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Check out these Must-See Northwestern University Football Team Jerseys (Blood Splatter included)


The Northwestern University will be wearing these very special uniforms against the University of Michigan on Nov. 16. Having been beaten down by the ubiquity of one-off unis, it’s hard to get upset about the asymmetrical patriotic mishmash. It’s even tough to muster up outrage over the fact that just 10 percent of proceeds from jerseys sold will actually go to the Wounded Warrior Project. But isn’t “covered in blood” a little on-the-nose for something honoring a group that operates programs for injured veterans’

Advertisement: Studying for exams? Check out

Instead of player names, the nameplates on the jerseys will be one of seven “core values”: courage, duty, integrity, honor, country, service, and commitment.

Notable, considering Northwestern’s school colors and the fact that the Wounded Warrior Project presumably contains a lot of Purple Heart recipients: There’s not a stich of purple in this thing.

More photos, via the university:




The Tale of the University of Western’s Saugeen Stripper

Saugeen-Maitland Hall is a coed students’ residence located at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. It houses approximately 1252 students and is the largest student residence on campus and one of the largest in North America.

“Saugeen”, as commonly referred to by Western students, is responsible for Western’s reputation as one of the biggest “party” universities in North America.

In 2005, one 18-year-old student decided to perform stripteases in the residence, while also allowing photographs to be taken.  She became infamously known as the “Saugeen Stripper”.

As a result of the photographs being leaked across the internet, many Canadian and American media outlets started to pick up on the story. The publicity sparked discussion about how much control high learning institutions have over what happens in their residences.

If you are interested about reading more about the Saugeen Stripper, here are some additional articles that you can read:

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3 Restaurants every Ryerson University Student Needs to Try

If you’re craving something delicious in Toronto that’s close to campus, these are some restaurants every Ryerson student needs to try.

1. Sansotei Ramen

An excellent Ramen place that delivers fresh tasting ingredients served in a savory broth! Not to mention, the meat here is always tender and the noodles are plain awesome!

Phone: (647) 748-3833

Address: 179 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M5G 1Z8


2. Eggspectations

Probably one of my favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner restaurants around. Omelettes, eggs benny, you name it! They’ve got it all!

I recommend you to try out the lobster omelette!

Phone: (416) 977-3380

Address: 220 Yonge St Toronto, ON M5B 2H1


3. Salad King

One of the best places for Thai food! Salad King offers a wide variety of Thai dishes with your choice of the level of spiciness! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve returned here.

Phone: (416) 593-0333

Address: 340 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5B 1R8


Are there any restaurants that you think Ryerson University students should try? Leave a comment below. Bon appetit!



50 Best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016

Here is a compilation of the most popular and best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016.

With over 16,600 members, Overheard is a group for students to share hilarious conversations, bring inappropriate behavior to light, and highlight acts of kindness around campus. Enjoy the 50 best “Overheard at the University of Alberta” posts in 2016:

1. This scene, though!

2. God bless sympathetic profs.

“44. Break time. Have a little stretch, take a sip of water, circle “A” on your Scantron as the answer to Question #44. There. Now move on to Question #45.”

3. Remember when this happened…


5. Campus in the fall.

6. Campus in the winter. Look closely.

7. University of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

8. We apparently really love geese.

9. All birds, really.

10. Bunnies too!

11. Acts of kindness.

12. Artists, everywhere.

13. That’s more like it.

14. “Happy Water”

15. Hahahah.

16. Is that a baby squirrel? yes.

17. Marketing goals.

18. Gratitude for good samaritans. 

19. More goodness.

20. So meta.

21. The illusive “dignity”

22. Sustainability win.

23. Sustainability fail.

24. Vaping got big this year.

25. So did Pokemon GO.

26. This guy gets it.

27. Safewalk walks Safewalk.

28. Graduation looks different for everyone.

26. ..

27. Senior inspo.

28. Prof pranks.

29. Snack angels!

30. Industrious erasers.

31. Nothing but fashion.

32. Just trying to do our part.

33. VIP drop-off be like…

34. Because it can be hard making friends.

“I’m new to town and would like a best friend forever. As best friends forever we will congregate frequently and engage in many appropriately enjoyable activities together.

We will also help each other with various stuffs. For example, I will help you study for you psychology exam and you will help me bury a number of heavy black bags in the woods. Since we are best friends, there will be no need for you to look in the bags, ask any questions, or tell anyone about what transpires in the woods. After we finish I imagine we will go back to my place and make banana bread together. 

BYOB (Bring your own banana).”

