Top 10 Coolest Clubs at UIowa

The University of Iowa is the flagship public research university in Iowa City, Iowa. The school services almost 22,00 students. One of the more notable alum has been the names Ashton Kutcher (actor) and Gene Wilder( actor). Here are 1o cool clubs at the University of Iowa.

1. Active Minds

 the logo for active minds

Active Minds is a group on campus that is on campus that allows students to learn about and be aware of mental health. When it comes to juggling stressful situations such as work overscheduling you or boatloads of homework your mental health and rapidly decrease.

2. American Advertising Association

 a billboard for a new product

The American Advertising Association has plenty of branches within the United State. This group is meant for those students who have a yearning for knowledge in the advertising world. The events they host are their annual Addy’s as well as agency tours and guest speakers.

3. Badminton Club

 a racket and birdies

Are you looking for a low-stress hobby/sport to play? Look no further to badminton. It is a game that is similar to tennis only you use a birdy, the net isn’t as large and you aren’t running nearly as much. Become stress-free with this fun sport.

4. Bass Fishing Club

 a person holding a fish

Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Are you one that enjoys the fight or just likes to eat what they caught? Come and check out the bass fishing club. This club is made up of enthusiasts of the sport. You will find people who enjoy fishing and some that even do in all weathers.

5. Campus Christian Fellowship

 the lord on the cross

Campus Christian fellowship is a group on campus that is committed to teaching students the word of the lord and how to stay on the path of his acts. The group meets up for bible studies, worship nights and even social events.

6. Chess Club

 a chessboard and game piece

Chess is a game that is played by many but even more, students are not aware of the benefits of chess. This particular game that allows you to think strategically as well as not only have your own moves anticipated but the moves of your opponent.

7. Delta Zeta

 the logo for for delta zeta

Delta Zeta is a sorority on campus that is committed to leading a path for leadership and friendship, while also making a difference in the lives of others. The group carries out fundraising initiatives for their philanthropy. The group also holds social events to better get to know their sisters.

8. Disc Golf Club

 a disc golf course

Disc golf is a fun club to join if you are committed to being out in nature and love the crispness of fresh air. It is a perfect way to relieve stress and can be enjoyed by anyone from a newcomer to a veteran. The game is fairly leisurely and there are plenty of people to help you learn.

9. Eats and Treats

 people cooking in a kitchen

Finally, a club that celebrates food! This club is made up for students that enjoy the craft of cooking. This is a great club to join if you are looking for community. The group creates everything under the sun from entrees to decadent desserts.

10. Food Pantry at Iowa

 stacks of cans of soup

The food pantry is an initiative on campus that allows students to come in if they are experiencing financial strife. This means that the student might be having difficulty paying for staple food items due to circumstances such as paying for college or rent /bills.

Top Events of the School Year at University of Iowa

1. Graduate/Undergraduate Concert

a group of people at a concert

Enjoy the talents that the students of the school have put on. The event will be held at the Space Place Theater. The events and free and open to all, this is a great way to show your parents or friends all that the school has to showcase students.

2. Stress-Less Mason Jars

 cute craft mason jars

Stress-Less mason jars is a free event that you can attend to meet with other crafters in an environment that are both relaxing and buzzing with conversation. There will be light snacks and plenty of decorations to make the cutest decor piece.

3. You Must Wear a Hat

 people viewing a theater performance

Come on down for an amazing time of viewing the talented theater department. The show You Must Wear a Hat is about people producing hats at the Great Barrier Reef. This is all happening with the idea of the world ending.

4. Global Internship: Information Table

the countries of the world interconnected

Do you need an internship? Do you want to attain an internship that will separate you from the competition? Here is the chance to see what industries and internships are available to you. Just come by the table and your questions will be answered.

5. Cuisine: Taste of Asia

 a bowl of spicy asian soup

Have you always wondered what authentic Asian cuisine tastes like? Well, wonder no more. The Asian Pacific American Cultural Center is hosting an event that allows students to sample a variety of different soups as well as play a culture game called “Where around the world?”.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at ECU

East Carolina University is a public doctoral/research university in Greenville, North Carolina. The school has over 21,000 students and one of their most notable alum was actress Sandra Bullock. Here are 10 cool clubs to visit at East Carolina University.

1. AMA

graphic illustration of marketing

AMA stands for American Marketing Association. The group is committed to gathering a community of students in the marketing or related field to come together to learn more about the field. The group holds events for professionals to come in and speak on their job advice.

2. Active Minds

 the logo for active minds

Active Minds allows students to truly be able to feel comfortable with talking about mental health. Mental health can be greatly effected in a negative way when you allow the stress of work and school and simply taking on too much to overtake you.

3. Black Student Union

 the country of africa in a fist

The black student union on campus is a resource for those who are of African American decent or even someone who support the movement to become a close knit community. The group has educational events to empower as well as rid of stereotypes.

4. Books for Better Outlooks

a stack of books

Books for Better Outlooks is a non profit that allows students to gather in the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy a book. Books are a center for knowledge as well as  a way for new ideas to come about. The books are donated and distributed to places such as schools and family shelters.

5. Circle K International

 the logo for circle k international

Circle K International services students within the world in campuses. The group is a branch of the Kiwanis group. Circle K allows students to gain powerful leadership skills by organizing and taking part in doing good for their community.

