Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Past Exams 2019

Looking for Virginia Commonwealth University past exams, old exams, and practice exams? This list includes past exams and solutions at VCU. Feel free to check them out and be sure to share them with your fellow VCU peers.

Course CodeCourse NameView Exams
ACCT 203Introduction to Accounting IView Exams
ACCT 204Introduction to Accounting IIView Exams
AFAM 111Introduction to Africana StudiesView Exams
AFAM 361Americans from AfricaView Exams
ANTH 103Introduction to AnthropologyView Exams
ARTH 103Survey of Art IView Exams
ARTH 104Survey of Art IIView Exams
ARTH 270History of the Motion Picture IView Exams
ARTH 320Baroque and Rococo Art and ArchitectureView Exams
BIOL 101Biological ConceptsView Exams
BIOL 151Introduction to Biological Sciences IView Exams
BIOL 152Introduction to Biological Sciences IIView Exams
BIOL 205Basic Human AnatomyView Exams
BIOL 209Medical MicrobiologyView Exams
BIOL 217Principles of NutritionView Exams
BIOL 310GeneticsView Exams
BIOL 361Biomedical ResearchView Exams
BNFO 301Introduction to BioinformaticsView Exams
BUSN 201Foundations of BusinessView Exams
BUSN 323Legal Environment of BusinessView Exams
CHEM 101General ChemistryView Exams
CHEM 102General Chemistry IIView Exams
CHEM 301Organic ChemistryView Exams
CHEM 302Organic ChemistryView Exams
CHEM 310Medicinal Chemistry and Drug DesignView Exams
CHEZ 302Organic Chemistry Laboratory IIView Exams
CLED 604Practicum: School CounselingView Exams
CMSC 312Introduction to Operating SystemsView Exams
CMSC 355Software Engineering Specification and DesignView Exams
CMSC 510Regularization Methods for Machine LearningView Exams
CRJS 181Introduction to Criminal JusticeView Exams
CRJS 324Courts and the Judicial ProcessView Exams
CRJS 355Criminological TheoryView Exams
CRJS 358Lawyer’s Role in the Justice SystemView Exams
CRJS 475Criminal ProcedureView Exams
ECON 101Introduction to Political EconomyView Exams
ECON 203Introduction to EconomicsView Exams
ECON 205The Economics of Product Development and MarketsView Exams
ECON 211Principles of MacroeconomicsView Exams
EGRB 102Introduction to EngineeringView Exams
EGRB 310BiomechanicsView Exams
EGRB 427BiomaterialsView Exams
EGRE 426Computer Organization and DesignView Exams
ENGL 41218th-century StudiesView Exams
FASH 241Survey of the Fashion Industry IIView Exams
FASH 250Concepts of Fashion Merchandising EnvironmentView Exams
FASH 290Textiles for the Fashion IndustryView Exams
FASH 319Contemporary FashionView Exams
FASH 343Fashion ForecastingView Exams
FASH 451Importing and Exporting FashionView Exams
FIRE 301Personal Financial PlanningView Exams
FIRE 309Risk and InsuranceView Exams
FIRE 311Financial ManagementView Exams
FIRE 316International Financial ManagementView Exams
FRSC 202Crime and ScienceView Exams
GSWS 201Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Women’s StudiesView Exams
HIST 103Survey of American HistoryView Exams
HIST 104Survey of American HistoryView Exams
HIST 201The Art of Historical DetectionView Exams
HPEX 310Fitness and HealthView Exams
HPEX 357Personal Health and Behavior ChangeView Exams
HUMS 202Choices in a Consumer SocietyView Exams
INFO 360Business Information SystemsView Exams
INFO 361Systems Analysis and DesignView Exams
INSC 201Energy!View Exams
INTL 101Human Societies and GlobalizationView Exams
INTL 105International RelationsView Exams
MASC 151Global CommunicationsView Exams
MASC 305Copy EditingView Exams
MASC 361History and Development of JournalismView Exams
MASC 367Audio and Video JournalismView Exams
MATH 121Perspective GeometryView Exams
MATH 122TessellationsView Exams
MATH 141Algebra with ApplicationsView Exams
MATH 151Precalculus MathematicsView Exams
MATH 200Calculus with Analytic GeometryView Exams
MATH 201Calculus with Analytic GeometryView Exams
MATH 300Introduction to Mathematical ReasoningView Exams
MATH 301Differential EquationsView Exams
MATH 307Multivariate CalculusView Exams
MATH 310Linear AlgebraView Exams
MATH 351Applied Abstract AlgebraView Exams
MATH 601Abstract Algebra IView Exams
MATH 691Special Topics in MathematicsView Exams
MEDC 310Medicinal Chemistry and Drug DesignView Exams
MEDC 527Basic Pharmaceutical Principles for the Practicing PharmacistView Exams
MEDC 601Advanced Medicinal Chemistry IView Exams
MEDC 609Advanced Organic Synthesis: A Target-oriented ApproachView Exams
MGMT 121The Business EnvironmentView Exams
MGMT 291Topics in ManagementView Exams
MGMT 310Managing People in OrganizationsView Exams
MGMT 319LeadershipView Exams
MGMT 644International Business ManagementView Exams
MHIS 110Elements of MusicView Exams
MKTG 301Marketing PrinciplesView Exams
MKTG 315Buyer BehaviorView Exams
MKTG 330Integrated Marketing CommunicationsView Exams
MKTG 340Retail ManagementView Exams
MKTG 442Services MarketingView Exams
PCEU 604Molecular PharmaceuticsView Exams
PHIL 201Critical Thinking About Moral ProblemsView Exams
PHIS 206Human PhysiologyView Exams
PHTX 515Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthetists IView Exams
PHYS 101Foundations of PhysicsView Exams
PHYS 103Elementary AstronomyView Exams
PHYS 201General Physics IView Exams
PHYS 207University Physics IView Exams
PHYS 208University Physics IIView Exams
PHYS 591Topics in PhysicsView Exams
PHYS 691Special TopicsView Exams
POLI 103U.S. GovernmentView Exams
PSYC 101Introduction to PsychologyView Exams
PSYC 302Psychology of AdolescenceView Exams
PSYC 304Life Span Developmental PsychologyView Exams
PSYC 318Principles of Psychological Tests and MeasurementsView Exams
PSYC 340Introduction to the Helping RelationshipView Exams
PSYC 406PerceptionView Exams
PSYC 407Psychology of the AbnormalView Exams
PSYC 412Health PsychologyView Exams
RELS 108Human SpiritualityView Exams
RELS 311Religions of the WorldView Exams
RELS 340Global Ethics and the World’s ReligionsView Exams
SCMA 323Legal Environment of BusinessView Exams
SLWK 606Policy, Community and Organizational Practice IIView Exams
SOCY 101Introduction to SociologyView Exams
STAT 208Statistical ThinkingView Exams
STAT 210Basic Practice of StatisticsView Exams
STAT 314Applications of StatisticsView Exams
STAT 321Introduction to Statistical ComputingView Exams
UNIV 112Focused Inquiry IIView Exams

