10 of the Best Class of 2020 Facebook Posts for University of Florida

Trying to find out what’s trending around campus or something to make you laugh? Then definitely check out these 10 great Facebook class of 2020 posts at University of Florida (http://www.ufl.edu).

1. Broward dorm’s Ralph the roach

This one took me by surprise as I was distracting myself from my homework with Facebook. Normally things about bugs freak me out, but this whoever made this shrine is hilarious.

2. Putting a picture of Brad Pitt from Inglorious Basterds as a solution to the Turlington Nazi

There has been so much talk about a random non UF student wearing a Nazi symbol around campus. Personally, I was appalled that someone could even think about promoting Nazi culture, but using Brad Pitt as a solution to the issue was humorous.

3. The Big Sean ft. Lil Yachty concert

So much hype has been going around for this big event at the O’Connell center where students were waiting in line for hours. The amount of FOMO I have right now is incalculable.

4. Riding the struggle bus for Chem 1, Bio 1 and any related classes

Don’t worry life gets better once you’re done taking them for a little bit. Unless you’re pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pa, pre-optometry or any of the other pre-professional tracks.

5. Huxley, a DJ from London, is performing at the Gallery Ultralounge

This looks pretty legit and is for anyone who is wants to listen to new music. Plus, Gallery is a fun place to check out if you’ve never been there before!

6. Dorm kitchen horror stories

Having never lived in a dorm, I found these stories to be quite comical. I mean how could someone forget about taking their cookies or cinnamon rolls out of the oven, such a tragedy..

7. A pigeon who was able to take a bath in a water fountain

I found this post to be quite entertaining, I always knew pigeons were kind of smart but not this smart.

8. A scooter that can operate on land and in water

We’ve all been caught in a rainy day in Gainesville and it’s definitely not fun. But now you can buy a scooter that allows you to get through those 5 foot puddles of water.

9. Girl Scout cookie sale locations

These cookies are unbelievably addictive and if someone says they don’t like them, you know they’re lying. If they’re coming to campus have your wallets ready!

10. Cantina getting evicted

Once a great place to go to in Midtown, has now been shut down for several reasons. Midtown will never be the same again..

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

Not only does UF have a wide variety of student involvement, it also offers some amazing restaurants near the campus! Whether you’re tired of the same old dining hall food or if you got a little extra spending money from your parents, there are certainly some places on this list that will grab your attention. As always, here are 10 of the best places to eat near UF.

1. Italian Gator Pizza (aka pizza by the slice)

I’m starting off with this one because pizza by the slice is a well known cure for the drunchies or to have during the day if you’re craving pizza. It’s open practically all night until 2:30 am so you won’t have to worry about ordering takeout. This place never disappoints and if you’re willing to splurge you should also try their garlic knots, they’re incredible.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

2. 3 Natives

I finally got a chance to try this place out last week and I had to say I was impressed. If you’re in the mood for a healthy snack, try one of their acai bowls (amazingly tasty) or salads. This place certainly hits the spot during the hot summer months in Gainesville.  

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

3. ooZoo

This is place has the best of everything including pizza, hamburgers, and wings so you can’t go wrong here. Plus, the atmosphere is pretty chill and it’s a great place to watch any sports game. Not only that, but they have an extensive beer selection, if you’re 21 and up of course.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

4. The Flying Biscuit

I know I mentioned places close to UF but I couldn’t resist mentioning this restaurant. If you’re looking for the best breakfast in town, this is place to go to. They give you a homemade biscuit with every meal and it’s hard to just have one. It’s definitely worth the drive because you won’t be disappointed.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

5. The Top

This place may be located a little far away from campus in downtown, but it’s well worth the walk, drive, or bike ride. They have an excellent hamburger and dinner selection plus their brunch is to die for. Just be aware this restaurant gets extremely busy so you’ll want to get there early to check it out but it’s well worth the wait.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

