Top 10 Majors at York University

York University brands itself as one of the leading universities that promote new ways of thinking that drive teaching and research excellence. The university believes that careers are often times created due to cross-disciplinary programming, innovative course design, and diverse experiential education opportunities. They are committed to giving a broad demographic of students access to a high quality, research-intensive learning environment. Here are the top majors offered by the university.

1. African Studies

students listening in class

This course is offered by the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and it can be taken either as a full time or part time program, with BA the certificate to be attained by the end of it. Classes usually start in the fall, winter, or summer term.

2. Applied Mathematics

math on green chalkboard

Applied mathematics is offered by the faculty of science as either a part time or full-time program. The course is offered as BA or BSc and classes start in the fall, winter, or summer term. Students can express ideas using the language of abstraction and reasoning in this program.

3. Bachelor of Education

students in class reading a children's book

This program is offered as B.Ed. and the faculty of education is committed to helping students succeed with leading-edge programs that are relevant to the classroom and beyond. It is offered as a full-time program and classes start in the fall term.

4. Biology


This program is offered as BSc, iBSc by Faculty of Science. It allows students to study life on scales ranging from the cellular to the global. The program combines other biological and life sciences such as biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, zoology, animal physiology, molecular genetics, plant science, evolution and ecology

5. Business Administration

business people talking in hallway

Offered as BBA, iBBA by Schulich School of Business, this program allows students to align themselves with one of the world’s leading business schools. Graduating from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto allows students to develop sharp skills and knowledge necessary for success in today’s global marketplace.

6. Creative writing


This program is offered by Liberal Arts & Professional Studies as a full-time or part-time program, starting in the fall term. The program emphasizes literary writing instead of formula writing while aiming to introduce you to the forms and styles of writing which authors, past and present, have created and explored in their works.

7. Communication Studies

students shoing award

The university offers this program as BA and iBA. It looks at the social roles that media and communication have to play while examining how people gather, share and use information. Students will learn the theoretical and historical foundations of media, theories of communication processes, relationships between media and identity and the expanding role of digital communication and new media in the current global system.

8. Economics

students taking notes in class

This program can be taken as a full time or a part-time program. The economics program by the university will expose the students to a wide range of individual and social problems that come about from this conflict and to the distinctive economic approach to their solution.

9. English

students in class

The Liberal Arts & Professional Studies faculty offers this course as a full time or a part-time program. It allows students to explore literary history for its relation to a current culture which would help them re-think the dynamics of the book as a visual medium.

10. Nursing

nursing students group picture

The Nursing program reflects a unique teaching approach which places priority in not only helping to save lives but also cultivating human relationships. The university adopts a patient-centered approach which is very important for the growing demand for health care services and practitioners to respect the values and choices of the patient.

ECON 1000 York University Live Video Tutorial

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10 York University Library Resources You Need to Know

York University is a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario. Over 52,000 students, most of whom are undergraduates, attend this institution that is often considered to be the third-largest university in Canada. If you’re  currently attending York University and looking for information regarding the multiple libraries on campus and the resources they offer students, then you should read through the following lists of libraries and library resources on the York University campus.

1) IT Services

If your computer ever becomes unresponsive, these are the people you should take it to. A lot of students on campus have tech-related problems that they cannot fix themselves, which is why the university staffs all of its libraries with experienced IT people who will likely have your computer up and running quickly (if there’s not something majorly wrong with it).

An image of an 'IT Service' button

2) Reliable Wifi

Need to take a test online for a class? Looking for a place to study where your videos don’t take an unbearable amount of time to load? If so, then you should make it a point to go to one of the several libraries located on campus. The wifi in these buildings is always exceptional regardless of how many people may be inside.

An image of a wifi symbol

3) Printing Stations

Printing homework and associated materials from a personal printer will become expensive FAST. If you want to save time and money, try printing at one of the university’s libraries. Most of the printing done here is free or for an extremely low cost, which means you’ll be able to print out those multipage psychology reports without having to worry about ink cartridge depletion.

a canon printer

4) Attentive Staff

One of the most important fixtures in any university library is its staff. At York, you can trust that there are experienced librarians and associates working in every one of their libraries. If you ever have a question, these should be the first people you consult.

