10 of the Hardest Classes at the University of Iowa

College is a time for people to decide what it is they want to spend their whole life doing, and for many people, reaching their ultimate goal of graduating can be a struggle due to a few blocks in the road. No matter what your major is, there are bound to be certain required classes you just don’t enjoy or can’t comprehend what-so-ever. Everybody has a different view on difficult classes but here are a few majority of people seems to struggle with. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at the University of Iowa!

1. ACCT: 2100 Financial Accounting

“Wow! I loved taking Financial Accounting!” –said no one ever. With all the online homework assignments and weekly quizzes, getting a stellar grade in this class isn’t common. This class focuses on accounting and financial reporting procedures that businesses use. It is a required class in you plan on majoring in business, so best of luck business majors!

2. CHEM: 1110 Principles of Chemistry

This class is a typical freshman weed out course. It is a huge jump from high school chemistry and leaves many students struggling in the mid of the night trying to comprehend what element does what and how to do equations.

3. HHP: 1310 Human Physiology

Nothing about this class is easy unless you have a photographic memory. This class is centered on learning literally everything in the human body. I don’t know about anyone else, but knowing everything about everything in the human body doesn’t sound like a walk in the park to me. 

4. PHYS: 1400 Physics

Word is that the concepts taught in this class are not relevant to the homework. The questions on the homework look like they were written in a foreign language. The physics problems given are supposed to help people advance in life not drag them down!

5. JPNS: 1001 1st Year Japanese

No matter who is teaching the class or what school the class is taught at, nothing about learning the language of Japanese is simple. With three alphabets to learn, the language is very difficult! It also doesn’t help when the teacher is hard to understand!


6. CBE: 3101 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Class description: “Applications of thermodynamic principles to chemical and physical processes; prediction of material properties; phase and chemical equilibria applied to mixtures and reacting systems.” If students can barely comprehend the class description of UIOWA what makes professors think they will understand the class? Yikes!

7. MICR: 2157 General Micro Biology

The hardest part of this class was the immunology. There was so many details to learn and everything was at the cellular level which was nearly impossible to relate to. This class was basically memorizing details on details on details on details.

8. MATH: 1850 Calculus

The information taught in this class was not clear at all. There were assignments due almost every other day, and the professor moved on so quickly from topic to topic. Once you don’t understand one thing, it is hard to understand the upcoming topics.

9. STAT: 1030 Statistics for Business

“In one ear and one the other.” That is how the information taught in this class feels like to students. Partially because the information is so dry and partially because the professor was not clear about the stats, graphs, correlations, etc.


10. TDSN: 2210 Problems in 3D Design

This class is very an overall problem. It may be called “Problems in 3D Design”, but it became more like a life problem for me. The class involves a whole lot of critical design thinking which solving problems to create 3D structures. Ahhh the brains of college students can only handle so much and this class overdoes it for many.


10 of the Hardest Classes at Miami University

This school year is going to be a little different than before. Mom isn’t here to take your infamous “First Day of School” picture, or to wave out the window as you drive to school. Mom however probably texted you “Good Luck xoxo” as you trek to your beloved 8:30am lecture. I’d love to tell you that classes get easier and in a sense they do- you learn the ins and outs of professors, classes and yourself. Sometimes the 100 intro classes are pure weed-out classes, survival of the fittest is the main key.  Just because you survived gen chem, don’t think O chem is going to love you. Welcome to Miami University, and here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at Miami University

1. CHEM 141-144

Miami co-enrolls you in both lab and lectures when it comes to general into level Chemistry and Biology. Prepare yourself for an hour lecture three days a week paired with a three-hour lab once a week. Course material isn’t too overwhelming, but pray to the science gods you land a class with a good professor. Biology majors are one of the highest number of students when coming in as a freshman, and it is also one of the highest majors to have students withdraw from. Weeding you out is their job and they’re good at it. Utilize TA hours for lab and study sessions for lecture because the kids that do will ruin that possible curve you’re hoping for.

