15 Reasons Why UW Madison is Better Than Minnesota

The age-old border battle isn’t even a question: the University of Wisconsin-Madison is undeniably better than the University of Minnesota. Whether it be the outstanding sports teams, the exceptional academics, or the outrageous parties, the Gophers just can’t compete with what Wisconsin has to offer. Sorry Goldy, but Bucky’s got you beat.

1. Football 

Ahhh, the good old Gopher vs. Badger football rivalry. The two teams face off every year in order to win Paul Bunyan’s Axe (a tradition that started in 1948), and the Badgers have held onto the axe for ten straight years. Not only is Wisconsin better at football, but their fans are much more spirited. “Jump Around” literally causes an earthquake in the stands.

2. Basketball

The Badgers don’t limit their skill to football either; their basketball team is also outstanding. Not only did Wisconsin beat Minnesota during the regular season, but they also made it much farther during the 2017 March Madness tournament. The Badgers defeated the defending champions, while the Gophers got upset by a #12 seed. It’s pretty obvious which team dominates the court.

3. Dairy Products

Badgers are Cheeseheads, and they’re proud of it! Wisconsin is known for their dairy, so you can bet that you’ll find food here that is unrivaled. Whether it be the famous Babcock ice cream or Mac N’ Cheese at the dining hall, Minnesota can’t even compete. You’ll gain the Freshman 15 anywhere, but at Madison it’ll actually be worth it.

4. Parties

Wisconsin was recently ranked the number one party school in the nation by the Princeton Review, while Minnesota didn’t even make the top 20. There are plenty of frat parties and bars for your Thursday (and Friday…and Saturday…) nights out, so it’s pretty safe to say Wisconsin knows how to throw down. A Badger could out-drink a Gopher any day.

5. Academics

The party scene might be what Madison is known for, but its academics are equally as impressive. According to QS University, Madison ranked in the top 1% academically in over 45 subjects. Not only can Badgers party hard, but they also are able to wake up and go to class the next morning.

6. Bar Scene

Forget Sally’s, because the Madison campus holds some of the most iconic college bars. The Nitty Gritty, The Red Shed and Brats are just a few of the college’s hot spots. Wisconsin’s bar scene is always lit, and it’s even legal for someone younger than 21 to drink if their parents say it’s cool (and it totally is).

7. Ian’s Pizza

There is no restaurant on the Minnesota campus that even comes close to Ian’s Pizza. They have a variety of signature pizzas (Mac N’ Cheese Pizza, anyone?), and Ian’s makes for the ideal meal after a drunk night out. Or for a movie night in. Or, really for any meal of the day.

8. Halloween

People visit from all across the country to experience a Madison Halloween. Freak Fest has events up and down State Street, including multiple concerts and parties that last all night long. No other school’s Halloween can rival State Street’s. Gophers, be scared.

9. The Terrace

There is no place on the Minnesota campus that is quite as beautiful as the Memorial Union Terrace. The Terrace offers a perfect view of Lake Mendota, a variety of restaurants, and sometimes even live music! The venue is so great that there is even a tradition of stealing the iconic Memorial Union chairs! The Gophers probably don’t have a tradition like this because their campus has nothing worth taking anyways.

10. Farmer’s Market

The best way to start spring is a trip to the Farmer’s Market at the Madison capitol. The market is always so diverse and bursting with excitement. You can get anything from fresh fruits/vegetables to homemade pastries to handmade clothing items. It is impossible to visit the market and leave with nothing.

11. The Food Trucks

While usually food trucks have the reputation of being cheap and unsanitary, the opposite is true in Madison. It is impossible to walk down State Street during lunch time and not get caught up in the aroma of the row of delicious food trucks. Whether you’re in the mood for Korean burritos, spring rolls or hibachi, UW’s State Street has it all.

12. The Library Collection

A fact that is unknown to most is that Madison has a bigger library collection than the University of Minnesota. With a larger collection, the university is able to offer more total resources (books, magazines, online resources, etc) to its students. Read it and weep, Gophers.

13. Layout of the Campus

The layout of the Madison campus is much more organized than the Minnesota campus. The MN campus covers two cities that are miles apart, and it can take extra time for students to get to their classes. Madison’s campus has a college-town vibe, and even though the campus is huge it still feels comfortable and safe. Plus, Wisconsin offers the best of both worlds with Southeast and Lakeshore sides of campus.

14. Bascom Hill

Madison has Bascom Hill: an iconic location on campus. Whether you’re rubbing Lincoln’s statue for good luck, having an annual hundred-person snowball fight, or overlooking State Street, Bascom Hill is one of the most gorgeous spots on campus. Does Abe give the Gophers good luck before exams? I didn’t think so.

