10 Coolest Courses at Central Michigan University

College is filled with excitement. Students are well on their way to really honing in on their studies throughout the school year. Students are also challenging themselves to the maximum. With this in mind, students also want some classes that are on the fun side of things. Below is a list of the top 10 coolest classes that you will find at Central Michigan University.

1. MUS 097 – Recital Attendance

Music notes that are on a staff in a colourful display

Are you interested in being more informed about the arts? This class will allow students to explore different parts of music by attending recitals. Students will have to attend a certain number of recitals depending on if they are a non-major or music major that they will have to report back to the music faculty. This allows students to be more involved on campus as well.

2. DAN 126 – Hip Hop

Picture of people's lower legs with differnt footwear and a large boombox in the middle

This class will take students through a series of modulations when it comes to performing hip-hop. Students will learn the basic techniques when it comes to hip-hop. This includes learning how to crunk, learning how to coordinate leg movement with upper-body movement, and how to groove to hip-hop music.

3. DAN 107 – Swing Dance

Swing dancers competing in a competition

This class is for those who are swingers! Students will be emerged into the world of swing dance. This includes imagining and re-emerging themselves in the Roaring 20s to the early 1940s. Students will learn about the origin of swing dance as well. Students will have to partner up with someone throughout the duration of this course.

4. ANT 170 – Cultural Anthropology

Words that relate to anthropology in a word cloud

Are you interested in learning more about society and culture? Stay in tune with this course! This class will teach students about the purposes of art and culture. Students will learn more about the history of various traditions around the world and how it affects cultures. Cultures have different ways of life, why not learn about them?

5. DAN 127 – Ballroom Dance

Dancers dancing in a ballroom dance competition

Ballroom dance is more than just dance, it’s about partnership. Students will learn more about the art of ballroom dance in this class. Students will also be paired up to learn the roles of leading the dance and following the leader in dance. Students will learn the basic movements for the waltz, fox trot, and salsa.

6. MKT 341 – Marketing

The essentials of online marketing illustrated in colourful icons

Students in this class will learn about the art of marketing things. Students will learn how to market themselves and other brands as well. Marketing is all about playing the game right. Students will learn how to use various advertisements and social media outlets to really boost their audience and find out if a brand is worth pushing as well.

7. ART 106 – Introduction to Drawing

A person drawing a hand

Are you an artist that hasn’t found their true calling? Get ready to! This class may just be for you! In this course, students will learn about the basics of drawing figures, sketching out designs, and putting their art on paper. Students will also learn about the history of artistry and how to really get in the zone with their own art as well.

8. AST 111 – Astronomy

A picture of the Milky Way

This class will help students to understand the world and outer regions of space. Students will learn about the Milky Way Galaxy, the different stars that are outside of the Milky Way, the planets, the sun, and new discoveries as they relate to astronomy. Students will also learn about different theories in astronomy as well.

9. JRN 101 – Media and Society

The various forms of media in the form of icons being funneled down

Are you aware of what’s going on in our world? Media outlets are always putting out news and so are different media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s what get society talking. Students will learn about the effects of media on society and how it plays a vital role as well.

10. BUS 100 – Essential Business Skills

A look at people working on a computer, pointing at charts and typing on the keyboard in an office workspace

This class will allow students to really get in zone with business skills and how the world of business works. Students will learn about the purpose of ethics, the nature of business law, financing a new business, starting a new business, and how to conduct business within various industries. Start your new business today!

10 Coolest Classes at Baruch College

Classes are in almost in session and students are eager to go back to learning. Students will be able to get into hard classes but some students need a break. They have a chance to take some fun and cooler classes. Students need to take these classes to get some leisure time in and let loose. Below are some of the coolest classes that you can find at Baruch College.

1. PHY 1003 – Concepts in Physics

A look at the different equations that relate to physics

Get ready to combine math with science! This class is dedicated to teaching students on topics that relate to the field of physics. Students will learn about weight, force, Newton’s laws of motion, the laws of gravitation, and the atomic nature nature of matter. This class will electrify your brain on the different theories that relate to physics.

2. PED 1310 – Karate Skill Techniques

A karate teacher teaching karate

Are you a fighter? Well then this class is for you and for your friends too! This class is meant to discipline students. Students will learn the basic movements and techniques that relate to karate, also know as Tae-Kwan-Do. This class will also allow students to gain exercise and momentum as well.

3. JRN 2500 – The Individual and the News in the Information Age

A cover story on a newspaper
A cover story on a newspaper

Journalism is all about informing the world of the current events that are going on within the world. Students will learn about the impact of the internet and the various social media platforms that allow people from around the world to really enhance their knowledge on what’s happening within the world.

4. FPA 2000 – Introduction to Arts Administration

Paint splattered on bottles and brushes

Are you artsy? This class will give students an introduction to the field of arts administration and also allow them to choose a career path as they play a vital role in arts administration. Students will learn about the impact of society and how it plays a vital role in our society. Student swill also learn about the world of culture and society as well.

