20 Signs You Go To Cal Poly SLO

1. “Learn by doingis the punchline of all your jokes.

How many cups of jungle juice can you handle before puking? Learn by doing. Hooking up with someone from the same dorm as you (a.k.a, dormcest)? Learn by doing (wink).

2. You hate on UCSB, but still visit Isla Vista to party.

You throw tortillas at each other during the big Cal Poly vs UCSB game and insult each other on Yik Yak, but you bet you’re going to Deltopia.

Source: http://www.gopoly.com/inside_athletics/blue-green

3. You see as many people walking around in cowboy boots and flannels as you do flip flops and surfer tees.

An agriculture school right next door to the beach? Makes for some unique fashion choices.

4. Youve Instagrammed a Serenity Swing pic.

You and your friends pretended not to be all sweaty and dying of heat as you all posed with your sorority symbol. And you really, really miss that trampoline.

5. And youve taken at least one selfie with a goat.

Since we’re such a hands-on school (cue “learn by doing” jokes), we often get chances to work with real animals, like goats, sheep, and horses.

Source: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/article78502912.html

6. You can never quite agree on where NorCal ends and SoCal begins.

You know you’re the “Central Coast,” but what the heck does that mean? Can you still say “hella?”

7. You go to more soccer matches than football games.

Our football team is Division 1 and great to watch, but soccer is ultimately where it’s at. Probably because the annual UCSB game involves so many tortillas.

8. You often forget that youre only like, 10 minutes away from the beach.

If you have a car, you go as often as possible. If you don’t have one, you make friends with cars because for some strange reason there’s no bus route to the beach.

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g29124-Avila_Beach_San_Luis_Obispo_County_California-Vacations.html

9. And that youre only three hours away from LA and San Francisco.

If you have the means to take a road trip, there’s a lot of sights to see. It’s easy to forget that we’re not that far away from some of the coolest cities in California.

10. All concerts immediately sell out, even if most people havent listened to the artist since the eighth grade (sup T-Pain).

Let’s be honest: The Chain Smokers concert and Spring Stampede were the highlights of your school year.

11. The St. Frattys Day roof collapse of 2015 still makes you smile proudly.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t exactly make your parents proud. But seeing your school on international news for an epic party is well, pretty epic. Unless you were one of the unfortunate ones who had to do spring semester in crutches.

Source: http://mustangnews.net/st-frattys-day-investigation-continues-students-summoned-for-required-questioning/

12. You took your first shot at some WOW party on Hathaway Avenue.

Your WOW leaders tried to keep you till midnight, but you always came up with some excuse so you wouldn’t miss the party scene. And by party scene I mean “walking around the neighborhoods for two hours trying to find an upperclassman who will give you drinks.”

13. Bubblegum Alley kinda grosses you out actually.

When you first came to SLO, you proudly stuck your own piece on the wall and Instagrammed it. Now, you get grossed out by such pics. Source: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/tags/gum/

14. You still have a group chat with your WOW group.

Whether you made best friends with them or not, you’ll always share a special bond with them.

15. You only go to High St. Deli at 4:20.

Because every sandwich is only $4.20 from 4:20 to 5 p.m. Yes, really.

16. You get sad when the hills start to lose their green color.

It’s just so pretty!Source:

17. Thirsty Thursdays consist of Farmers and swing dancing.

Every Thursday, all of downtown SLO turns into a giant farmers market, providing us students with a much-needed break from campus food.

18. Youre used to getting emergency alerts about mountain lions on campus.

And emails about random sidewalks closing. And messages about “making smart decisions” any time there’s a holiday.

19. Not being an outdoorsy person isnt an option.

Okay, so you don’t have to like hiking. But there’s so many beautiful hikes, bike trails, beaches, and mountains that it becomes pretty impossible not to get into the outdoorsy attitude.

20. You like to pretend Cal Poly Pomona doesnt exist.

“I go to Cal Poly.” “Which one?” “…”

10 Reasons to NOT Go to University of Michigan

1. Students are Ashamed to go there

You constantly hear people saying “Go Blue” or yea I am a wolverine. Honestly, it is a wonder how people even know what they are talking about. Especially since you never actually hear the words “I go to University of Michigan” come out of their mouth.

2. There is NOTHING to do.

Students get tired of going to the 50 different restraunts around Ann Arbor. Not to mention the 10 minute walk to the line of shops, movie theaters, and river is brutal after a long day of classes. Don’t even get me started on the walk to the ice skating rink, basketball court, or football stadium. It is almost too much to handle.

3. School Spirit Doesn’t Exist

During game days students will never wear anything other than maize and blue. Their faces scrunched up making the face paint crack, and the smile lines too pronounced. I mean who has time to pick out a different color?

4. It is TOO Small

Michigan feels like the smallest thing in the world. With everyone referring to each other as friend, friends, or hommie, it gets to feel like 40,000 is really 40. You can’t go anywhere in Ann Arbor without seeing a Michigan sweatshirt, or worse, a maize hat.

