10 Coolest Courses at Wichita State University

Wichita State University is a public research university in Wichita, Kansas, United States, and governed by the Kansas Board of Regents. The number of students is around $11,000. The acceptance rate is around 86%. Here are 10 cool courses to check out at Wichita State University.

1. COMM 190 – Intro to Human Communication

 a boss talking to his fellow workers in a cartoon

Intro to Human Communication is a course that goes over how to effectively speak with others and how communication is more than just talking. Humans communication through verbal but also non-verbal such as hand gestures and body language. The course is a great course for improving your speech with others.

2. COMM 130 – Communication and Society

a meeting being conducted with a leader at an office

Communication and Society is an interesting course that goes into the different types of ways that society looks at how communication works. The course goes over the key ways that communication in society happens. A few major examples of communication is talking on the phone, texting, social media, and face to face.

3. POLS 226 – Comparative Politics

the logo for green party with green earth

Comparative Politics is a course that goes over the various different political groups that are present in today’s society. The course goes over the stances that the groups have when it comes to certain topics. Such topics would include gun violence, taxes, and border patrol.

4. POLS 365 – Political Research Methods

people networking on a rooftop in the city

Political Research Methods is a course that goes over the different ways that you can conduct political research. When it gets closer to election time or when an election ends is the pivotal point where research is the easiest to do. That research can be done through previous trending data, cold calling, and in-person focus groups.

5. GDM 375 – Fundamental Mobile Design

the different types of streaming apps

Fundamental Mobile Design is a cool course that teaches the tools used to create mobile apps. Due to a large amount of people having smartphones, apps are a key way for information to get into the hands of the public. The course goes over ways to improve the interface as well as give the app easy accessibility and clean graphics.

6. GDM 328 – WordPress and Advanced Blog Design

two computer screens one with a blog on it

WordPress and Advanced Blog Design is a course that goes over the ways in which someone can create a cool blog. WordPress is super customizable but can be hard to navigate at times if you are new to it. This course will go over how to use their tools and ways to make a clean and easy to use website.

7. ACC 330 – Government and Nonprofit Accounting

uncle sam hand holding a bag with the word taxes on it

Government and Nonprofit accounting is a course that goes over the various accounting tactics when it comes to the sectors of government and nonprofit. Nonprofit accounting is different due to the fact that they are having a decent amount of withholdings and write-offs for being nonprofit. The government needs accounting to keep themselves in check and make sure that everything is legal and in accordance.

8. ACCT 210 – Financial Accounting

a person with a computer auditing in a cartoon

Financial Accounting is a course that goes over the different ways that accounting is done when it comes to a business and its finances. The accountant checks to see if everything is correct on the balance sheet and goes over expenses and revenue. It is a great hands-on course if you are looking to learn the ins and outs of accounting on a business level.

9. REM 301 – Real Estate Principles

a house in a gift box

Real Estate Principles give the foundation of learning about real estate. What a realtor does is they help the customer to purchase a house that not only fits the spacing and visual needs but also their financial needs as well. It is a great course if you are looking to become licensed or know if it is a job for you.

10. MKT 313 – Retailing and Merchandising

the buying habits of customers in a cartoon

Retailing and Merchandising is a course that goes over the various ways that a product can be marketed in a store. What makes it so important to be in larger stores is that in order to get the product to as many eyes as possible you need to be in a common area that people go. The course goes over tips on visuals as well as the structure of packaging and product placement.

Wichita State University is a great school where you learn a variety of different courses that meet the needs of being successful in the job field. The school has a decent amount of students so making new friends and acquaintances is easy. The school has everything from merchandising to become a realtor.

Top 10 Residence Halls at Wichita State University

Leaving home for the first time can be a scary experience. Being off on your own can be difficult. One of the best ways to combat this new experience is by choosing the best place where you can feel comfortable and homey. Wichita State University has compiled options for students to find their perfect “home away from home”. Let this article help guide you to finding your new home in the next upcoming year.

1. Shocker Hall

Shocker Hall is a more recent updated residence hall, being built it 2014. It holds up to 800 first-year students and each hall is dedicated to different living learning communities. Shocker Hall has many different styled rooms from doubles, triples and privates.

This is a picture of Shocker hall.