5. COM 1010 – Speech Communication

A speech communication class at a college

Are you a very communicative person? Students will learn about how to speak clearly, develop languages, and how to bring about intellectual awareness when it comes to developing languages as well. Students will also learn more about the science behind critical thinking and how to prepare for delivering speeches as well.

6. ANT 1001 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Words that relate the field of anthropology in a wordcloud

This class will teach students about the background behind anthropology. Students will learn about the enriching cultures around the world. Students will also learn about the origins of the human race, the nature of culture, languages, and the cross-cultural communication. Students will also learn about the historical points behind anthropology as well.

7. FLM 3001 – History of Film I

picture of film rolls and a camera with the mark slab

What’s your favorite movie? This class will teach students about the history of film. This class, in particular, will teach students about the significance about various films throughout time. Students will study the early productions of films through the 1920s to the early forties. Students will also study the growth of the film industry as whole.

8. ART 2050 – Basic Graphic Communication: Design and Advertising Layout

A digital depiction of digital design

Are you artsy or do you like to design things? This class will teach students on how to layout digital designs, readings, and how to sketch out their designs. Students will also learn about the basic principles of design and how to design ads for different companies. Students will also learn more about the history about design.

9. BUS 1000 – Introduction to Business

Business partners shaking hands after confirming partnership

Are you a business-minded person? This class will teach students about the world of business and how the distinct parts of businesses work. This includes learning about marketing, management, finance, and the ethics of business. Students will also learn about the basic concepts behind creating their own businesses as well.

10. AAS 1512 – Introduction to the Religions of Asia

A map of various regions of Asia

This class will allow students to learn about some of the major religions from a whole other region. Students will learn about the various religions in Asia. More specifically, they will be learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. Students will learn about the many traditions and impact of religious literature on society.

10 Coolest Courses at the University of New Haven

Here at the university, many students enroll in fun classes. They have just the right amount of balance for education and interest. There are a bunch of class options that could fit in anyone’s schedule. There’s a wide range of topics where any student can find a class they are interested in. Here are 10 coolest courses to take at the University of New Haven.

1. CN 401 – Chinese Culture Through Literature and the Media

A piece of paper with Chinese writing written in ink from a brush

This is a 3 credit course. It is described as a comprehensive exposure to essential Chinese cultural issues and patterns as they have developed historically. Topics include issues manifesting through representative works of literature as well as popular and highbrow cultural media such as music and film. Students have opportunities to produce in-depth cultural and literary analyses by giving oral discussion and written essays.

2. DI 150 – Sports Nutrition

A variety of different vegetables spread across a table

This is a 3 credit class that reviews the principles of nutrition and exercise. Topics include counseling the athlete; facts and fallacies of sports nutrition; energy and fluid balance; evaluating sports nutrition information in the lay literature; appropriate diets for training; and managing the young person, older adult, and athlete with special needs. Students learn to plan meals for training and competition with emphasis on analyzing nutritional facts.

3. E 275 – Popular Lyrics

A record breaking with music notes spilling from the side

This is a 3 credit course. Students will examine popular lyrics through different eras through printed lyrics, recordings, and videos played in class. Topics include the American Dream, love and relationships, the changing image of women, teen angst, and war and protest. Examples of artists of discussion will be traced in the songs from Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and more.

4. FS 207 – Fire Prevention

A house on fire with a silhouette of a firefighter standing in front of it

This course is 3 credits. It provides students the fundamental information regarding the history and philosophy of fire prevention. Topics include the organization and operation of a fire prevention bureau, use of fire codes, identification and correction of fire hazards, and the relationships of fire prevention with built-in fire protection systems, fire investigation, and fire and life-safety education.

5. HTM 401 – Spa Cuisine and Wellness Management

A circular health and wellness label with a beating heart

This is a 3 credit course. This course focuses on the balancing the energy flow and purifying the body, mind, and spirit. It provides a basic understanding of the holistic power of food on health and well-being. Students will review and get hands-on with recipes from world-class spas and gain the knowledge of how to adopt a healthy cooking approach. Emphasis will be placed on how to revitalize their body and soul through a healthy approach to lifestyle.

6. LS 210 – Mock Trial

A justice scale with the words "Mock Trial" next to it

This is a 3 credit course. Students will learn and develop analytic thinking and oral communication skills. Topics include techniques of legal advocacy, the trial process, and rules of evidence and will be performed through a mock trial simulation.

7. MSR 331 – Live Sound

A treble music staff with different kinds of musical notes

This is a 3 credit introductory course. Students are introduced to live sound production and its concepts with practical application. Topics include sound system design, connectivity, options, digital and analog front of house consoles. There is emphasis on monitor consoles, digital snakes, crossover networks, speaker systems, line arrays, setup, teardown, and troubleshooting.

8. P 261 – Drugs and Behavior

Various drugs and prescriptions spread out on a black table

This is a 3 credit course. It introduces the student to the relationship between drugs, legal and illegal, and human behavior. Topics will include the role of drugs in today’s society, drug abuse and addiction. Students will also learn the treatment of addiction, and the use of psychoactive drugs in treating psychological disorders.