6. Colleges Against Cancer

 the logo for colleges against cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a group on campus that allows students to be able to raise funds for cancer research or for patients who are struggling to pay their operational fees. The groups largest and most known event is the relay for life.

7. Delight Ministries

 a bible and a cup of coffee

Delight Ministries was founded on the idea that women want to find friendship while also being surrounded by other women who are in the path with the lord. This is a great group to socialize as well as attend mass and bible study with.

8. Disc Golf Club

 two people playing disc golf

Disc golf is a leisurely sport that allows students to experience the crisp outside air. The group enjoys giving tips on bettering your throw as well as can help even if you are a new comer to the overall game. Just come with a willingness to learn .

9. Eco-Pirates

 glass of rose gold metal straws

Eco-Pirates is a group on campus that allows students to be educated on how to be more sustainable as well as create a truly greener earth. The group shows you how to recycle your trash as well as alternatives for less waste such as metal straws.

10. Humane Society of Eastern Carolina

picture of a girl with her dog

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina is a group on campus that is there to combat the costs that the humane society has with upkeep of neglected animals. The group holds a variety of fundraising events as well as will volunteer .

Top Events of the School Year at East Carolina University

1. Auditions – The Three Musketeers

 the book cover of the three musketeers

The school is putting on auditions for the play adaptation of The Three Musketeers. If you are looking to get involved in the theater community of the school this is your chance. Come eager and ready to perform your heart out.

2. POUND® Fitness at Health Science

 a woman doing a yoga pose

This event is completely free and allows students a fun way to burn off calories and work the muscles of the entire body. The event uses specially weighted drumsticks that allow your arms to do strength building while also the event has a good mix of cardio and yoga.

3. FYI Series: Unplugged Mindfulness

 a person who is truly at peace

This event will allow students to have the opportunity to learn about different methods of relieving stress and where the stress comes from. Mindfulness is being able to take the stress and not so much ignore it but be at peace with it.

4. Ladies Climb Night

 a woman climbing a wall

Ladies climb night allows specifically females to be able to enjoy each other’s company, as well as a great workout by doing rock climbing. Rock climbing is a great all over body workout because it causes your arms to support most of your body weight while your bottom half uses its stealth and balance.

5. Holiday Sidewalk Sale

Holiday Sidewalk Sale with santa and his bag

Located in the Brody Commons, the first floor the Health Sciences Bookstore has their annual holiday sale. The event allows students to shop up to 25%-50% on apparel as well as gift sets. This is a great time to see what the bookstore has to offer.

Top 10 Cool Clubs at UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a public research and land-grant university in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States. The school has around 22,000 students in attendance. Here are 10 cool clubs to visit at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

1. WMUA Radio Station

 the logo for WMUA Radio Station

WMUA Radio Station serves as the school’s local radio station. This allows students to be able to feel involved by requesting their favorite music or even being able to host their own talk shows or give new ideas to the station.

2. UVC-TV 19

 a student recording on a camera

UVC-TV 19 serves as the school’s local tv station. It allows students who are studying production and filming to get their feet wet into a hands-on experience that will prove to be helpful for their future careers in the film and entertainment industry.

3. Student Union Art Gallery

scattered paint and paint brushes

What makes this college’s art gallery especially unique is that it is entirely student-run. This is the perfect thing to get involved in if you are majoring in the arts and what your talents to be seen by others. The hold plenty of events and showcase various works.

4. Massachusetts Daily Collegian

 the staff of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian in a group pic

Massachusetts Daily Collegian is part of the school’s community newspaper. It allows students to gain insightful hands-on experience in the world of print media as well as honing the craft when it comes to all things writing and editing.

5. Active Minds

 the logo for active minds is two people

Active Minds is a group on campus that is committed to helping others when it comes to mental health. Often mental health is brushed aside and not taken as seriously as physical health. Mental health when ignored can be just as dangerous.

6. Alumni Association

an alumni with their diploma

The alumni association allows students to act as a connection for those students who have graduated. In order to receive donations or gifts to be used towards scholarships, alumni must be made active by thorough engagement by the alumni association.

7. Ballroom Dance

 a couple that is ballroom dancing

Ballroom dance is a club on campus that allows students to learn how to properly do the steps that is ballroom dance. It is an elegant dance to learn as well as one that has an engaged community that will be there to teach you.

8. Belly Dance Club

 a group of belly dancers performing

Yes. There is a club for belly dancing. Belly dancing is not just fancy attire with bells on it. It is a dance that can be complex to know the steps of at first as well as in the long is a fun and fast way to burn off those calories and keep fit.

9. Campus Design and Copy

 promotional items being printed

This group is a student-led business that provides services in the areas of printing, photography, and design. It is a great way for students in the major that is photography or graphic design to get experience outside of the classroom.

10. Card Game Club

 the anime character from yugioh holding cards

Card game club is a group of enthusiasts that enjoy all different kinds of card games. Card games are enjoyed for various reasons such as strategy or even the feeling of competitive RPG. A few of the games played are Yugioh and Magic the Gathering.

The Top Events of the School Year at University of Massachusetts Amherst

1. Trans Support Group

 the colors for the trans flag

Each week the trans support group has a drop in meeting that allows students who are seeking others support. This is a great time to meet the group for the first time as well as meet others who are going through your same thoughts and feelings.

