Top 10 Coolest Courses at Duquesne University

Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit is a private Catholic university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. The school has around 6,000 students that attend. The school has an acceptance rate of 74%. Here are 10 of the coolest courses at Duquesne University.

1. POSC 245: International Relations

an arrangement of different country flags

International Relations is a course that allows students to know how to communicate with others in different countries. It gives you tips on how to look at different cultures social cues , as theirs are different. They also teach you to understand the rules of other countries as well.

2. POSC 290: American Political Thought

aspects of goverment and policy on a usa map

American Political thought is a great course to take as it provides the knowledge of the different political parties that exist in America. It gives insight on not only what makes the parties different, and what they stand for, but also what makes them all the same. If you are looking to study policy this is a fun course to take.

3. PSYC 328 W: Psychology of Personality

the puzzle pieces of the human mind

Psychology of Personality is a course that teaches students the interesting aspects of understanding how personality can define the human mind. Personality makes up a large area of how others perceive the person. If you are looking to have insight of what makes people tick then this is the course for you.

4. PSYC 340: Social Psychology

the mechanics of the brain

Social Psychology is a course that allows students to learn about how psychology is used in the social setting . It teaches students to learn how people are effected by the habits and mindsets/actions of others around them. It gives good information on why people think the way they do and intentions behind their actions.

5. MKTG 371: Introduction to Marketing

a professional on the computer designing her business

Introduction to marketing is the study of relationships of business’s to their customers. It is a course that teaches you how to build relationships through trust . The trust is built by a number of different ways such as charitable giving, mutual connections , great customer service, and value based pricing.

6. COMM 101C: Public Speaking

a microphone in front of people

Public Speaking is a cool class to take because you can utilize it in any course of study you decide to take. You will need to make public speeches in front of fellow business people or even just giving a proposal for funding on research.

7. COMM 103C: Exploring Interpersonal Communication

people communicating face to face through non verbal and verbal signs

Interpersonal communication is a course that teaches students the different ways that people conduct face to face communication. You can learn how social cues are read by others as well as what verbal and non verbal motions/phrases mean. It is a great way to be able to read what others are saying without needing to ask.

8. BLAW 251W: Business Law

golden gavel

Business Law is a course that is cool because it is one of the more interesting facets of law. This law teaches students about lawsuits when it comes to worker rights, business contracts and the sale of consumer good. Depending on the situation it can cause many businesses to be either sued or have a drastic change happen to the company.

9. BLAW 353: Contracts

contracts on a paper with pen

Business law in regards to contracts is a cool class to take as you are given the information on what it takes to get out of a contract or on how to hold someone to their word on a contract. Contracts are meant to be a document that both parties not only agree to but sign, as well as are aware of the consequences of the contract breaking. Contracts can be made for just about anyone such as , record labels for artists, casting agents, and modeling companies.

10. WSGS 285: Intro to Feminist Philosophy

gender equality

Intro to feminist philosophy is a fairly newer course that is interesting as it shows the historical journey that it has taken for women to attain rights. It also shows the beliefs and mindsets of those feminists who are looked at as leaders. You will learn about different political, social and ideals of celebrating women, really means.

Duquesne University is a smaller college that allows people to choose a variety of courses as well as learn about the faith that aligns with what is closest to them. The smaller enrollment size allows students to get the teacher attention they are looking for. The courses gives students plenty of different paths to success, whatever the career may be.

10 Coolest Classes at Creighton University

Creighton University is a private Jesuit University located in Omaha, Nebraska just outside of the financial district. It is home to over 8,000 students and offers degrees from 7 colleges. The largest college is Arts and Sciences with 28% of the students. Here are 10 of the coolest classes at Creighton University!

1. FAPP 444 – Rural Health Care

A sign pointing to a hospital in a rural town.

Rural healthcare often lags behind its urban counterparts so this course is all about making a difference! You will have the unique opportunity to work in a Native American clinic. If you’re worried about tribal medicine, it’s more about bringing healthcare to rural communities. If you want to make a difference in the lives of rural communities, here’s your chance!

2. IDC 222 – Physician Lifestyle Management

A team of doctors smiles at a group photo event.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a physician? Students taking this year-long course will learn about and practice lifestyle management skills useful to becoming a physician. These can include study skills, career development, leadership skills and professionalism. The course is focused on development in four key areas.

3. PHA 213 – Human Anatomy for Pre-Pharmacy Students

Human diagram of internal organs.

This course is an interesting look at the human body for those who wish to go on to pharmacy school. Students will learn about the various structures that include cellular, tissue and organ systems. It will prepare them for treating patients with different ailments. Maybe your next prescription will be filled by someone who was a graduate of the pharmacy program!

4. PHY 105 – Frontiers in Astronomy

A satellite image of the galaxy.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about astronomy but don’t want to go in too deep, you can take this course as an introduction. Students will learn about everything from the Big Bang to quasars, dark energy, and black holes. You will also learn about attempts to contact extraterrestrial life. Using the scientific method, you can explore the universe using the same tools as real astronomers.