Top 10 Majors at Virginia Commonwealth University 

One of the most important aspect of your educational career is picking the right major for you. This is a super important decision that you need to think about. Here are the top 10 majors and Virginia Commonwealth University.

1. Advertising

The first major that you should consider is advertising. There is a huge market for you to get a job in after graduation. That is something that you need to keep in mind when making a decision.

terms of advertising

2. Ethics and Public Policy

Ethics and public policy is another good degree for you to obtain. This degree is a type of mix between philosophy and political science. You will learn about how to make laws and other forms of policies with this degree.

terms relating to ethics

3. Political Science

A very rapidly growing industry right now is politics. With a degree in political science, you will be able to take a vantage of this huge need for young people. You will be able to make a good living with this degree.

a person in a stand making a speech

4. Chemistry

One of the most popular science programs to get into is chemistry. There are tons of different ways that you can take a chemistry degree. This is something that you need to keep in mind when making a decision.

a chemistry graphic

5. Sociology

If you love to help other people and learn more about society, you should major in sociology. As well as helping others, you will be able to make yourself a better person. This degree will help you get a different outlook on the world.

Human characters making the word Sociology

6. Forensic Science

A very unique major offered to you is forensic science. This is another path that offers tons of different job opportunities after graduation. With this degree, you will be able to create a good career for yourself.

taking fingerprints

7. Economics

One of the largest markets in the world is in economics. This is also one of the most popular majors offered at the entire university. That being said, the curriculum is constantly being updated and improved upon to give you the best education possible.

economic terms

8. Biology

Another pretty popular science path to take is biology. There are tons of different concentrations that you can take in this program. This will allow you to have more freedom in the future.

dna strand

9. English

One of the most broad degrees offered in the entire school is English. This is a general program that will allow you to go into exactly what you want to do after graduation. This is a big perk for you to keep in mind when making a decision.

some books

10. Journalism

The final major that you should consider taking is journalism. You will learn how to write and this very specific style of journalistic style. This will allow you to be a contributing member of the media.

journalism text

Top 10 Clubs at VCU

Virginia Commonwealth University‘s large and diverse campus offers many different organizations and activities for students to be a part of. Whether you want a fun social group or a career building opportunity, check out these clubs on the VCU campus!

1. Active Minds

Logo for the national organization Active Minds

Active Minds at VCU is a chapter of the national organization that focuses on mental health on college campuses. They focus on organizing peer-level mental health events, such as fundraisers, outreach, and advocacy events. For those looking to go into the healthcare or social work fields, or those who are just passionate about spreading awareness and reducing the stigma against mental health, Active Minds is a great resource and organization.


A tutor helping a student out.

As a current college student, it is likely that you’ve completed your college application process recently – you probably remember the stress and hard work needed to get through it. Now, you can pass on your wisdom to current high school students who want to get into the college of their dreams. Personalized Exploration for College Success (PECS) at VCU works with local Richmond schools to provide college application tutors from students who have something to offer on the subject. VCU students provide one-on-one tutoring for local high schoolers in need. PECS is the perfect opportunity for education majors or those who just want to contribute to the Richmond community.

