Varsity Pizza on the Hill – A Syracuse University Tradition

The Marshall Area around Syracuse University is the main hub for students to get their off campus food fix. They have seen many places come and go, especially with the recent closing of the landmark Cosmo’s Pizza. However, there is one place on the hill that has been a SU staple for generations of college students, SU sports fans, and visitors. This place is Varsity Pizza.

Located on South Crouse Avenue, this local joint has been serving the Syracuse University community since 1926. The place was opened up by the grandfather of John and Jerry Dellas, cousins who took over the restaurant in 2001. Since then, they have been a full service sports restaurant, serving delicious pizza, wings, and deli to SU students, sports fans, and faculty.

Varsity Pizza Review John Dellas – Tomato & Feta Img Credit.

Walking into the restaurant, you are blasted with all the Syracuse paraphilia on the wall. From pictures of SU’s football, basketball, and lacrosse teams, to shots of Syracuse legends like Ernie Davis and Jim Boehiem, a Georgetown fan would feel uneasy eating in this establishment. From there, you look left and see a wide array of different thick-crust pizzas. From cheese, to buffalo chicken, to their famous spinach-tomato and feta, all have been made by the samepizza lady,? Ellie, who has been making the pizza at Varsity for a number of years. There cooking method allows the pizza to develop a crispy bite, but still have the chewy inside that Central New York pizza-lovers enjoy. The combination of the two textures, plus the fresh toppings makes Varsity one of the top pizza joints in Syracuse.

Elli Darmoyslis, who has worked for 41 years at the Varsity, prepares a Varsity special pizza at the SU Hill institution Tuesday afternoon Elli Darmoyslis has been at the Varsity for 41 years, she is preparing a Varsity special pizza at the SU Hill institution. Img Credit.

In addition to mouth-watering pizza, the Varsity is also known for their wings. The wings are freshly fried per order, doused in their tangy hot sauce, and served sizzling hot with blue cheese dressing for dipping. Their sauce is not spicy, but has just the right amount of tang to make your tongue tickle. You can experience the Varsity wing experience through traditional chicken wings, or order up their classic Humdinger sandwich. The sandwich consists of a fried chicken cutlet doused in wing sauce, and served with blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a heaping pile of potato chips. The Humdinger is a favorite amongst all Varsity fans, but they also have a wide variety of deli options. From wraps, like the Chipotle Chicken and Cran-Turkey, to classic BLT and Rueben sandwiches, the Varsity has all kinds of sandwiches to fit the needs of all pallets. No matter what sandwich you order, it will be stuffed with meat, cheese, and vegetables, come with a hearty serving of potato chips, and all the pickle chips you can eat. I guarantee that you will not leave here hungry!

The Varsity Pizza Wings The Varsity Pizza Wings

The Varsity is a place on the Syracuse University campus where people from all walks of life can sit down and enjoy a good hearty meal. Whether you are stopping in for lunch in between classes, getting ready for a SU sporting event, or celebrating a SU victory, the Varsity is the place to be. The restaurant has been on the Hill for almost 90 years, and has always shown SU pride. The Varsity is a staple here on campus, and a student cannot graduate from Syracuse until they go there.

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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que – Best BBQ Ribs Near Syracuse University


When people are looking for good barbeque, they will most likely travel down south to barbeque capitals such as Memphis, Kansas City, and St. Louis. With different cities having their own signature style of barbeque, the United States has a wide variety of meaty, mouth-watering options to satisfy any pallet. However, most people do not think of Central New York when it comes to smoked meat. Dinosaur Barbeque has blown the minds of its diners for the past 26 years.

A Plate of Ribs at Dinosaur BBQ A Plate of Ribs at Dinosaur BBQ (credit:

Founder and former biker John Stage opened Dinosaur Barbeque in Downtown Syracuse, NY in 1988 as a small barbeque shack serving lunch and dinner. Seeing the popularity of the idea, the restaurant expanded to a full service dining restaurant with a bar. Today, the joint is packed with locals, college students, and a long-standing tradition of motorcycle junkies.

