8 Fun Facts You Did Not Know About ISU

This Blog contains 8 facts about ISU and the students of it that you may not know. Of course there are many wonderful things about ISU but these are just some of the cool things I found that I did not know before.

1. The youngest student at ISU is 16 and the oldest is 81!

ISU has a wide range of ages and the dream of becoming a college graduate has no age limit.

2. Illinois State University was not always Illinois State University.

Illinois State University used to be called Illinois State Normal University. They decided to take out the “normal”. The “normal” was meant to show it was a teacher school and once the school began to expand in the number of majors a student wrote an article on the “normal” part being taken out.

3. There are 925 faculty, staff, or administrators who hold a doctoral or terminal degree in their field.

ISU has a lot of renown professors and faculty at ISU. Wonderful teachers that are training future educators.

4. ISU has their own snapchat!

If you’re looking for cool facts about ISU or events that are happening on campus the ISU snapchat page is a good place to look. The username is illinoisstate.

5. There are students at ISU from 47 out of the 50 states

Illinois State is not exclusively students from Illinois. Students come from all over the country and even other countries to study at ISU.

6. Williams Hall is haunted by Angie Milner

Angie Milner was the first librarian at ISU and people believe she haunts Williams Hall because it was originally the library building.

7. There is one of every tree native to Illinois on the Quad

The Quad has an abundance of trees and you cannot miss one even if you tried.

8. There used to be South and Central campus residence halls

Where the fitness center is now and due south of it there was multiple residence halls. They have all now been torn down as of last year.

15 of The Coolest Classes at VCU

Hidden among Organic Chemistry and International Law are some classes you might not know about. So let’s take a look at some of the coolest hidden classes offered.

1. DANC 141 – Ballroom Dancing

Ever wanted to get your groove on? Take this easy class that allows you to learn a number of different dances like Rhumba, the foxtrot, and even the Waltz! Ballroom Dancing can teach you how to move. You don’t even have to be good at the beginning you’ll learn everything you need as you go along. You only need one dance.

2. MASC 201 – Curiousness 

This class challenges you to think inside, outside, and all around the box. Advertising majors and non-majors come together to think and create. With fun and exciting projects it truly is one of those classes that you’ll keep recommending. Many have said that they did not feel creative before but that the class opened them up to all new possibilities.

3. EUCU 311 – Classical Mythology 

As a kid, I was fascinated with the Greek and Roman gods and that hasn’t really gone away. This class will remind you of stories you may have been told when you were young or teach you some new ones. It will even show you how those myths are still around and influencing things today. And how cool would it be when someone asks you where you are going to say you are on your way to Mythology?

4. HPEX 218 – Scuba 

Seriously do I even need a description? You can learn how to scuba dive. You could learn how to be the embodiment of this gif. While getting credit for it. Crazy!

5. HPEX 121 – Judo 

VCU students can also blend their love of exercise, martial arts, and getting credit into one class. Taught at a center close to campus this class will teach you the basics of Judo. Some take it to learn self-defense while others wanted a new and challenging way to exercise. Whatever your reason you’ll definitely come away looking like a badass to all your friends.

6. HPEX 121 – Karate

Same as judo the karate class is taught off the main campus. It combines different elements to teach you how to defend yourself which is a really helpful skill to know on a college campus. Plus earning credit for it helps fit it into a busy hectic schedule.

7. RELS 250 – Death: Myth and Reality 

Religion majors swear this is one of the most interesting classes they’ve had at VCU. It got so popular that it became a class offered almost every semester. From people’s responses to death to the idea of the afterlife, the class covers the whole spectrum. Everyone comes away from this class with more understanding and empathy.

8. INTL 341 – Global Ethics and World Religions 

Another class that gives you an all-encompassing view of the world and a new understanding of other religions and cultures that are not your own. It’s a great class to take in your freshman or sophomore year to help you understand the world and your fellow classmates better.

9. ANTH 394 – Historical Archeology 

Who has not seen Indiana Jones and thought wow that would be so cool to be like him. Now you can learn all about it while sitting in a class. Learn about the past and maybe even find a trip you can go on in the summer to have hands on experience.