15. The School Spirit

When it comes to school spirit, Madison is number one. Everyone that attends is proud to be a Badger, and shows it! Not only is UW-Madison a university, but it’s also a community of students and staff who are passionate about what they do. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the stands or a classroom – all Badgers are family!

While the University of Minnesota is an excellent school, it really doesn’t compare to UW-Madison. Wisconsin academics, athletics and school pride all prove it to be the best university. Sorry Gophers, better luck next time.

10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at Towson University

Transitioning from high school to college is always a complicated process from the little things, like deciding where you are going to eat lunch, to the big ordeals, such as making an effort to not fail every class you are enrolled in. The tips mentioned in this article will help you succeed in all areas of college and will give you the opportunity to become your best self your freshman year. Here are 10 tips to survive freshman year at Towson University!

1. Meet People in Your Residence Hall

Towson is a big school on a small campus, and it may be overwhelming to try and find friends your first semester. For once, ignore everything your mom taught you about safety and strangers and leave your door open for a while to get to know people on your floor. You’re going to want to have some people (that you don’t have to sign in) to binge watch Netflix with on your lazy nights.

2. Make at Least One Friend in Each Class

This is the most helpful tip for those people who never go to class. Making a friend in your class gives you an accessible outlet to contact when you skip, (and friends will always share their notes with you). Don’t forget to grab their digits so you can study for your finals together to prevent each other from failing out.

3. Have Lots of Snacks in Your Dorm

Some days you are just going to be so lazy that you can’t even bring yourself to leave your bedroom. On these days, you are going to want to have enough snacks to last you through your hibernation period. Towson also closes almost all their food places at senior citizen time so you are going to want to have some late-night munchies.

4. Leave Your Dorm Occasionally

Don’t get too comfortable in your room, I love sleeping and watching Netflix in my dorm just as much as the next person, but you will get cabin fever if you stay in for too long. Towson is actually pretty on a nice day, and it’s relaxing and refreshing to catch some rays. So, leave your residence hall once in a while. 

5. Visit the Library Often

The library is the opposite of lame. Everyone and their mother visits Cook Library. It’s not weird or nerdy, and getting a group to go is even more fun. Plus, there is a Starbucks on the main floor that accepts meals after 4. You can’t pass up that opportunity.

6. Have a Planner

As much as people are convinced that they can remember everything they need for each of their classes, they can’t. You must write things down. Especially when you start getting involved in organizations on campus you are going to be a busy bee.

7. Keep Your Room Clean

You will thank me on those blurry nights when you walk on a clean floor into a clean bed. Enough said.

8. Refer to the Syllabus Often

Everything you need to know about the class is written in the syllabus. You do not want to be that student who annoys everyone in the class asking when things are due. This is also a chance to see what’s coming and get ahead on some of your assignments.  

9. Try to Stay Organized

Being organized is the only way to keep you sane when you are taking a ton of credits. Label your folders and notebooks to distinguish which classes supplies are for the right class. If it makes it easier bring your laptop everywhere. Just keep your classes in folders and save your assignments.  

10. Be Frugal!

This is the most important tip you can have during your first year at school. College is expensive and you are bound to spend way more than what you want to spend. Be aware of the purchases you are making. Don’t spend all your money on Order Up or Ubers. You will regret it the next morning.

Overall your freshman year is not awful. You will meet new people and become involved in so many great things to prepare for your future. Following the tips mentioned will help you avoid the worst parts about your freshman year to stop yourself from having a bad view about college for the next three years.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

First let’s talk about food that are on Campus at Northeastern University.

1. Chicken Lous

Chicken Lou’s is a staple of Northeastern pride. It’s juicy, artery-clogging menu will literally give you diabetes by just walking past and sniffing the air, but you DEFINITELY have to try a TKO there before you graduate.  But don’t get addicted, or else you’ll be spending your free time at Marino.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

2. Rebecca’s

Rebecca’s is a treasure but also a curse. Located underneath Churchill Hall, this dining-hall-swipe-friendly spot is open 7am-4pm on weekdays.  Their sandwiches and grill are amazing, but the wait is incredible.  Make sure to get there right in the middle of a class period, and don’t even bother trying to go immediately after class.  I would highly recommend the Tuscan Turkey for your first start, and then move on to a Rebecca Roll.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

3. Qdoba

Located right across the street from Marino, you can stop into Qdoba and grab a nice burrito or taco after a well-earned workout. The line can sometimes be long but their free guac is definitely worth it.  Highly recommend trying a smothered burrito, with cheese sauce on the inside AND outside of it.  Heaven via queso.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