Address: 2020 Perimeter Rd, Wichita, KS 67208

2. The Flats

The Flats is another housing option for students on campus. It is a well-designed apartment complex with one to four bedroom apartments. Each apartment is fully furnished and comes with built-in amenities such as a full kitchen  and washer/dryer.

This is a picture of inside the Flats.

Address: 324 N Emporia Ave, Wichita, KS 67202

3. The Suites

The Suites are an upcoming apartment complex in 2019. It will be available to home around 230 students. Each suite will include 2 bedrooms with a private bathroom. kitchenette area, washer & dryer and common living room in each.

This is the current construction of the Suites.

Address: N/A

4. Stoney Pointe Apartment Homes

Stoney Pointe offers two bedroom apartment homes. All apartments are fully equipped with washer/dryers and kitchens. A/C, cable and internet access are also available.

These are the stoney pointe homes.

Address: 2925 N Boulder Dr, Wichita, KS 6722

5. River Vista Apartments

River Vista Apartments offer both one and two bed floor plans. Each apartment has hardwood floors, air conditioning and Broadband internet access. Cats and dogs are allowed, however there is a 2 pet limit that comes with fees.

These are the river vista apartments.

Address: Mclean Blvd, Wichita, KS 67203

6. Brockwood

Brockwood Apartments are a great apartment complex driving distance from Wichita. The apartment comes with cable/satellite, internet and air conditioning as well. They also offer community features such as basketball courts, club houses and computer labs.

This is the Brockwood gym.

Address: 1770 S Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67207

7. Broadmoor at Chealsea Apartments

Broadmoor Apartments offer both one and two bedroom floor plans. There is a 35 dollar application fee and a 200 dollar deposit upfront. The apartment has carpet, air conditioning and cable/satellite. The community also offers a club house and laundry facility.

These are the Broadmoor Apartments

Address:7677 E 21st St N, Wichita, KS 67206

8. Midtown Place Apartments

Midtown Apartments offer studio and one or two bed apartments. The apartment area is controlled access and there is always a courtesy patrol. There is 24 hour availability publicized to renters so if safety is your number one priority, these apartments are the place for you.

This is the inside of the midtown apartments.

Address: 900 N Waco Ave, Wichita, KS 67203

9. Westgate Apartments

Westgate Apartments offer 3 bedroom 2 bath floor plans. Each apartment comes with a ceiling fan, hardwood floor and stainless steel appliances. Pets are negotiable but only dogs are allowed with a $250 deposit.

This is the inside of the westgate apartments.

Address: 1448 N Westgate St, Wichita, KS 67212

10. Forest Grove Apartments

Forest Grove offers studio and one or two bed apartments. The property publicise itself as a pet-friendly community. There are carpeted floors and fireplaces available. They also have a coffee lounge and courtesy patrol services.

These are the forest grove apartments.

Address: 6747 W Par Ln, Wichita, KS 67212

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Wichita State University 

1. Room Basics

This is a dorm room.

– Desk Lamp
– Desk Organization
– Blankets
– Pillows
– Lamp

2. Food and Snacks

These are some chips and snacks.

– Individually packed snacks
– Frozen Foods
– Canned Foods
– Fresh Fruit
– Water Bottles

3. Tech & Entertainment

These are some laptops.

– Chargers (Phone and Laptop)
– Television
– Phone
– Laptop

4. School Supplies

These are some school supplies.

– Binders
– Pencils
– Pens
– Staples
– Binder Paper

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

These are workers cleaning.

– Lysol Wipes
– Lysol Spray
– Sponges
– Dish Soap

6. Campus Gear 

These are some school tee shirts.

– Sweatshirt
– Water Bottles
– Lanyard
– Mug
– Hat

7. Items you should ask before bringing

These are kitchen items.

– Hair Straightener/Curler
– Water Heater
– Mini Fridge
– Candles

Moving away from home can be difficult at first. However, choosing the perfect new home away from home can be the perfect remedy to your home-sickness. Let this article guide you to choosing your best option of where you belong. Best of luck in the decision-making!

10 of the Easiest Courses at Wichita State

When looking for courses to fill your class requirements – or you just have a very hectic schedule to begin with – you do not always want to take the hardest courses. As a student at Wichita State University, you have plenty of options regarding easier courses. Here are ten of the easiest courses offered at Wichita State.

