10 Buildings at Wilkes University You Need to Know

Finding your way across campus can be a hassle. It can be frustrating not knowing which building you need to go into on the first day too. Luckily for you, there are a number of buildings around campus that you can EASILY remember. Below we have compiled a list of some of the top ones that you will see just to name a few at Wilkes University!

1. Henry Student Center

People walking out of the Student Center

Address: 84 W South St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

This 48,000-square-foot student center is the home to many of the campus’ student activities and the hub of campus. Students will find many grab-and-go dining places and many other campus resources to utilize. This includes a ballroom, an info office, a TV lounge, pool table, campus mail, study rooms, and meeting rooms.

2. Annette Evans Alumni House

The outside of the Annette Evans Alumni House

Address: 146 S River St Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18701

Here, students will find the alumni house that is filled with administrative offices that house the Alumni Relations staff, a kitchen, dining room, and kitchenette. This is a cottage style building and great building to welcome home returning alumni who just want a place to relax during their stay on campus.

3. Farley Library

The outside of the Farley Library

Address: 187 S Franklin St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766

Farley Library is the main library on campus and is comprised of thousands of resources such as books, periodicals, online databases, journals, DVD collections, computers, printing, copying, study rooms, and checkouts for equipment. Grab some friends and come have a study session here!

4. Allan P. Kirby Center

Outside of Allan P. Kirby Center

Address: Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766

First built in 1993, the birth of the Allan P. Kirby center first began. It houses the Free enterprise and Entrepreneurship. Students will find various tools and resources that offer unique opportunities for students who aim to pioneer their own ideas out to the world.

5. Darte Center

The Darte Center outside view

Address: 239 S River St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

The Darte Center is one of the many homes to performing arts. Students will find the Blackbox theatre, piano and lighting controls, equipment to control the theatre, and the Darling Theatre auditorium. The Darte Center is a combination of two separate buildings that are referred to as one.

6. Stark Learning Center

A view of the Stark Learning Center

Address: 150 S River St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705

Students will find the major instructional facilities for classes here. This 220,000 square-foot building holds classrooms, laboratories, studios, and office spaces for students, staff, and faculty. Students will also find meeting rooms and study rooms here to use at their own discretion.

7. Breiseth Hall

The Breiseth Hall outside view

Address: Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

This 55,000 square-foot facility holds thirteen classrooms come with audio and visual equipment, computer labs, writing and tutoring centers, research labs, and observation rooms. Students will more than likely go here for general education courses or other courses within their major.

8. Lawrence and Sally Cohen Science Center

The Lawrence and Sally Cohen Science Center

Address: Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

This center is home to some of the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art laboratories and research resources for students, staff, and faculty. Students will find the departments for Biology, Health Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Engineering, and Earth Sciences. Students will also find classrooms and lecture halls here.

9. Weckesser Hall

The front of Weckesser Hall

Address: 170 S Franklin St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

This building is home to the university President’s office, support staff, and the Vice President of student Affairs. Students will find a number of other administrative offices as well. The building houses a boardroom, billiard room, and ballroom. Students will also find meeting rooms here.

10. Conyngham Hall

The front of Conyngham Hall

Address: 130 S River St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

This building is the hub and home to Student Affairs. Students who have academic and non-academic related tasks to do can come here and enjoy the lower level which provides a quiet space for those who need it. This building also houses tutoring and academic support services.

Wilkes University is an ideal school of choice if you’re someone who is wanting a tight-knit campus experience. With only a little over 4,000 students, this university is home to a diverse and tight-knit community that aims to provide support to all students. It’s ideal to check out during the warmer months as it sits in the northern part of the US and gets chilly during the colder winter months.

10 Coolest Courses at Wilkes University

At the university level, students are gearing up for the upcoming school year by taking some time off. With this in mind, students also know how crazy and hard their schedules can get. Some of their classes may not be as fun as they think it will be. This is why we have generated a list of some of the top coolest courses that students will find at Wilkes University below!

1. WS-301 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Different words that relate to women's and gender studies in a word cloud that surrounds the world map

Women have proved to be one of the most prominent figures throughout history. Fighting for rights, and gaining them overtime, women are amongst the strongest in the world. This class will explore gender, sexuality, race, culture, and class as it relates to gender studies.

