10 Things That Grind My Gears at Howard University

1. Financial Aid

Waiting for a book voucher? Waiting for ANYTHING? Keep waiting.

2. The “A” Building

Come here to be sent somewhere else then be sent back here again.

3. Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is the best place to visit when you made an appointment,

arrive early and want to wait three hours to be called, just to hear, “I’m sorry. We


4. Air Conditioning

If you live in Wheatley or Baldwin you understand the sweat soaking your sheets

when waking up in the morning. You get out of bed every day wondering why the

weather decides it is going to be 90 degrees for two weeks straight.

5. Space 

For my fellow introverted black girls, the Quad will welcome you with sisterhood

but the lack of isolation may be overwhelming. I would suggest keeping your dorm

room’s door locked while inside; your floor mates will hardly knock. If you are

feeling reclusive, it may be helpful to listen to the hallway before rushing out to pee.

6. Dirty Bathrooms

First of all, why are there bowls of food left on the counter while I am washing my

face? My dorm mate, when seeing the showers on our floor, came back to the room

appalled and only went back after a thorough cleanse. We have realized our

showers at home have been taken for granted.

7. Crossing The Street

You know, these cars are going to hit me someday in the near future. I hope you

make it in those fifteen seconds. After that, you will have to wait five more minutes

until it starts blinking again. Get to class early unless you are brave enough to play

human Frogger while the light is green.

8. The Booty Wall

Is this necessary? Do you want to see my bottom in my sweatpants while I am

hunched over with this backpack? I have headphones on. I am not trying to talk to


9. LGBTQ Resource Center – Where?

In Cascade (Coalition of Activist Students Celebrating the Acceptance of Diversity

and Equality), this question has arisen and this center has been deliberated on for

years now. You would think every university in D.C. would have done this by now!

10. Everything is Expensive

“Let’s pay fifty dollars to go to a hot, sweaty party that we will stay at for an hour!”

“Let’s pay three hundred dollars for a cup of water!”

14 Signs You Go to Northwestern

1. You call the Starbucks in Norris, “Norbucks”?

If you call the Starbucks in Norris by it’s brand name, Northwestern Wildcats will be confused. Norbucks is the place to study, to meet people, to conduct interviews, and yes, drink coffee. It’s a place to hangout or to accidentally nap at.

2. Morty is bae?

Oh, Morty. Morton O. Schapiro is the sixteenth president of Northwestern University, first assuming the role in 2009. Since then, he has gained the infamous nickname of Morty, and it seems as though every Northwestern student has a love for the president. Chants of Morty erupt whenever he takes the stage for a speech.

3. You know what Dillo Day is?

Dillo Day: one of the few enjoyable days at the end of each academic year. At the end of May, Northwestern hosts a music festival that brings big names such as B.o.B. and Nelly to preform for Northwestern Wildcats and others. Between the upcoming finals and the end-of-the-year stress, it’s a stress-free day that many Wildcats look forward to.

4. You’ve painted the rock?

The rock is one of the longest standing Northwestern traditions. Originally a fountain, the rock evolved into a epic tradition where students will guard the rock for twenty-four hours before having the privilege to paint it. Many students use it as an advertisement piece, and it is only the bucket list of many Northwestern students before they graduate.

5. You’ve participated in the Dance Marathon?

The Northwestern University Dance Marathon (NUDM) takes place in March every year. Students participate and dance for thirty hours in order to raise money for charity. This philanthropic event is a long-standing Northwestern tradition and one that about a quarter of the undergraduate class participates each year.

6. You know the fight song by heart?

Zwemer Hall (view from college sign), Northwestern College

During Wildcat Welcome each year, the Northwestern incoming class and transfers struggle together to learn the Northwestern fight song from their Peer Advisors (PAs) and the Wildcat Welcome board. By the second or third football game, the Northwestern class can sing together and root for their Wildcats!

7. Willie the Wildcat is your spirit animal?

picture of Willie the Widlcat mascot

Willie is such a welcome site. Whether he be at tailgates, football games, basketball games, or other recreational sports or university events, Willie embodies the Wildcat spirit in one sweaty costume. You go, Willie. We’re all rooting for you.

8. You embody Purple Pride?

It is such a comforting feeling to walk through campus and be surrounded by purple. I may be a little biased since my favorite color is purple, but purple is Northwestern. A purple sea is what I love to see (channeling my inner Dr. Seuss).