2. BIO 115 – Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity

Biology 115/116 are a fall/spring semester paired lecture that build off each other. Both lectures are paired with a two-hour lab that thankfully is a nice relief compared to chemistry lab. Intro course level professors are the bomb dot com, but they love to ramble and fly through PowerPoints. Study skills are learned in this class almost more than actual material. Look to apply concepts and not memorize lecture slides, or else sliding through class will not be an option. 

3. ARC188 – Ideas in Architecture

Welcome to the class of architecture where if you land Professor Brown-Manrique kiss your sanity goodbye. Students cry about the 100-level course being on the same playing level of a grad architecture course. If you’re looking to just fulfill the Miami Plan requirements, you may want to protect you psyche and pass by this one.

4. PHY101 – Physics and Society

If you were a physics junkie in high school, pat yourself on the back- it looks like you’ll be fine here. If you hate numbers, science, math…run. Intro level to physics here is what some students have concluded it be what setting yourself on fire feels like. If you’re looking to fulfill Miami Plan science requirements, you may want to exit from this class and go take a nice simple environmental science course.

5. ECO201 – Principles of Microeconomics

Welcome to Farmer’s School of Business, where your life will be turmoil for your whole entire undergraduate career. Miami pushes out some of the best business undergraduates in America, and it’s because only the best of the best make it. Skipping class isn’t an option and if you oversleep, you better run.

6. BUS102 – Writing for Business Decision Making

Weren’t 100 level classes supposed to be easy? Maybe, but the professors here are trying to teach you everything you need to succeed in your academic and overall career. Classes offered in Farmers are lecture heavy and ruthless, so the only way to make it out on top is to go through the semester in full throttle. (Trust me, You deserve that extra drink on Friday night.)

7. ESP366 – Imagination and Entrepreneurship 

It’s time to start your business, and Professor Friedman, this is a shout out to you. Difficulty is high for him, he constructs his classes like a job and you better be on top of your work. Formality is key, and if you need anything you better have a solid proposal set up to help your case. But if you do what you’re supposed too, you’ll walk out of here an entrepreneur guru and the best boss you could be.

10 of the Hardest Classes at the University of Miami

Throughout your time in university, there is the inevitable experience of unfortunately taking difficult classes. Everyone has had their fair share of late nights and stress because of extremely hard courses, including myself.  Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Miami!

1. PHY 207-University Physics 3

The main focus in this course is electromagnetism and every class lecture there is a new equation introduced. Though physics is very important to many fields, it is a very difficult subject to grasp, so do not be surprised if there are moments where you are lost with the material.

2. MTH 161-Calculus I

Ohh calculus! It can honestly be one of the hardest math classes to some people, despite some people enjoy the math challenge (like me). There are so many integrals and derivatives that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of and conceptualize. However, like they always say in grade school in regards to math, “Practice makes perfect”.

3. MTH 162-Calculus II

So this is the sequel to Calculus I, which means it will be just as much of struggle. You can’t forget your favorite things in the world- limits, derivatives, and integrals. From my own personal experience, a lot of trigonometric identities were incorporated which made the class examples more complex. All in all, practice will help you succeed in the part 2 of calculus.

4. BIL 160-Evolution and Biodiversity

Like the name says, this class focuses on evolution and biodiversity. There are lots of details that need to be memorized in the course, such as species names. This all can be fixed by reading the textbook and taking notes.

5. PHY 560-Quantum Mechanics and Modern Physics I

Quantum mechanics? Needless to say it is a concept that physicists are still trying to fully understand day by day. Don’t fret though, the topic is very interesting and will help you understand more about the world around us and how it works.

6. ECE 201-Electric Circuits Theory

This class is a real hard one! There so many components to a circuit (like resistors, voltage sources, currents, and so much more!) and so many calculations that are needed. Like all math-related classes, practice is needed constantly to strengthen your knowledge and guarantee success in the course.

7. BMB 509-Molecular Biology of the Gene

Learning about the structure and function of the DNA is important towards improving our understanding of our own body. These topics can be difficult to visualize and understand but it is a very interesting concept that can be learned.

