10 Reasons why every Penn State student should call their mom

Before we were sent off too college, stuck living at home, we vowed that we couldn’t wait to see the day where we didn’t have to deal with our mothers again. But once you move to college, it all changes. Here are 10 reasons why every Penn State student should call their mom

1. She is your first best friend

Your mom has been with you since day one. Whether she helped you with homework, cooked mac and cheese for you and your friends, or was a shoulder to cry on when you were hurt, your mom will always be your best friend.

2. She is always right

As much as you hate to admit it, your mom is always right. She has more experience than you and always has your best interest at heart. Listen to her kids!

3. She will gush with you over boys/girls

Even if your mom wasn’t the “cool mom” in high school, they dynamics have now changed. Your mom wants to know everything, even if it is about the boy/girl that lives down your hall! So don’t be afraid to share with her! She’ll give you great advice and use her mom senses to tell if he’s worth it or not.

4. You can tell her how you really feel about classes

You may try to convince your new friends that you’re the smartest, that your classes are easy and you have a handle on things. But when you talk to your mom, it’s ok to tell her some classes are kicking your butt! After all, it is Penn State…

5. She will worry if you don’t

Your mom is a natural born worrier. If you don’t call, she may just worry a bit more than she really should. Just keep in touch!

6. You might need a care package…or two

No doubt, you forgot a few shirts or your favorite Taylor Swift CD at home. Your mom will be the one to ship that stuff over and she may even include some goodies in the package too! Plus, there’s nothing better than getting that “new package” email!

7. The Penn State Plague is real

The Penn State plague is always threatening to knock at your door! So when it finally comes, your mom will tell you what to eat and which homeopathic medicine to take. Go Mom!

8. To tell her you miss her cooking

Dining Hall food is great, but there is nothing like have a fresh, home cooked meal made by non other than mom! While you may have never complimented her before, now is the time to tell her how much you miss her cooking! After all, you don’t know what you got ‘til its gone!

9. She won’t ever judge you

Your mom is the one person that will be on your side no matter what. So tell her your mistakes, she will help you fix them and give you advice on how to avoid making the same mistake.

10. To tell you love her

You likely don’t tell her enough. Telling your mom you love her will put a smile on her face. She won’t be around forever and you should let her know how much she is appreciated and loved.

10 Weirdest Northwestern University Traditions

1. Guarding the Rock

One of the longest standing Northwestern traditions is guarding and painting the rock. This tradition began long ago, first with the Class of 2019 gifting a fountain to the University. Yes, the rock was originally a fountain. The rock was first painted in the 1940s. While moving the rock in 1989, it was dropped and it broke apart, but was soon repaired. The tradition holds that one must guard the rock for 24 hours before they are allowed to paint it. Rumor has it that a camera is perched on top of a nearby building to ensure this tradition is followed.

2. The Primal Scream

This tradition is one Northwestern has kept for a while and one that many other colleges and universities also partake in. Every Sunday before finals weeks at 9 p.m., stressed students of Northwestern scream their stress away simultaneously.

3. Dillo Day

Dillo Day holds its roots in May Day, which was originally a celebration of the women of Northwestern. Armadillo “Dillo” Day began in 1972 and has held ever since. It is held on the last Saturday of May. It’s an all-day musical festival that has featured big-names like B.o.B, the Decemberists, and Nelly.

4. Jingling of the keys

Every game at kickoff, Northwestern students pull out their keys and jingle them in the air. Although the tradition’s origins are unknown and the meaning of the tradition is controversial, it still remains a favorite of Northwestern fans at football games.

5. March through the Arch

This is a tradition I just recently participated in. Every incoming class of freshmen marches through the Weber Arch, one of the most distinguishable Northwestern landmarks on campus. After marching through the arch, the new, incoming class take a stroll through campus and collect on Deering Meadow where the class picture is taken.

6. The freshmen dance

This is a tradition that I personally was not prepared for. Every year, the Board of Directors for Wildcat Welcome (the welcome week/orientation for incoming students) as well as the Peer Advisors (PAs) create a dance that they teach to the incoming students. Every year gets a different song and dance that the class learns at the first pep ralley.

7. Nicknames galore

The lingo at Northwestern can be daunting and hard to accustom to as a new student. Such examples are the Foster-Walker complex (a residence facility for studnents) is nicknamed “plex”, and the Starbucks in the Norris student center is called “Norbucks”. Many majors are abrievated, such as BME for biomedical engineering or MechE for mechanical engineering.

8. Night at Target


As part of Wildcat Welcome, Northwestern rents out a nearby Target from 10:30 p.m. until 1 a.m. where students receive free ICEEs, popcorn, goody-bags, and can shop for various things they made need for their dorm. Though, the line for checkout isn’t as fun as all the shopping. I personally waited in line for upwards of a half an hour and the line sneaked through all the aisles in the grocery section.

9. Field Museum/Millennium Park

In previous years, the incoming class and transfer students were taken to Millennium Park in Chicago where they were taught the Northwestern fight song, among other things. This year, Northwestern changed the regular tradition to a night at the Field Museum in Chicago. As well as having the freedom to roam the museum, events were held that related to our summer reading book: The Inconvenient Indian.

10. The Wildcat Dash

Another football tradition is to have the incoming students dash across Ryan Field, home to the Northwestern Wildcats, before sitting down and watching their first football game as students. This event happens every year during Wildcat Welcome and has become a favorite among staff and students.

The 10 Types of People You Will Meet at a UMass Amherst Football Game

The UMass football season is here! With the first home game at Gillette this coming weekend (Sept 19th) and the first official Amherst home game at McGuirk right around the corner; here are the 10 types of people you are bound to run into at the tailgate and in the stadium. Included are some helpful tips that will give you an advantage if this is your first College Football experience here at UMass Amherst. You’re gonna wanna trust me here. 