4. Amelia’s

There is a constant battle between students on which burrito place is better: Qdoba or Amelia’s. Amelia’s isn’t TECHNICALLY on campus like Qdoba is, but it’s like 2 steps away from it.  Amelia’s has better vegetarian options and offer amazing churros, but they charge for guac while Qdoba doesn’t.  If you’re looking to treat yourself to a slightly more “authentic” Mexican cuisine, you should take the extra few steps to Amelia’s.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

5. Uburger

When you walk into Curry Student Center, all you can smell is the grease and no matter what diet you’re on, you suddenly crave Popeyes. Stay away from that though and hit up Uburger.  Located right next to where Taco Bell used to be (R.I.P.), Uburger has tons of hamburger, chicken patty burgers, turkey burger, and veggie burger options.  They’re shakes are to DIE for – would highly recommend treating yourself to an Oreo Shake after a hard exam.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University


6. Crispy Dough Pizzeria

As a New York native, Boston pizza stinks. It’s true.  But the closest I’ve found to eating good pizza is down Tremont St, about a 10 minute walk from campus, to Crispy Dough Pizza.  You absolutely need to try their Buffalo Chicken slices, as well as their Chicken Bacon Ranch.  They have Italian dishes as well if you’re not feeling pizza – but let’s be honest – when do you NOT want pizza?  It’s highly addictive and 1000% better than UHOP, Sweet Tomatoes in Curry, and especially better than BHOP.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

7. Mike’s Donuts

Do you live on the hill and wake up on the weekends craving something very unhealthy but also amazing? Get your lazy butt out of bed and walk down Tremont St. to Mike’s Donuts for a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel.  Let me tell you, as a New York native, I am VERY picky when it comes to bagel sandwiches.  Mike’s is as close to a NY bagel place as you will find near campus.  They have amazing donuts as well and their coffee is phenomenal.  Plus, if you go there often enough, the wonderfully nice ladies who work behind the counter slip you a few donut holes.  And keep an eye out for their coffee punch cards – if you purchase 9 coffees, you get the 10th free!

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

8. Butterfly Falafel

Located conveniently inside Roxbury Crossing Orange Line stop, Butterfly Falafel is the best location near campus for falafel. So when you get off the T after a long day of classes or co-op and are about to go to your off-campus apartment, and you can choose between either Dominos or Butterfly Falafel, you’ll know what to do. Love yourself; get a falafel veggie plate.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University


9. Lucy’s Ethiopian Cafe

Going on a fancy date with someone not from Tinder? Want to impress them with your “worldly tastes”?  Take them to Lucy’s on Mass Ave.  It’s about a 5-10 minute walk off campus, right by Symphony Hall.  You order a bunch of little plates and try a bunch of new, interesting food.  Go there with your friends before the date and figure out what you actually like if you’ve never had Ethiopian before, so you can definitely pronounce things correctly and seem super cultured to your date.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

10. Pho Basil

Great first date location!!!!! Located down Mass Ave near Berklee’s campus, this little Thai place has a ton of options and everything tastes wonderful.  I would’ve recommended Pho and I, which is closer to campus down Huntington, since I went there on a first date once – but another time I went back and there was a dead fly on our table.  So that kind of ruined the mood.  Stick to Pho Basil and if you’re basic, like me, stick with Pad Thai, or Crispy Pad Thai if you’re slightly less basic.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

11. Rice Bowl

Looking for cheap Chinese food near campus? Definitely hit up Rice Bowl.  They have all your Chinese food cravings and they deliver!  But if you feel like taking a short 5-10 minute walk, it’s down Hemenway and will help you to burn off the way-too-many calories you’re going to consume in fried rice and lo mein.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University


12. Gyro City

We’ve all got that one Greek friend, and whether they’re in a sorority/frat or not, they’ll recommend Gyro City. This area is a little bit of a further walk, about 15-20 minutes, but you could get delivery if you really want.  After a nice stroll through the Fens, and halfway to Fenway Park, you’ll hit a strip of restaurants, including this one, that’s wonderful.  I highly recommend their Chicken Souvlaki.  Very filling, very Greek, very good.

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

13. El Pelon Taqueria

El Pelon is another cute date restaurant if you want to walk through the Fens holding hands to get there. They have all the food a taqueria should and it’s really tasty, for a low price!  This is a weird suggestion but they have really great lemonade if you’re thirsty on a hot spring day.  Definitely suggest going (or getting delivery)!