5. EDP 461 – The Crucified People of Today

A citizen votes for a proposed poverty reduction plan.

If you want to explore poverty from a multi-disciplinary perspective, you can take this course! You will combine religious explanations for social injustice with economic considerations for ideas to eliminate poverty. While much of the course will be classroom based, you will also have a service component focused on poverty in the Dominican Republic. There will also be time to reflect on your experiences.

6. RSP 104 – Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life

Picture of library view with students studying

You’re a freshman and you don’t know much about the campus you’ve landed yourself on. Have no fear, this class will save the day! It introduces freshman honors students in the College of Arts and Sciences to life at Creighton University. Students will learn study tips as well as plan for success in the arts and sciences.

7. JRM 327 – Social Media

Examples of social media apps on person's phone

Think you know how to navigate around social media? This class will teach you the history of social media and how to produce your own content on various platforms. It will explore how social media can be used with respect to news, advertising, and public relations. You will also learn about the legal and ethical aspects of social media.

8. BIO 492 – Seminar in Undergraduate Classroom Instruction

Picture of a person in class in front of a lecture hall

This course is required of all undergraduate TAs. Students will learn how to communicate course information, how to grade fairly, and how to keep course records. For biology, TAs will help proctor exams and labs. They may also hold office hours.

9. ILS 304 – Financial and Quantitative Dimensions of Leadership

A man looks at some statistical figures.

You may be ready for a job, but do you have the necessary skills? This class will ensure you have the quantitative and financial skill for any career. Students will utilize financial information to help corporate organizations and quantitative skills to help drive decisions. Examples will come from real-life in order to provide a realistic scenario.

10. PLS 316 – Government and Politics of the People’s Republic of China

A draft session of the National People's Congress in China.

China is a growing economic and political power and this course will explore China’s political environment. Learn about the distribution of power, key institutions, decision-making process, and political participation. The process isn’t as opaque as some people think it is! Also, learn about ongoing political reform.

Those were some of the coolest classes you’ll find at Creighton University! You can rest assured that if you take the financial and quantitative readiness class, you will be ready for any job involving numbers. Or if you decide you want to become a TA, you can practice the skills needed to lead your students to success. It’s all possible right here!

10 Coolest Courses at Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College is a public liberal arts college located in Olympia, Washington. Although most of the classes students are expected to take in college are in a major or degree track, it is extremely valuable to take a few electives that you are truly interested in, or that are just fun and easy. For any students looking for a bit of a break, here are 10 of the coolest courses at Evergreen State College.

1. 10011 – Audio Recording 1

Picture of person in studio at the audio booth, while recording and producing music

Audio production is the process of producing sound effects and music (including studio recordings and backing tracks), usually using electronic and digital means. Students taking this class will get an inside look as to how their favorite pop radio hits are made, and the sound engineers behind it all. For their final project, they’ll even get a chance to make their very own multi-step music project with their fellow classmates.

2. 10078 – Anthrozoology

Different types of animals

Why is it okay to eat a pig, but absolutely awful to eat a dog? What animals do we consider ripe for the slaughter, and which ones do we hold dear to our hearts and think of as our kin – and why does this happen? Anthrozoology seeks to explore these questions and understand the historical and current relationship between humans and different animal species. Students will partake in field trips and interviews to understand how animals are viewed in many different cultures.

3. 10033 – Broke: Poverty in the US Today

Picture of a protest, with signs that say Fight Poverty NOT the Poor.

An incredibly timely and important class, 10033 – Broke, offers students an in-depth understanding of the extreme wealth disparities present in the US, and which groups are disproportionately affected. In addition to statistics and sociological studies, students will also listen to artists who have dealt with poverty in the US and gain a more personal perspective on what it’s like to be broke.

4. 20103 – Ceramics: Foundational Skills

A person throwing on a ceramics wheel

For a fun new hobby that involves working with your hands and the hot burning fires of a kiln, look no further than Ceramics. This introductory course puts students in the studio and teaches them the basic forming processes and hand-building techniques needed for pottery-making. The best thing is that you can finally make your own dishware – no more trips to HomeGoods’ sale aisle!

5. 10142 – Clones and Mutants: Genetics and Photography

Digital illustration of  DNA in abstract background

10142 explores the themes of the individual and what constitutes an “individual”. In the new scientific era of genetic engineering and cloning, there are suddenly infinite possibilities to changing our own biology, and it can be harder to define who “we” truly are. This is a highly philosophical course – the kind that’ll make you stop and wonder “who am I? What is an individual? Do we even really exist?”. Your existential crises will definitely be fun at parties.

6. 10269 – Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry

Picture of ink pen on a notebook with some cursive writing on the page.

