10 of the Coolest Classes at McMaster University

Tired of spending three mornings a week in a boring physics lecture? Sometimes we’re just too tired of learning the same old stuff, and it’s just not interesting. Why not bring some more excitement to that schedule of yours? Here are 10 of the coolest courses at McMaster University:

1. PHIL 2TT3: Ethical Issues in Communication

This course discusses the ethics and morals behind the things we see on TV, in movies, magazines or anywhere else in popular media. If you enjoy debates and discussing what’s right or wrong, this course might be for you.

2. LING 1A03: Introduction to Linguistics

This is probably the most unconventional kind of language class you’ll take. The study of sounds in languages. Learn why different letters and words sound in a variety of languages and the effects of different sounds on the human mind.

3. HIST 1FF3: History in a Small Group Setting

This class works in a different way. It’s based on having discussions with a small group of people. So if you like history, it could be just hanging out and talking about something you enjoy.

4. Psych 2AP3 – Abnormal Psychology

Mental Illnesses are something that most people are unfortunately not well educated on. Not to mention, it’s a very interesting thing to learn about. The course discusses everything about common mental illnesses, including causes, symptoms and potential ways of treating mental illnesses.

5. SUSTAIN 1S03: Introduction to Sustainability

Sustainability covers some very important concepts, about its impact on society. The lectures cover a very wide range of content, and did I mention there’s no tests or final exam?

6. ANTHROP 3FA3: Forensic Anthropology

Ever wondered how we come to determine the age of an ancient dead body? Or how the cause of death is discovered? That’s what this course is all about, studying Forensics and how we can use it to study mass disasters, solve human rights cases and even solve crimes (like Sherlock Holmes… sort of).

7. CS 1JC3: Introduction to Computational Thinking

Now this course isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot of programming and computers involved and that stuff can throw a lot of us off. But if it doesn’t, you might wanna consider taking Introduction to Computational Thinking, which is just a fancy way to say Artificial Intelligence. This course is all about the technology behind programs that can think and function on their own, like Apple’s Siri, or IBM’s Watson.

8. Astronomy/Origins 2B03: The Big Questions

This course looks at the bigger picture of the universe. Everything including where things are, when things happened and what we expect to happen in the universe in the future. It’s like a big geography, history and science lesson about space. Not to mention the course looks at the multiverse theory (yes, like in the movies).  

9. Commerce 4SX3: White Collar Crime

Business isn’t all about crunching numbers and fancy jargon, this course is all about the crime that goes on in the world of money. Covering everything from insider trading to tax evasion, this course looks at popular cases of white collar crime, and how it’s discovered.

10. ANTHROP 2R03: Religion, Magic and Witchcraft

Last but not least, Magic. This one should be easy enough, learning about Magic and Witches has to be the coolest thing that can go on in a lecture hall.

10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Florida

Attending the University of Florida can be a challenging time for many students, freshman and seniors alike! However, taking fun and interesting classes can certainly alleviate stress and guide you in finding a major that suits you and discover what your passion is for choosing a future career. Without further anticipation, here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Florida:

1. GLY3083C – Fundamentals of Marine Sciences

This is one great class you do not want to miss out on taking! The class follows a regular class structure with several exams and assignments, but… there are three day trips in the lab portion! These include traveling to Cedar Key, the Gulf of Mexico and Matazanas Inlet! So, it’s a win-win for anyone who likes marine wildlife and getting a hands on experience.

2. CLA3160 – Ancient Egypt

Have you ever walked like an Egyptian? Well even if you haven’t heard the song or tried to dance to it, you’ll really enjoy this class! During this course you’ll experience the history, life style, and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Not only that, but you will learn some of the hieroglyphics used during that time. Even if you’re not planning on studying Egypt any further it still counts as a humanities credit and you can impress your friends with your knowledge of hieroglyphics.

3. THE2000 – Theatre Appreciation

Calling all theatre aficionados (and even those who haven’t stepped inside a theatre), this is the class for you! During the semester you will read different plays and actually have the opportunity to watch them in person! Part of the class involves attending several plays, which helps you get a feel for what to expect when going to the theatre. Not only that, but the professor is extremely helpful and encouraging so watch and read away!

