10 of the Coolest Classes at JMU

JMU has a ton of amazing options when it comes to choosing classes, and the best ones tend to fill up pretty quick.  The great thing about JMU, is that it also offers unique study abroad experiences that just aren’t the same anywhere else.  Here are 10 of the coolest classes at JMU!

1. HM 361/ ITAL 490F – Italian Culture and Wine

If you’re lucky enough to travel to Florence for a semester, then you HAVE to take this class.  You will learn the fundamentals of wine making, participate in wine tastings, and learn all about the history of wine right where it happened.  This class does cost an extra $175 aside from the program, but it’s totally worth it.

2. MUS 204 – History of Rock 

No instruments required for this class, but you will definitely be strumming along on your air guitar.  This music appreciation course helps to develop an understanding of both the musical and cultural roots of Rock n Roll and connects the current music to its historical beginnings.

3. KIN 128 – Fencing

Ok, so you probably won’t actually get to use lightsabers at any point…but you’ll feel like a Jedi!  In this KIN class, you’ll learn the rules of fencing and even get to duel your classmates.  Just don’t get too excited and poke an eye out…

4. ART 392 – Topics in Art – Landscape Painting 

This class will take you all the way to Auvillar and Collioure, in Southern France.  There, you will practice painting the landscape 5 days a week and travel the countryside on the weekends.  You will have the opportunity to visit medieval villages, historical art sites, local artists’ studios, and soak in the culture of the region. Bon chance!

5. JAPN 212 – Intensive Japanese II 

This 5-week course takes place in Kyoto, Japan, and it isn’t for the faint of heart.  The best way to learn a language is to truly immerse yourself in the culture, so that’s the premise this class takes.  Students will meet 4 days a week for 5 hours a day to conquer a year’s worth of language in 4 weeks.  The rest of the time will be spent exploring and traveling to other major Japanese cities to get the full experience.

6. ISAT 280 – Community Service 

Students will get the opportunity to volunteer in the Harrisonburg community.  What other class lends the option of playing with puppies at the SPCA, tutoring kids, or assisting Harrisonburg Parks and Rec.?  This class is a great way to give back to our college town and feel great doing it.

7. SMAD 495 – Internship in Media Arts and Design 

This program is extremely competitive, as only 20 students are admitted each year.  The lucky few who make the cut are put up in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, where they get to stay at Oakwood Corporate Housing in Burbank, CA.  Students work at nearby Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount and Disney studios for the month they are there.  This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make the most of it!

8. ENG 320L – Shakespeare on the Page and Stage in London 

Students will travel to London, England where they will experience Shakespeare first-hand on the stage.  They will study the productions of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre especially, gaining a new appreciation for Shakespeare’s work.

9. IS 275 – Dollars and Sense 

This class is a practical pathway to learning how to function in the real world financially.  It will teach you how to pay off student loans, manage credit, buy a house, and create a budget. No longer will you be able to say I didn’t learn anything useful in school after taking this class!

10. DANC 140 – Elementary Modern Dance 

While there are many unique dance classes at JMU, this may be one of the simplest and fun for those who are not the most coordinated.  No previous experience is required as instructors teach you step by step.  This class is a great way to destress and learn something completely new!

10 Things You Have Not Done Yet at UMass Amherst

1. Visit Durfee

It’s like a tiny little tropical island on campus, but you’re never gonna go you just look at pictures from friends snap stories

2. Go to the writing center

Bump up a grade; sound most smartest in your classes. Go to the writing center to really improve that paper!

3. Resume workshops

You’re here so you can get a degree and subsequently a job in your field. That’s gonna be hard without a well written resume! Hit up the resume programs at Goodell or in your specific field .

4. Join __ club

The number one thing club leaders hear from students is “oh I’ve wanted to join since “insert long amount of time here”, but I didn’t know where/when you met or something like that CLUBS WANT YOU! Just email, facebook message, check in, it will happen/ Remember these orgs are student run, there is no staff checking these email lists.

5. Climb the FAC roof

I mean sure you’re not allowed, but isn’t that what makes it fun?

6. Get roots breakfast

It’s a swipe instead of dining dollars! It is so good, but you gotta get up early :/

7. Take a bus you don’t know where it goes

Just hop on and hope it goes somewhere fun. (Side note:Best done in nice weather.)

