10 Signs You Go To University of Houston

1. You got lost on your first day of class because campus is so huge


Garrison gym?? What do you mean it’s across Cullen? Is that even on campus? Yes, yes it is.

2. You’ve gone to a football game

Because our football team is kind of awesome

3. If you didn’t have a lot of red t-shirts before…you do now

But that’s okay, it just makes it easier for you to participate in…

4. Cougar red fridays!!!

It’s kind of a big deal.

5. You’ve chilled by the fountains to catch a breather

not applicable if you came to UH spring of 2014 or afterwards, but not to worry, my friends the fountains should be up and running again by August 2016)

6. You’ve rubbed shasta’s paw at least once before going to take a tough exam

Don’t worry, her growl is worse than her bite

7. The Starbuck’s line at the UC was almost a mile long but you waited anyway because classes got you like…

8. You’ve sipped upon a latte at our campus’ very own Nook Cafe

And yes, they’ll do it extra hot if you ask.

9. Tried your best to avoid the freshman 15 but the food trucks got you like…

10. You never find parking in the lots if you get to campus after 10 am

But it’s okay because…

11. PUPPIES!!!

Yea, that’s right! every semester we have Final’s Mania where students get to play with puppies and eat free waffles at the MD Anderson library. It kinda helps with the “mania” we tend to get around finals time. (See what I did there?)

10 People You Meet at FSU

Florida State University is an environment full of different sorts of people, since everyone from any walk of life has the potential to get in. Everyone will find their niche within the enormous student body. These are some of the kinds of people you are guaranteed to meet on your journey through FSU.

1. The DJ

They say they DJ at Coli or Tabu every weekend, but you’ve never seen them there. They have a ton of equipment in their apartment, from amps to countless mixing boards, always spotless, but you’ve never seen them use any of it. You wonder if they actually make money off of this stuff, but for now you just tell the Uber to hand him the aux.

2. The Monday-Saturday Party Animal

This person never sleeps, and if they do it’s a power nap from 2-5 pm to prepare for this night’s drunkfest. Their diet consists of 10-dollar vodka and Gumby’s, you’ve never seen them in class or around campus, and sometimes you wonder if they even go to FSU. They know all the weekend drink deals at every club by heart and know exactly where to go and where to be. They’re secretly the most organized friend you have.

3. The ‘Stro-mbie’


They live in the library, rarely seen outside of Strozier’s third floor. This person knows the maintenance staff like family, the Starbucks in Strozier knows their order by heart. You swear, if you asked, this person would know where even the most obscure book was located. At least they’re utilizing their resources.

4. The Overcompensating Frat Boy

He lets everyone know that he basically lives at Heritage Grove, he can shotgun a beer in less than two seconds (honestly it’s a feat of nature you should see it), and he’s a big fan of boat shoes, he’s your local fraternity brother. Most of his brothers are actually really chill and fun to party with, but this one has something to prove, beer pong will become a contact sport with this guy.

5. The Netflix buff

Between watching the next season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or going to Pots, this person always chooses to stay in and Netflix binge. They’re full of spoilers, short on time, and always freak out when a new season is released on the site. It’s impossible to talk about any show without them spoiling something. If you’re behind the recent update it’s your own fault for slacking on your binging, you’d better catch up before you’re left behind.

6. The foodie

This person is always at a dining hall, they know the weekly deals at The Pod. If you need a snack, you can bet this person has granola bars or chips in their bag. Their apartment is always the best place to pregame since there are so many snacks. They’re the reason you gained the freshman 15 yet, somehow, this person never gains any weight.

7. The art major

This person sees the world in their own zany way, they’re extremely talented and are always ready to talk about their latest project. But make sure never to ask for free artwork, they won’t do it.

8. The seasonal Football ticket holder

This person has insane spirit. Every game, for them, is life or death. They’ve been coming to games since they were kids and have endless FSU spirit gear. They will be the first person to tell you that our rivalry is actually more with UM than UF, even though they hate both pretty equally. They take cheering very seriously and will have probably taught you every cheer before the first 5 minutes of the game. They will have body paint for the UF game, don’t even bother to ask.