9. SO 337 – Human Sexuality

Four combinations of gender symbols connected to a pair of red shoes by arrows

This is a 3 credit course. This introduces the scientific study of human sexual behavioral patterns, social class attitudes and cultural myths. Students will learn the topics of reproductive systems, sexual attitudes and behavioral patterns, and variations in sexual functioning. Abortion and sexual laws will also be discussed.

10. T 225 – Beginning Dance

A group of ballerinas dancing across a floor in various poses

This is a 3 credit introductory course. Students will be introduced to fundamental principles of dance. Topics will include basic movement, dance vocabulary, and movement combinations. Students will emphasize in exercises designed to build strength, increase flexibility, and provide a solid foundation to all dance styles. 

10 Coolest Classes at Borough of Manhattan Community College

The Borough of Manhattan Community College is a public two year community college located in New York City. With an enrollment of over 27,000 students, BMCC offers associate degrees in a variety of fields such as business, engineering, health, and education. Its students hail from over 100 countries and 2/3rds of the population is female. Here are 10 of the coolest classes at The Borough of Manhattan Community College.

1. LIN 250 – Linguistics and the Law

A linguist provides expert testimony in a trial.

Who would have thought linguists and lawyers would have something in common? This course explores the relationship between linguists and the law. Forensic linguists are highly sought after as expert witnesses in everything from murders to bank robberies. Students will learn about how they can determine handwriting and speech from ransom notes and voice recordings. It’s an interesting class for anyone who wants to pursue a degree in both law and linguistics!

2. ACC 241 – Taxation: Federal

Uncle Sam reminds people to pay their taxes on time, every time.

You can’t get out of paying federal taxes in most cases so you might as well learn how it’s done. Student will learn about the federal tax laws and how to prepare their own taxes. One of the most important taxes to file is the income tax and student will have the opportunity to actually file a tax return. Students will also discuss withholdings and how to report taxes. All in all, this is a fundamental and useful class to take.

3. RTT 100 – Fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy

Doctors put a breathing mask over a patient.

Here’s a class that can prove useful if someone collapses in front of you and is unable to breathe. This course introduces you to the basics of monitoring a patient’s breathing including possible use of artificial ventilation, oxygen masks and medical gases. Students will learn how to operate breathing apparatus including oxygen tents, masks, flowmeters, and the very important oxygen supply. Hopefully you’ll never have to use these skills but you’ll be prepared if you should need to!

4. CIS 370 – Database Driven Web Programming

Screenshot of a database driven website calculating profits from sales.

Have you ever wanted to create websites that can interact with user databases? Well here is your chance! Students will have the opportunity to create websites that can dynamically interact with databases using SQL to query databases, HTML to create the user interface and programming languages such as Python and Java to connect the database and the user. Future web developers should take notice!

5. CHI 411 – Modern Chinese Film

An actress stars in a martial arts film set in China.

Have you ever taken a class where all you do is watch movies? This class will allow you to watch movies for an entire semester! Students will explore the role film plays in shaping Chinese culture in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during specified time periods. Through these films, you will hopefully develop an appreciation for Chinese history and culture. All films and written work will e in Chinese so if you don’t know any Chinese, you cannot take this course.

6. NUR 211 – Nursing Process: Obstetrical and Psychiatric Nursing care

A OBGYN checks for a heatbeat on pregnant woman's belly

This course teaches aspiring nurses about childbirth and care during the months leading up to and after childbirth. They will practice what to do in the case of normal and premature birth as well as how to help families through the process. In addition, students will learn about mental health interventions, what to do in domestic violence disputes, and substance abuse and treatment. The course is split between 7 weeks of maternal and newborn care and 7 weeks of mental heal nursing.

7. POL 476 – Thinking with the Greeks

Painting of Plato talking with Aristotle in "The School of Athens".

This unique course is offered during the summer where students get to go on a trip to Greece! Students will learn about ancient Greek thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle while exploring the city and witnessing the relevance of ancient Greece on politics and lifestyle. Students will have to read works by Plato and Aristotle when not out and about. It’s a good course to take if you want to live history!

8. SOC 161 – Health Problems in Urban Communities

picture of an urban community in the slums

Urban communities are often lacking when it comes to health services. Students will examine the relationship between economics and healthcare including how healthcare is administered in urban communities. Communities often struggle to deal with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and this course attempts to explain why education and prevention can help. Finally, what would a sociology course be without some guest lecturers? Learn from real people working to improve healthcare outside of the city!

9. MES 153 – Script Writing

Picture of Kit Harington across from toothless, the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon movies

This is an interesting course for potential movie directors! Students will get the opportunity to write treatments and scripts for both screen and studio following a three step process. Students will learn how to tell fact from fiction, how to develop characters and plot, how to write treatments and outlines, and how to write one and two column screenplays. In addition, students will be graded on how well they can critique another student’s work. It may sound difficult but maybe you have natural screen-writing talent in you!