3. RAMifications

A picture of the VCU acapella group, RAMifications

Obsessed with collegiate acapella since watching Pitch Perfect? RAMifications at VCU is one of a few acapella groups on campus that perform regularly at many events around VCU and Richmond. The group sings mashups of many songs and puts a unique acapella twist on popular music. Even if you’re not an aspiring Anna Kendrick, RAMifications is definitely worth watching.

4. Dodgeball Club

Two men playing an intense game of dodgeball

If you’re looking for a fast-paced activity that could result in getting pummeled with projectiles for an hour, then look no further than VCU’s dodgeball club. This club meets weekly at Cary Street Gym and always welcomes new players with open arms – and a flying ball to the gut. All jokes aside, it’s a great way to get your cardio in for the day while also having fun with your friends.

5. Swordfighting Club (HEMA)

An illustration of two people swordfighting

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) club’s infamous motto is “Make new friends! Then stab them in the back”. This unique club teaches students the techniques of sword fighting and even allows them to spar and practice (safely, of course). If you’ve ever wanted to study the blade, VCU’s HEMA club is a great place to start.

6. Ink Magazine

The cover of VCU's arts and culture magazine, INK

VCU’s famous arts college and thriving art scene encourage student expression in all forms. Ink magazine publishes visual and written pieces about fashion, music, pop culture, and social criticism. As the tagline for the magazine says, it’s “music, fashion, art, and culture rolled up, set on fire, and put into a magazine”.

7. 4NE1

A picture of a Kpop group dancing

Whether you’re a diehard BTS army or you prefer the diverse genres of EXO’s music, VCU’s 4NE1 (for-anyone) is your one-stop club for a mutual appreciation of all Kpop. The club consists of a very diverse group of individuals with one main motto: Korean pop music transcends all social divides. Performing at various cultural festivals and events around campus, 4NE1’s fun fandom culture and close-knit community is a great place for both hardcore fans and those who dabble in Kpop.

8. Alternative Spring Break

A girl volunteering at a garden during her spring break.

Yes, yes, spring break is a time to relax from the stresses of school and binge-watch all the Netflix shows that your non-busy friends have somehow finished. But what if you could contribute to the community, explore a new city and way of life, and hang out with your friends all at once? Alternative Spring Break at VCU allows students the opportunity to serve and explore diverse communities for a week, including farms and ranches, schools, and wildlife conservatories. ASB trips are great ways to gain volunteer experience and still have fun during spring break.

9. Creative Writing Club

The logo for VCU's creative writing club, giving you the tools to express yourself.

Have a brilliant idea that could make you the next J.K. Rowling, but don’t have any idea how to get it down on paper? The Creative Writing Club at VCU has the tools to help you get from vague idea to fully-fleshed story. The clubs meet every Friday to discuss story ideas and provide a positive, supportive environment for writers of all experience levels. Whether you’re an English major or a part-time fanfiction writer, the Creative Writing Club welcomes you.

10. Swing Dance Club

A vintage black-and-white image of a couple swing dancing

Nightclubs with loud EDM music can be nice, but have you ever wanted to just dance to some good old 40s swing music? For all the old souls in the club, VCU Swing Dance meets every week in the student commons, teaching beginners the basic moves and providing practice lessons, and also having a social dance session for more seasoned dancers. Stop by to learn some fun dance moves, cut a rug with other students and locals from Richmond, and dance to some good old tunes!

Top 5 Events at Virginia Commonwealth University

1. Richmond Jazz Festival

Richmond Jazz Festival at Maymont Park, with a large crowd

The Richmond Jazz Festival is an annual event held seven minutes from the VCU campus, in Maymont Park. Each year, thousands of jazz enthusiasts and locals who just want to listen to some good music flock to Maymont to listen to the smooth tunes of famous contemporary jazz musicians in the beautiful natural backdrop of Maymont. For VCU students, the jazz festival is a great weekend getaway to experience with friends.

2.Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival

Students walk underneath a pathway of cherry blossom trees.

The Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival occurs in April, as the cherry blossoms bloom in spring. Students can walk through the snow of pink petals as they fall to the ground, experiencing Richmond’s natural beauty, even in the middle of a city. At VCU, the Japanese Cultural Association performs dances, musical exhibitions, and promotes other events for students to attend to learn about Japan, where the cherry blossom, or sakura, originates.

3. First Fridays

Locals of Richmond mill around an art gallery on First Friday.

Richmond’s thriving art scene makes First Fridays a treat for VCUarts students, and a great experience for anyone who has a mild interest in art and culture. On the first Friday of every month, Broad Street near VCU comes to life, opening contemporary art galleries with all sorts of interesting exhibitions – from visual mediums to interactive art and music pieces. People can buy from and support local artists, explore the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art, and experience a night of art appreciation.

4. Broad Appetit

People enjoy discounted food at outdoor tables on Broad Sreet, Richmond.

Every summer, many of Broad Street’s amazingly unique cafes and restaurants open their doors and offer selections of their best dishes for $3 each. Richmonders can browse the selections, try various dishes, and fill up on local cuisine, all while contributing to a great cause. The proceeds from this event all go to the local food bank, giving food insecure families the resources they need.