10. PSYC 407 – Psychology of the Abnormal 

Every wanted to delve into the weird and deranged parts of the human mind? In the class, you can learn about anything from Bipolar Disorder to Dissociative Identity Disorder. Discover the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and find yourself lost in the pages. Just be careful that you don’t start diagnosing your friends or family. 


11. WRLD 230 – World Cinema 

One of the easier credits to earn on campus, lean back and watch movies on a silver (projection) screen and discuss them afterward. What better way to earn credit than getting to watch some of the world’s best movies? Make sure to pay attention thought and not fall asleep!

12. DANC 254 – Yoga 

So there are two ways to get to this dog’s level. You can either go to the gym for free classes every week. Or you can get credit for your stretches to fulfill your fine arts requirement. Either way, make sure you sign up quick because spots fill up fast.

13. ARTF 121 – Drawing for Non-majors 

Another fine arts credit that many choose to take is a drawing class specifically designed for those not artistically minded. Here you can learn the basics and practice your craft. Near the end, your class may venture out into other mediums like acrylics or gouache. Who knows maybe you’ll become the next Picasso by taking it? It is definitely relaxing after spending all day studying for your next big exam.

14. Languages (100 level through 400 level)

Most students underestimate the value of being bilingual. But at VCU there are tons of different language classes to choose from. You can major in French, German, or Spanish. You can take Arabic or Latin. There is also even a language lab where you can use Rosetta Stone for FREE! Some majors require you to get a certain level in a language so it’s helpful to have resources and choices.

15. Topic Courses (Look in course section for Topics)

One thing that flies under the radar in a lot of majors is the topic courses. They are specialized courses and are often not taught again for a number of semesters. Some will be relevant to today’s issues and some may just be something a teacher is interested in. The topic course I took freshman year actually got me interested in the topic and I’m now minoring in it. You never really know what you will learn.

11 of the Best Places to Study at UC Berkeley

Looking for a place to study at UC Berkeley? Here are 11 of the Best Places to Study at UC Berkeley!

1. Moffitt

There are so many great things about the newest addition to the UC Berkeley Campus. Transparent walls to write long proofs on, comfortable chairs to roll around in, study rooms available for free rental, the list goes on. There’s even a “Buzz” floor for studying in a vibrant space and a “Hush” floor for silence. Bonus: 5th Floor has nap pods!

2. Main Stacks

This library is the way to go if you are a person who likes to study in a pure, quiet environment. Interesting in architecture as the majority of the study space is underground, Main Stacks has been a classic go-to for years on campus. Stick around during dead week for an interesting surprise! (Hint: The Naked Run)

3. Kresge Engineering Library

No pesky Cal ID checks here! If you have lots of classes at Soda Hall, Cory, or Jacobs, then Kresge is the library for you. Not only is it close to North Side, it’s right next to

Qualcomm as well! Meal points? Accepted.

4. Residence Hall Lower Levels

A hidden spot for lots of students on campus, the lower level of the Residence Hall Units are always accessible by someone living in the building. Small rooms, no restrictions on food, the lower levels are a sweet spot to study. Open 24 Hours during dead week!

5. Memorial Glade

Prefer a change of place? Memorial Glade is definitely one of the most beautiful spots on campus. Feel free to add a nice picture of Doe Library and the Campanile to your Snapchat story as well! As long as you stay away from stray Frisbees, this grassy area is a nice place to pop open a textbook.

6. East Asian Library

This library is one of the most well-kept places on campus. It is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Submerse yourself in vast texts of East Asian culture by coming into this library for the long haul. Peaceful, quiet, may the spirit of tradition serve you well on your upcoming exams.

7. Café Strada

With both indoor and outdoor seating, Café Strada is a close to campus hub that is a excellent spot for studying. With delicious and top rated snacks and coffee for order on a quick note, Café Strada is a go-to for avid coffee drinkers and A.M. work sessions.

