10 Types Of People You Will Meet At Indiana University

Every university has its own unique set of people, and Indiana University is no exception. From the jock to the quirky arts student, each university has its own personalities that make them what they are. Here are ten types of people that you will meet at Indiana University.

1. The Frat Boy

This person is always seen in button up shirts and boat shoes. They are probably a Kelley student, and every conversation you have with them revolves around their frat. In fact, their entire life revolves around being in a frat. You will often hear them reminiscing with their bros about the crazy weekend they had, or the hot girl they hooked up with. These people will often think they are better than everyone else for being in a frat due to their exclusivity and competitiveness at IU. If they are in a “top tier” frat, this will be even more likely.

2. The Kelley Student

This person lives in suits. You often wonder if they actually own any casual clothing. You always see them walking around Kelley headed to some interview or another, and if they are not doing this, they are probably crying over A100 or K201. They are probably in a business frat, and it is probably AKPsi. They never stop talking about getting an internship or working for JP Morgan, and they carry their resume with them wherever they go. If they are an accounting or finance major, don’t worry, they’ll make sure to let you know.

3. The Hipster

This person most likely lives in Collins. You can identify them by their brightly colored hair or undercuts. They can be found in a variety of majors, mostly liberal arts ones. When you see them on campus, you can’t help but stare.

4. The Sorority Girl

This girl is obsessed with her sorority. All her friends are in sororities too, and it is all she ever talks about. You will often see her walking to class with Starbucks or a Camelbak water bottle. She is always discussing the latest party she went to and who made out with who there. She absolutely cannot hold her liquor, and you will often see her being carried home by her friends at 2 AM. She is the reason for the term “white girl wasted”.

5. The Jacobs Student

This person is never seen without their instrument. They are always off to some audition or another and are almost always practicing their instrument. People often underestimate how hard their major is, but it actually involves a lot of hard work. These people are usually found in Read or Forest.

6. The Athlete

This person, much to the annoyance of their roommate, is awake at 5 AM every morning to go to practice. They never go to parties, and when they’re not in class they are usually working out or training for their sport. You envy them for their fitness, and know that you could never have as much dedication to exercise as them.

7. The Local

This person comes from a tiny town in Indiana with a population smaller than your graduating class. These towns tend to be at least 99% white, so they will often suffer a bit of a culture shock when they come to IU. They often talk about how small their high schools were, and you find yourself pitying them. You often wonder how they didn’t go crazy in a town that small, and how they amused themselves in a place full of cornfields.

8. The Evangelist

Radical Ryan and Brother Jed have been a fixture on campus for a long time. They visit every once in a while to preach about how God hates us all and to condemn us women for being “hoes” and “sluts”. IU just wouldn’t be the same without these two screaming in front of Ballantine at everyone who walks past.

9. The International Student

Usually from India or China, this group makes up a huge part of the students at IU. They are usually rich and like to party a lot. They tend to stay in their own groups, but occasionally make friends with the other students at the university.

10. The Engineering Student 

Oh that’s right, we don’t have an engineering school!

10 Signs You Go To The University of Miami

1. Ducks are located everywhere you go.

Every day when you walk to and from your classes on campus, these menacing ducks are always present. All you can do is avoid them and do not feed them or else they will follow you.

2. The UM pride is a 24/7 feeling.

One of the best things about going to the University of Miami (UM) is that there is always ongoing UM pride. On campus, countless of students are wearing either UM apparel or free shirts that they have gotten at school events. The UM pride is also present off campus with the “U” hand gesture as well as constant cheering during the football games at Sun Life Stadium.

3. Flip flops and shorts are daily attire.


Given that Miami is typically recognized for its consistent sunny and warm weather, usually students’ clothing choices consist of flip flops and shorts. Being a student at the U means you are living in a tropical paradise (most of the time).

4. Winters are virtually nonexistent.

Main Campus of University of Miami

Miami is a year round tropical paradise meaning that you don’t have to worry about the cold during the winter season. This is the envy for the majority of the US. We get to enjoy shorts, tank tops, sunny weather, and the beach at any given time of the year.

5. The diversity is immense.

Personally, the diversity at UM is one of my favorite things. It’s great to walk around campus and see people from various cultural backgrounds. It gets even better that you are able to meet people from different parts of the world from the US to Asia. This is an enriching experience.