9. The “Primal Scream” is a weathered pastime?

picture of passionate students

Every Sunday before finals week, stressed Northwestern students all scream together to release stress and get away from the studying for a while. It’s a Northwestern tradition that most wildcats have participated in.

10. You marched through the arch?


Besides the tradition of walking through the Weber Arch during Wildcat Welcome week, most Wildcats walk through the arch many, many times throughout their life at Northwestern. It is an entrance to the sprawling paths of the Northwestern campus, and a great spot for your parents to force you to take photos.

11. You’ve gotten lost in Tech?

Northwestern’s Technological Institute is the second largest low-rise building (the first being the Pentagon) based on square-footage. It’s easy to see how students could get lost in the massive building. The twisting halls and many rooms make it hard to find classes, but with time, even the impossible Tech becomes less of a maze.

12. You’ve walked down Sheridan enough times to encircle the globe?

Sheridan road at NW

Sheridan Road is the major road for Northwestern University. The campus is split right on the road, and most of the large buildings require students to cross Sheridan. Students seem to walk the road so much that they can travel the world with how much they’ve walked.

13. You struggle with north/south campus division?

 engineering students

Most students who are in engineering/science tend to house on north campus, since most of the classes are in buildings that are on north campus. Most students on south campus are in journalism or theatre since most of their classes are on south campus. As you can see, many students don’t cross into their opposite campus that much, which means students will interact with the same half of the student body.

14. You’re a Wildcat at heart?

No matter the calling cards, Northwestern students are Wildcats at heart. We love our school (most of us), we love our purple pride, and we love being Wildcats.

10 Signs You Go to San Jose State

1. You brave the food at the Dining Commons.

I mean it’s not all bad, right?

2. “Free” is your favourite word.

Because college is expensive.

3.You have to wear your Spartan gear on Thursdays


Whether you’re a current student or an alum, you’ve always got that Spartan Pride.

4. You find yourself talking to the squirrels on campus

How can you not?

5. “Ho Bags” is the best place for breakfast on weekends

For the rest of you freshman, that would be House of Bagels.


6. You know just how to Spartan Up

Hands up, Spartans!

7. You check Yik Yak on an hourly basis

If only Yakarma could pay tuition…..

8. Thursday nights count as weekends

Don’t turn up too hard, Spartans.

9. You *almost* get hit by a boarder on campus at least once a day

If you don’t know how to board, please don’t learn on campus

10. Being chased by facilities carts is the most terrifying thing

They’re coming.


10 Things Which Really Grind My Gears at York University

As a third year student in my university, there are things which I, and many of the others which attend this school just can’t help but notice. Some of these things may or may not have anything in common with other universities across Canada. Here is my list in no particular order on the things which really make York a special place. For better or for worse.


10. Strikes:

It’s no secret to anyone living in Ontario that York University is well known for its imperative to strike. Since the first one in 1997, the University has strived to beat its own record both in duration of the strikes and for how often. If anyone has attended this school within the last 20 years, they will likely have had to work around this issue at some point in their education. What’s going on York?


9. Expensive Food:

This is probably the most common theme among all Universities, and its one which really needs to stop. Even the food coming from fast food franchise restaurants is expensive! What’s the deal Pizza Pizza? I can’t buy a medium pizza for $5 bucks because I’m on campus? One Mcdonald’s on campus would solve this problem overnight. We need some capitalism I say. Until then everyone is better off bringing their peanut butter and jam sandwich everyday like I do. Save you money for booze. 


8. Revealing Required Textbooks Too Late Leading up to the Semester Start Date:

This is something which I have become acutely aware of since the most recent strike. Apparently York thought it would be a good idea to not list the textbooks required for the course until less than 2 weeks to the start date. I can’t find better prices with that kind of timeframe! You might get lucky on Amazon to find a local seller but don’t count on it. If your buying textbooks online like I do then you’ll need a minimum of 2 weeks if it’s coming from another country or continent. In University its more than just choosing the classes which interest you or the ones you need for your program; textbooks costs can vary greatly from course to course and for one need to know what I’m getting myself into before it’s too late to switch.