5.VCU Theatre

Two theatre students practice their craft by performing onstage

Must attend events for all VCU students are the shows put on by VCU’s own budding actors and actresses. Ranging from small indie shows to Broadway’s finest, VCU theatre has a season of great stories to show to an audience. All the actors are students whose hard work and passion for the craft show through the magical performances they put on. As a plus, tickets are reduced for VCU students, so if you want to explore the world of theatre, but don’t want to break the bank, VCU theatre’s performances are a great evening event.

Top 5 Dorms at VCU

The dorm is one of the most frequented places in which you will spend much of your time during your college. The dorms can affect who you hang out with, the distance it takes to walk to your morning class, and where you eat.  Therefore, we have provided below the top five dorms at VCU.

1. Gladding Residence Center (GRC)

This is the outside of the newly built GRC.

Residence Address: 711 W. Main St.
Richmond, VA 23220- 4130

This freshman dormitory is a new dorm that offers double bedrooms and four- person semi- suites.  The coolest aspect of this dorm, besides the new architectural design, is that all rooms have a micro fridge, a mini fridge and microwave and USB charging ports. This residence center is also home to the following living- learning communities: LEAD Explores, LIVE Well, and SPARK.

2. The Honors College

This is a picture of the outside of the Honors College building.

Residence Address: 701 W Grace St
Richmond, VA 23220?4116

The Honors College is traditionally a dorm for freshman Honors College students; however, there are some upperclassman that reside here as well. The greatest feature of this dormitory is that each student is guaranteed their own single room and a private bathroom. The dormitory is also located directly across from Chipotle, Panera, and CAVA  which is an added plus.

3. Grace and Broad

This is the outside of the Grace and Broad Residence Hall

Residence Address: 1000 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 23220-3611

Grace and Broad is a dormitory reserved for upperclassman at VCU. This on- campus apartment style building is split into Grace and Broad 1 and Grace and Broad 2. Students live in a four person suite in which each student has their own bedroom.

4. West Grace North and West Grace South

West grace north vcu

Residence Address:

West Grace North: 830 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 23220-4123

West Grace South: 835 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 2322-4123

West Grace North and West Grace South are upperclassman dormitories that face each other on West Grace Street. These apartment- style dormitories are known for their living and learning communities such as VCU ASPIRE and VCU GLOBE. These apartments are fully furnished and each student is guaranteed their own bedroom.

5. Cary and Belvidere

This is the outside of the Cary and Belvedere Hall.

Residence Address: 301 W. Cary St.
Richmond VA, 23284-5639

This apartment- style residence hall is reserved for sophomores at VCU. The apartments, which are located at the South side of campus, are also fully furnished and open during breaks. This residence hall is located near Chili’s, Starbucks, and Bleeker Street so the dining options are abounding.

Here is your Move-in Day Packing List at VCU

1. Room Basics

  • sheets, blankets, cover, mattress pad (Twin XL)
  • full length mirror
  • Plants
  • under-bed storage
  • robe

2. Food and Snacks

Food and snacks

  • ramen/ instant meals
  • microwave
  • mini fridge
  • utensils
  • granola bars

3. Tech and Entertainment

Samsung TV display screen

  • printer (not wireless!)
  • extension cords
  • speakers
  • headphones
  • chargers (laptop and phone)

4. School Supplies

School supplies scattered on the desk

  • Notebooks
  • Stapler
  • stationary: pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers
  • binders
  • index cards

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Cleaning supplies

  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Tissues
  • Air freshener
  • hand- held vacuum
  • Disinfectant wipes

6. Campus Gears

VCU sweater and shirts

  • Rain boots and umbrella (it rains unexpectedly and often in Richmond!)
  • tumbler/ travel mug
  • backpack
  • swimsuit (Cary Street Gym has a pool and hot tub!)
  • Sunscreen

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

A question mark drawn on a foggy window on a rainy day

  • bullet blender
  • candles
  • rice cooker
  • pets
  • toaster

5 VCU Buildings You Need to Know

College campuses can often be large and intimidating. Many of the buildings are vital to know for general lecture classes or labs or just a good spot to catch some scenery on a busy day. Below are 5 VCU Buildings you need to know.

1. Pollak Building

This is a picture of the variety of plants on the Pollak Building terrace.

The Pollak Building is a visual arts building at VCU that serves as a space for classes for many art students. One of the best features is the outdoor element of this building. The fifth floor has a walkout terrace that has a variety of plants and a great view of the Richmond landscape.

2. James Branch Cabell Library

James Cabell Library at dusk.

This library is located in the center of VCU’s Monroe Campus is visited by more than 2 million visitors each year, most of whom are undergraduates. The library was renovated in 2015 to accommodate to a larger student base. It is a common location for undergraduate students to meet for clubs, group projects, or personal studying.

3. VCU Wellness Resource Center

This is the pink and blue building that houses the Wellness Resource Center.

The Wellness Center provides students with a variety of resources to create a healthy student campus environment.  They provide information about healthy relationships, sexuality, mindfulness and nutrition. They hold programs such as meditation on certain days of the week and also have resources such as a confidential advocate to manage anxiety and stress.