2. THE-131 – Acting I

A boy that is looking at lights on a stage

In this course, students will learn more about the world of acting. Students will learn more about physical movement, improvisation, theatre games, and more. Students will also take part in acting workshops and theatre games that will help them develop skills for acting.

3. ART-122 – Sculpture

A man making a sculpture of another man

Are you interested in exploring and taking up a new hobby? This class will allow students to learn more about the concepts of creating a sculpture. In this course, students will explore casting, carving, and direct building techniques for clay making sculptures.

4. ABBA-221 – Principles of Marketing

Icon showing people that are marketing a business

In this course, students will learn more about the art of marketing. Students will study how the marketing world reflects the inner world. This includes learning more about strategic marketing, research, ethical thinking action, and challenging the marketing system as a whole.

5. PHL-122 – Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Different symbols for different theories

In this course, students will learn more about the basic concepts of symbolic logic. This includes learning more about formal languages, testing the validity of different symbols, and coming up with sustainable hypothesis for various symbols as well.

6. DAN-120 – Tap Dance

Black and white picture of people that are tap dancing in a class

Let’s get up and dance! In this course, students will learn more about the art of different techniques for tap dance. Students will develop an enriching technique that will also allow them to develop their own skills as well. Students will acquire various aspects about the history of dance as well.

7. ENG-203 – Introduction to Creative Writing

A writer writing on a page with an ink pen

Are you creative? This class will allow students to explore their own imagination through writing. Students will learn more about poetry, short fiction, and dramatic scenes. Students will also learn more about the tools that are used for writing as a whole as well.

8. AS-101 – Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force I

People in the United States Air Force shown in front of a military plane

In this class will learn more about the United States Air Force. Students will learn more about the basic characteristics of being in the Air Force and in the army as well. Students will also learn more about developing their own personality when it comes to joining crews like this.

9. ART-120 – Painting I

A person that is painting blue flowers

This class is for those who want to take up a new hobby. Students will study the art of panting and how to develop their own techniques in order to tell their own stories. Students will learn more about the basic color theory, oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, as well as different art materials.

10. ABBA-152 – The Leadership Process

A look at traits of a leader isurrounding a lightbulb.

Are you a leader by default? This course will challenge those who are and who want to become leaders in their own right. Students will learn more about the application of leadership, different aspects of community, and how leaders are developed throughout the world.

10 Hardest Courses at Wilkes University

Wilkes University is a non-denominational and private institution located in Pennsylvania. The university is 27 acres in size and caters more than 2000 undergraduate enrollments. Admission at Wilkes University is competitive with an acceptance rate of 75%. Apart from the competitive admission, the university also offers challenging courses for its students. In this article, you will learn the top 10 hardest courses at Wilkes Univerity. Check them out below:

1) ABBA 161 – Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting lecture class at the Wilkes University.

First on our list of 10 hardest courses at Wilkes University is none other than the ABBA-161 or Financial Accounting. If you don’t like memorization, then this subject will most likely give you a headache. This courses teaches students about the function, environment and nature of accounting. It also provides an understanding of accounting objectives and issues for proper analysis of financial information.

2) BIO 324 – Molecular Biology

Students at Wilkes University in a group picture after being inducted into Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society.

If you find it hard memorizing massive details of information, then molecular biology isn’t for you. This course from the department of biology is considered one of the hardest classes at Wilkes University. Why? Well, it’s because biology students have to solve research problems and in the process learn the modern concepts and techniques of molecular biology.

3) CHM 232 – Organic Chemistry III

Chemistry Major student with her Professor at Wilkes University.

Are you considering a career in the chemical industry or in the medical field at Wilkes University? If yes, then you’ll likely encounter CHM 232 or Organic Chemistry III. This course is known for its difficult concepts and broad topic memorization. Getting this subject requires a great deal of time and memorization.

4) COM 322 – Advanced Video Production

Video production at Wilkes University

Do you want to see your own movie someday? If you want to be part of the movie industry, then you need to study a course about video production. At Wilkes University, COM 322 or Advanced Video Production is hard not because of the high-tech tools or equipment but because of the need to create a good story. To some creating a good story comes easy but for many, it’s a tedious work that requires time, effort and talent.

