10 Coolest Courses at William Paterson University

William Paterson University is a public university located in Wayne, New Jersey, in the NYC area. WPU offers many courses in a wide variety of fields, including both liberal arts studies and STEM studies. WPU students can expect to get a diverse and contemporary education, whether they want to study anthropology or zoology! For those looking to face a new challenge, find an interesting hobby, or learn a useful skill, here are 1o of the coolest courses at William Paterson University.

1. ANTH 2600 – Myth, Folklore, and the Modern World

Anansi is a West African folklore trickster of the Ashanti people. Tricksters are often important figures in folklore - Loki, Br'er Rabbit, and Maui are all tricksters from different cultures' folklore.

From the ancient gods of Egypt to the gothic vampires that stalked Western Europe, folklore and myth have been a longstanding tradition of every culture and society. While many believe that the concepts of folk tales, myths, and legends are simply relics of the past, modern folklore exists in the forms of mass media, urban legends, and internet-grown conspiracies. ANTH 2600 explores different myths and legends, analyzes how they reflect the values, fears, and moral beliefs of cultures in that time – including an analysis of how contemporary “folklore” is a reflection of our sociopolitical climate.

2. ANTH 3500 – Shamans, Witches, and Magic

Witches often get a bad rap - although many were persecuted and feared, "witches" found herbs with great medicinal properties before modern science. However, as women, their ideas were dismissed and feared.

Tales of witches spreading plagues throughout villages, shamans healing fatal diseases, and explorers searching for items of magic and mystery – throughout much of humanity’s history, advances in science and technology have always coexisted with claims of magic and witchcraft. In many different modern cultures and religions, elements of these methods of spirituality still remain, and their role in both Western and non-Western is exactly what ANTH 3500 seeks to explore.

3. ARTH 3310 – Art in New York

Past the museums and galleries, the majority POC community of East Harlem boasts a vibrant multi-cultural arts gallery - no entrance fee required!

New York City is often known among artists of all kinds as a unique urban multi-cultural hub like no other. With internationally famous museums like The Met and The Museum of Modern Art and plenty of hidden cultural gems, NYC is a wonderful city to explore and immerse yourself in endless visual arts. Students in this course will get a chance to experience New York’s art scene first hand – what better opportunity is there to take a trip to NYC for college credit?

4. ASN 2720 – Making Japanese Pop Culture

With internationally successful franchises, Japanese manga and anime are global phenomena.

While anime and manga are much more than just passing fads in the US now, Japan’s popular culture has changed quite dramatically over the past few centuries and continues to remain dynamic to this day. ASN 2720 critically analyses items of current Japanese pop culture, including anime, food, music, fashion, and literature, and explores the historical and environmental influences that have contributed to contemporary Japanese culture. Next time you’re wondering if you’re wasting time watching that anime, just think of it as research!

5. AWS 1010 – African, African American, and African Caribbean Dance

The thousands of ethnicities and cultures of Africa have ancient traditional dances and rich musical histories.

For students looking for something a little less lecture-hall and a little more dance-hall, AWS 1010 is the perfect escape from those 3-hour lectures and labs. Incorporating body conditioning and beginning dance instruction into an exploration of African culture and ethnic dances, students in AWS 1010 will have the unique opportunity to perform traditional African dances, see professional performances, and even choreograph their own dance sequence.

6. CCJ 2640 – Forensic Social Psychology

How do larger societal institutions and cultural influences lead to police brutality and rising tensions between civilians and police forces?

What are the root causes of crime and the influences that lead to criminal behavior? If put in the right circumstances, could any one of us become a bank robber, gang member, or killer? CCJ 2640 explores these questions and more, looking at how interpersonal connections and community environment and larger social institutions contribute to criminal behavior, riots and lynching, wrongful convictions, and false confessions. If you couldn’t get enough of Making a Murderer, then this class is definitely for you!

7. CCJ 3710 – White Collar Crime

Although Bernard Madoff is the contemporary face of conmen in the US, con artistry is as old as the first human being.

Behind the veneer of their lavish lifestyle, designer shoes, vacations homes, and fancy yachts, crime and corruption lurk in the shadows, often bringing massive economic and social devastation to innocent people. White-collar crime scandals, from Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme to Enron’s reckless Wall Street fraud, are often sensationalized in the media. CCJ 3710 delves into the actual widespread social, economic, and emotional harm of white-collar crime, as well as the institutions that provide the rich and powerful these loopholes.

8. COMM 1020 – Acting I: Improvisation

With improv, the most important thing is to let loose and have fun!