5. You will go Hungry

If you are gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan you will have nothing to eat there. The Farmers market only has meat tomatoes, farm fresh corn for meat lovers, and broccoli for Mongolian beef. Don’t even get me started on the gluten free/vegan bakery that has food you won’t even want to go near.

6. Clubs don’t exist

I was involved in stuff at my high school. So when I went to UM I thought I would be able to do the same. No way. I could not find a single club in the 1500+ clubs that appealed to me. From Accapella to intermural sports to social Greek Life to snowboarding club, I was at a loss.

7. Not a Job in Sight

I was gleefully learning how to make coffee, training as a local barista. However, now I have to actually go to my real job after college. Minimum wage is just a distant dream for my future U of M graduate self.

8. Hate Speech is Common

I felt constantly victimized at UM. I was told that people respect my opinions. I was called on in class when I had an opinion. My friends even had the audacity to listen when I spoke. It was weird, especially since “expect respect” was a campaign that started on this campus.

9. No Diversity

I wanted a school that was all white, all upper class, and only from Michigan. What I got was a school that represents all 50 states, all ethnic backgrounds, and over 140 countries. I mean who would want that?

10. Not Famous

I know for a fact I wanted to go to a school without anything notable about it. Certainly not a school that had James Earl Jones as an alumni. I would hate to be able to see him come speak at graduation, or even worse, Lucy Liu.


12 Reasons NOT to Go to Louisiana Tech

1. You don’t want an amazing education!

Louisiana Tech is recognized by US News and World Report as a Tier One ‘National University’ and the Carnegie Foundation as a Doctoral Research University.  Ranking 199th in the 2016 national ranks, Tech is also ranked 14th in the nation for lowest estimated prices for 2016-2017 students without aid and 15th nationally for lowest estimated price for 2016-2017 student with average financial aid.  MONEY has also ranked LA Tech as being 1st in the state in terms of education quality, affordability and outcomes-based metrics such as graduates’ earnings and career impact on others.

2. You hate scenic routes to class.

Just look at this picture! The Lady of the Mist, Wyly Tower, and the Tech seal by the clock tower are just some of the many examples of man-made sights you will see all throughout your college experience.  Besides that, the sidewalk that winds all throughout campus is inscribed with the name of every LA Tech alumni from 1897 to the present!  Trees and flowers of all types are prevalent all throughout campus, giving Tech a natural impression.

Source: https://www.latech.edu/impact_study/contact.shtml

3. Tech doesn’t have enough professors to help the students.

Class sizes can range from fifteen people to a few hundred people, but Louisiana Tech professors are always willing to help!  Through office hours, by email, or even after class, your professor will always stay longer to help those who have questions or need a more thorough explanation of a problem.  The class syllabus will have a professor’s office hours on it, so if they aren’t available when you need them, you can either set up an appointment with them outside of the hours, seek another (but more available) professor’s help, or go to the BARC for free tutoring!

4. Louisiana Tech doesn’t have any school spirit!

Tech students are so full of school spirit that every freshman quickly learns the words to the Tech Fight Song and how to make a bulldog with your hands.  Tech has so many opportunities for you to show school spirit that I can’t possibly list them all here.  I’ll name a few, though: sporting games and events (football, basketball, soccer, and rugby just to name a few), school events (such as Taste of Ruston, the NSBE recycling drives, and Friday Night Lights), and every Friday is Loyal Blue day where students show off their school spirit by wearing blue Tech shirts.

Source: http://www.latechsports.com/spirit/latc-spirit.html

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMru5cVQLkQ

5. LA Tech doesn’t have many athletic/exercising options for me.

Men’s sports include: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, swimming, track, and more!.  Women’s sports include: basketball, bowling, cross country, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, and more!

The Lambright offers exercise classes and free gym membership to all Tech students.  The have numerous different types of exercising equipment and free access to the pools, racquetball rooms, bowling, and pool.  Plus, there’s even a sandwich and frozen yogurt shop with deli and drink fridges!

Source: http://abwarchitects.com/work/academic/lambright-intramural-sports-center-louisiana-tech-university/

6. There isn’t anything fun to do!

Ruston is full of things to do: shopping, the peach farm, the movie theater, and so many restaurant and food options!  You can even take a trip into downtown Ruston by walking straight from campus!  Downtown Ruston is full of local shops and eateries as well as the Dixie Theater where they showcase plays year-round.

Source: http://rustonlincolncvb.blogspot.com/2015/11/downtown-ruston-not-your-mamas.html

7. I heard there were statues around campus, and statues creep me out.

Well, don’t be jealous that you can’t dress as fabulously as they can!  The Lady of the Mist is always donning something festive, and other statues around campus usually have prankster googly eyes or clothes on (over their copper or brass ones).  Taking a trip by our statues is always fun unless they’re ‘weeping’ or have wings (you should then RUN!).