1. The Alumni that has WAY too much school spirit.

Oh every University team has these, but UMass can be the worst. Nothing screams, “My life sucks, I wish I was still in college” than a 43 year old guy drinking an entire 30 rack of Busch Lite out of a UMass koozie wearing UMass Football shirt, sweatshirt, foam finger, under a UMass tent, etc… You get the picture. Usually these guys come in groups; you can usually spot them from the over decorated tailgating area, or the obnoxious Winnebago decorated in team colors. He most likely got a second mortgage to pay for it. Word to the wise, especially to freshman (girls) you will get cat called. Just accept it; you’re all these guys have going for them now since UMass rarely wins a game. If you want some free beer and good show bring your friends around and gather round for the glory day stories. 

2. The Pink Hat:

Ah the good ole Pink Hat. What’s a Pink hat you might be asking? Well, if you’re asking, you probably are one. They are usually a girl first of all. First of all, they know nothing about the game of football and they think they do and usually try way too hard to learn. They usually give you the excuse “oh I know number (pick a number), he plays linebacker; or something juvenile along those lines. Yeah you know what I’m talking about; its usually girl that claims this dude is in her COMM 101 class and they talk every day so they’re “best friends” and that’s why she goes to the game. You can usually pick these girls out of the crowd very easy. Usually they are taking selfies of their face paint wearing almost no clothes whatsoever, and their names usually end with a “Y”, “I”, or “E” (Katie, Bri, Melanie, Tiffany, ETC). Note to freshman girls, if you want to make friends and not look like a fool, don’t be one of these. Ask your fellow “regular fan” or “if it weren’t for my bum knee” guy (See below) and learn the game of football before ever stepping into a football stadium again. Pink hats are like the herpes of football fans; no one likes them and no one likes to admit when they are one.

3. The guy/girl who just comes to tailgate and get drunk:


“Hey are you going to the game this weekend? How you getting there? Who’s driving you? Ready to get f*&%ed up?!” These questions are usually asked the Monday before the game. Oh and yes, these are one of my favorites to run into at the tailgates. 99.9999% of the time this friend can out drink you any day or night. He/she will be the first one to demand shot gunning a beer as soon as the gates open for tailgates, which is noon. I’m not here to tell you that shot gunning beers before the game is bad. I’m here to tell you that spending too much time with this character will inevitably lead to you not even making it into the stadium because you’ll be hammered at 1 p.m. when the game kicks off at 3. Now this guy/girl has their advantages; usually they bring way to much beer and will just get drunk and offer you some. Also they will probably be the loudest fan in the stands, which is good because there usually aren’t many fans at Gillette Games. The bad news about this character is they will probably end up on the news for being arrested at the game for being way too drunk and yelling obscenities to other fans. 

4. The extreme pickup football guy:

At tailgates it’s very popular to get some pickup football going between classmates. Guys and girls have been seen playing some extremely clean, sometimes sloppily drunk, pickup football. Hey nothing wrong with this, it’s all fun and games until this bro shows up and just takes it to the next level. His name is usually Tyler, Alex, or even Zach. This jackhole loves to pretend he’s Randy Moss in his prime (ladies look that name up if you don’t know it, don’t be a pink hat). He will be the first one to try and get a pick-up game going and once it starts all rules of two hand touch go out the window. It turns into full on broken ankles and stiff arms into the tender breasts of your girlfriend. When called out for his over physicality and competitiveness his first response is usually somewhat along the lines of “This is football not soccer!” or “She shouldn’t be playing then!”. Don’t be this guy, all boyfriends and people alike think you’re a massive tool. No, you’re not impressing the ladies, they could care less that you can catch a football thrown about 8 MPH by a barley sober classmate. When you spot this fellow, my best advice to you is to stick to your beer drinking, lawn games, and socializing. Your body and temper will thank you.

5. The “If it weren’t for my bum knee” guy:

We all have met someone like this before. Not to be confused with the “extreme football guy”, this character is usually a combination of #1 and #4 but is actually one of the more popular people to spend tailgates with. Besides his constant rambling of how he somehow got hurt in the “Big game” in high school or whatever Junior College he attended. Along with how he was supposed to be recruited by UMass or some other University to play football; this guy usually knows a lot about the game of football. That being said, ladies (especially pink hats), you can learn a lot from these guys. So just nod and agree when he tells you his sob story, then hand him a beer and ask him what the “Red Zone” means and why it’s so important. You will learn a lot about the game of football since these guys LOVE taking about how much they know. If you are this guy, just give it up, no one cares that you hurt your knee and gained 60 pounds of beer weight now that you don’t work out. Saying you were “supposed” to play D1 football does not get you in bed with any girl.

6. The Supposed College Football Genius/ Buzz Kill:

Now that you’re in a big university you’re bound to meet a college football genius. This guy wanted to go to a University where College Football is relevant (Ex. Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, and Notre Dame) but couldn’t get into any and had to settle on UMass Amherst. This guy owns probably at least 5 college football jerseys, and none of them being UMass. To him the NFL is boring and college ball is where it’s at. He will throw statistics at you that make no sense. “Well Jamal Wilson had lucky charms for breakfast and you know that’s his favorite so he will easily throw for 300 yards today. Factor in him getting a B- on his Stats test this week and getting laid yesterday; I think we are in for a big win today.” Nothing annoys me more than this guy. He doesn’t even wear UMass apparel, instead he will wear one of his many college football shirts and just talk smack about how crappy UMass football is. The dude is an absolute buzz kill to be around. Typically a Ben, Joe, Cody (with a C), these guys are ones you want to avoid if you’re looking to have fun. If you hang out with one of these guys already, do yourself a favor and just avoid answering his texts that usually start off with “Sup Bruh”. No one wants a Buzz Kill who has no school pride; no matter how crappy your football program is.

