10 Coolest Courses at Worcester State University

College can be a stressful experience, there is no doubt about it. If you are dreading your current classes, a great way to bring excitement into your education is by taking courses that peak your interest! Luckily for students attending Worcester State University, you have the option to take a variety of fun and unique courses. Here are a list of ten of the coolest courses that are available.

1. AR 105 – Introduction to Animation

animation figures drawn on a paper

This course will focus on the basics and fundamentals of aesthetics of Computer Animation. The main program you will use is Adobe AfterEffects. You will get to look at how Animation motion graphics are made and get creative to make your own!

2. CM 103 – Survey of Radio and Television

man putting his leg on radio

Do you constantly listen to the radio or watch television? If so, this class will help you create a different perspective about these different technologies surrounding us. You will look at how programming, economic support and regulation impacts these two medias.

3. HC 234 – Multiculturalism and Health

globe surrounded by stethoscope on blue background

HC 234 is a very diverse class that pushes you to learn and thinking differently about the world. In this course, you will focus on how our differences in the world impact health and illness. You will look into how different ethnic/racial and cultural beliefs and practices take place throughout the world.

4. EN 174 – Women Poets

poetry on a pencil being dispersed

Do you want to support women and poetry? This course is an amazing way to look at the history of poetry women have written throughout time. You will get to analyze different forms of poetry from a variety of different writers. You will also learn about history from a “contemporary feminist perspective”.

5. HI 274 – Sex, Marriage and the Family

a happy asian family smiling together

This course is very unique to Worcester State University. In HI 274, you focus on the different types of courtship and marriage styles throughout the world. You will also focus on different family life-cycle patterns and how they impact children.

6. AR 210 – Drawing and Painting Studio

a person drawing with a pencil

Have you ever wanted to try your hand in art? If so, this course will allow you to learn the basics of both drawing and painting all in one. You will be able to learn the basic fundamentals of art while creating your own unique style.

7. CM 106 – Communications and the Internet

a website url on a computer screen

This is a fun class that can be beneficial for all future careers. This class will focus on how social and education has changed due to the impact of the internet. You will also learn how communication has been impacted by the Internet and how it is changing the work world.

8. HC 201 – Introduction to Public Health

a heart with images from hospitals

HC 201 is a fun course that will teach you the basics of Public Health. You will focus on the different health care initiatives that are put into place by the government. You will focus on both the positive and negative sides of Public Health to citizens.

9. HE 230 – Human Sexuality and Sex Education

a romantic couple on a bed with rose petals

HE 230 is another course unique to Worcester State University. Here you will focus on the importance of sex education in school institutions. You will learn about how this impacts students understandings and will also teach new students how to prepare for such courses.

10. PH 241 – Genocide and Human Rights

 human rights written on a chalk board

Although this course is extremely lecture heavy, it is an interesting course that many students can benefit from. You will look at mass violence through history and create your own theoretical analysis. You will be expected to look at these mass violence situations under an ethical and political stand point.

If you take an interest in spicing up your education, do not be afraid to take classes outside of your major. There are tons of different classes available to students at Worcester State University. Do not be afraid to enroll in one today!

10 Hardest Classes at Worcester State University

Worcester State University is located in Massachusetts and is a public liberal arts and sciences university. Originally founded in 1874, this school now is home to around 6,500 students, both undergraduate and graduates. This school is wonderful for academics, and it hosts a variety of majors and minors for students of all levels of difficulty!

1. AR 306 – Sculpture II

This sculpture is one that students can look up to and want to model.

This class provides students with a detailed and in-depth exploration of sculptural form with a diversity of materials, techniques, and expressive meaning. Though this may seem easy at first, it is clear that this class requires a great deal of time and energy outside of the classroom, which does make it very challenging.

2. CS 265 – Database Applications

This image shows an internal view of how applications work.

This course introduces students to basic database concepts and teaches how to create a database, use SQL, and create database application.  All of these skills are ones that students will need if they plan on going into information technology in any capacity moving forward.

3. CS 472 – Robotics

This image shows what students could potentially make during this class.

Though extremely interesting, this is one of the hardest courses offered at Worcester State University. Students design and implement robotic systems as they work to create their own robots. There robots must have sensors and be able to sense, move, and control themselves on their own. Furthermore, students will learn how to deal with and remedy hardware and software issues.

4. BA 305 – Organizational Behavior

This graph shows how organizational behavior can impact a business.

This class focuses on the study of organizational effectiveness and quality of working life, through individual, organizational, and contextual level theories and practices. Students will explore cases, develop their own hypotheses, and learn how to increase productivity in a potential business.

