10 Buildings at Youngstown State University You Need to Know

Are you new to campus? Do you want to learn more about the campus that you’re about to step foot on? There’s no better way to do so than to know the buildings on campus. Here are 10 of the top buildings that you need to know at Youngstown State University!

1. John J. McDonough Museum of Art

 John J. McDonough Museum of Art

Address: 525 Wick Ave, Youngstown, OH 44502

This museum was founded in 1991 and is home to the university art and contemporary art pieces. This facility was designed by architects and holds exhibitions, installations, performances, and lectures from both regional and internationally known artists.

2. Melnick Hall

Front view of Melnick Hall

Address: Youngstown, OH 44555

This building sits off of Wick Avenue. It is home to the WYSU-FM Radio Station, the YSU Foundation, and the Office of Research, Governmental Relational, External Affairs, and Economic Development. Students can find a lobby with lounge areas and quiet spaces here as well.

3. Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center

 Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Address: 101 Armed Forces Blvd, Youngstown, OH 44502

This building is a state-of-the art building that is comprised of over 140 strength and conditioning equipment. It also houses a climbing rock wall, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts, multi-purpose rooms, group studio rooms, and locker rooms.

4. Cushwa Hall

Front view of Cushwa Hall

Address: Youngstown, OH 44555

This building first opened in 1976. It is home to the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services, the Peace Officer Training Academy, and the Office of Environmental Occupational Health and Safety. It contains classrooms, laboratories, offices, and two lecture halls.

5. Maag Library

Side view of the Maag Library

Grab your friends and have a study session here! This library was first built and completed in 1976. It is a six-story library that houses printers, computer labs, government documents, online databases, and informational desks. Students will also find study rooms here.

6. Jones Hall

Front view of Jones Hall

Address: 410 Wick Ave, Youngstown, OH 44503

This hall is one of the oldest buildings that sit on campus. It is a limestone structure that sits on both Wick and Lincoln avenues. Students will find the Division of Student Success, Payroll, the Provost Office, the Bursar’s Office, and other faculty offices too.

7. Kilcawley Center

The front of Kilcawley Center

Address: 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505

This building is the community center and the hub of campus life. Here, students will find food service areas, over 19 conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, entertainment areas, and ATM machine, and a recreational area to play games.

8. DeBartolo Hall

Front view of Debartolo Hall

Address: 119 Armed Forces Blvd, Youngstown, OH 44502

This six-story structure is home to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Here, students will find 14 labs, 15 classrooms, over 100 offices for faculty and staff, a computer terminal room, study rooms, and a 200-seat lecture hall .

9. Fedor Hall

Front view of Fedor Hall

Address: 638 Elm St #600, Youngstown, OH 44502

This building sits on the west side of Elm Street. It was first built in 1949 and was later purchased by the Youngstown Board of Education in late 1965. It is currently home to the Wee Care Day Care Center for students to utilize and the Rich Center for Autism.

10. Bliss Hall

Front view of Bliss Hall

This hall is home to the Cliffe College of Creative Arts and Communiations. First constructed in 1977, it now holds the spaces for the art gallery, conference rooms, seminar rooms, staff offices, and the Judith Rae Solomon Gallery.

This comprehensive list can help you get familiar with the campus. Whether you’re a new or returning student, there’s no better way to get comfortable on campus than to know the buildings. Hopefully this list has helped you do just that!

10 Coolest Courses at Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University (YSU) is a public research university in Youngstown, Ohio, United States. YSU offers more than 170 undergraduate degree programs and over 50 graduate degree programs within 7 schools and colleges. Among the many courses offered at the institution, here is a list of the coolest.

1. ART 1505 – Creative Art Appreciation

PIcture of different styles and colours of the same profile of a woman

This course is designed for non-art majors and it introduces creative techniques such as painting, drawing, and paper casting. Students like this course because it will equip them with knowledge and practical skills to explore their creative art as well as the creative art of others

2. HEPE 3740 – Coaching the Young Athlete

An image of the back of a T-shirt written COACH

This course discusses the concepts related to sports coaching with an emphasis on youth sports development. Students in the course will actively engage in the learning of coaching techniques and responsibilities among other skills. The course involves several field sessions allowing students to have fun as they study.

