10 People Who You Will Meet at Queen’s

A student’s time at Queen’s University is full of meeting new people and trying new things! You might meet some new friends in class, on a team, in a meeting, during frosh week or at a big event! Here’s a list of some of the people you will meet during your four years at Queen’s University:

1) The Jock

You’ll find this guy in the ARC. You’ll probably find him in the weight room and you will most likely be intimidated by the amount he can bench press. He might be a varsity athlete or maybe just an avid gym guy, but you’ll be impressed with his dedication. You will probably catch him drinking a protein shake after his workout.

2) The Basic One

She will most likely be wearing Lululemon leggings and a chunky sweater. She will also probably be wearing Birkenstocks or Hunters. You might see her in CoGro, drinking a soy latte and eating a secret bagel, or snap chatting a black and white photo of her and her Starbucks mug. She’ll type her notes on her Mac in

class or write her notes with her brightly colour pens.

3) The Overachiever

This is the one you will most likely see in Stauffer every day, finishing up their lab report before they go volunteer at the hospital and save the world. They stretch themselves very thin and therefore they must rely heavily on Timmy’s coffee breaks to get them through the day. It’s all about the Med School applications for these ones!

4) The Spirited One

These are the ones being trailed by a group of nervous high school students and their families during March break open house or being trailed by some excited first years during Frosh Week. They are enthusiastic, loud, and will be rocking the Queen’s swag. They’re some of the first people seen when you visit our beautiful campus.

5) Laura from Market Street Café

If you go to Queen’s, you have to know who this is! She is the cashier at the Market Street Café in Botterell Hall. She is the most warm and sweet person on campus. She is known by most students and has the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter how their day has gone so far.

6) The Hipster Guy

You’ll probably see him hanging out at the Sleepless Goat, studying or reading a novel. Any guy with a man bun can be placed in this category. With A+ style, he’ll stand out on campus for sure!

7) The Party Animal

These are the ones you’ll see going to Tumbleweed Tuesdays, Stage Rage or Throwback on Thursdays, and Ale or Stages on Weekends! They probably live on Aberdeen and they know all the Ale and Stages bouncers’ names. You can also find them all through the Ale House Facebook page photos every weekend!

8) The Best Friend

You might meet this person on your floor, in a campus club meeting, on a sports team, or in class. This is the person you instantly click with. You become fast friends and you will probably decide to live together. You know that your friendship will last a very long time!

9) The Artist

Whether their passion is visual, drama, or music, you know that they spend most of their free time working on their art. You can find them strumming their guitars and singing at Musiki or perhaps singing at Cogro open mic nights! You can catch some of them in a play, musical, or maybe even an art class on campus!

10) The Crammer

This sleep-deprived student will come out during midterms and exams! They will be wearing yesterday’s clothes and will be holding at least on highly caffeinated coffee! You might catch them taking a nap at Club Stauff so they can stay at the library until 3am, trying to finish that report due at 8 am.


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7 Types of Boys you might meet at McGill

1. The Frosh Fling

He is everything you have imagined in a University boy, maybe even more! Funny, great to dance with, AND confident. Or is he TOO confident? The answer will be clear after the Beach Day chants and the countdown for end of frosh. 

2. Your Floor Fellow

Maybe you have a secret crush on your floor fellow. He’s older, wiser, and nicer than the boys from home. The crush will end as a crush though. BUT there is a chance he will become your strongest ally when you are in trouble with life at McGill! And maybe someday you would want to be him to other younger McGillians.

3. The Boys Next Door

Whether you’re in Rez or any other type of housing, you will establish a some sort of relationship with him. Like it or not, he will be someone you can’t avoid. AND plus, if you are in Upper Rez, he will be the guy who knows all about your “personal life” and your music taste. 

4. Management Boys

All suited up for school? YES PLEASE! You will never meet another group of people as motivated and well-dressed in the entire campus. They throw THE BEST parties from Legendary MUS Concerts to The Carnival. 

5. The Frat Star

You might not be able to identify them during day time. But during night, they are fun, extreme, and SUPER ENERGETIC! No wonder you spot lots of your frosh leaders in Frats. 

6. Gym Enthusiasts

Yeah, pretty common on McGill Campus. With so many varsity and intramural sports to choose from, you can spot them at the McGill GYM. Usually sweating and way too focused on their sport or bod.

7. Your Guy Friend

Probably the craziest out of all of them. There’s always a crazy drunk story following you and him. AND That’s why you keep him around! 


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10 Types of People You Will Meet at ASU

1. The Desert Rat

115 degree weather you say? No problem, the desert rat is still out there biking A Mountain, going for a run down Mill Ave or rowing around Tempe Town Lake while you’re spread out under the coolest vent in your place. While you walk into class with sweat glistening every inch of your body, they walk in looking like they didn’t even step out of the car. While you’re ready to pass out from heat exhaustion after the five minute walk to your next class, the desert rat made it there in two, and is waiting OUTSIDE for their friend to arrive.