Whether you want to be Hollywood’s next Leonardo di Caprio or have your name in lights on Broadway, COMM 1020 welcomes all aspiring actors to take the stage and test out their acting chops. With an emphasis on physical acting, miming, and body language, Improv is a great way to thrust yourself into acting and lose your inhibitions and insecurities. Although it can feel scary to have to work together to create a coherent and entertaining act out of thin air, this “rite-of-passage” for many actors is a wonderful way to step out of your comfort zone.

9. ENG 2160 – Science Fiction and Fantasy

Screen still from Lord of the Rings featuring the fellowshio

From popular teen fiction like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games to prominent classics like Fahrenheit 451 and Lord of the Rings, science fiction and fantasy novels serve to create new worlds and societies that provide reflections or antitheses of our own. ENG 2160 seeks to explore the genre conventions and historical context and significance of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

10. ENG 2210 – Mystery Story

Sophocles combines a scandalous murder, politics and royalty, foreboding prophecies, and twisted family secrets to make a thrilling and disturbing mystery.

Although most people turn to the iconic English misanthrope and his doctor sidekick as the first true mystery novel, in truth, humans have been fascinated by the shocks of crime and scandal, the thrill of the chase, and the puzzle of a good whodunnit since ancient times. Many even consider Ancient Greek playwright Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex as the first mystery novel. In ENG 2210, students will explore the genre of mystery and detective novels in cultural, historical, philosophical, and literary lenses.

10 Hardest Courses at William Paterson University

Do you prefer easy classes or challenging classes? Some prefer easy classes because of the low stress levels and the easy A. Others prefer challenging classes because they find easy classes too boring. Whether you like challenging classes or not, you’ll have to take one eventually. Luckily, if you’re a student at William Paterson University, you can use this article as a reference to figure out what tough classes you want to take on or avoid completely. Here are the top 10 hardest classes at William Paterson University.

1. ACCT 4300 – Advanced Accounting II

Image of a pen and calculator sitting atop a piece of paper with a graph on it.

Accounting or accountancy is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations. If you dislike math and memorizing vocab terms and formulas, then this might not be the class for you. This class is an in-depth study of principles used in accounting for parent and subsidiary companies, partnerships, and other specialized areas of accounting. There is an intensive review and analysis of basic and advanced concepts, skills, and principles. Introduction and intermediate accounting classes are challenging, so you can expect this advanced accounting course to be even harder.

2. BIO 4740 – Neuroscience

Illustration of a brain with lighting bolts coming out of it.

If you like science and you’re fascinated with the brain, then you might actually enjoy this challenging class. This course uses an interdisciplinary approach to present an understanding of interdependence between the deep brain structures and proper functioning of the nervous system.  Emphasis is on obtaining a thorough working knowledge of the physiology of the nervous system and the emergent behaviors which result from their neural interactions. The most difficult part of studying neuroscience is the sheer volume of information. There are a lot of terms and definitions to memorize, so good memorization skills are necessary to succeed in this class.

3. CHEM 4280 – Biochemistry II

Close-up image of a petri dish with liquid in it.

Biochemistry is difficult because it combines both biology and chemistry, so if science is your worst subject, then you might want to avoid this class. This course elaborates on biochemistry to include the primary catabolic and anabolic pathways. Topics covered include the TCA cycle, electron transport chains and the mechanisms of replication, transcription and translation. This course covers many of the key techniques used in metabolomics and in the elucidation of biochemical pathways. If you are struggling in this class, check out OneClass’ notes linked above for some extra help!

4. CS 4100 – Artificial Intelligence

Graphic design of a human face made out of computer coding.

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. In computer science, AI is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. This class is a study of classical and modern approaches to artificial intelligence including knowledge representation, search strategies, inference systems, logic programming, list processing, machine learning, natural language processing, and neural nets. There will be exercises in programming using current tools, COMMON LISP, or PROLOG. Many find this course difficult because you need to know and understand how to read and write code.

5. ECON 3700 – International Economics

Image of a map of the world with financial charts.

This course examines the trends, theories, and policies of trade using a global perspective. Emphasis will be on the relationship between disparities and differences among cultures and their impact on trade. In particular, the course uses a comparative perspective to analyze principle concepts and theories of trade, trade policies, and the interactions between trade, culture, and the environment. This course is difficult because not only do you need to be able to read and analyze a graph, but you’ll have to memorize terms, definitions, and all the different scenarios that affect and shift things in the economy.