10. LAT 128 – History of Puerto Rico: 1900 to Present

Painting of the US navy fight against the Spanish navy during the war that helped Puerto Rico gain independence.

Here’s an interesting course focusing on the development of Puerto Rico from a Spanish colony to a US territory. Students will learn about the events that have shaped Puerto Rico to what it is today including the free association period. They will explore the issues surrounding current day politics regarding statehood and independence. If you like modern history, you’ll enjoy this class!

Those were 10 of the coolest classes at The Borough of Manhattan Community College! Learn how to file your federal taxes or look at the history of Puerto Rico. Study abroad in Greece while learning about ancient Greek philosophers. Just don’t stick to the same style of classes year after year!

10 Coolest Courses at Christopher Newport University

With a wide course selection in many different fields of study, Christopher Newport University is a public liberal arts university located in Newport News, Virginia. For CNU students looking for a challenging new course, a fun new hobby to explore, or a unique skill to attain, here are 10 of the coolest courses at Christopher Newport University.

1. BIOL 328 – Island Biology and Experimental Design

Undersea picture of a turtle swimming

Imagine getting college credit…for exploring an island paradise. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? BIOL 328 gives students the opportunity to learn about research methods and designing biological experiments, and then put that knowledge to the test. During a field trip to a private island in the Bahamas, students will be able to explore natural island biodiversity and conduct their own experiments in the field.

2. COMM 222 – Media, Culture, and Technology

PIcture of a phone screen with social media apps

Social Media is a relatively newer form of media, but it has deep sociological and cultural impacts. Whether you’re watching the news, listening to a podcast, or watching a Youtuber, media consumption is a daily and integral part of everyday life. However, there are many inconspicuous messages hidden in these mediums – a sort of cultural “second story” that can often be overlooked. COMM 222 looks at the serious social and cultural implications mass media has, and how consumers can be more aware of what they are watching and taking in.

3. ENGL 315 – Adolescent Literature

Picture of Katniss Everdeen, the teenage star of the acclaimed YA dystopian series, The Hunger Games.

From Twilight’s sparkling vampires to The Hunger Games’ frightening Battle-Royale-style reality TV show, Young Adult literature is a diverse and expansive genre, exploring themes that many adolescents and emerging adults resonate with. ENGL 315 explores the recent phenomenon of YA, and the themes of coming-to-age that many of these books are based around.

4. ENGL 373 – Myth, Legend, and Romance in Medieval Britain

PIcture of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, which are popular and timeless medieval legends that are still celebrated in modern film and literature.

For anyone who romanticized the dashing white knight, the dramatic jousting matches, and the expansive lush Arthurian-style kingdoms of the middle ages… this class may not be for you. But for those who want to learn the true social and cultural contexts behind these fantastical tales and heroic myths, ENGL 373 is the perfect class. Students will read legendary tales of medieval heroes, as well as the poetic romances of the time, collaborating on blog posts and literary essays with their fellow classmates.

5. FNAR 205 – Digital Photography

PIcture of digital camera zooming in on a landscape view to take a picture

Want to take your Instagram profile to the next level? Maybe you want to learn a new skill and even start a freelance business? Digital Photography has become a valuable skill in many fields with the advent of the internet – many content creators and consumers alike are looking for skilled photographers and editors. Students will learn how to operate a digital camera, adjust the settings, and lightly edit in post-production.

6. HIST 312 – Ancient Egypt

Picture of the Great Pyramids of Giza are iconic wonders of the world, built on the backs of slaves of the Ancient Egyptian empire.

If Brendan Fraser’s iconic Mummy movies have you shaking in your boots (with excitement about learning about Ancient Egypt instead of pure, unadulterated fear), HIST 312 is the class to take. Exploring the complex cultural, social, and political history of the ancient Egyptian civilization, as well as it’s interactions with other ancient civilizations, students will gain an in-depth understanding of Egypt. Just don’t use that knowledge to open any ancient cursed tombs…

7. HIST 382 – Disease and the Rise of Modern Medicine

Painting of a witch doctor, who were called on in the Dark Ages of Europe to "treat" Bubonic Plague patients - often doing more harm than good.

Disease has plagued humanity (no pun intended) from the dawn of time. During early ancient civilizations, myth and superstition grew around many maladies, but there was also very early scientific thought – such as the practice of smallpox inoculation in ancient India. HIST 382 outlines cultural and social understandings of disease from ancient civilization to the 21st century and will leave you in awe at the marvels of both early and modern science.

8. CLST 103 – The Ancient World in Film

Cartoon of Zeus, the god of the skies in Greek mythology.

If you’ve ever watched 300 and wondered how accurate it was, this class might be the perfect fit. CLST 103 looks at how contemporary cinema misappropriates ancient societies, cultures, and mythologies, focusing especially on ancient Greece and Rome. In any case, it’ll definitely be a good excuse to re-watch Disney’s Hercules.