5) CS 330 – Computer Architecture

A professor at Wilkes University teaching a computer science student.

Being a technical course, it is obvious that students find CS-330 or Computer Architecture hard to study. Computer Architecture is a study of computer structure, organization, and design. You also have to know about machine language, machine representation of numbers, and instruction formats.

6) PHY 314- Quantum Mechanics

Physics students doing laboratory experiments at Wilkes.

Even the course name makes you cringe. Quantum Mechanics, one of courses you have to take when you’re a Physics major at Wilkes University. This course offers abstract formulation of Quantum Mechanic concepts, as well as advanced topics about quantum teleportation and entanglement.

7) PSY 200 – Statistics

A professor at Wilkes teaching psychology lessons to his class.

If you think that studying Psychology doesn’t require numbers and variables, then you’re wrong. One of the hardest courses at Wilkes is the Statistic course under the Psychology department. This course is the study of statistical procedures, techniques, descriptive and inferential statistics for psychological analysis.

8) PHA 365 – Medical Biochemistry

Group photo of Pharmacy Staff and Faculty at Wilkes.

Imagine memorizing medical terms and understanding the different biochemical processes of the body. Medical Biochemistry is one of the hardest courses at Wilkes University. The course teaches students the basic biochemistry concepts including catabolic pathways, enzyme induction, metabolism, function, and structure of vitamins and proteins.

9) MTH 362 – Advanced Calculus

Wilkes University graduate received a Presidential Award for Excellence in teaching Mathematics and Science.

This list won’t be complete without the hardest course in the Mathematics department – Advanced Calculus. If you’re not into Math, then you’ll find this subject a nightmare. This course requires students to learn and apply abstract and difficult mathematical theories in solving problems.

10) EE 337 – Engineering Electromagnetics I

New Engineering center at Wilkes University.

EE 337 is all about flux and fields, Maxwell’s equations, waves and phasors, smith chart and transmission line. These are the major concepts that you will have to learn when you get the Engineering Electromagnetics I course. You need to have a good Calculus fundamental to understand this course. Sounds pretty tough, right?

The list above are the top 10 hardest courses at Wilkes University. I hope that this article can help you decide what course to take in college. Difficult courses require a lot of time and effort, so choose your courses wisely!

Top 10 Majors Offered at Wilkes University

Wilkes University is a private institution founded in 1933. Wilkes University is not the largest when it comes to campus size, but the school offers a range of programs and opportunities that a large university would. This list contains the top 10 majors offered at Wilkes University.

1. Accounting (B.S.)

A pen and a graph showing monthly performance

Accountants are in high demand all over the world, and at Wilkes University, accounting is one of the most sought-after majors. The school does well in accounting too, equipping students with the necessary information they need to take on financial positions after school.

2. Biology (B.A. & B.S.)

A strand of chromosome

Wilkes University offers great science majors too, and biology is one of the most offered majors at the school. Wilkes has a rigorous biology department filled with professional tutors that have built a reputation for successfully preparing students to take on advanced courses that require a biology major.

3. Business Administration and Management (B.B.A.)

A board of directors meeting

Wilkes University is known for its excellent Business Administration and Management courses. At Wilkes University, students can choose to concentrate on either Accelerated B.B.A., Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, or Marketing.

4. Criminology (B.A.)

Security operatives practicing shooting

To become an expert in criminology, you would need to be able to think critically about crime, law, and the justice system, and the programs at Wilkes University does that. The department of criminology works together with sociology, political science, economics, and psychology to give their students a range of expertise.

5. Electrical Engineering and Physics (B.S. & M.S.)


Wilkes University is known for offering some of the best engineering majors in Pennsylvania. The creativity and hands-on professionalism of students are prioritized in the department, teaching its students to solve more practical problems than classroom work.

6. Finance (B.A.)

A graph showing performance over the world map

Finance is one of the most common career paths for students, and Wilkes University is a great place to major in Finance. The school has a great finance program designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to excel in the world of business and finance.

