Jobs for College Students at Western Carolina University

A great perk of going to school is that there are plenty of job opportunities open for you. Getting a job allows you to fully enjoy your college experience. Be sure to keep that in mind when at school. Here are jobs for college students at Western Carolina University

1. Professor Assistant

The first job that you should consider applying for is the Professor Assistant position. You will help a professor grade papers and do other teacherly duties. This is a great option for students who want to be a teacher at some point. You will get paid a fair wage and work up to 20 hours per week. 

a working professor

2. Latin American Tutor

If you speak Spanish or are well-versed in Latin American culture, you can apply to be a Latin American Tutor. You will help other students in this area of study. You will make minimum wage, but you will learn a lot along the way. Be sure to visit the foreign language department to find out more information. 

a map of Latin America

3. Shuttle Bus Driver

If you are a good driver, you can become a shuttle bus driver. You will work on various jobs for the university that involve bus travel. This is one of the higher paying jobs that you can get. That being said, you have the opportunity to get your CDL. This is a skill you can carry on forever. 

a white shuttle bus

4. Financial Aid secretary assistant

If you prefer to have a simple desk job, you can apply for the Financial Aid secretary assistant position. You will do some basic office duties like making calls and copying papers. This will give you some good office experience for the future. That being said, this is a minimum wage type of job. 

a financial aid graphic

5. Food Service Worker

If you want to be in the food service industry, you can be a Food Service Worker. This is a great on-campus option that you have. Although this is a low paying job, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. This is a great perk that you need to keep in mind. 

a popular dining area

6. Wal-Mart Cashier

The final great job that you should consider is being a Wal-Mart cashier. This is a very easy job for students to get off of campus. That being said, this is another minimum wage job. You will also be a part of a tight knit and cool community at this location. 

the front of a walmart

7. OneClass

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

OneClass logo

Restaurants & cafes near or at WCU

The Western Carolina University dining places and cafes offer good quality food that is tasty and affordable. So, whenever the students want to take a study break or ease their mind from worries, these places are best to go. It is because there they will find a lot of varieties of food and stimulating beverages that will make their day. Also, these cafes are the perfect place to arrange a friends’ hangout or do some serious group studying. To get a clearer picture about what these cafes offer concerning taste and atmosphere, let’s have a look at them:

1. Courtyard dining hall

entrance of Courtyard dining hall

This place offers the students the service of all-you-care-to-eat. It is because there are a variety of options ranging from home-made food to others. They include the pizza and pasta bar, the salad bar, Mongolian grill, desserts, and vegan station and grill food varieties.

2. The Lodge at Brown Hall

Brown hall building

This is the second dining hall at the campus and is present on the third level of the Brown Hall. From Monday to Friday, the dining area offers a lot of varieties in lunch and dinner. These food options range from simple, homemade entrees to continental cuisines. So, there are varieties of grill food, turkey, chicken, pasta, pasta, pizza, salads and much more.

3. Freshens & P.O.D. Market

3 glass of smoothies

This place is a perfect example of a quick grab and goes for meals before making way for the classes. At this place, the students can get varieties in frozen yogurts, smoothies, dairy items, prepared salads, and sandwiches. So, this place fulfills the need to get a bite before the class or a meeting

4. Comfort Corner

sandwich serving with sauce

This food outlet at the courtyard food court has a local origin. As a result, this place appeals to the local tastes and offers the students favorite fast foods. So, the Titanic-sized Taters to Grilled Cheese sandwiches, the café specialty offerings, make the students happy and satisfied.

5. P.O.D. Mini Mart at HHS

Vegetable mix salad

This eatery combines the corner store with the style of an up-to-date market place. In other words, it is a convenient grab and goes place that offers dining options of any time of the day. So, the students can find freshly made burritos, wraps, sushi, salads, fresh fruit and vegetable salads, and breakfast sandwiches. Also, the place offers bakery items and freshly-brewed coffee for student’s great ease.

6. City Lights Café

Entrance of City Lights Cafe

This café has an old-fashioned look and an outdoor seating. It offers light beers, wines, espresso drinks along with full of live music. In other words, it is the perfect place to enjoy with friends who love to share the wine or a toast to their success.