Dinosaur BBQs Sauce Dinosaur BBQs Secret Sauce (credit:

Do not expect to come to a restaurant with three different kinds of forks, cloth napkins, and Pino Grigio by the class. This place is a no frills, down-home barbeque joint, where diners expect to come out of the restaurant with the scent of sauce on their fingers and possibly a stain on their shirt. The aroma of the smoked meat, spices, and beer fill the air as people stand by the bar and wait for their table. And they wait, as there is never a slow service in this small joint. Be expected to wait two hours before you get seated. However, once people sit down and eat, most will say the two hours was well worth the wait.

Dinosaur-BBQ-Syracuse Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse NY (credit: carolinasaucecompany)

Dinosaur Barbeque takes styles of barbeque from all over the United States and brings them together into one restaurant. From St. Louis style ribs, to Carolina pulled pork, and Texas beef brisket, all regions of the barbeque nation are represented. All of their meats are seasoned with their signature spice blend, and then smoked low and slow for numerous hours. This ensures that when people bite into their barbeque, the true flavor of the meat comes out, creating a delectable experience for the carnivore. Later, some meats, such as their ribs and chicken, are glazed in their signature barbeque sauce, a robust combination of sweet and smoky flavors. For people who like their meat extra saucy, every table is equipped with an extra bottle of their signature sauce forsensatious slathering.? And what is barbeque without side dishes? Some of the crowd favorites consist of the mac and cheese, French fries, simmered collard greens, and coleslaw. All plates are served with a chunk of their sweet cornbread. No matter what patrons order, they will receive a barbeque meal fit for a king and leave the place with full stomachs and a strong desire to go back the following week.

Cutting the ribs at Syracuse's Dinosaur BBQ Cutting the ribs at Syracuse’s Dinosaur BBQ (credit:

Since opening, the restaurant has expanded into a barbeque franchise, opening restaurants throughout New York State, New York City, and even one location in New Jersey (Newark) and Connecticut (Stamford). Their sauce is bottled and sold in supermarkets across the east coast. With a wide variety of barbeque styles and a simple attitude towards their product, Dinosaur Barbeque has put Syracuse and Central New York on the barbeque map. So for an experience that will expand your curiosity and stomach, go to the corner of West Willow Street for a taste of the some best barbeque the nation has to offer.

The Inside of Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse, NY (credit:

“Serial Tickler” Attacks Boston College Students

Students studying at Boston College may have experienced one of the strangest events to occur on any university or college campus. Several students at BC have been woken up by a random man lurking at their bedside while tickling their feet. Students at Boston College have been warned to hide their kids and hide their wives because their is a serial tickler on campus. The Boston College Tickler has been spotted approximately 10 times near a popular area just off the Boston College campus. Boston Police Community Services Officer, Michael O’Hara made a statement ensuring the the serial tickler is real and still on the loose. He described the “Tickler” as a 5 foot 8 inch black male with dark clothing and a hoodie. One Boston College he woke up to his feet being tickled by the man, who had darted out of his apartment before the Boston College fully came to realize what was happening. Another students aw someone standing at the end of his bed, a month after his roommate had a similar encounter. The student recalls hearing “shuffling at the door to his room” and seeing “a man there in a Gator-style mask.”

Police currently have no photos or video of the alleged Tickler. But O’Hara has told students to take caution.

“Absolutely students should be concerned,” he said. “You don’t know what this guy is going to do or if he has a weapon. You need to lock your doors. It’s not as safe as you think.”

No valuables have been stolen. Students have asked for increased police protection around the Boston College campus. Students in the Boston area are urged to remain cautious and report and suspicious behaviour to police immediately.

There are a list of products for students looking to secure their dorm room or house and keep themselves safe.

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Check out these Must-See Northwestern University Football Team Jerseys (Blood Splatter included)


The Northwestern University will be wearing these very special uniforms against the University of Michigan on Nov. 16. Having been beaten down by the ubiquity of one-off unis, it’s hard to get upset about the asymmetrical patriotic mishmash. It’s even tough to muster up outrage over the fact that just 10 percent of proceeds from jerseys sold will actually go to the Wounded Warrior Project. But isn’t “covered in blood” a little on-the-nose for something honoring a group that operates programs for injured veterans’

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Instead of player names, the nameplates on the jerseys will be one of seven “core values”: courage, duty, integrity, honor, country, service, and commitment.

Notable, considering Northwestern’s school colors and the fact that the Wounded Warrior Project presumably contains a lot of Purple Heart recipients: There’s not a stich of purple in this thing.