9. PHIL 326 – WI: Philosophy in the Movies

Picture of a Star wars lightsaber fight between Darth Vader and Luke.

What are the philosophical underpinnings in the fight between good and evil in Star Wars?How does Luke’s journey in Star Wars parallel our own reality? What is the twisted moral compass that Voldemort follows in the Harry Potter movies? And WHY did Rose not let Jack share the door? All these questions (save maybe the last one) will be explored in PHIL 326, where students will explore themes of good vs. evil, justice, and our relationship to science and technology, in popular contemporary and historical film.

10. POLS 344 – The Presidency

Picture of Donald Trump's tweet

This political science course takes an in-depth look at the American presidency – it’s history, constitutional foundation, and how the understanding of a US president has changed over the last nearly-250 years. Students will leave with a greater understanding of the cultural and social context of the Executive Office. On the flipside, it may not answer the single deep philosophical question we all have on our minds: what does covfefe mean?

10 Coolest Classes at Barry University

It’s easy to get bogged down in college – between the long-trodden path to a degree, dozens of seemingly pointless general education requirements, and the looming future of finding a job and starting a career…it can get stressful. Sometimes, the remedy can be a class that’s actually fun and interesting to re-ignite the flame of learning in a student. For anyone looking to branch out and try something new, here are ten of the coolest classes to take at Barry University.

1. BIO 307 – Biology of Crime

Most forensic investigations now rely on science and technology.

Ever wanted to learn how the investigators in CSI and NCIS solved crimes using biological and genetic information? Thanks to advances in modern technology and biological sciences, forensic investigations can take advantage of the unique genetic footprints criminals leave to positively identify them. Methods like blood typing, DNA fingerprinting, and blood splatter analysis can be essential in forensic science. Students in this course can learn how these methods work, as well as apply them practically in the laboratory.

2. BIO 323 – Tropical Marine Ecosystems

There are many amazing creatures that inhabit the marine ecosystems around Florida.

Itching to get off campus and onto the beautiful Florida coast? A class that requires students to truly dive deep (pun intended) into the learning process, BIO 323 allows students to explore tropical marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs, swamps, and rocky beaches, firsthand through diving and snorkeling. This will definitely hook students in.

3. COM 349 – Social Media and Identity

A screen on a phone with social media mobile applications

From MySpace and Facebook to Instagram and Snapchat, the advent of the internet and social media has changed the face of modern communication and global relations. COM 349 takes a critical academic look at the ethical, cultural, and social impacts and variables that govern this sphere. In an increasingly digitally connected age, this class is extremely timely.

4. ENG 333 – Introduction to Fiction Writing

Fantastical worlds and creatures are one type of element employed in fiction writing.

Ever wanted to be the next Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, or George R. R. Martin? If so, then ENG 33 is the class to take. Students will study fictional models, novels, and complete writing exercises to hone their craft. The course also challenges aspiring writers to write and revise original fiction, compiling a writing portfolio at the end of the semester.

5. TH 441 – Contemporary Theatre

Picture of Hamilton, an American Broadway show that has become a pop culture phenomenon.

For all the Hamil-stans and Broadway buffs out there, in depth analyses of Shakespeare’s greatest hits may not be enough. For a fresher take on this ancient craft, TH 441 covers modern twentieth and twenty-first century plays and theatre productions – Rent, Les Miserables, West Side Story, and more, all take center stage. Move over, Hamlet.

6. PHO 206 – Digital Photography I

PIcture of a camera taking a landscape picture

Want to take your Instagram game to the next level? Designed for non-majors, PHO 206 aims to get the layperson familiar with the tools and craft of digital photography. Students will be able to operate a digital camera, alter shutter-speeds and apertures, and do basic computer editing. Sit back and watch that follower count soar!

7. MUS 180 – University Chorale

Group picture of a choir singing

Choral music can be breathtakingly beautiful; students can also benefit from the team spirit found in many choirs. For students who like to sing and want a fun class to practice their hobby and be among like-minded students and community members, MUS 180 is the perfect course. Everyone is welcome – no audition necessary, just a passion for vocal performance and the enthusiasm to learn and work together in a team.

8. TH 155 – Acting I: Fundamentals I

Picture of the theatre masks in front of a red curtain with spotlight on them

Acting is an ancient art; it was practiced the ancient Greeks, who wrote popular comedies and tragedies. Whether it’s on the shining stage of Broadway or the silver screens of Hollywood, acting is a craft that many have made a lucrative professional career out of, and entertained millions of people with. For every aspiring Leo DiCaprio or Audrey Hepburn, TH 155 is a great place to start. A performance-based course, students will be able to practice various techniques and receive crucial feedback on their acting.

9.DAN 119 – Latin Dance I

picture of latin dancers on stage.

Latin Dance is a beautiful art that exposes students to a new culture and allows them to learn a new skill. Dance is an extremely important cultural and social art form, originating in the earliest human societies and becoming an aspect of nearly all global societies. The cultures of Latin America are home to many beautiful dances, such as salsa, merengue, and cha-cha. Students will be able to the basic steps to these dances, practice with partners, and understand the social and cultural contexts of these dances.