6. FIN 4360 – Investments II

Illustration of stock market data with an uptrend vector.

Investing is the action or process of investing money for profit or material result. The course will examine Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) issues. It will elaborate on different concepts of rate of return and risk. It will talk about valuation and management of fixed income and equities. It will analyze security markets and institutions as well as instruments. It will discuss security and industry analysis. Furthermore, it will study investment policy determination, portfolio construction and performance evaluation. This class is considered hard because not many people know much about the stock market, trading stocks, or analyzing stock graphs/charts.

7. MATH 3220 – Differential Equations

Close-up of differential equations and formulas

If math and numbers are your weakness, then this class is going to be a real challenge. This course is a study of the methods of solution and applications of ordinary differential equations. Topics include first- and second-order equations, existence and uniqueness of solutions, separation of variables, exact equations, integrating factors, linear equations, undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters, transform methods, series solutions, systems of equations and elementary numerical methods. Even those who are good at math will find this advanced math course difficult.

8. PBHL 4000 – Epidemiology

Image of a stethoscope sitting atop two pieces of paper, both with charts on them.

Epidemiology is a difficult class because there is a lot of memorization. You will have to know and understand many different medical terms and definitions, as well as solutions to different scenarios. This course provides an introduction to the discipline of epidemiology and its role in public health practice and decision-making. The course will address the distribution and determinants of disease/injury in populations and will explore how epidemiologists make inferences about risk factors and etiology of disease/injury in populations. Health courses are extremely rigorous, so prepare yourself for some late nights of studying and doing homework.

9. PHYS 4030 – Modern Physics I

Image of a chalkboard with physics formulas and equations written in chalk on it.

Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines (and one of the hardest), and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. This class includes spectroscopic and other representative phenomena that form experimental foundations of modern physics. Topics include special theory of relativity, dual properties of electromagnetic radiation. Young’s diffraction, blackbody radiation, photoelectric effect. Compton effect, specific heats. Frank-Hertz experiment. Rutherford scattering. Bohr’s atomic model, quantum mechanical description of a particle, elementary theory of nuclear structure and reactions. There’s lots of equations and formulas to memorize, so be prepared for studying, studying, and more studying.

10. PSY 4550 – Health Psychology

Image of a cork board with sticky notes pinned to it with various health-related words written on them.

Health psychology is a basic research and clinical practice area within psychology that focuses on understanding the scientific relationships between social, behavioral, and psychological processes and health. This course provides a broad overview of the related fields of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Various theoretical perspectives are examined to understand how biological, psychological, and social factors interact with and affect the health of individuals. This is another science-related course, so if science is your weakness, then you might find this class hard. The hardest part of this class is the memorization required to know and remember all the different scientific terms and definitions, so if memorization isn’t your learning style, then good luck in this class.

Top 10 Library Resources at William Paterson University

The William Paterson University, officially William Paterson University of New Jersey, is an American public university in Wayne, New Jersey, United States, in the New York City metropolitan area. Founded in 1855, William Paterson is the second-oldest of the nine state colleges and universities in New Jersey. This institution provides students with a number of amenities and resources to make their campus experience worthwhile.  Listed below are the top 10 library resources at The William Paterson University.

1. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan

The first resource available in the library is the interlibrary loan resource; these enable students to request for items from other libraries that have entered into an agreement with William Paterson University. However, students are requested to first confirm from the library’s collection before requesting for the items.

2. Course reserves

Course reserves

There are certain materials that are limited in supply while at the same time being needed by a couple of students at the same time. There is a need to regulate these materials in other to make sure that everyone gets to use them. Instructors can place the items on the reserve section for student’s access.

3. Book a study room

Book a study room

Another resource available at the library of the provision of study room bookings for group or personal study. Students can book a study room in advance against a study section. The institution provided rooms for groups between 3-6 people, 3-8 people and also 6- 12 people.

4. Databases


The library provides an option to locate articles on a variety of topics, with a single search using a database resource. You can also limit your search to a specific database, such as PsycInfo or Proquest Education Journals, by using the database and choosing the subject area or searching by the database name.

5. Ask a librarian

Ask a librarian

Another resource available is that students and other library users can get help from the university librarians through instant messaging, emails, phone or person to person. It is an important resource that enables students to be in contact with the librarians in case of need for navigation within the library.

6. University archive

University archive

The university archive serves as the final repository for selected historical and non-current records and artifacts of The William Paterson University of New Jersey. Its primary purpose is to document the history of the University and to promote knowledge and understanding of that history by providing source material for administrators, faculty, students, alumni and others, such as scholars and authors, interested in the University’s history and programs.