4. AST1002 – Discovering the Universe

Have you ever wondered if we really are alone and want to know more? Then this is the course for you! You’ll even get the opportunity to use a telescope and observe objects that can’t be seen with the naked eye! So definitely take this course to satisfy all of your space related questions!

5. ENY4573 – Beekeeping

Alright, this class may sound silly to you but bees are highly important in our every day lives! Not only will you learn how bees function but you’ll gain knowledge about the social structure within the colony. Who knew bees had a social hierarchy? There is also a field day where you’ll get to go to the Bee Biology Unit and learn how to extract honey. In my opinion this class is pretty sweet!

6. CRW1101 – Beginning Fiction Writing

Wanting to become the next J.K Rowling and satisfy your writing requirement? Then CRW1101 is the answer for you. Not only will you respond to short stories read in class you will also have to write your own! Even though writing about vampires may seem overdone; there are a million other possibilities to explore. The professor is also highly encouraging and informative, so check this class out!

7. ALS2410- Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty

This class is definitely for all of you conservationists and those just wanting to preserve our planet! This course expands upon how the worlds’ population is growing and how we can save our quality of life! The class is split into 5 groups to represent food, economic, social, environmental, and health. By doing this you will broaden your own ideas of sustainability and gain knowledge about working in groups! Every one of us can make a difference in how we take care of our planet!

8. SPC2608 – Introduction to Public Speaking

Everyone knows how frightening it is to speak in front of an audience no matter what age you are! Thankfully this course will ease your fear and make you a public speaker to be reckoned with. By completing several types of speeches (persuasive, informative and impromptu) you will gain skills applicable to any situation! So now when you have to give a speech you won’t have any worries!

9. HSC3537 – Health and Medical Terminology

Here you will find any term in the medical field you could possibly imagine! No matter what field of medicine you’re going into (or not) these terms are useful even for routine checkups at the doctors’ office. It’s also a fun and interesting way to earn credits toward your gen ed classes!

10. EEX3093- Exceptional People

This course was a wonderful experience! In it you will learn about disability studies from several different perspectives. The course consists of several tests and the professor is extremely informative and entertaining! You’ll also get the chance to volunteer with disabled people and learn sign language. What a great way to fulfill the humanities requirement and add to your resume!


10 of the Coolest Classes at TCNJ

The College of New Jersey is known for housing students who take their studies very seriously.  But not to worry, we know how to spice it up with some pretty interesting classes!  Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at TCNJ!

1. HLED 521- Stress and Tension Management

Has school been making you overly stressed lately?  Do you feel like you need to find new ways to relax? Then Stress and Tension Management is a great class for you!  Talk about the best stress-free class ever!

2. IMM 211- Animation I

For those of you who are super creative, this class is the one for you!  This class teaches you new techniques and terminology for 3D animation and imaging and allows you to have fun while doing it!

3. VPA 201- Dance and Movement Fundamentals

As a former dancer, I have to say this course sounds awesome!  From experiencing different cultural dances to getting to perform them, this class is a great break from the normal classroom!

4. CLS 250- Introduction to Greek Mythology

If you’re as much of a sci-fi freak as I am, you will most definitely love this course!  Dive into the world of ancient, mythic creatures and tales and earn that A while having a blast!

5. FSP 161-H1- Star Wars: Films and Adaptations

As a freshman at TCNJ, you are required to take a Freshman Seminar Program, most of which have super interesting topics. Star Wars is definitely a cool topic to get to study!  This awesome class includes the viewing and examination of the original movie trilogy, as well as the prequels.  If you’re lucky enough to take this class as a freshman, may the force be with you!

6. FSP 161-35- The Hero and Trauma

Another cool topic that you can have for your Freshman Seminar Program is heroes!  This class delves into the famous characters of Katniss Everdeen, Olivia Benson, and Harry Potter while also focusing on the lesser heroes found in Perks of Being a Wallflower and Doctor Who.  This class is all kinds of awesome!