8.  Eat at every dining establishment

I don’t just mean all 4 DC’s, go to all the cafes, furcolo, isb, ilc, whitmore cafe, go on a hunt for every last place to get a snack on campus.

9. Go Ice Skating!

When else are you gonna live next to the rink? Head over!

10. Stand up for something you believe in!

Whatever it is now is the time – find some way to fight for a cause you care about. No other time in your life will you have so much freedom to work for causes you care about without financial compensation.

UC Irvine Student Discounts

As broke college students, we are always on the lookout for free things. If it isn’t free, well, the next best alternative is discounts. So here is a list of ten things you can get for cheaper if you’re a student at UC Irvine!

1. Regal Premiere Tickets

As college students, we rarely have time to watch movies all the time in theaters. But when we do, it’s definitely important to get cheaper tickets so our wallets don’t feel as bad. Luckily, Regal Cinemas (there’s one at University Town Center) cuts down the price to $10 for a premiere ticket, rather than $13.50. After all, that extra money could probably buy you a small popcorn!

2. AMC Black Tickets

Just like the Regal Premiere tickets, the AMC Black ticket is unrestricted, so feel free to watch all that your heart desires. However, as AMC is a generally more popular brand, it costs $11. But as a student, you won’t ever have to pay full price for a movie again, so that’s a steal nonetheless.

3. Universal Studios Hollywood

If movies aren’t for you, UC Irvine offers significantly discounted tickets for amusement parks like Universal Studios. With the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I recommend taking advantage of the single day passes starting at $89. Also, the 9-month pass is only $10 more for a California Resident!

4. Knott’s Berry Farm

The first time I came here as a kid, I really hated it. But now that I’m older and more broke, I enjoy it a lot more as an alternative to Disneyland. A single day ticket is only $47 for UCI students, as opposed to $75! Silver Bullet, anyone?

5. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Alright, no amusement park can compare to Disneyland, but they have stopped offering UCI students discounts (which I don’t understand because we are so close). Anyway, you can fulfill all your roller coaster needs at Six Flags for $52, which is like less than half a Disney ticket. Even though the rides here are too intense for me, I appreciate the discount.

6. Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific

If amusement parks aren’t for you, how about various sea creatures? The aquarium is always a fun place to go regardless of how old you are, so pick up an adult ticket for only $29.95 ($17.95 for children) and go pet all the stingrays you want. In fact, I think I want to go soon to de-stress myself from the burdens of school.

7. See’s Candies

I feel like it’s pretty considerate that See’s Candies offers student discounts because it’s like they understand our late night chocolate cravings. You can purchase one pound’s worth of chocolate gift voucher (with no transaction fee) for $19.30! Maybe one pound isn’t enough, and two or three will suffice.

8. San Diego Zoo

I loved going to zoos as a child, and still love it now. San Diego is a slightly far drive from campus, but that’s just a reason to get some awesome tacos while you’re there. A single day ticket is $52 for adults, which is still pretty pricy, but animals!!! I’d choose here over Six Flags any day.

9. Veggie Grill

So while there are numerous restaurants that offer student discounts, a relatively healthy place is Veggie Grill, which is right by the University Town Center. You get a free drink with an entrée purchase of $6.50 or more, which is a pretty good deal to me. Perfect if you want to get away from the dining halls food.

10. Big Bear Mountain/Snow Summit

Winter is not yet over, so now’s the ideal time to go to Big Bear and experience all the snow has to offer. An all day pass at both of these mountains is $84 during peak season and $69 for off-peak. I’ve never been here before, but I definitely want to next winter.

10 Things Fine Arts Students at UVic Understand

Being a fine arts student is great! Most of the time. Like all faculties, this one has its shortcomings from time to time. Here are 10 things Fine Arts students at UVic understand.

1. You miss Professor Butterfield, who taught your Creative Being class. You thought his glasses looked like Waldo’s, and you loved the fact that he used a lantern to lead your tour of the Fine Arts buildings at the beginning of the semester.

2. Your TA showed you a video of a younger Butterfield in his band, KLO, in one of your tutorials. That, and only that, was the sole reason you enjoyed that class.

3. Because the rest of the time? You were inundated with artsy jargon and highfalutin language which you could never make sense of.