35. Struggle tips. Click image to magnify.

36. What’s up, Harambe?

37. Dear ____, you are loved. 

38. You are valued.

39. Shit happens.

40. Pride week flowers in Quad.

 41. Strangers just killin’ midterms with kindness. Good vibes.

42. Spot the hippo.

43. Chairs mimicking humans.

44. How to get out of student debt.

45. Sweetgrass bear rolled in the likes.

46. Keyword being “dedicated”

47. Painfully Canadian.

48. Student reality.

49. Define: preventative.

50. So ugly the internet rejected it as a feature image.



So there you have it — the best of the best of 2016! Here’s to another hilariously challenging year! 

15 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Calgary

1. Health Psychology PSYC330

I might be a tad biased as a psychology major, but I can assure you majority of the class I took it with, loved it and loved our prof Dr. Lisa Daroux-Cole. Her slides are posted on D2L, but going to class everyday really expanded my cultural perspective on life due to the discussion within the class, as well as she gave explicit hints for what will be on the exam. Not only is it interesting and rewarding but also fairly easy to do well if you pay attention to the notes (most exam questions are straight of her notes). Lisa definitely cares about her students, worried about how she teaches the class and adjusts accordingly. The class wasn’t about a grade, and the prof was passionate about each topic—including stress, what every sane student experiences. Amazing and inspiring guest speakers made appearances on several occasions—definitely some chill days where you don’t have to take notes. The textbook brings up controversial topics including psychologists in the hospital, a topic that is brought up for discussion in class, which encourages ethical and economic debates. The course testes knowledge and understanding of material rather than nitty-gritty details, so sign up, attend class, and an A is achievable! (Trust me I did it.)

2. FILM 201 

A prerequisite for all film studies courses, but still an amazing class you’d want to take either way. There is a three-hour lab in which you watch movies and a tutorial where you may ask your heart away. What more can I say?

3. GEOG205

I took this thinking it would be an easy A and definitely was not in my opinion; I thought I was going to learn where different countries in the world are located. The first part had to do with land forms—I learnt in grade four in Ontario, something I didn’t want to learn about again—but Peter Slezak taught cultural geography in the second half and turned my grade around. Cultural geography puts a spin on the geographical landforms that exist around the world by discussing each regions culture, religion, and traditions of the civilians within them. Showing the interaction of the man-made and natural disasters that have disrupted civilization. The displacement of civilians in Afghanistan into the mountains due to the war were followed by the deaths of these displaced in avalanches—who knew hot countries had avalanches! Understanding differences in the world has helped me in my acceptance and understanding of psychological factors that exist—just psych major with a sociology minor things.

4. ASL201

This class is offered to learn American Sign Language and the culture of deaf people, mostly preferring students in medicine, nursing, and social work but who says you won’t need it one day? An interesting class that pushes your ability to use your hand-eye coordinated non-violent actions as words not your mouth. Basic communication and conversation skills are taught in American Sign Language. This course was made for students who have no background or previous experience, a.k.a. majority of students who are reading this right now.

5. ANTH331 Sex and Gender

The first part of this class discusses males & females: primarily using examples from animals and how males and females are more similar than different. The course topic switches to the portrayal of gender roles in society, including the perception of female gender roles are roles taken by men in various cultures, as well as discussing the differences in opportunities and advantages between men and women in North America due to perceived gender roles. The final main topic brings up controversy of psychological and scientific explanations of transgender and transsexual genetics and gonads—which are included in the secretion of testosterone, estragon & progesterone. A class that will increase not only your GPA, but your understanding of biology without having to learn gross in-depth details.

6. PSYC204 Human Sexuality

This course is new which means the department is experimenting their techniques, but as a human sexuality course it is similar to other sex and gender courses. Taught by two amazing psychology profs: Melissa Boyce and Simon Spanswick. The first half is neuropsychology, which is followed by social psychology explanations for sexuality. As a junior course, expectations are not high; Melissa Boyce thoroughly explains each concept to make sure everyone is on board and agrees with what she’s saying, and is open to debate. Increase your GPA and admiration for my favourite profs at U of C.

7. SOCI201

This course has interesting topics, but with Dumas the course takes a whole new level. Dumas cares about his students, demonstrated through his encouraged laughter and his examples that are included to help strengthen students understanding. Dumas wants you to come to class, and that on it’s own makes this course (or prof) interesting.

8. MUSI304 Music in Popular Culture

Previously known as Music history and literature 309, this course is now Music in Popular Culture: Musical Theatre. I accept all your appreciation in advance because you love that this course requires you to travel to New York City! It is an intersession of Spring that is a travel-study course. What’s a better way to learn about musical theatre than to be apart of the live audience in New York? Catch a morning flight and it’s a direct 5 hour flight!