7. Security Problems:

This is another issue which all students at York are aware of. It’s seems at least once per month that I get an email saying how there’s either been a sexual assault or a robbery concerning a student on or off campus. I’m not saying that security causes crime, but more should be done about it. It is especially unhelpful that the email never says anything about the assailants appearance. For some reason, it seems that the school doesn’t care to find these people; otherwise they might be inclined to let us know specific details about these people. Like what they look like! I don’t care what colour their jeans were at the time or what kind of hat they had. I’m pretty sure they won’t be wearing those things for the rest of their lives. Until things change I guess the only solution would be to be on the lookout for any male of any height (and any ethnic background) wearing blue jeans. Doesn’t that just make you feel so much safer?


6. Classes which are packed to the Brim:

This one really annoys the hell out of me. And I have a lot of hell. I really don’t want to be sitting 2 inches away from people I don’t know and don’t care to know. I cant be the only one feeling this way. What was the plan when designing seating arrangements York? To let everyone know I need to go to the washroom by saying excuse me, so sorry to 90 people on my way out?! Someone share my pain please so I don’t appear insane. Your only hope is to sit next to the door if you can’t manage to sit absolutely still and quiet for 2 hours or so. But even then, the door will manage to break off the hinges the moment YOU touch it on the way out.


5. York’s Degree Progress Report:


This is a very handy tool we have at the school which not only tracks each of your classes as you progress towards your degree but also advises you on which courses you need to take. This is for the busybody, who in a moment of last minute planning may or may not choose the wrong class. There is a way for them to be guided throughout their program. My concern is for those people who are double majors; what do we do? We are left pissing in the wind. I’ve found out the hard way that as a double major you have very little room to choose any class which is not part of one of your majors. To this day I still get this message when I sign into York’s server:


I’ve been “staying tuned” for a good couple of years now. This is longest midseason break I’ve ever heard of!


4) Frosh Week: I know most people probably have great things to say about this but I’m pretty sure the money you spend on Frosh week could be put to better use. Who really needs to spend so much on memories with random people you are likely to never see again. I say either save your money or blow it with people you actually know and care about.

3) The Extra Large Campus: If you’re new to York or planning to attend, you might need to bring some comfortable shoes for your first week. This is especially true if you’re taking the bus. Unless all of your classes are in the Ross building or the Curtis Lecture Hall, you will find yourself embarking on more journeys than you care for. York University is not one big building but rather a series of smaller buildings each containing classrooms. Be prepared to know where everything is before you agree to study here. It hasn’t been easy.


2) YFS: This is the York Federation of Students which represents student interests at school. Collectively it is a union. As beautiful as that sounds, you should keep in mind that they charge you every September for the coming year for the student healthcare plan. They do this without telling you by the way, and no notice as to how you can get out of it. If you have existing healthcare under your parents’ plan for instance you don’t need an additional plan that the YFS provides and can therefore get your money back. You will have to opt out of the current YFS plan though on their website with proof that you have coverage somewhere else. There just must be an easier way.


1)Moodle: This is York’s very own website for students to see everything your professors feel you need to know and or where you submit essays/write quizzes. The only problem is that no one tells you how to use it! I remember in first year hearing talks about this “Moodle” like it was something sacred at York and I felt like I was out of the loop… Until an assignment was due and I had to figure things out on my own. It’s great to figure things out on your own when you want tom but when you have things to worry about, the last thing on your mind is making time to tinker around with the school website so you don’t fail/miss a deadline by accident.


10 Reasons Why Drake Should Attend the University of British Columbia

(Disclaimer: The following article contains shameless pop culture references, cringeworthy integration of song lyrics, and many attempts to sound cool by casually saying 6 God in a sentence. Read at your own risk.)

No matter how you’ve heard of him, Drake is a name that has crossed almost everyone’s lips at one point or another. Maybe it’s because he hosted the JUNO Awards and the ESPYs. Maybe it’s because he’s always being linked to one celebrity or another. Or maybe it’s because he was recently involved in an infamous beef with Meek Mill over a couple of tweets that Mill sent out this past summer. But regardless of what you’ve heard about him, he can rap, he can sing, he can act – and those are only the beginnings of a long list of accomplishments that Drake has next to his name. You might even dare to think that he has achieved everything that is out there to achieve.


But hold up, hold up, hold up. There may be one thing left out there. To graduate the school of life, the 6 God needs to graduate from a school that will propel him to unseen heights. And we know exactly the school for the job: the University of British Columbia (UBC). 


