10 Coolest Courses at CUNY Hunter College

Hunter College is one of the constituent colleges of the City University of New York, an American public university. The school has around 15,000 students and has an acceptance rate of 38%. Here are 1o of the coolest courses to take at CUNY Hunter College.

1. POLSC 23800 – The American Legal System

Cartoon picture of two people getting divorced and someone in chains to jail

This course is an interesting course to take as it goes into the different types of legal procedures done in America. It has a heavy emphasis on New York State Law (the state has plenty of their own changes in law) and law on the federal level. The law class goes over not only civil laws but also criminal.

2. POLSC 31000 – Comparative Legal Systems

two people going over a legal document

Comparative legal systems is a course that is within political science that is interesting as it dives into how different countries and cultures deal with legal matters. This can mean on the low level of handling the law on a state basis or taking their issues all the way to high court on a country basis. It gives great insight on how other countries handle similar situations.

3. HUM 20100 – Exploration in the Arts

a painting with love and money on it

This course is a continuation of the humanities courses within the major. It is an interesting course as it goes over humans and how art has drastically changed society as we know it. It gives a range of timelines and specific events that have made notable contributions to what art now is seen as.

4. HUM 11000 – Map of Knowledge

cartoon of a man on a stack of books

This is an introductory course to humanities. It gives students a look at the different roads one can take to the knowledges of the overall major. It goes over the methods as well as a round bases of the subject. It’s a great class if you want to know more about society and humans in general.

5. WGS 15000 – Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

the colors of the lgbtq flag

As the world evolves so do people, how we interact and how people are identified (or chosen not to). This course is a fun class to take as it grows your knowledge of people as a whole as well as further knowledge and research on the opinions and rights that LQBTQ are constantly going towards. It helps to allow you the knowledge to properly identify others by how they would like to be identified.

6. ARTH 24900 – Twentieth Century Art I

famous american gothic painting of couple with pitchfork

Art is throughout the lives of everyone as they are exposed to it all the time in their daily life. In order to see how art is ever evolving, you can take this interesting art course that goes over the early art techniques within the twentieth century. You can see how the techniques have evolved to their modern takes .

7. CSCI 12000 – Introduction to Computers

image of a rose gold laptop

Introduction to computers allows students who have an interest in programming get their feet wet. Whether you know you are majoring or just looking to improve your knowledge of the technology this class can help all people. As tech continues to grow, most people in society with jobs are in need of at least a basic understanding of computers.

8.CSCI 13300 – Programming for Everyone

a long string of code on a computr screen

This programming course is a useful course for all people as society as a whole goes more technology based. This course is interesting as you get a basis for how programming works. The course goes from not only the consumer perspective but on the back end as well.

9. MEDP 27500 – Desktop Publishing

different adobe programs on a desktop

Desktop Publishing is a course that teaches students the secrets to being a successful writer with the power of the computer. You can learn to make all your edits within just your computer and it can make the process of wanting work published quicker and easier. This is a great course if you have an interest in self published work.

10. MEDP 24000 – Effective Speechmaking

a microphone in front of people

Effective speechmaking is a course that is interesting in the fact that you get very different styles of speeches, made by not only what you are taught, but how different people go about their speech. Everyone makes speeches from a different personal way. This class teaches you what works for you to make what your saying resonate with others the most.

CUNY Hunter College is a school in New York that allows students to take cool and interesting courses is the city that never sleeps. New York is constantly changing and booming with new ventures. This is why taking courses that are not only varied but interesting will help you to jump start your career, and give you opportunities in the comfort of not having to leave.

10 Coolest Courses at Duke University

Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina.  The acceptance rate is around 11%. It is a harder school to get into but the graduation rate is at 95%. The school has around 6,500 students. Here are 1o of the coolest courses at Duke University.

1. Writing 101 – Academic Writing

the MLA header of an example paper

Academic Writing is a course that allows students to learn about the different types of academic writing that they will be faced in not only their school work but also in the job field. This is a fun class to take because it is applicable to all of your fields of study as you will need to write a certain way for most classes. There are writing styles such as MLA, APA and Chicago Style.

2. AMI 252 – German Film

german film scene from the silence

Learning about the way that older films were created or films made in different countries give a good glance to the audience not only the time period at which the film was made, but also the culture of the place being observed. German Film is a cool course to study because you can see the parallels of culture that was eventually transitioned into America.