6. Reggae Shack Café

If you’re looking for something different, this is place to go to since it has a wide variety of Jamaican foods. Everything on the menu is delicious and has that spicy and exotic taste you would expect when you come here. I especially liked their boneless curry chicken and jerk pork.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

7. Karma Cream

Karma Cream is one of the few places that boasts a great selection of vegan items and ice cream selection. But just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better they have homemade baked goods and amazing coffee. Anyone who hasn’t tried this place yet definitely needs to.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

8. Designer Greens

Sometimes you just want to take a break from all of those fried and baked foods and go for some leafy greens instead. That’s why Designer Greens exists, so you can go for a quick snack and not feel guilt afterward. They also have a wide selection of toppings and salad dressing you can choose from while building your own salad.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

9. Flaco’s

Ironically, right next to Designer Greens is Flaco’s which boasts some pretty great Cuban food. Here you can order a delicious Cuban sandwich or some plantains. It’s also open pretty late so you can stop by and get something after going out.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

10. Relish

Last but certainly not least, Relish has super tasty burgers and fries and is conveniently located right across the street from campus. It’s not just their cheese fries and burgers that make it amazing but the amount of toppings you can choose from. It may be a little pricey but it’s worth the splurge when you’re craving a burger

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

11 Things You Know if You Have Lived in the Dorms at ISU

1. Don’t live in Watty if you’re afraid of heights

Watterson Towers is the tallest building between Chicago and St. Louis. It has 28 floors and is 298.5 feet tall.

2. First rule of Watty towers: don’t talk about Watty towers

What happens in Watty stays in Watty

3. Who needs mom when Watterson has every type of food available

From pizza to burgers to vegetarian options, Watterson food court has almost everything you could want to eat

4. Cardinal Court is basically a dorm except 1000 times cooler

What’s better than having tons of freedom, tons of free food, and a subway 100 feet away

5. Don’t get stuck on a lame floor

Some floors in the dorms are for certain majors and if it’s not your type of crowd, good luck surviving the whole year of boredom

6. Hewitt-Manchester has a subway inside

Subway seems to be all over campus…

7. Tri-Towers dining hall may not be as big as Watterson, but it is definitely less crowded

Bring on the all you can eat cookies

8. Speaking of dorm food, Watty chicken tenders are life

9. The elevators are not haunted even though they seem like it

They make weird noises but it’s not the Tower of Terror

10. You’ll never actually gain the freshman 15 if you don’t have a mini-fridge

Mini fridges allow for so much ice cream and junk food right in your bedroom

11. Living in the dorm is the first chance away from mom and dad

So call them as much as possible. Trust me they miss you.

10 Things You Only Understand If You Attend University of Houston

1. Squirrels…They always come up to you practically begging for food, but like, if I had enough money to buy food for you why haven’t I bought food for myself yet??

2. Speaking of food, the line at Chick fil A is always unnecessarily long.

3. and the line at Starbucks for that matter. Like, I need to be able to get my caffeine fix without falling asleep in line.

4. Can we also talk about how it is nearly impossible to find a quiet study area on campus during midterms? Library? Packed. UC? Too loud. Cougar Grounds? Packed and loud.

5. thatfeelwhen you have an 8:30 AM class at SEC and then your 10 AM class is at Melcher hall. The trek across campus alone feels like walking 5 miles, coupled with the weight of your backpack and student loans it feels like 10. Who needs the rec when you can just walk across campus?

speed walking meme

6. 8:30 classes. We all woke up at ungodly hours to go to school when we were in grade school but having to wake up early for a college class just feels wrong. #whyeven #isthedegreeworthit

7. The traffic though… Houston has pretty bad traffic as a rule, but it always seems to be the worst when you are running late for a class, or an exam…or both.

8. That being said UH has one of the most diverse- if not the most diverse- campuses in the nation. Aside from the random “You are all going to hell” protester, campus is a loving and inclusive place. You literally see people from all over the world here.