9. The “Trump”ican

This is the one conservative guy in, what seems to be, a sea of liberals. This person wears the Trump hat proudly but very rarely talks about politics. You can almost forget their strong opinions against any sort of immigration, that is, until 10 pm during a pregame. For some reason, alcohol seems like just the right social lubricant for this person to convince their liberal friends that a wall across the border is totally necessary! This always backfires, as before they can even mention Muslims, they’ll be surrounded by angry, drunk liberals.

10. Your Best friends

These are the best people you’ll ever meet; you’ll do almost everything with them. They’ll see you at your best and your worst, They’ll stand by you through everything, even if you did something stupid at Pots the night before. Keep those friends close.

10 Things You Should Absolutely NOT Do During University of Alabama Orientation

You’ve done it. You’ve applied to a great school, gotten in, applied for housing, and selected a meal plan. But the freshman fun is only beginning. The next stop before you make it to Week of Welcome is orientation. Here’s what NOT to do when you make it to Bama Bound.

1. Be Mean To Your Parents

As you embark on your college experience, your parents will start to realize that you’re not a kid anymore. You’re on the fast track to becoming an independent adult, which means your parents are quickly losing what precious time they have left to influence you. They will most likely incessantly nag, annoy, and embarrass you to their heart’s content. But don’t worry. The parents and future students are split up early on in the day. In the meantime, make sure to be patient with them. They’re only doing it out of love after all, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re most likely picking up the tab on the next four years of your education.

2. Bring Your Siblings or Friends Along

This day (or two days, depending on which BamaBound you opt for) is all about you. This is the beginning of the greatest four years of your life. That being said, if you can, go to orientation solo. Parents and future freshmen are given activities throughout the day, but friends or little sisters and brothers would just be bored. Not to mention they make take some of the spotlight off of you on this very special day.

3. Be Standoffish

You’ll come across all kinds of different students today. But don’t be so quick to settle in to an archetype. You’ll most likely get grouped up with your prospective major (there’s a group for undecided majors as well!) but don’t freak out if you don’t click with anyone in your group. Smile, be polite, and see what you can learn about the other members of your major. You never know who you could end up in class with.

4. Be On Your Phone Excessively (Especially During the Walking Tour)

There’s going to be a lot of information thrown at you. Whether it’s the difference between BamaCash and Dining Dollars or it’s the location of Fresh Foods, you’re going to want to absorb as much information as possible. When you’re taking the short walk to the dining hall for lunch, try to look around and take in the beauty of the campus. Don’t be afraid to ask your guide questions; they’re happy to answer them and they probably have some good advice on where to go for the best pizza, or which library has great study rooms.

5. Take your Action Card picture at Orientation

During your orientation, you’ll be sent to the Ferg to pick up your Action Card. Hold this card near and dear to your heart, as it will be a combination ID and debit card for your college years. Naturally, you’d want to look good on your photo. Send in a photo before you arrive at your orientation, so your card is ready for you when you get on campus. Otherwise you’d have to stand in line for a picture at the Transit Hub, which is a bit of a walk. They even have instructions on how to take a good Action Card picture and details on where to send it in on the MyBama website!

6. Ask For A Size Small

Because you’ve worn a size small your entire life, and despite reading up on the mysterious and elusive fashion trend that is XXL tees and Norts, you’re going to want to ask for a small t-shirt when you receive your Bama Bound Comfort Colors tee. However, make sure to size up. You may not believe it, but larger shirts are worlds more comfortable when you’re just looking to throw something on for your Monday 8 AM. Because it’s part of the culture (and it’s damn comfortable), you’re going to succumb to the XXL tees, trust me. So don’t be like me, and ask for a small, and then never wear it again after the first week. If you don’t believe me, at least go one size up. You’ll thank me at the end of first semester.