7. The Coffee Shop

breakfast egg wraps in plate

This place is a thumbs up choice to start your day with a fulfilling breakfast. Thus, this café is mainly a breakfast eatery that offers both healthy and fulfilling breakfast options. In conclusion, the café offers good food, stimulating coffee and fine service all at an affordable rate.

Thus, when a university has such dining options that take care of student’s health and food needs, they become happy. They will start to love their studies and will take an interest in them when their tummies are full.

Health and Wellness Services at WCU

Western Carolina University, affectionately abbreviated to WCU, is a public university located in Cullowhee, North Carolina. This school is also a part of the University of North Carolina system. Of the schools within this UNC system, WCU is the fifth oldest institution, and it was initially founded to focus on educating the people living in the western North Carolina mountains. Today, WCU provides an education for close to twelve thousand students per year. As the school population has grown and changed, so have the resources that it provides–especially in regards to health and wellness.

1. University Police

WCU’s Police Department provides a full range of law enforcement services for the university community, and all police officers are certified by the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office to meet the Attorney General’s standards for law enforcement officers. One of the unique focuses of the department is their dedication to community service and outreach.

2. RAD Classes

The RAD program offered at WCU provides students with a series of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques. It is a comprehensive course for women that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on self-defense training. This course is taught by Certified RAD Instructors, and there are a variety of program options including RAD Express, a nine hour full program, and a twelve hour full program with a simulation.

3. Health Services

Students who visit the Health Center are eligible for a variety of services for little to no out of pocket cost. Such services include routine check-ups or follow up care for the ongoing management of medical conditions, health physicals or clearance to participate in sports or on-campus activities, lab orders, medication refills, and even STI testing. In addition, students with any sort of allergy who receive or have received allergy shots off campus are eligible to have their allergy shots transferred onto campus and are provided and given by Health Services.

4. Nutritional Services

Nutrition services are available to all currently enrolled students and working employees of WCU. Consultations and assessments are completed by a Registered Dietitian, so all clients know that they are receiving accurate and generally helpful information. Within this overall Nutrition Service, students and employees are able to meet with a Registered Dietitian for the following reasons: medical nutritional needs, food allergies and sensitivities, chronic disease management, weight management, dietary and diabetic counseling, and disordered eating.

5. Campus Recreation

WCU Campus Recreation offers regular exercise programming, special events, certifications and training, and more for the campus community. Classes include Aqua Zumba, Cycle and Abs, H.I.I.T., PiYo Strength, XPress Cycle, and more! These classes are offered Monday-Sunday, so students should not have any problems working out class and work schedules. This way, physical health can be made a priority!

Ultimately, WCU provides students with a safe and healthy campus on which to thrive and grow! Students here can go to class, work, and everywhere in between feeling safe physically and mentally.

Top 10 Majors at Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University is a public university in Cullowhee, North Carolina, United States. The school is fairly hard to get into as only 40% of applicants get in. Here are 10 majors to go check out at Western Carolina University.

1. Athletic Training

 athletic trainer checking an injury

As someone who studies athletic training, you are responsible as the main example to others when it comes to peak health and performance. You can give people diet tips as well as different workout plans that are best suited to their lifestyle.

2. Accounting

 a calculator and a sheet of numbers

Accounting is the job that is important to have when you are running a business. You are able to have a clear indication through creating balance sheets exactly where your revenues and your expenses are going to. If you are looking to work with assets and liabilities this is perfect for you.

3. Construction Management

 construction worker on job site

The major of construction management is all about being able to oversee a group of people who are looking to build, either personal houses for clients or new business land. The construction manager is usually called the project manager.

4. Criminal Justice

 yellow crime scene tape

The world of criminal justice is all about protecting others by serving justice to those who have done wrong. In the field of criminal justice, you can be a bailiff or you can be a police officer or even someone who watches those in jail/prison.