7. WPSphere Repository

WPSphere Repository

There is also a repository that allows students of William Paterson University to upload and access Journal articles (pre-prints and post-prints), Conference papers and presentations, Open Educational Resources (OER), Theses and dissertations, Research data sets, University reports, newsletters, and data sets.

8. Citations


The library also provides several resources will help student cite their research in a variety of styles. The university libraries through the librarians get to take you through the different citation styles and how to properly use them.

9. Books & Media

Books and media

Another resource the library provides is the collection of electronic books and media. You can use the Books & Media tab or Search All tab to locate books and media in Library collection. With Search All, limiting your search results to the Library Catalog will identify books, media, ebooks and streaming videos available in the library.

10. Printing

Library lab

The final resource on our list is printing. The library provides students with printing services located on different levels of the library. The printers allow for double-sided printing in order to reduce the consumption of papers. Students are advised to use double-sided printing whenever possible.

Top 5 Libraries at William Paterson University

1. David and Lorraine Cheng Library

David and Lorraine Cheng Library

The David and Lorraine Cheng Library is the academic knowledge center of William Paterson University. The Library provides access to scholarly materials and instruction in their use, expert service and state-of-the-art facilities. The library opens between 7:45am to 11pm every day.

2. Wayne Public Library

Wayne Public Library

The Wayne Public Library located in beautiful Wayne, New Jersey. It was built to improve the learning process of the citizens of Wayne. It opens from Mondays to Fridays between 9am to 9pm.

3. Oakland Public Library

Oakland Public Library

The Oakland Public Library is a cultural center facilitating timely access to information, ideas and forms of creative expression. The mission of the Oakland Public Library is to provide library resources and services to meet the evolving educational, cultural, recreational and informational needs of the community and to encourage lifelong learning. The library opens between 9:30am to 8pm every day.

4. Clifton Public Library

Clifton Public Library

The Clifton memorial public library is at the suburb area of Clifton, New Jersey. It was built to provide and improve the education and research system of students in the community. The library opens 10am every day to readers and researchers alike.

5. Paterson Free Public Library

Paterson Free Public Library

Danforth Memorial Library, also known as the Paterson Free Public Library, is located in Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, United States. The library was built in 1905 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 1, 1984. The library opens between Mondays to Fridays at 9am daily and closes at 8pm.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at William Paterson University

William Paterson University is a public university located in Wayne, New Jersey. It has over 100 clubs and organizations available to its student population of over 9,000 undergraduates. These organizations range from student government to a cappella to heritage societies. Here are some of the coolest clubs available to students at William Paterson University.

1. French Club

This club is dedicated to bridging the gap between French-speaking countries and students at William Paterson University. Students will develop their French language skills through conversation with each other. Members also take part in events celebrating the French culture. No previous French-speaking experience is necessary to join.

the French flag.

2. Photography Club

This club exposes students to the art of photography. Members will be able to attend lectures with volunteer presenters and photography workshops. They will also have access to free online resources and local photography hot spots. No previous experience is required.

a camera set up to take a photo.

3. Pride Alliance

This club has a mission of making students of different sexual orientations feel welcome at William Paterson University. Members will raise awareness about diversity and inclusion on campus. They will also have the opportunity to participate in discussions about struggles related to sexual orientation. All are welcome, regardless of sexual or gender identity.

an image from the Pride Parade.

4. Student Film Association

This club provides students with the opportunity to network with other aspiring filmmakers and learn more about the craft. All those passionate about film are invited to collaborate and grow as artists. Students will collaborate on films, which will then be screened and submitted to local film festivals. All are welcome, regardless of experience level.

a film reel.

5. Comedy Club

In this club, students who are aspiring comedians have the opportunity to practice stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, and writing comedy. Workshops will be held and critiques will be given to all those who desire it. Most meetings are open-mic style. All are welcome to join.

An image illustrating comedy.

6. Zeitgeist

This is WPU’s literary magazine. Members collect, publish, and distribute works of creative writing and art done by WPU students in magazine form. Writers, artists, etc. are welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

An image illustrating a literary magazine.

7. Yoga/Meditation Club

This club strives to help students balance physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness through practicing yoga and meditation. Members will be introduced to a variety of different yoga and meditation styles. The objective of this club is to help students relax as they lead their busy undergraduate lives. All are welcome.

someone meditating.

