. Luckily for you, we have listed ten of the easiest courses at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras below!

1. ANTR 3001 – Introduction to Anthropology

In this course, students will get an introduction into anthropology. This includes learning about integrating other disciplines that relate to anthropology into your studies, physical anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.A look at the evolution of humans.

2. ANTR 3006 – Sociocultural Anthropology

This class will focus on the written and oral methods of sociocultural anthropology. Students will learn about the different concepts of culture, the concepts of race and cultural diversity, ethnic identity, and an analysis of the state.Words that relate to social anthropology.

3. CIPO 3006 – Introduction to Comparative Politics

In this course, students will study politics around the world while comparing and contrasting the differences between each. Students will also study different political systems, the concepts behind public policies, and the differences and similarities in various regions and countries.An image of the word politics.

4. CIBI 3005 – Biological Sciences for preschool and elementary school teachers

This class will study different concepts behind biological sciences. This class is designed to prepare elementary and preschool teachers. Students will learn about the nature of science, biodiversity, living and non-living organism,s and cellular functions.An image of the word biology.

5. ART 3005 – Basic Principles of Photography

In this class, students will learn about the basic principles of photography. This includes learning about photographic composition, the art of expression, the use o the camera, and the exterior and interior techniques for lighting.An image of a camera.

6. RECR 3715 – Art in Recreation

This class is designed to give students a space to learn the basic principles of art and art theory while putting it into practice. Students will learn about popular aesthetics and influences of art, and how art is Incorporated into all disciplines.A girl painting a picture.

7. ART 3071 – Digital Animation I

Do you watch cartoons? This class will teach students about the fundamentals of digital animations. Students will learn about two-dimensional art, technicalities in animation, and how digital animation is created online.An illustration from Kung-Fu Panda.

8. DANZ 3001 – Modern Dance: Basic Technique I

Are you always dancing in your room? This class will discuss and teach students about the basic techniques for modern dance. Students will learn about expression in dance, the origin and history of modern dance, and how modern dance is used around the world.Two ballroom dancers performing in a room.

9. FILO 3003 – Introduction to Philosophy

Are you always thinking about the world around you? This class will introduce students to the methods and basic concepts of philosophy. Students will learn about the relationships in philosophy, how philosophy has helped the world, and terminology used.An image of the word philosophy.

10. MUSI 3045 – Music and Musicians of Puerto Rico

This class is designed to teach students about the famous and popular music groups and works in Puerto Rico. Students will learn about music in Puerto Rico starting from the early 19th century to the present. This class will also listen to recordings as well.Dancers and musicians in the streets of Puerto Rico.Hopefully you have found a class or two that you are interested in trying out. These classes will help anyone who is looking to vamp up their workload but not so much to the point that they will stress. They’re very easy to pass as long as you participate in class!

10 of the Easiest Courses at the University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla

Students are constantly trying to find some classes to take that are easier than others. This will help them to essentially balance out their schedule so that they aren’t too stressed. Below we have listed ten of the easiest courses that you can take at the University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla.

1. CIBI 3001 – Biological Sciences I

In this class, students will learn about the fundamentals of biology. Students will learn about biological diversity, how biology is used in other disciplines, genetics, living and non-living organisms, and how biology is used around the world.An image of the word biology.

2. PSIC 3015 – Theories of Personality

What’s your personality type? This course will walk students through the various theories and concepts of personality through a psychological lens. Students will learn about how personality is developed as people grow and age on their own.An image of different concepts of personality.

3. ECON 3005 – Introduction to Economics

In this class, students will learn about the basic concepts in economics. This includes learning about money and banking, how money is used around the world, and the nature of the economy in the world economy.An image of the word economy.

4. HUMA 3026 – Introduction to Cinema Music

Some songs you hear in movies are already mainstream, but how are those incorporated into the movie? This course will touch base on cinematic music. Students will learn about how music is composed for movies, recording, and playing music in the movie.

5. MUSI 3135 – Musical Appreciation

Who’s your favorite artist? This course will touch base on the history of music. Students will learn about various composers, how music is used and seen throughout the world, and how music is defined as a form of expression and communication around the world as well.An image of notes on a treble staff.

6. ESPA 3101 – Basic Spanish I

Why not learn the language of the country you are in? In this class, students will learn about conversational Spanish. Students will learn about the Spanish culture, how Spanish is used around the world, and the different dialectics of it.An image of the word Spanish.

7. MATE 3001 – Introductory Mathematics

Are you good at math? This course will touch on the fundamentals of mathematics. Students will learn how to solve equations, basic algebra skills, the order of operations, and how math can be used in other disciplines.An image of different formulas used in math.