7. Sign Up For 8 AMs

You’re going to think you can handle 8 AMs. You can’t. I know that you woke up much earlier for high school, but “high school early” and “college early” are two different things. Some morning classes are mandatory attendance, so tread carefully. Trying to focus and take good notes in an 8 AM is nearly impossible when you’re still dreaming about your extra-long twin bed. Even a 9 AM is optimistic. If you have the option, skip out on the 8 AMs, and stick to 10 AM and up.

8. Sign Up For Too Many Classes

An incoming freshman is allowed to take as many as 17 credit hours, but is required to take at least 12. Though you think you can juggle five classes and a lab a week (not too bad right?), you’re wrong. Try and stay between 12 and 15 credit hours when selecting classes. Your first semester is about adjusting and making a home for yourself on campus, and being bogged down with classwork doesn’t do much for that. With that being said, stick to your gen eds (natural science, math, literature, etc.) for your first semester, that way you have some wiggle room when it comes to selecting or changing your major.

9. Panic If One Of Your Classes Is Full

Depending on how late in the summer you have your orientation, there will be some classes that are full. Do not panic. Though it seems like it may offset your entire four-year- plan, your freshman schedule will be very fluid and pliable. Sign up for what you can now, and talk to one of the advisers helping you about possibly getting on the wait list for the class. If not, some spots may open up after the first few weeks as students drop classes and change their schedules, so keep some credit hours open if you want to add it later in the semester. And never underestimate the power of e-mail. If you’re just dying to get into that Spanish Literature class, send the professor a polite and well-written e-mail about how you’d like to be notified about any openings or put on their wait list. Chances are as soon as a spot opens up, it’s yours.

10. Get Overwhelmed

You’re going to be stressed. You’re going to get nervous and scared about your future. It’s perfectly normal. But don’t sweat the small stuff. Orientation can be a lot for any incoming student, but after you get on campus for the first week, all of the pieces fall into place. Orientation is just a small taste of what’s to come, and the future is always bright for any University of Alabama student. Roll Tide!

10 Signs You Go To the University of South Carolina

1. Orange is your Kryptonite…

The color orange makes you vomit. Owning anything orange will basically get you cast out. Seeing those who bare the color orange makes you feel the utmost pride in your alma mater because when your blood runs garnet and black there is nothing that can stop you or your fellow gamecocks.

2. When you hear someone call garnet any shade of red that isn’t garnet, you question all of humanity…

When you look through all of the Under Armor shirts at Russell and you hear someone comment on the cute red shirt that’s at minimum sixty dollars; you do a double take and mentally tell them they do not even deserve to be on this campus. Why are you even here?

3. The countdown to football season is always happening…

Whether it’s the last game of the season or the next game is only a week a way, a mental countdown is always the first thing on your mind. When we play that last game against that school that shall not be named, the annual countdown to the next football game next fall begins. A year is more than enough time to get some R&R for next season.

4. You can’t look outside without sweating…

This is the reason why Columbia is called the armpit of South Carolina. It gets HOT. It doesn’t matter how much sweat proof makeup women apply or how much cologne men spray; sweat-streaked faces and BO are going to happen. There is not stopping it. It is the price you pay for going to the best school in the whole world.

5. All this construction and still no parking…

no parking

At any given time of the year there is construction happening on campus. It could be a new office building, dorm rooms that replaced a whole parking lot, or road construction. With all these new buildings comes more people, with cars. If you have even heard of USC, you have heard of how much of a pain parking can be. We have all pulled illegal road stunts at one point or another to get that one parking spot that we thank our lucky stars opened up right as we passed. But wait…a parking meter will only last five hours? What if I have class all day and can’t make it across campus to pay for more hours. There is always option B, a parking ticket. That bright orange ticket that boads ill for your already low bank account. Depending on where you get your parking ticket, it could be anywhere from five to twenty-five dollars. If a parking ticket isn’t your thing, there is always Bull St. garage. At one dollar per hour, Bull St. offers a three deck array of parking spots. Not taking any liability for stolen or damaged goods, you have a good chance of getting a parking spot between seven and ten in the morning. Anytime after ten, good luck. You will spend most of your time driving up and down waiting for a space to open, it was probably a better idea just to skip class that day.