2. Annual Donation Drive to Support Student Food Pantry and Care Supply Closet

 an array of non perishable food

Whitmore 2nd Floor AND Bartlett 317C will be holding a donation drive that will allow students to donate a variety of nonperishable food or toiletries to go to the greater good of those students who are struggling. This is a great way to give back to those who cannot give for themselves.

3. International Coffee Hour

 a brewing cup of tea

This recurring event allows students to get to know other students from all around the world. It gives exchange students a chance to get to know each other and the diversity of cultures. The event features tea and tasty treats too.

4. Newmass Yoga

a person doing a yoga pose outside

Yoga is the perfect way for students to be able to relieve stress as well as feel truly at ease with themselves. This recurring event offers instruction from a qualified yoga instructor and will help you reach the ultimate calm in a hustling and bustling world.

5. Craft Night at YKCC

 the logo for Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center

Each month the Yuri Kochiyama Cultural Center hosts a craft night that allows students to engage with the culture on campus as well as have fun creating a craft that shows the heritage and traditions as well. This event is free.

10 Coolest Clubs at UMass Dartmouth

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is among the five campuses of the University of Massachusetts. It is located in North Dartmouth, United States. It has 7054 students whereby 86% of these students are full-time, and 14% are part-time students. White students are the majority followed by black students. However, it has numerous clubs that make students’ campus life interesting. Below are the current clubs in the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

1. 20 Cent Fiction

The official logo of the 20 cent fiction club

20 Cent Fiction is a student organization that consists of actors, technicians, musician. Artists, directors and stage managers. The club was established in 1994 with the aim of supporting students achieve their dreams. It organizes shows where students get a chance to perform.

2. All Hands United (AHU)

The official logo of the All Hands United club

This club was created to advocate for diversity and inclusion of all students in the institution. Its primary goal is to create a welcoming environment where its members feel safe to share their cultures and traditions with their peers. The club trains the students to become future leaders.

3. Asian Student Association

The official logo of the Asian Students Association

Everybody is bound by culture. Asian Student club helps students to develop and strengthen the Asian culture in UMD. It promotes unity and knowledge about numerous Asian nationalities on campus. Student gets a chance to learn more about their tradition and meet their fellow country people.

4. Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi club officials

This is a club that recognizes the outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, finance and information system. The club helps the students to practice professional fields and meet experts who guide them. Students develop a sense of moral, social and public responsibilities.

5. Chinese Club

The official logo of the UMass Chinese Club

Chinese students established this club at the University of Massachusetts. It focuses on the student’s studies, their social welfare, and health. It organizes several recreational activities that help its members to relax and have fun. Students are fortified to disseminate Chinese culture.

6. Collegiate DECA

Member of the Collegiate DECA in a past conference

DECA club prepares its members for careers by providing co-curricular programs that apply to learn in the context of business., connecting to market and the community at large. The club organizes meetings to encourage students to be focused and train them on how to become leaders.

7. Dance Club

Members of the Dance Club in practice

This is a club that educates its members in the arts and techniques of dance. Its doors are open for everyone from advanced performers to armatures. Anyone with a real passion for dancing is welcomed. Students express the techniques they have learned through performances both on the campus and during community gatherings.

8. Devine Sword Gospel Choir

A poster by the Devine Sword Gospel Choir club

This student organization was formed in 2006. It started with ten members and had grown to dozens.  The clubs’ mission is to minister through gospel music. It aims at touching people hearts, minds and Saul through music.

9. Engineers Without Borders

Members of the Engineers Without Borders Club in a past event

Engineers Without Borders organization has a big picture of human beings living with all basic human needs. It supports community development programs by collaborating with local partners to design and implement engineering projects that will help the entire community.

10. Art History Club

An art piece by the Art History Club

This is a student organization for students who are interested in art, history and who are willing to learn the role of history in the society. It coordinates educational events, builds relationships among the students and fosters civic engagement ideas to students.

Top Common Events in University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

1. Amherst Arts Night

Poster for the Amherst Arts Night event

This is an annual event that that takes place every summer. Students show off their talents during this festival. The only trick in this event is, all performances are related to foreign languages.

2. Alumni Homecoming

The Alumni band performing at the Homecoming Event

This is an event that is celebrated by students together with the university alumni. It involves reunion of the alumni, lot of entertainment, division iii athletics and family fun. Alumni get a chance to meet their course mates and catch up. Students network with the alumni and get to know about life after campus.

3. Softball Golf Outing

The Softball team celebrates in a past event

This is an annual golf outing that attracts many students, staff and community members. Softball is not a common sport, so people come to have fun and learn how to play it. Food and drinks are provided for the registered people who have paid the entry fee.

4. University of Massachusetts Community Service Day

Students taking part in the Community Service Day

This is an annual event that brings together students, faculty, staff and community members. They harvest thousands of pounds of fresh produce for local food pantries. The event raises awareness about hunger issues and gives students a chance to experience harvesting of fresh produce. It is an exciting event that strengthens the bond between the university and the community.