4. University Student Commons

This image is of the Ram horns located outside of Student Commons.

The University Student Commons could be called the powerhouse of undergraduate life. It is the center of where the SOVO fair is held at the beginning of each semester, as well as the location where many clubs/ organizations meet weekly. There are frequently events going on either inside the building or right outside of the Commons.

5. VCU Campus Learning Center

This is a picture of the outside of the Campus Learning Center which is located next to Hibbs Hall.

The VCU Campus Learning Center is a great student resource located near Hibbs Hall and James Cabell Library. They provide free group/ individual tutoring for a variety of classes where personal attention is prioritized. If you find yourself struggling in any of your classes, this is a helpful tool at your disposal.

Interesting facts about VCU

1. VCU Health ranked in Top Hospitals in Virginia

This is a picture that shows the outside of VCU's medical center.

In U.S. News and World Report in 2017-2018, VCU Health was ranked number 2 in top hospitals in Virginia. VCU is home to one of the largest health centers in the U.S.  VCU Medical Center is also reverified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level I trauma center.

2. VCU has one of the largest universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia

This image shows an overhead view of VCU's campus.

VCU has a student enrollment of 32,000 students which encompasses both undergraduate and graduate students.

3. More than half of VCU alumni live in Virginia

This is a picture of the state sign you see when entering Virginia.

Out of VCU’s 188,745 living alumni, more than 65% of them are living in Virginia.

4. VCU houses one of the finest surviving Egyptian Revival buildings

This is a picture of the historic Egyptian Building on MCV's campus

The Egyptian building on the MCV campus was built in 1845 and was previously the medical department of Hampden- Sydney College. The building is covered in glyphs, symbols and quotes and has continued to be used by VCU School of Medicine to this day.

5. VCU houses a NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball team

This is a picture of VCU's NCAA Division I Men's Basketball team.

The VCU Men’s basketball team has been to the NCAA ten times and has even beat the first round with Duke in 2007.

Top 10 Professors at VCU

Some of the people that have the biggest influences on you and your college experience are your professors. So it doesn’t come as a big surprise that many students take interest in what professors they take each semester and  question whether or not they can thrive in those classrooms. Here are the top 10 professors at Virginia Commonwealth University that will enrich your learning experience, help you succeed in your courses, and be engaging, and, therefore make your next hike to an 8 a.m. class a little less dreadful.

1. Michael Southam-Gerow 

Michael Southam-Gerow 

Department: Psychology

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

PSYC 101- Learn More
PSYC 407-Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Dr. SG is great!! I looked forward to going to his class to see what he’d say next. High-energy, funny and he knows how to teach. You do have to study for his tests, but he makes it fun. VCU should have more teachers like him. For any reason, take his class!!”

“I came to love Psychology because of this professor! He makes learning quite enjoyable. He also has a pretty good sense of humor and an approachable personality. He wants you to succeed in his class so he tries to give out extra points when possible. Definitely recommend!”

“Southam-Gerow is the best teacher I’ve had yet at VCU. He is the epitome of a prof that “makes class fun”. He keeps you interested the entire class period and explains everything very well. Study hard for tests, but TAKE HIS CLASS.”

2. Sherif Moussa

Sherif Moussa

Department: Chemistry

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

CHEM 101- Learn More
CHEM 102- Learn More
CHEM 303- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“The best lecturer ever. Most student won’t struggle in his class. However, if you’re weak in chemistry, I would suggest you go to his office hour and get help. Even if attendance is optional please attend. He is the best professor ever!”

“Dr. Moussa is an amazing professor. I am not a chemistry person at all, but I was interested throughout the whole semester. He uses personal lecture notes, which he posts on BB for your review, as well as the Top Hat application. He also uses Top Hat for participation/attendance.”

“Chemistry was my most feared subject. I’m still not in love with it, but he made it doable. Go to class, do the recitations, and you will get an A.”

3.  William Newmann

Image result for william newmann vcu

Department: Political Science and International Studies

Rating: 95%

Courses Taught: 

POLI 105- Learn More
POLI 367- Learn More
INTL 105- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Professor Newmann is incredibly knowledgeable and very down to earth. He breaks everything down in simpler terms but will also tell you the technical definition of everything. One of if not my absolute favorite professor! Highly recommend him!”

“One of my favorite classes ever, without a doubt. The assignments are a map quiz, two exams, and a paper. For the paper, he allows you to turn in a rough draft, and you must, as his comments are a huge help. This was my fourth class with him, and I am taking my fifth next semester! If you need an upper level political science, take this one.”

“Dr. Newmann is one of the top professors at VCU. This is my 5th course that I have taken with him. he is very fair. I always enjoy his classes and I always truly learn. He is very concerned about his student and he is extremely fair. All of his classes get filled pretty quickly, he is in high demand & he teaches Homeland Security, political science.”