9. Football is a big deal. Even if these coaches ain’t loyal.

10. Also say goodbye to your fitness goals and call up the funeral home for your wallet because the food trucks at UH are no joke. Whether you are craving a waffle burger (trust me, you want one) or shaved ice, we gotchu.

13 Things You Can Only Understand if You Go To UTSA

Unless you’ve had the privilege of calling yourself a UTSA student, there are just some things that you won’t get. We’re a culture and family all our own, and as such we have our own special traditions.

1. Fiesta

The biggest San Antonio celebration of the year, Fiesta is the month long – we’ll, Fiesta! – that even spends some time on campus. It’s the free and easy way to get your dose of the fun while also helping some great causes.

2. Romo

President Ricardo Romo, or just Romo for short, is hands down the coolest president of a university ever. From participating in things like the Harlem Shake, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and the Mannequin Challenge to making sure all students and faculty felt safe as Campus Carry came into effect, he’s done everything in his power to make UTSA a great place to be.

3. How to Get Rowdy!

No one gets Rowdy like UTSA does, and we made sure everyone knows! Not only did we name our fine feathered mascot Rowdy, we also won a PINK Campus Showdown (and placed top 4 the year after). You’re certain to hear “GET ROWDY” at least 10 times at all campus events.

4. Cardio

Located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, UTSA is known for it’s stairs. We built our campus into hills, under ground, threw roads on top of it, and more. God help those with asthma, but everyone here has fantastic legs!

5. Barbacoa & BigRed

Every Sunday with an avocado and corn tortillas for $13. #Blessed


They said it would get better after the construction, but will there ever be an end to the construction? Most of us have accepted that we will never be able to get to our classes on time because of all the traffic.

7. Sombrilla Fountain

Legend says that if you jump in the fountain the night before your final, the waters will give you good luck. Even if that’s not true, the fountain uses condensation collected from the library to run, so it’s still pretty awesome.

8. Taco Taco Cafe

While there are a variety of great food choices on campus, Taco Taco Cafe is the only locally owned option that served fresh prepared Mexican food. Stop by early for the breakfast tacos, and there’s always a free salsa bar. If you have a craving for their amazing food off campus? They have locations around town, too!

9. AirRowdy

A bad name for equally bad WiFi. It never works. Not in the library, not for the professors, and especially not when you just logged into that timed exam.

10. Rowdy Rush

One of the coolest experiences for any student, the new freshmen have the opportunity to form a path for the football team to run through before every home game. After the game begins, you even get a great seat to watch the game!https://j.gifs.com/r0NXjp.gif

11. Pepsi

Don’t like Pepsi products? You’d better bring your own drink to class then. Pepsi made a better deal with UTSA than Coca-Cola, so Coke is shunned.

12. The Art

What’s up with those statues? Have you seen the portrait of John Peace and his wife in the JPL? And the Main Building Mosaics are simply amazing.

13. Birds Up

Not an invitation to make a rude gesture, it’s the UTSA hand sign! You’ll never forget it, because it’s pretty much the only thing you’ll see during orientation.

Top 10 Clubs to Join at University of Maryland

College isn’t just about coursework and classes; it can also be the place where you can join organizations that cater to your interests of fun or service. So here are the top 10 clubs you can join at UMD!

1. Vintage Voices

Do you enjoy singing? How about caring for the elderly? Why not do both at the same time? Vintage Voices is a vocal group dedicated to sharing their love of music with various nursing homes throughout the Maryland region. Studies have shown that listening to music can really help those who are in long term care facilities. In addition to physically going to nursing homes to sing, members also donate iPods so residents can listen to their favorite runes all day long! Worried that you can’t sing but still want to help? Vintage Voices is open to everyone regardless of singing ability, and there are no auditions required!

2. Muggle Quidditch

Who said the Quidditch had to stay in the Wizarding world? Not anymore! Prepare to mount your broomstick and chuck quaffles, dodge bludgers, or steal the golden snitch! No knowledge of magic is required.