7. The cranky tailgating neighbors:

Now since UMass Amherst is not the best school when it comes to Football, you are definitely going to run into some fans who are there to just watch the game and despise underage drinking and tailgating. I have one thing to say to you about these types of people. If you have the misfortune of parking next to these poor bastards, do yourselves a favor; go offer them a beer and when they reject it with a rude remark go and drink your face off to annoy them. Just kidding, not a good idea. I have had friends get in trouble because their cranky Mr. Wilson tailgating neighbor (Denis the Menace) called security on them. So what you really should do if you get unlucky because you showed up late and have to park next to these heartless people is call up your buddies and find out where their tailgating. 9 out of 10 times, wherever they are is going to be will be 10 times better than where you are. Tips on avoiding these soul suckers, is: Show up early, ask your buddies where the good tailgate is, and don’t go to games alone. The worst thing a college student can do is go to a tailgate without a game plan. If your neighbor asks you to “Calm down”, you know it’s time to move the party elsewhere and STAT.

8. The Hot Head or Debbie Downer:

This is usually the guy who has a girlfriend and for some stupid reason he is absolutely miserable. He’s a combination if #3 #4 and #6, but every group of friends has one of these guys. It’s usually happens to be a Devon, Jeff, Bob, Nick, or Josh. He will most likely be sitting alone or just being extremely quiet next to his girlfriend. Now being the good friends that you all are; I’m sure you will go over and offer him a beer and to play some games. His response usually will be a long heavy sigh; followed by an attitude filled response that somehow connects to his girlfriend. For example: “why don’t you ask Stacy if she wants to play corn hole with you, she’s been wanting to be your partner all day”, or something petty along those lines. We’ve all had these before, and my advice to you is just to walk away beer in your hand and his girl in the other. No just kidding don’t do that, just don’t be the one to set him off, because he will go off. And we don’t like to encourage fights here at UMass, but if you’re going to be a dumbass who gets into a drunk altercation with some fans of the opposing team, you will want this guy on your side. Why? Well he’s probably as sober as a 12 year old school boy and will probably do all the fighting for you. Keep this guy around for safety purposes, just don’t bother trying to cheer him up.

9. The Super Fan:

This guy loves attention and will do anything to get it. He is probably wearing some stupid outfit or holding a ridiculous sign praying to get his 15 seconds of fame on ESPN. Even though the chances of any UMass football event getting on ESPN, is rarer than a nip slip at a first communion. Upon entering the stadium he is already chanting “Go! Go U! Go UMass! Go! UMass!” and will never sit down or shut up. It will be 63-0 and he will be on his feet yelling at people to put their rally caps on. Don’t be this guy, chances are you will never get laid ever again; unless by chance there was a nip slip at your first communion, and you end up on ESPN for your ridiculous shenanigans. The chances of you getting nachos thrown at your head are 110%. Do yourself a favor super fan guy; cheer as long as you want until the game is so far out of hand that you just look stupid. Leave the stupid outfits and signs at home in your trunk full of stuffed animals; no one wants to see that.

10. Your Average UMass Minuteman Fan:

This is what everyone should strive to be at a UMass football game and tailgate. Only wearing one article of UMass apparel, knows how many attempts there are to get a 1st down, has the perfect beer buzz, partakes in lawn games instead of pickup football, doesn’t recall his past football memories, only cheers for the school he/she attends, surrounds themselves with like-minded individuals, is in a great mood, and doesn’t take it over the top. These are the best people you can surround yourself with at games. Even though you definitely will meet the 9 other types of people listen, at least you’re now well prepared. So go enjoy the games and be on the lookout for these types of fans; they are always a sight to see.


GO MINUTEMEN! #WinTogether 


12 Celebrities That Went to Ryerson

Nina Dobrev

After moving to Canada from Bulgaria at age 2, Nina Dobrev was raised in Toronto and eventually attended Ryerson University for sociology. Dobrev left Ryerson in 2008 to pursue her acting career. Dobrev acted in a variety of films and TV movies, but she became most popular early on in her career from her role as Mia on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Dobrev has continued on to act in the television show The Vampire Diaries while also appearing in such films as Chloe and The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlotte Arnold 


Charlotte Arnold began acting at a young age, appearing in a number of cinematic and television roles. Much like Dobrev, Arnold gained notoriety through her role as Holly J. Sinclair on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Arnold attended Ryerson for broadcast journalism while also continuing to act.


Kenny Hotz

Kenny Hotz is an actor, comedian, director, screenwriter and producer from Toronto. Early on, Hotz worked as a documentary filmmaker and photographer, featuring intense subject matter such as Auschwitz and the Gulf War. Hotz graduated from Ryerson in 1992 and has done a wide variety of work since. Most notably, Hotz was a consultant and writer for South Park, though he has also done a great deal of work in the comedy industry in addition to owning several restaurants in Toronto. 

Tyler Stewart 


Tyler Stewart graduated from Ryerson in 1989 with a degree in Radio and Television Arts. Soon after, he became the drummer for the band The Barenaked Ladies. The group has won seven Juno awards and has been nominated for two Grammy awards. Their song “The History of Everything” is featured as the theme song for The Big Bang Theory on CBS. 