3. MATH 165S – Crytography and Society

a lock with numbered codes

Crytography and society is a cool class to take it is deals heavily with solving and writing of code. Because coding and society is such a math heavy topic of understanding, it shows just how much in the back end math can deal with even the most common day technology.

4. PSY 101 – Intro to Psychology

a human brain with gears

This intro course to psychology is the perfect class to peek your interest in the human mind. It is considered a cool class because it is applicable to all different jobs and majors. In order to know how to communicate effectively, you must be able to read others intentions or why humans think the way that they do.

5. ECO 101 – Econ Principles

chart going up and stack of money

Econ 101 is an interesting class because it introduces students into the aspects of money and how it is spent. This can be applicable to many majors as it lays the foundation for how students look at money and business . If you are majoring in any form of business or looking towards political science this is a very helpful class to take.

6. VMS 130 – Anthropology and Film

evolution from monkey to man

This course is a very fun course to take as it shows two aspects that if going hand in hand make for a interesting job. Because anthropology is all about being in the field and observing, it only makes sense to record the footage and share the knowledge with the world. In this class you will learn how to make a insightful film on different observation you have seen in an atmosphere.

7. VMS 233 – Religion in American Life

american flag with different religious symbols

Religion in American Life is a cool course to take as it looks at not only the history of the different religions that are in America, but also the progression to how it came about for the current religions celebrated today. Religion is America holds a vital role in our society as it controls our lives not only mentally but physically as well.

8. GSF 230 – Women in the Economy

women in business suit with large city in background

Women in the economy is a cool course to take because it shows the progression of women. Women have taken to being mostly stay at home mothers to now being equal to men when it comes to job pay and even the type of work being done. This course will teach you about the journey it took to get to the rights women have when it comes to money and work.

9. GSF277D – Global Art Since 1945

a colorful painting of a native american

This course is an interesting course as it goes over art up until 1945. The course goes over art that has impacted many people (famous art piece) to even the differing types of styles of art depending on the area. If you are an art or history student this especially would be an interesting course to take.

10. PJMS 365S – Television Journalism

reporter in front of camera

Television Journalism is a fun course to take because it teaches you how to get in front of the camera and communicate in a confident way. It also gives you experiences that you normally wouldn’t get such as visiting film studios or being out on the field. It teaches you to say the information in an easy to understand, to the point way.

Duke University is a small school that allows students to find any subject under the sun that interests them. They can choose from a large variety of interesting courses, from journalism all the way to field observations within anthropology. If you want a great education and a small school size, then take a look at all the courses Duke has to offer.

10 Coolest Courses at Bethel University

Located in Arden Hills, Minnesota, Bethel University is a private Christian liberal arts university providing more than 100 academic programs in 2 colleges. The institution provides a suitable learning environment that allows its students to achieve their academic goals. From all the courses offered at Bethel, below are some of the coolest.

1. ART 108A – Ceramic Design

An image of a ceramic pot

This course explores both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional design strategies in the creation of ceramic forms and surfaces. Students find this course cool because they will engage in the creation of ceramic creations throughout the course. This course is recommended for art majors.

2. ENL 111 – American Life Stories

A poster written THIS AMERICAN LIFE

This course discusses the concepts related to the writing of American autobiographies and focusing on how American people write their life stories. Students will read and analyze a series of already published American life stories that reflect the rich cultural diversity of American life. Students will also be required to write their own life stories.

3. MUS 262A – How To Write A Song

A person holding a pencil writing on music notes

If you love music, this course is designed and tailored for you. Get to learn the techniques and concepts related to songwriting. Students will be required to implement the concepts learned and compose their own original pieces. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue music as a major.

4. MUE 151A – Jazz Orchestra

An Orchestra performing on stage

This course explores the jazz orchestra as a form of American jazz music. Students will familiarize with the various performing styles from traditional big band to fusion. Students will be required to attend two rehearsals per week and attend several jazz orchestra concerts including the spring Jazz in the Great Hall.

5. BIB 220 – The Pentateuch


This course discusses the Mosaic books of the Old Testament and focuses particularly on the account of world beginnings, the Patriarchs, the Exodus and founding of the nation of Israel, and the faith and religion of the Hebrews. Students will learn fun and exciting facts about the ways of life of the Hebrew people.

6. COM 217A – Screenwriting

A poster Written Screeenwriting

In this course, students discuss the concepts related to screenplay and screenwriting. Students will learn and practice the art of writing, creating and adapting, and editing of narrative screenplays. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in communications.