8. You won’t get as much attention as the Tech seal.

Although most students avoid stepping on the seal in fear of the myth that they’ll fail classes, you’ll no doubt get plenty of attention from both your instructors and peers alike.  It’s easy to talk to and meet others, especially if you have Yik Yak.  Besides, all you have to do to get some attention is put on a top hat like our infamous Top Hat Guy (he even wears a suit sometimes).

9. You hate having easy access to meals!

The Tech campus alone houses a variety of food options.  Through a meal plan of your own choosing, you can decide how many times you want to visit the cafeteria each quarter and how much declining balance you want available to you so that you may eat at the restaurants on campus.  There’s almost always quick and easy access to food whenever you’re hungry, but if you fear the late night munchies, you can use your DB at the convenience store during the day to stock up for those times.

10. You won’t be able to study with all of these distractions!

The Wyly Tower (our campus compass) houses the Tech library which has two computer rooms with free printing!  The Honors students even have the option to go to the George T. Madison Hall and use the free computers and printing there!  There’s always a quiet place to study on campus whether it be the Barnes and Noble bookstore, the benches by the Lady of the Mist, an empty classroom, Tolliver, or even your dorm or apartment!

11. The living options on campus suck!

Every dorm has its pros and cons, but there are many options on campus.  As a female, you could stay in Harper (which is in the middle of the campus by the Tech seal), Adams, or Aswell, or the on-campus apartments (where I stayed my first year).  As a male, you have many more options such as Graham, Pearce, Dudley, Cottingham, Mitchell, or the on-campus apartments.  The apartments are absolutely beautiful!  University Park and Park Place feature two- and four-bedrooms apartments that include a kitchen, bathroom (or two if you’re in the four bedroom), and living room.  The Park Place apartments are the newest campus living option and they have the added luxuries of a washer and drier.  The apartments are even walking distance from Tech!  The below picture is of Park Place which is where I stayed my freshman year (I managed to score a room in an Honors four-bedroom apartment).

12. I don’t want to go somewhere cheaper when I could go to big, expensive schools like LSU. You get what you pay for, right?

Tech offers so much more than many competitive schools for such an affordable tuition.  You’re given opportunities other schools wouldn’t be able to give you like: easy access to print 3D models on one of the schools many 3D printers, access to power tools and equipment through the College of Engineering and Science, free tutoring at the BARC and with the COES’s HelpDesk for engineering and science majors (plus anyone else who needs help), hands-on access to building robots and machines for your first year of engineering classes (called Living with the Lab, or for Computer Engineering majors, Living with the Cyber), joining the cement canoe building team (which competes nationally), the Eco-car and baja car building teams, and friendships and connections with others that will last you a lifetime!

11 Reasons NOT to go to the University of Waterloo

1. It has a horrible national and global reputation


The Maclean report for 2016 ranked uWaterloo as #1 in Canada for engineering, math and computer science. It was also ranked second for environmental science and psychology. According to QS Rankings, it is also one of the top 50 universities in the world for geography, and the Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked uWaterloo as one of the world’s top 50 universities for engineering.

Sources: https://uwaterloo.ca/find-out-more/about-waterloo/rankings and https://uwaterloo.ca/about/who-we-are/waterloo-facts

2. Why would a university offer multiple co-op programs?

Co-op allows university students to gain work experiences by having both academic and work terms. But I mean, what kind of university would offer a program that helps you prepare for the job application process in the real world right?

Source: https://uwaterloo.ca/co-operative-education/about-co-operative-education

3. Living-learning communities are unbearable

uWaterloo provides living-learning communities to some of the on-campus residences where the residents are in the same faculty. Renison University College and Conrad Grebel College are some of the living-learning communities on campus. The community has peer leaders that help students engage in social activities. What a terrible way to make new friends throughout your university career!

Source: https://uwaterloo.ca/housing/living-learning

4. Because living in a student-based city is totally unsafe

According to Numbeo, the level of crime is at 23.61%, which ranks it as low. Its safety index is marked as 76.36%.  

Source: http://www.numbeo.com/crime/city_result.jsp?country=Canada&city=Waterloo

5. There is absolutely nothing to do in such a small boring town like Waterloo

The farmer’s market at St. Jacobs on the weekends, Bomber Wednesdays, Retro Night at Phil’s, Student Nights at Night School, board games and bubble tea at Sweet Dreams Café…the of things to do in Waterloo is endless! Check out what kind of activities there are in Waterloo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnrJW5deKxE

6. It has a campus that looks absolutely disgusting

A tech-savvy school needs a modern and tech-savvy campus. From the new engineering buildings to the lab facilities in the QNC. Let’s not forget the gym equipment and the facilities at CIF, and the Starbucks in the newly built STC, and a Tim Horton’s in the Student Life Center, and a William’s in EV3, and the list goes on.

7. Student life seriously lacks diversity

The Federation of Students (FEDS) is known for managing over 200 clubs at the university form musical clubs to cultural clubs, sports clubs, etc. These clubs are known for throwing events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Here is the list of clubs you can join:  http://www.feds.ca/clubs-section/clubs-listing/

8. You can get from one end of campus to the other through the buildings

Well isn’t that extremely useless during the harsh winters in Canada?