For all the aspiring J.K. Rowlings and George R. R. Martins, this course is… probably not the one for you. But if you want to follow in the likes of Edgar Allen Poe’s horrific short stories or Lord Byron’s drawling romantic poetry, consider taking 10269. Students will be assigned various short writing and poetry assignments and be offered feedback on their work. At the end of the course, the class will host a community open mic to showcase their final projects.

7. 10092 – Farm to Table

Ever looked at that bottle of organic, locally-produced, farm-fresh, lactose-free, GMO-free, free-range, fat-free milk at your local Whole Foods and wonder what that glaringly obnoxious “Farm-to-table!” sticker truly meant? Wonder no more – 10092 will expose students to the realities of modern-day farming and food production, both through exploring the biology and anthropological history of agriculture and human-plant co-evolution and through field trips to local food banks and farms.

8. 10176 – Forests

Picture of a forest with light coming through and moss everywhere

Want to take your next biology course on the damp floor of the lush Pacific Northwest forests, surrounded by unique wildlife found nowhere else? 10176 is the perfect course for you! Through both lecture and field trips, students will explore the ecological, biological, chemical, and environmental aspects of the forests in Washington State, and will even partake in their own fieldwork in the Cascade Mountains.

9. 10263 – Island Ecology and Evolution

Empty hammock strung from palm trees overlooking a blue ocean on an idyllic tropical island

Maybe forest life just isn’t for you, but you still want an amazing ecological adventure to spice up your course list. 10263 has got your back with its exploration of the coastal Washington islands, which allows students to take field trips to multiple of these islands and partake in fieldwork. Students will look at the ecology and biodiversity of islands and how they can be protected from human impact.

10. 10200 – Madness and Creativity: The Psychological Link

Van Gogh's STARRY NIGHT painting

Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear? Why did Picasso find it funny to fire blanks from a revolver to random people he found distasteful? 10200 will explore the lives and mental states of many eccentric artists and explore these questions, along with a more fundamental one: Is there a psychological link between mental illness or psychological disturbance, and high levels of creativity? Students will learn from more than textbooks, using real-life art and media from the artists discussed in class.

10 Coolest Courses at Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University, located in Richmond, Kentucky, is a regional university that offers many courses of study in diverse fields to its students. For many students going to college, it can become easy to get caught up in the drudgery of required major courses and general education requirements. Thankfully, EKU offers these 10 incredibly cool courses for students who want to shake it up a bit and try something new!

1. ARH 467 – U.S. Architectural History I

Classical architecture influences are apparent in many D.C. buildings.

From the picturesque Victorian-style homes of the eastern seaboard to the classical Greek and Roman hallmarks of the government buildings in Washington D.C., the United States has a unique and diverse architectural history to be explored. In this class, students will study the specialties of American architecture from early colonization to the late 1900s, focusing on regional differences.

2. ART 100 – Drawing I

drawing of human eye

Most of us probably don’t consider ourselves to be outstanding artists, and it’s totally okay if your idea of a self-portrait involves an elaborate stick figure drawing. But for anyone who wants to boost their skills, Drawing 1 introduces students to basic principles and techniques of drawing.

3. ART 280 – Photography I

Picture of camera looking towards landscape

Want to take your Instagram posts to the next level? Or perhaps you want to start a small side-hustle taking prom pics? Either way, Photography 1 is the perfect course to jump start a new hobby (or even a new career!). Students will learn how basic cameras operate and how to alter the settings of a camera to take the best pictures. They will also learn the basic artistic elements of capturing photos.

4. PSY 308 – Abnormal Psychology

Picture of question mark in person's profile

Many people who has suffered with mental illness have historically been treated unfairly, often times viewed as criminals. Thankfully, the days of horrific sanitariums and asylums are mostly history, and new understandings of psychology and neurology help people understand the reasons for much of this “abnormal” behavior. Abnormal Psychology teaches students the biology, causes, and treatment of many mental disorders.

5. BIO 303 – Human Heredity and Society

Picture of a family tree cartoon

Why do certain families and bloodlines seem “cursed” with rare diseases? Where do strange “superpower” like genetic mutations pop up from? How does society become shaped through heredity and pedigree? These questions and more will be explored in BIO 303, where students will learn how the inheritance of human traits influence population trends and societies throughout time.

6. ANT 311 – Anthropology of Religion

PIcture of witchcraft stuff

From the larger religions of Islam or Christianity, to tribal folklore and witchcraft, religion is an integral component of many societies, both throughout history and currently. Students will explore how religion intersects with economic, political, and gender structures in global societies, and come away with a worldly knowledge of religious and spiritual beliefs.

7. ANT 391 – Marriage & Family Cross-Culturally

Collage of different royal people's wedding day

While Hallmark might make it easy to believe that romance, love, and, eventually, marriage, were all just natural parts of society and life, this is far from the case in many societies. ANT 391 explores how ideas of marriage and family differ between different cultures and societies, throughout history and currently, and how that change is reflected in their societies.