4. Marshall McLuhan. That is all.

5. Grades pretty much mean nothing to you because art is in the eye of the overly self-critical artist.

6. If you’re a writing student, you’re absolutely terrified anytime you have to share your writing with others. You wish that editing wasn’t a thing.

7. Instead of final exams, you get to write final papers. You’re excited about that until you start fantasizing about committing hari-kari with each subsequent thesis and paragraph you wrench out of your numbed, overdrawn mind.

8. If you’re a visual arts student, you may or may not have had to paint a colour wheel in class, while you simultaneously pictured your money being flushed down the toilet.

9. Similarly, you’ve heard the “Art Degree Dispenser” comment from at least one salty engineering or science student.

10. But you don’t care. Because you know that you’re following your passion.

15 Tips to Survive Your First Year at University of Maryland

Starting college can be a very stressful and exciting time. Here are 15 tips to help you survive your first year at University of Maryland.

1. Make sure you go through the correct doors when exiting the dinner.

Nothing is worst than when someone goes through the wrong doors in the diner that make the annoying alarm go off for minutes before someone is able to turn it off. There are signs on the door saying that the alarm goes off if you exit through them. So, make sure you are looking out for those signs.

2. Always make sure it is clear when you use the crosswalks or cross the street.

Yes, you do have the right away but that doesn’t mean you just throw yourself into the street whenever. It is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Make sure you are always checking emails and ELMS for announcements.

If you have time to check your social media, then you have time to check for announcements from your professors. You might get a notification about a last minute assignment, room change, or even a cancelled class so make sure you are always checking for something new to pop up.

4. If you need a job, make sure you start the job hunt early.

Many students are looking for on-campus jobs every year. If you are in need of a job, check for openings a few weeks before the new semester starts. If you aren’t able to find a job during that time, make sure you check back throughout and at the end of the semester.

5. Try to make friends on your floor.

Everyone is nervous about meeting new people and making friends. Try to make friends with people on your floor because they will be there throughout the whole year and it is nice to have friends who are right there and close by to hang out with.

6. Do not sign up for early classes unless you have to.

Many people think that they can handle a week full of 8am’s and then start missing class as the semester continues. Just because you got up early in high school, doesn’t mean it will be easy to do it in college. Try not to take really early classes unless you have to or unless you are completely sure you will be able to handle it.

7. Try to avoid the Stamp lunch rush.

Around noon, the Stamp food court becomes crowded with everyone trying to get lunch. If you are able to, try to go before this time to avoid the rush of people and so that you can also find a place to sit. 

8. Checkout the First Look Fair.

The First Look Fair is a great way to not only get free stuff, but to find out about all of the clubs and organizations that are on campus.

9. Talk to your RA if you have any questions about campus life.

Your RA is a great person to ask if you have any questions about UMD. If they don’t know the answer, they will most likely know someone who does. Don’t be afraid to go to them if you need anything.

10. Keep track of you key and student ID.

If you lose your ID you won’t be able to get back into your dorm building and then you will have to get a temporary swipe or buy a new one. If you lose your key, you will have to get a temporary one or pay for a lock change which can be very annoying to deal with and quite pricey as well.

11. Download the NextBus App and learn the bus routes.

It is useful to have this app to know when the next UMD bus is coming and where it will stop. It will even show you what the closest stop to your exact location is.

12. Try to find cheap textbooks.

When buying textbooks, don’t immediately buy them from the bookstore. Sometimes you can find the same books for cheaper prices on Amazon, Book Holders, or even from UMD students who are selling their old books.

13. Try to get loyalty points for sports games.

If you want to be able to get a ticket to the best rivalry UMD sports games, you need to make sure you build up loyalty points by attending other games also. The more loyalty points you have, the better your chance to get a ticket to games against schools like Ohio State.

14. Sign up for UMD Alerts.

It is good to sign up for these emails or text messages to know what is happening on campus, especially when there are safety concerns.

15. Take advantage of college discounts.

You can get a lot of discounts for being a college student. You can try Amazon Prime for free for 6 months or only pay $4.99 a month for Spotify Premium. Make sure you are aware of the discounts you are eligible for so that you can save money.

10 Things You Can Only Understand if you Go to GMU

College students embrace knowing gems about their university. GMU students hail to George Mason and don our green and gold. Whether you express school spirit aloud or not, these are the major things all Patriots can understand.