3. DNCE 1541 – Modern Dance 2

Two dancers performing a dance

If dancing is your area of interest, this course instructs on intermediate modern dance techniques, composition, and improvisation. Students in the course will mainly receive instructions practically meaning that they will spend a better part of the course learning and improving their dancing skills.

4. MUAC 1581 – Class Piano 1

Students in a piano class

This is a very interesting course for non-music major students. The course is taken in the first semester and it aims at building functional skills at the piano. Students will spend time learning and practicing how to perform all major scales and arpeggios, among other important concepts related to the piano.

5. ENGL 2647 – Introduction to Poetry Writing

A poster written Poetry with letters coming out of a pencil

This course focuses on the application of the techniques and conventions designed to introduce the basic elements of writing poetry. Students will implement the concepts learned in poetry writing as they explore their poetry writing skills and creativity levels.

6. CMST 1545 – Communication Foundations

A poster written Communication

This course discusses the various communication strategies, theories to help students improve their interpersonal, group, and public communication skills. Students will engage in various communication exercises where they will practice their interpersonal, group, and public communication.

7. KSS 1512 – Bowling

An image of a bowling ball crashing into pins

If you find bowling interesting, this course is your chance to become a pro. The course teaches you the fundamentals of bowling including equipment selection, correction of errors, and scoring. The course is recommended for beginner bowlers. Students will have to attend off-campus bowling lanes for practice.

8. ADV 3710 – Basic Public Relations

A poster written PUBLIC RELATIONS with icons representing all the other aspects of public relations

This course focuses on the study of public policies, attitudes, and techniques used to earn public understanding and acceptance. This course is considered cool because it addresses day to day issues that affect the contemporary society making it easy to comprehend. Students easily excel in the course.

9. CHFM 1530 – Infants and Toddlers: Development and Care

A female adult playing with toddlers

Understanding and caring for toddlers and infants can be fun. This course focuses on infant and toddler development and caregiving environments for children. Apart from the normal classroom sessions, the course has practical sessions where students have to spend time with children in infant/toddler settings. 

10. MRCH 2625 – The World of Fashion

Models walking on a runway

Fashion is a very fascinating industry. Through this course, you will learn various concepts including apparel, textiles, home furnishings, and accessories that are related to the fashion industry. Students in the course will have to work with different items related to fashion as they try to build on their creativity.

10 Hardest Courses in Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University was established in 1908, the time when a local YMCA branch catered a law school in Youngstown Association School. Youngstown State University offers familiar courses. Easy as it may sound, the university earned its reputation in those “normal” courses that we know. With the universities experience in world-class standards of those “normal” courses, together with their pride in quality, the university is well-known to have extraordinary exams and strictly supervised application classes. Check out the list of the hardest courses in the Youngstown State University.

1. STAT 6944  –  Mathematical Statistics 2

YSU students for Math fest competition.

First on the list is mathematics, of course. MathematicalStatistics is one of the hardest courses under the umbrella of Statistics. Mathematicalstatistics promotes the study of probability and statistical hypothesis testingand application. This course comes with different kinds of method, ratio testand sufficiency theories and observations.

2. REL 4871  –  Senior Capstone Project

A list of different religions written on a board.

One of the most discussed topic around the globe is religion. There are many kinds of religions which are equipped with their own values and belief. At Youngstown State University, World Religions is one of the hardest program due to different philosophies between religions. Senior Capstone Project is a part of the program that allows students to express their personal views toward religion, as well as researching various religious studies.

3. MUTC 6922  – Graduate Analysis 2 

YSU faculties playing musical instruments.

Some might say that Music Theory and Composition is easy. Yes,music is easy to understand. But, combined with theory and analysis, that’s wherestudents might experience difficulty. Graduate Analysis for Music Theory andAnalysis made it to the list not only because music is really a difficult artto be interpreted, but most importantly, the course teaches different music theoriesand applications. The complex compositions from the early centuries plus themodern music arrangements will be tackled in this course.

4. FIN 6953  –  Advanced Financial Analysis

YSU undergrads placing third in Finance competition.

