10 Celebrities That Went to Harvard

1. Matt Damon

Damon is known for his roles in Good Will Hunting and the Bourne series, amongst other hit movies. Damon first entered Harvard in 1988. Though the actor did not graduate, due to missing classes and not getting enough credits, he was awarded the Harvard Arts Medal in 2013.

2. Natalie Portman

Not only is she a talented and respected actress in Hollywood, but Natalie Portman is one smart cookie! She graduated in 2003 with a BA in Psychology. While studying at Harvard, she was a research assistant, co-authored research papers and was a resident at Lowell House.

3. Mark Zuckerburg

Known for co-founding Facebook, Zuckerburg attended Harvard University and studied Psychology and Computer Science. He was also a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi, as well as Kirkland House. Zuckerburg started his Harvard career in the fall of 2002, but dropped out and moved to Palo Alto in 2004.

mark zuckerberg

4. Conan O’Brien

The TV host attended Harvard University in 1981 and graduated magna cum laude in 1985. He studied History and Literature. While attending Harvard, he served as the President of the Harvard Lampoon, an undergraduate humour publication.

5. Rashida Jones

The actress attended Harvard in 1993 and graduated in 1997. She studied Religion and Philosophy. rashida jones

6. Rivers Cuomo

Cuomo is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Weezer. He enrolled in Harvard College (one of two schools within Harvard University that grants an undergraduate degree) in 1995 and graduated in 2006. He graduated Cum Laude with a BA in English.

7. Tommy Lee Jones

The actor attended Harvard University in 1965 and graduated cum laude in 1969 with a BA of Arts in English. Jones and former Vice President Al Gore were roommates at Harvard. He played on Harvard’s varsity football team. The team was undefeated in 1968.

tommy lee jones

8. Yo-Yo Ma

The Paris-born cellist attended Harvard from 1972-1976, where he received his bachelor’s degree. He also received an honorary doctorate from Harvard in 1991.

9. Dean Norris

The actor is known for his portrayal of Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad. He attended Harvard College (one of two schools within Harvard University that grants an undergraduate degree) from 1981-1985. He majored in social studies.

dean norris

10. Tyra Banks

The model enrolled in an Owner/President Management Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School. The OPM program is a 9 weeklong certificate program. The fee of one unit of the program is $40, 500.

tyra banks

10 Signs You Went to Michigan State University

1. Half of your wardrobe consists of green and white clothing

Must sport school pride every. damn. day.

2. You proudly display a picture of you and Sparty as your screensaver because he is bae

You literally almost hyperventilated and died the first time you came within ten feet of Sparty. It was like approaching a celebrity. It really was though.

3. You feel a rush of tingly sensations whenever you stroll past Spartan Stadium and Sparty Statue

The reflection of the sun always makes the stadium look even more wonderful and almighty. The birds sound like singing angels. And you can only picture the football players gallivanting across the field upon entry like beautiful ballerinas.

4. “Go Green” is so much more than an environmental statement to you


It’s a statement of loyalty, a battle cry, a lifelong commitment, a chant, a glorious phrase that all man should know.

5. Patty’s Day is like a celebration of MSU in your mind

Kiss me, I’m a Spartan.

6. Maize is the ugliest color you have ever seen in your life


It literally looks like mustard vomit.

7. You probably left college a super football fan, even if you hated football in high school



“Yeah! I have no idea what the hell is even going on in this sport right now but I love it!”

8. Dairy Store ice cream is like the ultimate treat from heaven, but you feel terrible about yourself every time you eat it



It’s one of those things where you eat it and instantly regret it, but do it again anyway.

9. You did a lot of walking… and I mean a lot (right now I average 6 miles a day)

Yeah! I’m gonna walk off all these Dairy Store ice cream calories. Boom! Beat that dessert!

10. No one will ever convince you that your school is not the greatest place in the world, and you get pretty pissed when they try

I don’t exactly love it when people have the nerve to insult my most fabulous school, but it’s just their loss in the end. They’re missing out. #1 in Supply Chain Management, suckers! #2 in the nation for Communication Arts and Sciences. Oh yeah, and we’re pretty damn good in the Veterinary and Environmental fields as well. We’re just all around awesome.