9. LWSO201

This course is the introduction to law and society. I had Ed McCoy, amazing prof with interesting information about the social context of the power of law, also he sometimes told the class stories about his cat and his kid—with pictures! The information is fairly easy to grasp, one of the main topics was the Andrew Mercer reformatory for girls aged 16-30—a female aged 16-30 that could be promiscuous or consuming alcohol would be sent there, guilty without a fair trial.

10. LWSO203

Law and society 203 is a deeper look into law in comparison to 201, containing Canadian criminal context. Social engineering using the philosophy and the science of law will be used; really helps expand what you and your brain are able to do.

11. MATH211

Ya, a math course. You’re probably thinking—ew how could math ever be fun, but trust. Math211 is Linear Math; this is one of the most engaging mathematics courses, but only if you can appreciate math. In this course you will learn about all the different things you can do with numbers in mathematics and makes you wish you were shown this when they first starting asking you what does two plus five equal?

12. PSYC203

This is like the millionth time a psychology course has shown up; it’s for your benefit! Introduction level psychology course, which includes all the basic information about Pavlov’s dog and classical conditioning—essentials only. Take with Melissa Boyce for a great semester; once again you’re welcome.

13. ARST201

This course is the introductory level to architectural studies, which engages students in thought processes including (but not limited to) the usefulness of buildings—purpose and intentions. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the social, cultural, historical, technological, economic, and natural context that inspire & influence the design of buildings and other objects.

14. BIOL 311

Biology course that focuses on genetics! A biology course that finally talks all about you, because your life is all about yourself, and the other people who are in it… This course includes a lab component that allows hands-on knowledge about genetic principles!

15. KNES201

Introduction to kinesiology, an activity course labeled “Essence and Experience”. Hopefully, you’ve made the choice of taking biology 30 or equivalent in highschool or else you aren’t eligible to enrol in this course. Topics include the fundamental factors that influence the activities humans have chosen and the way humans are capable of moving.

Hope you enjoy your years at university of Calgary, especially if you have taken any of my favourite 15 courses! Thanks for reading!

UVA Students Sign Petition to Ban Christmas

Two operatives from Campus Reform recently visited the campus of the University of Virginia and asked students to sign a petition to ban Christmas for being “non-inclusive.” Unsurprisingly, they were able to find people to sign it.

From their website:

VIDEO: UVA students sign petition to ban Christmas

In this season’s most anticipated holiday spin-off, Campus Reform visits the University of Virginia dressed as “The Hipsters Who Stole Christmas.”


With schools across the country outright banning even such innocuous Christmas decorations as evergreen trees and images of Santa because they could be interpreted as being “non-inclusive,” Campus Reform wanted to find out what students think of the idea.

CRO reporters Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips visited UVA, created a faux student group called “Students for an Inclusive Holiday Season,” and asked students to sign a petition getting rid of school references to Christmas because of the holiday’s “oppressive” and “triggering” nature.

In less than two hours, nearly twenty students opted to sign the fake Christmas-banning petition.

“This time of year, it feels like people can shove their holiday happiness in your face, like ‘Merry Christmas!’ and it just gets kind of old,” Phillips ventured, as a signee agreed.

Athey told another group of students that the faux student organization was sending a letter to the administration to let them know that the overt celebration of Christmas can be “almost oppressive” for some students on campus.

“I will totally sign,” a female student enthusiastically responded.


Watch the video:

10 Signs You Go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1. Carolina blue has become an integral part of your color wheel.

Let’s face it. From the moment you were accepted into our nation’s first public university, Carolina blue became your color. It’s only expected that you wear t-shirt after t-shirt with our beautiful hue and Rameses’s face on your chest. It’s become so common now that when you do your laundry, you’re able to separate your loads into whites, darks, and Carolina blues. 

2. You know to bring a backpack to Fall Fest.

Fall Fest, the annual celebration to advertise student organizations, takes place at the start of every fall semester, and it is huge. Hundreds and hundreds of organizations line the streets and intramural fields, offering free goodies and prizes. There’s always entertainment and free food around every corner, and you know you’re a Tar Heel when you come with a backpack, prepared to stock up as though you were going on a grocery shopping trip. 

3. You trip on a brick at least once a day.

One of the most beautiful features of campus is the brick pathways everywhere you go. It makes for a picturesque experience every season out of the year, but even so, the bricks can be devious. Sometimes, they’ll dislodge themselves and trip you on your way to your morning class – right when you don’t need it, of course. And yet, it’s become so commonplace that you’ve accepted it. Chapel Hill will knock you down, but it will also build you back up.