5. Hospitality and Tourism

 a world globe with famous monuments

Hospitality and tourism are all about being able to service those who are traveling or looking to have a good time. Most people who work hospitality jobs are managers for restaurants or large hotels. Tourism allows you to give guided tours around the city or create your own website that connects you to fun things to do.

6. Graphic Design

 an example of a graphic design

A person who studies graphic design is someone who has an eye for detail. This person needs to be creatively inclined in order for their talents to stand out. As a graphic designer, you can either choose to be your own boss that gets contracted or work for a place that does their own graphics.

7. Nutrition and Dietetics

a group of food on a table

A person who is studying nutrition and dietetics is looking to help others through the power of food. Nutritionists are able to work for offices to help clients or they can work for a school/wellness facility and offer advice to students.

8. Parks and Recreation Management

 park managers going over a map

If you are majoring in parks and recreation management you are then most likely looking to oversee the operations at a place such as a national park or a zoo. The major gives you the ins and outs of knowing to communicate as well as be a leader to others.

9. Interior Design

 a house that was designed

In the major that is interior design it is all about knowing what the client wants. The client could be a couple that is moving into a home and looking to have stylistic help, or you could work to create a mood for a brand new office.

10. Natural Resources Management

 a stream of water and trees

A person who is studying natural resources management is someone who is looking to preserve the earth while also being able to study it. If you work in natural resources studying gardens and farm operations is most likely what you would be doing.

Western Carolina with its harder to get into standards makes it worthwhile because the school pushes you to do your best academically as well as striving towards your dream career. You will find it all here in these great majors as well as more on their website.

Top 10 Library Resources at Western Carolina University

The Western Carolina University is a public university in Cullowhee, North Carolina, United States. This institution provides her students with the basic resources to make their campus experience worthwhile. Some of the resources are the university libraries which are committed to offering students with instructional and research services. The list below are the top 10 library resources at Western Carolina University.

1. Circulation

books on shelves

This very important resource gives every student the opportunity to borrow and renew library materials online through their library account or in person at The Desk. With this resource, students can check out library materials for use at their best comfort.

2. Course Reserves


The second resource is the course reserves. There are quite a number of books that are in limited supply that is being monitored to be needed by a number of students. That is why these materials have to be regulated to make sure that everyone gets to use them. Instructors can place the items on the reserve section for student’s access.

3. Student Study Rooms Reserves

Student Study Rooms Reserves

The library offers a variety of study rooms of different sizes that may be reserved in one-hour time slots by individuals and groups of up to 10 people. Each type of room has its own restrictions on the maximum number of hours reservable per day and per week, as well as how far ahead they can be booked.

4. Interlibrary Loan


If a student needs any book, article, or other library items for university-related purposes and it is not available at the Western North Carolina Library Network libraries. The library can help the student locate and obtain the item for the student at no charge. This resource is very important for a student who needs a certain book/item for their research but could not find it in the school library. The student can easily walk up to The Library Desk to make a request for it to be loaned from another library, possibly from another university.

5. Ask a Librarian

students hanging out in library

Students and other library users can get help from the university librarians through instant messaging, emails, phone or person to person. It is an important resource that enables students to be in contact with the librarians in case of need for navigation within the library.

6. Scholar Studio

desk and chair in office

The Scholar Studio is a sandbox-style space for students and collaborative study, created to support the production and post-production of scholarly and personal audio and visual content via software, equipment, and research and technical support from library employees. With the equipment available in the Studio, students can record and edit their audio and video, design and print digital graphics, create multimedia materials for presenting their research findings, and collaborate with other scholars both in person and remotely.

7. Printing


The university libraries provide students with printing and copying services at a student-friendly rate. Scanning of books and other documents is free. However, printing and laminating come at a very little cost for students convenience. It is much more convenient in terms of accessibility and charges.

8. Digital Collections

Digital Collections

The library is committed to building regionally oriented, historically significant collections of broad cultural and research interest. A number of these collections are available online. These digital collections provide a foundation for research, education, and humanities programming through their documentation of significant aspects of the American story.

9. Library Instruction

librarian organizing books

The University Libraries provides students with in-class library instructions as well as individual instructions. These instructions enable students to utilize the library resources maximally to develop their research work and assignments.