6. Flooding…

For all of you that live in the Lofts or know anyone who lives in the Lofts, or follow DrinkingTicket on Twitter; you know what I’m talking about. That’s not the only place that floods. Despite the floods that his back in October 2015, flooding normally doesn’t get that serious if you know what places to avoid.

7. Drinking Ticket…

Image result for drinking ticket

The Twitter account @DrinkingTicket is a life saver. Is there an accident on your way to class? Drinking Ticket got you. Is there a small flood between you leaving work/school and your bed? Drinking Ticket is on it. With pictures sent in from other students and citizens of Columbia, Drinking Ticket has the latest updates about road conditions (accidents, floods, etc), USC updates (closings due to weather), bar specials, local news, anything that is happening that we want to know about, Drinking Ticket has got our back.

8. Cocky

Image result for Cocky

Cocky the Mascot is at every single sporting event on campus. He his the heart and soul of USC’s team spirit. Having won numerous awards, Cocky is the essence of USC pride.

9. Tripping bricks…


You’re walking down the historical horseshoe and all of a sudden you trip, gracelessly steady yourself, and tell yourself that no one saw you trip. What did those bricks do to you? Nothing. They are the metaphor of the old man yelling at kids to get off their lawn. These bricks have been here for longer than we have and they’re salty about it. No offense though.

10. Harris Pastides

The President of the school has been here for almost eight years. He sends out encouraging emails when tragedy strikes, he wishes us a happy summer, and this shows that he really cares about the student body. You know this name if you go to USC.

15 Things You Will NEVER Hear at Ball State University

1. “I can TOTALLY get across campus in 10 minutes!”

When you come in for any kind of tour of the campus or even for orientation, staff will tell you that you can get across the Ball State campus in 10 minutes. Do. Not. Believe. Them. I personally had a class in the Rec Center and then had 10 minutes to make it to class in West Quad. It WAS NOT possible. Or, I guess let me rephrase, it was possible, but I had to sprint. Cardio on this campus is key, ladies and gentleman, if you want to make it across campus to your classes and be on time.

2. “Oh no! I totally ran out of prints for the semester!”

Okay, so maybe if you run into a TA or a grad student you will hear this, but if you’re around the average Joe type of student there is no way to even come close to using up all 500 free prints that the campus allots you per semester. At the end of the year last year I even considered typing up a paper for one of my classes and putting one sentence per page just so I could come close to using up all of my prints.

3. “I LOVE parking on campus. It’s just so simple!”

Parking on campus is a nuisance, there’re no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You have to pay to park at every single one of the parking garages, and on top of that, none of the parking garages are super convenient to any classes so there’s no point in parking in them anyway unless you want to go to Bracken or the Student Center. There are parking meters everywhere, which would be incredibly useful for class, BUT you can only feed the meter for 45 minutes and naturally classes are a minimum of 50 minutes! You COULD risk parking in a meter for longer than 45 minutes and hope you don’t get a ticket, but don’t hold you breath. Some would swear that parking services sits and watches your meter tick down the time so that the instant the meter runs out, they can print you a ticket. The same goes for parking in a lot that you don’t have a parking pass to. You WILL get a ticket. Basically, parking on campus is a nightmare. Just walk everywhere.

4. The elevators in Bracken move SO quickly.

It is almost comical how rickety and slow the elevators in Bracken Library are. Like, envision just feeling like you’re hanging by a string and could drop any minute because of the sketchiness of the elevators. That is what you will find in Bracken Library.

5. $8.20 is more than enough money to buy food in the dining halls!