8. SPA 101-Elementary Spanish I

It’s crazy to think that a language course like Spanish can be considered difficult. However, it can be hard for someone to learn a new language if they have had no exposure prior and the workload can be time consuming. All in all, Spanish is an amazing language to learn and it will expand your cultural horizons.

9. CHM 201-Organic Chemistry I

Organic chemistry is known for being a tough class that will leave you studying all day and night. My friend, who is taking it, loves to refer to it as “Chem is life nowadays” and essentially that becomes the case. Be prepared to be eating and sleeping organic chemistry.

10. BUS 630-Fundamentals of Economics, Accounting, and Finance

This class provides you with an overview of the structure of an economy as well as the value of money among other themes. These interesting themes of money and different models may seem daunting and a lot of information (which it may be), but hard work and studying will help further understanding!

10 of the Hardest Classes at Tufts University

Tufts University is located just outside of Boston, in the city of Somerville. Known for its diversity, Tufts is an eclectic group of students from all ends of the earth. On a normal day you could find students playing with dogs on the Prez lawn or enjoying the view of Boston from the garden roof. Don’t let this sunny façade fool you. In Tisch library you will find students stressing over the 10 Hardest Classes at Tufts University.

1. Physics 11 

Every aspiring engineer comes into Tufts with dreams of creating the next iRobot, but this class quickly weeds out the weak. Oh and the 20-page final will hit you in the face like a bowling ball.

2. CS 11


Unless you are in expert in dynamic memory allocation, button jamming and pass failing are probably your best chance at getting though C++.

3. Quantitative Econometrics EC 16


This is notoriously the hardest class in the econ department. If derivatives aren’t obscure enough, gear up for a modeling program called STATA. I hope you are familiar with the Mata computer language.  

4. Macroeconomics EC 12

Remember when the housing market crashed and no one could understand why?

5. Intensive Intermediate Chinese


Expect double the Chinese and triple the headache if you enroll in this class. It includes two semesters of content in one bundle!

6.  Calc 3 Math 42

This class is calculus on steroids. You are dealing with all abstract concepts that occur in dimensions beyond the third.

7. Organic Chemistry Chem 51/52

Mastering organic chemistry is dependent on learning a plethora of different chemical reactions, and not the variety Walter White would endorse.

8. Biochemistry 172 Advanced Biochemistry. 

This class is the pinnacle of the pre med classes. A stack of flash cards and an above average pre-med study buddy are essentials.

9. Chemistry 133 Quantum Mechanics

The only thing spooky about quantum mechanics is the distance your GPA fall after taking this class.

10.  Psych 1 Intro to Psychology  

Even for the brightest of students, this class will be a headache.  Obscure test questions will leave you wondering why we began to question who we are in the first place.

10 of the Hardest Class at UTSA

Some classes at the University of Texas at San Antonio are way harder than others, but as a research based university UTSA seems to have more than it’s fair share. Here are some of the students’ choices for hardest classes offered.

1. CHE 2603 – Organic Chemistry

Because regular chemistry wasn’t hard enough, right? This is “the chemistry of carbon compounds,” and if you know what that means you’re already way ahead of me! There are tons of formulas to memorize, and you’d better go in knowing the Periodic Table.

2. BIO 2313 – Genetics

Ah, genetics, the building blocks of all life. With so much to learn, it’s no wonder this class ends up on the list. This class teaches you what our genes mean, and how they affect us.

3. CHE 4303 – Bio-Chemistry

Again with the complicating chemistry! This is “the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes that occur within living organisms.” If you want to go pre-med, you’ll definitely find yourself in this class. This class too requires the memorization of formulas, but you’ll also learn how things react to living beings.

4. BIO 4783 – Microbial Genetics

Described to me as the genetics of bacteria, a whole lot more headache just got added to regular genetics. Not sure what this is used for, but I’m betting there’s a lot of lab work. Yay. This class will teach you just how dangerous (or not) those germs you come in contact with are.