3. Gamer Symphony Orchestra

Do you just love the soundtrack from your favorite video game? Every thought about playing it in front of an audience of over 1,000 people? Then the Gamer Symphony Orchestra is for you! A student run organization just fresh off its 10 year anniversary, UMD GSO is a great place for those who love video game music because that is the only thing they play! No auditions are necessary. Just bring your love of all things video game!


Have you ever wanted to be your own radio talk show host? Well now you can with WUMUC! Best of all, you determine the content of your programming because WMUC is a freeform radio station!

5. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Love Christ? Want to learn more about him and grow through his word? Want to spread the word throughout campus? Then join Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. It is the largest Christian group on campus and has many smaller sister groups. There is large group worship on Thursdays at Stamp as well as small group Bible study held on various days of the week.

6. I Am That Girl

A social club where both guys and girls join together to have a dialogue exploring the many stereotypes facing girls today and how to best combat them. The club provides a safe environment to talk about almost anything. Inspired by the bestseller on Amazon.

7. Press Uncuffed

Organization dedicated to advancing press freedom throughout the world. Freedom of the press is arguably the most important freedom from which all other freedoms are derived. Sadly, many countries jail journalists who dare tell the truth. Press Uncuffed petitions for the release of jailed journalists and raises money for trials. It’s a great club to join if you want to do some good in the world!

8. VR Club

Like virtual reality? Then join the VR club! Members create and play their games and applications for the Oculus Rift. Great way to use those Computer Science skills!

9. Model United Nations

This club is for those interested in leadership and country to country interactions within the United Nations. Members represent various countries and go to conferences where they draft resolutions based on real life scenarios. Any and all are welcome to join! Experience the thrills and challenges associated with being a diplomat without ever leaving home today!

10. The Diamondback

How cool is writing for the school newspaper? Really cool! This independent student-run newspaper has been published since 1910 and covers news and events from College Park to the legislature in Annapolis.

10 Things You Will Learn about WLU in your First Year

1. The Hawk

 If you have never taken a tour of WLU before accepting your offer, you will quickly come to learn that as a Laurier student there is one thing you NEVER do, and that is step on the Hawk. On the first floor of the Fred Nichols building, right in front of the U- Desk is where you will find this beautiful Purple and Gold plaque- like circle, engraved into the flooring. Like every school, of course, Laurier comes with its own regulations, superstitions, and punishments for when these things are disobeyed or denied. Not only is stepping on the hawk insulting, but it is also seen as disrespectful to the school, Wilfrid Laurier himself and to all the students and staff  in the building who view themselves as a fellow Golden Hawk. Though you will be penalized if found stepping on the hawk, it is not something which takes too much to be forgiven for. You merely need to bend down and physically kiss the hawk where it lays in front of all whom may be in the halls than after you kiss it, you will be forgiven by the spirit of the hawk and those around who you got caught by in the first place! 

2) The Motivation  

Over time living in residence, (If on campus) you will realize that what you thought was such a short walk to get to and from your classes-  seeing as your living quarters are so close- will soon become a great difficulty. This is especially when there are torrential downpours or snow storms outside. As the year goes on, you will get so use to being so close to everything that even walking from Conrad to the Music building will seem like a chore!

3) Fear the Geese

During the rainy, muggy and early spring months, Canadian geese can be found sprawled all over campus. Not only do they block paths on the side walk, and entrances to doors, but they discreetly follow you everywhere, leaving you tip toeing around campus almost like a ballerina. Not only are these geese found in packs, but they attack in packs as well. Warning to all first years, do not go up against a goose… you will run away… and you still will not win. Not only are they quite dangerous but they are evil animals which will leave you having nightmares about them flocking towards you. I do so believe that one day, they may take the campus for themselves, but until that day, may the odds be ever in your favour Golden Hawks.

