10 Signs That You go to Virginia Tech

1. When you go home you miss school food! We are consistently ranked number one for the best campus food and best dining halls on college campuses.

2. Your entire wardrobe is Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange, every Hokie’s favorite colors.

3. When you hear the song “Enter Sandman” you automatically start jumping.

4. You leave your junior year with a class ring unique to your class’ VT experience.

5. You are used to walking A LOT. Yes, our campus is huge.

6. You are used to Blacksburg’s micro-climate.

7. You have fought in War (Aka Cadet’s vs. Civilians Annual Snowball Fight)

8. All limestone is affectionately called Hokie Stone.

9. Yes, we do claim Hogwarts.

10. You know the answer for, “What’s a Hokie?” (I am, duh)

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year at Indiana University

1.) Move into the dorms early.

Living in residence halls is a great way to meet people and make new friends! With that being said, move in day is one of the most hectic things you will ever experience. If you can, move in early so you can be settled in your room before the craziness starts!

2.) Join group chats with people living in your residence hall.

Chatting with people before you move in is a sure fire way to make sure you don’t spend welcome week alone in your room. Groupme is a great app available through Android and the App Store. Start a group chat for your residence hall and make some friends!

3.) Don’t be afraid to venture outside of the sample gates.

Just outside of IU’s famous sample gates lies Kirkwood Avenue. Shops, food, and bars oh my! While there is much to do within the university, the town of Bloomington is famous for good food and good fun. Go explore!

4.) You don’t need to have a curfew every night.

This doesn’t mean you get a free pass to skip class. However, Bloomington has many awesome nighttime activities. I wish I had known this! Don’t isolate yourself early in the evening because you’re afraid of not getting enough sleep for the next day. If your friends invite you to explore on a weeknight and you want to go then you should go! Bloomington has many places to explore.

5.) Don’t base college decisions on friends and relationships back home.

Your first year at college is a very exciting time in your life. Surely you’ll miss friends from back home but now is the time to be selfish! Don’t worry too much about what’s going on back home; it will be there when you get back.

6.) You will be the most tired you have ever been in your life.

I love to sleep. Sleep is my favorite. It was a serious wakeup call my freshman year when, suddenly, sleep was no longer a priority. Between classes and studying and socializing, I was lucky to find time for just a 15-minute nap! Really budget your time to make sure your sleep schedule isn’t totally out of whack.

7.) Look after your health. ALWAYS!

College is all about school, friends, and fun. With that being said, no one knows your body better than YOU. If you aren’t feeling up to class one day because you’re feeling off, it’s ok to skip. Make sure you’re looking after yourself and your health because, at the end of the day, that really is the most important!

8.) You don’t have to drink to have fun…

Drinking at college parties is a good way to have fun and socialize. While that’s true, it isn’t necessary! Not drinking is always the safer option. There are other ways to have fun!

9.) …But if you choose to drink, that’s ok too!

Partying is a big part of college, there’s no denying that. It is 100% your choice to drink and that’s an ok choice to make! Just be sure that you’ve got sober friends to take care of you, to drive you home, and make sure you get home safely. NEVER get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking.

10.) Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok!

College is truly the time of self-discovery. You will learn a lot about yourself during this first year and some people might not like this. Guess what? That’s OK! All that matters is that YOU like the person you become during this fun time that is your freshman year at Indiana University.

10 Things You Will Never Hear at The University of Alabama

1. “War Eagle”

Just no. Never mention our biggest rival.

2. “I love lakeside dinning!!!!!”

The day anyone ever says that they “love lakeside dinning” will be the day that you question everything in this world. Do not ever trust that lakeside will be good because you may think it taste not so terrible for a split second but just give it a couple minutes and your stomach will feel a pain that has never been felt before.

3. “I love having 8ams on Wednesdays and Fridays!!!”

Since greek life is such a large part of the university that means a majority of students are involved in it which means going to swaps every Tuesday and Thursday night so waking up for early classes, especially 8ams, is NEVER fun!!

4. “Is there even anything to do this weekend?”

There is ALWAYS something to do every weekend so questioning that will never be said.

5. “Who is the football coach?”

Literally EVERYONE in the world knows who Nick Saban is, and if you don’t then that is a big problem.

6. “What is Dixieland Delight?”

Dixieland Delight is the most amazing song that has ever been made (other than Sweet Home Alabama) and it is all ours.