Let me tell you.

1.  The Motto (hue hue)

He may have introduced the world to the term YOLO (it’s okay everyone, he apologized for it), but it’s understandable that every rapper needs a motto, and we may just have the perfect one for him: Tuum Est. Roughly translated, this Latin phrase means “It’s up to you” or “It is yours”. Pretty good, huh? We think so too Drake.


2. The UBC Thunderbirds

We all know about Drake’s love for basketball, especially when it comes to his favourite team, the Toronto Raptors. He shows up at games, rocks their jerseys, and hangs out with the players. Well, UBC’s own basketball team, the UBC Thunderbirds, is a team that Drake can definitely get behind. We might even give him court-side seats.

3. Over 350 Student Clubs 

From Hula hooping to pottery to Quidditch, there is a club for everyone and everything at UBC. It’s a fantastic way to pursue your passions, take your mind off of school, and make some friends that share hobbies with you. Drake, this is your opportunity to get those day-one homies you’re always talking about. 

4. The UBC Improv Club

This one gets a special shoutout because they always put on the best shows. And Drake, a popular pick for comedy skits on shows like SNL, would definitely become a fan favourite for comedy lovers. Maybe he can even freestyle some comedic raps on stage, but we don’t want to ask for too much. Yet.

5. The Nitobe Memorial Garden

This gorgeous Japanese garden is located on the edge of campus, and its beautiful greenery, trickling streams, and delicate wooden bridges are enough to take anyone’s breath away. It’s the perfect place for Drake to come, relax, and feel at peace with the world and all those exes that just won’t leave him alone.

6. Parties. Everywhere.

The Pit Pub. The Calendar Parties. The Frat Parties. Drizzy, we know you ain’t got no time to party on the weekend, but with these many parties going on, you won’t have to worry about that my friend.

7. Storm the Wall

This annual tradition involves scaling a giant wall with teams of friends and tons of fellow students. An atmosphere full of hype, hard work, and reward – it’s the perfect time to feel the UBC pride coursing through your veins. And once you reach the top of the wall, it’s the perfect time to sing “started from the bottom, now we here”. If you don’t do it Drake, I will.


8. Wreck Beach

It’s located on campus. It’s the perfect place to have some fun with friends. It’s clothing-optional. Need I say more?



9. Comfort Food. Healthy Food. Delicious Food. We have it all.

Whether he’s in the mood for Italian, Thai, Japanese, fish ‘n’ chips, or just some good ol’ burgers and shakes: we’ve got so many options and types of cuisine to choose from that Drake will never go hungry.

10. Everything Else Around UBC

It’s a school located in the heart of Vancouver, a city where the world comes to relax, rewind, move forward, and have a great time. If he wants to feel the cool ocean breeze, he can head over to one of our many beaches or go for a boat ride. If he wants to enjoy the fresh scent of trees, he can sit in the gorgeous Stanley Park and reminisce about his childhood. If he feels lonely, a short car ride can take him to the States where he can meet up with some of his rapper friends and convince them to apply to UBC as well.

After seeing this, other schools will jump at the chance to try and recruit Drake. People will pretend that they can give Drake much more than we can, and they’ll start to think that they can win him over. And while I respect their efforts, there is only one thing that I have left to say to those people:

If you’re reading this, it’s too late.

11 Reasons Not to Attend UBC

University of British Columbia, known affectionately as UBC, is it really worth the hype? Probably not.

1. It’s overrated.

I mean it only ranks at number 50 in the list of top universities in the world. No big deal.

2. Construction Everywhere

You can’t walk anywhere without the noise of jackhammers, trucks plowing through, and construction crews working left and right to make the university as efficient as can be. New buildings like the new SUB are built for the students to have a nesting place, but not like that even matters.

3. Hogwarts References

From a replica of the Great Hall, an eerie resemblance to Moaning Mrytle’s bathroom, and countless others. (Check out this article for full list http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2013/10/ubc-is-actually-hogwarts/). But Harry Potter? So 2010, am I right? It’s all about the post apocalyptic, so when UBC looks like something from the quarter quell Hunger Games, let me know.

4. You Could Be Going to a Prison

Shout out to the prison up on the mountain… I mean, SFU Burnaby. (Yes, I realize this is an urban legend, but you know you believed it once upon a time, and… you probably still do.)