7. TST 161- Creative Design

This class makes your visions turn into a reality!  Your thoughts, drawings, and modeling skills are all put to the test in this class as you learn to create different projects!  This class includes some awesome field trips so if you’re feeling creative and daring, try this class out for size!


8. TTR 255- Acting for Stage and Screen

Take a break from the standard lecture classrooms and try an acting class!  This course focuses on voice, body, and movement and will prepare students for auditions. Hey, you never know!  This class could turn you into the next Leonardo DiCaprio!


9. ASL 101- American Sign Language

If you’re anything like me, you have major problems learning a new language and being able to speak it.  Not to worry!  American Sign Language is a super fun and interesting class that allows you to learn a new language without having to speak! 

10. LIT 367- British Theatre

Want to go on the coolest trip of a lifetime? TCNJ offers a bunch of study abroad opportunities to chose from, however this trip stands out amongst all others.  Join two faculty members as you embark on a trip to England and explore many landmarks, including the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London!  You’ll also have the opportunity to watch eight plays, including Shakespeare’s Macbeth!  The best part?  Getting to spend New Year’s Eve in London!  Sign me up!


10 of the Coolest Classes at WLU

There are many classes to take at WLU, but not all of them are fun and exciting. If you are looking for some cool courses to take, you are at the right place. Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at WLU!

1. HI280 – History of Madness by Dr. Milne-Smith

If you’re Mad for Madness, this course is for you! This course examines a historical view into madness throughout time and how it is constructed and treated throughout modern Western history!  If you are one looking to become a doctor, psychiatrist, or even if you have caught up with DC’s “Suicide Squad,” and have found a silent love in the creation of Harley Quinn & the Joker, this course can definitely be for you and possibly even become your favourite new reason to wake up for class in the first place!

2. HI127 – Pirates! A World History by Dr. Grischow

Ahoy young historians! This course outlines the history of piracy around the world from ancient times to current day. From comparisons to everyone’s favourite pirate move franchise: The Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as big names like Blackbeard, this not only can give you a leeway to examining your own imagination but also getting to look into the life of real pirates because we know of all things mythical- like, pirates were real as anything and possibly still exist! Plus, you know… I don’t think any “normal” university studies pirates! This class even becomes benefit to History majors counting for two different mandatory courses in their program, it’s like killing 2 birds with one stone! Here are some great notes and study guides for HI127!

3. EN281 – Cyborg Fictions by Dr. Austin

Circuit your brain waves into the exhilarating examination of movies, graphic novels and technology, while exploring through the cyberpunk movement. Looking at classics in comparison from Frankenstein to The Matrix, you will surely be jolted by the interesting connections made through these contemporary literary and cinematic texts! For any English major or minor, Dr. Austin makes you look deeper into thought and use elements from both reality and imagination to compile an understanding of these worlds which may or may not be around us where we may or may not realistically be.

4. OL140 – Leadership Foundations by Dr. McGowan

If you are an empowering extrovert looking for somewhere to shine, this course is what you’ve been looking for. By diving into your own beliefs and morals this course with an introduction and overview of leadership skills, styles and activities it gives you the ability to find not only what kind of leader you are but also to show you ways in which you can be a better one. Through major self- assessments it is an intriguing way to make you look at the people and world around you as well as how impactful leadership is on our everyday lives!

5. ML102 – Game of Thrones and Medieval Culture by Dr. Mckenzie

Open your eyes into the world of Game of Thrones, winter may be coming to Waterloo, but this class is the perfect example of an engaging course to surely get you into some heated conversations- not only just from that season premier you watched last night! Explore the cultural phenomenon and original writings of George R. R while indulging in the beliefs, artifacts, medieval cultures and adaptions that we see today through TV, video games, museums and other multi- media aspects in our modern world! It’s no Medieval Times experience… but this course is sure to help you in choosing the house you so rightfully belong!