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

14. Neighborhood’s Coffee and Crepes

Do you want to go out to brunch with your girlfriends but you aren’t 21 yet and you don’t have a lot of money? Neighborhood’s is the place for you!  It’s a great place to take your girlfriend to gossip over crepes and coffee, and it’s down that same strip as the other two above.  You could also just have a weird hungry day of eating at Gyro City, then El Pelon, and then finishing it off with dessert at Neighborhood’s.  Don’t recommend the combo, but definitely recommend coming here at least once!

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

15. Tasty Burger

And finally, we have the legendary Tasty Burger! Right outside Fenway Park, this is a wonderful location for a good burger and beer.  The Starvin’ Student deal makes this worth it, where you can get a burger, fries, and a beer for $10 with your ID.  Their burgers are pretty good and they have sweet shakes as well if you’re feeling that over alcohol.  And if you’re not, they have tons of alcohol choices.  Just try not to go on a night when there’s a Red Sox game or you’ll regret it and wind up at the food court in CityTarget.  But you DEFINITELY need to go to Tasty Burger before your time at Northeastern is up!!!

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University


16. Punjab Palace

There’s no real good Indian food places near campus, but if you’re on co-op and have a little extra money and a craving for Chicken Tikka Masala, call up Punjab Palace and order their Vegetable Samosas as an appetizer. Their Indian food is INCREDIBLE and although pricey, very worth it to treat yourself at least once a semester.  Don’t forget the naan!

15 Best Places to Eat On or Near Northeastern University

10 Things We Suffer Through As DePaul Students

Being a DePaul student could be stressful sometimes. Here are 10 things we suffer through as DePaul students!

1. CTA Delays

Getting to class can be as simple as 15 minutes on the brown line looking out at the beautiful Chicago scenery, or 30 minutes on a crowded redline sweating to get off into a subway station that smells a lot like urine.

2. Homeless People

I get seeing them in the loop and on various occasions in the city, but right on DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus? Really? We’re more broke than you are! I know college students that use their extra change to actually pay for their food or coffee.

3. Chicago Weather

“Should I wear a coat today?” Is a question we ask ourselves no matter if it’s the Middle of December or the end of July. Rain means wearing waterproof shoes to walk in the gross city streets so your shoes don’t get soaked.

4. The Smoker Steps

Every student that enters DePaul will probably have a class in SAC, which means that you will have to walk by the Smoker Steps. Depending on what time of day it is and how busy classes are, it can range from a small stream of smoke to a big cloud that will make you want to hold your breath.

5. The Quarter System

It’s fine the beginning of the year when we start later than everyone else, and when we get a month long winter break. But when we start back up right after New Years, and then we don’t finish our academic year until Mid-June; meanwhile our state-school friends get out in May.

6. Stu Food

Although it’s not exactly Olive Garden, we can give Chartwells credit for proving themselves better than most schools. But that being said, Chartwells isn’t exactly a 5 star Michelin Restaurant.

7. ETC Prices

Even though it’s right on campus, ETC is really only good to shop at if you’re trying to use your meal plan or you need a quick study snack. Otherwise, if you want to do some grocery shopping, you’re better off walking to CVS.

8. Creepy Statues

We have to walk past the creepy statue of father Egan every time we enter and exit the stu, as well as the statue of St. Vinny reading to kids in the library. Don’t look at it too long, or it’ll start to feel like they’re staring at you.

9. Friday classes

Everyone has to suffer through Friday classes at least once in their academic career. You forgot to register for the classes you want so you take whatever is open, and then before you know it you’re in Arts & Letters at 8:30 on a Friday morning.

10. The elevators

No matter which building you’re in, the elevators on campus are always a hassle. They’re either really crowd, or take forever to get to your floor. Forget about taking the stairs, you’re trying to get to floor 11 from the first floor- you’re not going to get to class on time.

10 Must Go Places Near VCU

Ever just sitting in your dorm or apartment wondering what to do? Well have no fear here are ten must go place near VCU to keep boredom at bay. Also great places to take your family when they come visit.

1. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Whether you’re a lover of the arts or not the VMFA is an incredible place. The museum takes you through time as you walk from exhibit to exhibit. Be transported through the art of the Ancient Egyptians and question reality after seeing a Jackson Pollak painting. The VMFA is sure to make a memorable visit.

2. Belle Isle

Need an escape from the crowded streets of Richmond? Well go down to the river and cross one of the magical bridges into a beautiful natural oasis. Take a trek along the trail and if you’re feeling brave create your own trail.