5. Relay For Life of UMass Dartmouth

Students taking part in the Community Service Day

This event aims at collecting funds to kick out cancer. Students book for tickets which are limited and the student who raises more money for the event gets an awesome Relay FOR Life TANK Top. The event creates awareness on how to avoid cancer and how to cope up with the situation once you become a victim.

I know parents expect good grades from their children once they go to university. Don’t make library your home, join any club in the University of Massachusetts and have fun. Ride a bike instead of driving it if you can. The endless events and students’ organizations will make your stay smooth and enjoyable.

10 Coolest Clubs at NDSU

This is a public research university that sits on a 258-acre piece of land in Fargo, North Dakota. It offers 102 undergraduate majors, 170 undergraduate degree programs. Six undergraduate certificate programs, 79 undergraduate minors, 81 master degree, and 47 doctoral degree programs. It is a large institution that has several agricultural research extension centers. However, it has several students’ clubs and societies that make their stay enjoyable. Below are popular clubs in North Dakota State University.

1. Agribusiness Club

Members of the AGBM club in a past workshop

The university has one of the best Agribusiness Department in the nation. Students from this department have a competitive edge in the job market. The club offers students an opportunity to meet with agribusiness industry leaders who mentor them and network with them. Also, it organizes different agribusiness trips that educate the students.

2. Amateur Radio Society

Operators at the NDSU radio society

This is a student organization that works on various HAM Radio projects. It operates a full Hf station thus students who have passion in pursuing mass communication get a chance to sharpen their skills. This club is for those who dream of becoming radio presenters.

3. Club Baseball

A baseball club member in a past competition

Club Baseball is a student organization that offers students who want to participate in baseball a chance to show their skills. The club organizes spring tournaments, scrimmages and league tournaments where winners go home with trophies.

4. Hockey Club (Men’s)

The NDSU men's hockey team in a live match

Hockey Club gives male students in NDSU a chance to play competitive tournaments against their colleges. It teaches them about teamwork.

5. Hockey Club (Women’s)

The NDSU Women's Hockey Club

This is a student-based organization that offers women students .an opportunity to perfect their hockey skills. It trains them to be committed to whatever they are doing. They get a chance to make lifelong friends and be part of the successful and loving Bison family.

6. Spikeball of NDSU

Picture showing members of the NDSU Spikeball club

The spikeball club is a high-ranked organization in that aims at advancing the spikeball sport in North Dakota State University. Students get a chance to participate in local and national Spikeball Events at both the social and competitive levels.

7. African Students Union

A section of members of the African Students Association

This is a club that was formed with the goal of bringing unity among African students to attain the highest degree of success. The club aims at promoting cultural diversity among the students in NDSU. Students interact with their peers and learn to new cultures and traditions.

8. Arab Student Association

Members of the Asian Students association attending a meeting

Students who do not know their history, their culture and traditions are like a tree without roots. Arab Student Association is an organization that aims at introducing the Arab Culture to NDSU via various cultural activities that create a close-knit community.

9. Bison Dance Team

Bison Dance Club members practicing some skills

When people dance, their sole purpose is not to cover the whole floor but to enjoy each step along the way. Bison Dance Team is an active student organization that prides itself on school pride. It is made of talented students who are willing to help others learn dance moves and techniques. It maintains its members to be physically fit since dancing is an exercise.

10. Climbing Club

Inside one of the NDSU climbing walls

This is a student organization that aspires its members to rock climb, seek new challenges, learn new climbing techniques and above all have fun. It has members at every skills level who help the armatures to reach where they are. It is an active club that is full of activities.

Top events in North Dakota State University

1. Serve with the Herd

The official logo for the Serve With The Heard

This is an annual event where students say “Thank You” to the community by giving back. It is the biggest event in the university with between 400 and 500 students, faculty and staff participating. The event strengthens the bond between the university and the community.

2. Etiquette Dinner

A poster for the Etiquette Dinner Event

This is an event hosted by the Campus Attractions to assist students in learning how to eat a four-course meal properly. The events help students to know how to serve meals at job interviews or during professional lunch/ supper meetings. It is a friendly event where students get a chance to socialize and network with professionals.

3. SCHEELS Bison Block Party

A poster for the NDSU SCHEELS Bison Block Party

This is an annual party that is free and open to the public. It runs from 5 to 8 p.m.  Students can meet with their peers and mingle before the fall sports season – the football season.

4. Baseball Tournament

A Player contests in the Baseball Competition

This is an event where baseball fans enjoy their favorite sport. It involves teams from the surrounding institutions who are willing to participate and lift the trophy.  It also enables them to make new friends.

5. NDSU Homecoming

The NDSU homecoming parade in a past event

This is a common event in many universities in the United States. North Dakota State University organizes Homecoming event to celebrate its contributions as a top 100 public research university. Students, staff, and community get to enjoy successful athletics in a great neighborhood.

Don’t be stressed by the assignments and lecturers’ tough CATs. Join any club in North Dakota State University and gave fun. Try to be childlike without being childish. The events and clubs will make your campus life amusing.