There is ALWAYS construction in progress.

1. I get it, expansion, expansion. It causes more traffic and detours on the way to class, but the large buildings and new food places always make up for it.

The squirrels run the Park.

2. President’s Park is nice for meeting other freshmen that live on campus, but the squirrels make their presence known. It’s their park; we are the guests.


3. Free entrance, free performers, free t-shirts and more? You know us Patriots are there from open to close. Our loyalty and school spirit for GMU are evident, plus we will wait in line for anything free. It’s good on the bank account, too.

Robinson A and B is virtually a rabbit hole.

4. You enter A, go up some stairs, end up at B? The buildings are super old, super hot, and super fun…if you like mazes and being late to class.

The new Fenwick is life changing.

5. I don’t think the new Fenwick can even be considered a library. Complete with five floors of open space, a wide variety of comfortable seating and the huge glass windows that overlook campus, Fenwick is the ultimate place to be. You don’t even have to leave for food; just head to the first floor to grab a snack at Argo Tea Café.

The JC is typically packed.

6. With 34,904 students enrolled for Fall 2016 in the US campus alone, this is no surprise. Nevertheless, that frantic search for a table after grabbing your Panera never subsides.

Blackboard is the new Chalkboard.

7. Forget about chalk; this is the 21st century! You literally could not complete any tasks without Blackboard. This online forum is the most valuable resource, but those red notifications make us cringe.

Team Southside

8. This dining hall has everything, just not at the same time. Sure, you could get a nice piece of grilled chicken, but you will probably have to wait for some hot fires. However, with Anytime Dining, you can come back later for another round of unlimited food options.

Avoid the Plaques, Rub his Toe.

9. Avoid stepping on the plaques around the George Mason statue. That could mean not graduating in four years. But, rubbing the toe of George’s golden left foot creates good luck.

Northern Neck Starbucks is the real MVP

10. Sure, the Starbucks in the JC is an option, but the Northern Neck Starbucks is the option. The lines may be long, but it is never a waste of Bonus Funds.

10 Best Overheard at Cal Poly SLO

1. “So last night at SLO-Do-Co…”

Oh Slo-Do-Co. It’s the place where late nights filled with great decisions have ended. Their drool-worthy donuts always seem to be the perfect midnight snack for those busy nights… studying of course 😉

2. “Finding parking was such a struggle this morning.”

With all the construction going on at Cal Poly, parking can honestly be a wreck. Unless a miracle happens, its more than likely that we’ll be parking all the way on the other side of campus.

3. “What is that water falling from the sky?”

What even is rain? Being #blessed with sunny, beautiful weather 90% of the year makes most of us look up at the sky, confused, at even the slightest drizzle.

4. “I swear I waited in line at Starbucks for an hour.”

The two Starbucks on-campus can barely keep up with the line of caffeine and sleep-deprived college students. Waiting in line every morning seems like a pain, but once that vanilla latte is in our hands, we know it was totally worth it.


It’s finals week, and in the midst of staring blankly at notes, trying to study, this is what breaks us out of our dazes. Ten minutes later, we’ve walked down to the library and thrown ourselves into the crowd of fuzzy, adorable creatures. The stress just melts away.

6. “#studiolife”

Even if we aren’t architecture majors, we know one, or at least have walked by one who has said this phrase. It’s no secret that architecture is incredibly hard and those all-nighters spent doing last-minute projects prove it. This hashtag has been earned.

7. “I’m never eating at Metro again.”

All-you-can-eat for $5 sounds like a great idea when we’re freshman. But two hours and a giant stomachache later, you would think that we would learn our lesson (surprise, we don’t).

8. “I posted the best picture on Instagram!”


Perfect weather and beautiful scenery makes for the best Instagram-worthy picture. We might scoff every time we see another serenity-swing picture, but if we’re being honest, we’ll definitely be posting one next time we hike up there.

9. “WOWIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

WOW Week- the week that keeps on giving long after we’re freshman. As a freshman on campus, this was shouted at us at least once a week as people drove by. Getting older just means that we continue the tradition of yelling this at the unsuspecting people that we’re (almost) sure are freshman.

10. “Let’s study at the beach!”

Because it’s right there.