8. ADM 310 – Historical Costume and the Social Order

Picture of historical costumes

How you dress has always been a status symbol – whether it’s the great pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the stuffy royals of pre-revolutionary France, or Regina George and her plastics’ so in designer clothes. ADM 310 explores how fashion and clothing, from ancient Egypt to the 20th century, are influenced by the social and political order.

9. BIO 310 – Biology of Aging

picture of the evolution of aging from baby to senior

It’s happening to you right at this moment – your cells are dividing, your telomeres are shrinking, and… is that a wrinkle? Before you scream and run to your nearest Botox clinic, BIO 310 is here to remind us all that aging is a perfectly natural process that happens to everyone. Students will explore how different parts of their bodies are affected by the aging process, and even learn how their current actions may affect them decades down the line.

10. ART 270 – Ceramics I

picture of person spinning a vase with clay

If digital or paper arts just don’t do it for you, consider working with your hands and making some beautiful pottery – art that can be both functional and aesthetic. ART 270 allows students to gain an introduction to the ancient craft of ceramics. It’s a skill that may take time to perfect, but could lead to a great hobby.

10 Coolest Courses At Drake University

Drake University, a midsized, private university in Des Moines, Iowa, offers courses that keep students interested in learning and reaching for their dreams. Their variety in programs included courses that can’t be found in other universities. Check out 10 of their coolest courses below:


Photographer photographing an owl

Do you enjoy photographing nature and all the incredible animals that roam the earth? Through BIO 061, you’ll be able to go off-campus and photograph landscapes, flora, and fauna with the class. The course focuses on the content, technique, and composition of your images. Students will use digital SLR cameras and lenses, digital sensors, exposure, and light composition. The best part is that no previous experience is needed, just an interest in learning.


a corner of the earth in space

Gender and space are seen in various novels and movies. One of the primary filters is gender, where ideas of space and the future are sifted and not completely visible. This Women’s Studies course will investigate visual and literary texts while discussing its relevance to various historical contexts, and how it relates to men and women.


drawing of salem witch trials occurring in a court room

The Salem Witch Trials are an important piece of history that isn’t usually taught through its course. Students will investigate the relationship between the practices and changes in social, political and economic settings since then. Specific topics throughout the semesters include “The Birth of Mass Cultural”. “The 1950’s: Televison Takes on the American Home”, and “The Salem Witch Trials”.


Handwritten board with the words "Small Business"

Many college students begin their own small businesses before they graduate. With a course like BUS 150, students can feel more secure taking control of their own ideas while understanding what it takes to run a successful business. This course emphasizes the managerial decisions required to start and maintain a business.


Alphabet letters in American Sign Language

Have you ever wanted to learn American Sign Language? ASL 070 examines its historical development, values, cultural identity, communication, and language of the deaf culture. You’ll also learn about specific members of the deaf community who have made significant societal contributions. The course will also draw comparisons and contrasts between the deaf culture and hearing culture.


Intaglio printmaking consists of creating visual images on a metal plate for press printing. You’ll see how original prints, from antique to contemporary, can be transformed into different visual images. It’s a new skill to learn or a way of enhancing your photography portfolio.


Gym teacher giving a lesson

Being a health and physical education teacher comes with many years of learning how the body responds to exercise and the importance of staying healthy. EDUC 002 studies the meaning, scope and historical foundation of health and physical education in schools. You’ll leave the semester with the knowledge and skills needed to create your own health and physical education programs.


Different parts of advertising

Advertisements are everywhere! Have you ever wondered where the ideas originated or how the idea became a full grown billboard in the middle of the street? Students will explore all forms of media, how people consume media, persuasion theories, writing and designing your ideas into advertisements. By the end of the semester, students will plan and execute an ad campaign.

9. LLAB 032 – Natural Hist: Field Arch

Waterfall in the middle of the woods

As part of the Natural History Workshops, these introductory courses are for anyone who is interested in learning more about nature. Students will take off-campus trips to visit parks, nearby mountains, and locations where there is so much to learn about nature.


Recycling sign

Have you ever seen art made out of things you would consider garbage? This really cool course turns discarded or obsolete materials and objects into sculptures. Repurposing traditional objects that many throws away can be a great way to express yourself through art or create a new masterpiece for your dorm room.

While following your specific major’s plan for graduation, try taking some courses that are for pure interest. Those may spark a new hobby or interest that can continue being a part of your life years after graduating. Good luck next semester!

10 Coolest Courses at Castleton University

Balancing classes, part time jobs, and friendships can be a tough task to manage in college. Luckily, the more you enjoy your classes, the easier it is to balance these things. When you take fun classes that you enjoy, learning the material comes easier, which means less time stressing over cramming for tests. If you’re a student at Castleton University and you’re interested in taking fun classes, then check out this list. Below are ten of the coolest courses that are available at Castleton University.