10. HIS 352 – Politics and Music

Historical painting of men playing music on a warfield

True story: American soldiers taunted the defeated British with a loud band playing Yankee Doodle – originally a British tune that mocked American patriots. Did rock music inspire nation-wide protests in the US? Did the US militia band really burst into Yankee Doodle to taunt the freshly-surrendered British Army at the end of the American Revolution (the answer is yes, and it was absolutely glorious)? These essential questions and more will be answered in HIS 352, where music is explored as a cornerstone of political commentary on issues like war, race and gender equality, and economic justice.

10 Coolest Courses at Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University (YSU) is a public research university in Youngstown, Ohio, United States. YSU offers more than 170 undergraduate degree programs and over 50 graduate degree programs within 7 schools and colleges. Among the many courses offered at the institution, here is a list of the coolest.

1. ART 1505 – Creative Art Appreciation

PIcture of different styles and colours of the same profile of a woman

This course is designed for non-art majors and it introduces creative techniques such as painting, drawing, and paper casting. Students like this course because it will equip them with knowledge and practical skills to explore their creative art as well as the creative art of others

2. HEPE 3740 – Coaching the Young Athlete

An image of the back of a T-shirt written COACH

This course discusses the concepts related to sports coaching with an emphasis on youth sports development. Students in the course will actively engage in the learning of coaching techniques and responsibilities among other skills. The course involves several field sessions allowing students to have fun as they study.

3. DNCE 1541 – Modern Dance 2

Two dancers performing a dance

If dancing is your area of interest, this course instructs on intermediate modern dance techniques, composition, and improvisation. Students in the course will mainly receive instructions practically meaning that they will spend a better part of the course learning and improving their dancing skills.

4. MUAC 1581 – Class Piano 1

Students in a piano class

This is a very interesting course for non-music major students. The course is taken in the first semester and it aims at building functional skills at the piano. Students will spend time learning and practicing how to perform all major scales and arpeggios, among other important concepts related to the piano.

5. ENGL 2647 – Introduction to Poetry Writing

A poster written Poetry with letters coming out of a pencil

This course focuses on the application of the techniques and conventions designed to introduce the basic elements of writing poetry. Students will implement the concepts learned in poetry writing as they explore their poetry writing skills and creativity levels.

6. CMST 1545 – Communication Foundations

A poster written Communication

This course discusses the various communication strategies, theories to help students improve their interpersonal, group, and public communication skills. Students will engage in various communication exercises where they will practice their interpersonal, group, and public communication.

7. KSS 1512 – Bowling

An image of a bowling ball crashing into pins

If you find bowling interesting, this course is your chance to become a pro. The course teaches you the fundamentals of bowling including equipment selection, correction of errors, and scoring. The course is recommended for beginner bowlers. Students will have to attend off-campus bowling lanes for practice.

8. ADV 3710 – Basic Public Relations

A poster written PUBLIC RELATIONS with icons representing all the other aspects of public relations

This course focuses on the study of public policies, attitudes, and techniques used to earn public understanding and acceptance. This course is considered cool because it addresses day to day issues that affect the contemporary society making it easy to comprehend. Students easily excel in the course.

9. CHFM 1530 – Infants and Toddlers: Development and Care

A female adult playing with toddlers

Understanding and caring for toddlers and infants can be fun. This course focuses on infant and toddler development and caregiving environments for children. Apart from the normal classroom sessions, the course has practical sessions where students have to spend time with children in infant/toddler settings. 

10. MRCH 2625 – The World of Fashion

Models walking on a runway

Fashion is a very fascinating industry. Through this course, you will learn various concepts including apparel, textiles, home furnishings, and accessories that are related to the fashion industry. Students in the course will have to work with different items related to fashion as they try to build on their creativity.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at Texas State University

With the new semester fast approaching, it can be overwhelming to look for and start new classes. You don’t want to pick a class that you don’t like and end up getting stuck with it for a whole semester. To avoid doing that, use this guide to learn about some of the coolest classes offered at Texas State University, that way you’re guaranteed to love your classes.

1. ARTC 1301 – Introduction to Communication Design

books of pictures used for communication design

This isn’t your typical art class. This class is designed to introduce students to the field of communication design. Students will learn about terminology, visual thinking, problem solving, layout design, tools, materials, and others!

2. ESS 1100 – Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

characters practicing physical wellness

Fitness and wellness are already (or should be!) a part of your daily life, so why not take a class on it? This class will introduce students to concepts related to physical health and fitness. Specifically, students will design an exercise program to enhance their fitness and put that plan to use!

3. FM 2330 – Aesthetics and Branding

models walking on the runway

The fashion industry is always on the rise. Students who take this class will learn about different promotional strategies that are unique to the fashion industry. In particular, students will learn about the techniques fashion experts use at the retail level.