10. Computers

students using computers

The final resource on this list is computing. The library provides computers for library use. Most of them are located in the computer lab. The university works to provide a reliable, comprehensive information technology environment to enhance learning, research, services for the students in the institution.

Top 5 Libraries at Western Carolina University

1. Hunter Library

Hunter Library

Hunter Library is the university library at Western Carolina University and is located in Cullowhee, North Carolina. Hunter Library supports Western Carolina University’s mission of teaching and learning.

2. Haywood County Public Library

Haywood County Public Library

The Haywood County Public library is located in Waynesville, North Carolina. It offers readers the tools and resources to enable people to learn, meet and anticipate the changing needs of the community, provide reliable, excellent, friendly service to all.

3. Jackson County Public Library

Jackson County Public Library

The Jackson County Public library is located at 678 S Haywood St, Waynesville, North Carolina. The library opens at from 10am to 6pm from Mondays to Wednesdays, while on Saturdays, they are open from 10am to 5pm.

4. WCU Bookstore

WCU Bookstore

The WCU bookstore is located at 311 Memorial Dr, Cullowhee, North Carolina. It provides students the privilege to rent and purchase books while also providing reader space to read borrowed books.

5. North Regional Public Library

North Regional Public Library

The library is located at 855 McArthur Rd, Fayetteville, North Carolina. It opens between 9am to 8pm from Mondays to Thursday, on Fridays, they open between 9am to 6pm, while on Saturdays, they open between 9am to 5pm. However, on Sundays, the library opens between 1pm to 6pm.

10 Coolest Clubs at Western Carolina University

Want to join a club but don’t know where to start? Well, you came to the right place. Here are the 10 coolest clubs and organizations offered at Western Carolina University.

1. Club Sports

If you want to stay healthy and love playing sports, playing on a club team is perfect for you. WCU offers 18 different club sports that except any skill level! No previous experience is required and is open to any student despite their age, religion, gender identities, or disabilities.

students playing ultimate frisbee

2. The Nomad

The Nomad is the university’s student-run art and literary magazine. It features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography. Anyone is welcome to submit their work!

an art magazine

3. Greek Student Engagement

WCU offers 20 fraternities and sororities, allowing you to meet new people across all grades. Joining Greek life is great for making personal and professional connections, all while getting a new family. Every fraternity and sorority also has a philanthropic organization that they support so by joining, you’re also helping others.

students in greek life organizations holding their letters

4. Arts and Cultural Events

As a member of this committee, you get to help choose what performers, thought-provoking films, speakers, and arts are brought to the university. ACE’s goal is to challenge people and inspire thought and discussion among both the students and the community. Members are only required to meet once a month!

cartoon of different arts and cultures

5. Center For Service Learning

This is perfect for people who want to volunteer or do service work around the community. The center sponsors many service opportunities and works with over 130 non-profit organizations in the community.

Volunteers holding turtle together near river

6. Whee Sign ASL

Whee Sign’s goal is to promote awareness and recognition for American Sign Language and the deaf community. Being able to sign is not a requirement, but by joining the club, you’ll learn how to.


7. Tuck River Cleanup

This club only has one purpose- clean up the Tuckasegee River! It’s the largest day of river clean up in the nation! Anyone can participate and enjoy a day of rafting on the river while cleaning it up and doing good for the community.

the Tuckasegee River

8. Aloha Club

Celebrate Hawaiian art, dance, history, and food! The club’s goal is to build a community of students who support and appreciate Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian dancers performing at a luau

9. Autism Society of North Carolina Western Carolina University Chapter

This is a campus chapter of the Autism Society of North Carolina. Members of the club try to improve the lives of people who have Autism and their families through advocacy, training, education, and direct services.

Autism Society's logo and motto


10. Whee Empower Self-Defense

Have fun while also learning how to defend and protect yourself from danger! Whee Empower gives students a safe environment to learn about self-defense, exercise, and explore the martial arts.

a girl making a fist


Here are some other cool events that WCU offers!