7. Liberal Arts and Humanities (B.A.)

Major subjects in Liberal arts

Wilkes University offers some of the best programs in liberal arts and humanities. The school has excellent courses, teaching students the foundation of liberal learning and the essential understanding of the world and its people.

8. Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc. & M.Sc.)


Mechanical engineering is the most popular of the three engineering majors offered at Wilkes University, graduating the highest number of students annually from the faculty of Engineering.

9. Nursing (BSN & RN-BSN)

A nurse administering an injection to a patient

Wilkes University is said to have one of the best nursing programs in Pennsylvania. The Wilkes University Passan School of Nursing is designed to educate students on the roles, functions, and responsibilities of a registered nurse. The department of nursing graduates the most number of students at Wilkes University. The school also has online courses for nurses.

10. Psychology (B.A.)

Virtual representation of a human brain

Wilkes University also gained a considerable amount of recognition for its psychology program. The department utilizes scientific approaches to teach students the content, methods, and theories of human and nonhuman behavior.

Top 10 Library Resources at Wilkes University

If you want to be a great student, you need to take advantage of the resources that are at your disposal. A lot of these resources can be found at the university library. Here are the top 10 library resources at Wilkes University!

1. Computer Labs

If you do not have your own computer, a great perk of the library are the various computer labs in the building. This will save you some money while being able to use the newest pieces of technology. 

a computer lab

2. Group Study Rooms

If you have to work with a group, you should consider renting out a study room. This allows you to have a private space to get work done. You will have to use this perk in order to make the most of your education. 

a study room

3. Writing Center

If you need some help with your writing, you should visit the writing center. The professionals that work here will help you shape your paper in the right way. This will improve your grade overall by a ton.

Terms relating to writing center

4. Movie Rental

If there is a movie that you want to see, but you don’t want to pay for it, you could rent it through the library. You can browse their large selection of movies and see which one that you want to watch on your own time.

A bunch of movies

5. Online Reference Collection

The Online Reference Collection is a great first place to look when starting your research. This database has thousands of archived documents and books. These will become some great resources for you to use. 

Gale logo

6. Ask a Librarian

If you have a quick question about the library, you can submit a question online. A librarian will send you back a response in a timely manner. This allows you to get information without having to leave your room. 

a librarian with books

7. Interlibrary Loan

If there is a book that you want but it is not in the library, you can apply for an interlibrary loan. This is when the library will purchase the book then rent it to you. You need to take advantage of this perk .

Interlibrary loan

8. Library Virtual Tour

If you are going to visit the library, you should take a library virtual tour first. This makes sure that you do not waste time while looking for resources. You will even discover resources that you didn’t know existed!

a virtual tour example

9. AccessEngineering

AccessEngineering is a cool site that allows you to access tons of documents and statistics about engineering. If you are researching a topic that is similar to engineering, this is the place to look right away. 

Accessengineering logo

10. Newspapercat

Newspapercat is the final great resources that you should use a lot. This is a database that has tons of newspaper articles from throughout history. If you need to reference some old and new articles, this is the perfect resource for you. 

Old newspapers

Libraries at Wilkes University

1. Farley Library

The only library on campus is the Farley Library. If you need a quiet place to study, this is the place to go. You will have a great time studying here and checking out books with your friends. 

wilkes university library

Address: 187 Franklin St

2. Osterhout Free Library

The Osterhout Free Library is the closest public library to campus. This allows you to avoid the rush and go to a less busy location. This library still offers a ton of resources for students. 

osterhout free library

Address: 71 Franklin St

3. Hoyt Library

Hoyt library is another public library system that has a few locations in the area. If you do not live on campus, it may be easier to visit this location. That being said, these libraries are quite large and have a lot for you.

hoyt library

Address: 284 Wyoming St

4. Plains Township Library

The Pkains Township Library is a little further away from campus, but it may be worth visiting. Although you have to drive a little bit to get here, there are always librarians and professionals willing to help you. 

plains township library

Address: 126 Main St

5. Laflin Public Library

The final library in the region is the Laflin Public Library. This is the furthest library from campus. If you are willing to drive a little bit, you can get some one-on-one help very easily. 

laflin public library

Address: 47 Laflin Rd

Top 10 Dorms at Wilkes University

Looking for places to live? Confused about how to tackle college life? It’s okay!! Finding your place at a university can be CONFUSING. Searching for the right friend group, the right home, the right classes — and everything in between. Here is a guide to make all that easier for dorms at Wilkes University!!