5. BA 327 – Ethical Decision Making in Business

This image shows the confusion around ethical decision making.

This course will identify, discuss, and analyze ethical issues faced by business professionals and discuss approaches for resolving ethical dilemmas. This class, in particular, is difficult because it forces students to think outside of the box and consider deep issues that may influence their business practices.

6. BA 355 – Insurance and Risk Management

This image symbolizes the interconnected puzzle that is risk management.

This survey covers the identification and evaluation of risk and techniques for the management of risk. Though extremely beneficial, this class is challenging, rigorous, and critical for students to take. Commercial and personal risks are studied from the points of view of the corporation, the individual, and the insurer. Areas of emphasis in this course include commercial property, business liability, workers compensation, automobile, life, health, disability, and income insurance.

7. EV 260 – Introduction to Soil Science

This image shows what is studied in this class.

This class includes the study of the formation, processes, classification, and composition of soils. Because of the amount of content covered, this course is extremely difficult. The emphasis within the study of soil is on environmental applications, including watershed delineation. 

8. EV 333 – Topics in Vertebrate Zoology

These are some of the animals studied in this class.

This extremely in-depth and challenging course explores the life histories, adaptations, distribution, systems, and economic importance of selected vertebrates taxa. It should be noted that not every semester of this course is the same, and each semester will focus on a particular taxon. This class requires three hours of lecture and a three-hour laboratory per week.

9. MA 381 – Probability Theory for Actuarial Science

This image provides a simplified view of probability.

This course covers the probabilities, conditional probabilities, moment-generating functions, moments and expectations of specific parametric distributions that are needed to succeed in the actuarial science industry. This is the second course in a two-course sequence that prepares students for the first actuarial exam, so it is very intense.

10. MA 425 – Mathematical Statistics

This is some of what is explored in this course.

This course provides a rigorous mathematical presentation of statistical inference including maximum likelihood estimators, sufficiency, consistency, hypothesis tests, and likelihood ratio tests. There is a significant amount of content covered in this course, and it is very hard for students, as it is an upper-level math class.

Ultimately, Worcester State University provides students with the opportunity to learn and expand their horizons in a challenging academic environment. Listed above are the hardest courses available at the school, but they are still beneficial courses, and students find them enjoyable, as well!

Health and Wellness Services at Worcester State University

Massachusetts is one of the top academic states in the entire nation and the central region of the state is no exception. Many schools in the greater Worcester country area are ranked among the best of the region and of the entire country. Worcester State is one of these schools, which has definitely been on the rise in recent years. But schools like Worcester State cannot grow in appreciation without ensuring that their students are taken care of. And these services make sure of this in the best possible ways.

1. Health Services

Many tools used by doctors are found at WSU

At Worcester State, students come from many different locations. Because of this, there is a good chance that WSU students are going to be located far away from the doctors they are most comfortable with and have spent a lot of time familiarizing themselves with. But WSU doctors are able to provide health check-ups in much the same manner that students are accustomed to.

2. Student Accessibility Services

The area surrounding the accessibility service building is idyllic

Most of the services for students with disability are housed in one location that provides the utmost convenience to students who need them. The area is also very beautiful and it will never feel like a chore to visit this side of campus. From books written in Braille to lectures provided in text form to deaf students and more, there are plenty of aspects that will help students learn the best ways they can.

3. Counseling Services

There are trees located outside of the counseling building

Sometimes, students just need someone to talk to and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The compounding of factors like being homesick, getting stressed out from all the assignments and homework, and a general feeling of loneliness around certain times of the year can really cause students to feel mentally anguished. Thanks to Worcester State’s counseling services, students will never have to travel far on campus to talk to licensed professionals who could help them with whatever problems they’re working through at any given moment.

4. University Police Services

A police officer directs traffic

The police services at Worcester State do a lot more than just make sure that students are not breaking the law and make sure that they are responding quickly to the emergencies had by students at any given time of day. They are also keen on focusing that the safety of students is a top priority during any given day. For example, many police officers will help protect students from oncoming traffic during times of day where the roads are at their peak levels of business.

5. Wellness Center

The Wellness Center reflects the natural world

The Wellness Center at Worcester State, on the outside, looks like one of the most state of the art buildings at any college campus. At Worcester State, it is an impressive enough building for students to understand that, inside of the building, there are plenty of high quality materials to keep students in the peak of their wellness feelings. Students who are keen on exercising will find themselves right at home within this building.

The Worcester area is certainly one of the least desirable areas in the entire region of New England. Fortunately, Worcester State basically serves as an inverse of that. And with health services provided to students like these, they will feel more taken care of than any other area of the city.

