10 of The Hardest Classes at VCU

Whether you take this list as a warning or a challenge is up to you. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at VCU!

1. PHIS 309 – Quantitative Physiology

This class analyzes the processes that your body undergoes to keep you alive, but ironically most people that take it say it feels like death.

2. PSYC 410 – Principles of Learning and Cognition.

How am I supposed to learn about treating people who need help with learning when I still don’t even know what I’m learning or how to learn?

3. CMSC 246 – Advanced Programming Using C++

Advanced computer programming? Binary trees? Coding? I still have a Star Wars CD stuck in my laptop from last week.

4. MATH 401 – Introduction to Abstract Algebra

The description for this course reads “An introduction to groups, rings and fields from an axiomatic point of view. Coset decomposition and basic morphisms.”

5. EGMN 103 – Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

This course covers topics like reverse engineering, so if you’re bored of regular old engineering, this class is for you!!

6. BIOL 402 – Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

You can’t be spineless if you want to pass this course. (Anyone? No? Okay.)

7. CMSC 401 – Algorithm Analysis with Advanced Data Structures

“Height-balanced trees, B-trees, hashing and graph representation; incorporating data structures into object-oriented design. Analysis of various searching and sorting algorithms. Algorithm design topics include divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming and greedy methods.” If you even know how to explain what this class is about, you probably should be taking it.

8. PHIL 201 – Critical Thinking About Moral Problems

For those of you who can’t stop thinking about all the current issues in the world: now you can take TESTS on them!

9. BIOL 450 – Biology of Cancer

This class is literally about curing cancer. If you wanted to aim higher than this, I don’t know what to tell you.

10. PORT 101 – Elementary Portuguese

Just because I bet you don’t speak Portuguese.

Top 10 Best Facebook Groups Posts at VCU

Welcome readers! My name is Solleyha and this is my first post for OneClass Blog! If you are a VCU student, I will be recapping the best posts on our Facebook group and if you are not a VCU student you get to have an inside scoop on what the Ram-ily talks about. Without further-a-do, here are your top 10 best Facebook group posts at VCU!

1. Show off Your School’s Beauty

For a campus this large, it would take a few hours to take your visiting friends on a full-on VCU tour. So instead, how about you show them this video montage of how beautiful VCU really is through the eyes of a drone. Although you cannot see the inside of buildings or visit your favorite professors, it gives you a good enough overview of the university. Even so, that your friends might want to transfer here next year, just saying!

2. Dog Envy

Feeling homesick and missing your animal companion? No need to worry, VCU students got you covered with the numerous dog photos that seem to relieve my stress. They range from the smallest Pomeranian to a Black Labrador to the neighborly service dog, Jellyfish.

3. Art Lingo

Being an art student at VCU is definitely not easy, but if join the VCU Arts page you will realize you are not alone. You will find countless memes that you can relate to and hopefully relieve the pain of doing a self-portrait triptych (three panels of artwork) over spring break. At this point I think we can add memes as an art form, don’t you think?

4. Swipes

Being hungry is almost a ritual on campus, but you can always count on your fellow peers to back you up with any crucial information relating to dining. Apparently, Freshii has made their smoothies worth a swipe. HOORAY! If you enjoyed their smoothies before, you’ll enjoy not having to dig into your pockets in order to enjoy them. Bon Appetite!

5. #Relatable

It is safe to say that taking an 8:45 am class was a big mistake, but when you find a gif that you can relate to, it makes the process of getting up even better. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? So grab your cup of coffee, tea, or even water, head out the door, and keep scrolling through these posts because there’s more where that came from.

6. God Sent Gifts

The character among these students is unbelievable! If you ever lose something, make sure to check your VCU class page to see if anyone has made a post saying they found it. Can’t find it? Don’t give up, there’s a ton of posts to look through from missing wallets to keys, to even school IDs. Keep track of your belongings or pray that one of God’s sent gifts of a VCU student has found it for you.

7. Ladies, Defend Yourselves

Unfortunately men, this one is for my ladies, but the person who posted this disagrees and wants to open it to all. If you did not know, VCU holds a rape aggression defense training that is free to students. It is a 12-hour course that involves open discussion and lecture, physical techniques from stances to pressure points, and an optional simulation. Instead of being afraid in a city you know call home, learn to defend yourself in it because you deserve to live your life.

VCU_Facebook groups

8. Cover those roots!

Started school in August and moved away from your trusty stylist? Me too! Now I have no transportation, but I definitely need a trim. The great thing about going to VCU is all the talented people you meet! This VCU student has you covered in the hair department and now I can stop looking like a mop at an affordable price.

9. This Wi-Fi Sucks

The one thing we cannot control, the wi-fi. So help your peers out by not using the wireless connection on your printer. We’re all just trying to catch up on these Netflix shows and you do not want to be responsible for the delay.

10. Deals, deals, and more deals!

Being college broke is a whole other level of stress most us cannot take. Some of us find relief from walking, crafts, or going to concerts. You can count on your peers selling tickets to some of the coolest artists around at a fraction of the cost. Don’t forget, it never hurts to do a little bit of bargaining to get the price even lower!