5. BIO 4823 – Cognitive Neuroscience

Just saying this one is a little difficult. In basic terms, this is the science behind thought and all cognitive processes. And no, it’s not like psychology. Discover which parts of the brain control what, and our best guesses as to why.

6. ERG 6023 – Advanced Engineering Math

I wouldn’t want to take basic engineering math, much less advanced. This goes way further than your basic college algebra. If you want to be a successful engineer, you’ll need to do well in this class. Just be prepared to have pages full of equations in your notebooks.

7. ME 4293 – Thermodynamics 2

There was just so much to learn, the subject had to be broken up into multiple classes. This class teaches how temperature and heat make a difference to the energy and matter around us. This is also a class for future engineers.

8. MAT 4223 – Real Analysis II

Love hard math? This class is like trying to read and speak Russian without having ever heard of the language before. You don’t know what you’re Professor is saying, there are strange letters, and everything is going too quickly for you to keep up.

9. AST 1013 – Intro to Astronomy

You wouldn’t expect an intro class to be hard, right? Wrong. This class will blow your mind. You’ll learn just how old and vast our universe is, and it might even scare you. Unless stars and advanced physics are your thing, you’ll probably be leaving with a massive headache. The plus is, there’s no math required (yet).

10. EE 4733 – Intelligent Control Systems

Learn how to work with AI in this extremely difficult class. Machine learning, advanced algorithms, and fuzzy logic are all employed by this class. Your computer will also know about you than you do.

11. BONUS: ENG 4953 – Black Women, Beyonce, and Popular Culture

This class is no easy A, even for the truest of Queen B’s fans. Created by Dr. Kinitra Brooks, this class dives into topics including race, sex/gender, feminism, and culture as portrayed in Beyoncé’s album Lemonade.

Some classes are way harder than others, but as a research based university UTSA seems to have more than it’s fair share. Here are some of the students’ choices for hardest classes offered.

10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is a world renowned university in many of the sciences like Computer Science and Physics as well as Engineering and Business. It should come as no surprise that many of the hardest classes are in those fields, but some may surprise you! Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Maryland!

1. CMSC131 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming I

While not a difficult class in terms of content, it will be challenging at least for the first few weeks if you have absolutely no programming experience. Luckily, all of the professors understand this and try to keep the workload manageable and the pace slow so that everyone can succeed. Programming projects are a joke since the TAs will literally do the project for you if you have no clue what you are doing. If you know some programming though, this class may be too easy for you…

2. CMSC132 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming II

The second part of the course that you take after you pass 131, this course will reduce you to tears if you happen to be placed with one of the worst professors to teach at this university. From his strange obsession with llamas to his condescending tone in class to his strange mannerisms around female students and his inaccessibility via anything other than office hours (and he only has a one hour window), this class will be a nightmare. That is, it would be a nightmare if you could manage to stay awake…the man has a tendency to put the class to sleep within half an hour. God help you if you are have to take this class and the other professor is full (everyone wants his class to get away from this man).

3. CMSC250 – Discrete Structures

This is a programming course with no programming in it! That’s right! Instead of coding, you do math! Why this is not in the math department I have no idea, but it’s here to stay so you might as well get used to it. Taught by one of the youngest professors I have ever had the experience to be lectured to, the class is fun and interesting. He also goes off on random tangents about American politics and how corrupt and horrible his country (Greece) is. The concepts are challenging if you have a weak background in mathematics so brush up on those fractions and series/sequences ASAP.

4. CMSC216 – Introduction to Computer Systems

The same terrible guy who teaches 132 strikes again! Except now you can’t choose another professor because he is the only one who teaches it! Combine his terrible, monotone lecture style with the difficulty of learning Assembly with C and you’ll be dreaming in Assembly in your nightmares.

5. MATH140 – Calculus I

Not difficult as much as it is fast-paced. Probably the first math course in college for freshmen, many will be unprepared for the rigors of college. It’s not like you can spend a week on where the derivative comes from after all. Hope you can take notes on the fly because this class will go go go!