Seriously. I want to create a petition and write a strongly worded letter to the university detailing just how awful their meal plan system really is. A single slice of pizza in Woodworth is $5.00 for God’s sake! Literally, one single slice in Woodworth is worth the same amount of money as an entire pizza at a pizza place. How do you expect me to get a healthy, filling meal when I can barely buy two things for $8 in any given dining hall? My suggestion that I will stand behind forever is that instead of only letting us use $4.60 for breakfast and $8.20 for lunch and dinner (only having very specific times we can use said allowance of money mind you), just give every student $21 to buy food for the day everyday. They can use it at whatever time they wish and they can buy as much as they want with that $21, but once they go over that $21 for the day they have to cover the rest of their expenses with their own money or with Cardinal Cash. The university won’t be forking over any extra money, and students won’t have to worry about not making it to the dining halls before lunch is over to use their $8.20 for lunch or having to starve if they already used their lunch swipe early in the day and want to buy an early dinner at 3 in the afternoon.

6. I have NEVER piggybacked into a residence hall before.

Let’s be real. Everyone piggybacks into the dorms and the people at the front desk do not care at all. When I lived in Lafollette last year I MADE people who wanted to hang out with me piggyback in because I was too lazy to walk to the elevator and ride down just to open the door and let them in. #oops #sorrynotsorry

7. I’m glad that Ball State decided to cancel classes in this ice storm.

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ball State will never cancel classes even if it’s -70 degrees and the snow is piled 10 ft. high.

8. I love it when there is one pedestrian at the Scramble light and they force the countdown to begin!

I admit that having a light dedicated to allowing pedestrians 30-seconds to walk through an intersection in any direction they want without having to deal with cars being able to turn or move in any way is honestly cool. There has been more than one occasion where I have been late to class where being able to cross the street diagonally has saved my life. The scramble light is a blessing for pedestrians. That being said, I don’t think I have met one single person who enjoys the scramble light while they were driving through campus. Let me lay out a scenario for you: It is 9 o’clock at night and you are heading home after your night class and you just want to get home as soon as possible. You reach the scramble light just as it is turning red. On one corner there is ONE PERSON waiting to cross the street and they push the scramble button! The light scrambles and now this ONE PERSON has 30 seconds to walk 10 feet across the street. Why didn’t that person just walk across the street where they had the right of way without scrambling the light and making you wait an additional 30-seconds? The world may never know and it is infuriating.

9. The Wifi here is GREAT!

Don’t be surprised to look down at your phone and you are randomly using 3G because the Wifi on campus decided to quit working… again. Even in the library it is spotty!

10. The Ball State busses have NEVER left me at a stop after I’ve run to catch it.

You’d think that if a bus driver saw you sprinting to catch the bus that they would stay at the stop for 5 more seconds to let you on, right? Wrong. There have been multiple instances where myself or someone I know has been running to catch the bus and the bus driver has seemingly acknowledged that said person is running to catch the bus and paused at the stop longer than normal. Then, just as you’re about to reach the door, the bus just drives off! Now, not all drivers do this. There are quite a few of them who are incredibly nice and will wait for you to get there and let you on, but don’t be surprised if one day there is a bus driver on campus who is having a bad day and decides to leave you at the stop just to spite you.

11. Look how cool that guy looks with his lanyard hanging around his neck!

Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER wear your lanyard around your neck under any circumstances. You will look like a freshman and you will be made fun of for it. The same goes for wearing your high school letter jacket.

12. I love having to pay to take classes at the Rec.

I honestly think that Ball State is the only university in the country that MAKES you pay to exercise outside of already paying for tuition, room and board, a meal plan, etcetera… Technically you CAN exercise for free in the rec if you just want to hit the weight room or run on the track, but in order to participate in ANY kind of workout class (yoga, Pilates, Zumba) or join an intramural sports team you have to pay for it. We have an obesity epidemic in this country Ball State! The least you could do is make all exercise free!

13. Who is Benny?

If you go to Ball State and you don’t know who Benny is, go home. Beneficence, aka Benny, is a statue on campus that is the iconic symbol of the university. Technically, Benny was commissioned as a memorial for the five Ball brothers who founded the university. There is, of course, a bunch of lore surrounding Benny. It is said, that if you kiss your significant other while sitting underneath Benny and her wings flap, your love is true love, but if her wings do not flap, that your love is not meant to be.