8. Faculty Glade

Those pesky frisbees from Memorial Glade get to you? No worries, Faculty Glade is here to save the day. A more low-key outdoor study spot, Faculty Glade has plenty of shade to offer you and all of your studying needs.

9. RSF Stationary Bike

Never thought of this? Well, I just did for you. Being a student at UC Berkeley probably means that you spend a ton of time studying and sitting around. Well, this is your chance to change that! Take a book with you to the upper level and hop on a stationary bike. You’ll burn calories and boost your GPA in no time.

10. Café Milano

Ah, the wonderful smell of coffee. The second floor of Café Milano is a sweet spot for all coffee drinkers. A perfect place to go during gloomy, windy, or rainy weather (commonplace during the school season), Café Milano is an authentic study area with the added bonus of being close to campus.

11. Eshleman Hall

Searching for a chair is arguably one of the most time-consuming things a student has to go through when finding a study spot. It’s never a problem at Eshleman Hall. Right next to MLK and the ASUC Amazon Lockers, this place will help you on your way discovering new places to study on campus.

10 Things Every Freshman at Mizzou Should Do

Mizzou is an awesome school with SO much to offer. Your four years will wiz by, and you’ll reminisce about the great times you spent there. Don’t waste your four years, but instead do all you can so your regrets are none. Freshman year of college is a big transition in anyone’s life, but if you do it right, it will be one of the best years of your life.

1. Tiger Walk/Tiger Prowl

The tiger walk is a Mizzou tradition, where all the freshman run together through the columns towards Jesse Hall. This symbolizes our entrance into Mizzou as freshman. As seniors, we will run the other way through the columns to symbolize our leaving Mizzou, but the lifelong connection they will have as alumni–the tiger prowl. This event is a great way to meet other freshman and to stay connected to Mizzou tradition.

2. Rub David R. Francis’ Nose

A statue of David R. Francis, former Missouri governor who was very involved with Mizzou, stands outside of Jesse Hall. It is believed that when a student rubs his nose, they’ll get an “A” on their next exam. So go participate in this classic, Mizzou-tradition, and hopefully you’ll get that “A”!

3. Attend a Sporting Event

It doesn’t matter what our record reads, because game days at Mizzou are one of a kind. The campus is raging with energy, spirit, and of course the loud music bumping from Greek Town. Alumni, family, and friends all gather together, wearing black and gold, to chant the Mizzou-RAH! The best fans are Mizzou fans.

4. Celebrate Homecoming

The Homecoming tradition was started at Mizzou! Chester Brewer, Mizzou football coach in 1911, asked alumni to “come home” for the annual football game against our rival, the University of Kansas. Greek life spends the two months prior to homecoming constructing massive house decks and floats in celebration of homecoming. The campus and city is flourished with black and gold décor the two weeks leading up to homecoming. There is a showcase of the house decks the night before the game, and the streets of Greek Town are full of students, alumni, family, and friends, who have all come to celebrate. The morning of gameday, there is a big homecoming parade all throughout campus and into the downtown area, followed by countless tailgates and, of course, the big game!

5. Tailgate

We love our tailgating here at Mizzou. From the AM to the PM on game days, music radiates loudly through Greek Town, and fans gather together in their Mizzou-gear to soak in the good weather and celebrate. Mizzou tailgating is truly one of a kind, and every student should experience one!

6. Join a Club

There are over 600 clubs and student organizations at Mizzou. So, there is no excuse to not join a club! There are hundreds of options, so everyone can find a club that interests them. It’s a great way to meet other students and to feel involved. In fact, studies have shown that students a part of a club do better in class and feel more connected to the school. Get involved!

7. Relax at the Grotto

Our student rec center was rated one of the best in the country for a reason. The rec has an indoor and outdoor pool. The “Grotto.” The indoor pool includes a jacuzzi, lazy river, basketball hoop, and a steam and sauna room. This is a great way to destress after classes or an exam. Make sure you take advantage of the fun, recreational activities that Mizzou offers.

8. Use Those Swipes

Take advantage of your swipes!! After freshman year, you’ll long for the days when you had a meal plan, and you’ll most-likely be begging freshman to swipe you in. Plus, nothing cures a long day and night like the comfort food provided at late-night.