2. Jim from the Gym

Jim from the Gym never gained his freshman fifteen. Jim is fit and lets everybody know how much weight he can lift on a daily basis. He drinks a gallon of water an hour and smirks at your bottle of Vitamin Water. He never fails to point out how his paleo diet is superior to your “I need something quick let me grab a pizza” diet, and uses words like “gainz” and asks questions like “have you even heard of cross fit?” At first you were jealous of Jim from the gym, now all you can think about is whether or not he has even tried Five Guys.

3. Spirit Girl

Spirit Girl is all ASU all the time. How many ASU shirts does she have?! An ASU backpack, ASU sweatpants, hair clips, water bottle, notebooks! She is at every function and always tries to start the wave. She is an avid poster in the “events and parties” facebook page and her profile picture is of her and Sparky.

4. The Older Guy with Apparent Unlimited Funds

This guy is flabbergasting. He has been at ASU for six years (not to mention community college for three years before that) and doesn’t yet have a single degree. He has changed his major from biology to education, to accounting to culinary arts, to film to psychology and now he’s an English major and he still has about two more years. What’s crazier is this guy is in no hurry to finish his bachelor’s degree and is thinking about switching to sociology…he’ll probably do that next semester.

5. The Curve Killer

Yay, your professor in your hardest class is going to grade on a curve! Oh just kidding, you happen to land the class with the “curve killer.” No matter how hard this class is, this student happens to get over a 90% every on his/her test every. single. time. So you scored a 73% and you look over the shoulder of the curve killer, praying that they scored low…but more than likely they received a 98%. The most obnoxious part of the whole ordeal is that they are most likely to say “ugh I totally failed this test” right before they blow you out of the water.

6. The Party Starter

The Party Starter is the most obvious one to spot. He/she is incredibly outspoken in class, always laughing, and showing up to morning classes with sunglasses and a cup of coffee. Often when you find yourself sitting in behind them, you notice every conversation with their friend starts with “the craziest thing happened last night” or “wow I didn’t even realize I texted my ex last weekend.” This person seems fun at first, but halfway through the semester you realize that their skin looks like it’s about to fall off from drinking three nights in a row every week, and they suddenly can’t remember half the things they did over the semester.

7. The Balloon Popper

The Balloon Popper is The Party Starter’s arch enemy. They have had one sip of alcohol in their life, and scorn anybody who might suggest that a party tonight might be more fun than studying for the tenth night in a row. The Balloon Popper rolls their eyes at The Party Starter, and buries their nose in a text book whenever a story is about to be told. Their motto is “my parents aren’t spending 10k a year for me to be drunk” and “if I go out tonight I’ll fail the final that is coming up in two months!”

8. Miss Culture

Miss Culture has been to twenty-three countries and four continents. She knows three languages and has built homes in Mexico, educated orphans in Taiwan and cleaned up the environment in China. Miss Culture knows everything about anything when it comes to traveling, the cheapest places to stay, the best places to eat, sights to see, and constantly insists that you must visit these ten countries. She is most likely majoring in sociology or anthropology.

9. The Know it All

The know-it-all, no matter how obnoxious it is to admit, really does know it all. He/she is always right when they answer a question in class, and can always explain it. Even when it makes absolutely no sense to you, The Know-it-all acts like this concept is common knowledge so can we please move on now? Luckily, The Know-it-all likes people to think of him/her as smart, so they are generally happy to turn around and explain the concept step by step. You typically thank them once you understand, then stare in awe at the back of their head for the rest of class.

10. The Conspiracy Theorist

The conspiracy theorist is constantly questioning the validity of what your professor is saying. They are constantly raising their hand and causing lectures to stop just so they can argue whether or not black holes do exist (this is a child development class for crying out loud!) or whether or not the government is trying to kill us all with GMO’s. Every time The Conspiracy Theorist’s hand goes up, you groan a little because you know he will be the cause your professor doesn’t get through lecture before the next test. The Conspiracy Theorist typically has an “I’m better than everyone” attitude and calls people who don’t agree with them “sheep.”


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15 University Life Hacks: Laurentian Edition

As University students, we take the help that we can get. Here are some tips and tricks to get you through a long day of classes and studying at Laurentian University.

1. Always have a bottle of water with you

There are plenty of water fountains around campus where you can fill up your bottle for free. Because staying hydrated is punk rock, kids.

2. UMentioned Laurentian

If you’re on Facebook (there’s like a 89.2% chance that you are), send “Umentioned Laurentain” a friend request. It’s a great way to anonymously ask any questions, to voice your opinions about Laurentian, or to tell that guy in the red shorts working out at the gym that he has a hot body.

3. Sit in the front of the classroom

That way, there is nothing that can distract you, like phone or laptop screens. Or if you’re a people watcher, like me. Also, sitting in the front of the classroom leaves a great impression on your professors. It’s kind of like sitting courtside at a Toronto Raptors’ game with Drake!