Finance is one of the best courses in the Youngstown StateUniversity. Under Advanced Financial Analysis, multiple twists about financialmanagement, investment, markets, and development will be presented. What makesthe course hard is it is one of the critical foundations of the growing economyin United States. Students under this course will go through complex theoriesand evaluation. Also, the internship under Finance program is said to put theskills of the students to the test.

5. AERO 4802  –  Defense Studies/Preparation for Active Duty 2

A group of Youngstown State University alumni.

The Youngstown State University also offers AerospaceStudies, which students know as one of the hardest course even if taken in adifferent university. Under Aerospace Studies, Defense Studies/Preparation forActive Duty is offered. This course contains the collection of leadershiptraining, the study of history and evolution of United States air force, aswell as the study of the roles of military and regional defense personnel. DefenseStudies will also include multiple supervised training for quality managementand professional advancement of the students.

6. ASTR 3712  –  Astrophysics 2

YSU student science exhibit.

What course can be more difficult than astronomy and physics-combined? Astrophysics, under the Astronomy program of the Youngstown State University, is obviously on our list. Astrophysics is the application of principles towards the study of heavenly bodies. Planets and stars may be easy to talk about, but what makes those stellar objects move is what makes it so difficult to study.

7. CHEN 6984  –  Nuclear Fission and Fusion Power Sources

YSU students on testing chemical reaction.

The Youngstown State University caters Chemical Engineering, one of many branches of science which is a really difficult program to go through. Nuclear Fission and Fusion Power Sources is a course that showcases applied engineering, laboratory observations, and chemical theories. In this course, students will gain experience on how to handle plant-sized laboratory operations, apply electromagnetic and mechanical confinement techniques, and respond to safety issues. Aside from being hard, this course tops as one of the risky courses out there.

8. MSCI 4820  –  Transition to Lieutenant

A group of YSU ROTC students

Students who wants to hone their leadership skills, critical thinking, as well as counseling techniques are welcome to experience it all at Youngstown State University. Military Sciences isn’t an easy course, but aspiring leaders who want to challenge themselves may take this program. Transition to Lieutenant is a course that promotes leadership studies. Students will learn and apply different Army systems, as well as ways on how to lead and protect people in times of crisis.

9. INFO 4880  –  Information Technology Analysis and Design

Information technology students on class programming.

Not all students are into Information Technology, whichmakes this program difficult if the student isn’t committed at all. Aside from generalprinciples, encoding system, programming, and data analysis, InformationTechnology Analysis and Design also teaches system integrations and theories. TheYoungstown State University is taking matters seriously when it comes to technologyinnovation, making this course one of the hardest ever.

10. ISEN 6905  –  Applied Statistics for Design, Quality, and Productivity

Federal official offers during campus visit.

To complete this list, we included Applied Statistics forDesign, Quality, and Productivity, one of many courses under Industrial andSystems Engineering program. This course is a hybrid of statistics andengineering, giving itself a spot in this list. Digital simulation, qualitycontrol, human factor studies, statistical operations, and application will be studiedin this course.

The Youngstown State University may be known to be strict withtheir students, but the fun and excitement awaits for aspiring professionalsinside those walls- which won’t be standing at this time without the proud andenduring students from the past. For those that dare to enter Youngstown StateUniversity, it will be the most challenging event of their lives. Should you bepart of Youngstown State University, remember that no university exists to failtheir students.

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at Youngstown State University

Youngstown State University has many great cafes and restaurants that are worth visiting by students. These food places provide students with not only a place they can grab a bite or take a beverage but also a place they can rest and socialize. Food is an essential component for the success of a student. Studying, discussing with fellow course mates and even moving from class to class can drain your energy pretty quick. A nice meal, snack or energy drink will help you replenish the lost energy and help you stay active. Below are some of the cafes and restaurants for students at Youngstown State University.

1. Chick-Fil-A

The front view of the Chick-fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is a campus restaurant located at the street level, Kilcawley canter. It offers sandwiches, waffle cut fries, hand-spun milkshakes, tender chicken specialties and fresh-squeezed lemonade. The items are relatively affordable. The environment allows for relaxation and socialization.