8. HUMA 3101 – Western Culture I

Are you interested in culture around the world? This course will focus on the culture in the Western world. This includes North and South America. Students will learn about the fundamental concepts and traditions in both continents and their heavy influence around the world.Countries in the Western world.

9. PHILO 3001 – Introduction to Philosophy I

Are you always thinking about the world around you? This course will discuss the fundamentals of philosophy. Students will learn about some of the world’s greatest philosophers, the impact of philosophy, and the basic terminology used.An image of the word Philosophy.

10. ART 3121 – Drawing

Do you want to learn how to draw? This class will touch on the basic fundamentals for drawing. Students will learn about various art forms, different materials you can use for drawing, and utilizing the space you are given.A drawing of a girl.These classes are easier than most. You are sure to get an A in any of them. Take a look at the list provided to you above so that you can get a better understanding on them. Try taking a course or two as well and you will soon see the benefits!

10 Easiest Courses at Young Harris College

Young Harris College offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in more than 20 majors and minors. As students work on improving their grades it’s important that they select courses that will interest them and most likely help them achieve their grade objectives. The following are 10 classes that students should check out:

1. THEA 3201 – Acting III

This is an advanced performance course involving exercises and scene work that focus on period style and texts, in particular, the work of Shakespeare. It’s a creative class which will assist students in gaining skill they will need as they take on acting as a career.Theatre masks

2. RELI 2300-Theories of Religion I

There is evidence in every corner of the world that religion has played a big part in the formation of government and societies of today. Students in this course will have the opportunity to study the nature and origins of religion through such disciplines as philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies.Symbols of the various religions in the world

3. SOCI 3230-Gender, Sexuality, and Society

This is an advanced course that examines the role of sex, gender, and sexuality in society. It explores the ways gender differences are culturally reproduced transforming male and female biology into masculinity and femininity. Current gender theory emphasizes the division of labor, power, social control, violence, and ideology as structural and interactional bases of inequalities between men and women of different social classes, racial/ethnic groups, and sexuality.Symbolic representation of the male and female gender

4. KNSS 3100-Introduction to Kinesiology

This course is designed to survey human movement that includes the historical development of movement and sport from ancient through contemporary cultures. Physiological, sociological, and psychological principles affecting human movement and sport are also included.A graphical image of the internal organs of a human being

5. PHIL 1300-Critical Thinking I

This is a course that students get to interact with each other, get to ask questions like, what even is “thinking,” and what makes a thought distinctively “critical” compared to an ordinary thought? How does thinking take shape in aphorisms, arguments, and essays? This course introduces students to techniques in basic reasoning, dialogue, logic, formal argument, informal fallacies, and forms of critical theory.Components of critical thinking

6. MUSI 0099-Basic Skills for Music Theory

The course is designed for all students who require additional instruction in basic music theory as determined by the music theory diagnostic exam (All incoming Music, Music Education, and Music Theater students are required to take the music theory diagnostic exam). It serves as a supplement to Music Theory I (MUSI 1141). It is a review of the topics and skills necessary for successful completion of Music Theory I. Students will meet for this class for two hours a week and as deemed necessary by the instructor.A graphical drawing of music notes

7. MATH 3460-Linear Algebra

Math! Most people fear this subject thinking its hard. Lecturers and tutors that the institution provide are among the best and one will find this class to be easy. Students will learn more on systems of linear equations, vector spaces, matrices, linear transformations, subspace, and bases.An Algebraic equation

8. ENGL 0100-Critical Reading

The course is designed to enhance critical reading skills and introduce collegiate writing in include vocabulary enrichment, reading flexibility, metacognitive strategies, and advanced comprehension skills, including analysis and evaluation. Upon completion, students should demonstrate comprehension and analysis and respond effectively to material across disciplines.A lady reading a book

9. ENVS 1101-Introduction to Environmental Science

Lectures will be based on environmental natural sciences, focusing on assessing the environmental impacts of the modern world and the application of the biological, chemical, physical, and geological sciences toward analyzing and solving environmental problems. Topics include human population growth, natural resources, land use, energy use, climate change, and loss of biodiversity.A person holding a small tree in their hands

10. COMM 2200-Intercultural Communication

The course will examine communication practices in multi-cultural settings including international, national, regional, ethnic, racial, economic, religious, and other topics of pertinence to effective intercultural communication. This course illustrates how the cultural lens of communicators affects their interactions and interpretations. Students will explore differences and similarities in human communication as a function of culture and be taught to interpret behavior from outside of their own lenses.Cards holding greetings from different countries of the worldStudents should learn to balance hard courses with easy courses when picking during the beginning of the semester. They should visit the school’s catalog and read through the course descriptions for more insight. Make sure to check out this list if you’re ever looking for a GPA boost!