10 Coolest Clubs at IUP

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania is located in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. It is the commonwealth’s fourth or fifth largest public university with an average cost after aid of $18K, a graduation rate of 54% and an acceptance rate of 88%. It offers certificate, degree, masters and doctoral degree programs. Apart from academics, the institution has students’ clubs that make campus life amazing. Below are popular clubs in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

1. Acacia Club

A section of members of the Acacia Club

This is a student organization that is dedicated to preparing future leaders. The club trains students on how to become prominent leaders. It has put necessary foundations like the establishment of leadership programs such as Acacia Leadership Academy where students get an opportunity to meet professionals who mentor them.

2. Active Minds

Members of the Active Minds Club

Active Minds is a student club that is geared towards increasing awareness among the IUP students on mental health issues, symptoms of mental illness and available resources around them that they can use to solve the menace. The club teaches students how to deal with issues like Bipolar, depression, eating disorders and generalized anxiety disorder.

3. Alpha Chi Sigma

The official logo of the Alpha Chi Sigma Club

For our life to be charming and enjoyable, we must have friends whom we can trust and cherish. Alpha Chi Sigma provides its members with an opportunity to make friends with a tie of true who will be there for them during trying times. The club embraces the idea of brotherhood.

4. Cheerleading Club

A live performance by the cheerleading club

This club is almost found in any higher learning institution in the United States. Cheerleading Club membership is open to all students who partake in try-outs and are chosen to represent the university during sports competitions. To qualify to be a cheerleading club member, you must have proper cheer techniques and tumbling skills.

5. Club Sports

A Live Sports Event at the IUP

This is a student organization that gives students an opportunity to engage in competitive and satisfying athletic activities. The athletic department offers professional guidance, facility support and any materials required to facilitate the events.

6. Alpha Sigma Alpha

Alpha Sigma Alpha club fun day

The aim of Alpha Sigma Alpha .is to promote its members’ ideas and standards through their lives by encouraging its members to balance their intelligent, physical, social and development. The club creates an environment for students to bond with their peers.

7. Criminology Graduate Student Organization

Members of the Criminology Graduate Student Organization

Information is power. This club provides information to the graduate students and performs community service to give back to society. Each semester, the CDSO sponsors two Brown Bag luncheons which cover Criminology students to advance their academics.

8. Catholic Student Association

Members of the Catholic Students Association with the clergy

Hope and faith make us optimistic about life. Catholic Student Association is a group that gives students a chance to enjoy sharing their faith without being judged. The club provides a relaxed environment where students can express love and faith openly. Its sole goal is to spread the love of Jesus across the nation.

9. Calvary Ukirk

The official logo of the Calvary Ukirk

This is a Christian group that seeks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a diverse and ecumenical group of students. It aims at promoting a student’s social life and equality. It offers students an opportunity to serve other students and the entire institution. The club is open to all students regardless of their race, gender and religion.

10. College Republican

A meeting by the College Republican members

Politics are becoming inevitable in our lives. College Republican is a student group that educates students about Republican Party ideas and vision so that they can promote those ideas on the campus and in the community. Students can develop political and leadership skills.

Top Events in Indiana University of Pennsylvania

1. Men’s Basketball

A live match at the Men's Basketball event

This is an event where students get an opportunity to show their skills and talents. The event attracts teams that are motivated to lift the trophy. Students make friends who become their career links. The event draws basketball fans from all over Pennsylvania

2. 50 minutes with President Driscoll

Official pose for a photo after the 50 minutes with President Driscoll

Students get an opportunity to breathe, grab a cup of coffee and asks questions about the status of the IUP. Like the names suggests, the event takes 50 minutes, so the attendees are advised to be time conscious. The event is open to community members.

3. Thanksgiving Recess

Students attending the Thanksgiving Recess

The end matters a lot than the beginning. A Thanksgiving recess gives students an opportunity to say “Thank You” to God and community members. Students, staff and community members show their gratitude during this event. Also, the institution takes this chance to recognize students who have outperformed during the semester.

4. Pennsylvania Sports Business Conference

The official logo of the Pennsylvania Sports Business Conference

This is an annual event that focuses on impacting the community. It welcomes speakers from professional sports, collegiate athletics, and the sporting industry. The attendees are taught about sports management and how to keep fit. People willing to attend the conference are encouraged to register in advance.

5. Six o’clock Series

The official logo of the Six O’clock Series

In life matters, swim with the current affair and stand firm like a rock. Six series o’clock event gives IUP students, employees and community members a chance to learn about the current issues and approach familiar matters from a new perception. The event happens on Monday evenings at 6 p.m.

If you go around being afraid and conscious not to make mistakes, you won’t enjoy life. You only have one chance at university. Join any club of your choice in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and have real fun.

Top Clubs and Events at the Columbus State University

Columbus State University is a public university located in Columbus, Georgia. It has been in existence since 1958. It is ranked among the best regional Universities in the United States of America. It offers are a variety of diploma and degree programs. Apart from academics, Columbus State University has clubs and events that keep students occupied and engaged. Below are clubs found in Columbus State University.

1. Accounting Club

A poster by the CSU accounting club meeting

Accounting club is a student organization that is geared towards achieving accounting qualifications. It creates professional aspirations in accounting and promotes professionalism among its members. Students can interact with their peers and share their accounting experience. Also, members get a chance to meet accounting experts.

2. Higher U

Photo showing members of the Higher U club

Higher U is a student-based organization that allows students to enroll to CSU to learn the word of God and grow spiritually. Higher U members get an opportunity to serve the community and the university through prayer meetings and community outreach.