9. Hike Outdoors

Don’t forget to explore off campus too. Columbia offers numerous parks, trails, and hikes that allow for students to escape the campus and get a dose of nature! Campus can feel constricting at times, but Mizzou students are lucky be surrounded by many beautiful parks. The Pinnacles are various hiking trails that lead to beautiful cliffs, surrounded by a river, and are a favorite of Mizzou students. Other student favorites include Capen Park and Devil’s Icebox.

10. Hang Out in the Quad

The quad is a beautiful place to lay out a blanket and relax in the sun. Wi-Fi is available in the quad as well, which makes for a great place to do homework! It’s in the quad where the six ancient columns stand from the Academic Building which was burned down in 1892.

There is so much to do on and off campus. Don’t hibernate in your dorm room. Your four years at Mizzou will go by very fast, so you need to have fun by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Have school spirit, join a club, utilize the many campus facilites, explore Columbia, join a club, and HAVE FUN!!

11 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at The University of Kentucky

College can be scary but it doesn’t have to be! There’s a lot of ways to make college easier, more fun, and less terrifying. This article is your first step to figure out ways to make the challenges less challenging. Here are 11 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at the University of Kentucky.

1. Find the libraries!

UK’s campus has over 8 libraries! It’s essential to find those great study spaces that really fit your needs. Explore which libraries work the best for you and where they’re located. Each is a little different and unique. Know which ones are less crowded so you can beat the library crowds during midterms and finals-you’ll be happy you did!

2. Stay close with your roommate

You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate-but getting along with them and forming a decent relationship can go a long way. You want your dorm to be a fun comfortable place to be, don’t let a bad relationship with your roomie ruin that! Plus-there’s so many perks of being friends with the people you live with.

3. Don’t pull an all-nighter

Everyone talks about the importance of time management in college. But the most important advice to hear about it is that staying up all night to study will be worse than going to bed without finishing studying. Even if you know all of the material-you won’t be able to apply it after staying up all night. Just go to sleep!

4. Make yourself uncomfortable

Don’t like eating alone? Go to the dining court by yourself. Don’t like loud events? Go to a football game. Don’t like history? Take a history class. Do liberals make you uncomfortable? Go to a feminist alliance club meeting. College is full of opportunities that allow you to be vulnerable and successful. Make yourself more comfortable by trying things that make you uncomfortable. You don’t have to like new things, but you should try them.

5. Be your own best friend

No matter what anyone has told you, being selfish is important! You can’t rely on other people to make you feel good and important, sometimes you have to be your own friend. You will be spending more time alone in college than ever before, so learn to be your own best friend and love yourself! Friends that don’t make your life easier don’t need to be in it.

6. Join a (fun) club

Everyone tells you to “get involved” your first semester. But more importantly, find something you love to do on campus! Sure there’s student government and leadership clubs- but there’s also workout groups, movie watching clubs, and gardening club! Go out and find a group that does what you love.

7. Check your emails everyday

If you don’t do this, you’ll miss the announcement about that 8 a.m class being cancelled, that scholarship deadline, or the sign up deadline for the basketball ticket lottery (don’t let this happen to you)! Everything and anything will be sent to your student email. Make it a priority and a habit to check it every day, multiple times a day.

8. Check the weather

Forgetting your umbrella is like the walk of shame. Don’t let it happen to you. If there’s even the slightest chance of rain that day- chances are it’s going to rain when you’re walking to class. Just bring your umbrella!

9. Know your resources

“I failed that class because that professor was so horrible” should never be an excuse you make for doing poorly in a class. UK’s campus has so many resources to help you out. The study, the learning centers, writing centers, volunteer and paid tutors, office hours, the hub, and so many more. If you don’t take advantage of these resources-don’t make excuses about your bad grades.

10. You will get a parking ticket

If you park illegally-you’re going to get a ticket. Don’t think for a second that you won’t. If you don’t park illegally-you’ll probably still get a ticket somehow. Welcome to UK.