5. The 99 B Line

Hell. Literal Hell. You will never know how much personal space means to you, and how you easily take it for granted, till after you take the 99 B Line. Fellow commuter students who ride this bus over three times a week, you the real MVPs. 

6. Nothing to do

There’s only like a million clubs and opportunities to meet others almost every day with the wide array of events held by student organizations. So you’ll probably be sitting on the grass in front of Irving and staring at the sky with absolutely nothing to do. Nothing. Nope. No social life. Forget about it.

7. Nowhere near city life

Bus loop with buses that take you straight downtown? Practically it’s own city? In central Vancouver? (Oh wait, that actually sounds good…)

8. Lack of social affairs

Social awareness? Who needs that? But yeah, there’s various groups and clubs that offer information on pressing issues, and even walkways adorned with vital messages for today’s youth. BO-RING.

9. No student support

You won’t find any organization committed to helping students. Wait, what? There’s a bunch? (A complete list of all the offerings can be found here.)

10. Bicycle traffic

Chances are that your death (or that of your laptop) will be caused by a cyclist who dreams of being an extreme cycling stuntman. But in all honesty, respect those biking and skating around you, give them space and let them through because just like you, they want to get to class.

11. Everyone thinks you’re conceited

So you got accepted to UBC, one of the finest universities in all of Canada. Some of your friends, and definitely your high school enemies, will believe that you think you’re some hotshot who is *soooo* great and better than them. Well guess what? YOU ARE. If you’re accepted to UBC, go to this beautiful Place of Mind. Explore the countless paths and opportunities you are given here, meet people of the same mindset and interests, take classes like intro to mythology, astronomy, and almost anything you can think of. And when you’re given looks of jealousy when you wear your UBC hoodie everywhere, remember, this is you:

10 Things That Really Grind My Gears at Queen’s University

I love Queen’s. I really do. It’s the best (and only university) I’d ever consider attending. From the beautiful campus to incredible school spirit, Queen’s has got it all. But despite all that, there are some things at Queen’s that really get to me.

1. The squirrels are way out of control

Via http://giphy.com/gifs/eating-squirrel-burst-BiQPmevsqQyxW

They are everywhere. They are watching you. And you should fear them.

Because soon enough the rise of the planet of the squirrels will be a reality.

Via https://j.gifs.com/KRoArk.gif

2. That rectangular thing on Summerhill

YDS: Yearbook & Design Services / Via Facebook: ydsqueens

WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? Does it represent the fleeting and elusive nature of time? Is it just there to mess with our minds? I guess we’ll never know…

3. The gym is right across from CoGro

So there you are enjoying a delicious slice of heaven and, lo and behold, on the other side of the ARC are people on treadmills actually making healthy choices in life.



4. The sidewalks during the winter


How are we supposed to walk to class when the sidewalks look like this:

Via The Whig



On the bright side, you do have the option of skiing and/or skating to class.

5. Kingston during the winter


You don’t know cold until you’ve experienced a Kingston winter.

Via http://giphy.com/gifs/cold-freezing-101-dalmatians-NrwULs858gcms

6. No longer having a meal plan as an upper year


Via http://theodysseyonline.com/sdsu/typical-college-girls-life-told-jennifer-lawrence-gifs/84968

We’ve all complained every once in a while about caf food, but you never realize how convenient it was until you’re an upper year trying to survive on your own cooking.

Via http://theodysseyonline.com/sdsu/typical-college-girls-life-told-jennifer-lawrence-gifs/84968

7. The line at the Campus bookstore


Via http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Michael-Scott-angry-stare-at-toby.gif

Not only do I get to part with all my money, I also get to spend 2 hours in line.

8. Never quite figuring out what Queen’s Physical Plant Services really is

Via http://giphy.com/gifs/confused-what-Nc8io7d6xinO8

What about the emotional needs of plants?

9. When people mispronounce Cha Gheill

Via http://giphy.com/gifs/glee-confused-stunned-A1ZYomIOGj5xC

Get it right people.

10. Campus is too picturesque

Sometimes it’s really distracting.

Via http://engineersarepeopletoo.tumblr.com/post/34115903546/how-can-you-study-when-outside-looks-like-this


Too distracting.

Via Facebook

It’s even pretty in the winter!

Via Facebook


Okay, so there’s not much to complain about at Queen’s.