2. Cushwa Café

A customer standing under the Cushwa's umbrella

The Cushwa Café is the best place for students on the go. It offers on the go salads, sandwiches and parfaits that are freshly prepared. The café prides itself with Seattle’s Best Coffee and their YSU Signature bakery.

3. Hissho Sushi

Inside the Hissho Sushi. There are no customers at the time the picture was taken.

Hissho Sushi provides students with delicious and freshly prepared sushi. The portions are satisfying and will leave you happy and healthy. It opens Monday through Friday.

4. The Hub

Front view of the  Hub

The Hub is located on the lower level, Kilcawley Center. It serves frozen beverages, donuts, the Dunkin’ Donuts® brand coffee and breakfast sandwiches. It is a great place to visit and enjoy a quality and healthy breakfast.

5. KC Food Court

Customers enjoying meals at the KC Food Court

The KC Food Court also located on the lower level, Kilcawley Center. It provides students with a great and healthy breakfast. There are also freshly prepared panini sandwiches, specialty hand-spun milkshakes and hand-pressed 100% beef burgers.

6. Schwebel Café

Customers enjoying their meals at the Schwebel Café

The Schwebel Café is located in the Williamson College of Business Administration Building. It serves Starbucks coffee, on the go sandwiches and salads as well as fresh Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches. These foodstuffs will help you replenish your energy to study.

7. Starbuck’s @ Maag Café

Customers enjoying their meals at the Starbuck’s @ Maag Café

Starbucks is located in the 3rd floor of the Maag Library. It offers students with Starbucks Coffee beverages, on the go sandwiches, salads and parfaits. The café offers students with a welcoming and comfortable environment to rest and enjoy themselves.

8. Wendy’s

Front view of the Wendy’s

At Wendy’s, students enjoy frosty shakes, chicken sandwiches, hot and juicy cheeseburgers, steaming chili and freshly-prepared crisp salads. These items are delicious, high quality and worth every penny that you spend on them. It is a nice place to rest and enjoy.

Jobs and Opportunities for Youngstown State University students

Youngstown State University is an institution that is always looking to build a vibrant and promising future for its students. It is of this reason that it has one of the best student jobs section, with students getting a chance to earn a living while schooling. It also presents them with an opportunity to learn work ethics and gain valuable skills. Here are some of the student jobs available at Youngstown State University.

1. Athletic Ticket Office

Fans lining up at the ticket office

Students that aren’t athletes can get a chance to work in the ticket office of the athletic department. Students hired in this department will be responsible for selling, handing out and collecting match day tickets for the different athletic programs available in the institution. The student must be able to work fast,be good with people and have other relevant skills. This job is quite easy to get and the application process is also easy.

2. Athletic Training Room

The student's athletic training room

Also in the athletic department, this job requires the hired student to take care of training materials and equipment and keep the training room clean. It is a job that is open for all students of the institution and doesn’t require many skills asides organizational skills. Interested students can submit their application at the Beeghly Center.

3. Student Group Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor giving lessons to a woman

This job is perfect for students that are in shape and love to help others achieve that same. The student will need to work for roughly 15 hours a week. The requirement involved a student being fit and knowing how to instruct others. They must also be able to give advice on how to stay fit. The job is open for only a select group of people and application can be submitted to the HR or the athletic department.

4. Campus Recreation staff

Student and staff of Campus Recreation

As a campus recreation officer, the student will be tasked with assisting in checking ID’s, checking equipment in/out, equipment inventory, and answering phone calls. They will also be required to sell daily guest passes, providing patrons information regarding Campus Recreation programs, facility events, and hours of operation. It is a job that requires organizational and management skills. It is very open for students and the application process is very easy for any interested student.

5. Staff at Center for Nonprofit Leadership

Center for Nonprofit Leadership interns

Students can volunteer at non profit leadership center in the school. This job will help students gain valuable skills in nonprofit organization and leadership. They will learn how to oversee the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. Other duties the student will be involved in include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The job is accessible to students of the institution, with an easy application process involved.