10 Coolest Clubs at Worcester State University

Worcester State University is a liberal arts and sciences  university located in Worcester, Massachusetts. It has over 30 student organizations available to its student population of over 5,000 undergraduates. These clubs range from special interest clubs to political clubs to sports clubs. Here are some of the coolest clubs available to students at Worcester State University.

1. Cheerleading Team

This team provides students with the opportunity to cheer and compete against other teams. Members can improve their cheerleading skills within a supportive team atmosphere. Members are determined by try-outs every semester. They will have the benefit of improving their physical fitness while making new friends.

An image of cheerleaders.

2. Best Buddies

This club has a mission to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for those who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students will have the opportunity to get to know individuals with these disabilities and help to improve their lives and make them feel more included. Members will develop strong leadership skills and have the opportunity to make new friends.

The Best Buddies logo.

3. Criminal Justice Club

This is an academic club with a goal of enhancing students’ educational opportunities related to the field of criminal justice and broadening the  larger community’s view of criminal justice in the workforce. Members will be provided with opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to. Criminal justice majors and those interested in the field are welcome.

An image of a police officer.

4. Chess Club

The goal of this club is to unite students who have an interest in playing and exploring the game of chess together in a friendly environment. Members will both learn how to play or improve their chess skills if they already have basic knowledge of the game of chess. They will also engage in competition with one another.

four students playing chess against each other

5. Chemistry Club

This club offers students the opportunity to get to know their peers who share an interest in science. Members have a goal of promoting awareness of the responsibilities and challenges faced by chemists in the present day. All students with an interest in science or chemistry are welcome to join this special-interest organization.

An image of chemicals in the laboratory.

6. Educators of Tomorrow

This academic organization provides members with a deeper understanding of the requirements of the teaching profession. Members are provided with  opportunities for networking and forming bonds with peers and faculty members involved in the teaching field, as well as information on growing trends and topics of growing importance in the field of education. All aspiring educators are welcome to participate.

An image of a teacher teaching in a classroom.

7. Tae Kwon Do

Members of this club work together to learn the art of Tae Kwon Do. They will build confidence through mental and physical exercise, develop their leadership skills, and learn self-defense in a supportive atmosphere. Members have the opportunity to improve their physical fitness, stamina, and fighting skills while making new friends.

An image of tae kwon do.

8. Dance Team

This club gives students the opportunity to perform on a serious dance team. Members will compete against other teams locally. Team members will be able to enhance their dance technique in a supportive environment. Membership is determined by audition.

An image illustrating dance.

9. Equestrian Team

This club is open to all students interested in participating in horseback riding and developing their equestrian skills. Members will have the chance to demonstrate their riding abilities in horse shows. They will also compete with other intercollegiate riding teams in equestrian events. Membership is open to all regardless of experience.

An image of horses.

10. Lacrosse Club

Through membership in this athletic organization, team members will compete against other colleges and universities with club lacrosse programs. Members also have a goal of achieving club sport status and becoming a member of the Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League. The club is open to all students interested in learning and playing lacrosse in a competitive setting. Members have the chance to improve physical fitness while igniting new friendships.

An image of lacrosse players.

Top Events During the School Year at Worcester State University

1. Poetry Reading

This event is organized by the English and World Languages Department at Worcester State University. Poets January Gill O’Neil and J. D. Scrimgeour from the Salem State University English Department will read from their new collections of poems, Rewilding and Lifting the Turtle. The event will take place in the Eager Auditorium in the Sullivan Building. The event is free and open to the public. English majors are especially encouraged to attend.

An image illustrating poetry.

2. International Food Tasting Festival

This event is sponsored by the Intensive English Language Institute, which invites the public to its annual international food tasting event. The festival fosters friendship between people of diverse cultures. The event will take place in the Blue Lounge at the Student Center. Attendance is expected to be high, considering the popularity this event has gained in recent years, so be sure to get there before all the food is gone.

An image of foods for tasting.

3. Fall Mosaic of Music

This event will feature performances by WSU students in the applied music program. Both vocal and instrumental performances will be featured. The event will take place at the Fuller Theater. Admission is free to all in attendance.

An image illustrating fall music.

4. Winter’s Spirit: A Celebration in Song

This is a performance by the WSU Chorus and Chorale. Special guest performer Carlos Odria will also be featured. The performance is meant to uplift the audience with musical performances of popular tunes and seasonal favorites to help break the winter blues. The event will take place at Our Lady of Angels Church.

An image illustrating winter music.