It really is the only university.


18 Signs You Know You Go to Auburn

1. You say, “War Eagle,” to literally everything.

From getting an A on your final exam, to walking home at 4 am on a walk of shame. You know, “War Eagle” will cover all the bases.

2. Everything is either orange or navy.

And if you don’t look good in one, you’ll look damn good in the other.

3. You get overly excited when a bird of prey flies ten feet over your head.

Let’s face it. Even if Nova scratched your face, you’d be the happiest Auburn student there is.

4. You don’t wear anything crimson, or anything with elephants on it.

And people give you weird looks if you do.

5. If you say, “Roll,” it’s only followed by, “Toomer’s Corner.”

Because we don’t like Tides here on the Plains.

6. You need a cardiologist after every football game.

I love our team as much as the next person, but they sure do know how to keep me on my toes.

7. Even celebrities love us.

And he probably got that shirt for free on the Concourse.

8. You turn up on your way to class thanks to the Smooth n’ Groove truck.

And if this guy hasn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

9. “All I Do Is Win,” will never be the same song.

“War Eagle” will forever be your favorite lyrics to yell when everybody’s hands go up.

10. You’ve instagrammed Samford Hall at least once in the past month.

Because who wouldn’t? It’s too beautiful not to.

11. You do not go to the fourth floor of the library, because you know even unzipping your backpack will get you dirty looks.

It might as well be the 3rd Floor Corridor from Harry Potter. Off limits. Completely. 

12. You watch the nighttime light shows from the JumboTron from any part of the city.

But be honest, you had no idea what was going on the first night it was being tested.

13. Aubie is your favorite person. Tiger. Same thing.

He’s too perfect not to love.

14. Bodda Getta is more than just a cheer. It’s your favorite thing to yell on game days.

And you get to yell, “Kick ‘em in the butt!” Who wouldn’t want to yell that at a game?

15. You know every word to the broadcast of the last play of the 2013 Iron Bowl.

And you still get chills and cry a little every time you hear it.

16. You know just how important one second can be.

And this was one of the best nights of your life.

17. You can’t wait to have kids just so you can dress them in cute Auburn clothes.

Even if you don’t want kids, you want to dress other people’s kids in cute, miniature Auburn clothes.

18. Even Mother Nature loves Auburn, and She shows us every night.


I couldn’t be more proud to go to such a beautiful, spirited school. I bleed orange and blue! War Eagle!

10 Reasons Why the University of Western Ontario Ruined My Life

1. There are happy people everywhere

Literally everywhere you go there are always people laughing and smiling. Like, can you not?! I just want some peace and quiet. I can’t hear myself think over your obnoxious happiness. You probably just saw your friend yesterday, must you hug them like it’s been three years? It’s unavoidable. People are just happy here all the time, and it’s contagious. I found myself smiling at someone trying to sell me something the other day. Like, who does that?!

2. The camera roll on my phone is constantly full

Once a month I literally have to clear my phone onto my computer because there are too many things to take pictures of on this campus. The stone buildings, UC Hill, Middlesex college, it’s so annoying! My phone never has a GB to spare! Forget new songs, it’s going to be fall soon, which means my phone will be jammed packed with pictures of trees and the leaves changing. Disgusting.

3. There are good looking people everywhere

I literally cannot walk down the street without resembling the dog from “Up” (SQUIRREL!) Everywhere you go there are attractive people. Whether you’re into guys or girls, there’s someone for you to drool over until you walk past them. But I guarantee five minutes later another person will walk by that you’ll want to ogle at for hours. And Weldon… let’s just say I spend more time when I’m in you planning my future with hot strangers than doing homework. What did you put in the water Western? A) I want some and B) please stop before I fail all my classes.

4. I’ve forgotten what sleep is

The FOMO is real at Western. I never want to stay in my bed because something could be happening, and I don’t want to miss out! So, since I’ve gotten here, it’s fair to say I’ve slept significantly less hours than I should be. Thanks for the dark eye circles and sleep deprivation symptoms Western, how will I ever repay you?

5. I feel obligated to go to the gym

How much was the Recreation centre renovation again? Something in the millions. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and I feel like I have to use it. I never used to work out before, but now if I don’t go at least three times a week I feel guilty. I even bought a “Blender Bottle” and I use it. I didn’t choose the gym life, it just chose me.