8. WPTV-6

This is WPU’s student-run TV network. Students have the opportunity to work on their own original television shows that will be available on the WPTV-6 channel. The club is looking for writers, actors, directors, cinematographers, and more. Members have a goal of having fun as they work on their shows.

a TV screen.

9. Feminist Collective

This club aims at promoting gender equality on campus. Members raise awareness of gender-related social problems. Meetings will be based on discussion. All are welcome to join.

a group of feminist holding a sign

10. Bioethics Club

This club has a goal of promoting ethical practices in the fields of science and medicine. Members discuss ethical, social, legal, and public policy issues that stem from advances in these fields. Students will become more aware of important issues in science. All are welcome to join.

An image illustrating bioethics.

Top Events During the School Year at William Paterson University

1. Girls Night: The Musical

This comedy about five girls reliving their past and celebrating their present and future as they prepare for a wild night out will take place in November. It features some of the most famous female empowerment hits of the decades, including Lady Marmalade, It’s Raining Men, Man I Feel Like A Woman, and I Will Survive. Students who are interested may receive discounts on tickets to this off-Broadway sensation.


2. Springfest

This annual celebration marks the end of each school year before finals begin. Groups across campus come together to plan and celebrate this event. Activities usually include novelties, outdoor picnics, games, giveaways, performances, and more.


3. MEO Showcase

William Paterson University’s MEO & Monmouth University’s Blue Hawk Records will present this fundraiser-fueled showcase to the public in November. Attendees are asked to bring a donation or canned good instead of a ticket, which will go to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The showcase will feature performances by The Carousers, Dan Amato & the Sentimental Gentlemen, Switch Mob, and Zach Matari & the After Parti.

An image illustrating music.

4. Gingerbread Houses for Humanity Extravaganza

This December, students are invited to support the Habitat for Humanity Club by participating in its annual gingerbread house fundraiser. The organization will supply pre-made gingerbread houses, decorative frosting, and candy to participants. All donations and profits go to Habitat for Humanity. Holiday music will be provided.

a gingerbread house.

5. Veterans Day Pancake Breakfast

On Veterans Day, all WPU students are invited to honor this holiday with a traditional pancake breakfast. The event will take place from 9:00-11:00 a.m. All veterans receive free admission. Non-veterans will be admitted for $2.00.


Top 10 Residence Halls at William Paterson University

Starting a new life in a new place can be a scary thought. This is your first time away from home and living by yourself is intimidating. Luckily for students who are attending William Paterson University, the school offers a wide variety of different residence halls for students to choose from as their new home. Let this article introduce you to your next home away from home.

1. Century Hall

This is a picture of century hall.

Address: N/A

Century Hall is the home to around 290 students per year. This housing option is only available to students in sophomore, junior or senior standing. All dorms are double rooms with connecting bathrooms to another room with the same gender.

2. Hillside Hall

This is the inside of Hillside Hall.

Address: N/A

Hillside Hall homes around 260 students per year. This hall is also co-ed with double and triple residency rooms. Each floor has its own study lounge.

3. High Mountain East Hall

This is high mountain east.

Address: N/A

High Mountain East is a residence hall dedicated to Freshman in the Honors Programs. All rooms are suite-style and air-conditioned. They have study rooms and lounges for students to use communally and there are also two smart classrooms for students to use as a part of the “living/learning experience”.

4. High Mountain West Hall

This is a picture of the school.

Address: N/A

High Mountain west is similar to High Mountain East except that it is available for upperclassmen students from sophomore standing to senior. Again, all rooms are suite-styled with air conditioning. It is known for being an “upper class facility” for students.

5. Overlook North Complex 

This is the outside of Overlook North.

Address: N/A

The Overlook North complex offers housing for students in sophomore through senior standing. There are a small amount of single rooms available to students as most rooms are double or triple. There is air conditioning and wireless internet in each room.

6. Overlook South 

This is a picture of the campus.

Address: N/A

On the other side, there is Overlook South which is the home to freshman during the year. They have Freshman Connections which is a housing program dedicated to helping students transition into their college life. All rooms are mainly double or triple and each has its own personalized amenities.

7. Matelson Hall

This is a dorm room in matelson hall.

Address: N/A

Matelson Hall is a building for freshman students only. There have different freshman community halls based on interests and majors. There are only double rooms which are semi-suite style. Each floor offers wireless internet ,air-conditioning and free laundry facilities.

8. White Hall

This is the inside of the dorm room.

Address: N/A

White Hall is the residence hall available to graduate students only. There are single rooms available on the first and third floors and double rooms on the second and fourth. There are main lounges and kitchens available for use to graduate students.