4. D’Arcy Mays

D'Arcy Mays

Department: Mathematics

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

STAT 210- Learn More
STAT 643- Learn More
HONR 190- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Dr. Mays is an amazing professor. He’s been teaching STAT210 for years and really knows his stuff. He posts all class lectures online along with practice tests with keys and keys to the exams after so you can see what you did wrong. Final is optional and replaces every grade lower than it, but doesn’t do make up tests.”

“Dr. Mays is seriously the best math/statistics professor I’ve ever had. He explains things very clearly and answers students’ questions thoroughly. He posts 3 practice tests online before each test which was extremely helpful and useful. His grading policy allows the final to replace EVERY grade lower than it so a good grade is very achievable.”

“He is a good professor, this is coming from a person who SUCKS in any math based course. He makes everything really understandable. Come to class for clickers and do the practice test right before and you will get a decent grade. ”

5. Chris Saladino

Chris Saladino

Department: International Studies


Courses Taught: 

POLI 105- Learn More
INTL 105- Learn More
POLI 361- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“I’ve taken Saladino for two Poli classes now and I’ve loved both. He’s really smart and entertaining. If you do your work and genuinely care, he will respect you. He’s really easy to talk to and always responds to emails. He understands that students are human too and he’s willing to work with you. He gives interesting and relevant information.”

“Great teacher. Sarcastic and funny. Makes his lesson fun and understandable. Notes are a must for this class. Make sure to become friends with others in the class, it comes in hand when studying for tests and quizzes. Occasionally gives out extra credit, but if you learn the material and pass the tests than you’ll for sure get an A or B.”

“Saladino was my favorite professor this semester! Super funny and has a tendency to rant a little bit. Very knowledgeable about international relations and will give students opportunites to ask questions!”

6. Leigh Ann Craig

Department: History

Courses Taught: 

HIST311- Learn More
HIST 312- Learn More
HIS 201- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Dr. Craig loves history with every fiber of her being, and that love is infectious. Her class isn’t easy, you’re gonna read a lot and write a lot more, but by the end of the class you will have all the tools to take on upper-level history courses and the history field in general. She gives thoughtful feedback and is always happy to help students.”

“Without a doubt, Dr. Craig is one of my favorite professors at VCU. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the Middle Ages and presents it in a way that’s entertaining and understandable. Textbook was optional, although she does assign chapters. Attendance, midterm, final, and three papers make up the grade. VCU is lucky to have her.”

“One of the best professors at VCU. Extremely knowledgeable about Medieval and Early Modern European history. I would definitely take Dr. Craig again if I had the chance. She’s always able to answer questions and usually responds to emails within 10-30 minutes. I really loved this class and looked forward to going to it every day.”

7. Bryant Mangum

 Bryant Mangum

Department: English

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

ENGL 375- Learn More
ENG 301- Learn More
ENG 374- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Prof. Mangum is by far the best prof I have had in my 3 years at VCU, and he doesn’t even teach within my major. With that, if you aren’t an English major, this class could really be a challenge for you, like it was for me; lots of reading and class discussion but Mangum is so understanding, helpful, and caring. Tests are daunting.”

“Dr. Mangum is by far the best professor I’ve had in my 2 years at VCU. The class is mostly lecture and class discussions, but he’s so passionate and knowledgeable that I could sit and listen to him talk for the whole class and not get bored. You can tell he loves all of his students and will go out of his way to make sure you succeed.”

“This is the sweetest man in the world! Take any and as many classes with him as you can!”

8. John P. McFarland

John P. McFarland

Department: Finance

Rating: 90%

Courses Taught: 

FIRE 315- Learn More
FIRE 301- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“P. McFarland is the man, he made me fall in love with finance and business world. He goes by points! He’s easy going and respected by students, he knows what he’s talking about. All the assignments are helpful and the test are easy from his lectures. The most generous and intellegent peofessor I’ve met in VCU. I would absolutly take the class again.”

“J Mac is the man, just take this class trust me. All you have to do is complete the assignments and you will get an A. He wants you to succeed.”

“SUCH A NICE MAN! If you go to class and read the text, then you’ll get an A. This class is actually something that you can use throughout your life, so I would definitely recommend taking it.”

9. Justin J. Reed

Justin J. Reed

Department: Art

Rating: 90%

Courses Taught: 

ARTF 134- Learn More
PHOTO 243- Learn More
PHOTO 491- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“BEST PROFESSOR. He expects a lot from his students which is very helpful since it makes you push yourself. CONCEPT ABOVE ALL. Continuously work on all of your projects. He will appreciate if you speak up (and your mind) in crit. Professionalism is important with him. I 100% recommend him.”

“Justin is an amazing Time Studio teacher!! Not only was his class informative but it was also fun. He goes out of his way to help students- I met him for technology demos and conferences outside of class several times. Half of assignments are readings and responses and the other half are video projects. You will need a portable hard-drive.”

“Justin is THE BOMB. Extremely inspirational, pushes you to work hard, and overall a great time. I always looked forward to going to his classes. Participation is extremely important, so get out of your comfort zone and speak up in his class! Very insightful, as he has had a killer career in the photo world. Take Justins class, you won’t regret it!”