6. Seeing people tanning on the intramural fields every day is not rare.

picturesque beach

Every time it is a sunny day in Miami, many students tend to take advantage of this and tan on the intramural fields. It’s an interesting sight to see when you are entering the freshman dorms or walking to the Hecht-Stanford Dining Hall. These people always have towels laying out on the grass and they are dressed in bathing suits enjoying the year-round summer weather Miami has to offer.

7. Club Richter is the hottest location during finals week.


During finals week, you can’t say that you have not been to the library at least once. At this time of the semester students become zombies and stay all night studying at the library 24/7. It doesn’t get better that the library is open all day and all night during the most stressful part of the semester.

8. Sebastian the Ibis is the best friend you always wished for.

There will be no cooler friend than our mascot, Sebastian the Ibis. He will take pictures with you whenever you want, he will dance in public without caring, and go to all of the school events like the social butterfly that he is.

9. You will have picked up some new Spanish vocabulary. 

teacher pointing to blackboard with spanish vocabulary

One of the many things that you will take from your experiences at the University of Miami is learning some Spanish. Miami is filled with a diverse community, especially of Hispanic descent. Being Hispanic myself, during my first year at UM, I’ve managed to teach my own friends some Spanish phrases. You’re bound to learn bits of the language since there are times you will need Spanish to survive in certain parts of Miami.

10. You have great dislike towards FSU. 

If we had to pick the worst rival possible, it would have to be Florida State University. The rivalry heats up even more when the highly awaited UM vs FSU football game takes place. The Seminoles can’t compare to the Hurricanes.

10 Reasons Why SDSU Ruined My Life

1. My Instagram feed is always full.

Literally, all of my Instagram feed is filled with pictures of my friends from school at parties or on the beach. And I shouldn’t even mention the amounts of pictures I see of campus scenery, especially of Hepner Hall. I mean come on show me makeup tutorials or pictures of food, not people having the time of their lives and breath taking scenery.

2. I have a permanent tan

Every day without fail I end up adding another lay to my tan just from walking to classes. No joke, even on the few days that the sky is cloudy during the school year the sun light is able to sneak through and give everyone another dose of vitamin D. Causing layers upon layers of tan that won’t go away.



3. Everyone’s hot

With State being ranked as the most attractive student body in the US, it’s impossible to not walk around like a ‘mine seagull’ from Finding Nemo. The amount of modelesque people on campus is so intense that I end up in a constant debate of “Do I want to be with them or do I want to be them?”.


4. The amount of club choices is overwhelming

With over 300 clubs that range from major related, to cultural organizations, to leadership or recreation; it’s next to impossible to choose only a couple. So thank you SDSU for having so many clubs that I want to join that I have to cross some off my list.

5. I can’t wait to get back, when I’m on break

Whether I’m away for the weekend of the summer, I end up having a longing to go back to school. I could be on a huge adventure, discovering something new, and a part of me would think about state. The professors and friends that I look forward to sharing my experience with, a class I’m taking next semester that I’m excited for or just straight up crave a burrito from Trujillos.

6. I’m never caught up with my shows

From my perspective binge watching Netflix at state is not an option. Between classes, participating in clubs, campus events or going to the beach, there was no time to. The lifestyles of the students and professors are active and there’s never a dull moment. There were a couple of times my freshman year that I decided to stay in, but ended up getting restless and feeling hat I was majorly missing out. I eventually fell seasons behind in multiple shows and I rarely watch more than an hour anymore, so I’ve fallen out of contact with the fictional worlds I once loved dearly. *Fangirl status revoked*

7. My coffee addiction is always satisfied

With my new fast paced, active life at SDSU I became even more of a coffee lover. Every morning I woke up craving an iced hammer head to give an extra pep in my step. State definitely accommodated for that craving, with 3 different Starbucks on campus and Big City Bagel huts set through up campus. Thanks to this convenience of coffee access, I am now officially addicted.

8. I am now more environmentally conscious

SDSU’s environmental and sustainability movement rubbed off on me in a huge way. The options to compost throughout the school and their strategy to use that byproduct to grow the fruits and vegetables that are served to the students made me realize the importance of separating my trash. Now I am motivated to take an extra 30 seconds out of my already full day to split my trash into compost, recycle and waste. Come on SDSU I can’t do it all.

9. Red and black everywhere

Honestly, walking through campus you’d think there is a dress code that consists solely of SDSU apparel. One time I made the mistake of wearing a Colorado State t-shirt to class and the whole way there I got odd side glances. Someone even thought I was a high schooler on a campus tour!