4) Flex

Every single cent of your flex dollars will go towards Wilf’s. Not only is Wilf’s the best on- campus pub/ grill there could ever be, but their classics such as: The Seagram, Chicken Wings OR Spin Dip is the tastiest food you will ever eat! Not only is the atmosphere inside great, but the staff is both kind and patient and some are even students themselves! Wilf’s also hold specials and events on certain days during the week. Some of these include: Open Mic Night Mondays & Wilf’s Trivia Wednesdays. These call for great times with even better friends.  

5) Say Goodbye  

This is not high school! Yes, it will take some times to get used to it, but you will come to find that being on your own ads a difference in your life. University is a place where everyone accepts all. Those days of 8- 3:30 long classes and teachers who will send you to the principle for about anything, comes to an end the second you start the first day of your first semester.  Not only that, but here, living in Waterloo- a city that is practically all made up of students, you are around everyone all day every day. You live with them, eat with them, have class with them, and yes will even fight with them on the odd occasion, but in the end Laurier is a place where everyone is welcome as you get to know the school and the other students within it, you will come to a day of maturity where you will remove yourself from that “High school” state of mind. No one here is cool, no one is better than another, everyone is different and I can tell you personally, that #ItsGreatToBeALaurierGoldenHawk!

6) Sleep > Life

 Say goodbye to sleep. Be prepared for long days and even longer nights of intense studying, finishing projects and assignments, and not to mention staying up all night talking with your new friends! Being on your own, and trying to figure out this new freedom you have been given can become a difficult situation. Especially if you were a student like me where- in high school, you had curfews, family responsibilities, mild school work, and always a fridge full of food. Sometimes you will find yourself asleep at 6PM and awake at 8AM and other times, 3AM is your bedtime and then you find yourself awake at 2PM the next day to realize you have slept through 3 of your classes! The best advice I can give to you on this is to try your best to set a night schedule for yourself and make sure you are not taking on too much as a student. Finally, always set three alarms (at least) for yourself in case you wake up and turn the first two off. Stay calm and don’t stress. Do your best and you will be absolutely golden!


7) St. Patty’s

The one event of the year where not only you and your fellow Golden Hawks get to celebrate in the streets, but you get to celebrate along with the community, and everyone you bring to experience this great day. Every year, the inevitable St. Patty’s Day celebration on Ezra Street in Waterloo comes in great spirits of everyone involved! The sea of green becomes a reality when walking past the elongated Ezra St. found right beside campus. Not only is this day fun and full of memories to last you a life time, but to know that the whole community participates to ensure everyone’s safety makes the enjoyment even greater! You will never know the experience of chugging green jungle juice at 7:00AM until you experience St. Patty’s right here in the University heart of Waterloo, ON. 

8) She doesn’t even go here…

When you become a part of the Golden Hawk family, it may not set in right away… but there will come a moment when all of a sudden you feel that the school and the Hawk is a part of you and it will mean everything to you. Whenever you hear the name Laurier, or see an alumni back home in the street with a Golden Hawk shirt… even if you see that person you knew a grade below you who is “thinking” of accepting their offer to Laurier, you will forever assert and affiliate yourself with the University for the rest of your days. From the famous chant, “It’s great to be, a Laurier Golden Hawk,” to just learning the slang or relating to those around you. You will become one with the school, and this community will become your home away from home which you will always love coming back to.

9) Profs are NOT out to get you

If in high school you had those teachers who would tell you, “When you get to university, your professors will not care, and you are only a number,” not only were they absolutely wrong, but I find that university professors here at Laurier are willing to help you more than any high school teacher ever could or would. Laurier’s staff is there to see you succeed, and are exceptionally friendly. Not only do they try their best to get to know their students, but they are there through their office hours for you to go to them with any questions or help you may need. Even when it comes to moving midterms, tests and providing extensions, most of the staff are ready and willing to accommodate if you express the need ahead of time! Not only should you not be afraid to talk to your professors, but you should not be afraid to have a 1 on 1 with them either. Even if it is personal situations, they are all there to help and listen if you let them.