10 Coolest Classes at the University of Minnesota

This is just a small sampling of the unique, fun, exciting and sometimes bizarre classes that the University of Minnesota has to offer. There is certainly something for everyone. Here are the top 10 Coolest Classes at the University of Minnesota.

1. ANSC 1701—Historical Influence of the Horse on Society

Still love horses and want to learn everything about them? There’s a class for that…
This class not only fulfills the Historical Perspectives requirement but will also allow you to take an in depth look at the relationship between Man and horse over time. 

2. ARTS 1505 – Papermaking

Always wanted to learn how to make paper? Why not?! This four-credit art elective will take a look at both Eastern and Western forms of making paper as well as allowing you studio time to make your own paper and delve into the sculptural possibilities of the art as well. 

3. ENGW 1103 – Poetry Writing (Intro)

Have a deep soul and want to express it? Write some poetry! In this class you will have the opportunity to read and interpret various famous and lesser-known poems, while focusing on your own creative ideas and completing poetry writing exercises to hone your new skills.

4. ENGL 3023 – Children’s Literature

Miss reading fairy tales and Harry Potter in school? Here’s the solution! This class looks at classic children’s tales such as “Little Red Riding Hood”, as well as more modern works such as Harry Potter. 3 credits of fascinating, fun learning. 

5. ARTS 1004 – Artistic Interpretation from Vintage Cinema

Fascinated by classic films and art? There’s a class for you! This intro level course is 3 credits and designed for non-art majors. It is for people who love the artistic side of classic film and want to discuss films and respond with a visual medium. No pressure whatsoever to have any art skill or experience. 

6. CSPH 4311 – Foundations of Hatha Yoga: Alignment & Movement Principles

Love yoga? Why not get credit for it? This is the first in a series of three classes, upon completion of which you are able to act as a certified yoga instructor. This class is for the yoga enthusiast, or anyone who wants to learn about the body movements and positioning behind yoga poses.

7. ESCI 1003 – Dinosaur Evolution, Ecology, and Extinction: Introduction to the Mesozoic World

Loved dinosaurs since you were a kid? Learn more and get science credits at the same time! This 3-credit intro class focuses on the history and science of dinosaurs, as well as their connection to other geological concepts.

8. DNCE 1301 – Tap Technique 1

Never allowed to take dance classes as a kid? Your parents can’t stop you from learning now! This is one of many dance classes offered by the department. Others include Ballet, Jazz, African, Swing, Modern, Hip Hop, Flamenco and more. All are one credit and have the potential to be continued to higher levels of mastery in further classes. This should be considered a bird course!

9. FSCN 2002 – Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives – Cooking on a Student’s Budget

Get credit to learn how to cook as a student? Okay! This class teaches all of the practical skills to cook like a student, skills that will remain useful long after graduation! The class focuses on meal preparation, menu design, measuring, kitchen safety and nutrition, among many other topics. If you love cooking, this should be considered an easy class at University of Minnesota.

10. PE 1205 – Scuba and Skin Diving

Dream of scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef? Here’s your chance to prepare! This class is just how it sounds! Learn the concepts, skills and safety requirements of scuba diving right here at school! Rumor has it that this class fills up fast, but you can always attend the first day in case of late cancelations. The PE department also offers a ton of other great, fun options like Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Flag Football, Swimming, Bowling and more.



10 Local Bands Every Mount Royal Student Should Listen To

Being a studios student does not always allow enough time to find jams to relax to or dance or study to, and Songza can only do so much. Here are 10 local bands from Calgary and the greater surrounding area that will fill the holes of where the internet just couldn’t.

1. Windigo

Some lovely hazy psych pop for your tired midterm dreaded body. Also shout out to the guitarist who I’m pretty sure I had an Art History class with.

2. Jenny

Just some good ol’ folk punk so you can mosh through those student debt blues.

3. Jnana

“Crunked Glitched Out Beats” Jnana’s blend of bass music makes eating that whole bag of Smarties okay because I’ll just dance the calories out.

4. GhostKeeper

Progressive experimental rock comin’ at you. 

5. Teledrome

More dance jams for that second bag of Smarties I devoured while paper writing.

6. The Soft Option

Hazy rock n’ roll for swaying to when you receive your marks for the last paper you handed in.