1. Homecoming Concert

Each year for homecoming, WCU brings current and relevant artists to perform and entertain its students. This year’s artists are T-Pain and Blackbear!

people attending a concert

2. Movie Night

The university offers movie nights were newly released movies are shown. Did I mention tickets are only two dollars? What a steal! In addition, there’s free food!

a movie director's placard and film reel

3. StompFest

StompFest is a competition hosted by the National Panhellenic Council to promote African-American culture. Students who attend will learn about the art and history of stomping and some of the proceeds go towards supporting students who need scholarships.

people performing stomp dance

4. Rap Battle

Battle it out with your fellow classmates and see who’s the better rapper! The university also brings in an outside host- this year’s is T. Murph who has been on shows such as Wild N’Out and Key and Peele!

two people in a rap battle

5. Open Mic Night

Get surprised by your classmates’ hidden talents or surprise everyone by performing! Everyone is welcome to perform and there’s free food!

Retro microphone on stage in restaurant. Blurred background

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful for finding some cool clubs and events that interest you and Western Carolina University!

Top 8 Residence Halls at WCU

Moving away from home can be a terrifying experience for some. Making sure that you pick a new home where you feel comfortable is an important factor to include when choosing where to live. Luckily for students attending Western Carolina University (also known as WCU), they offer amazing residence halls to their students. Let this be your guide to getting to know more about your new future home.

1. Buchanan Hall

There is a common main lobby with large TV, study lounge, piano, ping-pong and pool table. The hall also has a laundry room, vending machines, and is located near the sand volleyball court in front of neighboring Reynolds.

Each double room has two loftable extra-long twin beds, one five-drawer chest, two movable wardrobe/dressers, two desks with desk chairs, high-speed internet, and a cable TV jack.

This is Buchanan Residence Hall.

Address: Young Dr., Cullowhee, NC 28723

2. Harrill Hall

Harrill is an air-conditioned residence hall located near Brown Dining Hall. Co-ed by floor, each double room has a sink with one bath shared between every two single gender suites. Kitchenettes, living and gathering spaces are on each floor with laundry and study lounges alternating every-other-floor. The main lobby features a large flat-screen TV, vending machines, pool table and a 6,000-square-foot addition with upscale meeting venue where many residence hall programs are held. Additionally, a basketball court and charcoal grills located behind the building for student use.

Harrill Residence Hall from Central Drive.

Address: Central Dr., Cullowhee, NC 28723

3. Judaculla Hall

Located across from Harrill Hall on Central Drive, Judaculla’s four floors are uniquely terraced into the hillside. This co-ed hall has both single and double rooms arranged suite-style, with over seventy-percent of residents reside in private rooms. Each single-gender suite consists of either four private rooms or two private rooms and one double room. All suites have a shared bathroom and living area.  The common suite living area is furnished with a couch, loveseat, TV stand, and small side table.

A view of Judaculla Residence Hall from Central Drive

Address: Centennial Dr., Cullowhee, NC 28723

This is Judaculla Hall.

4. Madison Hall

Graduate residents call the 24-hour quiet hall of Madison home. Located on the historic Upper Campus, each air-conditioned room accommodates one or two students with a private bath shared per room.

There is a large main lobby with a TV, a common kitchen, laundry and vending machines. 24-hour visitation is permitted here, with a roommate agreement.

Madison Residence Hall

Address: Joyner Dr., Cullowhee, NC 28723

This is Madison Hall.

5. Noble Hall

Located on one of the most active corners of campus, Noble Hall is centrally located. The air-conditioned, co-ed residence hall has five floors of both single rooms with their own bath and double rooms with a shared bath between two rooms. Community kitchens and lounges are scattered throughout the building. There are also light-filled study lounges on each floor along with a large multipurpose room on the first floor.

Harrill Residents socializing in their room with two beds in view.

Address: 572 Centennial Dr, Cullowhee, NC 28723

This is the inside of Noble Hall.

6. Reynolds Hall

Perched atop the hill in the historic Upper Campus, Reynolds Hall is a co-ed, air conditioned residence hall.  Each room accommodates two students who share a bath with the same gender room next door. Each floor has a lounge/study area at the center of each floor and the second and third floor study areas lead out to a balcony overlooking the Upper Campus quad.