14. The roads around campus are so great to drive on!

Pot holes. Pot holes everywhere! Actual campus is fine to drive on. McKinley and University and Riverside ON campus are perfectly paved and glorious roads to drive on, but dear God, don’t drive on any side street right off of campus if you value your car.

15. Ball State is a terrible university!

Despite how much I have seemed to rag on Ball State throughout this article, I honestly love this school. Though it has flaws (outlined above in numbers 1-14) there is no other university I would rather attend! There is always something fun going on somewhere on campus, there are a myriad of different majors and classes for everyone to take, and every person (staff or student) on campus is incredibly nice and helpful. I have met some of my best friends and created some of the best memories here in good ole Muncie, Indiana and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world.

10 Signs That You go to Virginia Tech

1. When you go home you miss school food! We are consistently ranked number one for the best campus food and best dining halls on college campuses.

2. Your entire wardrobe is Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange, every Hokie’s favorite colors.

3. When you hear the song “Enter Sandman” you automatically start jumping.

4. You leave your junior year with a class ring unique to your class’ VT experience.

5. You are used to walking A LOT. Yes, our campus is huge.

6. You are used to Blacksburg’s micro-climate.

7. You have fought in War (Aka Cadet’s vs. Civilians Annual Snowball Fight)

8. All limestone is affectionately called Hokie Stone.

9. Yes, we do claim Hogwarts.

10. You know the answer for, “What’s a Hokie?” (I am, duh)

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year at Indiana University

1.) Move into the dorms early.

Living in residence halls is a great way to meet people and make new friends! With that being said, move in day is one of the most hectic things you will ever experience. If you can, move in early so you can be settled in your room before the craziness starts!

2.) Join group chats with people living in your residence hall.

Chatting with people before you move in is a sure fire way to make sure you don’t spend welcome week alone in your room. Groupme is a great app available through Android and the App Store. Start a group chat for your residence hall and make some friends!

3.) Don’t be afraid to venture outside of the sample gates.

Just outside of IU’s famous sample gates lies Kirkwood Avenue. Shops, food, and bars oh my! While there is much to do within the university, the town of Bloomington is famous for good food and good fun. Go explore!

4.) You don’t need to have a curfew every night.

This doesn’t mean you get a free pass to skip class. However, Bloomington has many awesome nighttime activities. I wish I had known this! Don’t isolate yourself early in the evening because you’re afraid of not getting enough sleep for the next day. If your friends invite you to explore on a weeknight and you want to go then you should go! Bloomington has many places to explore.

5.) Don’t base college decisions on friends and relationships back home.

Your first year at college is a very exciting time in your life. Surely you’ll miss friends from back home but now is the time to be selfish! Don’t worry too much about what’s going on back home; it will be there when you get back.

6.) You will be the most tired you have ever been in your life.

I love to sleep. Sleep is my favorite. It was a serious wakeup call my freshman year when, suddenly, sleep was no longer a priority. Between classes and studying and socializing, I was lucky to find time for just a 15-minute nap! Really budget your time to make sure your sleep schedule isn’t totally out of whack.

7.) Look after your health. ALWAYS!

College is all about school, friends, and fun. With that being said, no one knows your body better than YOU. If you aren’t feeling up to class one day because you’re feeling off, it’s ok to skip. Make sure you’re looking after yourself and your health because, at the end of the day, that really is the most important!

8.) You don’t have to drink to have fun…

Drinking at college parties is a good way to have fun and socialize. While that’s true, it isn’t necessary! Not drinking is always the safer option. There are other ways to have fun!

9.) …But if you choose to drink, that’s ok too!

Partying is a big part of college, there’s no denying that. It is 100% your choice to drink and that’s an ok choice to make! Just be sure that you’ve got sober friends to take care of you, to drive you home, and make sure you get home safely. NEVER get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking.

10.) Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok!

College is truly the time of self-discovery. You will learn a lot about yourself during this first year and some people might not like this. Guess what? That’s OK! All that matters is that YOU like the person you become during this fun time that is your freshman year at Indiana University.