9. Theres a lot of nature and greenery on campus

As you’re walking down Columbia St. you will stumble upon Columbia Lake in the University of Waterloo Environmental Reserve. In that area you will also find a park. The wide range of gardens and trees on campus makes it look like a forest. P.S: in the winter it looks like Narnia.

10. The university works with the UN Womens HeForShe campaign in the 10x10x10 project

The objective of this collaboration is to encourage female students to participate in STEM academic careers and to create female leaders within the university. For more information about this project and how to get involved, click here: https://uwaterloo.ca/president/heforshe-waterloo

11. The University of Waterloo is so irrelevant, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to pay a visit

Yes you read that correctly. Not only did Justin Trudeau visit campus, he stated that he would invest $50 million for the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/trudeau-waterloo-perimeter-institute-physics-1.3537098



10 Reasons the University of Virginia Ruined my Life

1. Always forces you to build relationships

Have you ever felt forced to make friends? Well, at UVA you have no choice but to make friends. Most people greet you with smiles and approach you even if you don’t know them. Like, who are you? The students and resident staff make it insanely difficult for you to lock yourself up in your room and binge watch Netflix for 12 hours on a weekend. “Hey want to go play basketball? Want to go get dinner?” Just stop please. The worst part is, they don’t go away. Even if you live on polar opposite sides on Grounds the year after, you’ll stay in touch. These then become lifelong friends that never go away. They’re always there.

2. The work environment is too encouraging

Remember in High School you probably didn’t study for some tests, and you still did great? UVA doesn’t allow you to do that. You’re always supposed to spend countless hours studying, and when you’re caught playing video games your friends ask “shouldn’t you be studying?! There has to be something you have to do”. People also study on Friday and Saturday nights. They even invite you to study with them! Do I look like I want to study on the weekend? How am I supposed to go to parties knowing that my friends already started studying for the chemistry exam scheduled for next week? Guess I’ll have to study then.

3. Filled me with memories

Moments not spent studying serve as a way to destress. You rarely have these types of moments at UVA. When you’re not studying, you’re working, or working out. However, when you do get that day off, you spend it with your friends making memories one day you’ll reminisce about. You know, those obnoxious things you’ll probably laugh about when you’re 35 sitting in your office. As a reader, you might be reminiscing about something as you read this. UVA floods your mind with these. Your friends ask you to come to The Lawn and throw a Frisbee, watch movies until 3am, or go get Cookout at 2am. All these moments you’ll be wanting to come back when you’re older. Such a cruel way to play with the human mind, UVA.

4. Made me discover more about myself

Did you know there’s over 500 clubs and organizations at UVA? Seriously? Such an overwhelming number that basically guarantees someone will be interested in at least one thing you are into. Way to make students feel unique. There’s no way for you to hide and realize what you like, and what you don’t like. You will probably find something you enjoy doing, and discover your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll always be trying new things, and building on your person. Again, seriously? I have to try out new things I never would’ve tried if UVA didn’t give me the option. At least you’re given the option to stay inside and never talk to anyone besides your teachers. Then again, you realize you’re probably an introvert. There’s no getting out of this!

5. Gave me the tools, but I had to look for them

In High School, you always had the luxury of teachers reminding you almost every week about the resources you had to do well in class. Well, at UVA teachers tell you once, twice if you’re lucky. Afterwards, it is up to you if you want to approach them in their office hours, or go to a councilor to check if you’re taking the correct steps towards your career in the future. Yes, you have to schedule a time to see your teachers or your councilor, by yourself. You have to do the work. Teachers don’t hunt you down anymore if you’re close to failing a class. You have to know. You, you have to do everything. Like an adult. UVA will make you do all the work.

6. Dining halls forced me to eat healthy

With just a swipe, you can get unlimited pizza, burgers, and fries. The dining halls always have the option of greasy and tasty food. However, you will start getting sick of it within the first week of going to UVA. You will start finding these dishes repulsive and you’ll start craving something different. With this mentality, you begin to eat salads and more healthy foods. These are usually the stations with the smallest lines anyways, so if you’re in a hurry you have to eat healthy. People also exercise a lot, which makes you feel like you have to do the same. Eventually, your body will just be used to healthy food, and you won’t want anything else.

7. The student body is way too welcoming

It seems as though everyone is out to get you. So many people welcome the first years as if it were their job. Many upperclassmen can’t help but giving you advice, or pointing you in the right direction. Not only that, but students at UVA are so nice that even if they do not know you, they’ll smile at you once in a while. What am I supposed to do? Should I smile back or pretend I didn’t see them? There’s also several events you can go to like The Lighting of the Lawn in which all students sing a song that they all know the lyrics to. Even you start singing it, and eventually you’ll know the lyrics without even asking anyone what they are.

8. There are opportunities for everyone

The variety of available majors at UVA leaves you no chance but to have an opportunity in the future. Several students switch majors constantly, yet everyone seems like they have their life together. Internships, jobs, research opportunities, etc. are open for everyone. Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever have a dull moment in which you have nothing to do. Simply asking your professor can get you in a teaching assistant position.