6. ML101 – Harry Potter and Medieval Culture

No, Laurier may not look like nor be Hogwartz but by taking this course you get to step into J.K Rowling’s World of Harry Potter! Explore the generational phenomenon, looking into the representations of beliefs, artifacts and medieval culture through Rowling’s wizarding world! You as a student will get to examine the attitudes towards the middle ages and how these representations are preserved inside Harry Potter movies, such as film, video games, exhibits and theme parks.  All in all, if you’re as much a potter head as I am, I highly suggest taking this interesting alternative to a classical medieval studies course!

7. KP200 – Applied Movement Skills: Team, Individual and Dual Games by Dr. Elcombe

Are you athletic? Do you like learning and playing sports? Kinesiology and health science students get the benefit over every student a Laurier in my mind. Why is this you ask? Maybe because this course literally involves learning fundamental motor skills and movements throughout multiple sports and playing these sports throughout class! From basketball to rock climbing you may just find yourself a new hobby after taking this course. It may even make your lifestyle more active and exciting in the process! If you are looking for Final Exam Study Guide for KP200, you can check it out here!

8. PS268 – Drugs and Behaviour by Dr. Mckay

You may as well say this course is like walking into an episode of Breaking Bad! From learning about different types of drugs, to their use & effects… even learning how to make certain drugs! This course gives you a broader perspective on the use of drugs in modern society. With in- class discussions and experiments you will learn everything from the general principles of drugs to information focussed on specific classes of different drugs. I guess you can say, this course is all about drugs, drugs, drugs. Mind you, this class benefits in the fundamentals of proper drug use as well as encouragement for students to NOT do drugs and the negative effects that they can have on the body and mind. Overall, this course is a great way to indulge you into a psychological view within the minds of abusers, makers and dealers.

9. RE104 – Evil and Its Symbols by Dr. Klassen

Come In and investigate symbolism! Don’t be scared by the title, Evil and Its myths brings light to opposites in which we see through the western world. Mind you the focus of these opposites are considered in that of sacred and profane, God and the devil, feminine and masculine, villain and hero, light and darkness. Throughout this course you will learn the Western world’s take on evil, as well as its secret idolizations! We find these symbols while examining crusades, heresy trials, sexism, racism and scapegoating. Also find your way indulging in the religious studies we find culturally traditional and how this theme of concept has made its way in religious traditions in general.

10. AF101J – Finding Jack the Ripper, by (N/A)

Indulge yourself in the unsolved mysteries of one of the most famous serial killers of time… Jack the Ripper. Seeing as you will be looking at one of the most notorious murderers in London through the late 1800’s, explore through unanswered questions, police reports, articles and more! You will also get the chance to indulge in some graphic novel, video game and criminal copycat material in which you will be able to see comparisons to that of Jack’s. If you love looking into crime and criminal thought this is definitely a first year seminar to get yourself into!

10 of the Coolest Classes at UCLA

Good luck fighting with over 30,000 other students for these exciting and awesome classes, but UCLA definitely has lots to offer when it comes to fulfilling those GE’s or taking a “chill” (do those even exist?) upper div. Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at UCLA.

1. 124P – Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior

High School Sex Ed- Revamped. Well, not exactly, but this class on Human Sexual Behavior covers topics like female mate competition, infidelity and facial attractiveness. Also, for once, the textbooks might be interesting too. It literally satisfies no requirements unless you’re an Anthro major, but hey, who doesn’t wanna talk about sex for four hours a week?

2. Ethnomusicology 25 – Global Pop

Prof. Ruskin’s lectures are great, yes, but what’s even greater are the artists he brings in. Jesse Campbell from the Voice 2012 is one of the most prominent artists who have come, but other speakers include Los-Angeles locals like Rocky Dawuni, Dexter Story, Suhail Yusuf Khan. Lecture isn’t really so much lecture as it is attending a concert. Lots of pop-song enjoyment involved.

3. Anthropology 19 – Animals in Translation: Evolutionary Approaches to Animal Thinking and Autism

A seminar class that aims to connect you more with your spirit animals and childhood pets. Find out how animals think and communicate, especially since you’re always talking to your dogs anyways. Another bonus- there’s only one textbook required (save $$)!