10 Things You Will Never Hear at The University of Alabama

1. “War Eagle”

Just no. Never mention our biggest rival.

2. “I love lakeside dinning!!!!!”

The day anyone ever says that they “love lakeside dinning” will be the day that you question everything in this world. Do not ever trust that lakeside will be good because you may think it taste not so terrible for a split second but just give it a couple minutes and your stomach will feel a pain that has never been felt before.

3. “I love having 8ams on Wednesdays and Fridays!!!”

Since greek life is such a large part of the university that means a majority of students are involved in it which means going to swaps every Tuesday and Thursday night so waking up for early classes, especially 8ams, is NEVER fun!!

4. “Is there even anything to do this weekend?”

There is ALWAYS something to do every weekend so questioning that will never be said.

5. “Who is the football coach?”

Literally EVERYONE in the world knows who Nick Saban is, and if you don’t then that is a big problem.

6. “What is Dixieland Delight?”

Dixieland Delight is the most amazing song that has ever been made (other than Sweet Home Alabama) and it is all ours.

7. “I miss home”

Because once you move to school, Alabama becomes your home.

8. “There is no place to eat near campus

This will never be said considering less than a two minute walk away from campus is the strip which includes, Buffalo Phills, Chipotle, Pieology, Jimmy Johns, Pita Pit, Little Italy, El Ricon, and so many more!

9. “Remember when Auburn scored on that kick return?”

One of the most upsetting games in history that every Alabama fan, student, or alumni hates to talk about.

10. “Why did that person just say Roll Tide?”

Saying “Roll Tide” is our thing. We use it as hello, goodbye, what’s up, and of course, when we are cheering on our football boys. So on that note, Roll Tide!

10 Reasons Why Florida State University Ruined My Life

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Florida? Yes, Florida State University. I could make a list of the greatest things from Florida but given the endless amount of amazing things Florida has, i would probably finish it by next week. However, always in the top of that list i will have Florida State University without any doubt. This is why in 10 main reasons i will convince you to transfer to “Tally”and become a Seminole.

1. Have you ever seen the campus before!?

I mean, come on… Even Harry potter regrets going to Hogwarts and is jealous of Florida State’s Campus. It is Huge! The architecture is great and all of the buildings are bricked, this has a result one of the greatest campus in whole Florida. The campus is conformed by 16 different colleges and more than 110 centers. Can you imagine how many people you will get to meet?

2. The weather is simply great.

While in the north part of the country people is struggling with coming out from their houses without freezing, in Florida the outfit is summarized to sandals, shorts and Top tanks everywhere. Can you really be sad when you use shorts and t-shirts 365 days a year?

3. Florida State University has a Circus!

Yes you read it right.


We have a circus! how cool is that? This is one of the only two campuses in the nation. And with almost 60 years presenting, The FSU Flying High Circus have presented their show in many parts of the world like: Europe, Canada, The Bahamas and many others. You only need to take one semester credit hour to get enrolled !

4. Who said FOOTBALL?


I don’t even need to elaborate on this… Football season is like religion and i bet you have heard the name of James Winston several times.

5. Diversity.

With many campuses around the world, FSU is involved in special programs with great scholarships for foreign students.  Republic of Panama, Italy, London and Valencia are some of the places that have study abroad programs with great benefits. What is even more awesome is having friends from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

6.-Great food!


If you think that the worst day can change with a slice of pizza or other type for food, this is your place. Pita Pit is the best place for a late meal. It is open until 3 am and if you need to eat something after the club that’s the best place to go. However that isn’t the only restaurant, FSU has a large variety of places to enjoy a meal.

7. Athletics

The best place for a sport environment. You will find wherever you look an athlete and that  really motivates you to get in shape or at least staying active rather than watch netflix series for 12 hours.

8.- Everyone’s extremely hot and attractive.

Sometimes is hard to identify if you are in the campus or in a catwalk of beautiful people. Literally, it is impossible to not fall in love everyday with a different person.