1. ART 1410 – Digital Photography I

Image of a person holding a camera.

If you like to take pictures, why not get college credit for it? In this course, the student will explore the mechanical and electronic aspects of digital photography, as well as developing some of the basic tools of image manipulation.  Instruction will include the aesthetics of digital images. Not only do you get to express yourself creatively in this course, but you’ll learn lots of tips and techniques to make your pictures look professional.

2. BUS 3272 – Social Media Marketing

Illustration of different social media icons.

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media of some sort. A large percentage of consumers no longer read newspapers, listen to the radio, or even watch TV anymore. Instead, they spend their free time watching videos and sharing posts on social media. Facebook®, Twitter, LinkedIn®, and YouTube™ have changed the way consumers communicate today and businesses must be a part of this social discussion or risk losing significant marketing opportunities. This course lays the conceptual foundation and practical approach to developing successful social media marketing plans while achieving desired marketing goals. The most productive marketing tactics for each type of major social media platform are examined in depth.

3. COM 1050 – Introduction to Popular Culture

Collage of different celebrities and brands in pop culture.

If you can name celebrities, movies, songs, and games, then you’re familiar with pop culture. Most people are familiar with popular culture because the stories and people are entertaining. This course explores the ways in which media and the entertainment industries have made consumerism the focal point of American culture and society. Focusing primarily on the marketing and consumption of clothing, food, toys and religion, students will examine how the commercialization and privatization of popular culture have forced us to revise how we think of ourselves as individuals and as a nation.

4. CRJ 3140 – Mass Murderers and Serial Killers

Illustration of fictional serial killers from horror movies.

Some of the most popular movies and TV shows are those about serial murderers. Whether they’re fictional or real ones, we can’t help but find them interesting. So why are people so fascinated by serial killers? This class might answer that question for you. This course is an examination of the crimes of mass murder and serial killing in the United States. Students will look at the history, traits, and characteristics of the killers, the crimes, and the victims. They will study the efforts of the law enforcement community to identify and track down such offenders, and criminal justice system efforts to deal with them after capture.

5. DAN 1040 – Introductory Dance Workshop

Picture of a dance class.

If you’re looking for an exciting and energetic class, then this is the perfect one for you. This is an introductory level workshop in specific dance techniques and styles such as ballet, jazz, modern or tap. You don’t want to be that person at the party with two left feet. In this class, you’ll improve your rhythm, learn new dance moves, and have fun all at the same time.

6. GLB 2030 – Coffee and the World

Image of a map of the world floating in a cup of coffee.

If you’re like most college students, then you might not be able to function without coffee. This course uses a familiar commodity – coffee – as a lens through which to examine the relationship between the familiar goods we consume and what it takes to deliver them to us. Coffee is the second-most traded good in the world (after oil) and its production, trade, and consumption affect millions of people. Despite this, most people know very little about it. What they do know is focused almost entirely on consumption of the final product. Throughout the semester, students will draw back the curtain on coffee to learn how local choices affect the world.

7. OER 1225 – Wilderness Canoe Tripping

Image of people in a canoe in the wilderness.

Calling all adventure and nature lovers; this class investigates the art of canoeing, through the lens of a wilderness canoe trip leader. Students learn to assess risk and manage it accordingly on a multi-day paddling trip. This involves group management, diverse paddling strategy, choosing and packing appropriate gear, camp set up, menu planning and cooking, route finding, canoe rescue and maintenance. The class culminates with a three-day paddling expedition in the Northeast wilderness. Each student leaves the course confident in his/her ability to lead a multi-day canoe trip through a variety of water types, including flat and white water. Students have the ability to appropriately instruct and monitor a group as they prepare for and engage in a canoe expedition.

8. PED 1275 – Ultimate Frisbee

Picture of people playing ultimate frisbee.

If you’re athletic or love sports, then this fun class will be perfect for you. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced fun game that is played world-wide.  This course is an introduction to the rules, basic skills, and strategies for playing ultimate frisbee.  Course components include drills to improve individual skills and team play, modified games, and full-game play. You’ll get a great workout and college credit all in one!

9. SCI 1050 – The Science of Food

Picture of a person surrounded by fruits and vegetables.

Food is one of the most universally loved things. What could be better than a class all about it? In this course students learn about the science of food and cooking.  Topics include the production, preparation and consumption of meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, fruits, spices, and beverages, such as coffee and beer.  Nutrition, metabolism, and health concerns related to each of the food classes will also be discussed.  Laboratory exercises include the preparation, analysis and consumption of various food items.

10. THA 2121 – Acting I

Image of three people reciting a script and acting out the scene.

Everyone always dreams of being a famous actor; it looks like so much fun, and can potentially pay really well. And who wouldn’t want to be in movies and TV shows? This course will emphasize principles of acting at the beginning level. Emphasis will be placed on exercises and course work related to relaxation, talking and listening, body dynamics, concentration, sensory awareness, imagination, improvisation, actions and objectives in addition to other basic concepts related to the actor’s process. Performance requirements include individual and group exercises and two-character scene work.