Brian Bailey 

While studying fashion design at Ryerson during the ‘80s, Brian Bailey also worked with The Hudson’s Bay Company and The House of Cowan. He continued on to create his own company, Iscariot Design, open boutiques and have his collections appear in several department stores including Nordstrom and The Bay. Bailey also acted as a mentor for both seasons of Project Runway Canada

Hannah Simone 

Hannah Simone is best known as Cece, the best friend of quirky protagonist Jess, on New Girl. She won the Teen Choice Award for TV Breakout Actress for her role on the show. Others may know her as a VJ for MuchMusic or a model, having appeared in various campaigns such as Gilette’s “What Women Want” campaign. Simone graduated from Ryerson’s RTA School of Media in 2004. 

Shay Mitchell 


Like several others on this list, Mitchell studied acting at Ryerson before kickstarting her career. While Mitchell did appear on Degrassi: The Next Generation, she derives her fame primarily from her role as Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. Mitchell is also a spokesperson for Pantene and has appeared in other shows such as Glee

Jeff Wincott 

Best known for his role as Jimmy Cacuzza on Sons of Anarchy, Jeff Wincott studied theatre arts at Ryerson. Since then, after doing work on stage, Wincott has acted in a myriad of movies and shows, such as One Tree Hill and Blue Bloods. Wincott also made his directing debut in 2014 with Behind Bars. 

Ellen Wong 


Ellen Wong began acting at the age of 14 and continued to do so while she studied radio and television arts at Ryerson. She was featured in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as Knives Chau, the intense ex-girlfriend of the lead character. Wong has continued acting, primarily on television series such as The Carrie Diaries and Castle

Nia Vardalos 

Nia Vardalos began acting at a young age which helped her secure a scholarship to Ryerson where she studied acting. Vardalos is both an actress and a writer. Vardalos is primarily known for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, for which she was both a writer and lead actress. Vardalos has continued her work through television and movies. 

Isadore Sharp 

After studying architectural technology at Ryerson University, Isadore Sharp worked on architecture and real estate development until he was introduced to the hospitality business while building a motel for a family friend. He founded Four Seasons Hotels in 1960 which now has become a chain of luxury hotels and resorts with about 100 locations in total. 

Eric McCormack 

Eric McCormack left his studies at Ryerson in 1985 in order to work with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival through which he performed in a number of plays. McCormack also began work in television which led him to his most famous role as Will Truman in Will & Grace. He also worked on Broadway in The Music Man and, after the conclusion of Will & Grace, continued work in television as well as on stage.

Watch 12 Celebrities that Went to Ryerson:

10 Reasons To Be a GDI At Penn State

GDI: God Damn Independent, better known as “geeds” by those in fraternities and sororities. But what sets us apart? Simply the fact that as “geeds” we aren’t involved in Greek life, that’s what. While GDI is often used as an insult, here are 10 reasons why you should be proud to be a “geed” at Penn State.

1. No rules.

Being a GDI = ultimate freedom. You can do what you want when you want without the rules of Greek life weighing you down. Score.

2. No dues.

Paying hundreds of dollars a semester to be part of an organization gets expensive. As a GDI, you avoid these dues altogether, which means more money for you to spend on the things you actually need and want like textbooks, beer, etc.

3. No fines.

Greek life has a lot of rules and expectations, and if you don’t abide by them, you get fined…. Yeah, you read that right – you have to pay more money in addition to your dues. How do you avoid this potentially expensive cycle? Be a GDI.

4. No weekly obligations.

Greek organizations have a lot of mandatory weekly obligations, making it difficult for their members to balance additional extracurriculars. As a GDI, you won’t have to worry about this, which means you can get involved in multiple on campus activities and still be able to get your school work done.

5. No rushing / pledging.

Sorority recruitment? No thanks. Pledging a fraternity for an entire semester? Not for everyone. Make friends on your own time without spending countless hours selling your soul to Greek life.

6. Other ways to get involved.

Penn State has 800+ student organizations, which provides you with a ton of opportunities to get involved on campus without going Greek. Can’t find an organization you’re interested in? Start your own and meet people who are interested in the same things as you are.

7. Bars / apartment parties.

No need to walk around fratland searching for parties only to be asked “WHO DO YOU KNOW HERE?” – GDIs are always down to throw an apartment party or hit up the 20+ bars downtown together, no matter what day of the week.

8. You’re in this together.

83% of campus IS NOT involved in Greek life, which means there are more GDIs than you think. GDIs tend to stick together, so you won’t have any trouble meeting people who also aren’t involved in Greek life. Plus, you won’t have to worry about having to learn the Greek alphabet.

9. No dress code.

Don’t want to wear a dress and heels out? You don’t have to. Don’t want to wear khakis and a button down? You don’t have to. Wear whatever you want, when you want – without having to worry whether or not you’re “fitting in” with the majority.

10. No judgment zone.

Friends don’t let friends judge each other, especially if they’re GDIs. As a GDI, you’ll have support from your fellow “geeds” every step of the way.


10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

1. Busy Burger

Located just a few blocks from East Campus, this burger joint features a 15% discount for all UIC students! What to eat: The famous Busy Burger with fries and one of their thick, creamy milkshakes.

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

2. Mr. Greek Gyros

UIC is just a minute away from Greektown and all its glory What to eat: The Gyro Combo comes with fries and a drink for less than $10.

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

3. De Pasada


The tacos in the cafeteria don’t cut it, we need some authentic Mexican cooking. Thankfully, De Pasada has it What to eat: The Super Burrito and Horchata

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

4. Hawkeye’s Bar and Grill


Everything you could ever want from a bar and grill: wings, drinks, and endless sports coverage What to eat: Burgers are $1.50 Tuesday nights with daily drink specials for our 21-and-up crew.

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

5. Ghareeb Nawaz

A South Campus hotspot famous for its spicy Indian cuisine What to eat: Chili Chicken Biryani. It’s only $5!