6. MATH141 – Calculus II

A major departure from 140, 141 will push your mathematics skills to the limit. Not only will you be required to remember all the derivatives and integrals from Calc I, you will have to apply them to formulas that can help you integrate some nasty looking functions via Integration by Parts. You definitely need to think outside the box for some of the problems. And don’t get me started on the last chapter that everyone hates…Sequences and Series. You will struggle trying to memorize which of the 10 tests to apply to a particular series to determine convergence. Best described as a class you should place out of using either AP credit or an exemption exam.

7. MATH241 – Calculus III

Imagine having to remember most everything from Calc I and II and applying them to objects you can’t even visualize. Yes, that’s essentially what Calc III is. This is also the first math class where the professor doesn’t give homework that is graded. There are only suggested problems for you to do. While this may lull you into not doing the problems, please do them! They will save you since most of the problems on the test are similar to the practice problems for “homework”.  It probably doesn’t help that the professors all rush through the first three units to get to the last one or that each unit builds on the last (except for the second unit on partial derivatives). You’re confused about something? Ask now before tomorrow’s lecture leaves you even more confused.

8. STAT400 – Introduction to Statistics and Probability

This class is not very hard content-wise. What is hard is the teacher’s command of the English language. Hard to understand that is. Try to work ahead and you get penalized for it. Go at a snail’s pace with her and risk not learning anything. If your GPA is too high and you want to lower it by proving just how smart you really are, take Stat400 with the Russian lady. You will not be disappointed.

9. PHYS260 – Vibrations, Waves, Heat, Electricity and Magnetism

An already difficult class made even more unbearable by one of the worst reviewed professors at UMD. Forget everything you’re going to learn today because first you’re going to review the past five lectures. Then after that it’s onto the formulas where complicated derivations abound (though it is a complete waste of time since you won’t be required to know where any of the formulas come from).  Luckily the curve is pretty generous so you’ll probably make it out in one piece having learned absolutely nothing.

10. BMGT221 – Managerial Accounting

Finally, we have a business class. God help you if you’re a business major and have to take this class since the only professor who teaches it doesn’t actually teach anything until the last quarter of the class. He fills the rest of his time with whatever jumps into his mind. So if you wanted a lecture in politics from a business professor about how terrible Donald Trump is, take his class. Don’t expect a lot of people to keep you company…50% make it past the second week.

10 of the Hardest Classes at UBC

The University of British Columbia (UBC) has its fair share of difficult classes, with the ones that stand above the rest often stemming from math and sciences. Guaranteed to keep you gasping for air by the second week of school, we give you 10 of the Hardest Classes at UBC

1. MATH 180 – Differential Calculus with Physical Applications

Single-handedly one of the most difficult first year courses ever. MATH 180 is packed full of derivative applications on trigonometric functions, area formulas, and also Taylor Formulas. You’ll have to learn how to apply derivatives onto EACH OTHER in endless combinations through questions so tricky professors often omit some on the day of the exam. Luckily, MATH 180 comes with a tutorial session where you’ll meet your equally confused peers to solve problems together. Buckle up for a scary ride.

2. ECON 101 – Principles of Microeconomics

The content in this microeconomics class is anything but micro. ECON 101 is a heavily conceptual based course well known for its wickedly twisted exam questions along with a massive amount of concepts. Fortunately, concepts often have relationships to each other, such as supply and demand. Although the content is interesting, you’ll find yourself in an uphill battle during exams with questions that really try to test your understanding. Its easily game over if you don’t understand the core concepts, so make sure to keep up with the readings and pay attention in the lecture. Good luck!

3. BIOL 140 – Laboratory Investigations in Life Science

Freshman or not, BIOL 140 is easily one of the most demanding courses you will ever take. Not only is it only worth 2 credits, but the weekly 3 hour labs with the grueling lab experiments to practice manipulating variables will make you feel like you’re being eaten alive. Each experiment you’re introduced to will be focused on a certain aspect of research, whether it be setup of controls, experiments, parameters, or sampling. Oh, don’t forget the lengthy extensive lab reports and presentations due after each lab. Think you’re safe because it’s a Biology class? Nope. This class is required for FNH and all science majors as it teaches you the essentials of lab work along with setup. So much for getting a good night’s sleep.