9. Finding love is hard

UVA students are beautiful. It makes you question if you’ll ever find a significant other. Such gorgeous people should already be in relationships right? If they’re not, how do you even approach someone like that without making a fool out of yourself? You see that pretty girl eating by herself at the dining hall, should you just approach her and ask if you can sit with her? There’s also a chance you’ll meet someone at a social event so you probably want to reserve yourself for that moment. Either way, there’s too many good looking students for you to simply find the one.

10. Changed my life forever

Going to UVA will make you become a completely different person. You’ll become more responsible, you’ll learn how to do things on your own, you’ll make several friends, and you’ll make mistakes that you’ll laugh at in the future. You’ll look back at your high school-self and see how much you’ve grown, and much closer you’ve gotten to become an adult. Even your parents will start realizing how fast you’re growing. Those four years that you spent at UVA will be engraved in your memory, and you’ll never forget how much fun you had!

12 Fun Facts About Syracuse University

 1. Juice Jam and Mayfest

The University throws its students two huge concert events to start and end every year. While Juice Jam is held outdoors on south campus, Mayfest includes a day concert in a park surrounded by Greek houses followed by a show in the Carrier Dome that night. 

2. The Westcott Theater

Less than 10 minutes from campus, the Westcott Theater is a small concert venue in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse, an area of small shops and restaurants that’s perfect for a college community. The venue has multiple events during the week ranging from EDM DJs, to jam bands, rock groups and many more. 

3. Faculty

Yes, the staff at SU is exceptional, but for ‘Cuse kids “faculty” has a different meaning. Located centrally on campus is Goldstein Faculty and Alumni Center, a building that you would never guess is a fine restaurant from the outside. The servers are current students and you can even pay for your meal with SU Food Points!

4. Chipotle and Starbucks?!

There’s more?! Marshall Street is another commercial sector that is a part of University Hill, an area adjacent to the University. Some options include Chipotle, Starbucks, Pita Pit, Jimmy Johns, Varsity Pizza, Insomnia Cookies and Funk ‘N Waffles, along with a vegan cafe, sushi, and other Asian eateries to name a few. The street also contains several bars, shops and even a hookah lounge. 

5. Oprah and Joe Biden

Both Oprah Winfrey and Joe Biden have visited Syracuse University’s campus within the past few years. Oprah came in 2014 to dedicate $18 million in new facilities at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Vice President Joe Biden visited campus twice recently; once in 2015 to speak on behalf of the “It’s On Us” campaign against sexual assault and again in April of 2016 to deliver the commencement speech at the SU Law School. 

6. Greek Life

It’s hard not to notice the presence of the Greek community on Syracuse’s campus. Greek houses line two main roads of campus, featuring brick mansions, white pillars and cozy front porches. The university offers fraternity and sorority councils as well as multicultural and business councils.

7. The Warehouse

Design students at SU are no strangers to the Warehouse. The building was renovated in 2006 and has a cafe, gallery space and separate floors for each design major offered by the school. The building is located in Armory Square, another popular area of Syracuse accessible to students by buses that run from campus.

8. Tree of 40 Fruits

Syracuse University’s campus is home to the “Tree of 40 Fruits,” a botanical innovation that is as impressive as it sounds. The tree was designed by Sam Van Aken, a professor at the University, and has the capacity to produce up to forty different types of fruit including peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and almonds. Delicious! 

9. People’s Place

Located in the center of main campus is Hendricks Chapel, the third largest university chapel in the country at the time of its build in 1930. Though the church is used for various religious services throughout the week, hidden within the lower levels of the church is People’s Place, a small, not-for-profit coffee shop run by students. The coffee is exceptional and is sure to keep you warm on those cold walks to class in the winter.

10. Sports

Led by mascot Otto the Orange, Syracuse University is member of the NCAA Division 1 as well as the Atlantic Coast Conference. With twenty different varsity sport teams, Syracuse Orange fans have plenty to cheer about. While major sports like football, basketball, and lacrosse are played in the University’s Carrier Dome, the school has fifteen different sport facilities to offer student athletes. These include weight rooms, gymnasiums, field houses, an ice pavilion and even a boathouse.

11. Destiny USA

Destiny USA is the sixth largest mall in the United States and is conveniently located in Syracuse, New York. With over 200 retailers, an indoor Go Kart track, entertainment complex and full food court, this mall has something for everyone. Even more convenient is that Syracuse University students can take a shuttle to the mall from Main campus. 

12. Oakwood Cemetery

Surrounding SU’s campus is Oakwood Cemetery, a 160 acre historic site. Though it may seem strange, a stroll through Oakwood will reveal gorgeous plots of land, towering mausoleums and intricate headstones that will make you forget you’re in the heart of the city. The cemetery is also well known for it’s secret spots, like an abandoned church with access to both the bell tower and basement – if you dare. 