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

6. Artopolis


Greektown’s Mediterranean cafe and bakery What to eat: The pastries will make your tastebuds fly like Pegasus.

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

7. Big G’s Pizza

Pizza has been taken to a new dimension. No longer are we forced to choose between pepperoni, sausage, or cheese. The geniuses here have come up with many tasty alternatives to the traditional slice What to eat: The macaroni, BBQ chicken, or s’mores pizza slices

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

8. Lucky’s Sandwich Company


Featured on hit TV show Man Versus Food, Lucky’s puts their own spin on classic American sandwiches and has created a few new ones. The Lucky’s challenge of finishing three sandwiches in an hour is always waiting for its next challenger, if you’re brave enough… What to eat: Come face-to-face with the Big Kahuna, a double burger topped with bacon and habañero sauce.

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

9. Joy Yee Noodles


Asian food is very important for college students, and no, that doesn’t mean Ramen packs. It’s Pan-Asian, meaning that all types of eastern delicacies can be found on its massive menu What to eat: Joy Yee’s smoothies come in many flavors and are a great addition to any meal!

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

10. Hash Browns


What food list would be complete without a restaurant that serves breakfast at any hour? Hash Browns completes the list with its variety of breakfast options, including (of course) their famous hash browns What to eat: The specialty omelettes are Chicago-based recipes that both locals and visitors will enjoy.

10 Great Places to Eat Around the University of Illinois-Chicago

Stay hungry my friends!

8 Ways Ryerson Will Change Your Life

1. Ryerson will make you more aware of your value and the value of others

And this is because Ryerson as a whole is aware of what’s going on in the world and what may be going on with their students. Administrators and professors openly encourage students who have been misgendered or otherwise misrepresented to speak up and correct the issue. A great deal of support is given to all members of the LGBTQ+ community through student groups as well as resources in the student centre. In addition, Ryerson has made it a priority to emphasize the importance of consent in romantic encounters. It’s important for me to be at a school that is inclusive and involved in the issues that matter. Ryerson is that school.

2. It will show you that your viewpoint is one of many


Toronto is a city full of a massive variety of human life. With Ryerson at the heart of the city, students experience this variety both in and out of the classroom. Walking through downtown, a person can experience a glimpse of millions of life stories. In class, students and professors discuss topics openly in a way that challenges every idea, not to crush the idea but to expand it. As I began to have class discussions, I realized how often professors will both acknowledge and challenge your ideas. Your opinions are respected, but it doesn’t stop there. You learn to recognize the mindset of others, which is an important lesson as you make your way towards working in a world with billions of other people and opinions.

3. You will develop the skills to be actively successful

Ryerson became a polytechnic institute in 1966. Despite its transition to a university in 1993, the hands-on style of learning cultivated by the technical school has remained. At Ryerson, a student does not learn how to be a professional simply by reading and listening. At Ryerson, a student learns by doing, which is why you’ll find engineering students in the quad creating a device, journalism students in Dundas Square doing street interviews and so on. I didn’t come to Ryerson because it was in a fun location downtown with many bars and clubs; I came to Ryerson because I saw that the students were creating work even early on that they could be proud of and take with them as a base for future work.

4. Ryerson will make you realize you aren’t simply a student

Being a student won’t stop the people at Ryerson from treating you as an adult. As much as I knew university would be different than high school, it still jarred me how much respect my professors gave students. The staff recognizes that what students need is not to be coddled but to be treated as a budding professional. Students are not belittled; instead, students are encouraged to learn and work as adults. It will make you realize you aren’t simply a student, you’re a budding professional.


5. The people at Ryerson will help you along the way

While the people at Ryerson aren’t going to coddle students, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there to help. Whether it’s fellow students, teaching assistants, professors or any other member of the community, Ryerson is a place where confusion doesn’t have to last long. Students are willing to lend a hand in navigating the campus or introducing new students to groups. Professors often have generous office hours of which they encourage students whole heartedly to take advantage. While a student may be tossed into the deep end to learn at Ryerson, there’s always someone to toss them a life jacket. I came to Ryerson’s campus in Toronto from the United States. I knew no one and had very little knowledge about the school and city, but I was immediately greeted by students and faculty that were eager to pull me into the community and help me succeed.

6. Ryerson will provide you with the resources you need

Regardless of what you need, Ryerson can help you find it. Not only are the people an amazing asset, but the school itself creates ways for you to further your ambitions. Everything from research tools to programming to academic or emotional support, Ryerson makes it easily accessible. I’ve visited many universities where the library is full of amazing information, but with Ryerson, it goes so far beyond that. It gives the people in the community the ability to go beyond the circumstances or struggles they find themselves in and use the opportunities they’ve been given.

7. You will be able to broaden your horizons


Majors don’t exclusively define what students are able to learn at Ryerson. While some schools give students little opportunity to explore, Ryerson offers a huge number of liberal and open electives to allow students to experiment with topics that are wildly different than their major. Instead of having to drag themselves through general credits that don’t interest them, students are able to pick courses from many different fields. As a journalism major, I still have the opportunity to explore my love of photography at an artistic level while also experimenting with classes like psychology.

8. At Ryerson, you’ll be given a way to express your passion

At Ryerson, in or out of class, the amount of passion for learning and living is evident. The students at Ryerson want to be there and it is shown by both performance in class as well as through engagement in the community. I walked onto campus and immediately found groups of people who cared. Passionate people who want to find others like them and create something amazing. Far too often, brilliance and education are wasted on apathy, but Ryerson is a place where passion is cultivated and encouraged.