7. POS 230L – Politics and Religion in the United States

An American flag beside a Church's cross

This course discusses the contemporary and historical ties between politics and religion in America. Students will learn very interesting facts about the political and religious positions and interactions in the United States. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in political science.

8. HIS 212U – History of Islam

A poster written Islamic history with a compass on top of a map

Islam is a very interesting religion. Get to understand its history from its inception and development to modern day by enrolling in this course. Students will interact with and learn from the members of the Islamic community in Minnesota with discussions focusing on the Islam contemporary issues and controversies. 

9. PHI 228L – Philosophies of Love and Sex

Picture of a textbook in black and white

This philosophy course discusses different concepts regarding the nature of love and sexuality. At the end of the course, students will get to understand and distinguish the features associated with the different types of love and sexuality. This course is recommended for philosophy majors.

10. SPA 101 – Introductory Spanish I

A poster written Spanish

Introductory Spanish teaches students to speak, write, read and listen in the Spanish language. Students will enjoy learning a foreign language that has become popular in the contemporary world. Students will be provided with opportunities to participate in oral and written practice sessions that encourage familiarization of the Spanish language. 

10 Coolest Courses at Bethany College

Located in the foothills of northern West Virginia, Bethany College is a private liberal arts college offering a conducive learning environment and support system for its students. The college offers 35 areas of study in a classical liberal arts curriculum. Among the many courses offered at the institution, here is a list of some of the coolest courses.

1. COMM 194 – Online Radio

A poster written Online Radio with a headphone set on a globe

This course equips students with concepts, skills, and strategies required for working within the online radio. Students are introduced to on-air music, production, and delivery of news programs and messages on radio. The course has practice sessions where students will practice and perfect their skills.

2. MUSI 110 – Digital Audio Production for Music

Equipment in a music production studio

This course provides students with hands-on experience in using a digital audio workstation for music production. Students learn the various techniques and methods used for producing music. Students will use the production equipment available at the institution to practice and polish their skills.

3. THEA 153 – Makeup Design

An image of a woman's face with makeup

If you love makeup, then this course is recommended for you. The course teaches the theoretical and practical concepts and techniques related to makeup application. Students will be required to practice the various makeup application methods and techniques before the end of the course.

4. VISA 203 – Three-Dimensional Design

A sculptural art piece

This visual arts course introduces the theory and practice of various media through sculptural forms. Students in the course will learn various techniques and interact with different materials as they explore and design sculptures. The course seeks to also increase the creativity of students when it comes to design creation.

5. FINA 135 – Ballet

A ballet dancer performing on stage

If you like dancing, this course is recommended for you. Students in the course will learn the specific techniques related to ballet dancing. Students will be required to practice the art of ballet dancing throughout the course in order to polish their skills. This course is recommended for students that have not had any past exposures to ballet dancing.

6. RELS 210 – Yoga and Meditation

A lady practicing Yoga on a dock near the lake

Students in this course will have the opportunity to learn the philosophy, history, and techniques of various styles of yoga. Students will be introduced to the postures, chants, breath work, meditation techniques, and religious and philosophical scriptures related to yoga. Students will also be expected to engage in yoga sessions.

7. PHED 175 – Introduction to Teaching Physical Activities

Children playing soccer on a field

This course focuses on the factors that relate to the teaching of physical activities. The coursework in the course majors on the relationship between the teaching and learning environment. The course also involves field placement sessions where students will engage in physical activities themselves.

8. HIST 202 – U.S. History II

A poster written US History on top of capital hill picture

If you like history, then this course is meant for you. This course discusses the economic, political, and social growth of America from 1865 to the present times. Students will read and research on very interesting historical writings in order to understand specific facts about America.

9. FREN 110 – French Language & Cultures I

A poster written in French "learning french" on top of France flag

This is the first course among three others that teach the French language. In this course, students are taught the basics of speaking, reading, writing, and listening in the French language. Students will in the course engage in debates and public speaking in French to improve their French-speaking abilities.

10. ENGL 240 – Creative Writing

A poster written Creative Writing

This is an intensive course in imaginative writing. Students will engage in sketch, short fiction, poem, and dramatic scene writing throughout the course as part of their practice in creative writing. This course is recommended for students that are passionate about creative writing.

10 Coolest Courses at Brigham Young University-Provo

Brigham Young University (BYU) is a private, non-profit research university in Provo, Utah, United States. The university offers 179 undergraduate majors, 62 master’s and 26 doctoral degree programs. Of all the many courses offered at BYU, below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses.