4. You live for Carolina basketball.

At UNC, basketball is a religion. You live for Late Night with Roy and there is nothing better than seeing your team make it to the national championship. You plan your day around the game times, tailgate, hit the Franklin Street bars, and if the lottery is on your side that week, you’re headed to the Mecca of Carolina basketball: the Dean Dome. Game days are practically holidays in Chapel Hill – people come together, people celebrate, and people root for the one common thing everyone believes in: that team on the court.   

5. #BeatDook

Speaking of basketball, you know you’re a true Tar Heel when Duke is no longer Duke, but Dook, and you want nothing more than to beat Dook – that’s the one thing that matters more than everything else. We will always, always want to beat Dook, because we all know what the right shade of blue is. And when we do beat Dook, rushing Frankling Street is the greatest experience of a collegian’s four years – you won’t ever forget it. 

6. You’ve made the walk of shame from Davis to the UL at 2:00 a.m. at least a couple times a semester.

We all prefer Davis Library. That’s how it goes. It has more books and more places to study. It is the universal haven for all, but we have all made that walk of shame at 2:00 in the morning from Davis over to the undergraduate library when Davis closes for the night. More often than not, it becomes the communal walk of shame – a migrating group of students caught in the disappointing forced move to the always-open library across the way.

7. Enough said.

There’s a such thing as frozen yogurt and then there’s a such thing as YoPo. YoPo is to die for – the best that Chapel Hill has to offer. Nestled into the side of one of the buildings on Franklin Street, and officially known as The Yogurt Pump, it is the perfect hidden spot for the perfect frozen treat. Whether it’s a date or an outing with friends, YoPo is a must, and nothing ever compares after you’ve had your first cup. You know you’re a Tar Heel when this becomes a necessary part of your meal, and you go out of your way to have it.

8. LDOC. Ehaus. HoJo. DTH. UL.

You know you’re a Tar Heel when you begin to incorporate terms into your vocabulary that only other Tar Heels will understand: FDOC (first day of class), LDOC (last day of class), Ehaus (Ehringhaus dorm), HoJo (Hinton James dorm), DTH (The Daily Tar Heel), UL (undergraduate library) etc. Without realizing, you’ll begin saying things like these to non-Tar Heels, only to have to stop mid-conversation and explain.  

9. Gary, the Pit Preacher.


Gary is the one we love to hate and hate to love, but truth be told, the Pit wouldn’t be the same without him. He’s our token Pit Preacher, present throughout the warm months to condemn us all to Hell and ridicule us for our actions. You know you’re a Tar Heel when you either spend your lunch break listening to some of his nonsense to the point of being utterly dumbfounded at his accusations.

10. You go home for summer vacation and only want to go back.

Most of all, you know you’re a Tar Heel when you go home for summer vacation, only to want to come back. After my first year, I cried when I moved out. I didn’t want to leave, and when my friends graduated this past year, they cried, because they didn’t want to leave either. Truth be told, Chapel Hill gets into your soul and becomes such a crucial part of who you are, and that’s what it means to be a Tar Heel – you become a part of it and it becomes a part of you.


10 Instagram Accounts all University of Guelph Students Need to Follow Now


The official account for UofG will keep you up to date on things happening on campus.



Finished your class readings? Looking for something fun? Check out the #GryphReads collection on the 1st floor of the library

A photo posted by U of Guelph Library (@uglibrary) on

The library’s account features things happening in / for the library and events on campus.



Here are some taps followers on Instagram! #tapstrivia #giveaways #cheers

A photo posted by The Brass Taps Campus Pub (@thebrasstaps) on

 From trivia themes to menu specials, the campus bar’s Instagram account will keep you in the loop with everything happening there.


It does not matter if you are in first year or not, following this account will benefit you finding all the free food during o – week festivities. Oh yes, they tell you where the free food is.



We got insider access to the new food truck! Check it out on Snapchat for pics and video! Add us: uofgadmission #myUofG

A photo posted by UofG Admission (@uofgadmission) on

 The admissions account posts lots of photos for events happening on or around campus and places to see in Guelph. This is a great account for figuring out new things you want to see in Guelph.



Thanksgiving Dinner Wave!!

A video posted by Interhall Council (@interhallguelph) on

Interhall council uses this account to feature upcoming / currently happening events all over campus. They also share things like when free draft pop days are on campus. Again, who doesn’t love free?


This account shows lots of beautiful photos of campus and surrounding Guelph. It’s good for finding new places and things to see in town.