10 Signs You Go To the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is the best school to attend. I may be biased, but there is nowhere else where you feel like a community of dedicated people, even in the middle of a large Rozanski Hall lecture. But being a part of the U of G community is more than attending classes on the campus. There are a few telltale signs that you are a Guelph student, regardless of whether you spend a million dollars in the Bookstore for textbooks or sign out reserved copies in the library.

1. Wanting to Paint the Cannon

Old Jeremiah is an iconic piece of the Guelph campus, residing in the centre of everything. Clubs, teams, friends and everything in between get together to paint Jeremiah and are prepared to camp out on the Raithby House porch to defend their design until sunrise. The cannon has even participated in engagements and wedding photos. If you have not had the opportunity to paint the cannon yourself, you know you want to in order to be part of the tradition. Why else do you walk past it almost every day to see the new paint job? Rival universities have also taken part in painting the cannon because our traditions are legendary. Part of leaving your legacy behind in Guelph is having that moment in the spotlight for your design on the cannon.

2. You Respect the Rules of Guide Dogs in Training Despite the Urgent Desire to Pet Them

Guide dogs in training depend on their focus, but it doesn’t work well if others are being distracting. The younger the puppy is usually has a direct correlation with the degree of difficulty there is to resist puppy playtime. The University of Guelph thankfully gets their puppies while they’re still tiny puff balls. Half asleep puppies being carried around campus make everyone smile. However this makes it especially hard to resist. Chances are that you will end up with a training dog in one of your lectures who will howl, stretch out or do something else incredibly adorable. Guelph students absolutely respect the rules of the dogs, but abiding them is a struggle.

3. You have an Aggie Friend

The University of Guelph is known for being an agricultural school, dating all the way back to the school’s establishment in 1964. Although over the years Guelph has become comprehensive with over 80 majors to diversify your learning experience, there is a good chance you have made friends with a few agricultural students. Aggies are like a high school clique; you can still be good friends with them but you are not an aggie unless you are an aggie. But whether you want to be an aggie or not, your already aggie friends are probably more than likely to invite you along to Aggie Pubs.

4. You Have Taken the Drunk Bus


It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from Trapper’s Alley downtown or late night studying in the library, you’ve taken the 12:30am drunk bus at least once. It’s convenient for getting home. Or it’s the last time you take it because you can’t stand the night owls who frequent the service. Late night busses are a breeding ground for partiers, but they’re better to take than that 12:30am bus everyone thinks is the final one for the night. You learn that lesson the hard way. You may love it or hate it, but the drunk bus is a reliable friend to help you get home easier when you’re recovering from your pub crawl or midnight cram session.

5. You See at least One Squirrel a Day

Guelph squirrels have become famous. Whether it be their appearance on bus advertisements or tendencies to climb trees with entire slices of pizza or bagels, there is always mischief happening in Guelph due to a squirrel. If you attend Guelph, there is not a day that goes by where you do not see a poufy tail bobbing around on campus. There may be the occasional cold winter day when the squirrels would rather be in their dens than outside, but then again if it is that cold why are you outside?

6. Seeing War Mem in your Winter Schedule makes you Groan

War Memorial Hall is a beautiful lecture hall, reception hall, church, the list goes on. But Guelph students know its location is awful. Walking across Johnston Green to get there is bad enough in the fall semester when you are just tired. But in the winter, you are tired and also fighting high winds across the field while trudging through snow. Having ten minutes between lectures is normally enough time to get from one to the other, but seeing on your schedule that you have to walk from Roz to War Mem does not make for happy Gryphons.

7. Supporting CSA’s Bottle – Free Campus Campaign

Many university campuses have already become bottle free by not offering to sell bottled water. Guelph is on the way to being added to the list thanks to Guelph’s Central Student Association. There are tons of reusable water bottle filling stations to aid this change already. By supporting this you don’t have to give up your arm or leg to the Bookstore for a reusable bottle; CSA gave away free Tap In bottles during o-week 2015 and if I had to guess, this is not the last we will see of them; CSA is definitely there to help students. Even if you buy bottled water, if you have used a refill station at least once than you are contributing to our hopefully one day bottle – free campus.

8. Getting Creative with Exam Study Space

college student studying

It’s no surprise that campus is slightly lacking on places to learn an entire course in the last half a week before the exam. If you find the Holy Grail of an empty table in the library during midterm or exam times, I tip my hat to you. But for the rest of us non–early risers, we have to get more creative. There are more obvious choices, like the Science Complex Atrium or The Bullring tables and couches. Then you come across the occasional student who has turned a bathroom stall into an entire computer desk. I have witnessed students take up hallways and paths trying to spread out their notes to study. While living in LA, I would sit on washing machines or use the corner of a wall and a vending machine to make study corners. Being creative is a great skill to have and this is just another way the Guelph University is teaching us applications to everyday life.

9. You Love Bob

Bob’s Dogs, one of the most popular food establishments on campus and currently the 4th ranked food cart in Guelph, is operated by Bob Izdebskiego. Bob is arguably the most kind – hearted and charismatic member of the University of Guelph community. This is the main reason why the student government gave him his own property on campus so he could become a permanent icon. From offering discounts in exchange for smiles to willingly giving away his guitar to a student who mentioned wanting to learn, there is no end to his altruism to make someone happy. That is why everyone loves Bob. I have heard on multiple occasions that it is impossible to dislike him, and I’m willing to bet that every Guelph student would comply with that statement.

10. You Bleed Black, Gold and Red

University of Guelph sign in front of campus

Guelph is known for its spirit and enthusiasm. Regardless of what you do on campus, you are proud to be a gryphon. You get past the numbers on price tags and buy clothing at the Bookstore or Athletic Centre just so it has Guelph logos, crests and colours. You know how to wind your toy and just the thought of Western University gets you riled up. Being a University of Guelph student is more than just learning. It’s about pride. Gryphon pride is something you have at least four years before your diploma.