5. Call for Art Show

This art exhibition will take place in March. Distinguished works of art from WSU’s students and faculty will be featured. The event will take place at Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery. This gallery offers 3-4 art exhibits throughout the year. Its goal is to spur interest in the contemporary art world within the greater community.

An image of a work of art.

Top 10 Residences at Worcester State University

As a resident student at Worcester State University, you will be part of a lively and diverse community of approximately 1,600 full-time students who live on campus. You’ll make lifelong friendships and share a college experience that will have a lasting impact on your life. Here are the top 10 residences at and around the institution.

1. Chandler Village

Chandler Village

Residence Address: 486 Chandler St, Candlewood St, Worcester, MA 01602, United States

Chandler Village is an apartment-style complex that houses approximately 420 upper-class students. Apartments house between 4, 8, 9, 10, and 11 people; each apartment has a kitchen and common area. Bedrooms in each apartment are designed for 1, 2, or 3 persons. A laundry room is centrally located within each complex. Chandler Village has a full-time, live-in, professional residence director and 12 student resident assistants. Each room has one desk, one chair, one bed, and one wardrobe per resident. All rooms in Chandler Village have tile floors. The common spaces have single chairs, a kitchen table, and chairs.

2. Dowden Hall

Dowden Hall

Residence Address: 486 Candlewood St, Worcester, MA 01602, USA

Dowden Hall is a traditional-style residence hall housing 400 first-year students. Each wing has a corridor with bedrooms on both sides and a common single-gender bathroom for each wing. Bedrooms are co-ed by room, and residents share gender-specific bathrooms. While the majority of bedrooms are designed for two people, there also are a very limited number of single and triple occupancy bedrooms available. A laundry room is located on the 1st floor, along with 2 lounge areas. It also is home to our resident student fitness center and C-Store, where students can purchase coffee, salads, sandwiches, and snacks.

3. Sheehan Hall

Sheehan Hall

Residence Address: 486 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01602, USA

Sheehan Hall is the newest residence hall. It houses 400 students, both first-year and upper-class students, and features the main campus dining hall with 2-story windows overlooking the John F. Coughlin Field. Each suite consists of 2 double or 4 single rooms sharing a private bathroom. The residence hall also houses Health Services, the Residence Life and Housing Office, a multifunctional room, a game room, student lounges, and a communal kitchen. A small fitness center, laundry room, and mailboxes for Sheehan Hall residents which are located on the 2nd floor.

4. Wasylean Hall

Wasylean Hall

Residence Address: 486 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01602, USA

Wasylean Hall contains apartment-style living areas that accommodate 348 upper-class students. Apartments house 2, 4, or 6 people; each apartment is equipped with a kitchen and common area. There are mailboxes for all students living in Wasylean Hall, Dowden Hall, and Chandler Village centrally located in the lobby. Wasylean Hall is home to Woo Scoops, where students can purchase fresh ice cream, floats, shakes, and sundaes on fresh waffle cones. Laundry facilities are located on the 1st floor.

5. 145 Front at City Square

145 Front at City Square

Residence Address: 145 Front StreetWorcesterMA

The building features studios, one and two bedroom apartments for rent. Each apartment has a washer/dryer, soaking tubs with ceramic tile, wood plank-style flooring, plenty of storage including solid-shelving on closets, balconies and terraces. Shared amenities among residents include a clubroom with computer stations, skee-ball, foosball, and shuffleboard, an entertainment area with kitchenette and lounge seating,a resort-style pool, bike and resident storage available,and an electric car-charging station.

6. Audubon Plantation Ridge

Audubon Plantation Ridge

Residence Address: 511 Plantation StreetWorcesterMA

The residence offers 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent near Worcester State University. Each apartment features a washer/dryer, air Conditioner, patio/balcony, spacious walk-in closets, modern kitchen appliances, and a microwave. Common amenities include heated outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, conference room, playground, BBQ/Picnic Area, elevators, private-access entry doors, and outdoor, underground, garage and detached parking.

7. Royal Worcester Apartments

Royal Worcester Apartments

Residence Address: 45 Grand StreetWorcesterMA

Features modern one, two and three bedroom apartments for rent. Residents enjoy walk-in closets, vaulted ceilings, dishwashers, refrigerators, self-cleaning ovens and central AC in all of their apartments. Common amenities include a heated pool, garage parking, fitness center, community room, community laundry suites and 24 hour emergency maintenance.

8. University Park Apartments

University Park Apartments

Residence Address: 74,82 Beaver StreetWorcesterMA

The building holds one and two bedroom apartments for rent to students studying in nearby universities and colleges. Each apartment has an eat-in kitchen with sliding glass doors, hardwood floors, spacious living room and kitchen combinations, updated windows and sliding glass doors, Internet cables.