4. Always, always, always triple check your alarms the night before classes!

Waking up late will just ruin your day, and you could quite possibly miss that important test you’ve been studying for all week.

5. Plan your classes wisely

If you’re planning on taking back-to-back classes, make sure your class locations are fairly close together. You only have 10 minutes between each class. Don’t take an 8:30am class in the Fraser Auditorium if your 10:00am class is in the Ben Avery gym, unless you want an early morning work-out.

6. Consider alternative textbook options

Lugging your textbooks around can be a pain. Sometimes, literally. I recommend considering using etextbooks from OneClass so that you can access the chapters/sections of the textbook that you need that day, and not have to break your back. You can always read them before and after class, or while eating lunch, without the hassle of carrying a 10lb textbook with you.

7. Get help from your professor


When your professor says he/she has weekly office hours, GO TO THEIR OFFICE IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING. You’re paying so much money to go to school, you might as well get the help you need! Professors do not want you to fail; that is not their intention.

8. Don’t be late

Some professors at Laurentian do not tolerate tardiness. If you are going to be late to a class, send your profs an email to let them know beforehand. You obviously need a legit reason, like a doctor’s appointment, or transportation issues. None of this “Oh, I overslept” business.

9. Pace yourself up the Hill

If you have a class in any of the Federated Universities (Thorneloe, Huntington, UofS), get used to the fact that you will have to climb that hill. The one that doesn’t look too bad, but halfway up, you feel like you’re gasping for your last breath of air. As a proud Thorneloe Resident, I know that hill all too well, my friends. Pace yourself. You’ll thank me later.

10. Carry some change

Always carry loose change with you. Better yet, a $5 bill. If you’re studying at the library, and need a caffeine pick-me-up, at least you’ll know you have money to buy that coffee from Starbucks.

11. Treat Bird Courses Seriously! 

Taking a “bird course” this semester? Even though you find it easy, don’t slack in this course. And don’t brag that you think this course is easy. One of your classmates might be struggling with it, so don’t rub it in their faces.

12. Try studying in different locations

If you find yourself falling asleep while studying in the library, pack up your things and go to another place to study. The J. N. Desmarais library is not the only place you can study in. The SGA Student Centre, the School of Education, and the sitting area by Topper’s and Subway are all great alternatives to the library.

13. Science vs. Arts Debate

Do not join in on the Science vs. Arts debate. This has been going on for years at Laurentian, and it has clearly not been solved. It’s not worth the headache. It’s not a competition. You all are smart in your own ways.

14. Your student cards is life

Make sure you always have your Student Card with you. After all, it is your bus pass, and your food ticket if you have a meal plan with Aramark. And it’s yet another form of identification, since we’re practically adults now. BONUS: there are quite a few places in Sudbury that offer student discounts of 10% or more – all you have to do is show your student card. Like the Marketplace in the Rainbow Centre; you can’t go wrong with discounted groceries.

15. Follow the golden rule

My personal favourite: be nice to people. This shouldn’t even be a Life Hack, but unfortunately we all need reminders sometimes. See someone looking sad? Smile at them. Did someone drop their books and their papers are scattered all over the classroom? Help them out! Simple gestures like this brighten up people’s days, and it will also make you feel better about yourself, making yet another day at LU a positive one.


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10 Things Every Carleton Student Knows All Too Well

1. The Tunnels

Perhaps the best part about , the tunnels are a great way to avoid any kind of weather that is less than pleasant. Doing your hair in the morning means that it will actually stay in place, thanks to the tunnels. Only downside: You can lose cell service in there sometimes, but the pros outweigh the cons.

2. The Hills

Carleton being built on a hill is not for the weak. Outside and in the tunnels, there are hills, there are stairs – and luckily, there are shortcuts and ways to avoid both of those. But who needs leg day when there are the hills?

3. The Engineer Cult

Every university that has engineering will say that their engineers are like a “cult.” Well, at Carleton, this is the truth. Carleton’s a strong engineering school, and you can spot them from a mile away, wearing their sweaters or jackets. The public affairs students are another story, though.

4. OC Transpo

A blessing and a curse in Ottawa. Sure, it’s your main mode of transportation around Ottawa, but, let’s be real, it is unreliable. Does the 111 ever come? Is the O-Train ever on time? Why do two of the same bus routes come at the same time? We will never know.

5. The Typical Canadian Winter

Basically any student in Canada knows this. You walk out of your lecture hall and into the quad, and you feel like your nose is going to fall off. Your eyes start watering, your hair freezes, and you think to yourself “Why didn’t I go down south? Or at least Vancouver?” Then you realize that Carleton is a great school, and at least there are the tunnels to soften the freezing cold weather.

6. Elections

One of the advantages – and disadvantages – of being at a school in the nations capital is that there will be many elections, and many students involved with politics and public affairs. It will seem that for almost the whole year that there are elections with the student government.