4. World Arts 51 W – Aliens, Psychics and Ghosts

“This class explores alien contact and abduction narratives…” That’s all you need to know. Take this class (Well, it may take a few quarters of attempting to take it to actually get in) to find out whether an alien invasion is imminent, and if the invading aliens will look like the ones in I Am Number Four (swoon) or Independence Day (gross). You obviously need to know whether to redo your makeup or prepare for the apocalypse!

5. Film TV 122J – Disney Feature: Then and Now

Revisit your childhood- and discover the true origins of Disney films and the monopoly that Disney held over many sects of the television, music and film industry for decades. Also- Disney!

6. Los Angeles – The Cluster

If you’re attending school in LA, you might as well take a class on the rich cultural and social history of the city. Great music, social movements, cultural developments- this course aims to explore as much as possible! As one of the most dynamic places to live in the World… well, just pick up a brochure to learn more about LA, or take this class!

7. America In Sixties – The Cluster

Civil rights, presidential assassination, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the moon landing. LIfe during of the most tumultuous and exciting decades jam-packed into a ten week course covering everything from hippies to Psycho.

8. Classics 30 – Classical Mythology

An extension of your 9th-grade reading of the Odyssey, except these lectures will discuss women who can turn people into stone, Kings who can turn objects into gold, and everything else you learned about when you were obsessed with Percy Jackson.

9. Anthro M155Q – Women and Social Movements

For the feminist inside everyone.

10. Comm Studies 157 – Celebrity, Fame and Social Media

You’re on it 24/7 anyways, might as well take a class about the impacts of social media on the rise and fall of celebrities. Maybe you’ll finally see those celebrities you thought you would randomly meet at BFit on a class field trip, or connect over the problems they sing about in every pop song.

Special Mention: UCLA Extension’s A Class of Beer

Well, you’ve gotta be 21 to fully engage in this class, but the newest offering at UCLA Extension offers to teach students all about beer! Lots of field trips to local bars and breweries included!


10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Miami

Towards the end of each semester we reach a point in time where we have to start picking classes for the following semester at University of Miami. Sometimes it’s a pretty difficult process having to fit in your degree requirements as well as other non-major exciting courses. Luckily, here at the University of Miami (UM) we have a wide variety of classes that are very interesting! Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Miami!

1. ENG 241: Art of the Con: Con Artists, Tricksters, and Card Sharks in U.S. Literature and Culture

Interested in watching films as well as reading graphic novels about con artists and tricksters in the US? Then this is the class for you! No go on and enroll to learn more about con artist like Catch Me If You Can’s Frank Abagnale.

2. PSY 240: Abnormal Psychology

This is such an amazing and interesting course! Throughout the semester, you get to learn about various psychological disorders as well as symptoms and treatment. You are able to gain a bit more understanding about the minds of those at are suffering through these conditions! It is also a very straightforward and worthwhile course to take!

3. BPH 305: Issues in Health Disparities

There are many countries in the world that are dealing with epidemics and they lack the resources for disease prevention. This fascinating course focuses on the disparities in health systems/care in minority communities, primarily focusing on the social, biological, and economic issues at hand. Overall, BPH 305 will leave you informed about the realities of health care and treatments in minority populations.

4. HIS 374: History of Feminism

Feminism is growing topic of discussion in today’s society. In this class you get to learn about the progress of feminism in the United States including labor movements, ideology, race, and so much more. It’s time to gain more understanding on the need for equal rights in society!

5. BIL 324: Biology of Fishes

Love fish? Well this class is the one for you! You get to learn about the physiology of fish, reproduction, their sensory systems, and so much more! This cool class will give you a tour of under the sea!

6. GEG 101: Digital Earth

Interested in technology and its influence in the world? The course, Digital Earth, focuses on how geospatial technology is incorporated in business, gaming, healthcare, and much more!

7. ATM 118: Current Weather and Climate Topics

Climate change is a growing issue in the world today. This interesting course discusses hurricanes, global warming, and many more weather phenomena. If you are interested in gaining more insight on the weather and its impact, then this is the class for you!

8. PSY 310: Attitudes and Persuasion

Attitudes and persuasion can spruce up your persuasion skills by teaching you widely used persuasion methods/tools! Along with this, you get to learn about theories and research pertaining to attitude change and formation. It’s a class you won’t want to miss!