9. The Fairhaven Road Apartments

The Fairhaven Road Apartments

The building holds one bedroom apartments for rent. The apartments have a ready cable  for high speed Internet connection, hardwood floors, and appliances. Community amenities include a 24 hour emergency maintenance, off street parking, and an on-site laundry.

10. The Cedar House Apartments

The Cedar House Apartments

Located minutes away from bus routes 9, 20, 190, 290, and 146, Cedar house offers rented apartments to students and to the working community. The apartments are either one or two bedroomed with ample closet space, free heat and hot water, hardwood flooring and high ceilings. Common amenities include an on-site heated parking garage, on-site laundry facilities, and 24 hour emergency maintenance.


Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Worcester State University

1. Room Basics

A student room

  • Beddings
  • Decorations
  • Mattress cover
  • Clothes
  • Personal effects
  • Iron box

2. Food and Snacks


  • Juice
  • Biscuits
  • Cereals(if you intend to cook)
  • Fruits
  • Beverages(coffee, tea, chocolate)

3. Tech and Entertainment

Bluetooth speakers

  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Ipod/mp3 player
  • Game consoles
  • Tv

4. School Supplies

Pencils, books, stapler, paper punch, paper clips

  • Books
  • Pens
  • Notebook
  • Stapler
  • Paper punch
  • Marker pens

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Clothes hanged using hangers

  • Hangers
  • Detergents/soap
  • Storage containers
  • Dustbin
  • Mop/broom

6. Campus Gears

campus gear example of t shirt

  • Campus branded clothes (T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and jackets)
  • Bag pack
  • Umbrella
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

A pink square written "ASK FIRST"

  • Pets
  • Furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hoverboard

10 Easiest Classes at Worcester State

If you are looking for a way to raise your GPA while having an easy schedule, you should take the easiest classes that you can. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy your time at college much more. Here are 10 of the easiest classes that are offered at Worcester State University.

1. AR 105 – Intro to Animation

If you want to find out if animation is a right track for you, take Intro to Animation. This class covers the very basics of this rather complex subject. This is also easy because you will not have to dive deep into the information.GIF of a bird being animated

2. CM 100 – Intro to Mass Communication

Intro to Mass Communication is an easy class that you should consider taking no matter your major. However, if you are going into a field revolving around the media, you will have to take this class to learn the basic of how the media work. This class is easy because it takes place in a large lecture hall so you do not have to do much work.Portrait of two people with a speech bubble showing all types of communication methods

3. GS 101 – Physical Geography

If you want to learn more about the physical attributes that make up our planet, Physical Geography is a class for you. While learning about our world, you will earn an easy grade because of how easy the material is.The map of the world

4. JO 201 – Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia Journalism is a very interesting course that you can take to put a break into your schedule. You will learn about all the various ways that information is conveyed by the media. That being said, you are probably already pretty familiar with how that works.Icons of all types of media including film, camera, microphone, music, movies

5. PH 100 – Intro to Philosophy

One of the most popular options that students take to fulfill a social science core requirement is Intro to Philosophy. This class just touches on the most basic aspects of this broad subject without challenging you too much.The definition of Philosophy as the study of the theoretical basis of a particular brand of knowledge or experience

6. SO 190 – Sport and Society

A unique option that you have is Sport and society. If you are into sports, this class will give you insight into the other side of the industry. You might even be familiar with some of the material which will make the class even easier for you.A brain made of different types of sports equipment

7. TH 145 – Acting I

One of the options that you have to satisfy a core requirement in the fine arts is Acting I. This class covers the basic techniques used in acting and theatrical performance. The good part of this class is that it is easy for students of any skill level.An actor about to do a shot

8. CS 140 – Intro to Programming

If you want to find out if programming would be a good fit for you, you should consider taking Intro to Programming. This class will introduce you to how programming works and is run, This is another lectured class so you will mostly just have to take notes to prepare for tests and quizzes.A word cloud of programming terms

9. BA 100 – Intro to Business

Business is a very vast and popular field. That being said, it could be very beneficial to take Intro to Business. You will be able to get a well-rounded view of business to see if it’s a good fit for you while being able to get an easy grade.

Business man hand drawing a graph

10. EN 140 – Intro to Poetry

Intro to Poetry is a perfect choice for you to get some more English classes under your belt. You will read some famous works as well as work on your own skills. This class is easy because it allows you to be creative.Ink pen writing some poetryA great way to boost your GPA while having an easy schedule is by taking the easiest classes that you can! Hopefully this list of the 10 easiest classes at Worcester State University can help you decide what courses to take next semester!