6. Majority of my clothes are now purple

I never even used to like purple, but now I own about 20 purple sweaters and t-shirts combined, purple socks, a purple hat, even purple pens. How did I even get here?

7. There is never a dull moment

Why is there always something going on?! Whether it’s on campus or in the city of London, there is social of some sort, or a poetry reading, or a sporting event happening! I can’t even sit in my bed and watch Netflix anymore without feeling utterly lazy and guilty. I actually want to do things with my life now, instead of getting too emotionally involved in fictional ones. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

8. Spoke bagels

I will fully admit I have a problem controlling myself around the bagels from “The Spoke”. I don’t know what they throw in them behind the scenes, but it’s something that keeps me coming back every week, sometimes more than once! Not only are they kind of pricey but, bagels equal bread, which equal carbs, which results in our lovely friend the freshman fifteen AFTER freshman year. Whatever will power I had has officially been destroyed by your bagels, so thanks for that.

9. The overwhelming sense of spirit

Purple and white! Purple and white! Whenever I go home, my family literally has to shut me up when I start talking about Western. It’s like I’m brainwashed to go on and on and on about it, especially to people to who go other schools. I wont even hear them out, Western is the best. Period. Oh, you go to Queens? Sorry, I don’t think I am legally allowed to associate with you during the eight-month school year, yet I am, illogically, and completely okay with that. “Purple pride” is real, and boy is it overpowering.

10. I barely recognize myself sometimes

Not on the outside, but on the inside. There are times when I simply have no idea why I made certain decisions. What made me make them in the first place? Am I growing up? Am I changing? Do the two coincide? Despite wanting an answer, I don’t think there is one. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I don’t think anyone else does either. The confusion drives me insane, but I can’t help but think that maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  

Western, you are officially ruining my life as I know it one day at a time, yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



11 “Netflix and Chill” Alternatives at Western

“Netflix and chill” can mean quite a few things. But the bottom line is this: it is a really lame way to ask someone out. So if you’re a Western student looking for love in all the wrong search engines, look no further!

1. Campus tour and chill

Asking someone to “Netflix and chill” is to romance what Pluto is to the sun; the furthest thing. Taking your prospective date on a tour around campus, on the other hand, is a pretty great idea. Western is beautiful, and there are all kinds of picturesque walkways to really knock your date off their feet (figuratively).

2. UCC and chill

The UCC has it all: food, a lounge, a beautiful outdoor space, and, most importantly, a Booster Juice. If you are looking for a date that involves going out, but not necessarily doing something, the UCC is the place for you. You and your date can chill for hours and just talk.                

3. Picnic and (uc)hill

Located just down the road from the UCC, University College Hill is one of the most beautiful things on campus. UC hill is picturesque, it’s open, and it’s inviting. And nothing says romance like a picnic.

4. The Spoke and chill

You haven’t lived until you’ve had the CLT (chicken lettuce tomato) at the Spoke. So tell your date that. Insist that you be there for this momentous moment. The quickest way to the heart is through the stomach.

5. Saugeen and chill

For those of you who don’t know, Saugeen is the party residence at Western. Potentially also the world. But let me just say that if there is any place where you could do something that would be much cooler “Netflix and chill” Saugeen has got you covered.

6. OneClass and chill

Download note and study guides from OneClass and find a study buddy.

7. Rec Centre and chill

Western has a beautiful, state of the art recreation centre. You can go swimming with your date! How romantic is that?

8. Homecoming and chill

Peanut butter and chocolate. Wine and cheese. Homecoming and Western. Do you know what these things have in common? They pair well with one another. Homecoming isn’t just an event at Western, it’s an experience. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So, make sure that you bring along a person that you wouldn’t mind remembering for a while.

9. McIntosh Gallery and chill

McIntosh Gallery features student and professional artwork. It also has some super rad art exhibits. Cultured and sophisticated, this makes for a great date night idea.

10. Western Film and chill

Western Film has a lot of advantages if you’re paying for two people. For one, it’s only five dollars per movie. Even poor students can find love at that price. The other great thing is that you can split “The Trough” and not feel like a terrible person for eating so much popcorn.

11. Concert and chill

If you’re looking for a more romantic evening, the Don Wright faculty of music frequently has concerts during the year to take your date to. For a more relaxed feel though, there is always Rick McGhie, the greatest Western icon there is.