10) Books, Books, Books

At some point in the semester, you will think to yourself that your text books are costing almost as much as your tuition! As of January 1st, 2017, (as a student of Ontario) you are no longer able to get back the money you spend on textbooks from the government, unlike the past. Not only will students and parents be spending between two hundred to five hundred dollars a year just on books, but there is no way to get it back. In some classes, you don’t even end up using some of the books you buy. Not only do I find it a waste, but it puts us more in debt that we should be! Personal advice from me, only get the books you KNOW you will need in advance before the semester begins such as course packs or text books for things such as chem or bio (as an example) then, as the semester progresses, figure out what you need and what you can find online to save you and/ or your parents some money that may come in handy else-where. I also cannot stress this enough… Do your readings! If you don’t you will more than likely fall behind on the material being covered in your classes. 

10 Reasons not to go to DePaul University

1. The Student body is not diverse

With a student body of 33,000; we are the largest Catholic school in the nation. But we have multiple clubs for different religions, and accommodate many different types of religious services in our interfaith chapel. Not to mention the many different clubs we have for students of color, students of different sexual orientation, etc. In these challenging political times, DePaul has always embraced diversity and encouraged growth.

2. There’s nothing to do

Chicago is a big city. You will never be bored living here. That is, if you can even get through the many things to do on campus, including the many (FREE) events put on by DAB (DePaul Activities Board). There’s always something to do here in Lincoln Park.

3. The campus is SO ugly

The buildings are all very new and up to date, which provide a great, comfy atmosphere to study or hang out with friends.

4. The classes are just TOO hard

The classes at DePaul are fast-paced because they go for 10 weeks. Some classes will only meet once a week for 3 hours while some will meet twice a week for 1.5 hours. The curriculum itself is not hard at all, but your professors will always make a point to challenge you in any way that they can. Besides, If your classes are too easy, then you’re doing something wrong.

5. Nothing EVER happens

DePaul is usually very lively with protests, so the campus climate is always interesting. We recently had a lot of backlash last year for a speaker that was hosted named Milo Yiannopoulos. We love to keep things lively here at DePaul, and political discussion is often a hot topic here.

6. Lincoln Park is SO dangerous

Ranking 57th in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Lincoln Park is one of the safest places in Chicago. If you live there, you pay for it in the rent. Lincoln Park is a very rich area, so many will target the residents for their money. But crime is still very rare in Lincoln Park.

7. The city is just SO ugly

With beautiful buildings that have had plenty of work put into the architecture, the city is just an eyesore. The pictures of the skyline make my eyes hurt. Ugh, who just wants to look up and see buildings? And they’re full of history? No thanks!

8. The red line is GROSS!

Okay, the CTA isn’t exactly the cleanest place ever. Sometimes the cars smell like pee and the stains on the seats aren’t exactly beautiful. Sometimes people will ask you for money, but it’s pretty much just like the city. Street smarts are important if you’re gonna live in Chicago. If you ever want to keep your bank account above 0, don’t give those guys money every time they ask.

9. Navigating the CTA is hard! You’ll get lost!

It’s not like the lines are color-coded! Just make sure you know how to use google maps to get anywhere, and always ask how close a place is to the nearest CTA. It’s a little difficult at first; but once you know it, it sticks.

10. The professors are just the worst

With little to no experience, the professors have no idea what they’re doing. DePaul only hires trained professionals in their field to give students the knowledge to work in their field. This is why DePaul students are at a huge advantage, because the professors teaching the curriculum are trained professionals.

10 things you only know if you go to Laurentian University

Laurentian University can be a really great school, but like every other university there are things about this campus that are entirely unique! For better or for worse these are the things you only really know when you go to LU!