11. Learn the bus system

Foolproof way to not get a parking ticket-don’t drive your car on campus! The bus system is great, but a lot of people don’t take advantage of it. They have buses that go in opposite directions around campus all day, and they have buses that go off campus. Learn how to use the bus app and the routes before it gets cold out-that’s when you’ll really need them in your life.


10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at BU

Nervous getting into Boston University? No worries, here are 10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at BU!

1. Learn all the acronyms

Everything at BU has an acronym. You don’t wanna stand out as a freshman by not knowing where your new friends are gonna eat lunch when they say to meet at the dh.

2. Never rely on the BU Bus

The BU Bus may seem like a life saver when snow is coming down sideways and you’re running late to class but the BU Bus is not your friend. Although there is a bus schedule, the schedule is not reliable and the live stream map doesn’t tell you when the buses are out of service. The bus can be nice when it pulls up to Marsh Plaza right as you’re leaving CAS but you can’t count on it everyday. 

picture of the bus

3. Don’t try to study on the 26th floor of Stuvi 2 during midterms

Stuvi 26 by far has the best view at BU and it’s a great place to study throughout the year but don’t except to find an open table or even a chair during midterms or finals. It may not be the most glamourous place to study but Mugar library stays open 24 hours during midterms and finals and the corner of the 4th floor has a pretty view over the Charles River.

4. Get your WR100 papers revised at the Writing Center

Everyone has to take WR100 and it should never be the class that stresses you out or lowers your GPA. The Writing Center in Bay State has students, who made A’s in their WR100, readily available to revise your papers. A lot of writing professors will give extra credit if they know you went to the Writing Center and if not it never helps to get some fresh eyes on your paper.

5. Late night dining is always an option

All the dinning halls close at 9 pm but sometimes you still need another full meal when you’re up until 3 am doing homework or stumbling back from Allston. Luckily BU has late night dining options at every point of campus. West campus has Extreme Pita and Buick Market, Central campus has Warren Late Night, and East campus has Late Night Cafe at Bay State.

6. Always bring your BU ID everywhere

It’s pretty obvious that you need your BU ID every time you go out considering you need it to get back into your building but that doesn’t stop people from leaving it behind. The best way to make sure you always have your BU ID is to attach it to something you’ll never leave behind. Tables at the GSU are always handing out rubber cardholders to attach to the back of your phone. Barnes and Noble sells small little card holders that you can attach to your keys or purse that are really helpful.

7. Hide forbidden items during school breaks

BU has a list of banned contraband ranging from extension cords to coffee makers. During school breaks the RA’s do room checks to see if you have anything in your dorm that is not allowed. The RA’s are allowed to check any piece of furniture that belongs to the school and that includes microfridges. If you have anything that you’re not allowed to, including certain types of drinks, hide them in suitcases, bags, laundry or anything that does not belong to the school and is not see through.

8. Join a club

BU is a really big school and it can be hard to find your place. The best way to make a group of friends outside of your classes or your orientation group is to join a club. There are so many clubs at BU that you can’t find one place that has them all listed but there are flyers all around campus for different events hosted by clubs, they are always tabling at the GSU, and people are always posting in the Official University Facebook pages about their clubs. Even if you don’t know what the club is really about always feel free message people who are involved or talked to the tables at the GSU. You never know where you’re going to meet your lifelong best friends.

9. Alternative Spring Break trips

It always seems like everyone in the world is either going home or to some amazing tropical resort for Spring Break but those aren’t the only options. BU offers a range of alternative Spring Break trips ranging from Kentucky to Cuba.

10. Don’t stress about grades

If you got into BU then you probably worked to keep your GPA up throughout high school. Grades still matter in college but there is a reason people say “C’s get degrees”, because it’s true. Although you should always aim to do your best, freshman year is filled with classes designed to weed out people, like Chem 101. Unless you plan on going to grad school, your GPA isn’t as important as your work and life experience when you graduate college. So try your best but don’t stress out.