12 Signs You Go to Syracuse University

1. Syllabus Week is a Week Long Party

Whether its your first week of classes or you’re back from winter break, syllabus week gives you just enough time to catch up with friends, hang around campus and hit the bars before you have any major assignments due. What better way to cope with being back to school?

2. You Haven’t Seen Any Coca Cola

With six dinning halls and plenty of other food options, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to get your hands on a Diet Coke on campus. But for whatever reason, ‘Cuse has pledged its loyalty to Pepsi products, which can only mean one thing for students: Jack and Pepsi it is.

3. You Haven’t Seen any 2-Ply Either…

It wouldn’t be your first week of freshman year without the realization that your communal bathroom doesn’t come equipped with 2-Ply toilet paper. We pay over 50k a year to go to school here but can’t get two sheets? A few extra tugs at the roll will have to do.

4. Your Attendance at Happy Hour is Better than in Class

We know where to find you Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 o’clock, the bar of course! $4 beer pitchers and mixed drink specials all just in time for a study break.

5. You Satisfy Your Munchies at any Hour

It can’t be a coincidence that all of your favorite drunk foods are conveniently located around the corner from the bars; Insomnia Cookies, pizza and calzones to name a few. Plus, located on campus is Kimmel Dining Center, which opens at 6pm and closes at 3am on weekends.

6. Your Tailgating Apparel is Good for any Weather

A real Orangeman has ‘Cuse attire for tailgates in 80 degree heat or 30 degree snowfall, both of which are bound to happen in upstate NY. No feat of weather though can stop Orange fans from supporting their favorite teams and looking great while doing it.

7. Your Classes Will NEVER Be Cancelled

At Syracuse University we’re lucky enough to have a state-of-the-art snow removal team that we can rely on for every storm. They’ll even have every street and walkway cleared for you before your alarm goes off for your 8 am. Great…

8. You’re Never Too Old (Or Too Young) for DJ’s

Otherwise known as the “freshman bar,” DJ’s will accept your crappy fake ID and even allow entry to those under 21 for an increase in cover. And you’re never too old for fishbowls and rum buckets, am I right?

9. Castle Court Might as Well be Your Apartment Too

Okay, maybe not. But you do spend a considerate amount of time in the parking lot of this apartment complex day drinking or tailgating before big games. It’s where all of your fellow Orangemen can come together and have a great time. Mi casa es Cuse casa.

10. “F*ck Duke” is as Traditional as the Alma Mater

It wouldn’t be a game against the Orange rival, Duke, without someone writing “F*ck Duke” across their knuckles. We’ve seen hundreds of Insta’s with this caption, though some modify to “Duck Fuke” or “Duke Was My Safety School,” but the message is inherently the same.

11. You Would do Almost Anything for a Floor Ticket to Mayfest

Mayfest; free food and music all day leading up to a huge night event in the infamous Carrier Dome, celebrating the end of the school year. Last spring, floor tickets to the event sold out within minutes and its no surprise why. In the past few years, Syracuse students have seen artists like The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Change the Rapper, 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar perform at their Mayfest celebration.

12. If The Sun is Shining, You’re Drinking

Though the winter can be long and hard in Syracuse, one of the best parts about being a ‘Cuse kid is that when the weather finally starts to warm up again, the people come out to play. On sunny spring days, it isn’t rare to see fraternity’s opening their lawns for day drinks, or hear the echoes of music from back-lot parties. When Spring is in the air on campus, it is a happiness felt by all.

10 Tips to Survive Your First Year at Northeastern University

It’s that time of year again!  The freshly-graduated high school seniors stock up their mom’s mini-vans with all of their new clothes, sheets and comforters, wall decor, and all the ramen they could find and head off to the new adventurous land we call “college”.

For the lucky few of you who get to call Northeastern University your new home for the next 4-5 years, here’s a few tips to get the most out of your freshman year (and to not gain the freshman 15…or 50).

1. Learn to love (or at least politely interact with) your roommate.

Your freshman year roommate is your first official “friend”.  Whether you two picked each other out and agreed to be roommates, or if Northeastern decided you two would be a perfect fit, you better try to get along.  You’re both fresh meat on this scarily huge campus and you’re going to want someone to help you figure out where your classes are or someone to sit with during dinner in the dining hall.  And remember, you’re going to be living in the same 15×15 brick wall cell for the next 8 months.  So even if you aren’t the bestest friends right away, learn to live peacefully with one another from the start.  You’ll find other friends real fast.

Speaking of friends…

2. Do as many Welcome Week activities as you can!

Welcome Week is a time where all of the other Northeastern freshman wander throughout campus, eagerly looking for friends.  And let’s face it, you want friends too.  So don’t be afraid to go to as many events that interest you as you can, even if you have to go alone!  In most cases, people will see you alone and flock to you to start up a conversation.  Embrace it!  I made most of my friends freshman year (whom I am still friends with to this day) during the Welcome Week Trivia Night.  I even went out on a limb and performed at the Welcome Week Open Mic Night, and made some great musician friends from it.  Participate, before it’s too late!