4. SCIE 113 – First-Year Seminar in Science

SCIE 113 focuses on clear and concise scientific writing. High school papers you’ve completed in the past won’t help you here. You’ll find that scientific writing requires brief, but comprehensive wording, so saying what you mean is essential to succeed in this class, as opposed to high school, where sentences need to be more flowery. Both your head and your hands will be aching after each in-class write of an unknown topic, where you scramble to gather your thoughts and explain your thinking in a scientific viewpoint.

5. CPSC 101 – Connecting with Computer Science

CPSC 101 introduces how computers think and also how scripts can be applied to produce functions. Rather than C++, you’re taught scripting on Javascript that simplifies the learning process to apply functions and ordered conceptual. As fun as that sounds, you’ll soon realize how strictly computers follow rules to processes function. One error or mistyped colon can easily take down a whole function. Sit tight and prepare to pull all-nighters weeping as you attempt to debug your scripts.

6. CHEM 121 – Structure and bonding in Chemistry

High school chemistry is a cakewalk compared to CHEM 121. This course goes into a whole new level of valence with sp orbitals, and dives further into the covalent, ionic reactions that occur in-between chemical equilibriums. There’s also a fairly interesting yet stressful lab section included that teaches essential lab techniques as well as reinforces the material in lecture. You can expect to spend 10 hours a week easily on this course with web assignments and lab preps.

7. MATH 103 – Integral Calculus with Applications to Life Sciences

If you’ve ever wondered what the rate a cat flips at as it jumps out of a building, MATH 103 will answer that burning question. Riemann sums and sequences will be tattooed on your brain as you solve “creative” problems through probability distribution and integration. Although the content is not completely overwhelming, the conceptual application definitely is. Expect to hit the books frequently to practice and refine your skills before the exams come around.

Mathematics Class Activity with Students.

8. CHEM 233 – Organic Chemistry

This course will make you feel like you’re diene (Get it?). While the lectures of CHEM 233 initially seem basic and understandable, you’ll eventually discover how challenging the self-practice questions are, and how many rules you need to remember by heart. CHEM 233 focuses on how organic compounds interact with each other, especially with hydrocarbons. Every exam is a race against the clock, where the questions seem ambiguous, and incorrect applications often lead to dead ends. With the amount of work required for this class, make sure to take a maximum of only 4 courses rather than 5.

9. BIOL 200 – Fundamentals of Cell Biology

Although the cell is the basic unit of life, BIOL 200 aims to prove that it is anything but. BIOL 200 introduces staining techniques to first track proteins of interest and how functions of the cell are prohibited if key proteins are damaged. With an extensive amount of material, prepare yourself to dash through a whopping 70-80 slides of notes each lecture. Definitely try to form a study group for this course, because at the speed the professors are going through the notes, you won’t know what they’re trying to focus on by yourself.

10. CAPS 301 – Human Physiology

The bane of all prospective Med students. CAPS 301 is a required elective for health fields such as nursing and medical school. Rather than having main idea or concepts, every piece of information presented in CAPS 301 is equally important. It’s a course based on heavy memorization and application. Unless you’re striving to become a doctor or a nurse, try to avoid this course at all costs.

10 of the Hardest Classes at DePaul University

Most of the hardest classes at DePaul are either science or math classes, which are very typical at any school. But what surprises many is the difficulty of most gen-ed classes, many underestimate them. Here are some of the top 10 hardest classes at DePaul.

1. Creative Comp WRD 103/104


An entry-level required Gen-ed class for most DePaul students, this class is the most challenging in its sheer simplicity. This class takes students back to high school English class, and the challenging part is remember what you did back then so you can apply it to the class in the present. The concepts learned in this class are not complicated to learn, but hard to master.