10 Things You Only Understand If You Go To VCU

Anyone can admit that VCU does have its charm. The campus has taken over nearly half of the beautiful city of Richmond. VCU students love their school and we aren’t afraid to show it. Richmond is a unique place and so is VCU. Here are ten things only VCU students will understand.

1.The insane line at Panda after 5 p.m.

Panda Express on campus is a true gift to all students but once they start swiping that’s when the trouble begins. You have to ask yourself if waiting in that line is truly worth that orange chicken. (The answer to that is yes)

2. Crazy Richmond drivers

You are not truly a VCU student if you haven’t almost been hit by a car at least once. The streets of Richmond can be a perilous place but there is always that perk of free tuition if someone hits you.

3. Shafer is either a hit or miss

Oh Shafer Dining Hall. We love you and we hate you. Some days you make our day with incredible delicacies and other days we are grateful that there is always cereal as a backup.

4. You forget that people actually live at Cabaniss

We all knew at least one person who was forced to live at Cabby. They were the ones always running into class late because the Campus Connector was late. It was so sad to see them get on that bus every day and return to the seclusion of the MCV campus

5. Marathons drive you crazy

Someone decided that Richmond would host every marathon possible. The roads get blocked at every turn and it’s like a maze trying to get anywhere. The one perk is that there was that one semester we got a week off for a marathon.

6. All of the VCU construction

VCU is an ever-expanding giant in Richmond. While we love the new facilities, the construction drives us a bit crazy. Sometimes it feels like the campus is a permanent construction zone but at least our tuition is being put to good use.

7. The dangerous sidewalks

Those beautiful brick sidewalks are also deadly. They make the walk to class dangerous and don’t get me started on what happens when you try to wear heels. Between the crazy drivers and the sidewalks, the trek to class keeps you on your toes.

8. The struggle of Ramsafe

To call or not to call? That is the real question. Calling may involve at least a 30 minute wait so you might have well just walked home.

9. The rivalry with U of R

From the time of we were freshmen it was quite obvious who our rival is. Rams and Spiders don’t mix well. Our rivalry is strong but we all know who’s better.

10. The beauty of Richmond

VCU can be a crazy place sometimes but its’ also amazing. We are in the middle of this incredible city that is filled with so much life. VCU is as much as a part of Richmond as Richmond is a part of us and we wouldn’t trade that for anything.

10 Reasons Why MSU is Better Than WPU

1. More appeasing setting

The setting affects you in all sorts of ways, ways you don’t even realize. When you’re around a setting that’s gloomy and not well-designed, it won’t make you want to learn, you’ll feel like you’re in prison. You need to feel happy and bright when you go to school cause than you’ll do better subconsciously. You’ll want to go to school, not forced.

2. Beautiful architecture

The architecture is very well-designed. The MSU theme that they have going on is really modern and makes you appreciate the buildings, unlike WPU. At WPU it looks like they just made buildings for students without sticking to a theme. When you have a theme around your campus, it builds more school spirit.

3. Secluded campus

The MSU campus doesn’t feel secluded or closed, it’s very open. You don’t feel like the campus is trying to restrict or limit you from going anywhere and gives you a more open vibe. With WPU though, it feels closed because of the forest around it and the trees, you feel like you’re the only ones which can really have an effect on the way you learn.

4. Daily events

Every single day my MSU email is filled with events to do, inside and outside of the campus. I can tell they really want me to keep my schedule busy and filled with things to do, and at times I do go to the events they recommend me to go to. At WPU though, there’s not much around them to even do and there’s not as much to do within the campus compared to MSU.

5. Exceptional athletics

MSU’s athletics are amazing. Although we’re a D3 school, the athletics are high-tier when it comes to our league and we always come out winning in many sports. With WPU though, I’ve never even heard of their sports and I think it’s because they don’t even try to promote it, even in stores in their area. With MSU though, you see athletic posters all around the town.

6. School spirit

The school spirit is noticeably different, and you can just tell if you were to go to the campus alone. At WPU everyone is usually inside, not really trying to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather because there’s not many places to sit. On the contrary though, with MSU there are many places to sit and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. The design of the school makes you want to stay outside.