3. Stick to the 10-Meal-Plan and EAT OUT!


A lot of my friends freshman year had the 15-or-19-meal-plans and were either wasting meal swipes because they wound up not being able to use them all in one week, or weren’t getting the wonderful flavors Boston’s restaurants have to offer.  Also, for the record, out of all of the dining halls, International Village is definitely the best.  It has the most variety, the most healthy options, and even if you live by the Stetsons and it is a little bit of a walk, it’s totally worth it.  Trust me. 

But yeah, eat out!  There’s so many good restaurants near campus that you just need to try.  Go to Chicken Lou’s, Amelia’s Taqueria, Qdoba, Pavement, Lucy’s, Rice Bowl, etc.  Venture out a little further to Tasty Burger, El Pelon, Gyro City, and more.  Find your favorites and try everything you can!

4. Do not take 8 ams!

I know what you’re thinking: “I had to be at school around 7:30 am everyday in high school, so I can definitely deal with 8 am classes!”  Well you’re wrong.  I thought that way and I had 8 ams EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK my first semester at Northeastern.  It was brutal.  Granted, I finished classes everyday by noon, but when my friends were staying out late at night, I would either have to turn in early or be a zombie through my 8 am the next day.  If you need to take one, then I pray for you, but don’t try to be the eager morning beaver I was.  It doesn’t work out.

5. Try to go to your teachers’ office hours and get to know them!

Your teachers will be your best source of reference when you decide to go to grad school, or apply to a job.  Their letters of recommendation will be worthwhile later on, and it’s always good to be buddy buddy with professors, especially when you need help in their classes or want career advice.  Become close with the professors whom you admire and want to go into their field, as they will be the most useful networking tool in your future!  Teacher’s pets aren’t a thing in college, so don’t worry and knock on their doors a lot!

6. Venture out off campus and take the T!


So many of my friends now admit that they never took the T freshman year because they were afraid of getting lost, but it’s really simple once you do it a few times.  There’s so many great destinations that are far by foot, but not by train!  Visit Harvard, MIT, Quincy Market, Revere Beach, Newbury Street, the Charles River, and more.  Go to the Museum of Science’s College Night and make sure to look out for all the free events around town.  The sooner you become familiar with the greater Boston area, the better.

NOTE: Get yourself a CharlieCard.  Don’t deal with the CharlieTicket.  Literally, go up to any MBTA worker in a station and just ask for a CharlieCard.  It’ll be empty and you can add $$ to it at any machine, but it’s so much cooler looking (and cheaper) than constantly buying CharlieTickets.

7. Go to all of the clubs!


Freshman year, I went to the Fall Fest where all of the clubs were out and you could sign up for whatever you want.  I signed up for I think 30 clubs, and I only wound up going to 10 of them, and I’m now still in 4 of them.  But still, I’ve learned I enjoy things I never would’ve signed up for if I wasn’t looking for new things to try.  Try out for an a cappella ensemble if you want!  Don’t get in?  There’s the NU Songwriting Club instead.  Do you like video games?  Give the NU Game Development Club a shot!  There’s something for everyone, and clubs are a great opportunity to make friends and even start networking!

8. Go to Rebecca’s often and not during peak times!

Rebecca’s is the hidden gem on campus and I missed out on it for most of freshman year because I was too afraid to ask anyone where it was.  For the record, it’s in the lower level of Churchill Hall, right by Snell Library.  They’re open weekdays from 7 am – 4 pm, and have the world’s best sandwiches (my fav is the Tuscan Turkey, but you figure out your fav!).  My suggestion is to go DURING class times.  DO NOT GO TO REBECCA’S RIGHT AFTER A CLASS LET OUT.  You will be stuck in line for the longest time, but if you wait even 15 minutes after class and then go, it’ll be a much shorter wait.

9. Make use of the Marino Recreation Center!

While you live in a dorm semi-close to the Marino Center, get your butt off of your bed and away from your computer and GO. TO. THE. GYM.  You won’t regret it.  It’ll help to keep the dreaded freshman 15 away, and will make you feel less guilty about all the nights you spend eating Ben and Jerry’s with your roommate watching The Bachelor.  The Marino Center is 3 stories, has an indoor track, a rock climbing wall, a weight room, basketball courts, fitness studios, and a TON of different exercise machines.  Some people find it weird that on the first floor of the gym there are several restaurants with eating areas right below the people working out.  I find it motivating.  I will gladly go on the treadmill and run my ass off while staring down at the man eating a burrito and feeling powerful.  Like “Heck yeah, I’m working my ass off while you’re eating a savory slab of meat down there!  Well guess what?  I’m gonna get a burrito later too and I’m not going to feel bad about eating it, like I’m sure you are right now.  So HAH!”

10. Have fun!


Whatever that means for you, have tons of fun!  I know college is stressful and your classes may be harder than you expected, but when you walk across that stage in TD Garden and accept your diploma, it’ll all be worth it.  Make plenty of friends, because your friends will come and go as the years go on.  Join as many clubs as you can handle.  Run when you can, so you can eat whatever you’d like.  Get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night!  You’ll thank me later.  Go out often but don’t go too crazy.  Call your parents – they miss you and you know it.  These are the best years of your life, so let your new home of Northeastern University help you make the best of it.