1. ART 110 – Painting for Non-Majors

A painter painting on canvas

This art course seeks to increase the confidence of students as painters by allowing them to develop a series of paintings. Students enjoy the course because they will spend most of the time painting and learning the concepts and techniques of various painting methods. The course is for non-major students and thus any student can enroll.

2. DANCE 190 – Ballet, Beginning

A ballet dancer performing

If you have a passion for dancing, this course is great for you. The students in this course acquire a beginner level mastery in the ballet technique. Through active class participation and the practice of the movement, students will strive to become better ballet dancers. Students will enjoy dancing in each class period.

3. ENGL 218 – Creative Writing

A poster written Creative WRITING

This English course teaches students the concepts and techniques related to the various forms of creative writing. Students will be required to read and analyze literary works from renowned authors to understand the different modes of writing. Students will also be required to create their own content before the end of the course.

4. MUSIC 117 – Basic Guitar Skills

A person learning how to play a guitar

If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, this is the right course to enroll in. Students in this course will be taught how to play the guitar irrespective of whether they have prior guitar experience. This is a very interesting and fun course that will equip students with a skill that will help them in the future.

5. COMMS 321 – News Reporting

A cartoon microphone and a newspaper

This course focuses on building on the research and reporting skills of students. If you wish to pursue journalism, this is a great course to enroll in. Students will learn very important concepts such as interviewing, writing news, and gathering of audio, video, and still images. The course also involves lab sessions where students will enjoy creating their own news stories for various audiences.

6. NDFS 201 – Society, Nutrition, and Chronic Disease

An image of vegetables on a table with a plate of salad

This course discusses the factors that influence nutrition and risks for chronic disease. Students will study very interesting scientific research articles related to diet and chronic disease risks. Students will have interactions with various foods and learn how they work to help prevent chronic diseases.

7. DESAN 365R – Digital Painting

A digital painting of a woman

Students at the end of this course will be able to create professional-quality digital paintings. The course teaches students the fundamentals of digital painting. The course involves lab sessions where students are required to create a series of digital paintings. This course is recommended to students that are interested in art and design.

8. TMA 121 – Voice and Diction

A Voice and Diction poster

This is a very interesting and practical course where students will learn and practice various voice production techniques. Students will engage in lab sessions where they will practice effective and supportive vocal coaching and apply professional work habits.

9. DESPH 260 – Moving Image 1

A moving image

At the end of this course, students will be able to understand the basic techniques of making a moving image. The course is considered cool because it involves practical sessions where students are allowed to express their creativity in creating moving images.

10. PETE 227 – Fitness for Life

A lady in the gym doing a fitness routine

This course helps students understand the principles of fitness that would allow them to achieve personal fitness levels. The course is hands-on and students mostly learn by practically engaging in various fitness activities in the gym. The course is graded according to individual progress in the mastery of different fitness routines.

10 Coolest Courses at Baton Rouge Community College

College can be a difficult time for many students. Balancing challenging courses, part time jobs, and internships can be a tough task to take on. Although it is important to take courses that are required by your major or applicable to a specific field of study, it is also vital to take courses that spark joy and are a breath of fresh air from the norm. Whether your interests lie in psychology, anthropology or theatre, you are bound to find a class you enjoy. Below are ten of the coolest courses that are available at Baton Rouge Community College.

1. CDYC 1230 – Family Relationships and Issues

This class explores the dynamics of family relationships and interpersonal relationships between children. The course delves into cultural and legal issues within family structure. If you are interested in psychology and sociology, this class is for you!

A silhouette picture of a family walking hand in hand.

2. COSM 1311 – Hair Cutting

This three credit class is perfect for the student who has an itching desire to delve into cosmetology. The course reviews hair shaping techniques specific to face shape and profile. Any student who desires a break from their organic chemistry homework or statistics project should take a chance with this class.

The image displays a pair of scissors and a comb to symbolize hair cutting.

3. ARTS 2203 – Beginning Drawing

This drawing class doesn’t require any pre-requisites or prior drawing experience. The class is designed for the amateur artist who is seeking to refine skills in two-dimensional observational drawing. However, keep in mind that this class requires an additional materials fee, so it is not designed for those on a budget.

A cartoon of a man vigorously drawing on a piece of paper.

4. ANTH 1013 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Pre-history+

This introductory anthropology course is a perfect for anyone who wants to delve into some humanities classes, but doesn’t want a large commitment. A bonus is that no prerequisites and corequisites are required for this class. This class explores the beginnings of human culture and the evolution of people.