3. Carytown

Retail therapy is the solution to any and all stress in life. If school is driving you crazy go to the beautiful Carytown, where you can shop and eat until you forget why you were stressed in the first place. Don’t forget to grab a cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes because while school may be unpredictable, cupcakes will never let you down.

4. Hollywood Cemetery

Okay so I know how this sounds. Hanging out in a cemetery never ended well for anyone. Just watch any horror movie. But Hollywood Cemetery offers some incredible scenery as well as a fascinating history.

5. Maymont

Imagine a beautiful mansion surrounded by the most breathtaking gardens. Maymont offers all this and more. With a variety of gardens and the incredible history it’s like stepping into a fairytale.

6. Byrd Theatre

What better place to take your family than to a theater named after of the founders of the city. The Byrd Theatre, located in Carytown, is true cinematic treasure. The best part? Tickets only cost $4.

7. Virginia War Memorial

It is no secret that Virginia holds a lot of history. This great state has seen the rise of a nation and the continued fight for freedom. The Virginia War Memorial is an incredible tribute to those Virginians who made the ultimate sacrifice from the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War. The memorial sits on a hill that overlooks the river and the city and stands as a beacon to welcome the soldiers home.

8. Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

Another cool piece of Richmond history in the middle of the Fan. The Branch museum boasts a beautiful estate and garden inspired by Tudor-Revival Design. The estate can also be rented out for wedding and events. (note: future wedding venue)

9. Monument Avenue

Monument Avenue, like the name implies is a beautiful street filled with incredible monuments at nearly every block. Fair warning if you hate roundabouts, don’t drive there. The street is filled with beautiful houses and is a great place to go for a walk.

10. Capitol Square Park

Another beautiful outdoor area that is prime picnic location. Capitol Square Park is located in the heart of the city. Enjoy this little piece of paradise surrounded by the city, statues, fountains and the gorgeous capital design by Thomas Jefferson himself.

10 Tips to Surviving Your First Year at UVA

Freshman year at UVA coud be hard sometimes, but don’t worry! Here are 10 Tips to Surviving Your First Year at UVA!

1. Go to Runk brunch

Although your first dining hall breakfast experience may be exciting, rest assured you will get sick (literally) of the rubbery “liquid egg product” and stale Cheerios served at OHill and Newcomb. But don’t lose hope, Runk saves weekend brunch with breakfast favorites like French toast and REAL bacon! Trust me, it’s worth the trek.

2. Use this before you register for classes

The Course Forum is a great resource to check out student reviews and average GPAs of classes you’re considering taking. It has saved countless Hoos from enrolling in those dreaded courses with hundreds of pages of reading a night, or taught by professors who don’t believe in A’s. Don’t be scared to take a supposedly “hard” class, but make sure it’s really worth it!

3. Take advantage of Plus Dollars

You get 50 Plus Dollars per semester with your meal plan—USE THEM. Buy some edible (AKA non-dining hall) food at places like the Pav or In the Nood, or go crazy in Crossroads. Seriously. Use them to get good food. It’s basically free.

4. Go to Lighting of the Lawn

Lighting of the Lawn is one of UVA’s best traditions. The entire student body gathers on the lawn for a hype concert of all UVA’s Acapella groups, and then for a light show on the Rotunda. LOTL takes place right at the end of first semester, but even in the midst of finals week this event is well worth the study break.

5. Bring a fan and a mattress topper

I’m sorry to have to be the one tell you, but if you’re assigned to old dorms you won’t have air conditioning. The good news is your room will only feel like a mini oven for the first few weeks of school, but bring a fan to make those weeks a little more bearable. Also, no matter what dorm you’re in, the mattresses are about as soft as sidewalk so make sure you bring a comfy mattress topper.

6.  Avoid signing up for classes that start before 9:00 am

Sure, high school started at 7:30 and you managed to make it on time (almost) every day. But trust me, any class before 9am will feel like the break of dawn. Odds of you making it to this class are slim to none, so do your attendance grade a favor and sign up for a later class time. You’ll thank me when your alarm isn’t going off at 7am on a Monday.

7. Call your parents

You are going to get homesick. Odds are you won’t admit it to your friends and likewise they won’t admit it to you, but it’s going to happen. Give your parents a call whenever you’re feeling down—I promise it helps them just as much as it helps you.

8. Leave Trinity before 1:45 am

Even the best bars have a closing time, and Trin is no exception. Trinity technically closes at 2am, but be warned—they turn the lights on 1:45. And I mean really really bright lights. Do yourself a favor and leave by 1:30 to avoid having your end-of-the-night hair revealed from the cover of Trin darkness.