10 Signs You Go To University of Houston

1. You got lost on your first day of class because campus is so huge


Garrison gym?? What do you mean it’s across Cullen? Is that even on campus? Yes, yes it is.

2. You’ve gone to a football game

Because our football team is kind of awesome

3. If you didn’t have a lot of red t-shirts before…you do now

But that’s okay, it just makes it easier for you to participate in…

4. Cougar red fridays!!!

It’s kind of a big deal.

5. You’ve chilled by the fountains to catch a breather

not applicable if you came to UH spring of 2014 or afterwards, but not to worry, my friends the fountains should be up and running again by August 2016)

6. You’ve rubbed shasta’s paw at least once before going to take a tough exam

Don’t worry, her growl is worse than her bite

7. The Starbuck’s line at the UC was almost a mile long but you waited anyway because classes got you like…

8. You’ve sipped upon a latte at our campus’ very own Nook Cafe

And yes, they’ll do it extra hot if you ask.

9. Tried your best to avoid the freshman 15 but the food trucks got you like…

10. You never find parking in the lots if you get to campus after 10 am

But it’s okay because…

11. PUPPIES!!!

Yea, that’s right! every semester we have Final’s Mania where students get to play with puppies and eat free waffles at the MD Anderson library. It kinda helps with the “mania” we tend to get around finals time. (See what I did there?)

10 People You Meet at FSU

Florida State University is an environment full of different sorts of people, since everyone from any walk of life has the potential to get in. Everyone will find their niche within the enormous student body. These are some of the kinds of people you are guaranteed to meet on your journey through FSU.

1. The DJ

They say they DJ at Coli or Tabu every weekend, but you’ve never seen them there. They have a ton of equipment in their apartment, from amps to countless mixing boards, always spotless, but you’ve never seen them use any of it. You wonder if they actually make money off of this stuff, but for now you just tell the Uber to hand him the aux.

2. The Monday-Saturday Party Animal

This person never sleeps, and if they do it’s a power nap from 2-5 pm to prepare for this night’s drunkfest. Their diet consists of 10-dollar vodka and Gumby’s, you’ve never seen them in class or around campus, and sometimes you wonder if they even go to FSU. They know all the weekend drink deals at every club by heart and know exactly where to go and where to be. They’re secretly the most organized friend you have.

3. The ‘Stro-mbie’


They live in the library, rarely seen outside of Strozier’s third floor. This person knows the maintenance staff like family, the Starbucks in Strozier knows their order by heart. You swear, if you asked, this person would know where even the most obscure book was located. At least they’re utilizing their resources.

4. The Overcompensating Frat Boy

He lets everyone know that he basically lives at Heritage Grove, he can shotgun a beer in less than two seconds (honestly it’s a feat of nature you should see it), and he’s a big fan of boat shoes, he’s your local fraternity brother. Most of his brothers are actually really chill and fun to party with, but this one has something to prove, beer pong will become a contact sport with this guy.

5. The Netflix buff

Between watching the next season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or going to Pots, this person always chooses to stay in and Netflix binge. They’re full of spoilers, short on time, and always freak out when a new season is released on the site. It’s impossible to talk about any show without them spoiling something. If you’re behind the recent update it’s your own fault for slacking on your binging, you’d better catch up before you’re left behind.

6. The foodie

This person is always at a dining hall, they know the weekly deals at The Pod. If you need a snack, you can bet this person has granola bars or chips in their bag. Their apartment is always the best place to pregame since there are so many snacks. They’re the reason you gained the freshman 15 yet, somehow, this person never gains any weight.

7. The art major

This person sees the world in their own zany way, they’re extremely talented and are always ready to talk about their latest project. But make sure never to ask for free artwork, they won’t do it.

8. The seasonal Football ticket holder

This person has insane spirit. Every game, for them, is life or death. They’ve been coming to games since they were kids and have endless FSU spirit gear. They will be the first person to tell you that our rivalry is actually more with UM than UF, even though they hate both pretty equally. They take cheering very seriously and will have probably taught you every cheer before the first 5 minutes of the game. They will have body paint for the UF game, don’t even bother to ask.

9. The “Trump”ican

This is the one conservative guy in, what seems to be, a sea of liberals. This person wears the Trump hat proudly but very rarely talks about politics. You can almost forget their strong opinions against any sort of immigration, that is, until 10 pm during a pregame. For some reason, alcohol seems like just the right social lubricant for this person to convince their liberal friends that a wall across the border is totally necessary! This always backfires, as before they can even mention Muslims, they’ll be surrounded by angry, drunk liberals.

10. Your Best friends

These are the best people you’ll ever meet; you’ll do almost everything with them. They’ll see you at your best and your worst, They’ll stand by you through everything, even if you did something stupid at Pots the night before. Keep those friends close.