7. Tim Hortons

With such a large abundance of Tim Horton’s on campus, you’d think there would be smaller line ups. But no, not at all. Have to go to class in a couple minutes? Need a coffee? Well, either you get your coffee and be late to class, or fall asleep halfway through. I’ve seen an empty Tim Hortons line twice in 8 months. It’s a miracle.

8. The Panda Game

With the Panda Game being recently revived as of a couple years ago, it is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It’s exciting, grand, and overall, an amazing time. What better opportunity to dress up in Carleton apparel, drink overpriced beer, and watch football?

9. Québec

More specifically, Hull. Everyone who went through first year being 18 knows about Hull, or knows it all too well. Each group of friends probably had their own special bar, and tried to get on the guestlist to get into the two clubs for free. Once we turn 19, we never go back. Ever.

10. The rivalry with UOttawa

The classic cross-city rivalry, Carleton and uOttawa hate each other and have no idea why. There are various chants that are screamed at the Panda Game and at Capital Hoops. Any alumni that bring their kids to the Panda Game or Capital Hoops, I pity; those kids should cover their ears.

12 Fun Facts About Queen’s University That You Didn’t Know About

As a soon-to-be Freshman, like many others, I have also gone through the stage of being excessively curious about discovering many facts and details about my new home and academic institution, namely Queen’s University, that many do not know.

So, here I present to you 12 very interesting and fun facts about Queen’s that I have come across in these few months of investigating, exploring, talking to upper years and visiting Queen’s:

1. The infectious and intense Tricolour spirit

Queen’s University’s flag has three wide horizontal bands of it’s official colours: Blue, Yellow and red:

These three colours (a.k.a Tricolour) unite Queen’s students and are a symbol of Queen’s pride and spirit. Tricolour is everywhere around Queen’s whether it be a football game, frosh week or just simple a study date, 

Many Queen’s students even say that their blood is not only composed of RBCs (red Blood Cells)  but also of  BBCs (Blue Blood cells) and YBCs (Yellow Blood Cells). We bleed tricolour.

Yes, the spirit is THAT infectious.

2. King Boo Hoo the Eighth 

A.k.a Boo Hoo the Bear is Queen’s lovable mascot. The one we see now was revived by the Queen’s Bands Cheerleaders in his eighth incarnation and thus was named the above.

He can always be seen in frosh week, homecoming, football games and on the cover of many Golden Words issues.

The mascot is based on a real bear who was  Bill Hughes’s pet and was spotted at several Queen’s Gaels football games. When Hughes was hired as a boxing trainer, he brought Boo Hoo with him to Queen’s.

P.S: Boo Hoo even had music composed about him, for example: The Mascot: Boo Hoo’s March to Queen’s Rugby Team composed by Oscar Telgmann in Toronto in the 1920s.

3. Motto , Cha Gheill and the Oil Thigh

Firstly, Queen’s motto is Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas, which in Latin means “Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times.” It has been in use since the 1850s.

Secondly,  Cha Gheill, pronounced “kay yi-al,” is a Gaelic war cry. Gaelic was the language spoken by many Queen’s students of Scottish origin in the 19th century. Cha Gheill can be translated as “no surrender.” Nowadays this term is used by many Queen’s students to meanCheers!or as a salutation at the end of their letters and greetings.

Cha Gheill is also used in the end of Queen’s traditional cheer, which is used in the chorus of the Queen’s College Colours song, popularly knows as the Oil Thigh Song.

Oil Thigh in general is a song combined with a type of can-can dance. It is a Queen’s tradition and is performed usually at University occassions, sports events like football games, etc. The first line of the song is “Oil Thigh na Bangrighin a’Banrighinn gu brath” which is translated to “The college of the wife and of the king forever.” This line is from where the song’s name comes from.

If you are a current or a prospective Queen’s student and would like to learn the Oil Thigh, here is a video to make the learning process easier:

And another video ft. Boo Hoo the Bear for fun:

4. “Green Campus”

Queen’s being a research intensive university has also invested largely in the research related to Sustainable energy systems and environment management. A lot of “Green” initiatives are carried out by many Queen’s student groups and faculty throughout the year. These initiatives are encouraged by Queen’s Sustainability Office.

One such initiative is the College Presidents’ Climate Statement of Action signed in 2010 by Principal Woolf. It is a pledge to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and conduct more climate Change and sustainability research and to develop a strong Climate Action Plan, for which a 22-member advisory committee has been established.

Some Student Initiatives include:

Vermicomposting: decomposing organic matter in Queen’s residences using red wiggler worms.

The Tea Room: in 2011, the cafe became 100% consumer-waste free, i.e all the products in the cafe could be recycled/ composted.

Lastly, Live Building located in Queen’s Beamish-Munro Hall is a living lab where the Integrated Learning Centre’s mechanical, structural and electrical systems are observed in real-time and left open for people to see how building design can be sustainable. It also consists of a weather station! How cool is that?