10 Youngstown State University Library Resources You Need to Know

Youngstown State University or simply YSU for short was founded in 1908 and is an American research university located in Youngstown, Ohio, United States. The university’s origins trace back to 1908, starting as a school of law within the Youngstown Association School. In 1921, it became the Youngstown Institute of Technology by offering evening courses. In 1928, with the College of Arts and Sciences, it changed to Youngstown College. In 1955, it changed to Youngstown University as an indicator of the school’s broadening curriculum. And on September 1, 1967, after becoming a public institution, changed officially to Youngstown State University. This University is an example of development and growing process, and its library also took part in this process.  That’s why here are 10 Youngstown State University library resources you need to know.

1) Library Catalog


At the YSU library, you will be able to search for information available at the library with its catalog searcher. This service will look into all of the library’s archives including available books, journals, eBooks, articles and more, and also will show you the status of that item if it’s actually taken or it’s available for borrowing.

2) Textbooks


At YSU Maag Library you can borrow or use inside the library a wide variety of textbooks for select courses. These textbooks were specifically selected to put on reserve for students of specific courses and subjects by the librarians and the professors to help students find the information they will really need for the course.

3) Electronic Books


YSU students, faculty & staff have access to electronic books through a great range of databases like the Electronic Book Center, which has full texts of thousands of scholarly and reference books covering many subject areas; the EBSCO eBook Collection, which has ebooks published earlier than 2005 on many academic subjects; the Safari Books Online, which has electronic books in computer science, information technology, business, and related fields; and the Oxford Scholarship Online, which is full texts of important scholarly books from Oxford University Press.

4) Databases


At YSU library you can access its database easily from their main page online. A database is a collection of information organized for easy access, in this case, is organized by letters from A-Z but it also can be organized by course or subject making it easier for the YSU community to access the information and find what they are looking for.

5) Research and Course Guides


At the YSU library, librarians take a special interest in helping students understand their courses and the research process, that’s why they have created research and course guides that are available at the library front desk and online, to help students understand better those process and simplify the learning and investigation process.

6) DSpace


The DSpace is a digital resource that has been built to save, share, and search the digital research materials created by YSU faculty and staff. You can find photographs, oral histories, papers given at proceedings, Theses, sound recordings, and a great variety of other materials available online.

7) LinkedIn Learning

link leaning

At the YSU library, you can use your YSU account to sign up for LinkedIn Learning service. LinkedIn Learning, formerly lynda.com, is an American massive open online course website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. It is a subsidiary of LinkedIn.

8) Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Open Educational Resources

The term “open educational resources” describes any copyrightable work (excluding software) that is licensed in a manner that provides users with free and perpetual permission to engage in the 5R activities: Retain (the right to make, own, and control copies of the content), Reuse (the right to use the content in a wide range of ways), Revise (the right to adapt, adjust, modify, or alter the content itself), Remix (the right to combine the original or revised content with other material to create something new), and Redistribute (the right to share copies of the original content, your revisions, or your remixes with others).

9) Ask a Librarian

ask us

At YSU library they know that the learning and research process don´t have a schedule, that´s why they have a 24/7 available “ask a librarian” service to help you with any question about any subject or research at any time. The specialized staff is available at the main library but you can also contact them online on the library’s page, by mail or by phone.

10) OhioLINK Library Catalog


The OhioLINK library catalog combines the holdings of 120 member libraries, including the State Library of Ohio, into a shared catalog totaling nearly 46 million items. The shared catalog lists books, e-books, and e-journals available across the consortium and other materials available on publishers’ websites. Students and faculty discover materials available throughout the state and can have those items delivered to their home institution, exponentially stretching the reach for all of Ohio’s academic libraries.

Libraries of Youngstown State University Linked Trough OhioLINK

1) Maag Library

Maag Library

The William F. Maag, Jr. Library opened in 1976 and is the main library for the Youngstown State University. The University’s first library (now Tod Hall) was built in 1953 after much fundraising by students and support from community members. By the 1970s, the library had outgrown its original building and plans began for a new building. The new library was named after William Maag, who had been a trustee of the University and the public library for many years. In 1971, the library became a Federal Depository for government documents. The library joined 8 other Ohio universities to form the OhioLINK resource-sharing consortium in 1993. Today, the library continues to support learning by providing instruction, resources, and facilities to meet students’ needs.