7. More people, more connections

There are half as many people at WPU as there is in MSU. MSU has many, many people and why that’s so good is because you’ll be able to make many friends and connections, that won’t even be a worry.

8. Easier software

The software comparison between MSU and WPU is drastically different. When first arriving to college, you get hit with all these new programs and softwares you’re not aware of. With MSU, they make it easy. One website for homework and one website for everything else. They’re easy to use interfaces as well. With WPU though, they make a different website for every single thing and it’s complicated to figure out at first.

9. Alive campus

The campus is much more lively. It makes you want to stay on the campus and hang out with your friends because it’s such an open and social area. Not only that, but there are many places to sit and study. On top of that, they’re nicely built areas, not old and worn out.

10. The view

The view man, the view is amazing from MSU. One of our buildings has an incredible view of the city and you just want to sit there all the time to do your homework. So beautiful.

11 of The Easiest Classes at UC Berkeley

Are you looking for some easy classes to take to boost your GPA at UC Berkeley? Here are 11 of The Easiest Classes at UC Berkeley!

become a paid notetaker at UC Berkeley

1. College Writing 25AC

Average Grade: A. If you’re interested in American education and how it works in multicultural contexts, this is the right class for you. Heck, with this average grade, it’s the right class for anyone looking for a GPA booster! It also completes the AC requirement, a huge plus for undergraduates out there.

2. Art 8

Are you looking to fuel your inner Picasso? Look no further, Art 8 is here to satisfy your inner talents as well as add a nice and solid A to your transcript. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a world renowned sculptor or painter one day!

3. Landscape Architecture 1

Average Grade: A. Want to apply your newfound Art 8 skills in an environmental concept? Landscape Architecture 1 is the class for you. A class open to all undergraduates, you will investigate the process of drawing in order to figure out how to accurately and/or abstractly portray the environment.

4. English 43A

Average Grade: A. On the way to becoming a future English major? Ever considered a career in writing? Simply want to boost your GPA because of that hard technical you took last semester? English 43A can be your friend. Open to all, it is a class for students interested in writing about fiction. Looking forward to your next horror story!

5. Music 29

Average Grade: A. It’s no problem if you suck at drawing, so do I. But hey! Pick up the guitar, piano, cello, viola, or who knows what and start playing! Care to learn more? Music 29 is ready to take your elementary instrument knowledge to the next level.

become a paid notetaker at UC Berkeley

6. South Asian 142

Average Grade: A. India’s Great Epics have a lot to do with how we live our lives. If you are interested in exploring other culture’s, finding your inner self, or improving your karma in terms of increasing your GPA, take South Asian 142 without a doubt. (Plus: The professor is awesome!!!)

7. Naval Science 12B

Average Grade: A. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me. Interested in channeling your inner Jack Sparrow? Naval Science 12B will teach you all about the various aspects of ship operations at sea. From principles of terrestrial navigation to the open rules of the road (ahem, ocean), this class will ensure that you don’t walk the GPA plank.

8. Theater 10

Average Grade: A-. At Berkeley, almost everything is drama filled. Why not harness the power of all the academic chaos that is going on around you and submerging yourself into the art of acting? Theater 10 is a wonderful class for those students who are either looking go jump out of their shells, or students who are interested in the arts.

9. Letters and Sciences 25

Average Grade: A-. The spirit of design is everywhere on campus. From the interesting architecture of VLSB to the wonderful structure of Soda Hall, Letters and Sciences 25 will make sure that you will have analytical views for every building you step into. The central theme revolves around events held on campus, so you will be in the now at all times!

10. Environmental Design 4B

Average Grade: A-. Taken right from the class description, “The study of cities is more important than ever.” What??? Importance??? Yes!!! If you are drawn towards important and relevant learning material, take Environmental Design 4B. A simple 3-unit class, get ready to be the most knowledgeable at the table at your next family dinner!

11. Anthro R5B

Average Grade: A- If you’re like most students on campus, you’ll need to fulfill the second-half of your reading requirement in order to graduate. Anthro R5B takes the cake in the highest grade average out of all possible classes for the requirement. A class based on the study of anthropological literature, seems like a good way to make you sound smart!