10. “I believe we will win”

With the sea of red and black that covers the campus, comes intense school spirit. There are many Friday mornings that I’ve had to choose between a chemistry lecture or getting tickers to a basketball game; knowing that it was ridiculous even thinking “Oh, I’ll just get them after”. Student will line up starting at 8 in the morning for a 10 o’clock opening. Even by then the line is usually wrapped around the Viejas arena and within the blink of an eye the tickets are sold out.




Even though SDSU consumes my life and time, I wouldn’t be where I am now without it and I couldn’t choose a better school to attend.

10 Signs You Go To FSU

1. Parking is your worst nightmare

Sometimes people get to school two hours early just to find parking close to their class. Where you park defines how efficient you are: If you get a spot in Woodward or Traditions at any time past 8:15 am, you have literally mastered the game of parking at FSU. If not, get ready to speed walk to class from Spirit Way or Pensacola.

2. You don’t know when construction is going to end on campus

It seems that there’s always construction going on around campus, whether you are part of the few that survived Kellum (#RIPKellum) or one of the future Noles that is going to live in the new dorms that pop up every so often, there is so much construction going on around campus that it seems that it will take forever to finish.

3. You’ve been dunked in Westcott on your birthday (and for any other occasion that you think it is fitting to do so)

Legend has it that you should be dunked into Westcott Fountain on your 21 st Birthday, but if you’re like me, you dunk people and get dunked in the fountain for other celebrations. And let’s be real, we all think that water isn’t clean half the time but we’ve all gone in on various

occasions into the fountain.

4. You’ve walked up Mt. Diffenbaugh

Let’s face it, we all walk at FSU, a lot, but nothing compares to the walk up Mt. Diffenbaugh towards the Westcott Fountain. Whether you’re going to class, or waiting to get dunked at

Westcott, we can thank Mt. Diffenbaugh for aiding us in the workout of our calf muscles.

5. You’ve gone to The Strip

“Ahhhhh, The Strip!” Good Times! Let’s face it, having a couple of bars right across the street from campus has its perks. Whether you’ve gone to celebrate some special occasion or you’ve

gone to one of the many events like White Trash Wednesday, The Strip will always find you new friends and great memories.

6. You have experienced the Nite Nole on a Friday or Saturday night

Need I say more? The Nite Nole on Friday and Saturday nights is such a life altering experience, from having people singing “Happy Birthday”, to the random singalongs that the entire bus joins in on, to the wild and crazy characters you meet, you can’t say that each individual experience on the Nite Nole has been the same.

7. … and you have the TransLoc Rider Bus App to track the buses around campus

We have so many bus routes and an impossible way of knowing exactly when the next bus is coming. TransLoc always has my back and most of us at FSU, ever since we were told to download this app at Orientation, this has made us more efficient and helps us get to class on

time (unless you’re parking, if you are, #1 is even more true for you).

8. If you’ve eaten at Suwanee, you know Mrs. Killings

Mrs. Killings has literally brought my day up with a hug and her iconic “I LOVE YOU” that she tells everyone as they walk into Suwanee. Who doesn’t have an amazing day when you come in

contact with Mrs. Killings?

9. You buy the coolest things at Market Wednesday

Whether you’re buying “Straight Outta Tally” shirts or participating in the Hooligans movement by buying their dope clothes and accessories, or just enjoying the strolls from many Greek organizations, Market Wednesday has become a tradition for many Seminoles. I mean come

one, one can’t have enough flyers from organizations we want to join but never end up joining anyways? Am I right?


When it comes to football season, us Seminoles don’t joke around. Whether we are in the stands cheering on the Florida State Seminoles or just cheering from our homes, the bar, or at tailgates; football season holds a very special place in our hearts. All good Seminoles also know when it is the start of a football game, Renegade come out with Osceola to offer one of the best college football traditions of all time. We also never forget #27-2 Many people call Tallahassee home, and that is certainly true for most Seminoles. FSU is such an amazing school, with so much happening on and off campus that there is something for everyone.


11 Signs you go to Ohio University

1. You know Jeff. You hate Jeff. Jeff Sucks.

Walking up Jeff hill feels like completing a marathon. It is truly a journey. I mean really, Morton is bad but Jeff is just excessive.