3. African Students Organization

Photo showing members of the African Students Organization

The club was launched in 2004 with the aim of promoting African culture on campus and serve as a support group for new and continuing students. Since its existence, it has attracted members from all university corners who want to learn about African culture and are willing to promote African values.

4. Graduate School

A poster for the Graduate School Admissions

Columbus State University has millions of alumni. Since it is passionate about its students, it has an alumni club that supports, foster and promotes the aims and objectives of the university. The organization keeps the alumni connected, informed and involved with Columbus State University activities.

5. Cougars for Christ

Poster for the Cougars for Christ meeting

Faith is not believing on the seen but believing on the unseen. Columbus State University has a Cougars for Christ club that provides a comfortable environment for Biblical teachings and discussions among the students and staff. The club teaches its members the word of God and prepares them to administer anywhere around the world.

6. Community Outreach Ambassadors

Members of the CSU community outreach ambassadors

Being grateful to those who once supported is a virtue. Community Outreach Ambassador is a student-based club that focuses on giving back to the society. The club organizes activities such as visiting the old and less privileged people

7. Center for Career Development

The official logo for the CSU Center for Career Development

We all need guidance in this life. Center for Career Development is an organization that is dedicated to serving students. It helps students with career development needs. It organizes forums where students meet professional experts to guide them.

8. 88.5 FM WCUG Cougar Radio

The official logo of the Cougar Radio

Music is life. It serves as medicine to our worries. WCUG Cougar Radio provides a diverse music selection and programming to entertain the students. Also, it offers students who are determined to become radio presenters a chance to sharpen their skills.

9. iLead

Photo of iLead members at the annual awards event

This is a campus wide leadership program that welcomes all students to join. The club focus on developing and mentoring students through active learning and workshops. The conferences and workshops help students to learn core values of excellence, engagement, creativity and servant leadership.

10. Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)

Outside the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) hall

This is a religious, service and social club. BCM is the oldest and largest club in Columbus State University. It is open to all students regardless of their denomination who all willing to study the world of God and grow spiritually. The club seeks to promote a positive understanding of the Christian faith.

Tops 5 Events at Columbus State University

1. WinterFest

The official logo for the Winderfest Event

This is an annual event that brings together families, students, alumni, and community members. It is an exciting event since it features performances from surrounding schools, community groups, and the university clubs. WinterFest is a celebration of all beliefs, cultures, and customs.

2. CSU Annual Legacy/ Diversity Conference

A poster for the CSU Annual Diversity Conference

This event started in 2012 as a partnership between the Mayors Commission on Diversity and Unity. The goal was to create a platform to engage the Columbus community and CSU. During this forum, sensitive and important matters such as race, religion, gender, sexuality, and disability are discussed in length.

3. CSU Cougar Thon

The official logo of the Cougar Thon

This is an annual campus event that benefits Children’s Miracle Network at Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital. CSU organizes dance night where students and community attend. The amount collected is used to assist the children in Columbus Regional Hospital.

4. Miss Columbus State University

The winner of the Miss CSU 2018

This is an annual event that is celebrated by many students. It takes a week to audition the participants. Ladies who qualify to reach finals face judges and the audience. The winner is crowned as miss Columbus State University. Participating students are taught how to model.

5. Homecoming Event

The official logo of the 2018 homecoming event

Homecoming event is an event that has many exciting features. From contests and tailgating to concerts, a parade and even fireworks, you won’t want to miss a homecoming event. There is everything for everyone during this event.

Don’t get bored at Columbus State University, join any club of your choice and have fun. Mark, your calendar to enjoy the exciting events at Columbus State University.

Top Clubs and Events at Texas State University

Texas State University is situated in San Marcos, Texas, United States. It has been in existence since 1899. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 34180. Texas State University has a campus size of 491 acres. It uses a semester-based academic calendar. The university has numerous clubs that make students life gratifying and noteworthy. Below are popular clubs in Texas State University.

1. Baseball Club

Baseball club members in a past competition

Baseball club is an active member in the NCBA. Its members get an opportunity to compete against good teams such as The University of Texas, Texas A&M, UTSA and other known teams around Texas. During this competition’s students get a chance to meet better players and learn from them.

2. Cheerleading Club

Photo showing members of the Cheerleading Club

This is an engaging club that keeps its members blissful. It is a club that cheers other students while participating in sports. It is a strict club that calls for discipline. Students visit various places during the competitions and socialize.

3. Climbing Club

Inside one of the Climbing Club Recreation halls

Climbing has always been fun to many and misery to those who are scared of heights. The club members train how to climb mountains, walls, and even trees. They learn how to use climbing tools. Students can stay physically fit since walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of exercising.

4. Gymnastics Club

Members of the Gymnastics Club in live action

This is a club that trains its members to maintain balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. Students are taught to work together as a team and trust each other. The club has brought unity within the university.

5. Swimming Club

Inside the TSU swimming pool

TSU has a swimming club that trains its members swimming techniques. The club has swimming experts who are willing to teach armatures swimming skills. It organizes competitions that attract students who come to cheer their peers. The club members keep physically fir since swimming is a recreation and an exercise.