9. Use Safe Ride

Chances are you’ll have more than one late night in the library, and let’s be honest Uber is expensive. It may be tempting to just walk back to your dorm at the end of the night, but UVA wants to make sure you get home safe and sound. Safe Ride is a university pick up service that will send a car to pick you and drive you home, free of charge. Better safe than sorry (plus why walk when you can get a ride amiright??)

10. Take advantage of the Lawn

The lawn is one of the most well-known, well-loved parts of UVA, and we’re just a 10 minute walk from it—how lucky are we? Take advantage of the amazing snap worthy scenery and lush lawn by making it your sunny day study spot or having a Take It Away picnic with your besties. And hey, the Rotunda isn’t a bad view either.

10 UMD Resources You May Not Have Heard Of

College can be a struggle to get through. So where do you turn when you’re in trouble? If you’re at UMD, these recourses can help you on your journey. Here are 10 UMD resources you may not have heard of!

1. Testudo

I’m not talking about the turtle sitting in front of McKeldin Library silly. I’m talking about the online resource you should have learned about during your first week here. Testudo can solve most of your current student needs such as course registration, grades, transcripts, financials, academic calendars, and academic deadlines.

2. ELMS Canvas

Or ELMS for short.  This website is a handy course planner that lists all your classes and upcoming assignments. You can message your classmates and professors through here.

3. WebAssign

Everyone hates it. It’s the preferred way for math professors to assign homework usually due at random times in the morning (like 4:23 AM). But you gotta do it anyways. I suppose it’s environmentally friendly.

4. UMD Website

Good for finding out if school is closed. Enough said.

5. Department website

Useful for finding out about event pertaining to your major. Also good for looking for jobs and internship opportunities. Plus, you can schedule meetings with your advisors which everyone has to do every single semester.

6. STAMP website

You can find out interesting events taking place at STAMP. Also good for when you want to know when the food court closes.

7. UMD Library website

The website has a treasure trove of academic research articles. You’ll be here often since most papers require at least one citation from a research article found through the website.

8. Free Adobe Suite (including Photoshop)

That’s right. As long as you’re a UMD student, you get free, unlimited access to the entire Adobe Suite. If you graduate, you can take the software with you. How cool is that???!

9. Terrapin Express

So you can recharge your Terrapin Express when your money is low. You can use Terrapin Express in the various cafes on campus as well as the food court.

10. Writing Center

If you’re struggling in writing, you can book an appointment on the website which also offers tips to help you become a better writer. There’s a handy FAQ section.

10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at The Ohio State University

Plan on being a Buckeye?  Have no idea about how college works?  Well, worry not!  With these 10 tips, not only will you survive freshman year at The Ohio State University, but you’ll also live it to the fullest J Read on!

1. Download the Ohio State University Phone App

Let’s be real, all of you busy bees are never too busy to check your phones – I’m not gonna lie, I’m on the same boat.  With this app downloaded onto your phone, you’ll have access to information ranging from dining locations and nearby bus stops to class schedules and grades all at the click of a button. 

2. Join your OSU ‘Class of’ Page on Facebook

Lose your jacket on a night you can barely remember? Find someone’s Buck ID laying on a table at Blaze?  Looking for a fourth person to fill a quad?  Well, worry not!  Not only does the OSU ‘class of’ page act as a lost and found, it also acts as a platform to connect with fellow buckeyes. 

3. Attend & Actually Pay Attention in Your Mandatory Freshman Exploratory Class

As much as you’d like to think otherwise, most of you are bound to either skip OSU’s mandatory Exploration class, or instead attend it half asleep.  However, believe it or not, the information you’ll attain through this class is much more valuable than you’ll think it is.  Ergo, don’t be the green chick from SpongeBob and actually pay attention in class. 

4. Talk to Your RA if You’re Stressed, They’re There to Help You

While trying to juggle between academics, clubs and maintaining a social life (if you have one that is) (just kidding), college can be very stressful.  Though you’ll have your friends and family to lean on, know that your RA is also there and always more than happy to talk to you and help you when need be. 

5. USG is Your Voice in College. Use it.  Use Them.    

Know that your voice matters.  Never be afraid to speak up and stand up for what you believe in.  Even if you’re not a part of USG, you can attend the meetings, voice your opinion on issues and put forth your ideas & concerns. 

6. Complete the Buck-I-CARE about Consent session ASAP

Consent is sexy!  Complete the 60-minute Buck-I-CARE About Consent session as soon as possible and avoid being late on your submissions to your advisor. 