An image of a librarian with books

5) Google Scholar

Want to do some studying and knowledge-building that isn’t totally boring? Try Google Scholar. Most teachers assign scholarly readings in class, and they as well expect these to be referenced on most of your assignments—this is where Google Scholar comes in.

An image of the Google Scholar logo

6) Private Study Rooms

Perhaps you need a private room to do a group assignment. If so, then you will most likely be able to book one for whenever you want at any of the libraries on York’s campus. These rooms can for the most part be booked for multiple hours, but outside circumstances may cause this to not be the case sometimes.

A person studying alone

7) Copying Stations

Need to copy an assignment for a professor, peer, or friend? Then you’re going to want to do it here. Like with printing, copying can become expensive fast because of ink and other operating costs. Moreover, a technician will be close by if something should go wrong with one of the machines.

Copier in library

8) An Expansive Collection of Books and References

What is a library if it’s not filled with books and references? It’s far from a library, that’s for sure. At York, every library on campus houses an expansive collection of books and references, most of which can be checked out.

The expansive rows of a library

9) Accessibility

Those students and faculty who require special ways to access buildings will not find any trouble at this university. Wheelchair ramps and reliable elevators can be found in every library, which means they truly are made for everyone.

An image of a wheelchair ramp

10) Current Newspapers

Want to stay up-to-date with the current news? Want to enrich your perspectives with a plurality of publications? Then you need to spend some time in the York university libraries. From Canadian news to US news, these libraries are usually stocked with all the black-ink stories you need to keep yourself informed.

An image of different publications

Libraries at York University

1) Leslie Frost Library

This is a beautiful library both inside and out, and many students make it a point to spend time here each day for a variety of purposes. If you’ve been looking for a quiet but casual place to study on the York University campus, this should be one of the buildings you consider.

The exterior of the Leslie Frost Library

2) Nellie Langford Rowell Library

Those students who are studying women’s studies and associated subjects will often spend a lot of time in this building. Expect typical library rules to be enforced here, which means talking is in most cases impermissible.

The library bears this woman's name

3) Scott library

One of the university’s premier libraries, this one is usually filled with students during its operating hours. If you’re looking for a great place to meet up with friends for a studying session, you may consider this campus library.

The interior of the Scott Library

4) Steacie Science and Engineering Library

Students studying science, engineering, or a related topic will be spending a lot of time in this university library, mainly because it is equipped with all the amenities they’ll need to succeed in their fields. References and lab space are usually available.

This is the exterior of the Steacie Science and Engineering Library

5) William Small Centre Computing Commons

A high-tech computing center, this is a place frequently filled with students who don’t like the typical library setting. The operating hours of this library are also what make it appealing—they’re open virtually all day and night!

An image from inside the William Small Centre Computing Commons

Since you’ve reached the conclusion of this article, there’s a good chance you now have more information about the York University libraries than you did before. A good library doesn’t have to be modern or state-of-the-art to serve its intended purposes, but students at York University get the best of both worlds: a handful of modern libraries equipped with all the amenities and resources necessary for academic success.

Top 10 Professors at York University

York University is a school that is absolutely propped up by its near perfect teaching staff. Located in Toronto, Canada, York is one of the best schools any student can attend in the great white north.

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Here are the ten professors who make this true:

1. Mary Desrocher

Professor of Psychology

Rating: 5.0
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Desrocher:

PSYC6905 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Desrocher:

“Mary is amazing. End of story. If you see a class with her as the lecturer, sign up! Her lectures were of high quality. She is very approachable and treats students humanely.”

“Best professor at York by far. She is absolutely amazing, both helpful and nice. Her classes are interesting and amazing as her.”

“Too little space here to say how amazing Mary is. She’s extremely supportive, understanding, respectful to all students, intelligent, and kind. This course is the best I’ve ever taken in undergrad, the case study paper & grant project was useful and very interesting. She is THE best prof, mentor, & friend you could ever ask for. Love her to bits.”