5. Canada’s oldest University

Queen’s was founded and established in 1841 with the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria by the Church of Scotland. This explains Queen’s Scottish inspired traditions.

The interesting part is that Queen’s was a degree granting institution before Canada was an independent country.

Also, even after about 170+ years, it is standing tall and proud!

Yeah, we are definitely cool cats!

6. The history of BISC (Bader International study centre) aka The Castle

The BISC, located in East Sussex, England, was formerly the Herstomonceux Castle of the Tudor dynasty. It was built 400 years before Queen’s founding. It was bought by Alfred Bader, a Queen’s graduate in 1992, which resulted in the name change to Bader Castle. Afterwards, the castle was donated by Bader to the University as a study centre where its students could obtain an International experience. No wonder students called Queen’s a royal, elite and prestigious University.

You’ll likely feel like this:

7. Queen’s and the Harry Potter connection

According to Herstmonceux castle tour guides, the castle was used for some “Chamber Of Secrets” scenes. Rumour has it that J.K Rowling also visited the castle once.

Also, in Queen’s Kingston campus, Douglas Library’s study space’s name changed from “1923 Reading Room” to “Harry Potter Room” due to its striking resemblance to Hogwarts’ appearance in the films.

One more interesting fact is that Queen’s has its own Quidditch club. Quidditch is now an official ‘muggle’ sport inspired by the game played by Hogwart’s students in the Harry Potter series by riding flying broomsticks and playing with four balls.

This Queen’s Quidditch club is registered with the International Quidditch Association and has taken part in Canadian Quidditch Cup which started in 2011 and was hosted by Carleton Quidditch team.

8. One of a kind Frosh Week

Like any other University, Queen’s Frosh week is full of fun-filled activities, amazing memories, many clubs showcasing themselves, sports events, awesome school spirit, and much more! However, Queen’s Frosh week has more than that: it has the Tamming ceremony! During the tamming ceremony, every freshman is given a tam (flat hat with a pom-pom of the colour of the student’s faculty on its top) to wear.

The Tamming ceremony is a tradition to welcome new students to Queen’s. It is a symbol of Queen’s spirit and heritage.

That is why Queen’s Frosh week is unique as it is a fusion of old continuing traditions and 20th century fun seen through students wearing coveralls painted with mud, toothpaste, sweat and most importantly tricolour spirit. 

The engineers also have a few traditions of their own:

Engineer frosh week leaders dye themselves in purple in honor of the engineers that died on the Titanic.

They also climb a large “grease” pole that was stolen from a football game against University of Toronto.


9. Queen’s is in the “Happiest city” in Canada

Kingston was named the happiest city in Canada by Jetpac city guides in 2014. Its travel application counted smiles from about 100 million instagram photos of people’s faces, from across Canada. Then, after processing all the photos and measuring the size of each smile, a “smile score” was given to each Canadian city. Kingston got the highest score of 40.2 while Regina came second with a score of 36.2. Many photos from Kingston were of Queen’s students!

10. It can be named “The Food Paradise”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not joking. Queen’s has three large cafeterias which serve all you-can-eat food. If students are still not satisfied and get bored of cafeteria food then they can always go to the 19 retail food outlets around the campus and if during weekends and some other special occasions, their hungry stomachs would like a change, then there are always the 200+ restaurants in the depths of Kingston.

Did you know? Kingston has the most number of restaurants per capita. The cuisines of the restaurants ranges from North-American to European to all parts of Asia to the Atlantic.

Now I know why Kingston was called the happiest place in Canada.

11. Queen’s Multiculturalism

Many people think that that Queen’s student community is fully homogeneous. However, it is not fully so as about 8.3% of its full-time student population comprises of International students who come from about 109 different countries around the world. There are also many diverse student associations and clubs like the QNSA (Queen’s native student association), ACSA (African and Caribbean students association), World Languages club and many more!

P.S what does it matter where Queen’s students are from, we have the same tricolour blood flowing through us anyways.

12. The Alma Mater Society (AMS)

It is Canada’s oldest undergraduate student government. As fancy as it sounds, the more amazing it is. The membership fees for AMS is included in the obligatory student activity. The AMS council is made of three-person executive, six commissioners (like the Campus Activities commissioner and the Municipal Affairs Commissioner to name a few) and three corporate service director (Hospitality & Safety, Campus and Retail & Design).

AMS’ motto is “To serve and represent the diversity of students at Queen’s University.”

It also provides undergraduate students with various full-time, part-time, internship and volunteering opportunities around the campus.

Since all the 12 facts are now done, so all I have left to say is

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10 Fun Facts About UWO

1. Western was founded in 1878.

Western is basically Hogwarts. When it was first founded, one of the faculties was ‘divinity’. That’s how like Hogwarts it is. All it’s missing is a Quidditch team (oh wait, it totally has one of those).