1. The Pit

I know this doesn’t sound like much, but to students and Laurentian University “The Pit” brings memories of long walks through the snow, and crowded parking lots. Parking in general at a lot of universities can be rather expensive, and at Laurentian things are no different! However, the pit is known to be the cheapest place to park. Unfortunately, that could be because of how far it is away from most classes. As more and more students attend Laurentian this lots gets more and more crowded. But hey! At least you can save a bit of money!

2. The Hill

This sounds just as ominous as “The Pit” and for good reason! The hill, as you may have guessed is a large hill beside west residence, leading down towards the School of Education and Gym. Though in the summer this hill does nothing more than leave some of us breathless, in the winter this hill can become a serious slipping hazard. Watch out for ice!

3. Construction…Forever

The construction at Laurentian can feel like it has been going on forever! Though there are many areas of campus that are construction free (Yay for the arts hill!) Some of the main parts of campus have been taken over by contractors and their trucks. Though it can be a minor inconvenience it can still really suck! Especially when they change everything over the summer! Eventually it will end though! Right?

4. Detours, Detours, and more Detours

Speaking of construction, the workers have quite nicely set out some fenced detours for students to take. Last year the detours were in the form of these tunnel type areas, to walk you through the worst f the work space. Now the detours are mostly just fenced areas leading you around. Not always the most direct way to your destination, but at least you can get there!

5. Snow…so much snow!

Living in Ontario, or Canada for that matter, snow is just a part of your life. In high school snow days where something to be treasured, but now that you are in university snow days are a thing of the past! Snow and cold weather means the walk to each class feels even longer! Make sure you bundle up out there, and wear shoes with grip! And say goodbye to many of those short-cuts.

6. Thornloe

For those who don’t know, Thornloe is a theater and arts building on campus. This building holds many of the drama classes and productions. It is also located on top of what I like to call the arts hill, and though in reality it is not all that far from the other buildings on campus, it can feel like you are in a whole other world when your on that hill.

7. Café

On campus there are a few places on campus to get food, subway, Tim-Hortons, and even a toppers are kept on campus for students to use. However, every so often you just feel like having something a bit healthier. The café is an option for those who want to switch things up. If you have a meal plan head on in and grab your food, but if you don’t have a meal plan you pay $15 entry fee and sit separate from the others. I guess that’s the price you pay for veggies.

8. Tim-Hortons

As a Canadian I consume a ton of Tim-Hortons on a regular basis, I am sure a doctor could find double-double coffee in my blood! But the lines on campus just to get that caffeine fix can be insane! Between classes students really have to decide just how much they need that coffee.

9. Parker Building Elevators

I will be the first to admit it, if I can take an elevator I will. I carry a large and heavy bag around with me all day long, and sometimes the stairs just feel like a mountain I don’t want to climb. Though most of the elevators have always come through for me, the elevators in the Parker building seem to be out of order all the time. Forcing students like myself to walk up the stairs. Not a big deal sure, but still annoying.

10. Library

Every school has one, a place to check out the materials you need, and get some serious studying done. The Library at Laurentian University is much like any other, though there are a few things to note. It is always crowded during the day, it can be hard to find a seat if you are more than one person and may just have to share a table. The second floor can also feel like a whole new, very quiet world. If you have serious work to get done this is your best bet!


11 Reasons to Attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa

1. Its warm all the time

It’s Hawaii! The weather is crazy beautiful and very humid. It may take awhile for your skin and body to alter to the weather, but once it does you will be able to fully appreciate how great the weather is! It may rain from time to time, but how else do you think the aina is so beautiful and tropical?

2. Most of the professors actually care about your education and push you through

The professors at UH Manoa all have a similar goal and it is to make sure that students comprehend and are able to succeed in school. Sure, there may be a class where the professor just wants to teach what they teach and then leave, but that is a needle in a haystack. Most teachers here want students to learn and succeed and be the best they can possibly be. However teachers wish this upon students who show initiative and actually put effort in their work. Don’t think that professors will go out of their way to help you, you must be willing to try your best and work hard and ask questions because then professors will be glad to help you!