7. “I miss home”

Because once you move to school, Alabama becomes your home.

8. “There is no place to eat near campus

This will never be said considering less than a two minute walk away from campus is the strip which includes, Buffalo Phills, Chipotle, Pieology, Jimmy Johns, Pita Pit, Little Italy, El Ricon, and so many more!

9. “Remember when Auburn scored on that kick return?”

One of the most upsetting games in history that every Alabama fan, student, or alumni hates to talk about.

10. “Why did that person just say Roll Tide?”

Saying “Roll Tide” is our thing. We use it as hello, goodbye, what’s up, and of course, when we are cheering on our football boys. So on that note, Roll Tide!

10 Reasons Why Florida State University Ruined My Life

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Florida? Yes, Florida State University. I could make a list of the greatest things from Florida but given the endless amount of amazing things Florida has, i would probably finish it by next week. However, always in the top of that list i will have Florida State University without any doubt. This is why in 10 main reasons i will convince you to transfer to “Tally”and become a Seminole.

1. Have you ever seen the campus before!?

I mean, come on… Even Harry potter regrets going to Hogwarts and is jealous of Florida State’s Campus. It is Huge! The architecture is great and all of the buildings are bricked, this has a result one of the greatest campus in whole Florida. The campus is conformed by 16 different colleges and more than 110 centers. Can you imagine how many people you will get to meet?

2. The weather is simply great.

While in the north part of the country people is struggling with coming out from their houses without freezing, in Florida the outfit is summarized to sandals, shorts and Top tanks everywhere. Can you really be sad when you use shorts and t-shirts 365 days a year?

3. Florida State University has a Circus!

Yes you read it right.


We have a circus! how cool is that? This is one of the only two campuses in the nation. And with almost 60 years presenting, The FSU Flying High Circus have presented their show in many parts of the world like: Europe, Canada, The Bahamas and many others. You only need to take one semester credit hour to get enrolled !

4. Who said FOOTBALL?


I don’t even need to elaborate on this… Football season is like religion and i bet you have heard the name of James Winston several times.

5. Diversity.

With many campuses around the world, FSU is involved in special programs with great scholarships for foreign students.  Republic of Panama, Italy, London and Valencia are some of the places that have study abroad programs with great benefits. What is even more awesome is having friends from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

6.-Great food!


If you think that the worst day can change with a slice of pizza or other type for food, this is your place. Pita Pit is the best place for a late meal. It is open until 3 am and if you need to eat something after the club that’s the best place to go. However that isn’t the only restaurant, FSU has a large variety of places to enjoy a meal.

7. Athletics

The best place for a sport environment. You will find wherever you look an athlete and that  really motivates you to get in shape or at least staying active rather than watch netflix series for 12 hours.

8.- Everyone’s extremely hot and attractive.

Sometimes is hard to identify if you are in the campus or in a catwalk of beautiful people. Literally, it is impossible to not fall in love everyday with a different person.

9. Traditions

We call ourselves “Seminoles” celebrating the native american tribes. Chief Osceola and his horse represent the image of an unconquered soul and honor. Being part of a FSU makes you feel like a champion and belonging to a community of champions.


10. I got used to feeling successful.


FSU ruins your life because it is a magical place. There’s almost anything wrong with University and less with Florida. If you want to get you life ruined as me, this is your only option. FSU will make you feel that there is nothing you can’t achieve.

10 Fun Facts about Eastern Michigan University

1.) The Eastern Eagle

The eagle became EMU’s official mascot in 1991. EMU takes great pride in their newest representation and during student orientation, all freshman are taught the fight song. The sculpture pictured, “Eagles Rising,” is located outside of the university’s Student Center.

2.) Top College of Business

EMU’s College of Business was ranked as one of the best in the nation by the Princeton Review in 2014. Business, Management and Marketing are the most popular majors at EMU. The COB offers twelve majors to undergraduates and six majors to those pursuing graduate studies. Classrooms in the College of Business building have been updated with the latest technology to ensure students the best learning experience.

3.) The Ypsilanti Water Tower

The Ypsilanti Water Tower was built in 1890 and remains intact, now as a historical landmark. The water tower is known by locals and students as “the brick (word that rhymes with stick).” In 2003, Cabinet magazine named the Ypsilanti Water Tower the winner in their “World’s Most Phallic Building” contest. It is the main attraction in Ypsilanti for it's shape and history.