1. Catlin Hall


Catlin Hall

A historic living space for students.

The historic mansion’s spacious lounge and stone patio offer plenty of room to study or relax with friends. As a first-year student, Catlin is a great place for you to start your Wilkes story.

Address: 98 S River St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

2. Doane Hall

Doane Hall

A quiet home for a small number of students.

The quaint brick building is home to just 12 first-year students, providing an opportunity to create a close-knit community from your first days on campus

Address: 56 West River Street

3. Evans Hall

Evans hall

A larger living space for students.

The capacity of this building is 200 beds with a support staff of seven Resident Assistants (RA’s) and one Resident Director (RD). Singles and doubles are offered as housing options.

Address: 110 S River St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

4. Fortinsky HallFortinsky Hall

A living space for second-year students.

The capacity of the building is 47 with a support staff of 2 RAs, Single, doubles, and triples are offered as housing options. Fortinsky is a coed 2nd-year residence hall and was previously known as the School of Business.

Address: 217 S Franklin St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

5. Michelini Hall


Previously known as Barre Hall, Michelini Hall is a simple living space for students.

In celebrating the legacy of Wilkes University’s second president, Dr. Francis J. Michelini, the former Barre Hall was dedicated as Francis J. Michelini Hall on Nov. 10, 2015, in his honor.

Address: 84 W South St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

6. Rifkin Hall

Photo Rifkin Hall with fall foliage

An apartment style dorm for upperclassmen only.

Rifkin Hall is a co-ed apartment-style living environment. The capacity of this building is 34 beds with a support staff of one RA. Doubles, triples, and quads are offered as housing options. Authentic fireplaces and stained glass windows make each room unique.

Address: 80 S. River St

7. Ross Hall

Ross hall

The capacity of this building is 15 beds with a support staff of one RA. Singles, doubles, and triples are offered as housing options.

Ross Hall features an intricately carved main stairwell, colorfully accented by stained-glass windows. The Cross-Cultural Dialogue Living Learning Community resides in this unique building!

Address: 251 S. River St.

8. Roth Hall

Roth Hall

The capacity of the building is 76 beds with a support staff of 3 RA’s.

If you were at Wilkes before 1967…you would have known Roth Hall as Chesapeake and Delaware Halls. They were built in the 1880s as a block of four houses with a common facade. The homes belonged to Benjamin Reynolds, a businessman, and were designed by the Wilkes-Barre architectural firm of Kipp and Podmore. During the 1900s, Roth Hall was renovated into apartments, but the basic original structure of the building remains intact.

Address: 68-74 W. Northampton St.

9. Schiowitz Hall


The capacity of this building is 31 beds with a support staff of two RA’s.

Schiowitz is a great place to live because of its central location on campus.
If you were at Wilkes in 1991 you saw the home of the Department of Nursing (which moved into the building in 1973 and has since relocated) named in honor of Nathan Ned Schiowitz on May 10. Mr. Schiowitz was not born in Wilkes-Barre but moved to the city soon after his birth in 1906.

Address: 219 S. Franklin St.

10. Slocum Hall


Slocum Hall is a co-ed residence hall. The capacity of this building is 51 beds with a support staff of 2 RA’s.

One reason Slocum Hall is a popular place to live is its proximity to the Henry Student Center. Very nice when you want to eat, attend a concert, or just socialize. Another reason is the close-knit atmosphere that seems to form in this dorm.

Address: 262-264 S. River St.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing list at the Wilkes University!