This image of a human skull symbolizes the complex parts of the human brain such as culture and language that have been shaped with thousands of years of history.

5. ARTS 1023 – Introduction to Fine Arts+

This class is designed for the inner artist in every student. Whether you always wanted to explore drawing, printmaking or sculpture, this class is the best stepping stone to pursue these passions. There is also a focus on why certain forms of art were created at various time periods.

Image of art spelled in colorful paperclips

6. ASTR 1103 – Introduction to Astronomy+

Ever look up at the constellations and wonder about the solar system we live in? If you have, this class is for you. With no prerequisites and corequisites required, this introductory astronomy course only requires a passing college-level math class. The course reviews the concepts and processes that humans have learned about the solar system up to the present-day.

This image is a generalized picture of a telescope observing the stars in the night sky.

7. PSYC 2073 – Human Sexuality

This course delves into human sexuality and how it is influenced by cultural and biological forces. If you’ve ever wanted to delve more into the psychological realm of sex-ed class, this course is for you. Furthermore this class examines our attitudes and perceptions toward others as well.

Picture of gender symbols intertwined

8. SOCL 2213 – Marriage and the Family

Ever wonder about how the institution of marriage and family came to be? This class introduces students to fundamental theories on how gender roles, cross-cultural variations and conflict influence marriage and the family dynamic. This class also does not require any pre-requisites or co-requisites!

This picture shows an outline of an average family structure.

9. SPCH 2213 – Interpersonal Communication+

This class is designed to enhance each student’s communication skills whether in social or professional settings. Regardless of whether you’re studying business or pre- medical studies, this class reinforces skills that are critical to any profession. A greater understanding of interpersonal communication also increases appreciation for intercultural and gender dynamics in conversation.

This is a generalized clipart photo of multiple people sharing thoughts, which represents interpersonal communication.

10. THTR 2103 – Acting I

This class is perfect for anyone who’s wanted to dabble a bit in acting and needs some guidance. With no prerequisites or co-requisites required, students can learn improvisation, thought and emotion skills. Whatever major you are undertaking, make sure to check this class out!

This picture shows masks, which are a symbolic representation of theatre.

College classes can be incredibly stressful and challenging. Sometimes it is necessary to take one or two classes that ignites the creative fire inside. Take a breather and enjoy yourself with the top ten coolest courses available at Baton Rouge Community College.

10 Coolest Courses at American River College

American River College (ARC) is a community college located in Foothill Farms, California. The current student enrollment at ARC is 35,000; both full-time and part-time students. The institution prides itself in being one of the largest community colleges in California. Below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses offered at the college.

1. ART 312 – Portrait Drawing 

A portrait of a child

This course discusses the art of the human image in portraiture. Students will spend time developing the skills required in portrait drawing. The course also includes practical sessions where students are required to create a series of portraits as a way of sharpening their skills.

2. ARTNM 324 – Digital Design

A poster Written Digital Design

This course introduces the fundamental design principles using Adobe Illustrator as the main tool. Students learn various concepts that seek to improve their design skills. Students in the course also enjoy the practical sessions where they have to create their own designs using the available tools.

3. DEAF 310 – American Sign Language I

An image of hand signs

Students that enroll in this course will spend time learning the American Sign Language (ASL). The course focuses on an immersion approach, where learners grow language competency in source and target language. Students will be required to engage in sign language conversations with their classmates to improve their skills.

4. AT 143 – Automotive Parts

A computer-generated image of various car parts

If you love cars, then this course is meant for you. Students get to examine car parts and learn how each part integrates and works with each other. The course also involves practical sessions where students will interact with real car parts. The course acts as a preparation for the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

5. DANCE 310 – Jazz Dance I

A group of dancers performing on stage

If you love dancing, this is a great course that covers the concepts of jazz dance. Students learn about simple balance, the beginning alignment, single turns, and basic technique. This course can be enrolled by any student even those without previous dance training. The course may also include some field trips to jazz dance concerts and theatres.

6. MUFHL 330 – World Music

A poster written World Music

This course acts as an introduction to popular music from around the world. Students get to learn through guided listening presentations that showcase the evolution of music from traditional forms and styles to the urban, professional music popular in many countries today. Students enrolling in this course do not require any previous experience in music.

7. ADAPT 310 – Adapted Lifetime Sports

Physically challenged athletes on a track

This course introduces students with physical disabilities to a variety of sports. They learn about the assistive devices and modifications used to enable them to safely participate in a variety of sports. The course involves practical sessions in the field where students get to enjoy different sports.