9. Heritage Apartments 

This is a picture of an apartment.Address: N/A

Heritage Apartments are available for rent to upper class students. There are 250 students in each building and students must be over 20 to live here. There are some buildings specifically for graduate students as well. Each apartment is fully furnished.

10. Pioneer Apartments

This is the inside of an apartment.

Address: N/A.

Pioneer Apartments are also a popular complex that many upperclassmen students enjoy. Each apartment has four students that is fully furnished. You can also purchase a meal plan here, however it is not required.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at William Paterson University 

1. Room Basics

This is the inside of a dorm room.

– Bed Sheets
– Extra Blankets
– Pillows

2. Food and Snacks

These are some snacks.

– Individually packed snacks
– Frozen Foods
– Canned Foods
– Fresh Fruit

3. Tech & Entertainment

This is a student using a laptop.p

– Television
– Laptop
– Phone
– Chargers (Phone and Laptop)

4. School Supplies

These are some school supplies.

– Pencils
– Pens
– Notebooks
– Binders

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

These are some cleaning supplies.

– Lysol Wipes
– Lysol Spray
– Sponges
– Dish Soap

6. Campus Gear 

These are students wearing school gear.

– School Sweatshirt
– School Land yard
– School Tee Shirt
– School Mug

7. Items you should ask before bringing

This is a woman using a blender.

– Hair Straightener/Curler
– Water Heater
– Mini Fridge
– Candles

Don’t let the fear of moving away from home get to you. Become familiarized with your options and pick the best fit for you. Let this article be your guide to helping you find your new home away from home, on campus at William Paterson University. Best of luck and we wish you a great year.

10 Easiest Courses at WPU

William Paterson University (WPU) offers hundreds of classes for their students. There are a variety of easy courses for students to choose from. Courses vary from art to math.  Below are just ten of the courses current students found the easiest.

1. ECON 2110 – Business Statistics 2

Materials provided for students in this course which is something that WPU students love. Topics such as one and two sample tests along with other statistics aspects are surveyed.

Meme showing a joke about statistics.


2. COMM 1100 – Communication in Action

This course studies various concepts related to interpersonal communication. Students engage in communication to develop these skills throughout the course. COMM has a “very cool teacher” that helps review for the material in the class.

Gif showing a speech scene from The Office.


3. ENG 1100 – College Writing

This workshop course permits students to develop writing pieces while studying planning and revision. During the course, students will share their work with peers for feedback to see their progress with their work.

Gif showing writing scene from Spongebob Squarepants.


4. ENV 1150 – General Geology

Although it is difficult to get into the class, it is extremely easy and worth taking. The course discusses aspects of basic geology such as rocks and the minerals the compose it, geological processes, and the role of geology in the changing environment.

Meme depicting a geology joke.


5. SPAN 1100 – Basic Spanish 1

This course not only has a great professor but also easy tests. The basic elements of the Spanish language are provided in an attempt to help students become proficient in speaking, grammar, reading, and writing.

Funny captioned gif in Spanish.


6. NURS 3260 – Critical Thinking Inquiry

Concepts and processes related to critical thinking and basic nursing functions are evaluated in NURS3260. The course is laid back and easy class with simple exams.

Gif showing nursing scene from SCRUBS

7. PSY 2100 – Child and Adolescent Psychology

This course provides an understanding of human development and various associated aspects such as conception. Biological, cognitive,  emotional and social viewpoints are discussed and evaluated.

Picture showing a therapist working with a child patient.


8. SOC 2220 – Public Sociology and Civil Engagement

In SOC2220, students are provided with an understanding of the public sociology movement that is currently occurring. Other various aspects of public sociology are open for discussion among the class and an overview of sociological perspectives is conducted.

Picture depicting how sociology corresponds with other subjects


9. BRI 1090 – College Reading

This course is a basic skills course. Although it is very easy, you must get in due to placement exam scores. Students from WPU have said the class is “ An Easy A,  great professor.”

Reading gif from the show Friends.


10. CIEE 2050 -New Jersey Studies Teachers

CIEE2050 helps to develop students understanding of New Jersey studies. Both social and natural sciences and the subject are studied. Many students say the professor is amazing, almost like having a mentor throughout the class.

A meme about the culture in New Jersey based on a show.


The classes offered are worthwhile for WPU students. Whether they are taken to raise your GPA or for pure interest, you may take some valuable information away from from the course. You should try one of the classes above next semester to see just how easy it is.