10 Coolest Courses at Camden County College

Camden County College is a two-year community college situated in Blackwood, New Jersey. For many students, completing a two-year degree may seem more like an arduous chore and less like a fun pursuit of knowledge. Here are ten of the coolest courses at Camden County College to help break up the monotony!

1. PHO 226 – Digital Photography

Picture of digital camera pointed towards landscape while

Digital Photography can be a useful skill in the new Internet age. Want to spice up your Instagram profile? Or maybe take the best photographs during that summer road trip? Fear not – PHO 226 is the perfect class to boost those photography skills to the next level. Students will learn the basics of operating a digital camera, adjusting the settings, and doing basic computer alterations to the photos.

2. SPE 102 – Public Speaking

Picture of lady with ponytail speaking in microphone to a large crowd

It’s the number one fear for many people around the world for a reason – public speaking is excruciatingly hard. Unfortunately, most careers require some form of public speaking or client interaction, so knowing how to say things while sounding poised and confident is an absolute must. For a fun and engaging course that teaches this essential life skill, check out SPE 102. Students can practice their public speaking skills in a safe space, while also challenging themselves to try something new.

3. CGR 113 – Web Page Design

Picture of coding on computer screen

Ever surfed the web and wondered how it all came to be? Although beautiful and stunning web pages seem like a standard in our current Internet culture, go back to 1990s, and you’ll see some pretty frightful eyesores. Modern web page design is a lucrative and in-demand field, as companies want their websites to flow smoothly and appear eye-catching. CGR 113 can help students learn unique web page design and coding skills that can be both fun to apply and lead to potential career paths.

4. CGR 253 – Digital Illustration

Picture of the Mona Lisa painting

Move over pencil and paper: there’s a new artistic tool in town. Digital illustration has become a massive online market and career skill for many artists. New illustration tools like the Wacom drawing tablet and software like Paint SAI are all the rage, and while pencil and paper drawings still have great merits to them, most employers do expect artists to have this under their belt. The class is also fun for anyone who wishes to expand a drawing hobby to the new digital age!

5. MUS 230 – Audio Production

Picture of person using keyboards while on stage in front of crowd

From aspiring students gunning to become the next Marshmello (or maybe just a half-decent wedding DJ) to the weekend guitar player just planning to upload their tunes to Soundcloud, audio production is an extremely useful skill to learn. MUS 230 goes over basic mixing techniques, software and tools students can use, and how to create music and audio that sounds clean. It’s a great starter course for anyone interested in producing music and a fun challenge for the casual musician.

6. CGR 105 – Podcasting

Picture of two people speaking into microphones whille recording a podcast

If you love listening to the bizarre and moving stories on This American Life or entangling the true crime webs of Serial, you’re sure to love CGR 105. A credit course that teaches students the technicalities of creating and producing a podcast, this course is both fun for podcast junkies who want to see behind the curtain of their favorite form of entertainment and great career development for anyone who wants to work in radio and podcasting entertainment and news.

7. PSY 106 – Psychology of Adolescence

Picture of a question mark inside person's profile

There truly never was a creature more misunderstood than the American teenager – at least, that’s what all the grunge music, punk songs, and angsty teen movies and books will have you believe. However, a few brave psychologists (more like many, many psychologists throughout all of human history) have taken it upon themselves to dissect the complex emotions and experiences of teenagers all around the world. Psychology of Adolescence is an interesting class that offers new perspectives on adolescent culture, new challenges facing teenagers, and may even help you understand yourself better!

8. FNS 105 – Introduction to Nutrition

picture of a healthy meal, with veggies and a plate full of salad

Whether it’s keto, Atkins, vegan, or a god-awful Beach Body diet, many people these days look to the internet for dieting and nutrition advice, often trying to chase unrealistic body expectations in short time periods. This, however, should not discourage people from learning to take care of their bodies and living healthier lifestyles – that’s where FNS 105 comes in. This comprehensive course will cover the foundations of nutrition, fitness, and ways that students can lead a healthy lifestyle through diet.

9. PSY 104 – Abnormal Psychology

Picture of cartoon girl sitting with clourds and rain around her

While most psychology courses cover ‘healthy’ psychological principles – behaviors that many people exhibit normally and are considered not pathological, PSY 104 takes the opportunity to dive into mental illness and abnormal behavior. Taking sociological and biological perspective into account, PSY 104 gives students new understandings of traditionally ignored or stigmatized mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. This class is both interesting and extremely enlightening.