9. PHI 135: LOVE 101

Want to become a love guru? Taking the interesting course, LOVE 101, will do you the trick! Love is all around us and this course will emphasize that through psychological, ethical, and biological standpoints. LOVE 101 will help you understand the feeling of love and why it’s so hard to cope after a breakup!

10. BUS 201: Money

This exciting course will open your eyes to the world of money. Money is a huge component in our society and this course offers information to improve financial literacy such as insurance and budgeting. Learning these key points will lead you towards a financially successful future!!

10 of the Coolest Classes at Ryerson

Looking to add some fun and exciting courses to your Ryerson schedule? Ryerson is known for their unique programs and classes that no other universities have. Just to name a few, there’s Sport Media, Creative Industries, Fashion Communication and Design… And the classes that Ryerson offers comes nothing short of being unique. Here are 10 Most Fun and Exciting Courses at Ryerson.

1. FRE101/201 French!

Bienvenue au Canada! Welcome to Canada, land of the free, and language confused. What better way to add another language to your resume than to take beginner French courses at Ryerson? Classes are small and interactive so that you can sharpen up your speaking skills and make new friends while you’re at it.

2. PCS181 Introduction to Astronomy

Who doesn’t love to learn about space? Introduction to Astronomy is one the most fun and easiest at Ryerson ever, not to mention it’s exciting and interesting as well. Bask yourself in more knowledge about extra-terrestrials and the universe itself.

3. SOC103/104 How Society Works

This sociology course really opens your eyes to what our world has become. Unless you’re not into social sciences, this is a super fun course just to learn about how the world has become over the years. Engage yourself into this course to learn more about yourself and the society around you!

4. ENG112 Zap, Pow, Bang: Pop Lit

From Marvel Comics to romance horror, popular literature covers it all. If you love books, this is definitely the course for you! Read all sorts of different books and genres that you never would have thought you would read, while pumping that imagination of yours.

5. ENG201 Myth and Literature

Knowing myths and literature help enhance writing skills while also learning more about different stories from different cultures. What a great way to engage yourself in other aspects of life!

6. POL128 Politics and Film

Do you love watching movies? What about movies for class? Politics and Film is all about discovering how politics affects film. It may sound like a bore, but you get to watch all types of movies and analyze them. It’s a super chill course while indulging your mind into different aspects of politics!

7. SOC202 Popular Culture

Pop Culture is super trendy right now with the youth of America. What better way to learn more about the sociology behind it than taking this course at Ryerson? Ryerson itself is super hip and right in the core of downtown, so of course, pop culture is popular with the students of Ryerson!

8. RTA180 Music and Film

Wow Ryerson is all about film and media, another course regarding films! Music and Film explores the different aspects of how music enhances different movies. As mentioned before, what better way to spend your time learning by watching movies.

9. HST119/219 History Through Film


All of the courses relating to film at Ryerson are pretty fun, tbh. These two history through film courses explore how accurate history can be told through film. If you’re a history nerd and love old movies, this is definitely the course for you!

10. ECN340 Economy of Human Behaviour

This economics course is not like the rest. Instead, it deals with how economy affects human behaviour and all the sociology before that. This course studies how economy can affect religion, marriages, deaths and different emotions behind it.

10 of the Coolest Classes at Auburn University

It’s no secret that Auburn University knows how to balance working hard and playing hard. If you’re looking for some exciting and cool classes , don’t worry! Here are 10 of the coolest classes at Auburn University.

1. HORT 2040 – Organic Gardening

GPA in desperate need for a boost? Or maybe you genuinely do want to learn how to garden your fruits and veggies without the use of those pesky pesticides. Then Organic Gardening might just be for you. Sounds good but don’t want to be outside for class? No problem, it’s offered online too.

2. HRMT 4600- Beverage Appreciation

Ever feel like your drinks are underappreciated? If you’re 21+ you can take this 3 credit class and learn about the how alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are produced, selected, and taste…must be nice to be legal.