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8 Things Every Freshman Needs to Know at Mizzou

If you’ve chosen Mizzou as your home for the next 4 years there are a few things you should definitely know before heading to CoMo in the fall for your first semester. Here are 8 tips to guide you through your first year at Mizzou!

1. Go To The Rec

Most schools warn you about the “Freshman 15”. Here in Columbia, we have the “Mizzou 22”. To avoid putting on those extra seven pounds, or any at all, try heading to the Rec every so often. Not only is exercise a fantastic stress reliever, but it’s also a great way to make new friends. In addition to our Cardio and weight gyms, The Rec also has an Olympic-size pool, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool with lazy river. If you’d rather take a Zumba or kick-boxing class, you can find those at the Rec too.

2. Freebies

Whatever school you go to, there’s no doubt that during the first few weeks of school, there will constantly be free things EVERYWHERE!  Every wall will be absolutely covered with posters advertising free pizza, free t-shirts, or other free goodies. There will be tons of booths set up with the same promises. My advice? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

3. Explore Downtown

Without a doubt, Columbia is one of the greatest college towns. We’ve got tons of great and affordable restaurants, including Shakespeare’s Pizza and The Heidelberg. Whether you’re looking for a cute boutique or a vintage music store, odds are that Columbia has it. A short drive will get you to places like the Columbia Mall, bowling alleys, laser tag, or maybe just a park to take a walk in. Sure, it’s easy to stay right on campus for everything, but make sure you take advantage of all Columbia has to offer!

4. Go To Class

There are going to be times where it’s incredibly tempting to skip that 9 AM Economics lecture with 400 other people, but please- don’t do it. For starters, you’ve already paid for the class, so if you don’t go, you’re essentially just throwing money away. Not to mention that at the end of the day, you’re at Mizzou for an education- so make sure you’re getting it.

5. Meet With Your Professors

Going into office hours can be incredibly intimidating, but if you have a question or want to discuss something, try to go see your professor rather than emailing them. Developing relationships with your professors will only benefit you. One day, you’ll need letters of recommendation from your professors, so why not try to start networking as soon as possible? They can facilitate the creation of study groups with your peers as well as give you advice about life at Mizzou. Additionally, sometimes your professors will give you hints about the test just for coming in to see them- so if that’s not a good enough reason, I don’t know what is.

6. Find Your Place

Whether it’s the basement of the Student Center, the Peace Park, or maybe Traditions Plaza, it’s essential to find a place that you can go to relax. I quickly discovered that my preferred hangout is at the Columns on the quad. During my first semester, I went almost every day and would use the time to call a friend or family member, journal about my life, or occasionally just layout and listen to some music. Sometimes you just want to hole up in your room, and sometimes that’s okay, but finding another place that you’re comfortable with is almost essential.

7. Enjoy The SEC

MIZZOU-RAH RAH RAH! Regardless of whether you’re into sports or not, the experience of attending a Division 1 event is one that should definitely have. Say what you will about our football program, but I was at the Battle Line Rivalry game against University of Arkansas on Black Friday this past year, and if the highlights from that game don’t make you excited about “Saturdays Down South”, I have a hard time believing you’re a Mizzou student at all. In all seriousness, even if football isn’t your thing, try something else. Our Women’s Basketball and Volleyball teams are fierce, our Baseball Team is currently undefeated, and ever heard of a wrestler named J’Den Cox? The three-time national champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist? Well guess where he goes to school! That’s right- the one and only University of Missouri!

8. Take It Easy

Yes, you’re away from your parents and on your own for the first time, but that doesn’t mean your life has to be a constant party. Enjoy college as much as possible, but definitely take it easy and make memories that you’ll be able to cherish for a long time. Some of my favorite Friday nights were spent in the dorms watching chick-flicks with my girlfriends. Pace yourself. 🙂

College is what you make of it so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Mizzou is ready to welcome you with open arms. All that’s left to say is Welcome to the Tiger family!