2. Whenever you are away from campus and see someone in an OU shirt you have to say “Go Bobcats!”

…and you definitely become instant best friends and bond over some bobcat love.

3. You or someone you know has had at least one paranormal experience


They don’t call it the most haunted campus in America for nothing.

4. It would be weird to go a day without some squirrel interaction

Even if they freak you out, you can’t escape them. They are everywhere and they want your pizza.

5. You’ve had to deal with people saying things like “isn’t that a big party school?”

Yes, we like a good party. Does that mean we can’t also enjoy a night in with Netflix and Avalanche Pizza? As if.

6. You know that you can always count on Marching 110 to KILL their halftime performance at the football games

Watching the football is a blast but a true bobcat wouldn’t dare leave the game until after the halftime show. Marching 110 knows how to put on a show and we LIVE FOR IT.

7. Halloween becomes HallOUween and it is a whole new holiday

Literally me.

8. If you hear someone say “Donkey Coffee” you will come RUNNING

We tell ourselves it’s for the sake of staying awake but really it’s all for the delicious taste of happiness.

9. You may not be able to count on a text from your crush but you can ALWAYS count on an email from [email protected]

Like actually every single day. Several times a day. So romantic<3

10. Nothing completes a Saturday night out for you quite like Big Mamma’s Burritos

Step aside Chipotle, there is a new flour tortilla in town. Big Mamma’s is one of the best food stops in Athens and any true Ohio University student would know that.

11. Athens is not just home to you, it’s hOUme

13 Types of People You Will Meet at Rutgers

4 Awesome Student Jobs

1. The Frat Lord

This is the coolest dude you’ll meet, you’ll be charmed by his widespread use of the words “lit, bez, and dope”. Proudly flashing his letters and his smile, nothing can stop him now (especially with his brothers at his side)

2. Sorority Service Queen

Yes, we know that sorority girls are more than just pink and sparkles. Yes, we know you guys are passionate about your philanthropy. Yes, we know the sisterhood is forever. We love you girls and your chants… maybe just as much as you love your big.

3. The Proud Performers

Chances are if there is a crowd gathered, there is a Mason Grosser around. Proud of their art (maybe sometimes a little too much), they aren’t afraid to flaunt their style everywhere. Their dorms, practice, the bathroom, the street, my ear…

4. The Facebook obsessed

Another notification from the infamous meme poster in your graduating class’s facebook group. They rack up the likes (and hearts) of their graduating class. Although they hate being known as “insert name” from facebook, we know you love it and we love you… just as long as the posting frequency goes down by a little

5. The rebels

The bus system sucks, My midterm timing sucks, the snow removal sucks, the housing sucks, you hate your shoes, or even you’re hungry! Rutgers is the enemy, so let’s spark up a revolution via facebook posts and change the world.

6. The night owls

You will only know them from your crazy nights out and late night walks (do people take those anymore). They seem to vanish during the day and only appear at the words “frat party”. What kind of magic is that?

4 Awesome Student Jobs

7. The labored library residents.

The library is a wonderful place to study…and eat…and sleep…and watch netflix…and hoard a table for the rest of the year. If this person is ever missing you will definitely find them at some of Rutgers finest hotels; the Kilmer Hotel or Alexander Bed and Breakfast.

8. Easton Eaters

Tacoria, Nirvani’s, Cookie Rush, Neubies. You name it, and they’ve had it. They can direct you to any food source no matter what your mood is. Oh the easton eaters, full stomachs and empty wallets.

9. RU Fit?

Fit Bit? Check. Gallon of water? Check. Determination? Check. Making everyone else well like a potato? Check. These glorious, horrible people make the rest of us lazies look even worse for having that “twisted ankle” for the past 2 years. Damn your perfectly sculpted bodies.

10. The Class Cutting Champs

We see them at the dining halls, on the buses, at every party, they’re at every event. They are everywhere BUT class. The mystery of how they manage to stay at Rutgers remains a mystery to us all.

11. Netflix & Nappers

Finally after an out of order LX, 2 bus driver breaks, and a random downpour they finally made it to class. Props to them but you don’t actually know why they came at all… it’s biology but the only anatomy being studied is Grey’s…



12. Tinder Trolls

Swipe left if they suck, Swipe right if they don’t (so basically swipe left). They give this app a bad name by using horrible pickup lines followed with empty demands to meet up. Yup, who said chivalry was dead?