10 Easiest Courses at Xavier University of Louisiana

The Xavier University of Louisiana, founded by Saint Katharine Drexel and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, is Catholic and historically Black. The ultimate purpose of the University is to contribute to the promotion of a more just and humane society by preparing its students to assume roles of leadership and service in a global society. This preparation takes place in a diverse learning and teaching environment that incorporates all relevant educational means, including research and community service. Here are some of the easiest courses offered at the institution.


This is an introductory course where students will learn on the sources and methods for doing theology and using those preliminary guidelines to approach various types of Christian theology. It’s good to note that all theology classes are reading and writing intensive.The Bible and a cross


This course provides an overview of the history of women in world civilization from roughly 100 A.D to the present, with emphasis on the lived experiences of women in a wide range of different cultural contexts, as well as the construct of gender in society.Women in history


There has been an increase in the need for people to get fit and have the body they desire. Therefore there is an opportunity when you have this course under your belt since students upon completion will be able to proficiently execute a variety of dance routines and display knowledge competency in aerobic exercise.An aerobic session


What is the meaning of life? This course asks the most important question of all: Philosophers from diverse traditions will be our guides. Their reflections on how to live and how to think about life and death encourage us to examine our own beliefs and values; we explore different paths to meaning, learn about crises of meaning and their causes, and clarify our own perspective on what it means to live a meaningful, fulfilling life.Life


Most students might want to avoid science classes but that will not be wise especially if they qualify for the course. What makes science courses especially physics interesting is the laboratory hours. Lecture and laboratory hours are integrated into a classroom equipped with computers, interfaced probes and traditional laboratory equipment that enhances the interactive learning, hands-on experiences and conceptual understanding of physics.5 pendulums


Students in this course will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of managerial decision making with a focus on developing the skills necessary to identify problems that confront managers who then must apply the necessary tools (both analytical and intuitive) to foment solutions that coalesce with the firm?s goals and objectives.A company's management team having a meeting


Examination of the theory of public relations and its relationship to work in the field as practiced by professionals. The course will provide students with a solid foundation in the practice of public relations.Communication


Lectures will be on topics such as college algebra, elementary set theory, elementary number theory, geometry, matrices and their basic operations for non-technical majors.signs and formula used in Math


At the completion of this course, the student will be able to identify and describe the physiological, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral factors which affect child growth and development.Children posing for a photo


Offers a broad overview of computer science designed to provide students with an appreciation for and an understanding of the many different aspects of computer science. Topics include discrete mathematics, an introduction to programming languages, and algorithmic problem solving when applied to mathematics, physics, engineering, business, the social sciences, as well as other non-computing disciplines. This course is intended for students who are curious about computing and its importance to other disciplines.Computer monitorsHave you been intruiged by any of the courses discussed above? Waste no time and register at the institution. Use the school’s academic catalog as a guide on which courses to choose. Make sure you check out this list if you’re ever looking  for a GPA boost!

10 Easiest Courses at Wittenberg University

Wittenberg University offers more than 70 majors and special programs and the following are some of the easiest classes in this institution.

1. ACCT-226: Managerial Accounting

This is a 4 credit course that explores the various techniques for the preparation and analysis of Accounting information for organizational planning and control. The development of critical thinking skills is necessary to understand the process of reporting information for people to use rather than following a set of rules or guidelines.A person doing calculations using a calculator

2. AFDS-201C/H: Introduction to African and Diaspora Studies

Students in this course will have the opportunity to study the history (political, economic, psychological, artistic, and cultural) of people of African descent.A picture of a tree and people below it

3. ART-103 Studio Foundations: Three-Dimensional Design.

The student will be introduced to the elements of height, width, depth, volume, and form. Project research will be in the realm of non-objectivity, abstraction, and reality. Particular attention will be given to the techniques of drawing, model making and presentation of a final solution.3D objects

4. BIOL 111N-DNA, Cloning, Genetic Engineering: Fact or Fiction

Beginning with the basic structure of DNA and how information is coded by DNA, the student will investigate fundamental aspects of DNA metabolism. With this understanding, the class will discuss recent development in biotechnology including genetic testing and engineering, cloning, and the legal and ethical ramifications.DNA strand

5. BUSN-101: Business Fundamentals

This course will acquaint students with business fundamentals across all areas of business. Students will be tested on their ability to learn and apply these theories to historical and current situations using articles from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).image of businessmen shaking hands against worldmap.