8. IDES 105 – Color and Interior Design

A well-designed living room

Students in this course learn about color and how it relates to interior design. They will discuss interesting topics such as the principles, applications and the basic dynamics of color. The course includes field trips where students will visit various interior design exhibitions.

9. FASHN 334 – Vintage Costuming

Two people wearing vintage costumes from the 1950s

The field of fashion interests many individuals today. Through this hands-on course, students will familiarize themselves with the principles and techniques involved in developing costumes and accessories through the individual creation of costume pieces. The course involves field trips where students visit various fashion houses and attend fashion events.

10. ENGCW 400 – Creative Writing

A poster written Creative Writing

This introductory creative writing course provides students with writing skills in poetry, short story, creative, and script writing. Students will increase their creativity levels and explore since they will be required to employ the concepts learned in creating their own content.

The 10 Coolest Classes at Carthage College

Carthage College is a private 4 year institution located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. With a student population of less than 3,000, it is an ideal college for anyone not looking for a party school. It offers degrees in over 40 undergraduate programs and 2 master’s programs. Here are 10 of the coolest classes you can take a Carthage College!

1.ART 1050 – Crafts

Student create origami dragons.

How would you like to make crafts from around the world? It introduces students to the history and technique of different crafts from around the world. Some of the previous materials students have worked with include glass, metal, and fiber. If you have a talent for hands on learning and enjoy having fun while doing it, this course may just be for you!

2. CLS 1060 – Ancient Rome II: Emperors and Barbarians

Emperor Nero plays the fiddle.

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Ancient Rome? Look no further than this course where you will cover everything from the rise of the Roman Empire to the barbarian invasions that brought it down. Learn about Roman culture and everyday life by exploring the art and architecture of the time. Delve into mythology and learn about the religious practices of the Romans.

3. LTN 1010 – Elementary Latin

The professor shows off some Latin origins of English words.

Latin isn’t a spoken language anymore but you can thankfully still learn how to read it! Notice how speaking isn’t part of this course? You will learn how the grammar works and how to read Latin so that you can be able to understand works written in Latin. This in turn will prepare you to read works by Cicero, Virgil and Julius Caesar.

4. CRJ 3300 – Mock Trial

Students participate in a Mock Trial.

Have you ever wanted to participate in a mock trial debate? Well as part of this course, you’ll be inducted into the Mock Trial club! Students will learn about the litigation process and the roles played by the prosecution, defense and witnesses. Along the way, they will develop skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, and team building.

5. BIO 4100 – Biostatistics and Experimental Design

A professor writes some statistical formulas on the board.

Have you ever wanted to design your own experiments? Well, you’re going to have to know some statistics! Students will learn how to use statistics to analyze conclusions and how to use statistical modeling to approximate real world behavior. The goal of the course is to allow students to design and carry out field experiments.

6. PYC 2110 – Interpersonal Dynamics

Students learn how sometimes actions can be misinterpreted.

Do you think you get along well with others? Well you may have the mindset it takes to cooperate! In this course, you will explore the concepts that allow humans to work together. In addition, students will have the opportunity to develop strategies for cooperation and problem solving.

7. REL 2070 – Understandings of Love

Students learn about an ideal depiction of love.

Everyone wants to be loved but have you ever wondered what the various world religions have to say about love? Here is an opportunity for you to explore love, lack of love, and expressions of love through the lens of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This course provides new insight into love not only as romantic but also as a force for good. Students will accomplish this understanding through readings and classroom debates.

8. GFW 2210 – Foundations of Western Thought I: Ancient to Medieval

Philosophers take a walk to settle disputes.

Are you tired of plain old history classes? Here’s an interesting take of a history class through the various texts of the time period. The course covers ancient Greece through medieval times. Students will read works such as the Iliad, Aeneid, and Beowulf.

9. SOC 3450 – Global Poverty

Two children living in extreme poverty.

Why are some countries poor and other countries rich? This course will aim to answer that very question by examine various factors that contribute to poverty. Geography will be a basis to understanding how poverty exists in some parts of the world but other factors such as infant mortality rate, education, and access to healthcare also play a role. Finally, the course will examine how poverty is defined.

10. CHM 1000 – Better Living Through Chemistry

Students learn about the building blocks of life.