3. The campus is beautiful

The first thing you notice when you walk around campus, is that everywhere you look there is green. There’s grass everywhere, palm trees, flowers, and a bunch of different types of plants. The school actually has a plant map online that shows the different plant species and where they are located around campus. I’ve learned that the school also made it a thing of theirs to plant exotic plant species around campus to make it more diverse and tropical for students and visitors. If you look around you will see the famous Hibiscus flower plant and even the Sausage Tree! (make sure those don’t fall on you because they hurt, although it does mean good luck!)

4. The libraries are big and a great place to study and do homework

Hamilton Library and Sinclair Library are very great places to study for a test coming up or even when you just need a quiet place to study. Sinclair is the closest Library to the dorms, however Hamilton is much nicer and bigger. Hamilton is highly recommended because it is air conditioned (mostly to keep you awake, so bring a sweater or jacket), it has multiple floors (up to 4) and has unlimited places where you can be by yourself and study or be with a group of friends to study!

5. Small student body

The school actually has a large population of student, however you will be able to know and recognize many of them! Based on the classes you are in, how social you are, and the events you attend! Now, if you are a freshmen, there is a very large chance you will know almost everyone in the class because of the tower you are in, classes, and meeting friends through friends! Everyone is super friendly and you will make the friends that will be with you for life!

student union

6. Dorms are close to campus

The dormitories are extremely close to campus (right across Dole Street from campus), especially Frear Hall and Jefferson Hall. The freshman towers and apartments are a little bit farther, however are extremely close to the cafeteria and the Market. There is also a school shuttle system which can pick you up right at the dorms and bring you to class in no time! #efficient

7. You’re Instagram and Facebook will turn from fartsy to artsy!

Your instagram game may be super weak as of right now, but I promise you that once you make  your way over to the aina, your game will improve by at least 110% guaranteed! Your photos will go from weak selfies and group photos, to waterfalls, beaches, and sunset photos. Let me mention that your photo album will reach its maximum limit as well causing you to delete some apps over some pictures to create space. #HILife

8. Plenty of things to do on the island

It’s Hawaii! There is hiking, sightseeing, beach dwelling, ocean diving, cliff jumping, ziplining and so much more! Many people bring up ‘island fever’ but don’t even think about that! The only way to avoid it is to keep yourself busy! And what better way to do that than living it up Hawaiian Style! Student are even given a discount for island Hopping! One weekend a couple friends and yourself may want to hop over to Kauai for only 45$ a ticket! What a deal!  

9. Social and club events are a blast

Although UH Manoa may not be a Greek School or have the greatest football team in the world, but we all still come together at Tailgates to support our Rainbow Warriors and support each other! Frats hold special events, such as parties at Makapu’u Beach to dance events at Hawaiian Brian’s venue, almost every week! There are an unlimited amount of clubs that can be joined on campus and an infinite amount of things to do to keep students busy, such as Open Mic Night and DIY facemasks and free boba tea drinks in the Hale Aloha Courtyard!

10. You’ll be apart of the most diverse school in the U.S.

UH Manoa is the definition of a melting pot. You will meet and see so many people with different ethnicities, and the best thing out of all of it, is that everyone is friends and get along! There are no racial cliques or anything negative because everyone shares their own Aloha spirit. There are also many locals that attend the school, so there is no doubt that you will embrace the Hawaiian Culture.

11. It’s paradise

No matter where you are on the island, you are surrounded by beaches (duh!). The closest beach from school is Waikiki which is about a 10-15 minutes bus ride and jaw dropping Cromwell’s beach which is only a 30 minutes bus ride. The island has amazing waterfalls, beautiful hiking trails that lead to water holes or stunning views of the island, sneak into hotel pools and hot tubs, and much more! The closest waterfall from school is Manoa Falls and is a 10 minute drive! If you come to the University of Hawaii, you will be living in constant Paradise. Who wouldn’t want that?