9. Traditions

We call ourselves “Seminoles” celebrating the native american tribes. Chief Osceola and his horse represent the image of an unconquered soul and honor. Being part of a FSU makes you feel like a champion and belonging to a community of champions.


10. I got used to feeling successful.


FSU ruins your life because it is a magical place. There’s almost anything wrong with University and less with Florida. If you want to get you life ruined as me, this is your only option. FSU will make you feel that there is nothing you can’t achieve.

10 Fun Facts about Eastern Michigan University

1.) The Eastern Eagle

The eagle became EMU’s official mascot in 1991. EMU takes great pride in their newest representation and during student orientation, all freshman are taught the fight song. The sculpture pictured, “Eagles Rising,” is located outside of the university’s Student Center.

2.) Top College of Business

EMU’s College of Business was ranked as one of the best in the nation by the Princeton Review in 2014. Business, Management and Marketing are the most popular majors at EMU. The COB offers twelve majors to undergraduates and six majors to those pursuing graduate studies. Classrooms in the College of Business building have been updated with the latest technology to ensure students the best learning experience.

3.) The Ypsilanti Water Tower

The Ypsilanti Water Tower was built in 1890 and remains intact, now as a historical landmark. The water tower is known by locals and students as “the brick (word that rhymes with stick).” In 2003, Cabinet magazine named the Ypsilanti Water Tower the winner in their “World’s Most Phallic Building” contest. It is the main attraction in Ypsilanti for it's shape and history.

4.) Originally a Normal College

The University's first name was Michigan State Normal School then Michigan State Normal College before becoming Eastern Michigan University in 1959. EMU was the first Normal school in the U.S to adopt a four year program. It was also the first Normal school in the State of Michigan, which attracted those with an interest in teaching from across the state and country. Majors related to education and teaching remain top areas of interest among students at EMU today.

5.) The Annual Ford Lake Frozen Leap

About 100 participants and 300 spectators gather yearly to raise money for two charities; Growing Hope and Dollars for Scholars. A participant must have raised at least $50 to jump and overall, the event has raised over $80,00 since its beginning seven years ago. Fundraising teams come out dressed in full costume to either jump or cheer on others. Traditionally, the EMU football team and coaches will participate in the ice cold dive.

6.) The Fajita Fest

Before the fall semester begins, students of all class rankings gather together to learn how to get involved through EMU’s more than 300 student organizations and clubs. And, there’s fajitas for everyone! Hence, the yearly event is called Fajita Fest. EMU takes pride in the large amount of student involvement across campus. Students are also encouraged to start their own clubs with the support of faculty. Some unique organizations at EMU include, Aikido Club, Quidditch club and Ultimate Frisbee.

7.) The Pray-Harrold Kiosk

Students from different organizations are given permission to spraypaint the pillar to promote their group or to bring awareness to the EMU community. Organizations often write messages on current events or political views. This is a great way for students to make their voices and opinions heard and to spark a larger conversation around controversial topics.

8.) Squirrels Everywhere!

Squirrels on EMU’s campus are great in number and fearless. Many students enjoy feeding the squirrels. There is even a twitter account, @EMUSquirrel, supposedly ran by a squirrel on EMU’s campus. The squirrel, who tweets about their adventures at EMU and posts pictures and videos, has about 1150 followers, many of whom are students.

9.) Two Art Galleries

The Student Center is home to two art galleries; The University Gallery and the Intermedia Gallery Group, which is directed by students. The art galleries display art from the community and from students of the EMU Art Department. Once a year, the Student Center hosts The Undergraduate Symposium where students from all majors are invited to present their research. This is the event where art students’ work is largely showcased to the public.

10.) A Suspended Planetarium


Astronomy classes are held in this spherical classroom suspended four stories above the ground in the atrium of the Mark Jefferson Science Complex. The planetarium seats up to thirty-seven people and has a twenty-eight foot diameter ceiling. Students who study astronomy at EMU are privileged to call this unique classroom their home. Those outside of the EMU community can request the planetarium for educational use or can attend a show hosted by the university.