7. Instead of Spending All of Your “Free Time” Partying, use Some of it to Explore Columbus

Columbus is a beautiful city — from the art museum & conservatory downtown, to the cat café in Clintonville, there’s so much to see & so much to do – take advantage of your time and the outstanding city that we us Buckeyes get to call home! 

8. Find a Good Study Spot Early On

Thomson might seem beautifully empty and haunting towards the beginning of the year, but it fills up to the brim during finals.  And believe me when I say this, location makes all the difference when you’re trying to cram information last minute. 

9. Get Involved on Campus Through Clubs

College isn’t just about getting good grades.  It’s also about holistically developing, networking, and cultivating friendships that’ll last a lifetime. 

10. And Finally, Get Yourself a Buckeye’s Jersey

And as much collegiate apparel as possible.  We’re a school full of spirit – especially during football season!

 …Oh, and yeah, avoid using swear words such as *ichigan.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  Sort of.  Not really. 

Go Bucks! 🙂

10 Things You Only Understand if You Go to UVA

Every school has its quirks and traditions that really only make sense to its’ students and alumni, and UVA is no different. After nearly 200 years in business as a school, UVA probably has a list longer than most, but here are 10 things you only understand if you go to UVA.

1. The Amount of Pride One Can Have for a Bad Football Team

Ask any Wahoo and they will tell you that UVA doesn’t exactly have the best football team in the world. To our great chagrin, we usually lose more games than we win, but that has never stopped us from attending every game and being upset when we lose. Because despite it all we’re still proud of that team, so we better not hear any other school calling us bad…

2. The Magic of Bodo’s

Anyone who has ever lived in Charlottesville knows that Bodo’s Bagels is a downright magical place. Bodo’s is one place that has managed to become breakfast food, hangover food, a nice lunch spot, and a good place for a snack. The coffee may be terrible, but the bagels go above and beyond the call of duty of our local food joints, and UVA students love them.

3. The Blessing and Curse of Clem Library

Clemons Library is one of the only places on Grounds that is open 24/7 and as such it is usually the host of late night students getting their last bits of work finished. That in itself makes it a very popular spot, especially during finals when getting a spot is near impossible, but when finals are over and you finally emerge, you realize that you actually can’t stand it in there.

4. The Traditions of Being Old

UVA is fast approaching it’s bicentennial this October, and while being an old school is awesome, it means there are quite a few traditions to be upheld. Not everything dates back to 1817, but traditions like streaking The Lawn, the midnight snowball fight at first snowfall, and the Good Old Song are still done (or sung) with great pride. Heck, we even eat ice cream at certain events because it was Jefferson’s favorite dessert.

5. The Meaning of Student Self Governance

One of the most important ideals that UVA was founded on is that of student self-governance, or the idea that the students can govern themselves. It was based on the same concept as the US government (Jefferson helped make that one too) and essentially means that students create boundaries for ourselves and hold each other accountable to them through The Honor Code and the court system. It’s a unique system, but a great one because it makes us all follow and uphold The Honor Code as equals.

6. The Honor Code

The Honor Code sounds like a terrifying thing, but it is one of the greatest unappreciated-until-you-go-to-school-here things. The Honor Code basically says that if you cheat, lie, or steal and are caught there is a single sanction punishment, which is dismissal from the University. It’s pretty heavy, but if you follow it, then that all translates to ‘you can leave your stuff anywhere and nobody’s going to touch it’.

7. The Mystery of the Secret Societies

Ah, yes, the Secret Societies. UVA has at least 19 active secret societies, the 3 oldest and most famous being the Z Society, the Seven Society and the IMP Society. They leave their marks around Grounds in the forms of letters to certain organizations, donations and painted symbols on the steps and buildings. Not much is known about the societies, but several are over 100 years old and still manage to keep us in the dark.

8. The Meaning of a Large ‘Campus’

First of all, it’s Grounds. At first glance Grounds seems decently large, but it isn’t until you live here for a little while before you realize that large doesn’t begin to cover it. Grounds really extends miles in every direction of what you already knew, which just means that there are way more places to find coffee than you thought.

9. The Levels of Bad Dining Halls

UVA gets a bad rep for having bad food, an observation that is completely deserved. What is even more fascinating though, is that each of the 3 dining halls is worse than the next. Runk is okay, Newcomb is so-so, and we all avoid O’hill when we can.

10. The Beauty of the Rotunda

The Rotunda is the centerpiece of Grounds, and really the one thing that holds us all together. It was originally the library of UVA, though nowadays it functions as a museum and study space, as well as being the place where we hold everything from Convocation and Rotunda Sing to Graduation in the spring. After the latest renovation of it finished in spring 2016, the marble bust of our founder was reinstated in the entryway with the statement ‘Welcome Home, Mr. Jefferson’.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

Walking back late from Moffitt and hunger strikes you and just adds to your stress? Look no further, check out 11 of the Best Late Night Places to Grab a Bite at UC Berkeley.