4. ART 2313 – Introduction to Fine Arts

an example of a piece of fine art

This art class doesn’t require you to actually be artistic. This class serves as an introduction to fine arts where students will learn to create and appreciate different kinds of art. This includes visual and performing arts among others!

5. NUTR 2360 – Nutrition Science

A food chart

When we eat food, we don’t really think of what our body does to it and how it really helps us. This class will teach students about human nutrition, nutrient digestion, absorption, metabolism, sources, and more. After taking this class, you’ll have a whole new outlook on food and nutrition.

6. AT 2356 – Prevention and Care of Injuries and Illness

An athletic trainer helping an athlete

While we all deal with injuries and illness, not many of us know how to properly treat and care for them. In this course, students will learn how to care for athletic injuries that affect them and others. Students will discover the theoretical and practical aspects of the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

7. EDP 1350 – Effective Learning

People talking and learning from one another

Some people have a hard time taking tests because they aren’t learning and studying the right way. This course emphasizes the generalization and transfer of knowledge. In addition, students will learn about acquiring knowledge through the human learning theory, cognitive behavior modification, developmental psychology, and more.

8. PFW 1110C – Gymnastics

A gymnast

If you’ve taken gymnastics before, this class is a good way to refresh your memory and improve your skills. And if you haven’t, now is the time to learn! In this class, you’ll learn the basics of gymnastics and practice your newfound skills.

9. LING 4307 – Foreign Language Acquisition

Hello" in different languages

Being multi-lingual is a skill that more and more people are acquiring. This class will introduce students to how people learn foreign languages. Here, students will be introduced to language development and the theories that describe how people learn and develop skills in a foreign language.

10. ASL 1410 – Beginning American Sign Language I

ASL in sign language

This class is required if you’re pursuing a degree in the subject but even if you aren’t, you’re still welcome to take this class. Students will be introduced to learning and understanding American Sign Language. In addition, students will learn how ASL fits in with the deaf community in America.

Keep this guide in mind as you think about what classes you want to take in the future. Don’t let requirements stop you from classes you think you’ll like or interest you! College is the time and place to explore and learn new things!

Top 10 Coolest Courses at Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University is an amazing college with over 300 academic programs available to their students. They offer around 20 million dollars of annual scholarships to their students as well to help cover the costs of tuition. Middle Tennessee State University also known as MTSU, is proud to have amazing programs such as Digital Programming and Fermentation Science. They have created a wide variety of different classes for students to indulge in and find their passion. Here are 10 of the coolest courses available at MTSU.

1. ART 1030 – Art Appreciation

This is a drawing of a woman that could be looked at in an art class.

This course does not require any other prerequisites. You will learn more about different styles of arts. You will learn more about how the past and current trends of art relate to each other in art today. This is a great, fun and eye-opening class for those who are interested in pursuing art as a career or hobby!

2. LSTS 3000 – Leisure in Your Life

Kids playing frisbee during their free time.

This is a fun class for those who want to learn more about society and how individuals function. Some topics you will focus on include how choices are made around the idea of “free time” and our available resources. You will also learn more about the everyday influences of multibillion dollar leisure industries.

3. THM 3390 – Travel and Entertainment Industry

This is an airplane taking off.

This class focuses on teaching students about leisure travel and how industries manipulate tourism. It is a fun way to learn about supply and demand in a common industry many people neglect to learn about. This is a great way to learn more about the organizations around you and how they function.

4. PHED 1010 – Beginning Folk and Square Dance

This is a square dance competition.

In this course, you will focus on creating the basic skills and moves of dance. This is a great way to take a break between classes and have a fun way to get exercise. It is important to note that this class meets for two hours per week.

5. PHED 1100 – Beginning Karate

These are different people doing karate.

Have you ever wanted to learn Karate? Now you can, while also learning credit for school! In this course, you will focus on the fundamental skills of Karate. You will get to learn the basics in a welcoming environment of other students eager to learn this form of self defense.

6. ART 2310 – Graphic Design Technologies

Here is the words Graphic Design next to a pattern designed by a graphic designer.

This course does require three art classes as prerequisites. Here you will get to combine art and technology all in one. You will learn more about computer skills and drawing. You will also learn the basics of word processing and how to format page layouts. These are great skills to have for the technology age.

7. LSTS 3360 – Camp and Camp Counseling

This is a girl working as a camp counselor.

In this course, you will learn more about the responsibilities of being a camp counselor. Some skills will include residential management and travel camps. The course professor prefers that students have some sort of off-campus experience.

8. THM 4140 – Food and Spirits Tourism

This is a woman who traveled and is eating food.

In this course you learn more about how the food industry works. It is great way to see how geographic factors work in different areas and influence the food industry. You will learn more about how food and drinks (such as beer and wine) work together and against each other.

9. PHED 1301 – Women’s Personal Conditioning

This is a woman working out in the gym.

This is a fun class that focuses on the needs of women’s bodies. You will be an environment that encourages women to push themselves to new limits. This is a great way to create amazing fitness lifestyles and meeting new people as well.