Do you want to learn about how chemistry can change the world? This course is an introduction to all the ways chemistry can change your life! Students will study various themes based on topics such as chemical reactions, thermodynamics,acid-base chemistry, and basic organic structures. It is a great class for people who do not know anything about chemistry but want to learn.

Those were 10 of the coolest classes at Carthage College! Find a deeper meaning to love by exploring it from a religious perspective. Discover the world of chemistry in an introductory course. Participate on the Mock Trial debate team. You can do all this and so much more at Carthage College!

Top 10 Coolest Courses at Walden University

It’s easy to get burnt out in college – between the dozens of general education requirements that you swore you already took in high school, the six finals your professors all schedule within the same week, and the seemingly endless path to a degree, …it can get stressful. Sometimes, all you need is a class that’s actually exciting and interesting to raise your spirits. For those looking for a fun and unusual class, here are ten of the coolest classes to take at Walden University.

1. ANTH 3001 – Indigenous Peoples in the Modern World

two elderly indigenous people.

Interested in learning about a different way of life? This course is designed to develop a modern and inclusive understanding of indigenous peoples of the world. Topics include indigenous identity, historical continuity with pre-colonial and/or pre-settler societies, relationship to natural resources, and indigenous languages, cultures and beliefs. Upon completion, students should be able to explain processes of indigenization, adaptation, and communication as phenomena of globalization.

2. ARTS 2001 – Fundamentals of Photographic Arts

Close-up of a person holding a camera.

Looking for a creative outlet? This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of photography and visual fine arts using photography as the medium of expression. Students will be required to have simple film or digital cameras to produce their photographs. Topics include history and principles of design such as emotion, line, plane, space, color, light, value, texture, proportion, and scale. Upon completion, the students will be able to communicate ideas and experiences through photography, edit a portfolio of photographs in color and monochrome, and participate in an online exhibition of images. This fun class is the perfect way to learn a new, useful skill while getting college credit at the same time!

3. BIOL 2320 – Nutritional Science

Aerial shot of a person surrounded by healthy food.

If you love health, wellness, or food (guilty), then this is the perfect class for you. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of the nutritional sciences with an emphasis on the biochemistry of human systems. Topics include digestive and metabolic processes, components of a healthy diet, the role of nutrition in growth and health through the life cycle, and the relationships between nutrition, health, culture, and the environment. Upon completion, students will be able to apply scientific principles when interpreting nutritional information.

4. BUSI 3004 – Entrepreneurship for Small Business

Image of a person looking at a blackboard with many business terms written in chalk.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? This course examines the processes required to undertake the creation and maintenance of a successful business enterprise, with an emphasis on small business. Students focus initially on startup basics for a new small business, followed by the details involved in the development of a business plan. Finally, the nuts and bolts of day-to-day business management are examined, with issues ranging from legal matters to employment decisions.

5. CRJS 3010 – Profiling Serial and Mass Murderers

Illustration of fictional horror movie killers.

Many people are fascinated by serial killers. Whether it’s fictional ones or historical ones, we can’t help but find them interesting. Law enforcement officials characterize serial murder among one of the most abhorrent of all criminal behavior. Students examine the interest in serial and mass murder in popular culture and explore typologies and theories of criminal behavior. Topics include the history and evolution of profiling; roles, goals, and responsibilities of profilers; the use of profiling in criminal investigations; and populations victimized by serial and mass murderers. Students also apply typologies and criminal theories to cases of serial and mass murder.

6. HMNT 3001 – Modern Popular Culture

Collage of people and brands from pop culture.

Celebrities, huge name brands, TV shows, and movies- what’s not to love about pop culture? This course is designed to analyze the artistic and philosophical impact of contemporary media and popular culture. Topics include graphic novels, film, advertising, television, cyberculture, and popular music. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze the ways in which social, political, and economic issues are evident in artistic and creative forms of expression in popular culture.

7. MEDC 4101 – Mass Communications Using New Media

Illustration of many popular apps and websites.

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media of some sort. Blogging, podcasting, social networks, wikis, web conferencing and broadcasting, and mobile messaging have become an integrated means of expressing and sharing our thinking. The learner will delve into these and other new technologies, developing a richer appreciation of their usefulness, their best applications, and their overall utility in a variety of settings.

8. PREL 4101 – Publicity and Public Relations

Illustration of hands holding microphones.

Celebrities and companies alike strive to have good publicity to keep a positive perception in the public’s mind. In this course, the learner will advance to applications of principles and concepts of public relations specifically targeting positive publicity of persons, places, and purposes. Case studies are used extensively to develop expertise through analyzing both successes and failures in the real world.