4.) Originally a Normal College

The University's first name was Michigan State Normal School then Michigan State Normal College before becoming Eastern Michigan University in 1959. EMU was the first Normal school in the U.S to adopt a four year program. It was also the first Normal school in the State of Michigan, which attracted those with an interest in teaching from across the state and country. Majors related to education and teaching remain top areas of interest among students at EMU today.

5.) The Annual Ford Lake Frozen Leap

About 100 participants and 300 spectators gather yearly to raise money for two charities; Growing Hope and Dollars for Scholars. A participant must have raised at least $50 to jump and overall, the event has raised over $80,00 since its beginning seven years ago. Fundraising teams come out dressed in full costume to either jump or cheer on others. Traditionally, the EMU football team and coaches will participate in the ice cold dive.

6.) The Fajita Fest

Before the fall semester begins, students of all class rankings gather together to learn how to get involved through EMU’s more than 300 student organizations and clubs. And, there’s fajitas for everyone! Hence, the yearly event is called Fajita Fest. EMU takes pride in the large amount of student involvement across campus. Students are also encouraged to start their own clubs with the support of faculty. Some unique organizations at EMU include, Aikido Club, Quidditch club and Ultimate Frisbee.

7.) The Pray-Harrold Kiosk

Students from different organizations are given permission to spraypaint the pillar to promote their group or to bring awareness to the EMU community. Organizations often write messages on current events or political views. This is a great way for students to make their voices and opinions heard and to spark a larger conversation around controversial topics.

8.) Squirrels Everywhere!

Squirrels on EMU’s campus are great in number and fearless. Many students enjoy feeding the squirrels. There is even a twitter account, @EMUSquirrel, supposedly ran by a squirrel on EMU’s campus. The squirrel, who tweets about their adventures at EMU and posts pictures and videos, has about 1150 followers, many of whom are students.

9.) Two Art Galleries

The Student Center is home to two art galleries; The University Gallery and the Intermedia Gallery Group, which is directed by students. The art galleries display art from the community and from students of the EMU Art Department. Once a year, the Student Center hosts The Undergraduate Symposium where students from all majors are invited to present their research. This is the event where art students’ work is largely showcased to the public.

10.) A Suspended Planetarium


Astronomy classes are held in this spherical classroom suspended four stories above the ground in the atrium of the Mark Jefferson Science Complex. The planetarium seats up to thirty-seven people and has a twenty-eight foot diameter ceiling. Students who study astronomy at EMU are privileged to call this unique classroom their home. Those outside of the EMU community can request the planetarium for educational use or can attend a show hosted by the university.

10 Fun Facts About Rutgers


Founded in 1766, Rutgers is older than the nation itself and is the eighth oldest college in the U.S. It is also one of the nine “Colonial Colleges” chartered before the American Revolution.


The entirety of Rutgers University consists of 31 schools and colleges, more than 20 libraries, over 650 buildings, and more than 20 computer labs for their whole student body.


Rutgers University and Princeton played the first game of intercollegiate football in 1869. The game tok place where the present-day College Avenue gymnasium now stands in New Brunswick, NJ. Rutgers won the game 6-4.


If you have never heard of one (bless your soul), a fat sandwich is what you get when you combine a burger and a cheese steak with a gyro and bacon and eggs and dump an appetizer on top of it all, like mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers or fries, and then douse it all in sauce. The monstrosity hails from New Brunswick, where the famous Rutgers grease trucks have been serving them since the early 80’s.


The student-written, student-managed, non-profit newspaper is among the largest college newspapers in the nation. It was founded in 1869 and has since won various awards, including the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Gold Crown Award, the highest recognition a college newspaper can be awarded.


More than 80% of the students at Rutgers come from New Jersey, while 17% are from out-of-state.


In the early days, Rutgers athletes were known as the “The Scarlet” referencing the school color. In 1925 the mascot was changed to Chanticleer, a fighting rooster from a famous medieval fable called Reynard the Fox. The Chanticleer mascot was unveiled at a football game against Lafayette College. Since people associated the rooster mascot with the Rutgers athletic team “being chicken”, they changed the mascot to the Scarlet Knight in 1955.


More than half of the student body at Rutgers identify themselves as non-Caucasian, and more than 4,000 students from over 115 countries study at the university. More than 400,000 alumni live in all fifty states and on six continents around the globe.