13. The Overachiever

I hate you. The perfect looking person who is healthy, has a booming social life, amazing grades, and a job just waiting to be grabbed by them and only them. I hate you. Go Away. Bye.

4 Awesome Student Jobs

10 Fun Facts about Temple University (Part 2)

1. Temple Squirrels

They’re huge, they’re nuts, and they are braver than they’ve got any right to be. Known for stealing any kind of food- including, yes, entire pieces of pizza- they’ve inspired a squirrel-watching club and the name of a student-run news site called ‘The Nutshell’.

2. Richie’s

The man, the myth, the legend: Richie. Apart from making the best breakfast sandwiches on campus, if you’ve stopped by more than two or three times, odds are he has your order memorized and will start cooking it up the minute he sees you wave hello.

3. The SERC

The SERC, build just a year ago, is a high-tech facility with beautiful, wide windows in its lower sweeping lobby. A massive LCD display overlooks the ground floor, often showing images of the universe.

4. Morgan Hall

The mighty Morgan Hall holds two dining halls and 24 residential floors, housing nearly 1,300 people. The secret? There’s a 27th floor privately owned by Neil Theobald, the president of the university.

5. The New Library

Though not yet built, Temple’s new, as-yet-unnamed library is scheduled to be completed by 2018. Unlike the current Paley library, it’s design is modern, and full of windows and open space.

6. Club Tech

Often referred to as ‘Club Tech’ by students wishing they were out dancing instead of in doing homework, the Tech Center is a super advanced facility that houses design studios and special labs for film editing.

7. Saxby’s

Scoot over Starbucks. Situated on Liacouras walk, Saxby’s has an array of delicious drinks and baked goods. The chocolate peppermint mocha is to die for.

8. The Courtyard Kitties

Behind the Tuttleman Learning Center, there’s a peaceful courtyard that’s absolutely perfect for doing homework on a nice day. It’s also perfect if you’re a cat lover. People set out food for the kitties regularly, and several of them are incredibly friendly- one even sits on people’s laps!

9. The Bell Tower

Standing right in the middle of campus, the Bell Tower is a meeting place for clubs, fraternities, sororities, and even people independently selling art or collecting for charities.

10. Beury Beach

The closest thing Temple has to a quad, Beury Beach is a beautiful stretch of grass that fills up with people ready to soak up some rays on sunny days.

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10 Things that Grind my Gears at UBC

It is a privilege to go to such a highly regarded school with an insanely beautiful campus in one of the highest ranked cities in the world. However, there are a few things that really get me going as a student. In no particular order, here are 10 things that really grind my gears at UBC.

1. Housing Prices

Oh you want to live in Vancouver and go to UBC?

It’s not just student housing on campus that’s expensive. If you don’t want to shell out almost $1000 each month, you’ll have to sacrifice one or more of the following:

  • Privacy – Share a room or claim a living room to divide up the rent.
  • 2+ hours each day to commuting – The further away from UBC the cheaper.
  • Sunlight – Closed off basement suites can be cheap compared to places with ventilation.
  • Basic Safety – Opt for mould or asbestos to save a few bucks!
  • Sanity (applies to all above

2. Ferraris with Ns on the back

Like this:

There’s a whole tumblr blog dedicated to this exact phenomenom (http://universityofbeautifulcars.tumblr.com/) If you could’ve seen, or even just heard the car I had when I had my N, you would know why this one is particularly grinding of my gears. I can’t even afford a doughnut here and you’re driving that?

3. The Super Pretentious Names of everything in the Nest

With this name, I was expecting a fine dining experience. Instead I walked in to see a cooler containing overpriced food with two people standing behind it.

Yea, that shut down. Because it was too pretentious of a name. (Actually because of the ridiculous prices, but same idea.)


How modern. And wow, the letters are correspondingly upper and lower-case. Someone must have felt really creative. Bluechip was a classic name, it made me feel like I was a part of a campus community and history when I bought a cookie from Bluechip. Now I feel like I’m supporting this ridiculous name change. I’ll still buy the cookie, but I won’t be happy about it.

I know it isn’t actually in the Nest, but it’s close enough, and more than pretentious enough. This very poorly-laid out cafe is just trying to look like some hipster, small business that someone put their hard work and passion into building. The problem is it’s owned by a huge institution and the doughnuts are $4.50.

4.  Everyone and Their Fitness

Why do you have to set the bar so high??

When I can’t even walk between classes without breaking a sweat.