9. PSPA 1003 – Political Controversies

a large protest with people holding signs.

Our world is run and controlled by politics. Whether directly or indirectly, politics affect every single person on this planet. The Declaration of Independence argues that all men are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Arguments over how to guarantee these inalienable rights have raged for centuries. In this course, students will apply the principles of the U.S. Constitution and examine several modern-day political controversies such as same-sex marriage, the role of the media in society, the debate over gun control, and others in light of their relationship to larger enduring political debates.

10. RELG 2001 – World Religions

Blackboard drawing of different symbols in world religions.

Religion has helped billions of people understand their world and universe better, as well as their purpose on this planet and what will happen to them after death. This course is designed to offer students an exploration of the tenets and sacred texts of the religions of the world. Topics include Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Christianity, Judaism, and Primal religions (e.g., American Indian, African). Upon completion, students should be able to identify the origins, history, beliefs, and practices of the religions studied.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at Texas A&M University

When picking new classes, you must consider both your interests and what’s required of you. While you need to take classes that count towards your major, you also want to take classes that interest you. Read this guide to learn about some cool classes offered at Texas A&M.

1. AGEC 105 – Introduction to Agricultural Economics

A tractor in a cornfield

Agriculture and more specifically agricultural economics, are something that very few people think about. While it’s not something we know a lot about, it’s very important for different reasons. In this class, students will learn about our economic system, economic concepts, ranch firms, farm management, marketing, government farm programs, agricultural finance, and more.

2. ASTR 101 – Basic Astronomy

Stars in the night sky

The universe is so big that even with the years of research scientists have done, there’s still many things we don’t know. In this class, students will learn about basic stellar astronomy, distances between stars, stellar temperatures, H-R diagrams, the fate of stars, and more. Taking this class will help you learn more about our solar system and universe.

3. FILM 324 – Science Fiction and Film

A space ship in front. of a planet

Science fiction is a popular genre that many people enjoy. If you’re one of these people, why not watch some movies and get credit for it?! This class covers the history and future of science fiction film and focuses on filmmakers Kubrick, Jenkins, Cameron, Coogler, and more.

4. DDHS 3110 – Introduction To Dentistry

A dentist cleaning a woman's teeth

Most people don’t know how to properly take care of their teeth or just how important they are. This class will introduce students to dental hygiene and dental specialties. Guest lecturers will also talk to the class about dental hygienists’ role in the dentistry field.

5. DASC 202 – Dairying

Dairy products

Dairy is something we use in our daily lives but few people know how dairy and dairy products are produced. In this class students will survey the dairy industry. This includes topics such as dairy breeds, culling standards, herd replacements, feeding, physiology, food value, quality testing, and more.

6. NFSC 202 – Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

A food chart

Getting the proper nutrients is essential for being healthy. In this class, students will learn the basic principles of nutrition and apply it to the physiologic needs of humans. Some of the main topics includes food sources, adequate diets, the formulation of Recommended Dietary Allowances, nutritional surveillance, and more.

7. CLAS 251 – Classical Mythology

Classic mythology creatures

Mythology has been around for centuries and is the inspiration for many books, tales, and stories. Students who take this class will be introduced to important Greek and Roman myths through reading (don’t worry, the readings are in English). Students will learn about the role of myths in ancient literature and interpret modern and ancient myths.

8. METR 302 – Weather Reports and Forecasting

A weather prediction

Meteorology is a skill that very few people have. The main focus of this class is to allow students to learn about weather and forecasting reports. In addition, students will learn about atmospheric characteristics and processes that are needed to understand weather patterns and atmospheric principles.

9. RENR 375 – Conservation of Natural Resources

Some natural and renewable resources

We all know that the Earth has a limited number of natural resources, all of which we rely on. This class teaches students the principles and philosophies that the development, management, and use of natural resources depend on. In addition, students will learn the different ecological and social implications that are implied with managing alternative and renewable sources.

10. ASCC 102 – Career Awareness

Someone thinking about different career options

This class may be one of the most useful classes you’ll ever take. In this class, students will plan their careers and discover their life goals, giving them time to prepare for the future. Students will also learn about marketable skills, pursuing education relevant to their life goals, participating in professional organization, and more.

Remember this guide when you think about what classes you want to take in the future. Although there are requirements for your major, don’t let that stop you from classes you think you’ll like or interest you! College is the time and place to explore and learn new things!