One wing on the first floor is where first-year Transfer Students live. The main common area is on the first floor with a large TV, a pool table, pingpong table, vending machines, tables and couches with a popular sand volleyball pit out front. There is 24-visitation allowed with a roommate agreement.

Two female students on their phones hanging out in their room in Reynolds Hall.


7. Robertson Hall

Robertson Hall is a co-ed residence hall located on our beautiful historic Upper Campus. The apartment-styled rooms are shared between two people with a private bath and a kitchenette. 24-hour visitation is available with roommate agreement.

Robertson is also home to our EMS students. WCU EMS is a student-run organization with supervision and advisement provided by a non-student EMS Supervisor and is a part of Western Carolina University Health Services.

Two male students in their room in Reynolds Hall.

Address: Chancellors Hall Dr., 

8. Scott Hall

Centrally located near the plaza and Courtyard Dining Hall, Scott is a co-ed Freshman Residence Hall. The high-rise has nine floors, each with a common study and community kitchen. There are two large shared bathrooms located on each floor. The main lobby features a ping-pong table, pool table, large TV and a multipurpose room where residence hall events and movies.

Students study in the common room of Scott Hall

Address: Memorial Dr., 

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Western Carolina University

1. Room Basics

Two girls sitting on their beds in their dorm rooms

– Bed Sheets

– Pillows

– Blanket

– Table Lamp

2. Food and Snacks

These are some opened snacks.

– Water Bottles

– Frozen Foods

– Canned Foods

– Individually Packaged Snacks

3. Tech & Entertainment

These are students looking at a laptop.

– Phone

– Laptop Charger

– Laptop

– Phone Charger

– Television

4. School Supplies

These are school supplies.


– Binder Paper

– Pens

– Pencils

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

This is a person cleaning.

– Lysol Wipes

– Lysol Spray

– Disinfectant

– Hand Sanitizer

6. Campus Gears

This is a bike.

– Bike

– Bike Lock

– Scooter

– Skateboard

– Helmet

7. Items you should ask before bringing

These are blenders.

– Blenders

– Hair Straighteners

– Candles

– Water Heater

When looking for your new living place, it is important to be well informed when making an important decision. Let this article be your guide to helping your familiarize yourself with the different residence halls at WCU. Good luck at your new home away from home.

10 Coolest Classes at WCU

Having trouble figuring out what classes to take? College can be difficult when we have so many things on our plate at once. Having classwork can seem like the last thing we  want to do. There is a solution! Below is a list of some of Western Carolina‘s coolest classes to help you stress less and achieve more.

1. ART 131 – Introductory Drawing

This class is super simple to take because there is an artist in all of us. Drawing is party subjective and can be fun too! It is a class you can fly through and not have to worry about the heavy work load.

A classroom of students in art class.


2. COMM 190 – A User’s Guide to the Mass Media

In this day in age, we are all very familiar with the media and how it affects our lives. This class simply delves into what the mass media is and how it functions. It will tell you the context of media and the techniques used to promote it, what has worked, what has not, and the impact it has on society.

The mass media.


3. COMM 351 – Introduction to Television Studies

This course is just what it sounds like. It is all about the thing most of us watch every day. It will focus on how television has changed over America since it was created, its development and impact in our culture, and how it regulates.

An old television set.


4. DA 253 – Social/Ballroom Dance

This class would be perfect to take with your friends because you can all just have a good time dancing together and earn good grades while you do it. This is a partnering dance class where you will learn the basic steps of the ballroom style dancing.

A celebration with people dancing.


5. ESI 471 – Field Studies of Selected Regions

In this class, you just learn all about one region and then get to go on a two-week field trip to the place! It would be after spring final exams and with a cost, but very integrative, easy, and fun.

A map of the southeastern part of the United States.


6. EDPY 190 – What is Education For?

The question we often ask ourselves in college… This class exactly explains that. It delves into the meaning of education and its influence in our lives. You will also explore what meaning and purpose in your life involves education. It is like a course about your view of school and its importance.