6. Weightlifting Club

Picture showing members of the Weightlifting Club

People tend to misunderstand the goal of bodybuilding. To them, bodybuilding is about having huge muscles and a six-pack. Weightlifting club enables its members to burn calories and stay healthy. Students burn excess fat when lifting the irons. Thus they are free from obesity. 

7. Interfaith Student Advisory (ISAC)

The official logo of the Interfaith Student Advisory

This is an organization for students from all denominations. It was launched with the sole goal of providing a safe space for students to understand various spiritual beliefs and perspectives.

8. Christ Chapel at Texas State

The official logo of the Christ Chapel Club

This is an organization for all students in the campus who are supported by Lutheran and Episcopal churches. Entry is open to all students irrespective of their race, gender, and sexual orientation. It helps the students to grow spiritually.

9. Accounting Club

The Accounting Club's dinner event

This is a professional club that is devoted to supporting students in their pursuit of an accounting career. The club holds a various meeting that includes resume workshops, networking events, and other informational settings.

10. ACDA of Texas State (Choir)

Texas State University choir members

This is a professional mentor program for music majors at all levels. It helps students with an emphasis on voice and music education to perfect them to become renown musicians. It offers leadership and music workshops which help its members to network.

Top 5 Events at Texas State University

1. Gospel Fest

The Mass choir performing at the Gospel Fest Event

This has been going through for over 26 years. It is organized by college students who represent various universities across the State of Texas. They come together annually to worship. The event is coordinated by the Gospel Expressions Association (GEA). It includes workshops and music festival.

2. Halloween Festival

A poster for the TSU Halloween Festival

This is an annual festival where students get a chance to experience American Halloween traditions like pumpkin carving. The event is colored with exciting and engaging games and fun treats. Food and drinks are available. The festival strengthens the bond between the students and the Halloween Tradition.

3. Sports Day

Texas State University Sports Day

This is an event organized by International Minds Programming Committee and Student Recreation Center that gives students a chance to learn more about Rec and compete with their peers in various sports such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Indoor Soccer and Basketball.

4. Diwali Festival

International Students at the Diwali Festival

Diwali is an annual festival celebrated in India. It is known for its intensity. Here in Texas State University, it is organized by the Indian Student Association (ISA. The festival is known as Festival of Lights which signifies the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

5. International Graduation Celebration

Different photos of the Texas State University International Graduation Celebration

This is an event that is organized by the graduating international students. They take graduation pictures with their peers, family, and course mates holding their country’s flag. Food and drinks are provided for the attendees. It is an event that no international student can afford to miss.

At Texas State University, students don’t graduate with only a degree certificate. They learn a lot from the clubs. They make friends during the events who turn out to be their destiny helpers.

10 Cool Clubs at University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama, is a public, national research university in Mobile, Alabama, United States.  The school’s more notable alumni were Jon Lieber, who was a former major league baseball player. Here are 10 cool clubs to check out.

1. Food Recovery Network

 the logo for food recovery network

The food recovery network is built on the idea that students should be able to fuel themselves in order to perform at their best in school. The group uses food that is about to be wasted from campus dining and allows needy students to use it.

2. Ultimate Frisbee

 a person playing ultimate frisbee

The game of ultimate frisbee is unlike any casual game of frisbee. This game is meant to be like the frisbee but in a sense much more competitive. You are constantly running to grab the frisbee from your competition, sometimes even lunging for it.

3. Sustainability Council

 a hand with a green planet

Sustainability Council is a group of students who gather together and discuss how the school can be more energy-efficient as well as more environmentally conscious. They do this by showing proper separation of trash.

4. Wesley Foundation

 a cross with fire on it

The Wesley Foundation is a large group of college chapters that explore the meaning of the lord and his teachings by being a constant example to others. The founder of the group was John Wesley was the one who established Protestantism.

5. Residence Hall Association

 logo for residence hall association

Resident hall association is a group on campus that allows students who are RA’s to be able to gather and talk about ways to do better. This means that they go over plans of engaging the students that live on campus as well as talking about how to discipline others.

6. Rocking Climbing Club

 a person rock climbing up a wall

Rock Climbing club is a group that meets up who is interested in getting a good all over work out . When you rock climb it not only builds up your endurance but it also allows

7. Kappa Sigma

the crest of kappa sigma

Kappa Sigma is a social fraternity that is made up of men who are driven to get to know people as well as do good for the community. The group helps to fund charities by hosting events for their philanthropy. The group also host social events that are open to other students to get to know the group.

8. Meditation and Mindfulness

 a person meditating on a beach

The meditation and mindfulness club is a group on campus that meets up in order to be able to fully relax and let your stress melt away. The way that the club works is that you use yoga and learn special breathing methods to be able to truly clear your mind.

9. College Republicans

a red white and blue elephant

The group that is college republicans is one that is made up of women and men who are looking to know more about policies within government. The bias is skewed towards the thinking of republican but if you have questions about how to be more active in government this is perfect for you.

10. Archery Club

 arrows and target for archery

Do you have pent up anger and emotion from the stress that is college? Why not harness it in a peaceful and empowering way. Archery is a sport that uses hand eye coordination and accuracy to be an outlet of relaxation for others.

Top Events of the School year at University of South Alabama

1. Commencement

 people waving their grad caps

Commencement is held in the Mitchell Center MC – Arena – Main. The event of commencement is one that allows students to see their friends and siblings graduate. It is a great event that celebrates the accomplishments of others.