1. Seniore’s Pizza

Operating Hours: 11AM-3AM. Hands down a top favorite at UC Berkeley, Seniore’s Pizza is the way to go in order to satisfy all of your late night cravings. Good portion size, relatively inexpensive pizzas, wings, the like, and high quality ingredients. Seniore’s will always be there for you. With such a central location, you really can’t ask for more.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

2. Taco Bell

Operating Hours: 7AM-2AM. A new staple on campus, Taco Bell on Durant is up and coming as the new hangout spot for night owls. The title says it all: Taco Bell. A classic in the fast food industry, Taco Bell Cantina has a nice interior, perfect location, and does what it says it does: provide fast food for people. In a rush? Ring the bell.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

3. Gypsies

Operating Hours: 10AM-12AM. Ever want heaping quantities of delicious pasta and sizzling chicken on your plate? If you’re willing to get past long late night lines, Gypsies is the way to go. Served with a delicate piece of garlic bread atop wholesome Italian cuisine, Gypsies is located at the heart of Asian Ghetto to be a gateway for student happiness.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

4. Boba Ninja

Operating Hours: 11AM-12AM. Since you are a student at UC Berkeley, chances are you’ve heard, tasted, or loved boba. If you ever have a boba craving which is something that 99% of students can identify with, check out Boba Ninja right next to Gypsies at Asian Ghetto. You can also get other snacks like chicken wings, french fries, and mountains of other fried goodness.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

5. Artichokes

Operating Hours: 11AM – 2AM. A staple for post-partying good, Artichokes is quick, easy, and cheap. A slice costs roughly four dollars, and the thin-crust is rolled out to be nearly the size of a huge textbook. Definitely not for the lactose intolerant out there but even if you are, heck, Artichokes is still good to go.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

6. Smoke’s Poutinerie

Operating Hours: 11AM – 4AM. Can you even call this late night eating? Or it could even be a morning craving. Nevertheless, taste the fresh food of Canada at Smoke’s Poutinerie. Offering tons of combinations of toppings for your poutine, Smoke’s truly breeds goodness from quality. It has won tons of city awards for having the best poutine in Berkeley, so never feel guilty for wanting French fries, cheese curds, and gravy late at night.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

7. King Pin Donut

Operating Hours: 7AM-2AM. If you ever catch a sweet tooth post-studying for your nutritional science midterm (haha), roll through King Pin Donut. If you are a broke college student like me, you can always get the “day-olds,” which are donuts from the previous day always at a discounted price. One of the only donut shops near campus, King Pin Donut has been operating for years!

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

8. Top Dog

Operating Hours: 10AM – 2AM. Quite possibly the cheapest and fastest food option for late night studyers, channel your inner baseball fan and stop by Top Dog on your way back from Moffitt. Nice staff, quick service, you can get a hot dog with amazing toppings for just $3.50. Now that’s a bargain if I’ve ever seen one.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

9. Tacos Sinola

Operating Hours: 11AM – 11PM.  Another option for quality Mexican food near campus, Tacos Sinola offers cheap tacos, nachos, and burritos all home-style. Tacos Sinola really knows how to keep it simple. Tortillas, meat, onions, and salsa. Quick and easy.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

10. Fat Slice Pizza

Operating Hours: 10:30AM – 11PM. Pizza is everywhere at Berkeley. But not many do it better than Fat Slice. Their pepperoni and cheese are staples served all the time, but they have varying other pizzas that come at a moments notice. Fat Slice lives up to the name, it’s a huge, thick slice of pizza. Every bite is going to be a good bite at this one.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

11. Postmates or UberEats or DoorDash

Operating Hours: Varies. If you’re in the the mood for something else, there are tons of opportunities at Postmates, UberEats, or DoorDash. A huge plus is that the food gets delivered to you, so you don’t even need to move a single finger. Also, these sites always host promotions for free delivery so definitely take advantage if you really can’t leave the library to grab some food.

11 Late Night Places to Eat at UC Berkeley

Abhisek Sahoo is a freshman at UC Berkeley. Abhisek is currently involved with business consulting and South Asian communities on campus, and is on the Intended Business and English track academically. Professionally, Abhisek hopes to use his degree to work in the financial industry on the East Coast. On a personal level, Abhisek spends his time working on microfinance lending, playing poker, and hanging out with his friends.