10. ASL 101 – American Sign Language I

Picture of person signing in ASL

Despite being a valuable skill that promotes inclusive communication between the Deaf and Hearing communities, ASL is not very widely known by hearing people. A unique language, ASL employs the hands and body to communicate, rather than sounds, and learning the language can be a rewarding experience that broadens your horizons and provides a challenge. Additionally, it can be a lifelong skill that will help make you an ally to the Deaf community.

10 Coolest Courses at the Community College of Rhode Island

Every university has a few courses that are too cool to not take. The Community College of Rhode Island will keep you on your toes as you look through their course catalog for the next semester. Check out some of the coolest courses on campus here:

1. ARTS 1810 – Darkroom Photography I

Photographs hanging until it dries in a dark red room

Interested in photography? Most people begin with digital cameras that can be bought on websites like Amazon. If you’re looking for something unique and have experience with photography, ARTS- 1810 will challenge you to think outside the box. This course covers the principles of exposure using cameras, film, and paper to make your own personal images. Make sure to have a 35 mm SLR film camera with manual exposure controls or borrow one from the classroom. Also, be aware that the class has a Art Studio Fee of $50.00.

2. COMM 2300 – Video & Media Editing

Person editing a video on a computer software

If video editing is something you’ve been wanting to learn, this course will help you achieve that goal! Not only will you study the history, techniques, and technology of video and media editing, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on advanced editing exercises. By the end of the course, students will have enough knowledge to pursue a career in video editing if that’s the goal. The only pre-requisites are COMM 1000 and a Lab Fee of $20.00.

3. ENGL 1210 – Introduction to Film

Film reels, camera, and clapperboard

Interested in watching films but not the editing aspect of it? ENGL-1210 analyzes film narratives, mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sounds. All these separate ideas come together to create a deeper meaning for the films. With just a Lab Fee of $20.00, this can be the introductory course to ignite a deeper interest in film studies.

4. HMLS 1000 – Intro. to Homeland Security

Official sign of the Homeland Security

Homeland Security protects the United States of many terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and much more in a state, national, and international level. This course will examine the most critical threats and challenges homeland security must deal with on a daily basis. There is a lot of background information that built the organization and you’ll learn all of it here in HMLS-1000.

5. OCEN 1010 – Introduction to Oceanography

Two cartoon human figures wearing protective gear in the ocean

This course studies the origin of oceans, history of seawater, tides, waves, sea floor, plant and animal life in the sea, oceanic resources and food, and marine pollution. OCEN-1010 accompanies a lab course to put further practice into the studies of the marine environment.

6. OPTI 2040 – Introduction to Contact Lenses

Woman putting on a contact lense

Millions of people in the U.S. wear contact lenses in their daily lives. If you’ve ever been interested in the historical information behind them, this course will give you that knowledge. Topics include the uses of the biomicroscope, keratometer, and radioscope, as well as patient care, cleaning, insertion, and removal of contact lenses.

7. PHED 1645 – Kettles and Ropes

Kettlebell rack

Looking for a fitness class early in the morning or after you’ve finished all your sedentary courses? Kettlebells, suspension bodyweight training and wave velocity training all offer a quick cardiorespiratory and strength training program that will keep you healthy and strong. Students can create their own training programs to meet their strength, endurance, and cardiorespiratory needs.

8. RUSN 1050 – Elementary Russian I

The alphabet letters in Russian

Students with some previous experience in the Russian language can benefit in the long run from taking RUSN-1050. In this course, you’ll continue conversating, reading, writing, and studying grammar in Russian. It can also benefit students with a deep interest in the language and the determination to learn.

9. SOCS 1010 – General Sociology

Variety of genders

As we discover what we do, thinking and feeling depends on our understanding of what it means to be male or female, thrive in a society where social interaction and values are important to who we are, we realize we live in a sociological society. SOCS-1010 explores the different expectations people have for one another, as well as the social norms, groups, intergroup relations, social change, stratification and institutions all intertwined. The course is divided into intensive reading, research, and discussion with the intellectual tools needed to understand and talk about sociology.

10. TRVL 1010 – Intro to Travel and Tourism

World map with recognizable monuments in the world

Traveling is in almost everybody’s bucket lists as visiting other places becomes more intriguing every day. What most people don’t know is the importance of the travel and tourism profession. Students will learn about travel products and destinations, as well as the business and technical skills necessary for a successful travel career.

As the semester gets closer, it gets even more important to take courses that you know you’ll enjoy! Are you thinking of registering for any courses from this list? Let us know! We hope you have a great semester!