2. Suzanne MacDonald

Professor of Psychology

Rating: 5.0
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor MacDonald

PSYC3280 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor MacDonald

“Easily the best prof at York and a truly compassionate and down-to-earth person. Her lectures are extremely interesting, engaging, and fun. The textbook isn’t necessary to get an A/A+. Attend/watch the lectures and understand the concepts (not hard at all considering how great of a teacher she is) and you will do well.”

“Amazing Professor… Every 5.0 rating and comment on this website is 100% accurate. Hands down one of my favorite courses and my absolute favorite professor at York. I wish she taught more classes.”

“One of the best, if not THE best. Hilarious, quirky, work TIRELESSLY to help students, and her tests are EASY. Don’t bother with the textbook, questions are straight off slides and the videos she shows. This professor is so phenomenal I’m taking a course I never thought of next year just so I can have her again. I can’t recommend her enough.”

3. Greg Milavsky

Professor of Business

Rating: 5.0
Department: Business

Courses Taught by Professor Milavsky

ORGS1000 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Milavsky

“Greg is awesome.”

“Undoubtedly the most amazing professor I had the pleasure of encountering in my entire academic career. Professor Milavsky is incredibly passionate, inspirational, and enlightening. He shares a lot of useful insights and makes a very dry course thoroughly enjoyable. Take his class and thank all of us later!”

“Great guy, he really cares about his students and enjoys his job. He’s very entertaining and funny. You have to read the book though because his PowerPoints are not always about the topic for the week. He does give out notes packages though. Super nice, class isn’t too hard, always playing games and telling stories. I enjoyed this class.”

4) Michael Molavi

Professor of Political Science

Rating: 5.0
Department: Political Science

Courses Taught by Professor Molavi

POLS4015 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Molavi

“Molavi is the best prof in the university! It’s so refreshing to have a prof who cares about his students and ACTUALLY TEACHES instead of just lecturing. I agree with everybody else’s comments. Definitely take his class!”

“He’s an amazing prof to have. Very relatable, he makes the material so much easier to digest, and he’s very encouraging. His lectures are worth attending, and he’s very responsive via email. In terms of feedback, he’s amazing but his grading criteria aren’t the easiest to figure out. However, he’s very approachable so you can always ask and discuss.”

“Having someone like Professor Molavi is a privilege. He’s BRILLIANT. For real! The guy knows everything about the topics from every angle conceivable, but you’d never know it talking to him because he’s so accessible and compassionate. I’ve never had a prof who cares about his students as much as Molavi. This was my favorite class!”

5) Leah Stewart

Professor of Humanities

Rating: 5.0
Department: Humanities

Courses Taught by Professor Stewart

HUMA2310 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Stewart

“Very approachable and smart with the ability to relate the course to real life and relevant subject matter. Also knows how to make the material fun and teaches you how to do the work properly so that you don’t make the same mistakes repeatedly.”

“Leah is the absolute best Prof. York has. I think that she should be cloned, she is indeed that good. Truly dedicated to the art of teaching, and making you understand.”

“She genuinely cares about making sure we discuss what we cover, she ensures that we are clear on the subject. She was available to help bring clarity and help us relate/expand. Highly recommended!”

6) Michael Brown

Image result for york university michael brown

Professor of Computer Science

Rating: 5.0
Department: Computer Science

Courses Taught by Professor Brown

EECS1012 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Brown

“He is amazing, very kind and respectful. Makes the lecture fun and also entertaining. He inspired me to work harder and do better.”

“Funny lectures, amiable prof. Would take again!”

“Probably one of my favorite Professors. Great lectures and fun labs. Incorporated comic relief into his assignments and lectures as well. Obsessed with cat videos and Rick Astley. An entertaining guy all around. Would take again. Easy going and lenient with assignments.”

7) Amy Muise

Image result for york university amy muise

Professor of Psychology

Rating: 5.0
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Muise

PSYC2120 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Muise

“Dr. Muise is interesting and very supportive. Her exams are fair, I personally found them to contain a mix of lecture slides and textbook material. Participation marks are easy!”

“Amazing Professor. Go to lectures and you will do well in her class. The textbook is not really needed, focus on lectures to get a good mark!”