7 Scholarships at Temple University

You get an email stating that your semester bill is ready to be viewed, so you hold your breath and take a look. It’s big. It’s scary. It’s probably more numbers and dollar signs than you’ve ever had hanging out in your bank account. If given the option to pay it or pass the hardest chemistry test of your life, you’d hit the books in a heartbeat.

Guess what? You don’t have to run for the hills to escape the high price tag! Temple may be responsible for several of your money-related nightmares, but the university actually wants to help you through them. Here’s hoping that at least one of these scholarships makes your college journey a tad less terrifying.

1. Memorial Awards

Temple University Memorial Awards are handed out during the spring semester of each academic year. If you’re an all-star in the classroom, a proven leader and/or the reigning champ of community service, then one of these seven scholarships is definitely for you! Apply http://deanofstudents.temple.edu/memorial-awards by the end of February for your chance to be honored.

2. Air Force ROTC

The perks of Temple’s Air Force ROTC program are plentiful. In addition to partial and full tuition scholarships, accepted students may be eligible for room and board, book and cold-hard cash (read: you decide what you do with them) stipends. Have a high school diploma, good GPA, solid SAT scores and the strength to pass a physical exam? Application deadlines vary, so head here https://www.afrotc.com/ to learn more.

3. Army ROTC

Army more your thing? Don’t worry—Temple has you covered. The Army ROTC also offers scholarships to take care of your tuition and fees, as well as a monthly stipend and an annual book allowance. You must be a full-time Temple student who earns great grades and stays in shape. Perfect your push-ups, sit-ups and two-mile run, then check this http://www.goarmy.com/rotc/schools/temple-university.html out to get started.

4. Camille and Bill Cosby Scholarship in Science

Turn your passion for rocks, rivers or the human body into some serious dough by applying for a Camille and Bill Cosby Scholarship in Science. Starting in late February of each academic year, Temple juniors may join the applicant pool if they are a.) natural sciences majors, and b.) in need of financial aid. If you’re eligible, then snag an application from the Natural Sciences department offices and submit it by the beginning of May. Two students win, so cross your fingers!

5. School of Media and Communication Scholarships

So mad about media that you decided to major in it? Lucky for you, the School of Media and Communication (SMC) has set out to help you study for less. At the start of every fall and spring semester, SMC launches its scholarship application. Awards are given for straight-A’s, unpaid internships, study abroad programs, demonstrated financial and, well, just overall awesomeness. Get the scoop here https://smc.temple.edu/admissions-cost-and-aid/financial-aid-and-scholarships

6. Henrietta S. Treen Scholarship

Here’s what you need to know about the Henrietta S. Treen Scholarship. For starters, this money-saver is for Temple students who love ministry, medicine or law. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required, and your personal character must be on-point. Applications are due by mid-March, so, if you qualify and can’t wait to get in on this, search for the scholarship by setting up a Center for Scholarship Administration https://www.csascholars.org/ account.

7. Supplemental Academic Scholarships (SAS)

The basic recipe for Temple’s Supplemental Academic Scholarships (SAS) takes just two ingredients: a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA and financial need. (Additional qualifications vary by award) When the middle of March rolls around, create your opportunity for scholarship success by completing the online SAS application [http://www.temple.edu/vpus/fellowships/undergrad-opportunities/SAS.htm]. It’ll feel like a long road until recipients are rewarded in August, but the potential $$ are totally worth the wait.

9. OneClass Scholarships

Access Millions in Scholarships specifically for you! There are over $27 million in awards to help you pay for your education! Don’t miss this chance and make sure to sign up here now! https://oneclass.com/scholarships

10 of the Best Class of 2020 Facebook Posts for University of Florida

Trying to find out what’s trending around campus or something to make you laugh? Then definitely check out these 10 great Facebook class of 2020 posts at University of Florida (http://www.ufl.edu).

1. Broward dorm’s Ralph the roach

This one took me by surprise as I was distracting myself from my homework with Facebook. Normally things about bugs freak me out, but this whoever made this shrine is hilarious.

2. Putting a picture of Brad Pitt from Inglorious Basterds as a solution to the Turlington Nazi

There has been so much talk about a random non UF student wearing a Nazi symbol around campus. Personally, I was appalled that someone could even think about promoting Nazi culture, but using Brad Pitt as a solution to the issue was humorous.

3. The Big Sean ft. Lil Yachty concert

So much hype has been going around for this big event at the O’Connell center where students were waiting in line for hours. The amount of FOMO I have right now is incalculable.