More photos, via the university:




The Tale of the University of Western’s Saugeen Stripper

Saugeen-Maitland Hall is a coed students’ residence located at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. It houses approximately 1252 students and is the largest student residence on campus and one of the largest in North America.

“Saugeen”, as commonly referred to by Western students, is responsible for Western’s reputation as one of the biggest “party” universities in North America.

In 2005, one 18-year-old student decided to perform stripteases in the residence, while also allowing photographs to be taken.  She became infamously known as the “Saugeen Stripper”.

As a result of the photographs being leaked across the internet, many Canadian and American media outlets started to pick up on the story. The publicity sparked discussion about how much control high learning institutions have over what happens in their residences.

If you are interested about reading more about the Saugeen Stripper, here are some additional articles that you can read:

3 Restaurants every Ryerson University Student Needs to Try

If you’re craving something delicious in Toronto that’s close to campus, these are some restaurants every Ryerson student needs to try.

1. Sansotei Ramen

An excellent Ramen place that delivers fresh tasting ingredients served in a savory broth! Not to mention, the meat here is always tender and the noodles are plain awesome!

Phone: (647) 748-3833

Address: 179 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8


2. Eggspectations

Probably one of my favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner restaurants around. Omelettes, eggs benny, you name it! They’ve got it all!

I recommend you to try out the lobster omelette!

Phone: (416) 977-3380

Address: 220 Yonge St Toronto, ON M5B 2H1


3. Salad King

One of the best places for Thai food! Salad King offers a wide variety of Thai dishes with your choice of the level of spiciness! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve returned here.

Phone: (416) 593-0333

Address: 340 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5B 1R8


Are there any restaurants that you think Ryerson University students should try? Leave a comment below. Bon appetit!



50 Best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016

Here is a compilation of the most popular and best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016.

With over 16,600 members, Overheard is a group for students to share hilarious conversations, bring inappropriate behavior to light, and highlight acts of kindness around campus. Enjoy the 50 best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016:

1. This scene, though!

2. God bless sympathetic profs.

“44. Break time. Have a little stretch, take a sip of water, circle “A” on your Scantron as the answer to Question #44. There. Now move on to Question #45.”

3. Remember when this happened…


5. Campus in the fall.

6. Campus in the winter. Look closely.

7. University of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

8. We apparently really love geese.

9. All birds, really.

10. Bunnies too!

11. Acts of kindness.

12. Artists, everywhere.

13. That’s more like it.

14. “Happy Water”

15. Hahahah.

16. Is that a baby squirrel? yes.

17. Marketing goals.

18. Gratitude for good samaritans. 

19. More goodness.

20. So meta.

21. The illusive “dignity”

22. Sustainability win.

23. Sustainability fail.

24. Vaping got big this year.

25. So did Pokemon GO.

26. This guy gets it.

27. Safewalk walks Safewalk.

28. Graduation looks different for everyone.

26. ..

27. Senior inspo.

28. Prof pranks.

29. Snack angels!

30. Industrious erasers.

31. Nothing but fashion.

32. Just trying to do our part.

33. VIP drop-off be like…

34. Because it can be hard making friends.

“I’m new to town and would like a best friend forever. As best friends forever we will congregate frequently and engage in many appropriately enjoyable activities together.

We will also help each other with various stuffs. For example, I will help you study for you psychology exam and you will help me bury a number of heavy black bags in the woods. Since we are best friends, there will be no need for you to look in the bags, ask any questions, or tell anyone about what transpires in the woods. After we finish I imagine we will go back to my place and make banana bread together. 

BYOB (Bring your own banana).”

35. Struggle tips. Click image to magnify.

36. What’s up, Harambe?

37. Dear ____, you are loved. 

38. You are valued.

39. Shit happens.

40. Pride week flowers in Quad.

 41. Strangers just killin’ midterms with kindness. Good vibes.

42. Spot the hippo.

43. Chairs mimicking humans.

44. How to get out of student debt.

45. Sweetgrass bear rolled in the likes.

46. Keyword being “dedicated”

47. Painfully Canadian.

48. Student reality.

49. Define: preventative.

50. So ugly the internet rejected it as a feature image.



So there you have it — the best of the best of 2016! Here’s to another hilariously challenging year!