Here is a person studying at school.


7. ENGL 192 – First Year Seminar in Motion Picture Studies

This class is all about movies. You will watch, read, and write about different motion pictures and analyze them. It is pretty easy because it comes from your opinion about movies. Plus, who doesn’t love watching movies? There is also a student-run film festival for the final project.

The inside of a movie theater.


8. LEAD 150 – Band of Brothers: Leadership and Masculinity

For all the guys out there, this one’s for you. It is a socially active class where you learn about transitioning into college life as a man and how to be a leader in the process. It is a great way to meet new people, learn about yourself, and make a difference.

Four guys showing support.


9. MUS 375 – Ensemble

This course just involves singing in an ensemble, or a chorus. You will have a selection of songs with different repertoire each semester to sing or play. It is a simple class to get through and would not require much study time outside of class.

An ensemble of musicians being conducted.


10. PE 228 – Adapted Physical Education

PE was always the easiest class in elementary school and the most fun for many. It focuses on a therapeutic way of training in physical education. It is a great way to get in your exercise for the day as well.

Several silhouettes playing sports.


College can be challenging and overwhelming sometimes. Having some cool classes in your schedule makes all the difference. Best of luck at Western Carolina!

10 Easiest Classes at WCU

A great way to take a break from your major-related courses is by taking an easier course. Taking an easy class not only gives you a break, but can also help boost your GPA! Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Western Carolina University.

1. ECON 231 – Introductory Microeconomics and Social Issues

Interested in learning how the economy functions? This class studies economic systems and individual consumer behavior. This course give a basic overview of microeconomics so the class should not be hard, as long as you pay attention in class. You will learn a lot of information about the economy, which can be helpful.

2. FIN 195 – You and Your Money

In this class, you’re able to learn how to develop money management skills. It also fulfills a freshman seminar that is required in the liberal studies program. This class can be easy and also help for you’re future financial endeavors!

3. ART 104 – Introduction to the Visual Arts

This class analyzes artists’ physical work by examining the forms and methods they use to express themselves. This class is lecture based so you are bound to analyze art majority of the time and then get tested on it. If you love and appreciate art, this is an easy class to attend!

4. ASI 230 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

In this class, you will get a basic overview on how women’s status and role in society has changed in history. Since the class is only a basic overview, the content should be very easy to understand.

5. PAR 201 – Philosophy of Sex and Love

Sex is a huge topic while in college. This class examines key conceptual and ethical questions about love and sex. The content is very interesting which can be easier for students who need a break from their harder classes. It also fulfills a general education requirement.

6. COUN 310 – Family Systems

Easy class is you understand how families function. This class also examines how families interact with economics, government,ethnicitiy. Pay attention in class and you’ll be able to take this class with ease.

7. IDES 250 – Introduction to Interior Design

If you love to decorate or even plan your future house decorations, this is the perfect class for you! Since it’s an introduction class, it covers basic material and is very easy. You get to learn how to design by applying creative problem solving within the interior environment.

8. ND 190 – Personal Nutrition

While you’re in college, you may find it difficult to eat healthy due to the overwhelming amount of food in the dining hall. In Personal Nutrition, you can figure out the best dietary plan for yourself through adjustment of your own nutrition! This easy class can change how you life your life for the better!

9. PRM 255- Active Recreation and Leisure

In this class, you will get to explore active leisure pursuits while learning how these actives affect parks, recreation, and public health. This class is easy since you get to learn how to lead active leisure pursuits.

10. PRM 310- Stand Up Paddling

Want to learn how to stand up paddle or already know and need an easy class to help boost your GPA? This is perfect for students who want to learn and practice skills needed to enjoy stand up paddle boarding. The course requires active participation, completion of online modules, and small group discussions but being able to paddle board for a grade? Sounds pretty easy.

Throughout your college career, you will realize that you’re gonna need to take classes that may not pertain to your major, but will help ease your schedule. Easy classes make college less stressful and may also spark your interest in something new. You have plenty of options to choose from at Western Carolina University so explore your options!