2) Thorne Library

Thorne Library

Thorne Library provides the major bibliographic and information services and resources for the entire MVNU community, including the students enrolled in each of our Graduate and Professional Studies programs, and provides information for all the OhioLINK partners. It provides a high-quality collection of materials in many formats, including more than 123,000 print and non-print items, and maintains subscriptions to approximately 550 print periodicals and 8,300 electronic journals. Thorne Library also provides MVNU students, faculty, and staff with access to more than 180 research databases, as well as access to an additional 40 million items through its membership in OhioLINK.

3) Lakeland Library

Lakeland Library

The Lakeland Library is open to the public; founded in 1967 as a member of de LCC, Lakeland Community College was the first college in Ohio created by a vote of the people. To receive a library account, community borrowers should apply in person and present a valid State of Ohio Driver’s License or State of Ohio ID. All the members of the community and members of the OhioLINK can access all the information available at this library presenting a valid identification.

4) St. John Paul II Library

St. John Paul II Library

As part of the FUS community and important member of the OhioLINK share program, this library provides a great variety of services and resources for those members of the community and share program with valid IDs. Library materials may be checked out at the Circulation Desk. You can renew books electronically. The main library’s page provides campus-wide network access to OPAL, OhioLINK, and many other Internet-based information resources as well as additional information regarding library policies and hours.

5) Clara Fritzsche Library

Clara Fritzsche Library

While the Clara Fritzsche Library has seen many changes over the years, its mission remains the same: to offer a variety of resources and services to its students, faculty, alumni and the community. All the active members of OhioLINK (which it has been part of since 1988) can access its most important resources such as the art gallery, the special collections (Tolerance Resource Collection, Eastern Church Resource Center; local history collection), and all the services available at the main building.


Top 10 Majors at YSU

College is the perfect time to explore and really find yourself. One thing students worry about it finding the best major for themselves. Fortunately Youngstown State University has a lot of majors that student can choose from. Here are the top 10 majors at Youngstown State University.

1. Liberal arts and Humanities

Different words that are shown to value liberal arts

The first major on this list is Liberal arts and Humanities. This major is very general, but focuses on the heart of humanities. It is perfect for anyone that doesn’t know what they want to do, but has an idea they would like to work in humanities.

2. Psychology

Signs all about self care

The second major on this list is Psychology. This course focuses on the brain, and why humans do certain behaviors. It is perfect for anyone interested in psychological research, or just wants to understand humans beings on a more sophisticated level.

3. Social Work

People holding hands in a circle

The third major on this list is Social Work. This major focuses on developing connections with people in need, and helping them through the hard times. It is perfect for anyone that is interested in helping people.

4. Criminal Justice

Plaque of criminology

The fourth major on this list is the Criminal justice major. This major studies the criminal justice field, mostly for the intent of becoming lawyers. It is perfect for anyone that wants to go into the criminal justice field.

5. Engineering

Person creating engineering sculptures

The fifth major on this list is engineering. While this is a very tough major it pays off in the end. It is perfect for people who like to work with their hands, and think on their feet.

6. Nursing

A group of nurses

The sixth major on this list is the nursing major. This major focuses on teaching students how to become nurses. It is a very intense major, but it is very fulfilling. It is perfect for anyone who really wants to become a nurse.

7. Marketing

Sign with marketing words

The seventh major on this list is Marketing. This major focuses on how to market items to consumers. It is perfect for anyone that is interested in advertisement.

8. Finance

Calculator and charts

The eighth major on this list is finance. This major focuses on money management, and the stock market. It is perfect for anyone that is interested in finances, and would love to work in the stock market.

9. Business Administration

Pens, computer, and charts

The ninth major on this list is business administration. This major focuses on how to successfully manage a business, and lead a team. It is perfect for anyone that wants to take a managerial position, and be a team captain.

10. Accounting

Person working on accounting work

The final major on this list is accounting. While this major is also pretty difficult it will lead to a great job. It is perfect for anyone that can stay very organized and on task.