10. GS 2500 – Understanding U.S. Culture and Education

This is a cartoon image of people eating different american food such as pizza and corn dogs.

In this course, you will learn about the U.S. culture from an outside perspective. You will learn more about the differences in academic courses and research in American that are influenced by the U.S. culture. This is an interesting class that helps students learn more about their country.

College can be a stressful experience. Remembering that you can take classes that are fun and rewarding is a great way to help relieve stress. In this article, you have been introduced to many different kinds of fun courses for you to take. Don’t be afraid to take a leap and join one!

10 Coolest Courses at Santa Monica College

Between long essays, tear-jerking midterms, and strict professors, getting a degree can be a grueling process. Often times, students are left tired and burned out from the plethora of difficult classes they need to take. With all this in mind, it’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of education: to widen your horizons and find new passions. For anyone needing a bit of a break from the grind, here are 10 of the coolest courses to take at Santa Monica College.

1. ANTHRO 22 – Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft

Witchcraft has a long global history.

For anyone who spent too much time waiting for their letter from Hogwarts or watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch reruns, the business of Magic and Witchcraft is serious. This class will cover global religions and ideas of spirituality, including understandings of folk magic and witchcraft in a cross-cultural context. Just don’t take this knowledge to Salem…

2. ASTRON 5 – Life in the Universe

How life forms on Earth and it's potential on other planets are questions this course will explore.

Ever wanted to know if extraterrestrials truly roamed the far corners of the universe? Spent every Sunday morning wishing Star Trek was real? Although this class may not give any definite answers to those large questions, it does cover the chemical and biological building blocks of life on Earth and other planets, as well as the search for life on other planets, such as Mars.

3. BIOL 46G – Natural History and Marine Biology of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many amazing creatures to learn about.

Imagine exploring a beautiful tropical paradise…and getting college credit for it! BIOL 46G takes students straight to the source to explore and learn about Costa Rica’s rainforest ecosystem and the plethora of wildlife that call it home. For anyone who is ready for an adventure, BIOL 46G is the perfect class (Who knows, maybe you’ll find some ancient treasure along the way)!

4. COM ST 12 – Persuasion

Persuading an audience is an essential skill for many careers

Ever wonder how great leaders and terrifying dictators alike managed to sway an audience to their favor? Want to learn to use their techniques (for good, hopefully)? COM ST 12 covers rhetorical techniques in persuasive speaking, a topic that has been explored since early Ancient Greece (As long as parties have existed, there’s been an annoyed teenager trying to convince their parents to let them go). Students will learn how to balance logic, emotion, and credibility to form a strong argument.

5. CS 6 – Virtual Worlds and Game Programming

The virtual world of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5 is vibrantly created by skilled programmers.

Ever played GTA 5 and wondered just how the creators got Los Santos to look so detailed and expansive? Marvel at how the realistic combat in the latest Uncharted was programmed? CS 6 will answer these questions, and more, as well as teach students how to make their own fantastical and immersive 3D worlds and begin programming games.

6. DANCE 19 – Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance has been a part of many different cultures and societies, often viewed as a social skill.

This is a skill that’s sure to impress, especially at formal events. Ballroom dance covers different types of social dance styles that have been both historically and currently popular, such as swing, tango, and and waltz. That awkward side-step shuffle will only work for so long, so take a leap (or dainty step) and enroll in this course!

7. ENGL 61 – Introduction to the Fairy Tale

Fantastical worlds and creatures, exist in many cultures and have been re-purposed in current mass media.

Every watch a Disney movie and wonder where the original inspiration came from? The answer might be surprising – before the Grimm brothers, who collected many folk tales from their country, many fairy tales had much more sinister and dark plot lines. This class explores the themes and purposes behind historical fairy tales, as well as the new transformations they’ve undergone in modern cinema and literature.

8. HIST 53 – The History of Religion

Religion and spirituality has been integral in many societies.

Religions of all different types have had a major impact on the current state of human civilization. Many great empires and nations were build on religious ideas and philosophies, and even in an age of science, many people are spiritual or culturally religious. This course goes over the historical origins and impacts of major global religions, including Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, as well as various tribal religions.

9. KIN PE 51A – Beginning Surfing

Surfing is a fun and adventurous activity, and many SoCal youth live by it!

Some people say there’s no better place to catch a wave than the sunny beaches of Southern California (although I suspect that other coastal dwellers might have a bone to pick with that). Either way, there’s no better time to pick up a board and take up this fun athletic hobby (AND get college credit for it)!

10. KIN PE 34A – Karate

Karate is a versatile and inclusive art

Although it won’t get you to the martial arts skill level of Keanu Reeves in the Matrix (and definitely not Jackie Chan), karate is a fun and stimulating martial arts form that promotes mental, spiritual, and physical strength. Students who are excited to learn some new skills and challenge themselves will love this class!

Next time that 10 page essay is looming or those five midterms have got you down, remind yourself to check out some of these interesting courses! Maybe you’ll find a new passion!