2. Biochemistry

Already a pretty difficult topic, this class includes memorizing practical applications of new concepts learned. Students will learn how amino acid residues interact with an iron ion in the active site of a heme group, which is critical for oxygen binding in hemoglobin so the oxygen and carbon dioxide get transported around the body as needed.

Understand any of that? Me neither.

3. Organic Chemistry


Often the most commonly failed class, Organic Chemistry is very fast-paced. With very few tests and harsh grading, this class is considered one of the hardest at DePaul. Chemistry is already a very difficult topic, and DePaul’s fast paced (10 week) class structure doesn’t make it any easier.

4. Quantitative Reasoning LSP 120/121

As an introductory math class for non-math, science, or business majors, this class is quite a challenging gen-ed. Many have the option of testing out and some already have either tested out or received the credit in one way or another, which makes it borderline humiliating to take it. The class shows students how to create graphs and interpret statistics, and teaches students valuable skills that they can actually apply later on in life.

5. Classical Political Thought

With the unreasonable amount of readings that this curriculum already contains, it is important to at least check your professor’s rating before enrolling. The only way this class will be enjoyable is with a good, fair professor who gives good lectures.

6. Finance


As a required class for all students in the business school, Finance has proven to be quite difficult for non-majors. Many have described it as math in a different language. The concepts themselves are quite hard to wrap your head around. Many say that it’s a class where you either get it, or you don’t; and the frustrating part is that you’re the only one that doesn’t get it.

7. WGS 388 Queer Theory: An Introduction

Many consider Women’s and Gender Studies one of the easier topics, but this class makes it a lot more complicated. This class examines the core texts of queer theory and theology in order to contextualize and historicize the idea of homosexuality as a concept.

8. AHT 332 Radiation Physics and Instrumentation


This course goes overs theory and associated principles with atomic structure, nuclear and quantum physics related to radioactive decay. Students will learn properties of the elements and the production of characteristic x and gamma rays, anger electrons and Bremsstrahlung.

If you understood any of that, we applaud you.

9. PRF 290 Performance Workshop for Non-Majors


Considering Performance is part of the Gen-Ed requirements for many majors, it is very possible for many to encounter this class. Students work on basic performance skills through individual and group exercises in acting, voice, speech, and movement.

10. SEC 323 Inquiry and Application in Developing Secondary Mathematics Pedagogy

A math class for Education majors, this class shows students methods of teaching math. Students will explore how mathematics has been and is taught by examining major paradigm shifts in mathematics education and the impact those paradigms and shifts have on pedagogical content knowledge, or knowledge of how to teach disciplinary content.

10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Houston

The University of Houston is notorious for having difficult grading curves. Whether your professor makes a 94 the cutoff for an A or whether your exams are detailed to a fault- this article lists the 11 of the hardest classes at University of Houston.

1. University Physics

If working through extremely detailed and convoluted physics problems is your thing don’t worry you’ll be fine- for the other 99% of us University Physics is a daunting class. It is required for engineering majors and most professors give a generous curve- because they need to.

2. Chemical Processes

Are you familiar with all of the different elements? What about their flow rates? For this class you have to work through all kinds of problems dealing with chemicals and flow rates. Many students have been known to switch out of Chemical Engineering due to this class alone.

3. Business Statistics

Yet another weed out class, business stats is known by many business students to be one of the hardest business classes that Bauer has to offer.Bar graph of for stats analysis

4. Physical Anthropology

Required for anthropology majors, Physical Anthropology is by far one of the most difficult Anthropology classes offered at UH. Students are required to memorize the names and structures of hundreds of fossils- which all look exactly the same.

5. Thermodynamics

Required for Chemical Engineering majors, this is yet another extremely difficult course. The tests are known to have confusing questions that take lots of hardcore thinking to work through

6. Genetics Lab

Do you enjoy writing 50 page papers on the reproductive activity of fruit flies? No? Then Genetics Lab is probably not the class for you. Unless you’re a Biology major, then you have to take it. On the bright side it is worth 3 credit hours.

7. Information Systems Project Management

Students often rate this class as the reason that the MIS major is so difficult at UH. The high volume of reading and coursework associated with this class makes it difficult to manage.