6. CHEM-201: Introduction to Organic Chemistry

This is an introductory course to organic chemistry. With a total of 5 credit score, students will learn the fundamentals of organic structural theory, chemical bonding, nomenclature, and stereochemistry of alkanes, alkenes, alkyl halides, alcohols, and carbonyl compounds.organic chemistry

7. COMM 200: Introduction to Communication Studies

The course is important to those students who wish to improve their public speaking, rational communication, organizational communication, and small group communication.Communication aspects

8. COMP- 255: Principles of Computer Organization

Students will Consider the organization and architecture of the computer from the digital logic level to the conventional machine level to the operating system level. Programming assignments in Assembly language are used to demonstrate and reinforce the various architectural structures and techniques studied.A computer microchip

9. EDUC 423 Practicum: Early Childhood Intervention

This is a practicum course taught and supervised by the university faculty. Throughout the semester the faculty will observe, evaluate and provide formative feedback to students who are in Early Childhood P-3rd Special Education settings. Students will be conducting observations and student assessments, individual and small group lessons, and whole class inclusive co-teaching.A teacher engaging small children in a learning session

10. HFS- 222: Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing is an essential element of the sports industry. It includes aspects of promotions, marketing research, sponsorship, and fundraising. This class provides the student with an in-depth look at the marketing practices, procedures, and operations of professional, college and recreational sports organizations and enterprises, and the theories behind these activities.sport marketingThese are some of the easiest courses that are offered at Wittenberg University . They have less class work submissions and most of the submissions are done online. They are interesting and will boost your GPA!

10 Easiest Courses at Wisconsin Lutheran College

Commonly known as WLC, the Wisconsin Lutheran College is an independent, nationally ranked Christian college in Milwaukee that serves 1,200 traditional undergraduate, adult, and graduate students through its on-campus and online program. The following are 10 easy courses offered at the institution.

1. PHI 101-Introduction to Philosophy

This is philosophy course where students survey some of the most significant questions, ideas, and arguments that have defined Western philosophical thought with a particular focus upon the ancient Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.Concepts in philosophy

2. SPE 415-Anatomical Kinesiology

The course provides a comprehensive approach to understanding the neuro musculoskeletal system specific to human movement and performance. An extensive discussion will focus on the interactions and functions of skeletal, muscle, joints and nerves. Topics of muscle insertion and origin, kinetic chains, anatomy trains, and neuromuscular function will be explored.A graphical image of the human internal organs

3. THR 210-Principles of Acting

Students in this course will have the opportunity to practice what they learn on stage. It’s an introductory course which will sharpen basic skills necessary for all actors (concentration, imagination, observation, physical and vocal awareness, memorization, and risk) and will introduce Constantin Stanislavski’s approach to character analysis and portrayal.Masks with the theatre concept

4. ART 201-Painting 1

In this course, students will learn the principles of painting in acrylic and oil. The course will also give students a chance to improve their painting skills .A painting of a river and hills

5. CHE 440-Advanced Physical Chemistry

This chemistry course will give the students the opportunity to study advanced topics in physical chemistry which may include the following: treatment of thermodynamics and phase diagrams in complex systems, liquids and solids, advanced treatment of chemical kinetics and reaction dynamics, advanced quantum theory, statistical thermodynamics.Organic chemistry

6. HSS 400-Advanced Human Social Services

This advanced course in human services professionalizes the many skills introduced throughout the program. Specifically, the course addresses professional writing, the use of behavioral observations and documentation, counseling skills as well as case management and treatment planning.A social worker helping an old man

7. MUS 078-World Drumming

This course is intended to act as an introduction to hand drumming in the African and Afro Cuban style. General degree students drum enthusiasts, education majors and music education majors will learn how to present this music in performance.People drumming

8. COM 211-Small Group Communication

This is an easy course in that it involves the study of procedures, processes, and dynamics of small groups. Students engage in small group projects throughout the semester to gain understanding and experience in small group theory and behavior.Communication

9. HIS 112-European History 2, 1500 – 1850.

This course involves the study of the early modern period in European history, continuing the story of the development of European history from the period of the Reformation through the mid-nineteenth century.American History

10. ENG 210-American Literature 1

Students in this course will survey the major American writers and literary movements from the Puritan era through the Transcendentalists.A drawing of books with American flagWisconsin Lutheran College is dedicated to ensuring that you will find the best courses that will guide you to the career of your choice. Make sure you take some time to look at this list if you’re ever in need of a GPA boost!