7. Foon Yap

Heavy experimental folk to play in the background as you tell your parents the marks from said paper.

8. No Problem F*** Everything

Some Emo Pop Punk to blast while shoving that paper through the shredder, and crying.

9. Woodpigeon

Quintessential experimental folk from Calgary’s budding music scene. If you ain’t know now ya know.

10. We Are Not Ghosts

Instrumental emo prog. rock that equates well to fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor!

10 Local Bands Every Simon Fraser University Student Should Listen To

Constantly running back and forth from the top of the mountain, or even to any of the other campuses that Simon Fraser offers is hectic. It also does not allow you the time to mindlessly search for cool new bands to check out during the weekend. Here are 10 local bands that might actually get you out of the house on a Friday night.

1. Chersea

Starting off this list with some ambient girl pop, Chersea, originally from Port Coquitlam is a fine way to start the day.  

2. Cult Babies

Some “shreddy” surf rock for skateboarding to class and barely making it on time.  

3. The Boom Booms


An aromatic blend of Funk, RnB, and a summer bikini in winter, The Boom Booms are perfect for calming yourself down just before a midterm. 



I was searching for a band called Weeds, but google search gave me these guys instead. I am ok with this. 

5. Leeky Tearducts 

All the garbage rock toilet punk you will ever need. 

6. Laurelle & Alexander

 Taking a break from the instrumental rock, this duo is a nice chill side wave. The girls are self-proclaimed ‘hippies with computers’ their mix of pop is dreamy, but not too sweet. 

7. White Lung

A female fronted punk band that delivers something similar to The Distillers, yet all their own. 

8. The Tranzmitors

Powerpop with hints of Ska, excuse me while I go skanking the night away. 

9. Murder Dove


The pseudonym for Lanie Klipp, Murder Dove’s latest is an electric mix of trip hop and jazz. 

10. Souns


An AV ambient music project by Michael Red, expect to tranced into submission. Going from natural coastal sounds to remixing traditional Chinese guzheng, Souns is absolute perfection. 

8 Instagram Accounts Every Guelph Student Needs to Follow Now


The official account for UofG will keep you up to date on things happening on campus.



Finished your class readings? Looking for something fun? Check out the #GryphReads collection on the 1st floor of the library

A photo posted by U of Guelph Library (@uglibrary) on

The library’s account features things happening in / for the library and events on campus.



Here are some taps followers on Instagram! #tapstrivia #giveaways #cheers

A photo posted by The Brass Taps Campus Pub (@thebrasstaps) on

 From trivia themes to menu specials, the campus bar’s Instagram account will keep you in the loop with everything happening there.


It does not matter if you are in first year or not, following this account will benefit you finding all the free food during o – week festivities. Oh yes, they tell you where the free food is.



We got insider access to the new food truck! Check it out on Snapchat for pics and video! Add us: uofgadmission #myUofG

A photo posted by UofG Admission (@uofgadmission) on

 The admissions account posts lots of photos for events happening on or around campus and places to see in Guelph. This is a great account for figuring out new things you want to see in Guelph.



Thanksgiving Dinner Wave!!

A video posted by Interhall Council (@interhallguelph) on

Interhall council uses this account to feature upcoming / currently happening events all over campus. They also share things like when free draft pop days are on campus. Again, who doesn’t love free?


This account shows lots of beautiful photos of campus and surrounding Guelph. It’s good for finding new places and things to see in town.


10 Best Secret Study Spots on Fordham Campus

1. Dorm Lounges

When the library gets too crowded, dorm lounges are a great spot to study. They are smaller, closer to your room and much easier to secure a spot. Best one on campus? Bishops Lounge in one of the freshmen dorms. They have the largest tables, cozy couches and lit fireplace depending on season.

2. Starbucks in Fordham Plaza 

Sometimes you need a little caffeine break to get you going. What better place to study than Starbucks? Lucky for Fordham students there is one right off campus in the Fordham Plaza. 

3. Eddie’s

While the weather is still warm enough, it is quite enjoyable to take the study session outside. Grab a picnic blanket and some snacks as well as your backpack and you are ready to go. 

4. Rodrigue’s Café 

This cozy campus spot is a favorite amongst tea and music lovers alike. A perfect getaway spot for those looking for a bit of background noise to accompany their weekly study sessions.