10. Micol Hutchison

Micol Hutchison

Department: Languages

Rating: 100%

Courses Taught: 

UNIV 499- Learn More
UNIV 101- Learn More
UNIV 112- Learn More

Student Reviews: 

“Micol is the best professor I’ve had thus far. Especially when you’re a freshmen, she does her absolute best to make you feel comfortable in a classroom setting. There are a lot of assignments, but if you stay on top of them and pay attention in class you’re bound to get an A. I gave maybe 60% of my effort to this class and got a 92. She’s awesome!”

“Professor Hammack is very clear and she makes the class interesting. You know what the expectations are and she’s always available to help. The class is very discussion based, and it’s a lot more interesting if you talk. I definitely recommend her.”

“Micol Hammack is BY FAR my favorite teacher I have ever had. She is more than willing to help with any assignment or paper! For each paper we had to write she spend the two weeks before pretty much outlining it for us. Take her class! You will not regret it!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at VCU

1. Research Project by Arun Sanyal

Arun Sanyal

Faculty: Medicine

Sanyal’s research focuses on cirrhosis and alcoholic- and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). He has been named one of Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists for 2018. In his work, Sanyal has developed national practice guidelines for several hepatalogical conditions such as NASH.

2.Research Project by William C. Broaddus

William C. Broaddus

Faculty: Molecular Biology

Broaddus focuses on the molecular biology of brain tumors and which therapies best work in treating them. He also researches the biomechanics behind neurosurgery and the best methods to localize the tumors. He is also interested in expanding knowledge in skull base surgery.

3. Juan Lu

Juan Lu

Faculty: Family Medicine and Population Health

Lu researches healthcare disparities and its effects on the population. One of her peak interests is the effect of traumatic brain injury in a patient’s economical status. She also has expertise in large database management.

4. Barbara D. Boyan

Barbara D. Boyan

Faculty: Engineering

Boyan focuses on cell and tissue engineering and specifically studies the steroid hormone signaling in regenerative medicine.  She also researches bone and cartilage biology and developing technologies that that will aid researches in understanding tissue regeneration. Boyan is also the co-founder of four biomedical companies.

5. Molly L. Bristol

Molly L. Bristol

Faculty: Oral and Craniofacial Molecular Biology

Bristol focuses on human papillomavirus type 16 and its effects on developing oral cancers. She researches how this viral infection leads to tumorigenesis within patients. Specifically, she observes the molecular level at which these processes occur as the DNA damaging agents break the double strands within the virus.

Meeting amazing professors can transform your educational career in so many ways. Some of the most passionate people you will meet on campus are the professors that have been through it all as students and professionals in their fields. Keeping this in mind will make your time at college even more unforgettable.

6 Concepts Covered in ENGL 250 at VCU

For some students, English classes aren’t their strong suit, which makes completing general education requirements difficult. However, there are courses available at VCU that fulfill your English requirement without putting you through a semester of non-stop essay writing. One of these courses is Reading Film (ENGL 250); outlined below are a few of the concepts covered in Reading Film to help you determine whether or not you might be interested in enrolling in it.

Representation vs. Reality

The first chapter of the course covers a very brief history of film. It highlights the Lumiere Brothers, who were among the first filmmakers in global history. Auguste and Louis Lumiere created film with the intention that it would be used for science and research- they had no idea it would be so widely adapted for entertainment value. The focus of this chapter is the philosophical question that film analysts must ask themselves: where is the line between the imagined rendition and reality? Included in this conversation is the concept of “suspension of disbelief”, which works to explain part of that boundary between fantasy and reality.

Camera Movements/Angles

This chapter is much more concrete and vocabulary-based than the one that comes before it. It includes multiple terms that relate to mobile framing- the camera movement that shifts the viewer’s perspective from within the shot. Students are surprised to learn that many of the vocabulary terms that you are required to learn for this chapter are common knowledge, such as pan or tilt. Some of the terms are more specific, but are still rather self-explanatory and don’t require much studying to understand. In addition, this chapter includes information about camera angles and their subliminal meanings. For example, you learn the symbolic differences between a high-angle shot (implying weakness or defeat) versus a low-angle shot (implying power and dominance).


In this course, you learn about two main styles of film editing: classical Hollywood style and Soviet-style montage. The classical Hollywood style of editing has been used to provide a continuous narrative throughout a film by using customs like editing matches, the 180-degree rule, and the shot/reverse-shot rule. These conventions are important to understanding the purpose behind a film, but are so standard in mainstream cinema that students typically require little time to master these concepts. Much more time in this chapter is dedicated to Soviet-style montage and the avant-garde editing techniques involved in this style.


Another chapter in this course is dedicated completely to sound in film. This includes a brief history of sound in film, including early film history that involves silent pictures or the pairing of silent films with large, live orchestras. The chapter covers the first “talkies” (movies with synchronous dialogue) like The Jazz Singer (1929). The most important vocabulary terms for this chapter concern the analytical categories of sound; however, there are only 3 categories, so it is not too hard to memorize.