2. Western has a system of underground tunnels.

Exactly like this. More or less. They go between buildings, and are ideal for avoiding things like rain, cold weather, and zombie apocalypses.

3. Western started the first French immersion school in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.

4.Western has a huge rivalry with Queen’s.

Since the dawn of time, Queens and Western students have had a bitter rivalry. The reason for the feud is anyone’s guess, but the two schools are constantly at each other’s throats. Sports games between the two are like weddings on Game of Thrones.

5. Western has 167 clubs.

There is a club for that. And if there isn’t a club on the impressively long list, students are welcome to create their own. There are so many ways to get involved at Western that it’s not really surprising that it is well-known for its school spirit..

6. Western has one of the top ten medical programs in Canada.

Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin, discovered the medicine while at Western. Researchers led by Ivan Smith developed the world’s first ‘cobalt bomb’ cancer treatment, revolutionizing cancer therapy. Brains and beauty.

7.Rick McGhie has performed for Western students since 1975.

As my mom will tell you, Rick McGhie is an institution, and he has been playing at Western for years and years. Pretty much the Beyoncé of UWO.

8. The secondary school average for first-year Western students was 89.3 percent.

9. Western’s motto is Veritas et Utilitas or “Truth and usefulness”

If there was ever a go-getter motto, this would probably be it.

Veritas et Utilitas

10. The UWO movie theatre offers this menu option.

Enough said.

10 Reasons Why Western is Better Than Queen’s

Western is an amazing institution, but more than that it is a home. It is a beautiful place and in comparison wipes all other institutions off the map, including Queen’s University. This is why:

1. SPIRIT and PARTYING Western has an insane amount of school spirit and everyone knows it, even Playboy. Everyone who is a mustang is proud to be a mustang. Playboy ranked Western #4 out of the top ten schools in North America. They were judged based on their spirit, partying, and academic excellence. It is the only Canadian University to make the list. Western works hard to play hard. This was important to me as it means that I can get involved and show off my school pride.

2. London versus Kingston. London is known as a partying city but it also offers more opportunity. It is a larger city, giving hustle and bustle, but also offers solace for those who prefer quieter areas. London is also very accepting of its universities and its students. Kingston is a smaller city, leaving fewer opportunities for students. It has also been noted that the city of Kingston is not well receptive to all of the students joining their population for 8 months out of the year.

3. Residences. Residences at Western were rated above those of Queen’s. Many people who have come from Queen’s suggest not staying in residence. Many had noise or cleanliness complaints and that the showers were frequently cold due to a lack of hot water. One admin at Queen’s suggested for a student to not stay at residence as they received so many complaints. Residence is super important to me as it is where I will be spending the next year of my life if not four, so I want it to be my home.

4 Scholarships. Western has many opportunities for financial aid. In their first letters sent out to those applying at Western they mention that they will help you receive the aid you need for school. Apparently, Queen’s is very stingy with their scholarships and bursaries making it harder for students to go to their school.

5. Community. Many feel like Western is more of a community than an institution and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. There is something for everyone at Western, there are options for every single person so that they can be involved and feel like they are part of the community. While many at Queen’s find the people arrogant and privileged. People found that Queen’s had a very preppy feeling due to the people that attend there, while Western has people from all classes. Many people feel as though there is more culture at Western than at Queen’s as various types of people attend Western. I chose Western as I wanted to feel like I was part of a family, not just a school.


6. Huron, Brescia, King’s. These are the three schools associated with Western. This allows for more programs to be provided to Western students and also allows for various classes to be provided. There is also the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry as well as the Ivey Business School. These allow for multiple opportunities to Western students, giving them a leg up in the real world in comparison to other schools.

7. Food. Many of the cafes of Western are frequently busy and provide quality food, not only that it has its own small grocery store in its main student centre. The campus has multiple opportunities for eating and it is all fairly decent food. Queen’s students have suggested that eating cafeteria food is not a regular occurrence that they want. They find that unless it’s decorated for an event, they should not enter the cafeteria.


8. Global Opportunities. Western offers many opportunities to experience the world. There are more than 500 active research collaborations in every continent. There is opportunity to study in more than 36 countries, in over 115 institutions. This allows for student to see the world and expand their knowledge at the same time.

9. Faculty. Western is one of the top 100 employers. They have award winning staff and faculty. Western is determined to give you the best of the best, give you the best experience and education possible, including their teaching staff.

10. Mascots. Last, but not least we have a much better mascot than Queen’s. Boo Hoo the Bear versus JW the Mustang. Their names speak for themselves.


10 Reasons Not to go to Emerson College

1. There is NO school spirit

Source: http://www.emerson.edu/student-life/orientation/fall-orientation

Emerson is completely absent of enthusiasm. Take freshman orientation for example. The Orientation Leaders (OL’s) wear purple tutus, chant your name, and dance around as they move you into your new room. You can tell they’d rather be anywhere else. Energy Level: 0 The most athletic excitement you’ll see is either for the football team — which doesn’t exist — or the quidditch team.