8. Human Physiology

A prerequisite for many medical schools, Human Physiology almost makes you feel like you already ARE in medical school. Students learn about the inner workings of the body in depth and are required to write a paper that is graded by their own peers- a power that is not to be taken lightly.

9. Introduction to Geophysics

For an introductory class, this course is extremely difficult. Test averages are known to be under 50% and tests tend to cover material not included in the textbook.

10. Human Situation

This course is required for students in the Honors College. While you are exposed to lots of intriguing literature, the papers that students are required to write are no joke. If you are looking for a class to BS your way through, re-think taking this one.

11. Organic Chemistry

From memorizing tens if not hundreds of chemical reactions and mechanisms to learning how to synthesize different compounds, mastering Organic Chemistry is a feat in and of itself. A requirement for various professions in the health field- this class is also often called a weed- out class.

10 of the Hardest Classes at UCSD

Despite being in a laid back city, (not to mention the beach which is a stone throw away from campus), UCSD stands as one of the most academically challenging public universities in the country. We may have sunny blue skies but it’s not all fun and games. UCSD offers many hard courses. However, this is only an opinion which may vary from student to student depending on your major and college, your interests, and especially your professor. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at UCSD.

1. The Making of The Modern World (MMW) series

M.M.W. Say these letters to any ERC student and you’re bound to ruin their day. Making of The Modern World is a mandatory 5 course series for ERC kids. In essence, it’s the combination of History, Literature, and Philosophy. Ultimately, it is a writing course and UCSD students know that writing courses are a GPA killer. I am personally a history buff but the amount of reading, writing and research nearly killed me. One advice to future ERC comrades: Choose a good professor or you’re setting yourself on the trail of misery.


2. CSE 20: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

In general, many CSE courses are extremely gruelling with less than 12% of the class getting A’s.

3. ECON 100A

The exams aren’t exactly impossible but if you are not willing to put in the time and effort, this isn’t the class for you. Miss lectures = don’t even dream about passing this course. ECON 100A is a Microeconomics course which means a strong understanding and foundation in calculus is required.


4. ECE 107: Electromagnetism

Everybody knows that UCSD’s quarter system zooms past real quickly. ECE 107 has way too many topics to be covered in such a short amount of time which makes it an extremely intense course. Vector math seeps in throughout the course so, be ready to love it if you haven’t already done so.


5. ECE 100: Electronic Systems Lab

Exams are horrifying which result in a crazy high number of students failing the course.



6. CHIN 10A, B, C, (non-native speakers)

Learning a foreign language isn’t always going to be easy. The Chinese 10 series is known for being time consuming especially if you are starting out with absolutely 0 background in Chinese. You’ll be given dictations (spelling tests) once or twice a week which means you’ll have to practice writing Chinese characters everyday. On top of that, you’ll also have quizzes which are usually biweekly and since Chinese is a tonal language, it takes awhile to get a good grasp of speaking the language. This course is curved and contrary to popular belief, many students hate the curve and it’s because many many students (especially in their first quarter) will get high 90s which pulls the curve up so high that the 80s could mean a C.

7 Math 20A,B,C: Calculus for STEM majors

Although the Math 20 series is taken by a huge number of students, it still remains as one of the most difficult courses. Many complained that the final exams ruined their entire grade. Although discussions are usually not mandatory unless stated, you better not slack off if you want a decent grade. Students usually spend 10-14 hours revising.


8. Math 20E: Vector Calculus

What’s harder than Math 20A, B, and C? Math 20E of course!


9. Math 140A, B, C: Foundations of Real Analysis

This math course is a rigorous three-quarter sequence which focuses on proof and theory. This series is comparable to an honors program series at several other universities hence, standing out as one of the most challenging but interesting math courses at UCSD.


10. CHEM 140A, B, C: Organic Chemistry

Most STEM majors can agree with me on this one, that OCHEM is arguably the toughest Science class ever. The amount of workload in this course is simply gut wrenching and not for the faint hearted.