The award winning structure at the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences is home tot he largest interior living wall in the state. It measures 40 feet tall by 33 feet wide, and was created by two Rutgers alumni who founded the business EcoWalls.


The Rutgers tomato was introduced n 1934 by a Rutgers breeder named Lyman Schermerhorn. It is a tomato used for general use, such as processing and canning. It was released between WWI and WWII, when over 30,000 acres of tomatoes were grown in New Jersey. It is no longer grown commercially, but it is still popular with home gardeners.

11 Reasons Rutgers Ruined My Life


Trying to find your way around over 2,000 acres of land is not easy. Even with their own bus system and a train station on campus, Rutgers University offers countless ways to get lost within their gardens, academic buildings, and countless parking lots. Tip: Don’t ask a freshman how to get anywhere, because they will lead you in the opposite direction.


From classes about primates, to apocalypse literature, to Beyoncé, Rutgers has it all. It makes it difficult to concentrate on one topic, in fear on missing out on something else. Good news is Rutgers offers a bunch of online classes and summer courses. You can stay here forever (if you’ve got the money for it)!


Rutgers’ bus system is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, if you are like most people and can’t bring your car to campus and don’t have a bike on you, the bus will save you from having to walk four miles to class. On the other hand, this is public transportation. That means coming face to face (and sometimes nose to nose) with people you don’t even know and sometimes don’t really want to get to know.


With four main dining halls and countless restaurants and cafes across campus, Rutgers is the perfect place to gain the dreaded freshman fifteen (which is totally not a myth by the way). We’ve got fat sandwiches, endless dining hall ice cream, King Neptune night, and immense burritos (the only reason anyone goes to Brower).


Rutgers students are blessed to have the chance to go to every home football game for no extra charge. But if you are like me, this doesn’t seem like the greatest thing. Going to a Rutgers football games means putting effort into your outfit so it is sufficiently school spirited, taking the bus, interacting with others, tailgating, and cheering until you lose your voice. At the end of the day though, it’s all worth it once the Scarlet Knights reign victorious.


With over 60,000 students on and off campus, you are bound to have to talk to someone eventually. It is impossible to get any privacy at long lengths of time. You will always have someone to talk to, whether it is a teacher, a friend, a student, or alumni. You will always have someone to go out with, and you will never cry yourself to sleep because you have no friends.


With only 24 hours in a day, it is virtually impossible to take every class you want and eat at that restaurant you were ogling across campus and try that new club out with your friends and go to that karaoke event they were holding at the student center or line up for take-out at Neilsen. It’s okay, because lucky you will have many semesters ahead to complete your Rutgers wish list!


What is sleep? I don’t even know. It’s five in the morning and I’m at the library studying for my bio exam in 3 hours. That’s okay though because that means I can go to the dining hall and use some meal swipes I really need to get rid of.


What is your most important tool once you step foot on campus? Patience. When you are waiting to get on to the EE bus at Scott Hall you need patience. You are registering for classes and the yellow pinwheel of death appears – patience. You are awake at 2am and want to check WebReg and realizes Rutgers has hours of operation for a WEBSITE – patience. The takeout line at 9pm – patience. Learn to be patient. You will thank me later.


Once I graduate I will not be able to unsee these. They are everywhere, from t-shirts to banners to wrappers to pens to hats to toys to mugs to shoes and food and websites and even on your own dorm window. Capital R’s will always hold a place in my heart.


The torture of being away from my independence and vast array of food choices and Hans and Griddle will always haunt me. Summer and winter breaks are excruciating, and I count down the days and hours until I finally get back to my dorm and realize I dropped my key somewhere I will never find it (as usual).

10 Types Of People You Will Meet At Indiana University

Every university has its own unique set of people, and Indiana University is no exception. From the jock to the quirky arts student, each university has its own personalities that make them what they are. Here are ten types of people that you will meet at Indiana University.

1. The Frat Boy

This person is always seen in button up shirts and boat shoes. They are probably a Kelley student, and every conversation you have with them revolves around their frat. In fact, their entire life revolves around being in a frat. You will often hear them reminiscing with their bros about the crazy weekend they had, or the hot girl they hooked up with. These people will often think they are better than everyone else for being in a frat due to their exclusivity and competitiveness at IU. If they are in a “top tier” frat, this will be even more likely.