2. There is NOTHING to do near campus

young man in grey slouse leaning on table, white background, series

Because is the most boring city ever. You’re surrounded by great restaurants, great music venues and festivals, and great hidden shopping gems. Not the mention the thousands of other students going to school right next to you to meet and hang out with. Spend Saturday bar hopping, then head over to one of the many pastry shops for a delicious cannoli. Sunday, spend your hangover-day sitting in Boston common sipping some street car lemonade and eating a salted pretzel.

3. A semester in a CASTLE? No thank you!

picture of a castle

Emerson has many study abroad opportunities, including spending a semester in Kasteel Well, a castle in the Netherlands. EW. Who would want to spend an entire semester traveling around Europe, learning art history, and sleeping in a ugly brick house? If you don’t believe me, just check out this current students review of her experience.

4. FAKE majors

man in suit working on financial reports and looking at economic trends at job

Don’t plan on going to Emerson if you want to major in something normal. The college prides itself in designer education/majors. Students can major in “Directing Narrative Fiction” or double minor in “Modern Dance” and “Publishing.” Starting in 2016, students can even major in Comedy! What is this madness!?!?!

5. There’s NOTHING to eat

Source: http://www.emerson.edu/student-life/housing-dining/dining-services

If you live in the main dorm on campus — the Little Building — then the dining hall is a few floors down. As you can see in the picture above, the dining hall has slim pickings. On days where school food doesn’t work, Emerson also has connections with local vendors so students can pay in EBucks or get discounts. INCLUDING a grilled cheese truck run by Emerson Alum James DiSabatino ’09. Students show their Emerson IDs and get free grilled cheese.

6. The views are TERRIBLE

Source: http://www.emerson.edu/about-emerson/visit-emerson/about-boston

This is your view during class. No point looking out the window at this… Boston Common is directly across from Emerson College, with the rest of the city spanning behind it. It’s the perfect place to sit in the sun and take in your surroundings.

7. The facilities are OLD and UGLY

gym room

Emerson has up-to-date professional technology in the communications department, and gets new equipment every 2 years. The theatre…you can see how terrible of shape it’s in, above. The college even opened up a school in Los Angeles which students can now attend — a entirely new building, classrooms, and resources.

8. They are part of the MAFIA!

playing cards

You may have to go to Emerson College, for their alumni are the selfproclaimed “Emerson Mafia.” If you insult them, they might come after you or your thumbs. Stay on their good side however, and the connection provides internships and job opportunities across the country and globe.

9. There are NO cool alumni


Some of the alumni that you’ve probably never heard of are; Talk-show host Jay Leno ’73, “Extra” co-host Maria Menounos ’00, “OITNB” and “How to Get Away with Murder” actor Matt McGorry ’08, and TV producers Kevin Bright ’76 (Friends) and Max Mutchnick ’87 (Will and Grace). This year, 21 Emersonians were nominated for Emmy Awards. NBD.

10. THIS happened.


Yes, Ron Burgundy — not to be confused with Will Farrell — spoke at Emerson College. And yes, Ron Burgundy put his hand on the college’s president Lee Pelton. Just another typical, boring day at Emerson College.

After all this information, if you’re still considering going to this place, check out their website: emerson.edu

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Posted by OneClass on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 People You Will meet at UCSD

Every school has its unique people. They are easily identifiable and you are probably friends with most of them. Here is a list of 12 guys and girls you’ll most likely encounter at UCSD

1) The Dungeon Master: 

The dungeon master is known for spending most of his college years in some Lab. At UCSD you will find them at the basement, aka the bottom of floor of the EBU building. Every friend of his you meet will say that he practically lives in the lab. You don’t see him ever because he spends most of his nights coding away. He is a computer science major or something computer related. Everyone knows where to find him because he always says he has to code in the lab. If you’re lucky you’ll see him in his dorm. But it’s really brief because he has to go code some more. His roommate wonders where he is most of the time and is a proud owner of a single room in something that would have been a double. The dungeon master doesn’t shower for a couple days, mostly because he doesn’t have the time to. He has to turn in a program that is due in the next couple days.


2) Messy Jim 

This guy is a genius. But he is messy. His clothes are thrown all over his room. Most of the time he can’t find what he is searching for because there are piles and piles of stuff scattered on his bedroom floor. You are lucky if you could see the carpet floor. How is his room so messy? Well, he comes back from class throws his stuff on the floor. He showers and throws his clothes on the floor. Whatever he owns, he throws in the floor. Sometimes he finds that leftover sandwich or burrito lying around and eats it.  Every time he walks into his room he has to jump over piles of food, clothes and random stuff in his room. The funniest thing is that he was the cleanest roommate too. And his roommate wonders how someone could be this messy.