1. Room Basics

Reg Room

– bed sheets
– lamp
– mattress pad
– comforter
– twinkle lights
– decor of your choosing
– alarm clock
– bandaids/emergency supplies

2. Food & Snacks

Junk Food and Snacks Gift Basket Same Day Delivery

– chips
– breakfast bars
– oatmeal
– granola bars
– ramen noodles
– cereal
– pasta
– nutella
– pb&j
– popcorn
– medicine

3. Tech & Entertainment

study room filled with technology

– cell phone charger
– laptop charger
– flashlight
– batteries
– portable charger
– cell phone
– laptop

4. School Supplies

– bookbag
– notebooks
– folders
– post-it notes
– whiteboard and markers
– glue
– colored pencils/markers/construction paper
– paper
– pens and pencils
– stapler with staples and stapler removal
– white out

5. Cleaning & Organizing

cleaning supplies basket

– bathroom cleaning spray
– toilet cleaner
– plunger
– shower caddy
– bathroom slippers
– shoe organizer
– snacks organizer

6. Campus Gear

Champion Crew

– backpack
– keychains
– school hoodies
– water bottles
– emergency contacts info

7. Ask before bringing items

Abeds dorm room Abed watching TV

– television
– microwave
– minifridge
– light bulbs
– iron
– ironing board

Packing for college and looking for a dorm is one of the most stressful aspects of getting ready to leave. You already feel sad about leaving your home, family and friends, and on top of that, you have to make sure nothing is forgotten. Hopefully, these lists make the college transition easier and more exciting!! Good luck!

10 Easiest Classes at Wilkes

Wilkes University is private university that also offers easy classes for its students. They offer different programs for both minor and majors and each programs offers easy classes. Here are some of them:

1. Art 111: Fundamentals of Color and Design

The class is the studies the basic element of design and principle of two-dimensional design. It also study the fundamentals of color. The class will be easy because it is just the basics of design and color.

A color wheel showing different shade of colors

2. BA 119: Data Analysis in Excel

The class will teach its students the basics of using Microsoft Excel and some advance techniques such as using the summative function of excel. Most students dislike Microsoft Excel because of the reason that it is a bit complicated but it will actually make students life easier since it can do math by itself and the students can just put in data in their computer.

A screenshot of what an Excel can be used for.


3. Car 101: Life/Career Planning

The class focuses on studying decision making for students to attain their goals and interest. Student will also be making their portfolio while enrolled in the class. The class will be easy and helpful for students.

A flow chart of career planning process


4. Com 101: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Students will learn the basics of public speaking and will be asked to perform speech in class throughout the semester. Most students fear public speaking for the reason of being embarrassed in front of many people. The class will be helpful for students to be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and as long as they do the assigned speech students should get a good grade.

A professional giving a speech in front of a huge crowd


5. Eng 098: Academic Writing

Student will be ask to write multiple essay during the semester and with this exercise students will learn to properly use their grammar and make a proper syntax for their essay.

An image showing techniques for a successful essay in Academic Writing


6. FYF 101: First-Year Foundations

The class is specifically for freshmen in Wilkes University. The class’s main purpose is to guide freshmen students during their transition from high school to college. It is also to make sure that freshmen students will make the right decision in their life and classed throughout their year in the university.

A meme of a Freshman student on move in day of college


7. LDR 201: Introduction to Leadership

The class’s main goal to is to help students practice leadership in their environment and the basics of being a leader. Students will also learn some leadership skill that they can apply in their job and other places where it is required.

Four characteristics of an effective leader


8. STE 300: Study Tour Experience

By enrolling to this class, students will be able to go on a tour for approximately 14 days. During this time students will be asked to write their experience in their journal and at the end of their tour they will be ask to share their experience in class. The class will be easy and fun for students specially because they will experience new things and they will be traveling.

An image of students in a study tour


9. THE 214: Script Analysis

In this class students will read and analyze scripts that are given to them. Students will also interpret the script for production and performance. The class will be easy for students who are majoring in theater. The class is also just like another english class but instead of analyzing literature students will analyze scripts.

An image of scripts that are being analyze with side notes from the student


10. PSY 242: Personality

The class studies theoretical perspective of personality. Students will also do their research on development of personality. The class should be easy since students are aware of different type of personalities.

A cartoon image of different people with different personalities


These are some of the easiest classes a student will find in Wilkes University. Some of the classes are three units while others are just one unit. Most of the time one unit classes tends to be easy in any form but it is a bit hard to find three unit class that will be easy. There few of this three unit class in the list. Check the link for each class and you’ll know more about each classes.