4. Riding the struggle bus for Chem 1, Bio 1 and any related classes

Don’t worry life gets better once you’re done taking them for a little bit. Unless you’re pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pa, pre-optometry or any of the other pre-professional tracks.

5. Huxley, a DJ from London, is performing at the Gallery Ultralounge

This looks pretty legit and is for anyone who is wants to listen to new music. Plus, Gallery is a fun place to check out if you’ve never been there before!

6. Dorm kitchen horror stories

Having never lived in a dorm, I found these stories to be quite comical. I mean how could someone forget about taking their cookies or cinnamon rolls out of the oven, such a tragedy..

7. A pigeon who was able to take a bath in a water fountain

I found this post to be quite entertaining, I always knew pigeons were kind of smart but not this smart.

8. A scooter that can operate on land and in water

We’ve all been caught in a rainy day in Gainesville and it’s definitely not fun. But now you can buy a scooter that allows you to get through those 5 foot puddles of water.

9. Girl Scout cookie sale locations

These cookies are unbelievably addictive and if someone says they don’t like them, you know they’re lying. If they’re coming to campus have your wallets ready!

10. Cantina getting evicted

Once a great place to go to in Midtown, has now been shut down for several reasons. Midtown will never be the same again..

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

Not only does UF have a wide variety of student involvement, it also offers some amazing restaurants near the campus! Whether you’re tired of the same old dining hall food or if you got a little extra spending money from your parents, there are certainly some places on this list that will grab your attention. As always, here are 10 of the best places to eat near UF.

1. Italian Gator Pizza (aka pizza by the slice)

I’m starting off with this one because pizza by the slice is a well known cure for the drunchies or to have during the day if you’re craving pizza. It’s open practically all night until 2:30 am so you won’t have to worry about ordering takeout. This place never disappoints and if you’re willing to splurge you should also try their garlic knots, they’re incredible.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

2. 3 Natives

I finally got a chance to try this place out last week and I had to say I was impressed. If you’re in the mood for a healthy snack, try one of their acai bowls (amazingly tasty) or salads. This place certainly hits the spot during the hot summer months in Gainesville.  

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

3. ooZoo

This is place has the best of everything including pizza, hamburgers, and wings so you can’t go wrong here. Plus, the atmosphere is pretty chill and it’s a great place to watch any sports game. Not only that, but they have an extensive beer selection, if you’re 21 and up of course.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

4. The Flying Biscuit

I know I mentioned places close to UF but I couldn’t resist mentioning this restaurant. If you’re looking for the best breakfast in town, this is place to go to. They give you a homemade biscuit with every meal and it’s hard to just have one. It’s definitely worth the drive because you won’t be disappointed.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

5. The Top

This place may be located a little far away from campus in downtown, but it’s well worth the walk, drive, or bike ride. They have an excellent hamburger and dinner selection plus their brunch is to die for. Just be aware this restaurant gets extremely busy so you’ll want to get there early to check it out but it’s well worth the wait.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

6. Reggae Shack Café

If you’re looking for something different, this is place to go to since it has a wide variety of Jamaican foods. Everything on the menu is delicious and has that spicy and exotic taste you would expect when you come here. I especially liked their boneless curry chicken and jerk pork.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

7. Karma Cream

Karma Cream is one of the few places that boasts a great selection of vegan items and ice cream selection. But just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better they have homemade baked goods and amazing coffee. Anyone who hasn’t tried this place yet definitely needs to.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

8. Designer Greens

Sometimes you just want to take a break from all of those fried and baked foods and go for some leafy greens instead. That’s why Designer Greens exists, so you can go for a quick snack and not feel guilt afterward. They also have a wide selection of toppings and salad dressing you can choose from while building your own salad.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

9. Flaco’s

Ironically, right next to Designer Greens is Flaco’s which boasts some pretty great Cuban food. Here you can order a delicious Cuban sandwich or some plantains. It’s also open pretty late so you can stop by and get something after going out.

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida

10. Relish

Last but certainly not least, Relish has super tasty burgers and fries and is conveniently located right across the street from campus. It’s not just their cheese fries and burgers that make it amazing but the amount of toppings you can choose from. It may be a little pricey but it’s worth the splurge when you’re craving a burger

10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Florida