3. HUSC 4010- AU in Italy

Studying different cultures in a classroom is okay, but how about traveling abroad to Italy with your class to study individuals and families culture in context to real Italian history?

4. KINE 2253- Motor Development Across the Lifespan

Despite how bland the name might sound, this online class and lab duo essentially studies how children develop in terms of motor skills and the lab? You get to go to the school’s daycare center and play with kids…how COOL is that?!

5. KINE 3423- Registered Yoga Teacher

Can you tell I love online classes? This one in particular is extra cool because it focuses on poses, breathing, relaxation, meditation and other yoga techniques AND once you finish the class online, you get a Yoga Teacher Certification!

6. MDIA 2420- Introduction to Filmmaking

Calling all the Steven Spielbergs out there! Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not with the basics? Who knows, maybe you will discover your hidden talent of Hollywood magic.

7. PHED 1710- Beginning Kayaking

I don’t think any explanation is needed here, you literally get to kayak for class credit and go on trips…yes. It’s that great, no tricks, just fun.

8. PHED 1760- Scuba Diving

If you thought kayaking was cool, wait until you hear about this one. You learn how to scuba dive in Auburn’s Olympic level swimming pool, and then at the end, you go on an amazing trip such as to the Keys or any other beautiful island. That + class credit= college done right

9. ARTS 2810- Ceramics

Who doesn’t want to get their hands down and dirty with some clay and whip up some beautiful bowls and vases?? For a college kid that is the best, cheap gift you can give someone.

10. PHED 1200- Puppy Play

Last, but definitely not least is puppy play. Yes, it is exactly what you think, as a class where you get to play with puppies for hours in order to socialize them so they can grow up to be good guide dogs with good people skills. Please tell me that is not the cutest class you’ve ever heard of.

Time to make choose your classes wisely and get kickass grades. Before you go, grab a copy of our free ebook on how to build effective relationships with your professors for better grades and career guidance.

10 of the Coolest Classes at Cal Poly SLO

As a senior attending Cal Poly, I have taken some amazing classes with unforgettable professors at Cal Poly SLO. There are many fun and informative classes for you to choose from based on your interests. If you need to fulfill a general education requirement, need to pick up some extra units, or just want to try something new, here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at Cal Poly SLO.

1. ENGL 387 – Fiction Writing

If you are a creative person, this is an excellent class for you to take! This class fulfills GE Area C4 and is very popular, so you will want to sign up fast. The best part about this class is that you are able to write your own stories about any topic, so you are allowed to let your imagination run wild. Not only that, but you read and critique your classmates’ crazy stories too! When I took this course, I read some really funny stories – even one about talking pigeons!

2. TH 240 – Improvisational Theatre

If you’re looking for a bird course, then this course might be a good fit. Typically offered in winter or spring, this class is fun and easy even for someone who has never done improv before. Much of the grading is based on attendance, and students say you never dread going to class since the improvisational exercises are really fun. Even if you don’t pursue a career in theatre, this class will teach you invaluable public speaking skills and how to think on your feet.

3. FRSC 123 – Beekeeping

As long as you aren’t afraid of possibly getting stung, this is an easy course that is also very interesting. Even students who are not majoring in agriculture think this class is a blast, and some have even been inspired to keep their own beekeeping hives. Plus, what’s better than free honey!

4. GRC 377 – Web and Print Publishing

If you don’t consider yourself knowledgeable about Adobe programs but want to learn how to use them, this is definitely a helpful course to take. When I took this class, I designed a logo, brochure, website, and even made a small Flash animation! The best part of this class is that there basically isn’t any homework as long as you finish your work during labs. If you’re good at following instructions and review your lecture notes before quizzes, then you’ll be sure to ace this class!

5. ENGL 209 – Introduction to Linguistics

While this is not a hard course by any means, you are going to have to attend class and study if you want to do well. However, this class is very rewarding because you truly get to think about language in a new and unique way. The applied linguistics portion of this course is especially interesting because you watch videos that explain the history of the English language and certain dialects. Think how smart you’ll sound when you can tell your friends where certain words come from!