10 Coolest Courses at Amherst College

As a student, it is really important to choose a class that will fit your interest because it will help you boost the fun you will be having at school. It will also develop your skills if it aligns your interest and here are the top 10 Coolest courses at Amherst College!


girl sitting on the ground while playing the guitar

Are you a music lover? This course teaches the basic of music including developing a theoretical and practical understanding of how music functions especially to those people who do not have a background in music. Musical notation, intervals, basic harmony, rhythm, and meter can also be learned in this class.


people listening to a band performing at a concert

This class is more than just listening to music and connecting on the internet, it is also about examining the stake for performers and listeners in a live setting. You will understand how music changes or stays on its formats styles and cultures.


an illustration of a brain split into creative and mathematical side

This class focuses on the nature-nurture controversy. If you are interested in studying human behavior and the process of cognitive and emotional development, then this class is for you. This class is the introduction of psychological inquiry regarding change of behavior.


a picture of a night sky

Stargazing at night is fascinating to most people and learning the variety of phenomena in the nighttime sky and even in the daytime will make it even more fascinating. In this class, you will be taught about the universe and understand the celestial phenomena of the sky.


silhouette of a man looking at the night sky

Are you a “wonderer”? Do you wonder how stars formed and die? The shape of the universe in it? This class will explore and answer all your curiosity and teach you the fields of astronomy and cosmology and understanding proportionalities, relative sizes and visual representation of data.


three ladies practising synchronize dancing

This class teaches movement vocabularies by working with weight, posture, gesture, pattern, rhythms, space and relationship of body parts. You will understand how movement communicates with emotions, thought, and physical structures.


woman wearing a traditional asian costume while dancing

This teaches you how to analyze the character along with its action the role it is playing. Activities include exercises that will make you understand about the creative and collaborative process. This class teaches the creation of dramatic action and character.


silver coins on top of paper money

This class studies the relationship between economic activity and environmental problems and its effects on the problems the country is facing in term of scarcity and the ways of micro and macroeconomics systems allocates among people. If you are interested in learning how to help your country how to resolve this problem enroll yourself in this class.


photo of rooftops of houses

This class is an introductory class that deals with the basics in architecture. You will learn through practice the basics of sketching up to parallel drawing, theoretical and form historical and critical perspectives. You will also have field trips and sketching; at the end of the semester, you will understand the challenges of architecture.


photo of circular stairs

The practice of art enhances your skill in applying elements of composition, weight, line, value, perspective, form, spatial concerns, color theory, and graphics. This class also teaches the understanding of the visual vocabulary of art.

10 Coolest Courses at Azusa Pacific University

Learning is essential – so as a student, you must grab the opportunity of enrolling yourself in the class where you want to enhance your skills and develop a wide understanding on the things you are interested in and wants to pursue it. Here are the top 10 coolest courses at Azusa Pacific University!


man checking the neck's alignment of a lady

This class studies the procedures on how to assess someone for early detection of disease. This is one of the coolest course because some procedures are easy to learn and apply if there’s bump or pain then you might have already detected early signs of disease! As a nursing student, your skills will improve in doing an assessment of physical and psychosocial of adult clients.


nurse checking blood samples in a lab

This class is an introduction to a study of theories relating to etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical manifestation of diseases that affect the body. You will learn about the diseases that can invade the body and how to treat it; class also includes maintenance of cellular tissue oxygenation, fluid and electrolyte balance, and genetic balance.


picture of two pieces of paper, one with the word illegal and another with legal

This class is one of the coolest courses because you will learn how criminal justice operates. Criminal issues are being unraveled and you will understand how society responds to crime. The criminologist uses different methods to measure the extent of time, the people involved in crime, the crimes they have done and the reaction of the people in the community.


golden gavel

This class is for students who are interested in addressing issues that are happening in the 21st century through organizing community forums. In this class, you will learn the different types of civic engagement in a democracy as it relates to the criminal justice system.


rose on top of a book

Enhance your reading skills now and enroll in this class! This class will help you read and write more effectively as well as comprehension and vocabulary. Activities include reading, writing and enhancing grammar which focuses on paragraph, essays, summary and response writing.


kid reading the holy bible in bed

This class is for students with no Christianity background and fundamental knowledge about Christianity is being taught. This will teach you about Christianity and fosters reflection on how t o apply a biblically founded worldview in each life.


set of make up kit

To those who love makeup and want to bring their talent in theaters, this class is for you! This class revolves around applying make up for theatrical characters and you will learn the techniques on how to apply makeup for each person fit for her character. It also focuses on developing attention to facial structure, and use of each makeup for characters.


man using a studio camera

This class teaches the fundamentals skills in filmmaking and evaluate their own film in light of the current cultural context. This is an introduction to producing films, form principal photography, post-production to the exhibition. This class will develop your skill in film making and deepen your understanding that needs to evaluate each film.


man wearing black jacket and hat while playing the guitar

This is an introduction to the music from all over the world; classical, popular and folk music from countries such as Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Indonesia, and Latin American. You will learn the connection of music and belief system, aesthetic and history. This class also utilizes basic theories and methodologies of ethnomusicology.


image of two men with red background

Human Anatomy and Physiology studies the human body parts form an integrated perspective. This is one of the coolest courses because you will learn everything about the human body, from its parts, the functions of its parts and even the disease that might occur in the body. Topics include different systems of the body and its special functions.