10 Coolest Clubs at Youngstown State

Extracurricular activities, including clubs, are a great way to get involved on campus. With clubs, you can take part in your interests as well as meet people and make friends! Here’s ten great clubs at Youngstown State.

1. International Business Organization

International Business

This club is for students interested in business and global economies. Students can join to learn about global businesses and international business relations.

2. Penguin Review

The penguin mascot at Youngstown

The Penguin Review is a writing club that writes articles regarding student and campus life. Student writers and journalism oriented people can join and start contributing!

3. Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders USA

Engineers Without Borders at Youngstown State is a chapter of a larger EWB organization. This group of students works on local and national engineering and sustainability projects.

4. Gerontology Student Organization

Gerontology Student Organization

The Gerontology Student Org is a group of medical oriented students interested in the professional speciality of Gerontology, which is the study of elderly populations.

5. Theme Park Engineers

Theme Park Engineers

This student group is a collection of engineers who are interested in theme park engineering. These students are hoping to one day have engineering careers working with theme parks designing parks and rides.

6. Exercise Science Club

Exercise Science Running

The Exercise Science Club is a group of students interested in, studying, and/or passionate about exercise science. These students seek to promote exercise and its benefits.

7. Barbershop Chorus

Barbershop Quartet Singers

Barbershop Chorus is a group of students who are interested in and passionate about barbershop singing, such as barbershop quartets. Join for some great variety in music!

8. Student Art Association

Artwork Appreciation

The Student Art Association is a group of students passionate about the arts. They hold discussions about art news and interests and promote and support each others art as well.

9. Women in Science

Women in Science Book

This student organization is a group of young women interested in and passionate about the sciences. These STEM women seek to support each others efforts and advocate for more women in the scientific fields.

10. Paintball Club

Paintball Player

Paintball Club is a purely fun, sport based club. It is meant for students interested in paintball. They hold practices and competitions with each other and other paintball groups.

5 Cool Events at Youngstown State University

1. Open Swim

Open Pool Swimming

Swimming in college is a rarity for those not participating in water sports. However, YSU offers hours where students can swim in the pool for free! Any student and friends can come enjoy the pool.

2. Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga Stretching

Early morning yoga is a wonderful way to start the day! Students can enjoy free early yoga classes starting at 6:45 am. It’s a wonderful way to get in shape while also waking yourself up!

3. Greek Campus Life

Greek Life at School

If you’re interested in greek life, come to the Greek Campus Life presentation! This exhibition shows students what greek life is like at YSU and offers a peak into this community!

4. Adulting 101

Adulting Funny Picture

Adulting 101 is a super helpful and funny presentation offered to students. This event teaches students about ‘adulting’, AKA taxes, interviews, professional careers, bills, and more.

5. Creative Writing Workshop

Typing and Writing

For students who either need help with their writing skills or simply enjoy to write, come to the creative writing workshop! This event has a ton of creative writing prompts and tips for students.

Top 6 Dorms at Youngstown State

In order to be successful student, you need to stay in a good residence hall. This will raise your GPA and make your time in school much easier. You’re the top six dorms offered at Youngstown State University.

1. Cafaro House

Cafaro house is a freshman dorm on campus. If you need help adjusting to college life, this is the place to be. You’ll be immersed in good vibes and high education. 

youngstown state cafaro house

Address: 205 Madison Ave

2. Kilcawley House

Kilcawley House is another great place to live. This is home to students of all ages and genders. By living here, you will be surrounded by people who want to learn and are very friendly.

youngstown state university kilcawley house address

Address: 1 University Ave

3. Lyden House

Another great option you have is Lyden House. This is a popular residence hall on campus. There is even a very popular dining facility very close to this building.

youngstown state university lyden house address

Address: 251 Madison Ave

4. Wick House

Wick house has a lot to offer to you as a student. There are tons of amenities that you can enjoy in this building. Some examples include game rooms, laundry facilities, and computer labs.

youngstown state university wick house address

Address: 646 Wick Ave

5. Weller House

The final main dorm for all students is Weller house. Students of all ages stay in this building. This is a coed dorm has single and double rooms for you to enjoy.