I just want to learn what I have to learn without feeling guilty about my physical activity level.

5. Food Prices

Bring your lunch. Bring your snack. As I said, a doughnut at Loafe goes for $4.50.

6. The Glowing Pillars

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You know what I’m talking about-the white square objects protruding from the ground near the bookstore and small bus loop. We’ve all walked by these and wondered: Why? I just spent $100 on a textbook I might not even open, and went hungry for the day because I wasn’t willing to buy a doughnut for $4.50 and they think THESE are the best use of our donors’ money? I’ve heard the argument that they are there for safety. Fair enough. But these are the least efficient source of light possible and there are tonnes of other light sources around.

7. Connect

Or should I say disconnect!

But really, even the profs don’t know how to use it. And it always shuts down or malfunctions, especially at the beginning of the year. Trying to navigate this poorly laid out excuse for a website is the last thin you want to do when you have an assignment due. Despite how frustrating that can be, there is a silver: when Connect shuts down, regardless or whether you did an assignment that malfunctioned, you’re off the hook!

8. People trying to sell/promote things

I don’t want to support your new app, I don’t want to buy a doughnut to “fun”draise as punny as that is, and I do not want to sign up to give you money on a monthly basis! I’m sure the cause is a good one but I just came here to go to class.

9. Getting from Class to Class

UBC is beautiful, sprawled over the Point Grey peninsula and surrounded by nature.

The implications of this are that it can take up to 20 minutes to walk between classes, and you’re only given 10. Get ready to be sweaty and panting running in to your class late. It seems like professors have given up with students coming in late even in small classes, because you can always say that you were just coming from Anthropology, or Forestry, or whichever building is further away.

10. Cars on Stairs

This one had to be mentioned. At one point 4 different cars got stuck on a set of stairs at UBC during a period of two weeks. You guys are giving UBC students a bad name in driving!! The even bigger problem here is that barriers were installed at the problem stairs, and still more cars got stuck afterwards.

Are they bad drivers? Just pranksters? We will never know. Instead we will just waste resources on dislodging their cars.

10 Fun Facts about Temple University (Part 1)

1. Located Close to the City

Temple University is just a few subway stops away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city. Temple is close enough to the city to gain internships and jobs while studying here. Temple contribute to 65,000 volunteer hours in Philadelphia every year.

2. Why Owls?

Temple got there mascot Owls because founder, Russell Conwell, started teaching students at night because of their work schedules. These students got the name “night owls” which is why Temple took the mascot of the Owl.

3. Beury Beach

With being in the city, Temple does not have a lot of grass except for at Beury. You will not see the grass once the weather gets warmer!

4. Notable Temple Alumni

Temple has many notable alumni such as Bob Saget from Full House and Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory.

5. We were in the Super Bowl

Temple Grad Brandon McManus played in the Superbowl this year as kicker of the Denver Broncos.

6. Our Hospital

Temple has there own Hospital which delivers 3,000 babies each year.

7. Temple Alumni around the world

Temple University has 300,000 living alumni in all 50 states and 145 countries

8. Movie and TV Famous

Some scenes from Creed, the new Rocky Movie, was filmed on campus. Scenes from an episode of Friday Night Lights  were filmed on campus also.

9. President’s coming to Temple

Four presidents have visited Temple University: FDR, Truman, LBJ, and Carter.

10. Campuses around the world

Temple has seven campuses in Philadelphia, Ambler, Fort Washington, Harrisburg, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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15 Reasons Why SFU is Better Than UBC

1. We play bagpipes at protests

2. We gave Bill Nye an honorary doctorate

3. We have puppies on campus for stress relief monthly

picture of three puppies holding stick

4. Three campuses that don’t compete

5. Out on Campus is supported and loved

6. Our dorms are massive comparatively

fancy university dorms

7. We didn’t try to get Drake to play at our campus by spamming his Twitter

8. SFU Confessions is alive and well

9. The Highland Pub

10. Renaissance Coffee

11. It doesn’t get prettier than Burnaby mountain in the spring

mountainous landscape

12. Most of our profs acknowledge and thank the Coast Salish people for use of their land, which the university’s main Burnaby campus is built on

13. We’re talking about introducing required Indigenous studies courses for each faculty.

14. SFUnow

Simon Fraser University interior lobby

15. Terry FuckCancer Fox

The reason why thousands of elementary students across BC are forced to run in the rain every year.