2. The Kelley Student

This person lives in suits. You often wonder if they actually own any casual clothing. You always see them walking around Kelley headed to some interview or another, and if they are not doing this, they are probably crying over A100 or K201. They are probably in a business frat, and it is probably AKPsi. They never stop talking about getting an internship or working for JP Morgan, and they carry their resume with them wherever they go. If they are an accounting or finance major, don’t worry, they’ll make sure to let you know.

3. The Hipster

This person most likely lives in Collins. You can identify them by their brightly colored hair or undercuts. They can be found in a variety of majors, mostly liberal arts ones. When you see them on campus, you can’t help but stare.

4. The Sorority Girl

This girl is obsessed with her sorority. All her friends are in sororities too, and it is all she ever talks about. You will often see her walking to class with Starbucks or a Camelbak water bottle. She is always discussing the latest party she went to and who made out with who there. She absolutely cannot hold her liquor, and you will often see her being carried home by her friends at 2 AM. She is the reason for the term “white girl wasted”.

5. The Jacobs Student

This person is never seen without their instrument. They are always off to some audition or another and are almost always practicing their instrument. People often underestimate how hard their major is, but it actually involves a lot of hard work. These people are usually found in Read or Forest.

6. The Athlete

This person, much to the annoyance of their roommate, is awake at 5 AM every morning to go to practice. They never go to parties, and when they’re not in class they are usually working out or training for their sport. You envy them for their fitness, and know that you could never have as much dedication to exercise as them.

7. The Local

This person comes from a tiny town in Indiana with a population smaller than your graduating class. These towns tend to be at least 99% white, so they will often suffer a bit of a culture shock when they come to IU. They often talk about how small their high schools were, and you find yourself pitying them. You often wonder how they didn’t go crazy in a town that small, and how they amused themselves in a place full of cornfields.

8. The Evangelist

Radical Ryan and Brother Jed have been a fixture on campus for a long time. They visit every once in a while to preach about how God hates us all and to condemn us women for being “hoes” and “sluts”. IU just wouldn’t be the same without these two screaming in front of Ballantine at everyone who walks past.

9. The International Student

Usually from India or China, this group makes up a huge part of the students at IU. They are usually rich and like to party a lot. They tend to stay in their own groups, but occasionally make friends with the other students at the university.

10. The Engineering Student 

Oh that’s right, we don’t have an engineering school!

10 Signs You Go To The University of Miami

1. Ducks are located everywhere you go.

Every day when you walk to and from your classes on campus, these menacing ducks are always present. All you can do is avoid them and do not feed them or else they will follow you.

2. The UM pride is a 24/7 feeling.

One of the best things about going to the University of Miami (UM) is that there is always ongoing UM pride. On campus, countless of students are wearing either UM apparel or free shirts that they have gotten at school events. The UM pride is also present off campus with the “U” hand gesture as well as constant cheering during the football games at Sun Life Stadium.

3. Flip flops and shorts are daily attire.


Given that Miami is typically recognized for its consistent sunny and warm weather, usually students’ clothing choices consist of flip flops and shorts. Being a student at the U means you are living in a tropical paradise (most of the time).

4. Winters are virtually nonexistent.

Main Campus of University of Miami

Miami is a year round tropical paradise meaning that you don’t have to worry about the cold during the winter season. This is the envy for the majority of the US. We get to enjoy shorts, tank tops, sunny weather, and the beach at any given time of the year.

5. The diversity is immense.

Personally, the diversity at UM is one of my favorite things. It’s great to walk around campus and see people from various cultural backgrounds. It gets even better that you are able to meet people from different parts of the world from the US to Asia. This is an enriching experience.

6. Seeing people tanning on the intramural fields every day is not rare.

picturesque beach

Every time it is a sunny day in Miami, many students tend to take advantage of this and tan on the intramural fields. It’s an interesting sight to see when you are entering the freshman dorms or walking to the Hecht-Stanford Dining Hall. These people always have towels laying out on the grass and they are dressed in bathing suits enjoying the year-round summer weather Miami has to offer.

7. Club Richter is the hottest location during finals week.


During finals week, you can’t say that you have not been to the library at least once. At this time of the semester students become zombies and stay all night studying at the library 24/7. It doesn’t get better that the library is open all day and all night during the most stressful part of the semester.