Weller House

Address: 117 University Plaza

6. University Courtyard Apartments

If you want a little more freedom, we should stay at the University Courtyard Apartments. This apartment complex provides larger rooms and less rules. You will have a great time by living in this area.

youngstown state university courtyard apartments

Address: 91 Wick Oval St

Here is your packing list for Youngstown State University

Room Basics

college dorm

– Mattress topper
– garbage can
– sheets
– pillows
– pillowcases
– area rug

Food and Drinks


– Instant coffee
– bottled water
– hot tea
– groceries
– fruit snacks

Tech and Entertainment

apple applications apps cell phone

– Cell phone
– computer
– chargers
– extension cords
– TV
– DVD player

School Supplies

banner bookshelf

– Text books
– notecards
– post it notes
– pencils
– pens

Cleaning and organization

boat cleaning supplies

– Paper towels
– broom
– dustpan
– closet organizer
– all purpose cleaner

Campus Gear


– Bicycle
– walking shoes
– backpack
– umbrella
– rain jacket

Things to ask about before bringing


– Pets
– guests
– furniture
– printers
– alcohol

10 Easiest Classes at YSU

If you are searching for a way to have an easy schedule while keeping your GPA high, look no further!  Here are 10 of the easiest classes that are offered at Youngstown State University!

1. ACCT 1503- Elementary Accounting

One of the most basic courses in accounting is Elementary Accounting. This is an entry level class that touches on a lot of different topics within the field. You will learn the ins and outs of basic accounting while getting an easy grade.HEAD-accounting-app-trends1-1024x559

2. CSIS 1500- Computer Literacy

In today’s world, everyone uses a computer in some form whether it be for pleasure or business. That being said, it is important for you to know how computers work and operate. This class will do just that to give you confidence with computers and the technological world.computer recursion GIF-source

3. JOUR 2602- Media Writing

If you choose you to pursue a degree in journalism or a related field, Media Writing might be one of the most important, yet easiest, class you will have to take. This is because you will learn the basic techniques and forms when writing for the media.Multimedia-Storytelling_2

4. MRCH 1506- Clothing and Image Development

If fashion is an interest to you, Clothing and Image Development is a great option. You will learn how the professionals design clothing in the real world. This class offers valuable information in a laidback and easy atmosphere.961fd31e7c22ed96815ff827c7c2c534--summer-clothes-summer-dresses

5. SOC 1500- Intro to Sociology

Intro to Sociology is a class that a lot of students choose to take in order to satisfy a social science core requirement. This is also a lectured class where many students go at one time to get an education. That being said, you just need to sit back and take notes to prepare for tests and quizzes.cropped-Sociology-Program-Banner1

6. GEOL 1500- Environmental Geology

An easy option you have to complete a core requirement in science is Environmental Geology. This class is simple because of the friendly atmosphere the class has. You will be able to get a nice break in your schedule if you take this class.geology-canyon.ngsversion.1396531334154

7. ENGL 1540- Intro to College Writing

A very valuable class that you should take is Intro to College Writing. Taking this class will be very beneficial because it will teach you how to write to please your professors. If you are already comfortable with writing, this class will be a breeze!writing-notes-idea-conference

8. DNCE 1540- Modern Dance I

A great way to get a good grade to raise your GPA and stay fit at the same time is by taking Modern Dance I. Regardless of your skill level, this class can help you in the long run.ida-logo-from-illinois-dance-academy-in-joliet-il-60431-qlarrg-clipart_orig

9. CHEM 1500- Chemistry in Modern Living

One of the options you have to fulfill a core requirement of science is Chemistry in Modern Living. This is a lectured class which makes it easy for students to relax while taking notes in class.29-chemistry

10. BUS 1500- Business Administration

If business interests you or you want to major in business, the most simple class you can take is Business Administration. This class touches on various subjects within the business field to give you a well-rounded view of the business world.naming-your-businessIf you choose to take any of these classes, you will have a better schedule and a higher GPA at Youngstown State University! Plus, by taking any of these easy classes, you can enjoy your time on campus much more.