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16 Types of College Roommates You May Encounter as a Cornell Freshman

1. The passive-aggressive

Perhaps one of the most lethal species is the passive-aggressive roommate.; Case in point: “Hey! I love it when you let your stuff leak to my side of the room!  [plastic smile] It’s so funny because I totally trip on it in the morning! [plastic smile]” Beneath its smiling layer is a wrath that could ruin you if you don’t store your shoes the right way or keep the towels straightened at the sink.  He (or she) just might throw your belongings down from the top of the clock tower when you’re not looking, later claiming that Donald Trump did it.  Don’t cross paths with this creature because one glare will leave you petrified.  *See dictionary definition under “Medusa” for more pertinent information.

2. The partier

There are two subspecies of this annoying group: 1) The type that just doesn’t seem to get the concept of “I want to sleep in peace, not with your latest hookup on my newly washed blanket.  Please don’t kick me out of my own room.”  Alas, you are forced to listen in excruciating pain to the kissing that’s going on two feet away from you.  “Don’t get your cooties on my pillow, partier 1 and partier 2,” you whisper as tears stream down your face.  2) It’s 3 in the morning and he just came in drunk, muttering incoherent words.  It’s actually kind of funny, but your amusement will end when he pukes on your favorite Cornell sweatshirt—and why not; you probably spent as much on that sweatshirt as you did on your college tuition.

Beware, kids.  The partier makes college terrifying.

3. The Internet junkie

He seems to always be curled into a blanket ball, staring with brainwashed happiness at the screen of Netflix and Facebook posts.  And wait a second—is that a cat riding a dragon into a volcano on his screen?  You’ll never know when the likes, the hashtags, and the generally useless browsing will end.  When will he ever turn off his MacBook Air?  Rumor has it that every time the moon eclipses the sun, he will hiss and turn off his laptop as it slams shut.  Take pictures of the moment and count that as your college job.  (But it’s only news-worthy if he’s not using an Apple laptop.)

4. The late-night studier

It’s 2:13 AM and he’s still staring at his math homework.  Hey, isn’t that the same problem he was stuck on the last time you looked up from your bed, at 1:33 AM?  Don’t get me wrong, this species usually means well.  But sometimes, you’ll run across an extremely tired one that merely turns to instinct to keep himself awake; he’ll turn on all the lights in the dorm whilst you cry in anguish and try to fall asleep.  This species is in its earliest level of evolution, since the more efficient ones will realize that personal lamps do the trick.  Maybe he’ll evolve to stop procrastinating… nah, that won’t happen.  Not even the day that the Internet junkie turns off his MacBook.  In any case, bring yourself to study with this inefficient being during the day so that he doesn’t ruin your non-nocturnal tendencies.

5. The overly friendly one

There are three subspecies of the OFO:  1) The type that is actually super kind and was probably raised on the nectar of rainbows and unicorns.  Trust me, he’ll lend you his soul if you ask him to.  Maybe even his gym pass.  Maybe.  2) The type that cleverly puts on a smile and knows that you’ll come in handy during his first prelim crash study session.  Be prepared to answer every question that could ever be asked; the idea that “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” will suddenly seem like a lie.  3) The one who is calculating your secret demise.  You’ll be dead by the end of the year, and your supply of Big Red Bucks will be taken, too.  Have your closest friend draft out your obituary for the Daily Sun.

6. The hermit

Rarely does the hermit make an appearance.  After a long day, you’ll go back to your dorm and see that he’s once again sitting on his bed, chowing down a huge bowl of Cheerios and staring at his phone with an unread textbook nearby.  Of course, that phone has no notifications or texts on it, save for the 13 useless notifications from the Cornell Class of 2019 Facebook Group.  Better luck next year, hermit.  You’ll make new friends next year, since you utterly failed to do so during O-Week and will now suffer for the rest of the school year.

7. The social butterfly

Like the hermit, the social butterfly has 13 useless notifications from the Class of 2019 Facebook Group.  But unlike the hermit, the social butterfly is laughing at those stupid notification posts with the rest of his friend group on the way to Collegetown.  His friend groups always follow three golden rules:  1) Must be composed of at least 5 people besides himself.  2)  Must be composed of a nearly 1:1 ratio of girls to guys to show his utter ability to make friends with both genders.  3)  Must be rotated on an hourly basis, with a possibility of 24 unique groups to hang out with per day.  The social butterfly always has one of three base personality traits: very nice, very mean, or very drunk.  Have fun figuring out which he falls under when he brings 10 upperclassmen from West Campus to your freshman dorm on North Campus.

8. The one who settles

This roommate species is perhaps the nicest of them all.  Too nice.  You might be the worst roommate in history, borrowing his expensive Cornell gear and not returning it, but he doesn’t say a thing to you.  He is internally very sad about the various crimes you’ve committed in violation of the Roomie Brother-/Sisterhood, but what can he do?  He’s too nice, similar to the first sub-species of the overly friendly one, yet he recognizes your terrible offenses.  Try to figure this one out.  If you’re being a total jerk of a roommate, stop.  And give him back his only Orientation Guide, gosh dang it.

9. The one who insults you but doesn’t know it

“Wow, we all must be from the South!  I’m so glad, because I TOTALLY hate Northerners!”  And you’re just thinking, “Wait a second… but I’m from the North.  Maine, in fact.”  This species of roommate is one that simultaneously keeps you laughing in ecstasy and crying in sheer emotional pain from the violent sting of their words.  Now, because of what he said, you definitely can’t be from the North anymore and will have to forever keep your peace about the life you used to know.  Change all your past information and even your permanent address to one from Georgia or something.  It’s time to start your life as a reborn man (or woman).  The gist is that this species will ruin your life as you decay from within and become an angry, sad little shell.