8. Sebastian the Ibis is the best friend you always wished for.

There will be no cooler friend than our mascot, Sebastian the Ibis. He will take pictures with you whenever you want, he will dance in public without caring, and go to all of the school events like the social butterfly that he is.

9. You will have picked up some new Spanish vocabulary. 

teacher pointing to blackboard with spanish vocabulary

One of the many things that you will take from your experiences at the University of Miami is learning some Spanish. Miami is filled with a diverse community, especially of Hispanic descent. Being Hispanic myself, during my first year at UM, I’ve managed to teach my own friends some Spanish phrases. You’re bound to learn bits of the language since there are times you will need Spanish to survive in certain parts of Miami.

10. You have great dislike towards FSU. 

If we had to pick the worst rival possible, it would have to be Florida State University. The rivalry heats up even more when the highly awaited UM vs FSU football game takes place. The Seminoles can’t compare to the Hurricanes.

10 Reasons Why SDSU Ruined My Life

1. My Instagram feed is always full.

Literally, all of my Instagram feed is filled with pictures of my friends from school at parties or on the beach. And I shouldn’t even mention the amounts of pictures I see of campus scenery, especially of Hepner Hall. I mean come on show me makeup tutorials or pictures of food, not people having the time of their lives and breath taking scenery.

2. I have a permanent tan

Every day without fail I end up adding another lay to my tan just from walking to classes. No joke, even on the few days that the sky is cloudy during the school year the sun light is able to sneak through and give everyone another dose of vitamin D. Causing layers upon layers of tan that won’t go away.



3. Everyone’s hot

With State being ranked as the most attractive student body in the US, it’s impossible to not walk around like a ‘mine seagull’ from Finding Nemo. The amount of modelesque people on campus is so intense that I end up in a constant debate of “Do I want to be with them or do I want to be them?”.


4. The amount of club choices is overwhelming

With over 300 clubs that range from major related, to cultural organizations, to leadership or recreation; it’s next to impossible to choose only a couple. So thank you SDSU for having so many clubs that I want to join that I have to cross some off my list.

5. I can’t wait to get back, when I’m on break

Whether I’m away for the weekend of the summer, I end up having a longing to go back to school. I could be on a huge adventure, discovering something new, and a part of me would think about state. The professors and friends that I look forward to sharing my experience with, a class I’m taking next semester that I’m excited for or just straight up crave a burrito from Trujillos.

6. I’m never caught up with my shows

From my perspective binge watching Netflix at state is not an option. Between classes, participating in clubs, campus events or going to the beach, there was no time to. The lifestyles of the students and professors are active and there’s never a dull moment. There were a couple of times my freshman year that I decided to stay in, but ended up getting restless and feeling hat I was majorly missing out. I eventually fell seasons behind in multiple shows and I rarely watch more than an hour anymore, so I’ve fallen out of contact with the fictional worlds I once loved dearly. *Fangirl status revoked*

7. My coffee addiction is always satisfied

With my new fast paced, active life at SDSU I became even more of a coffee lover. Every morning I woke up craving an iced hammer head to give an extra pep in my step. State definitely accommodated for that craving, with 3 different Starbucks on campus and Big City Bagel huts set through up campus. Thanks to this convenience of coffee access, I am now officially addicted.

8. I am now more environmentally conscious

SDSU’s environmental and sustainability movement rubbed off on me in a huge way. The options to compost throughout the school and their strategy to use that byproduct to grow the fruits and vegetables that are served to the students made me realize the importance of separating my trash. Now I am motivated to take an extra 30 seconds out of my already full day to split my trash into compost, recycle and waste. Come on SDSU I can’t do it all.

9. Red and black everywhere

Honestly, walking through campus you’d think there is a dress code that consists solely of SDSU apparel. One time I made the mistake of wearing a Colorado State t-shirt to class and the whole way there I got odd side glances. Someone even thought I was a high schooler on a campus tour!


10. “I believe we will win”

With the sea of red and black that covers the campus, comes intense school spirit. There are many Friday mornings that I’ve had to choose between a chemistry lecture or getting tickers to a basketball game; knowing that it was ridiculous even thinking “Oh, I’ll just get them after”. Student will line up starting at 8 in the morning for a 10 o’clock opening. Even by then the line is usually wrapped around the Viejas arena and within the blink of an eye the tickets are sold out.




Even though SDSU consumes my life and time, I wouldn’t be where I am now without it and I couldn’t choose a better school to attend.