“This course is so straight-forward and designed to get you a good grade! You can easily get all participation marks by showing up to class. Her tests are not designed to trick you, they are mostly straight word-for-word from her lectures, and a few are from the textbook (which is an easy read). An A+ can easily be earned if you put in the effort.”

8) Michael Herren

Professor of Humanities

Rating: 5.0
Department: Humanities

Courses Taught by Professor Herren

HUMA4730 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Herren

“Prof Herren is one of my favorites. He gives take-home exams and essays. Attendance isn’t mandatory but this course has really interesting material so it’s worth going. He is so accommodating and helpful to students. Really great professor!”

“Fantastic professor. Very clear on assignment expectations. Gives good feedback. Very approachable and responds quickly to emails. This course was actually more interesting than I initially thought it would be. Nothing but praises for Prof. Herren.”

“He is such a nice guy! Took his class during summer. He gave us all an extension and is really understanding and nice. If you are interested in philosophy, def take this class with Professor Herren! Two major papers and one take-home exam. Take notes in class and email him with questions.”

9) Ashlee Bligh

Professor of History

Rating: 5.0
Department: History

Courses Taught by Professor Bligh

HIST2220 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Bligh

“Take the time to talk to her outside of class if you have any trouble in the course. Very approachable and willing to help! Also has a sense of humor!”

“She is extremely helpful, cares about her students and is willing to give advice with other courses or just general questions you have about school, work, etc. She was fun, pleasant and funny. She is passionate about the course and gives really great and helpful feedback.”

“She’s always there for you and is so nice to everyone. She’s a tough grader but she’s always there for help.”

10) Stephanie Hart

York University professor of english Stephanie Hart

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Hart

ENG1101 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Hart

“Very nice and very helpful. But she is no pushover, you got to do all the work and attend her tutorial. She appreciates people doing their best and talking. I suggest you meet with her if you struggle and she will help you pass the course – she doesn’t give free marks but is very helpful and expects you to do the work and put in the time.”

“Hart is funny and entertaining, she explains the assignments very carefully so there are no surprises. I very much enjoyed her class and recommend it!”

“Awesome prof. Smart and funny. I got a good mark but not a lot of people did so maybe she could have been a bit more accommodating? I’m not complaining though.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at York

1. Hospital End Games by Mary Fox

Given nursesâ?? key role in caring for older patients in hospital, researchers realized that much could be gained through focus groups with these healthcare providers

Faculty: Health

Research has shown that the outcomes of being in the hospital are more negative the older you are. The research was done by Fox, however, seeks to improve the outcomes for these older patients. She found that improvements are made when there is more communication between the staff at the hospital.

2) Medical Scheduling by Adam Diamant

New research points the way to better scheduling in multi-assessment health clinics

Faculty: Business

Sometimes, those who aren’t in the medical field have a good eye on improvements that can be made in it. Diamant, a member of the business faculty, found ways to improve the quality of hospitals for patients as well as the profits for those who operate them. His research found that the more efficient scheduling practices can result in a win-win like this.

3) Gender Pay Gap by Roopkiran Kohout

Woman standing on a street with arms crossed

Faculty: Professional Sciences

One of the most pressing issues regarding equity in the workplace is the gender pay gap. It’s no secret that women are often paid less money than men for performing the same job. Kohout’s research is currently focused on finding solutions to this problem.

4) Climate Change Awareness by Ian Garrett

Luciole International Theatre Company performing climate change play, part of CCTA 2017

FacultyArts, Media, Performance and Design

Many people are hesitant to believe in climate change because they never truly understood science. The research into making this issue known and popularized has been undertaken by Professor Garrett. His research is a prominent example of how different subjects can intersect with one another.

5) Wartime Trauma by Aparna Mishra Tarc

Aparna Mishra Tarc (left); Magnus Wennman (right). His image reproduced with permission of World Press Photo

Faculty: Education

So much has been written and studied about when it comes to the traumas of war. But Tarc’s research is examining a new angle of the trauma caused by war. Her research focuses on how it particularly affects children who were impacted.

These research projects are so inspiring and just a small testament to the amazing work being done by York University.