2. Career Fair

 people talking to recruiters

Career Fair is held in the Mitchell Center MC – GGL. It is an event that allows students to be given insight on different jobs that are looking for talent as well as possible internships that will give the students the experience they need.

3. Lights of Love

tree outside with lights

Lights of Love is the tree lighting that is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. The event is sure to warm your heart, it is located at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital. There will be a Santa meet and great as well as tasty snacks.

4. USA Day

 people taking a tour of campus

USA day is where students who are perspective of the school can have a guided tour of the campus in order to be given further information on what the set of the school is like as well as where things are. Make sure to go attend a scheduled tour.

5. Holiday Concert

 music sheets by ornaments and ribbon

Get into the holiday spirit by being at the beloved school concert. It allows the students of the school to show off their talents when it comes to singing as well as creating music. There will be music played from typical holiday tunes.

Top 10 Coolest Clubs at Central State University

Located in Wilberforce, Ohio, United States, Central State University has a population of approximately 2,100 students. It offers a variety of degree programs since Ohio Department of Education accredits it, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Accredited Board for Engineering and Technology and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

It has four colleges with is its main campus in Wilberforce. It has complex student housing that accommodates around 1650 students and large science halls, and these are just a few facilities. Despite academics, the university has clubs that keep the students happy and busy. Below are clubs in Central State University.

1. Interfaith Campus Ministry

Members of the Interfaith Ministry

This is a ministry which trains, equip and prepare students to preach anywhere in the world. The department is supported by a consortium of denominations and local churches. It is open to students, staff, and anyone who is seeking to understand the word of God and grow spiritually.

 2. Counselling Club

A poster by the Counseling Club

College life sometimes causes emotional concerns among students. Some develop homesickness while others find it difficult to cope up with the college life. Central State University has counseling club that offers to counsel the students facing depression, low-esteem, lack of confidence and relationship concerns.

 3. Club RAD

Club Rad members taking part in a social event

In this club, students gain leadership skills and engage in other supporting activities. It promotes teamwork and through these students get to appreciate each other and learn to work as a team.

 4. Cheerleading Club

A poster by the cheerleading club in a past competition

The university has a cheerleading club that provides support to the university sports clubs. Cheerleading club members travel with the participating teams and assist in passing water to players during breaks and giving first aids when called upon.

 5. Beauty of Strong Success

Members of the Beauty of Strong Success

This student organization promotes teamwork. It encourages the students to be strong psychologically to counter any life challenges. The club enables the students to realize their strengths and weaknesses. It is the best club for students with low self-esteem.

 6. Family Community and Leadership club

Family Community and Leadership club in Action

Enjoy every minute of your life. Don’t wait for something outside yourself to make you happy. We don’t choose our families because they are Gods gift to us as we are to them but you can choose to have fun by joining this club. It teaches students to respect one another and love anyone irrespective of their race and religion. The club mentors its members to become prominent people in the society.

 7. Campus Tour Guide

CSU campus tour guides

Do you like exploring the word? Okay, let me ask this in a better way, is the adventure your hobby? If your answer is yes. Then this club is your home. It gives students an opportunity to globe trot and enjoys the beautiful sceneries. The club enables students to appreciate nature and conserve it.

 8. Brotherhood of Strong Success

Picture showing members of the Brotherhood of Strong Success

Brotherhood club brings students together with one goal, to help your brother grow. It trains them on how to work together as a team to archive their life goals.

9. Infinit Dance Team

Members of the Infiniti Dance Team in action

The Infiniti dance club teaches its members dancing styles and exercises. They usually participate in community forums and keep the students physically fit.

 10. Social Work Club

The Central State University Social work club

There is nothing sweet than inspiring someone and change his life. If you have ambitions in serving humanity, don’t hesitate to join the Social Work Club. Students visit the physically challenged people, children homes and retirement homes to help them as a sign of affection. The club members get to know people and appreciate the way they are.

Top Events at Central State University

1. Jazz on the Lawn

A poster for the Jazz on The Lawn Event

This annual free event welcomes all jazz music lovers. Central State University uses this opportunity to serve the community. It is a great way to reach out to the neighborhood.

 2. Central State University Anniversaries

Alumni members participating in the Anniversaries event

The university holds anniversary to celebrate the years it has been in existence. It appreciates its alumni. They are given a chance to encourage the continuing students and mentor them. Their speeches hearten the students to continue working hard. They reassure them there is light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Men Basketball Tournament

The Central State University Basketball team

This tournament offers Central State University basketball first team a chance to know how skilled they are. It involves teams from other universities.

4. Marauder Cross Country

Participants at the Marauder Cross Country

The event allows students to showcase their sprinting abilities as they win themselves a prize. Students get an opportunity to transverse across the nation as they compete.

5. Marauders Baseball

The Marauders Baseball Kit

Baseball is a favorite game in central State University. The game is played by two teams each composed of nine players. It is a game that attracts many spectators.

To finish, Central State University is among the best universities in the United States. It is a black university with a graduation rate of 22%and an acceptance rate of 40%. This means the students must work hard to graduate. If you are planning to join Central State University, be ready to toil and moil.