3) Gaming Jesse

This guy doesn’t care about school. He lives on games. If you have Super Smash bro’s melee in your dorm, he is there.  He lives to play. His friends wonder why he is not in class. When they ask him where he was, he says he was playing video games with his roommates. He hasn’t been to lecture in weeks because of a new game that came out that he just finished playing. Somehow, he aces his classes and everyone wonders how. This gamer is more than show. He is successful in life.

4) The Animal Rights Activist


She hates you. She thinks you eat meat. Which, you probably do. Nothing satisfies her like putting down people who eat meat. She talks about the slaughterhouse and all kinds of things to get you off of eating meat. It works if you listen to her. If you’re not convinced of animal cruelty and refrained from eating meat she’ll force you to see this video on animal cruelty. By time you’re done watching the video you’re fully disgusted. In the process you realize you have begun filling out a form to support animal rights. By then she will also have your contact information. She’s usually on library walk during the week. She is vegan. She doesn’t eat any dairy and is probably lactose intolerant. She is proud of her eating habits and tries to talk you into changing your diet. She wants you to become vegan too. She’ll tell you she was once vegetarian but that being vegan is much better. She loves animals and would die for them.

5) Sleepy Joey


He studies a lot, more than everyone. He gets A’s in all his classes, has an internship somewhere and is part of at least five student organizations. He goes to class to only fall asleep. His friends are constantly laughing at him because he sleeps in class. They take videos of him sleeping just so that they can show it to their friends. Sleepy Joey will probably watch these videos of him on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These videos show him nodding his head back and forth violently. At times it looks like his head is about to fall off, or that he will bang his head with the person sitting behind him or bang it on his desk. His friends make clapping noises to make him think the class is finished only to see him wake up clapping while the class is going on. He claps loudly to make the professor believe he has been awake this whole time only to realize he was pranked by his friends and is now the center of attention. 

6) The Club Guru 


He is always on library walk. He makes the flyers, he hands then out. He is practically the catalyst of his clubs. He is passionate about his organizations. One day you see him at one org, the next day somewhere else and the following day elsewhere. He is always on library walk hunting people down. He is a face you won’t forget while at UCSD.

7) The body builder 


This guy is buff, like beyond buff. All the guys look at him and wish they could be him. His body sometimes looks so sturdy that you question if it is humanly possible. Most of the girls eye him while he walks. They take pictures of him to talk to their friends about him. Some guys think it’s gross to have a body like his and are grossed out by his complexity. He walks really stiff and is always sipping on a protein shake. Everyone says he is probably taking steroids. Which is true if you ask him. He is definitely loved and admired at our campus.


8) Sleeping beauty


She is always caught sleeping somewhere. She is either under a tree, in the lounge, the library or a different apartment. No one knows where to find her. If you ask her neither does she. She can sleep practically anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s the floor or couch or bed. When she needs sleep she needs sleep. Her friends are often looking for her all the time. But she is nowhere to be found. All her friends know is that she is probably sleeping somewhere. You probably know her because she has slept at your dorm. She has taken over your common area and all you can do is watch and wonder quietly how she got there. When she wakes up she is always wondering what she is doing there or how she got here. She doesn’t seem to remember. Everyone knows she is awake because she is loud. But you all love her and love the stories she shares with you.


9) The Runners


They are always running. They run around the campus loop about twice a day as a warm up. You see them in groups of 10-12 guys running shirtless across our campus. You know they are coming through because every girl looks their way to get a glimpse of their abs. As a guy you wonder what the girls are thinking about. As a girl, I don’t really know. But these runners are fast. Just as quickly as you saw them approach, they are gone.

10) The Preacher


Everyone dislikes him. No one knows where he comes from or why he shows up to campus. They just know he is in front of Geisel Library. He has a couple friends who carry those “You are going to hell signs”, and they hand out some books for you to read about God. When he speaks up you see a mob of students flood towards him. Most of these students say they are Atheist or agnostic. They enjoy confronting him for his beliefs and ideas. The students think he is either crazy or somewhat drunk because of all the things he says. Everyone laughs at him. Most of the times he seems a bit confused about his beliefs. But hey, he loves to do this. You’re guaranteed to see him on campus often.


11) The Miser

This is guy is cheap. All his friends know it. If something is free he will take it. If something comes with a cost he will walk away. He will take your extra food, your supplies and say he didn’t take it. He is constantly asking his friends to buy him food although he can pay for it himself. He will have you buy his lunch by making you think he doesn’t have money but later that day you’ll see him eating a whole pizza he just bought. You can ask him for slice but he will deny you it by saying that the pizza will be his lunch tomorrow.

12) The Queen


You have definitely seen her on campus. You would know. She always has the fancy outfits, the heels, the make up and the classical umbrella. She is practically a diva. She walks slowly and elegantly from her room to her class. You can see her miles away because of the bright colors of her clothes and the sunlight’s reflection off her jewelry. She takes hours to get ready. Her friends want to be just like her. Other girls think she is weird. She is most likely an international student from some country. If you’re lucky, she will talk to you and be your friend.