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Top 8 Residences/Dorms at York University

York University takes pride in the beauty of its campus. With a hi-tech and contemporary look, you will be sure to enjoy the view as you walk the campus daily to class. But, the beauty doesn’t stop there. Check out the Top 8 Residences at York  University.

1) Bethune Residence

Bethune Residence at York University

Address 166 Campus Walk, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J1P3

Bethune residence has the capacity to hold up to 260 undergraduates. The 2nd to the 6th floor are all suite style rooms with 4 and 12 person suites. However, if you prefer more of a traditional style room where you are able to spend more time with your friends, you can choose from floors 7 through 14.

2)  Calumet Residence

Calumet Residence at York University

75 Arboretum Ln, North York, ON M3J 2S5

The Calumet Residence is a residence that pays tribute to its Aboriginal beginnings. Calumet is a Native American Term for Peace Pipe. The seven houses that make up this residence are even named after animals that were original inhabitants of the area such as Wolf, Loon, Bear, etc. Each house host 22 to 44 students.

3) Founders Residence

Founders Residence at York University

Address: 91 Ottawa Road, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J1P3

Internationally focused, this residence is expanding and growing. Using a welcoming Residence Life team, these residential houses are pretty close. On top of the peer support, you have the chance to walk through your house daily viewing beautiful artwork on the walls.

4) Pond Road Residence

Pond road residence York university

Address: 92 The Pond Road Residence, North York, ON, M3J2S5

As the only building with suites that accommodate two people with full kitchens, Pond Road Residence has to has the least availability. This Residence is spacious and peaceful. Yet, you still have the ability to make friends and enjoy time with your peers, especially at their fun event nights!

5) Stong Residence

Stong Residence

44 Arboretum Lane, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J1P3

This Residence is one of York University’s taller buildings. But, fear not. This Residence has elevators for your convenience. Enjoy making friends in your traditional style room and hang out together at the residential events!

6) Tatham Hall

Tatham Hall

73 McLaughlin Road, North York, ON M3J1P3

Tatham hall is one of York University’s more updated residences. It has mounted Brita Hydration stations in the kitchens and newer floor and interior designs. Enjoy the style of the room and amenities while also attending yearly events just for you and your residential family such as the Year End Banquet and their Pie Day!

7) Vanier Residence

Vanier Residence at York University

85 Observatory Road York University 4700 Keele Street Toronto, ON M3J1P3

Thirteen floors high, the Vanier Residence is one of the taller buildings at York University. Their rooms are traditional in style with the ability to obtain a double or single room. Transition to university life with a loving residential community!

8) Winters Residence

Winters Residence at York University

68 Winters Lane, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J1P3

Winters Residence is geared around the expression of artistry. They plan events for their residents where artists who paint, sing, and dance have the opportunity to showcase their talent. There’s even an art studio within the residence for artists to work on their craft.

It won’t take long to get engaged in school once you’ve found the right place to stay for you. The atmosphere that you will call your new temporary home will be your place of comfort and relief. So, choose wisely and enjoy your stay at York University.

Here’s your Move-in Day Packing List at York University

Image result for college move in day

1)Room Basics

Dorm room essentials

-Twin size comforter set





2) Food and Snacks

Different chips and chocolate bars


-Little Debbies

-tv dinners



3)Tech & Entertainment



-cell phone



-Hygienic technology (blow dryer/shavers/flat iron)

4) School Supplies

Gluesticks and scissors






5) Cleaning up & Organizing

Blue cleaning supplies



-filer (for books)

-Air Freshener plug-ins

-Clorox wipes

6) Campus Gears

students at YorkU marching around

-School shirt

-School hat

-School License plate

-School Stickers

-School Writing utensils

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

Candle warmer

-Candle warmers


-hot plates



7 Buildings at York University You Need to Know

York University offers a great undergraduate experience with its beautiful campus. The campus is set in the Greater Toronto Area, with five libraries and 92 buildings along with a big shopping mall close by. The campus is self containing community and just great. These are the top buildings in York University.

1. Vari Hall

Front View of Vari Hall

This hall proves to be a face for the Keele Campus. The building is a home to several lecture halls and is where lots of lectures are scheduled. It also the protest site for campus students.

2. Scott Library

Inside the Scott Library

The 5 story tall library is home to most of the campus resources for the variety of scriptures, texts and books. This is the example of the old type of architecture on campus.

3. Student Centre

Student Center York U

Want to take a break from the boring lectures? This is the place to be where students are found mostly chilling in the lounge area as well as refueling themselves for the coming long day.

4. Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building 

Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building Exterior

TEL was considered the most modern buildings of its time during its conception. It is home to 42 computer labs, 3 libraries and more. The building is just amazing and a must go to site at York.

5. Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies

Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building

HEN is a unison between two faculties at York U. There are several lecture halls that are laid out here and is frequented by the students enrolled in the health science faculty at York.

6. Seymour Schulich Building

Schulich Building

This building is home to the best business school in Canada. The building adds onto the modern campus locale and is really a sight to see. The building is wonderful.

7. Accolade East

Accolade East Building View

This is home to the departments of music and dance. This is also home to the arts museum. The building seems to my the temple of all performing arts and is where York U builds its talent.

Interesting Facts About York University

1. Glendon Campus Bought from UofT

Glendon Campus

How much do you think this beautiful York U campus was sold for? It was for $1. Yes, this property really is as beautiful as it seems.

2. Home to Second Language Students

Hello in eight different languages on colourful speech bubbles

A  third of the students enrolled at York U are speakers of two languages. The university is truly bilingual!

3. Brews own coffee

Brewing coffee

The university has named the coffee it brews ‘Las Nubes’ which is also the name of the rainforest it owns in Costa Rica.

4. 3rd Largest University in Canada

York U Subway

The university is home to more than 50,000 students, thus securing the position of the third largest university in Canada.

5. Superwoman Graduated from here

Lilly Singh at York U

The famous Youtube sensation Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is a proud psychology graduate of York University. The university is truly reputed.

6. York offers largest Psychology Program

Psychology at York U

This university has the largest psychology program to be offered in Canada. The university does have an excellent research base in Canada for Psychology programs!

5 Best Restaurants at York University!

York University is a wonderfully diverse university with the best student resources for a successful university experience including mentors and amazing professors. However, the number one helper for any student in university is, food! York is extremely popular for its restaurants and variety of food selection! Students are always creating numerous activities including bake sales, and exciting events like Smoothie week!! Thus, this blog is your number one guide in the five best restaurants in York which will help you survive all semester!

1) Pizza Pizza

PIcture of a large pizza with pepperoni

Pizza is a dish that can never go wrong, and Pizza Pizza is definitely one of the best restaurants at York University! With numerous options including cheese, chicken, vegetarian etc., all pizza slices are freshly baked! The slices are also extremely huge and vary from $1.25-2.00. This restaurant is one of the most affordable, quick and delicious meals at York!

2) Indian Flavour

picture of a restaurant called indian flavour

One of the best parts about York University is the extreme multiculturalism and students of immense ethnicities. York caters to every single person and this restaurant is for everyone! Indian Flavour is one of the best diners at York which serve authentic Indian food. From veggie samosa’s, and biryani to halal meat, there are several dishes at affordable prices for students who enjoy the zesty and spicy taste of Indian cuisine!

3) Freshii

Freshii foods poster

This restaurant is for all the health fanatics out there! Freshii is also one of my personal favourite food joints at York University. This restaurant serves amazing healthy meals including buddha bowls, healthy burritos, soups, and various other foods. This restaurant is especially great for vegans and vegetarians! Freshii also serves amazing vegan chocolate chip cookies and everything is once again extremely affordable!

4) Sakura Japanese Restaurant

sushi tray

Personally, I was never a huge fan of sushi until I came to York University and I tried the sushi at this restaurant! It was amazing and extremely delicious! This restaurant not only serves sushi but also katsu, teriyaki, and several vegetarian options! There are numerous options at this restaurant and all the food is freshly cooked and served pipping hot, which makes it even more delicious!

5) Tim Horton’s

Tim Hortons cup of coffee and wings in the background

The last best restaurant at York University is, of course, Tim Hortons! In my opinion, this food joint is probably a students best friend. We all need our morning coffee or tea and bagels to survive throughout the day! Luckily, York University has at least 5 locations of Tim Hortons throughout the campus! Tim Hortons has an amazing variety from coffee, tea, ice cappuccinos to bagels, egg sandwiches, wraps, donuts, and Timbits!  This place is extremely affordable even on campus, and is an extreme live saver, especially during exam season!

These are the five best restaurants at York University with the most affordable and delicious food! I recommend you all try these places because they will change your life!

7 Great Courses for Musicians at York U

The music department at York University is known for its achievements and accomplished staff. However, most students will argue that the most wonderful thing about the music department at York University is the wide variety of courses across styles and cultures that it offers students from all disciplines to take part in.

Here are seven great courses for musicians and aspiring musicians at York University.

1. MUSI 1001: the Basics of Music

This course explores the basics of music theory and has no prerequisites, making it great for experienced musicians who want to brush up on foundations or students from other majors that are starting out in the world of music. You will learn about topics such as notation, scales, chords, rhythm, transposition, and a variety of basic music terms. The includes five short quizzes and a final test, making the evaluations fairly spaced out and providing plenty of opportunities to improve your overall mark throughout the term.


2. MUSI 1011: Classical Strings for Non-majors and Majors

In MUSI 1011, students will learn the basic skills involved in violin, cello, viola, and double bass performance. They will learn how to hold a bow correctly, ensemble repertoire, and become competent in a variety of foundational techniques!


3. MUSI 1012: Guitar for Nonmajors

Guitar for non-majors is an approachable and incredibly fun class that allows students to develop elementary guitar performance skills. You will explore introductory theory, correct hand position, and posture, and basic chords to play a variety of simple songs. The professor is known to be incredibly talented and friendly, making the classes both engaging and enlightening.


4. MUSI 1013: Flute for non-majors and majors

MUSI 1013 is a great environment for beginner and new flute players to learn performance technique, breath control, theory, articulation, and repertoire development – all crucial to becoming a competent flute player. The work is manageable and the course is offered throughout the year.


5. MUSI 1014: Introduction to Classical Singing for Non-Majors and Majors

Aspiring and experienced singers alike will find this course enjoyable and valuable. You will explore the techniques and skills of classical vocal performance. These include such topics as breathing and posture, repertoire development and ensemble relevant techniques. This is a half-term course generally offered in the winter semester that includes a concert performance evaluation


6. MUSI 1051: Jazz Workshop 1

Jazz workshop 1 is an exciting course that explores ensemble playing in the jazz world. Students with basic instrumental proficiency will find this course to be a wonderful experience where they can explore small group jazz performance and theory.


7. MUSI 1095: Caribbean Ensemble

Students in MUSI 1095 have the opportunity to explore basic steel pan and drum techniques taken from the Caribbean culture and region. It is an incredibly unique course that will adequately challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and teach you a lot about the history of the art and performance. If you want to try a music course that is engaging and offers plenty of variety in activities, this is a wonderful course to consider.


When it comes to the art of music, the possibilities to explore across cultures, crafts, and theories are endless at York University. Check out the mentioned courses which have been deemed the most popular among musicians and aspiring musicians at York U.






7 Awesome Language Classes at York U

York University has one of the largest and most diverse student bodies across Canada. It is not uncommon to hear a symphony of different languages conversing in Scott Library during busy study days. As such, it is only fitting that the university offers a large variety of language courses to cater to its diversity of students. Here are seven awesome language classes offered at York University.

1. FR 1020: Introductory French

This course was created for beginners and is great for those who only took French up until the twelfth grade. You will learn basic written and oral skills in the French language and explore the French culture through a variety of texts. This course is a great start for those looking to pursue the study of the language into the future.

Vector Sign Speaking French

2. JP 1000: Elementary Modern Standard Japanese

The Japanese language can be a difficult one to learn but there is no better environment to take on the challenge than JP 1000 at York U. The professor is friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. You’ll be guided through the foundations of basic Japanese and your learning will be involve being engaged with a variety of multimedia and pieces of literature.

3. CH 1000: Elementary Modern Standard Chinese

This is an introductory course for those who possess little prior knowledge of the Chinese language. The greatest thing about this foundational course is that by the end of it you will have learned how to navigate simple conversations in chinese and be able to write roughly 500 Chinese characters!

4. LIN 1622: Introductory Latin

LIN 1622 is a perfect class for those who have no prior learnings in the language of Latin. Students will become competent in the basics of Latin grammar and will hone their skills by translating a number of texts into Latin. The course includes short assignments and tests that are quite manageable.

5. SP 1000: Elementary Spanish

Elementary Spanish helps students develop their written, oral, and listening skills in Spanish and learn how to converse casually in the language. The course is very collaborative – you are sure to make some great friends in all the time you will spend in class practicing conversations and collaborating on fun assignments.

The word Spanish. Vector banner with the text colored rainbow.

6. SP 3201: Spanish for Business I

This course is specifically designed to teach students how Spanish can be used in commercial and corporate environments. Students love this course for applicability in the professional world. You’ll come away with some great basic useful vocabulary. Having another language in your arsenal in the business world can be a real asset in an increasingly competitive job market.

7. LIN 2634: Language and Society

This course revolves around studying the social influence and implications of language. You will learn all about how language exists in different environments through lectures that are interactive and short assignments that allow you to explore the social aspects of language.

The diversity and opportunity to challenge yourself and explore new cultures through York U’s variety of language courses is endless. These are just seven of the most popular language course offered at York University that students find approachable and enjoyable!

8 Awesome Courses for Athletes at York U

York University offers students one of the largest selections of undergraduate courses to choose from across Canada. Its wide breadth of courses for those who love sports and physical activity make it a winning destination for student athletes. Here are eight awesome courses for athletes offered at York University!

1. KINE 3000: Psychology of Physical Activity and Health

In this course, students have the opportunity to explore current research and findings surrounding psychology in sports, physical activity, and health. This is a wonderful course for students who are athletes as it will help them gain a deeper understanding of performance enhancement and the mental skills and techniques they can improve and utilize to become better athletes in a diverse range of settings.

2. KINE 3400: Fitness Consulting and Personal Fitness

This course allows students to develop an understanding of fitness counseling and consulting practices. Many student-athletes opt for careers in the fitness industry, making these skills invaluable for students who want to truly impact the lives of others with their love for fitness and sport.

3. DANC 1400: Dancing for Non-majors

This course is specifically for non-dance major students to learn about many different styles of dance and become introduced to the exciting world of dance. Athletes will love this course for its approachability and variety, as the professor guides you through various popular dance forms at a steady pace.

4. KINE 4010: Exercise Physiology

Athletes who want to better understand the ways in which their bodies work during exercise and how they can use this knowledge to optimize their performance will find the Exercise Physiology particularly fascinating. Understanding the science behind how your body performs during exercise will allow you to improve as an athlete by working from the inside out and considering factors like your breathing rate and how your body utilizes oxygen most efficiently during physical activity.

5. PKIN 0328: Soccer I

Those who love team sports will love this class offered through the Kinesiology program (but which students from any major can enroll in). If you want to learn the fundamentals of soccer or are an experienced player who wants to improve their game, this is a wonderful course to take! In this experiential learning based class, you’ll get to compete against students in your class and receive valuable coaching from the professor.

6. DANC 2215: Contemporary / Modern dance

For students who want to take on dance forms and techniques a little more challenging than those offered in introductory courses like Dance for Non-majors, the Contemporary / Modern dance class at York U is a great choice. Athletes will take on dance forms that became famous through history for their elegance and artistry, working collaboratively with other students in the course to improve their performance.

7. KINE 3610: Coaching: Strategy & Tactics of Sport

A large part of being a successful athlete has to do with being a great leader. Student-athletes who aspire to become team captains or guide the development of their teams will benefit from taking KINE 3610 which will teach them valuable tactics on how to manage a team and how to execute strategies such as defense and attack optimally.

There’s no question that York University offers many valuable learning resources for athletes both inside and outside the lecture hall. These are just eight great courses students at York University who are athletes will enjoy immensely.