10 Best Resources at VCU

If you are currently a VCU student, make sure to take advantage if these 10 Best Resources at VCU!

1. The Workshop at Cabell

The Workshop is located in the basement of Cabell Library and provides a ton of art and media resources such as 3D printers, laser wood cutters, turntable equipment, sewing machines, and editing software. All of these services are free to VCU students, although the use of some equipment requires a short and easy training session.

2. Phone chargers

At Cabell Library and in Shafer, there are portable phone chargers that you can rent for iPhone, Android, Samsung, etc. It’s free to use for up to 24 hours, but if you keep them checked out for longer than that there is a small fee. You’ll never have to go to a lecture without technology again.

3. Disability support services

If you’re having trouble with being successful because of the circumstances of your disability, DSS provides students with the option to register their disability with the university and allows students to request their specific academic and personal needs. DSS is located in the Commons in Room 102.

4. Career services

Located across from the Chick-fil-A in the Commons, VCU’s career services provides students with information on internships, grad schools, jobs, and careers related to their degree.

5. Counseling

The counseling center is on the top floor of the Commons in Room 238. Here, students can be provided with free counseling services to manage things like stress, anxiety, depression, and the overall adjustment to college. They also provide outside counseling services for long-term assistance.

6. Writing center

The writing center sits on the fourth floor of the Academic Learning Commons and provides peer-based advice and support to help VCU students become the strongest writers possible. Here, you can have someone review an essay or an assignment, and they will help you perfect it to get that A.

7. RamTech

Across from Red Eye Cookies on Grace St., RamTech provides help with tech troubles for reasonable prices. They also sell new and refurbished electronics so you know you’re getting the best and most useful technology.

8. Advising

All students have an advisor their first year at VCU. Advisors help students to stay on track during their first year here, giving advice on classes, degrees, careers, and projected graduation dates. They’re located on the first floor of Hibbs Hall.

9. Campus learning center

The campus learning center on the first floor of Hibbs provides students with free group and one-on-one tutoring and peer-assisted study sessions, so if you’re having trouble with a class the learning center is your best bet!

10. RamSafe

RamSafe operates from 5pm-8am every day and is a free transportation service to VCU students. RamSafe will take you wherever you need to go on campus when you send in a request online or by the phone.

10 Must Go Places Near VCU

Ever just sitting in your dorm or apartment wondering what to do? Well have no fear here are ten must go place near VCU to keep boredom at bay. Also great places to take your family when they come visit.

1. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Whether you’re a lover of the arts or not the VMFA is an incredible place. The museum takes you through time as you walk from exhibit to exhibit. Be transported through the art of the Ancient Egyptians and question reality after seeing a Jackson Pollak painting. The VMFA is sure to make a memorable visit.

2. Belle Isle

Need an escape from the crowded streets of Richmond? Well go down to the river and cross one of the magical bridges into a beautiful natural oasis. Take a trek along the trail and if you’re feeling brave create your own trail.

3. Carytown

Retail therapy is the solution to any and all stress in life. If school is driving you crazy go to the beautiful Carytown, where you can shop and eat until you forget why you were stressed in the first place. Don’t forget to grab a cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes because while school may be unpredictable, cupcakes will never let you down.

4. Hollywood Cemetery

Okay so I know how this sounds. Hanging out in a cemetery never ended well for anyone. Just watch any horror movie. But Hollywood Cemetery offers some incredible scenery as well as a fascinating history.

5. Maymont

Imagine a beautiful mansion surrounded by the most breathtaking gardens. Maymont offers all this and more. With a variety of gardens and the incredible history it’s like stepping into a fairytale.

6. Byrd Theatre

What better place to take your family than to a theater named after of the founders of the city. The Byrd Theatre, located in Carytown, is true cinematic treasure. The best part? Tickets only cost $4.

7. Virginia War Memorial

It is no secret that Virginia holds a lot of history. This great state has seen the rise of a nation and the continued fight for freedom. The Virginia War Memorial is an incredible tribute to those Virginians who made the ultimate sacrifice from the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War. The memorial sits on a hill that overlooks the river and the city and stands as a beacon to welcome the soldiers home.

8. Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

Another cool piece of Richmond history in the middle of the Fan. The Branch museum boasts a beautiful estate and garden inspired by Tudor-Revival Design. The estate can also be rented out for wedding and events. (note: future wedding venue)

9. Monument Avenue

Monument Avenue, like the name implies is a beautiful street filled with incredible monuments at nearly every block. Fair warning if you hate roundabouts, don’t drive there. The street is filled with beautiful houses and is a great place to go for a walk.

10. Capitol Square Park

Another beautiful outdoor area that is prime picnic location. Capitol Square Park is located in the heart of the city. Enjoy this little piece of paradise surrounded by the city, statues, fountains and the gorgeous capital design by Thomas Jefferson himself.