6. KINE 181 – First Aid/CPR/AED

This credit/no credit class is only one unit, but it could be the deciding factor of whether or not you’re able to save someone in a life or death situation. In this class, you learn how to help someone in a life-threatening emergency. At the end, you’ll receive Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillation) certifications which will look great on a resume and is a must if you plan on working with kids.

7. FSN 121 – Fundamentals of Food

You will never go hungry if you take this class! Although this class is required for nutrition majors, this is a fun class to take if you’re interested in learning how to cook. This is especially important for college students since making your own meals saves quite a bit of money. The best part is that you often are allowed to eat and take home the foods you make. My roommate who took this course shared plenty of yummy desserts with me!

8. ENGL 371 – Film Styles and Genres

If you’re a full-on cinephile or even just like watching movies for fun, then this class will certainly spark your interest! You watch movies every week while also learning about their historical and cultural contexts. Plus, you’ll impress all your friends with your knowledge of filmmaking techniques whenever you go out to the movies.

9. AERO 310 – Air and Space

According to many students, this class is an easy A as long as you show up and take notes, and the coolest part is that you don’t have a textbook or homework. You learn about the history of aviation, and there’s even extra credit offered. If you need to fulfill your Area FGE, then you should definitely consider taking this course!

10. MU 120 – Music Appreciation

This course is perfect for all the music lovers out there. You study the history of music as far back as the middle ages and learn how music shapes society. Plus, the professor is super enthusiastic and passionate which makes the class even more fun!

10 of the Coolest Classes at SFU

I have taken many awesome, fun and exciting classes at Simon Fraser University. I always remember these classes because they gave me so much joy and personal experience. All the students know that these are the must take classes at SFU. These courses usually fill up quickly, so make sure you don’t miss it! Here are the top 10 Coolest Classes at SFU.

1. BPK 140- Contemporary Health Issues

Interested in learning about how your body actually works? This intro level GPA booster at Simon Fraser University is designed for students from all faculties. Learn all about your health-physically, psychologically, and socially- from a holistic perspective!

2. FPA 104- Music Fundamentals

This course allows you to learn the basics of the elements and beginnings of music and teaches the skill of reading music notation, perfect for students with no background in music! Explore the application of music materials with current pop culture music as well as old classical tunes. 

3. IAT 100-Digital Image Design

Want to learn how to make those awesome posters you see on billboards? This design class is very popular amongst students as there are NO exams or quizzes at all! Strictly project based. Three projects during the term allow you to learn the principles in 2D visual design, sequential and animation design, as well as digital photography and vector image creation. 

4. CMPT 166 – Animated Introduction to Programming


Gaming nerds- (and not)- this one’s for you! Create your very own animated game through examples drawn from animation and graphics. No prior programming experience is necessary. Who knows? Maybe your game will be the next best version of “Angry Birds”!

5. FPA 149- Sound/Music Production

Ever wondered how your favourite artists create their music? This captivating class introduces you to the basics of acoustics, psychoacoustics, sound synthesis, audio sampling, and sound production in relation to music, film sound, radio, new media, art installations and live performance. 

6. BREW 110 /130– Intro to Brewing /Business Fundamentals

Calling all beer lovers! You will not only learn the behind the scenes of producing and designing your own craft beer, but will know how to operate your own business by formulating and implementing strategies.

7. CRIS340-Relationship Building

Learn how to handle troubles you may encounter in your personal life, whether it be social isolation or troubling thoughts. You will come out of this heartfelt course gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of friendships and family, and how to maintain an effective support system.

8. FPA 131 –Filmmaking I

Ever wondered how Woody Allen made all those historic movies? This intro course allows students to conceive, direct and edit a short film with a non-synchronous sound track, as well as to participate in the making of class exercises and other students’ films.

9. CMNS 221- Media and Popular Culture

Are you a pop culture lover? Learn more about the critical issues, controversies, currents, and debates in media and popular culture, through interesting up to date case studies that are so prevalent in our society today!

10. Iat 235- Information Design

This one is for the web design and user experience lovers! Learn how to code a visually appealing website that can be communicated to diverse user communities and different contexts.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below any other cool courses at Simon Fraser University that we missed!