5. Ram Fit Center

Midterms and finals got you stressed? Need a bit of a health kick? Why not knock out both at the same time. Head over to the Rosehill fitness center and reread your class notes while simultaneously getting in some cardio. 

6. Top floor of the library

There’s no better place to study than the campus library. Of course, you already knew that. But did you know the best spot to study at the library is actually the very top floor? My advice is to head to either the third or fourth floor-it’s the least crowded you get either a nice view of Eddie’s or Fordham Road. 

7. Basement of Keating Hall

If you’ve got some downtime between classes and happen to be in Keating Hall-why not take advantage of their lounge located on the basement floor? It’s got couches and a snack bar to satisfy all your mid-studying cravings.

8. Botanical Gardens

Eddie’s getting overcrowded by students playing Frisbee and laying out? Why not head to the Botans to squeeze in some last minute finals studying? Fordham students get free admission with the flash of their ID cards and have access to the many lawns of the gardens where they can lay down with some books all while enjoying the great outdoors.

9. Cafe 

At first glance, the cafe may seem like a terrible study spot. It’s loud and hectic with students constantly going back and forth. However this is perfect for casual group study sessions. You have access to all the food you so desire and there are large enough tables for about any size study group. What more could you possibly ask for?

10. Subway rides 

D train, take me home. Sometimes I find myself finishing an entire book on the subway ride back from the city. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on some missed reading for class, reread lecture notes or dive into the newest edition of your favorite magazine. Whatever your poison, make sure you have something to keep yourself entertained the entire way home.


Ten Weirdest Traditions at Western

1. Dying Eng Purple

Engineering is one of the most unforgiving and difficult programs at Western, so Eng is generally given some creative license. So, every year during orientation week, the engineering department dyes everyone purple. They get a head to toe makeover. The showers in residence have dye all over them for weeks after.

2. Engineering Pumpkin Drop

And it’s not just body dye that the engineers get up to, there’s also a yearly pumpkin drop to support Western’s Engineers Without Borders. It’s an amazingly fun event that every student should take a break to go check out!

3. Broughdale

Every year, without fail, Western students will head out to Broughdale to celebrate homecoming. For some reason, no other street will do, Broughdale is just the place to be if you want to party.

4. Sledgehammer Bingo at the Ceeps

Basically, if you go out The Ceeps on a Tuesday night, you’re probably going to be playing bingo. And if you win, you get to take a sledgehammer and smash up some fruit. It’s something you didn’t know you needed in your life until right now.

5. UC Selfie

The university college building

Western has a beautiful campus, and perhaps one of its most iconic buildings is University College. And at some point during every Western student’s career, they will take a picture with it. It gives you that quintessential “Western” image, plus it makes every photo 100x better.

6. Spoke Beer Tour

The Spoke is one of the most popular places to eat on campus, but it also offers an extremely wide array of drinks as well. The Spoke has a “beer tour of the world” that includes everywhere from England to Australia to Slovenia.

7. Rick night at The Spoke

the spoke at uwo

Wednesday night is Rick night at the Spoke. Every week, Western students head over to listen to the man, the myth, the legend.

8. Intramural Purple Shirt

If you thought sports weren’t competitive enough before, imagine awarding a coveted prize to the best team in an intramural league. At Western, that prize is the Purple Shirt, and it brings intramurals to a whole other level.

9. CLT

The CLT is not just a food. You may think that it’s just chicken, lettuce, and tomato, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the holy grail of food at Western.

10. UC tobogganing

a child tobogganing with his father

Back in my parents’ day, you could grab a tray from the cafeteria and go sledding down UC Hill. And you can still do that today! Some things change, but some awesome, weird Western traditions will always stay the same.

10 Hidden Study Spots at USC

The University of Southern California has definitely ranked high on the list of schools with beautiful campuses. But did you know about all of the beautiful hidden study spots at USC? Ditch your typical boring library desk and hunt for these unique spots the next time you need to study at USC!

1. Wallis Annenberg Building

This is one of the newest buildings at USC and one of many students’ absolute favorite places to study. There are 4 floors of study spots, but a favorite among all is the digital lounge on the third floor. Comfy couches and cozy window seats are where you’ll find many students working away during the week.