10. The deaf one

There are two very different subspecies of the deaf one:  1) Everyone on your floor is dying of the extreme Ithaca cold, but somehow this one cannot hear it happen because your dorm is torn up with his extremely loud mixtape.  For some reason, he finds it necessary to turn any kind of sound up to full volume.  It could full well be the noise that a child makes when crying and choking on his own tears.  But, my oh my, “My music makes homework fun to do!” he says. 2) Everything you tell him just goes in one ear and right out the other.  The key is that he’s selectively deaf: You tell him to help you eat the pizza you ordered, and he decides that this is something worth hearing.  Very well.  Then you tell him to help you pay for the pizza he just swallowed whole.  Common replies include “…” or “……”  The deaf one survives on the sweet juices of the following mottos: “Huh,” “I don’t remember you saying that,” and “My bad.”

11. The one who complains

This species clearly never knew what “Cornell” meant when they pressed the “submit” button for their application.  It didn’t know that “Cornell” involved actually having to communicate with people, or actually having to do homework.  The best survival technique is to wait until second semester to hang out with an OWC, when he has likely become accustomed to the harsh Cornell environment.  If the acclimatization never occurs, then you have the life-complaining variety of OWC on your hands.  You’ll be doing your BioG 1440 homework when suddenly, BAM, the OWC starts a rant on his life.  But the good thing is that you can be complaining buddies with your OWC roomie, which is good for those stressful days.

12. The “Survival of the Fittest”

A rare species that you’ll hardly ever see in your dorm; lives by the motto “sleep is for the weak.”  (You know your SOTF roommate still lives with you though because your mini-fridge is packed with the free food he got from campus events.)  Often attends morning classes all the way until the afternoon.  Only says as many words as necessary.  May skip meals and then pass out during CHEM 2070 laboratory because of hunger or thirst, then repeat the next week.  A species that often scrounges as much money as possible and can commonly be found at the TCAT stop yelling, “I found a penny!”  Grabs multiple fruit not just from RPCC but also from Risley.  (That’s called guts.)  Much is to be learned from this painfully efficient species.  He’s probably an economics major and will be very good at ripping people off someday.

13. The Wanted-a-single-but-instead-got-placed-into-a-quadruple

Ah, perhaps one of the saddest of species.  In times of duress, members of this species can be found lamenting their terrible, randomized luck in dark corners.  You may find them wearing ski masks while crouched behind open doors, staring longingly at your single dorm for uncomfortably long amounts of time.  Especially if you have a spacious Balch single.  Keep your doors locked; you never know what they’ll do to get that single life.

14. The Why-did-I-get-placed-in-this-hall

A cousin of the Wanted-a-single-but-instead-got-placed-into-a-quadruple. Instead of craving the single life, the Why-did-I-get-placed-in-this-hall has demonstrated tendencies to long for other residence or program halls.  The most common variety is the CKB-pouter, which can often be found telling friends “CKB has all the fun,” or in direr times, “b-but air conditioning…”  Another very common variety is the I’m-actually-broke, which longs to live in either Risley or JAM but instead is forced to despair on the floor because it spent all its money on tuition.

15. The Pessimist

Much like #11 on the list.  However, the pessimist finds it necessary to describe nearly all terrible aspects of not just his own life but also life in general, regardless of whether that aspect is actually terrible compared to the experiences of anybody else on campus. You’ll be eating your CTB bagel in bliss when suddenly, the pessimist begins ranting about how “the construction workers don’t want people to eat bagels because they evilly and intentionally built CTB so far away from North Campus.”  Where did that rant even come from?  Nobody knows.  They say you must be the pessimist to know the pessimist, but that’s just a trap that this cunning species employs to turn you into one of them.  Don’t get me wrong, the pessimist can be a good person at heart.  But don’t let the pessimist fool you into thinking about everything that could ever go wrong. 

16. The Optimist

A person unlike any other on the list.  This species is the best to be around.  While holding your binoculars up to the sun at the top of the clock tower, you may see him majestically soaring in the sky with a Pegasus in tow.  It’s your job to be a member of this species.  Because if you succeed, nothing will bring you down—not your prelims, not your lack of meal swipes on the 10 meal/week plan, not your “rather useless” chemistry professor.  For the optimist, everything is smooth sailing, and everything has not just a silver but a gold lining.  Maybe when you evolve into an optimist, you’ll remember that college at Cornell is an experience of a lifetime after all.

U of T Engineers Steal Queen’s Grease Pole

At some point on Sunday, members of the University of Toronto Engineering Department’s “Brute Force Committee” stole the famous Grease Pole, which has long been a totem of the Queen’s University Engineering Society.

For those who don’t know the history of this friendly rivalry, from Wikipedia:

“As part of Queen’s Engineering Frosh Week, the incoming first year engineering students must, with the help of the upper-year engineering students, climb to the top of a grease pole and remove a tam which is nailed to the pole’s top. The Queen’s Grease Pole is a metal football goalpost stolen by Queen’s engineering students in 1955 from University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium.  Currently, the pole is covered in lanolin and placed in the centre of a pit of muddy water referred to as the “Grease Pit”, but from the first climbing of the pole in 1956 to 1988 the pole was covered in axle grease and it was only sometime between 1957 and 1967 that the pit was added to the event. There have been various other changes to the rules of the event since its inception, including the banning of the throwing of projectiles at the frosh attempting to climb the pole by upper years, removing unsanitary contents from the pit and allowing women to participate.”

Here is a release from “Mario Baker” of the Brute Force Committe:

And the response from Julie Tseng, head of the Queen’s Engineering Society: