Xavier University Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at Xavier University, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Ohio. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at Xavier University.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Ohio.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 150Physiological Chemistry
CHEM 151Physiological Chemistry Lab
CHEM 160General Chemistry I
CHEM 161General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 162General Chemistry II
CHEM 163General Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 205Preparation for Organic Chem
CHEM 220Principles of Physical Chem
CHEM 221Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 226Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 227Quantitative Analysis Lab
CHEM 240Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 243Organic Chemistry II Lab
MATH 105Fundamentals of Math
MATH 116Elementary Statistics
MATH 120Elementary Statistics
MATH 140Concepts of Calculus
MATH 150Elements of Calculus I
MATH 151Elements of Calculus II
MATH 156General Statistics
MATH 158General Statistics II
MATH 169Precalculus
MATH 170Calculus I
MATH 171Calculus II

10 Hardest Classes at Xavier University

College is tough and classes are surely like not high school academia. Knowing which classes to steer clear of at Xavier University can help you as a student succeed and not panic about the hardest courses on campus. Here is a list of the toughest classes at XU. Let’s get started!

1. ECON 200 – Microeconomics Principles

Microeconomics is an intensive leveled course for students who are studying business or econ. With this course in your schedule, there is no such thing as an easy academic year. The exams are nearly impossible and there is an overwhelming amount of material to be known.

Student taking an exam in class.

2. ENGR 346 – Signals and Systems

This upper level engineering course is very hard for most students in college. Since it is a required class for their major, many have no choice but to face it head on or change their major. If a student has no experience with programming, this course is said to be quite the struggle trying to catch up with the professor.

Textbook cover of signals and systems

3. BIOL 103 – Biology: Unity of Life

This course is the basis of most pre-med students who are looking to begin their majors. With a variety of topics covered and lots of material expected to be memorized by student, the exams are said to be nearly impossible for most who take this course. Many students pull all nighters to complete each exam.

Image of a biology meme.

4. PHYS 115 – Our Universe: Physical Lab Science

PHYS 115 at XU has an extremely high percent of students who fail or drop the course before bombing their GPA. The conceptual material is very hard for students to grasp who do not have prior physics knowledge, and passion to learn about this intricate topic.

Student working in a lab.

5. CHEM 114 – Chemistry: A Human Endeavor

For any medical major, this course lives up to its terrible reputation. In Chem 114 students are tested to their max with not only lectures but lab experiments as well. This course is weighted heavily on exam scores and this is one of the most frequent courses visited at the tutor center.

Teacher talking to students in class.

6. ECON 307 – Empirical Analysis in Econ

ECON 307 is a course that students enter into fully prepared to work their rear end off! If you sign up for this course, it is countless hours of work outside of the class and lecture. Students are also expected to remember everything from past classes when signing up. Many students find this course miserable.

Students walking on campus at XU.

7. ENGR 384 – Heat Transfer

This course many students say is the hardest class on campus because of the level of detail that goes into the projects. The unofficial slogan is that students are “already behind” before the class even begins. Many kids also say that the workload is extremely heavy for students who take this class.

picture of heat transfer

8. PHIL 100 – Ethics as Intro to Philosophy

PHIL 100 adapts students and molds them into a different way of thinking which many students do not care for. Ethics includes the figuring out of what follows from what, and why. Beyond the books, many critical thinking skills need to in place when trying to pass this very hard course.

Stack of books for all the reading in this class.

9. HIST 105 – World Civilizations I

This course takes students into the realm of the pass and used to challenge those who have decided to accept history as their major. Through many deep thinking projects, students often drop the course because of the hours of work it entails outside of the classroom alongside their other courses.

Students working around a laptop together.

10. BIOl 370 – Endocrinology Lecture

Endocrinology is a course that many students struggle with because of the large quantities of work for both their lecture and lab experiments in this course. Students do not recommend taking this course to incoming students, especially in their senior year because many students who fail the course.

picture of the word hormones spelled out with a stethoscope and pills on the table

Overall, Xavier University has many courses and overall great professors to teach them. Many experienced students say if you try and avoid these classes and can manage on graduating without them, your college career at XU will be amazing!

Restaurants & Cafe for Students at Xavier University

A Jesuit university in Norwood and Cincinnati, Xavier University is one of the oldest Catholic university in the United States. Aside from great studies and quality of education, the university also focuses on the overall wellbeing of their students and offer them great dining options. As such, you may be interested to know the different restaurants and cafes for students at Xavier University!

1. Currito – Burritos Without Borders

logo of Currito

Have a taste of your favorite burritos at Currito! They offer a wide range of burritos for fast and casual dining, which makes it the perfect place for students. It is located at the Fenwick Place, and they accept dining dollars and X cash. Enjoy it with your friends or alone while doing some school work!

2. Pizza ATM

logo of Pizza ATM

Enjoy your pizza just like how you want it to be – fresh and hot! It is the first Pizza ATM vending machine in North America and provides easy service for all students. If you are craving for a pizza, then you’ll love to have a slice of it from the Pizza ATM. They also accept Dining Dollars and X Cash.

3. Victory Perk

victory perk logo

Looking for the perfect dining common place? Victory Perk is a great one to consider! They are one of the most notable and recognized as an award winning all-you-care-to-eat dining, which is super convenient for students on campus. They have a wide range of meals to choose from, and will surely keep you coming back for more!

4. Fresh Xpress

logo of Fresh Xpress

A place to check out if you are craving for wraps, sandwiches, breakfast and quesadillas, Fresh Xpress give you a wide range of options to choose from. This is located at the Conaton Learning Commons where the business programs provide an opportunity for students to learn culinary, management and also different marketing skills while in a teaching kitchen environment.

5. Blue Bob’s Diner

logo of blue bobs diner

Blue Bob’s Diner is best for people who love breakfast meals! They are offering fresh breakfast all day and additional meal options such as hand cut fries, smash burgers, soups, salads and more. It gives you a whole new experience while on campus and keeps you energized with the best meals and variety options.

6. Hoff Dining Commons

interior image of Hoff dining commons

Enjoy a wide range of meal options available at Hoff Dining Commons. There are over seven food stations, bakery, vegetarian and gluten-free options and Coca Cola Freestyle machine. The dining services at Hoff Dining offers seasonal farmer markets, meal plans, hormone-free dairy products and way more. There are also cage-free eggs, sustainable seafood and vegan options.

7. Other Nearby Restaurants

restaurants at Xavier University

There are many restaurants near Xavier University that may be a perfect place for your cravings. This includes Subway, Starbucks, Gold Star, and Graeter’s Ice Cream. You may also want to check the First Watch, PF Changs, Cloud 9 sushi, Busken Bakery and Whole Foods. They offer a wide range of meal options to fit your preferences.

Jobs for College Students at Xavier University

The Xavier University is Jesuit university establishing in 1831 and is located in Cincinnati and Norwood, Ohio. Xavier University provides a variety of undergraduate programs and is home to over 10, 000 students! Along with providing a variety of programs for students, this university also provides amazing job opportunities for students who are looking to work while studying. Here are 7 amazing job opportunities for students at Xavier University!

1) Foods and Beverage Service!

This is an image of a common go-to meal that is eaten by most students.

Xavier University provides a wide selection of Food and Beverage Services with several different restaurants and numerous food options. Several of these restaurants hire students as chefs, cashiers, and servers. If you are just starting to work or want to gain experience, working in a food and beverage service is an amazing opportunity! It is also a great way to improve your customer service skills!

2) Gallagher Student Center!

This is an image of the Gallagher student center that is located in the Xavier university

Xavier University’s main student center known as the Gallagher student center often hires students as cashiers or clerics in their all in one shops located within the student center. This is a perfect job for all students who want to do simple jobs like being a cashier and are just beginning to work and study at the same time. Best part is, the student center gives plenty of bonuses and discounts to all student employees!

3) Catering Events at Cintas & Across Campus!

This is a clipart image of a chef who is holding onto a tray, and is about to go serve customers while holding onto the menu!

Do you love to cook? Or are you interested in becoming a chef? Well, this job is just for you!! Xavier University provides amazing unique job opportunities for all students including the catering events! This would require a group of students to cook or bake a variety of pre-planned meals and dishes for students and other people across the campus! This is an amazing job for all the students who want to improve their cooking skills!

If you would like to have an online job, this is the opportunity for you! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you are going to classes! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during lectures for your own classes! Become a note taker today! It is one of the best jobs a student could ask for!

4) The Xavier All for One Shops!

This is an image of the entrance to the Xavier university-all for one shops!

The Xavier University has several all for one shops located throughout their campus including; the Cintas Store, University station, and in the Fenwick Hall. These all for one shops hire approximately 5-6 students yearly for several different jobs including; cashiers, clerics, receptionists etc. This is an amazing job opportunity for students who want to interact with other students and make some friends, but also have a way to learn from their peers!

5) The Xavier Bookstore!

This is an image of the inside bookstore located in Xavier university.

The Xavier University bookstore is an on-campus store that is available for all students. This bookstore hires students as cashiers and assistants from the start of term to the end of a term. Students are required to organize shelves, help students, and create a friendly and helpful environment for all customers!

6) Gallagher Student Center-Bank!

This is a clipart image which shows a bank.

The Gallagher student center that is located on the Xavier University provides a wonderful job opportunity for only a couple of students who are able to work in a bank within the university’s student center! The bank hires students as accountants, clerics, receptionists, and mangers. A series of applications are created in which the students will be hand-picked for the specific jobs. This is a tremendous opportunity for students who want to gain experience in the business world and further expand their work experience.

7) OneClass Note Taker!

This image shows the official logo to represent OneClass

10 Coolest Courses At Xavier University

Xavier University is a private Catholic university situated in Cincinnati. Currently, the institution hosts approximately 4,645 undergraduate students. The providence of the coolest courses explains the abundance of scholars in the school. Additionally, Xavier University offers high quality education, which is personal. As such, students select what they desire to study throughout their academic period. The following are some of the coolest courses learners choose at Xavier University.

1. ARTS 102- Drawing 1

A lecturer teaching during a drawing class

Xavier University values the interests of learners who desire to become popular artists. The school offers ARTS 102, which is an introductory studio course. This course is cool because it involves practical drawing using traditional materials like charcoal, white colored pencil, and graphite. Moreover, the involved lecturers help the students learn how to translate images from the three-dimensional form to two-dimensional model.

2. MUSC 208- Keyboard Skills 1

A student learning how to play a keyboard

In this course, the lecturer exposes the learners to the first keyboard skills. The skills learned in this class include chord progressions, harmonization and improvisation among others. Usually, it is easiest to pass in this class because the lecturers are enthusiastic as well as friendly.

3. MUSC 108- Music, Love & Death

A music practice session

This course focuses on the study of the American, as well as, European music. Often, the students going to this class find it exciting because they learn to intersect love and death in music. Additionally,scholars study various music types including classical music, ancient music,and contemporary music. Therefore, MUSC 108 is the easiest course to pass for arts undergraduates.

4. MUSC 117- History of Rock

Xavier University Rock band

This course introduces the students to a complete overview of the rock music style for the 1950s to date. Besides studying the historical, social, and cultural aspects underlying the rock music, students form bands for practice. As such, studying this course becomes exciting, especially for students who love music.

5. MUSC 105- Hip Hop: Music and Culture

Students at a Hip Hop class

The definition of Hip Hop itself is cool. Therefore,Hip Hop course is cool as well. Various characteristics like surveying the albums and hip-hop songs characterize this class. Besides carrying out surveys, students get the opportunity to practice the different hip-hop styles, thus making the class more interesting.

6. COMM 101- Oral Communication

Students in an oral communication class

Writing tends to be a tedious task for most students.As such, an oral communication course is among the coolest courses at Xavier given that you barely write. Instead, students acquire practical skills to boost effective communication.

7. ENGL 221- Poetry

Shakespeare’s Poems

What makes poetry cool is its scope about the world. Most students love reciting the poems in the different intonations and styles taught. Moreover, poetry is cool because it boosts the passion of the learners towards English.

8. ARTS 308- Photography 111

A photography scholar attempting to take a photo

Who does not love photographs? The photography class is the coolest for most students as they learn how to manipulate cameras to obtain amazing photographs.

9. MUSC 271- Jazz Orchestra

A jazz orchestra session

What makes the jazz orchestra course exciting is the practical session that accompanies it. Playing the orchestra in harmony is the coolest thing you can experience. Additionally, it guarantees that you will pass your examinations in this course.

10. ASLN 101- Elementary American Sign Language  1

A sign language class

Sign language learning is interesting to learn,especially while attempting the basics. Often, the sign language class involves minimum writing, precisely what students would love. Instead, it involves non-verbal activities like facial expression and sign language among others.

10 Coolest Courses at Xavier University

Xavier University is one of the best Catholic Universities in America. The institution has hit the headlines countless times and one of the reasons is the coolest course offered. The school is private and only provides courses according to the specifications and preferences of their students. Here are some of the 10 coolest courses at Xavier University.

1. MUSC-108 : Music, Love and Death

Music practice session

In this course,students are exposed to the music of the American and European origin. Most of the time, lecturers incorporate music from other cultural settings all over the world. What is more is that the unit is based on how music connects with human encounters in the world while trying to find love as well as their death experiences.Other aspects of the course include social settings of the songs, deep meanings of the musical texts, and morals that inspired the artists. For these reasons,many students enroll for this course.

2. ARTS– 102: Drawing I

Art Department

Any course under Arts is the best especially for students who embody practical skills. Much of the work happens in the studios where learners create images using charcoal,pencil and chalk. It is easy to pass this course and the lecturers are very friendly. The simplest part is changing three dimensions images to two dimensional structures using computer software that are easy to operate.

3. MUSC– 125: Choral Sight Reading

Cover page of a choral reading handout

Choral Sight Reading is a humorous course where students make the most mistakes but still remains as one of the coolest units. The coursework is less involving in terms of writing notes and long lecture hours. Instead, students only engage in lots of practice sessions to perfect their musical skills when it comes to ear training for perfect listening of the tonal variations, voice notation, sight singing, and creation of rhythms for various genres. 

4. ARTS– 308: Photography III

Photography students during a hang-out

It basically tackles the various aspects of photojournalism which is a mandatory field for commercial photographers. Everyone wants to gain experience and skills in photography considering the current high demands in this field. Therefore,enrolling for this course is a must-do. You will learn how to increase lighting on photos, how to cover news, and even editing of pictures using illustrations.

5. MUSC– 402: Composition

A student composing music notes

What makes Composition cool as a unit is the freedom of thoughts. Students learn how to create simple musical forms through writing. Many scholars pass this course and gain employment while in school and others right after completing their degrees.

6. ATTR– 168: First Aid Safety and CPR

First aid starter pack

In this course,students are given the opportunity to interact with the renowned American Red Cross professionals. Through their interactions, they get to learn the various ways of administering First Aid and CPR in case of emergencies resulting from road accidents, fire outbreaks, floods and disease transmissions. You don’t want to miss such an ample opportunity to help save lives.

7. ASLN– 101: Elem American Sign Language I

A sign language class

Sign language is fun especially when you only have to learn the basics. The coursework is less involving and covers topics like facial expression, signing, and cultural education for different communities with the deaf.

8. BIAS– 499: Tutorial Course

Tutorial session in the computer laboratory

It is the easiest course that automatically gives the students excellent grades. They only watch videos on journals and scholarly articles as a way of equipping themselves with information systems.

9. BIOL– 104: Life: Biology of Wellness

Wellness professor

The course focuses on the biological ways of maintaining fitness and mental health. Most of the students who enroll for this unit score grade A which boosts their GPA.

10. ATTR– 100: Foundational Behaviors

Foundation behavior seminar at Xavier University

The study is a basic requirement for students who want to major in athletic training. The course is simple and majorly focuses on explaining how human behavior correlates with academic success.

Health and Wellness at Xavier University

Every university should not only offer quality education but should also promote the health and wellness of the students. Students need all the support there is. And to ensure that they can optimally function in the academe and beyond, schools hold the responsibility to promote general health and wellness.  The good news is that there really are schools like Xavier University which go the extra mile to offer premium health and wellness services for their students. Here are some of the services of Xavier University that promote students’ general well-being.

1. Medical and Nursing Services

The McGrath Health & Wellness Center provides medical andnursing services on Mondays to Fridays 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. The clinic is openduring spring and fall semesters but is closed during holidays, universitybreaks, and closings. During summer, the center is still open but will thenhave a noon break (12pm-1pm). Students are free to seek consultation with theschool physician and nurses during clinic hours.

Medical professionals are ready to serve XU students.

2. Healthy Dining

XavierUniversity further promotes health and wellness by ensuring that they havehealthy dining in place. There are vegetarian meals, gluten-free stations, andother heart-friendly items right in the Hoff Dining Commons. The chefs usuallyuse local produce, cage-free eggs, and sustainable foods.

Nutritious meals are set to give students healthy alternatives every day.

3. Counselling Services

The campus has an advocacy and prevention coordinator for gender-based violence and the like. You can reach them from Mondays to Fridays 8:30am-5:00pm through the Xavier University helpline at 513-904-9013 or 513-745-2866. If you want to talk to an advocate in person, you can also use the hotline to book an appointment. The advocates will strive to meet with you the soonest possible time to offer support. You can also reach them via email at [email protected] However, do remember that using email is not ideal for discussions of confidential information. The campus also has a hotline for psychological emergencies at: (513) 745-1000.

Students that need someone to talk to can seek support anytime with Xavier University’s advocates.?

4. Medical Emergency Services

Thereare on-campus police officers that keep the students safe and sound. They have24/7 patrols for thorough security, and you can reach out to them wheneverthere are emergencies. There are emergency phones located in various parts ofthe campus. XU has dedicated hotlines for emergency calls. In cases ofemergency, call the After Hours Nurse Line 513-246-7023. For on-campusemergency, you may also ring the Campus Police at (513)745-1000. Medical and nursing visits areusually by appointment, but they accept walk-in appointments only duringemergency situations.

Emergency response is prompt at Xavier University.

5. Fitness & Recreation

XavierUniversity has seen to it that they offer recreational features that can helpstudents become more fit, active, and healthy. There’s a 25-meter indoor poolfor everyone. You can also play basketball in the 3-court gymnasium. Plus, theyhave a weight training and cardio room in the O’ConnorSports Center. The campus is also designed to have bike-friendly pathways toencourage students to hop on their bike and stay active.

Sports facilities are ready for students’ physical activity.

More and more universities are paying attention to the health and wellness of their students. We can expect more improvements in this aspect as time goes by, especially now that there are more and more health-conscious parents and students, and spreading awareness is becoming totally easy.

Top 10 Majors at Xavier University

Xavier University is a popular university for community service, sustainability and religious inclusion. The Jesuits have been teaching people since 1500s and build a good reputation in the community. With Xavier University, they open up to offer different majors that includes the following below.

1. Nursing

Nursing at Xavier University

Xavier University boasts to offer a nursing program that stands out in the community. They offer a holistic approach in nursing care and let the students known how to care for the whole person, and not only the disease. They will also have the chance to work with local doctors and nurses.

2. Biology

Biology is a fresh major that you can take if you are planning to have pre-med, pre-dental or even pre-pharmacy course. The university got course selection, advising and test preparation that let you be prepared for a professional school.

3. Marketing

Marketing students at Xavier University

It’s very easy to know that Marketing is a popular major at Xavier University. They help them to achieve success for the students through mentoring program, business profession program, and internship opportunities. It let them experience how Cincinnati’s Fortune 500 works.

4. Finance

Finance students at Xavier University

The Finance students at Xavier University was prepared  for a professional career that can benefit the non-profit organizations and profit companies. They are armed with the right knowledge and learning for investments and capital markets, managerial finance and other important resources.

5. Exploratory

exploratory at Xavier University

At Xavier, you expect the same liberal arts preparation that will let you end up choosing the right major. The university let you take time to check the things for your interest with their Exploratory program that let you know the things you want to do.

6. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice at Xavier University

With Criminal Justice, the students know the incidence, nature, distribution, prevalence, remedies and causation to crime and the delinquency in the society. It explores the ideology, philosophy, theory and practice, policy and programs, and courts and corrections.

7. Education

Education Student at Xavier University

The Education major prepares the leaders that are spiritually, intellectually and be prepared for the challenges of their career. The program inspire the educational leaders and teachers that can let them act with justice, integrity and the generosity to change the world together.

8. Sport Management

Sport Management Xavier University

A fastest-growing field in the country, Xavier offers opportunity for the students to be involved in sports. Cincinnati is a known sports-crazy community and it can be your chance to open your doors and build connections with basketball, football and other sport activities.

9. Business Analytics

Business Analytics at Xavier University

Easily be informed and create ethical decisions with the data provided to you. At Xavier University, you’ll learn about the insights and predict what your customers want depending on what needs to be produce, current stocks and be professional.

10. Accounting

Accounting at Xavier University

Accounting at Xavier University let you make the right judgment through hard question. You’ll serve the public good and add value for the society, not only for business. They prepare you to get the numbers right, protect the public interest and solve the tax problem of the people.

Top 10 Library Resources at Xavier University

Do you know what resources are available for you to use, particularly at the library? Libraries hold endless amounts of information that is available for anyone to use. Below we have listen ten of the top library resources at Xavier University!

1. Ask a Librarian

the ask a librarian logo

Do you have a question about something but don’t have time to ask someone in person? The library has an Ask a Librarian feature online so that anyone can ask questions via the Internet.

2. Printing and Scanning

a printer.

Do you need a printer or scanner? The library has a number of printers and scanners in and around the library. The library has black and white and colored printers.

3. Study Rooms

a study rooms.

Do you need a space to study alone or in a group? The library offers students a chance to utilize study rooms so that they have privacy while studying.

4. Quiet Spaces

a quiet room.

Do you not want to be interrupted while you study? No worries! The library offers students a chance to sit in one of its many quiet spaces. These quiet spaces are put in place so that anyone has a chance to study quietly.

5. Online Databases

an online database.

Are you having to do research for a class? The library offers students a chance to scope our scholarly works in some of their Online Databases. Check them out today!

6. Reference Desk

a reference desk.

Do you need in-person help? The Reference Desk allows students to utilize  the staff at their convenience. Just go up to the next available staff member and they can help you.

7. Markerspace

A representation of the digital world.

Markerspace is a place in the library where students can go to print on a regular printer or a 3D printer, use an iPad, or even use computers. It’s a digital place at Xavier University.

8. Inter-Library Loan

a loan.

Did you know that library can borrow materials from other libraries? Just ask one of the staff members and they can help you get any materials you may need.

9. Computers

a computer.

Did you forget your laptop at home? Maybe you just left it there because you didn’t feel like packing it around. The library offers students the chance to use desktop computers. Just grab a seat at any available computer in the library.

10. Lockers

blue lockers.

Do you need a space to store your things? The library offers lockers for students and staff. Here, students and staff can use lockers for a temporary amount of time.

Top 5 Libraries at Xavier University

1. University Library

Books in a library.

This library is the main library on campus. Here, students have access to thousands of resources. This includes looking through online databases, checking out books, getting help from faculty, and more!

2. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

books on a shelf.

This public library allows the community to use many resources at their convenience. Students will be able to utilize study rooms, computers, meeting spaces, and more!

3.  Madisonville Public Library

A table surrounded by books.

This public library is open to the general public. Here, you will find many study spaces, online databases and resources, and books that you are free to checkout and borrow at any given time.

4. Deer Park Library

Books on a shelf.

The Deer Park Library is open to the community. Here, you can search through hundreds of books, use study rooms, reserve meeting rooms, and more!

5. Groesbeck Library

A private study in a library.

This library has many resources for the community to utilize. Students will be able to use study rooms, meeting rooms, and even use the library staff members who are there to answer any questions.

Top 10 Dorms at Xavier University

When people think about Xavier University, one of their first thoughts might be the exceptional program. However, you might be surprised to learn that Xavier is actually one of the best campuses to live on. Here are the ten best dorms to exemplify this

1. Buenger Hall

Buenger is available to undergraduate students of all kinds. This dorm boasts a lot of stellar amenities. But few are as appreciated and valued as the complete air conditioning setup they boast that is especially clutch in September and April.

Buenger Hall.

Address: 3848 Ledgewood Dr

2. Brockman Hall

Brockman, like Buenger, boasts air conditioning, but the dorms itself are a bit more exclusive and hard to get into. With a good spot on campus and some full furnishings, Brockman is right up at the top, though. It doesn’t hurt to have a lot of handicap accessible dorm rooms too, though.

Brockman Hall.

Address: 3837 Ledgewood Dr

3. Bishop Fenwick Place

Bishop Fenwick offers so much to love for Xavier students, but it also happens to be a bit more expensive. The costs are worth it, though, for many. It’s hard to argue with the benefits of those suite style rooms.

Bishop Fenwick Place.

Address: 1625 Herald Ave

4. Husman Hall

Husman has a solid Internet set-up and some fairly private bathrooms. It also fosters an excellent community setting. This can be really beneficial, especially for first year students.

Image result for husman hall xavier university address

Husman Hall.

Address: 1610 Herald Ave

5. Kuhlman Hall

Although it shares a lot of similarities with Husman, Kuhlman does not get the edge over its counterpart. They share a lot of the same features, but Husman features a closer proximity to campus. It also has the better rec and laundry rooms, according to residents.

Kuhlman Hall.

Address: 1610 Herald Ave

6. Commons Apartments

It’s all in the name. The Commons feels like an apartment building rather than a dorm and while this can have its upsides, like lounges and patios. There is also a downside like bedrooms with more occupants.

Commons Apartments

Address: 1658 Musketeer Dr

7. 1019 Dana Avenue

Since this living area is not a conventional dorm building, it’s further from classes and it’s more expensive. But while the units are almost too small, the area itself is gorgeous. It has the patented Xavier feeling to it.

1019 Dana Avenue

Address: 1019 Dana Avenue

8. University Apartments

The University Apartments are by no means the best apartments at Xavier, but they are slightly better than the other two. The rooms themselves are large and many features are nearby. However, the specific bedrooms can get cramped pretty easily.

University Apartments

Address: 1725 Cleneay Ave

9. Manor House

Manor House is similar to conventional dorm buildings in a lot of ways. But what sets Manor apart is its cozy and communal living style. The major downsides are the smaller kitchen spaces and the more difficult air conditioning processes.

Billy Minardi Hall.

Address: 3855 Saint Francis Xavier Way

10. Village Apartments

Village Apartments definitely embraces quantity over quality. They offer all the same things and more that the other apartments do. However, they expect you to make do with it through a larger group of people.

Village Apartments

Address: 3800 Victory Pkwy

Xavier University is one of the best schools in the entire nation. This is true for all facets of what it can offer. It also just happens to offer some pretty killer dorm living situations.


Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Xavier

1. Room Basics

House plants.

– Towels
– Mirror
– Storage totes
– Plants or flowers
– Wash cloths

2. Food and Snacks

Pots and pans.

– Plates
– Can opener
– Instant food
– Pots and pans
– Non stick spray

3. Tech and Entertainment


– iPad
– Extension cords
– Speakers
– Power strips
– Netflix
– Amazon Prime
– Dartboard

4. School Supplies


Post-It Notes.

– Textbooks
– Bookmarks
– Pens
– iClicker
– Laptop
– Colored pencils

5. Cleaning and Organization

laundry basket

– Dryer sheets
– Shoe organizer
– Laundry basket
– Windex
– Duster

6. Campus Gear


– Book bag
– Skateboard
– Raincoat
– Walking shoes
– Extra shoelaces
– Travel mug

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

command strips

– Anything with an open flame
– Command strips
– Animals
– Self defense equipment
– Wireless printers