2. Archimedes Plaza

If you aren’t a Viterbi student, chances are you’ve never wandered over here. When the weather is nice, which it always is in California, pick a shady table to do some work as you listen to the sounds of the fountains nearby.

3. Literati – Nazarian Pavilion

This hidden gem is located right behind Doheny Library. Walk through a small gate and you’ll find a secluded courtyard and a great cafe called Literati. It’s a great place to hide away, sip some coffee or tea, and get some homework done.

4. Popovich Cafe

Located right next to Popovich Hall, this cute place is quiet and relaxing. Grab some food and get some work done away from the hustle and bustle of the popular university study spots.

5. Robert Wood Plaza

If you’re more of a curl up on a couch to type an essay kind of person, then this plaza is for you. There’s usually no one here because it can be tricky to find. It’s located right behind Heritage Hall, and right next to the Brittingham Intramural Field.

6. Fireplaces Near Robert Wood

There’s no other way to describe this other than the “spot with the fireplace” on campus that everyone talks about but barely anybody knows where it’s actually located. Once you’re in the Robert Wood Plaza, walk towards the athlete’s dining hall and go up a small ramp. It’ll take you up to a secluded place with tons of couches and, of course, a fireplace at the end! Definitely a good place to grab some hot cocoa in the winter and study for finals by the fire.

7. Mudd Hall

This houses the philosophy library, which is a great place to study for those who enjoy the old classic library look. Adorned with stained glass windows and creaky floorboards, this place is for those who like it to be super quiet. Like really quiet.

8. Price School of Public Policy Cafe

Located right across from Popovich Hall, this quiet study spot has a cafe and outdoor sitting areas. It’s usually shaded since it’s between two buildings, and is usually never busy due to its secluded location.

9. Old Annenberg Balcony

Because this is the Old Annenberg Building, it’s usually pretty quiet. It’s nice to grab a table under an umbrella and work outside on this second story balcony.

10. Law School Cafe

This is a super hidden cafe in the basement of the USC Law School that apparently also has some of the greatest coffee on campus. Usually filled with upperclassmen, this is a great environment to study while eating some food or sipping some coffee.

11 Celebrities that Attend (Or Have Attended) the University of Southern California

Located right in the heart of Los Angeles, it’s no wonder that USC is a popular college for celebrities. USC has had some amazing celebrity alumni who will frequently return to visit, as well as current celebrities roaming the university. Most students are lucky enough to see at least a couple and even sometimes get a selfie or two with them.

1. Miranda Cosgrove

Probably the most well-known USC celeb student, many people still call her iCarly in class. Like we haven’t heard that one yet….

2. Alexander Ludwig

As a brother in the Phi Psi fraternity, you’ll probably spot him on The Row. He’s a senior at USC, so unfortunately we won’t be seeing him around campus much longer.

3. Patrick Schwarzenegger

This senior at USC is a brother in Lambda Chi. He opened a Blaze Pizza right next to campus and can sometimes be spotted there. In other words, go buy some pizza.

4. Corinne Foxx

Also a senior at USC, she is a cheerleader and majoring in Public Relations.

5. Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

After graduating from USC in 1990, Ferrell has obviously been quite successful. He even showed up to the Coliseum for the last home football game to support his Trojan family.

6. America Ferrera

She graduated in 2013, after being in school for 10 years. It took her so long because she continued acting at the same time. Finally, she graduated and majored in International Relations. You go girl.

7. Laura Marano

Starting her first year at USC, this Austin & Ally star has been spotted quite frequently around campus and is more than happy to take pictures with fans.

8. Skyler Gisondo

Also a freshman, Skyler has been spotted frequently at home football games. Word has it he also plays on the Intramural Ultimate Frisbee team. Who’s up for some frisbee?

9. Steven Spielberg

The next two alumnae basically define USC. If you don’t know who Steven Spielberg is, you probably don’t go to USC. Or have never seen Jurassic Park. Either way, that’s sad.

10. George Lucas

George Lucas

Any Star Wars fans out there? There’s also a building in the Cinematic Arts School named after him. So again, do you even go to USC if you don’t know George Lucas?

11. Neil Armstrong

First man to ever walk on the moon. USC Alums are legit. Enough said.