1. DS 350 – Introduction to Production and Operations Management

Under the Decision Sciences field at Wichita, managerial duties are also taught. There are many different career paths that one can take on the role of a manager in and this course is perfect for that. It gives an introduction to the decisions and duties that need to be made as well as how to manage a variety of different business-related aspects. Scheduling, planning quality control and more are just a fraction of what is taught in this course.

a sign in front of a European business building.
Image courtesy of Maryna Yazbeck via Unsplash

2. IIC 301 – Leadership is Essential Seminar

This course under the Interdisciplinary Creativity department is the only one currently offered at Wichita. The focus is on leadership and how to give students the tools to become successful leaders. Different settings and scenarios are examined, as well as utilizing personal strengths and fine-tuning one’s interests. Different perspectives and grasping the benefits and challenges of leadership are also discussed.

a man in a suit walks up a flight of stairs.

3. PC 105 – Introduction to Computers and Applications

This computer course at Wichita is the only course underneath the Personal Computing department. It consists of two classroom and two lab hours to introduce students to computer technology and teach computer literacy. The internet, multimedia, CD usage, business, design, education and hardware of computers are all among the topics covered. The ethics of technology is also discussed and students use lab time to practice their computer skills with hands-on tools.

a computer with a flower field as the background.

4. CI 101 – Introduction to the University

This basic Curriculum and Instruction course is the first of these courses offered in the department. It allows students who are going into college education to gain access to a variety of tools and where to find them. Students will be introduced on how to make connections with staff, programs and students and fully grasp the environment of higher education. There is a lot to this, but this course breaks it down in an understandable and comprehensible way.

a college campuses with trees and a brick building covered in ivy.

5. AGE 100 – Introduction to Aging Studies

This overview course provides students with the fundamentals of Aging Studies. Factors that affect people as they age are considered heavily in this curriculum. Diversity on multiple different levels also influences how people are affected as they grow older. This course focuses specifically on the cultural, social, psychological, biological and economic factors that could potentially influence how and why people age the way that they do.

an older man with a can and white shopping bag walks along a sidewalk.

6. HPS 101/102/103/106 – Human Performance Studies

These courses range from a variety of sports with different techniques, rules, etc. but are all offered under the Human Performance Studies major.  Included in this are sports like Pool, Cricket, Rock climbing, Meditation, Zumba and Core Fitness. These courses are activity courses, essentially teaching students how to fully play and understand each sport. Each class is a basic-level course but does require students to be active.

rugby platers in white jerseys tackle one another on a field.

7. MUSA 112A-Z – Applied Music for Nonmajors

This two-credit Applied Music course also offers a variety of sub-classes in which specific instruments can be taught from the most basic level. These courses are specifically for non-music majors and are intended for those who are not as well-versed in music, making them generally easier. These courses may be repeated and are very basic, but may not be used to fulfill any music degree requirements.

a man plays the violin on stage before an empty auditorium.

8. LING 151 – Nature of Language

This introductory Linguistics course is meant to ease students into the world of linguistics. What language is and how it works is explained, and the fundamental facts regarding languages are relayed as well. How people use language, whether citizens or researchers in linguistics settings and other purposes is also explained. Making use of language in psychology, philosophy and anthropology are important aspects of linguistics to understand from a cultural standpoint.

a sign in Greece points to many different shops and businesses.

9. THEA 180E – Performing Arts Seminar

This Theater course gives students a well-rounded foundation in the different areas of theater arts. Though only one credit, this course promotes student collaboration as well as individual talents. Topics of study covered in this course include performance, theater design and production, musical theater and dance. Students will then work together to produce and crew one of the shows on the seasonal calendar.

a microphone on a stand in front of blurry lights.

10. ARTF 102 – Introduction to Art and Design

Art is not simply limited to drawing or painting. In the Art Foundation’s Introduction to Art and Design course, students are introduced to fundamental, building-block concepts in the world of art. Analyzation and interpretation of arts to form better understandings of meanings and different mediums is one of the course’s main focuses. Lectures and experiments are vital to shaping students understanding of art and are also included in the course.

flowers drawn on papers are hung on the white brick wall.

These courses are among some of the easiest in rigor and workload at Wichita State. Although ease of curriculum is often based on a student and their learning style, these courses are mainly introductory and require little background knowledge. There is still a great deal of knowledge to be gained from these courses though – simply because they are on the easier end does not mean that they are pointless.