This chapter of the course is probably the closest you will get to a traditional English course. It reviews the basic structural elements of a story (exposition, catalyst, rising actions, climax, falling action, and closure); while these terms are intended to apply specifically to film narrative structure, they show little variation from the same story elements you learned early on in grade school. Students will also discuss narratology, which is the discipline that studies the mechanisms of narrative and how they impact our perceptions of the story. Finally, you learn about archetypical plot-lines that are typically used in film. Some examples of these plot-lines are the hero’s journey or boy-meets-girl.

Influential Filmmakers

While there isn’t a chapter in this course dedicated specifically to influential filmmakers throughout history, it is important to know that you will have to learn and memorize information about cinematographic pioneers. There are only a handful of names to know, but their contributions to film history are so revolutionary that they cannot be missed. Some of the bigger names that you will have to know are the Lumiere brothers (who invented the first portable camera- the cinematographe), Sergei Eisenstein (a Soviet-era filmmaker praised for his use of intellectual montage), and D.W. Griffith (an influential American director and filmmaker during the formation of the classical Hollywood style).

Overall, Reading Film (ENGL 250) is a great class to take at VCU. The content that you learn about throughout the course helps increase your cinematic literacy and makes watching films more interesting. If you have an English credit that needs to be fulfilled, you might want to consider enrolling in ENGL 250!

5 FREE Ways to Destress at VCU

We all find times within our day where we’re watching Netflix, realizing the life we’re letting waste away, so here’s a list of activities to change all of that. These are things you can enjoy by yourself or grab a couple of friends to share the memory with. Being a broke college student is an obstacle within itself, but there’s definitely a lot to do around VCU with only 22 cents in your bank account.

1. Gym Classes

Go to the gym and if you don’t know what you’re doing take one or more of the free classes offered at Cary Street Gym.  It can be discouraging at first when you don’t know what you’re doing, but signing up for one of the free classes offered at Cary Street from Barre to Core, your  life will changed.

2. Karaoke

If singing is your way of destressing then go show off some of those skills at Sticky Rice’s Karaoke session on Tuesdays. If you’ve never been there before, it definitely should be one of the many activities on your to-do list now. Make sure you eat before you get there because their food might be tempting enough to make a purchase.

3. Godfrey’s

Do you enjoy watching some RuPaul’s Drag Race? Then head over to Godfreys for a show and some dancing and if you’re bold enough, make your way to the stage and show those people what you’re made of! But there’s a catch though! Doors open at 10:00pm and is free for the first 50 college students with I.D. on Friday nights until 10:30pm!

4. Picnic by the Water

If you like soaking up some sun and eating, try having a picnic on the rocks at Belle Isle. It’s only about a 20 minute walk from campus. The scenery is definitely Instagram worthy and it makes for some great memories with friends. If you’re brave enough try going for a splash in the water. No one knows how clean it is, but if you’re a bit of a daredevil, go right ahead!

5. Photoshoot

Although the VMFA isn’t free, but student passes are $10 per year to see some great artwork, it is free to take pictures outside amongst their beautiful scenery. So grab a friend and an iPhone or camera and head over there to snap some aesthetically pleasing pictures for Instagram. The greenery is divine and there is plenty of seating if you just want to go there to relax. Some fresh air is always good to have, even if it is for 30 minutes or so.

There are a ton more events you could head out to, whether it’s VCU run or off campus. Just remember it’s good to detach yourself from school every once in a while whether you’re doing nothing or you’re drowning in assignments. We’re all busy and stressed, but you honestly get more work done after you’ve taken care of yourself. So go out, enjoy yourself, and do it again next week! If you try out any of these fun activities, or even some from your own research, then make sure to hashtag your picture, #DestressforFree.

5 Reasons to Become a Mass Communications Major at VCU

Mass communications is an increasingly valuable degree in a world that is becoming more and more global. Luckily for students attending VCU, the Robertson School of Media and Culture under the College of Humanities and Sciences offers a variety of programs under the major of mass communications. Students can pursue journalism, public relations, or broadcasting. Listed below are five reasons to become a mass communications major at VCU.

1. Broad career field

One of the best reasons to become a mass communications major at VCU is that the major is applicable to a wide variety of jobs in the professional field. Students who work towards other majors like education or biology tend to find themselves in a very specific career path. However, with a mass communications degree, you can work in advertising, journalism, broadcasting, and much more. With the expansion of technology only comes the expansion of careers in this field, as technology is increasingly becoming involved in the way that people communicate, especially on a wide-spread, mass-media scale.

2. Computers can’t take over the job!

As technology advances, many corporations and businesses are exchanging human labor for cheaper, faster machine labor. While computers can take over factory jobs or jobs that use programmable algorithms, there will likely never be a computer that can identify, communicate, and advocate for human interest, which are among the main goals of mass communications. It is one of the few degrees that will always be “in style”; companies will always need someone to represent their brand/mission, to write/create content for their company, and to communicate with peers in the field. As a mass communications major, you will never have to worry about having an “obsolete” degree in ten years or less.

3. Find a job in a social environment

If you are a particularly social person or enjoy working in groups of people, then you should definitely consider pursuing a mass communication degree. Whether you are working directly with people in large project teams or are working to better understand people in order to more effectively market a product, there is essentially no job in mass communications where people-skills will not be useful. In your pursuit of a degree, you will be exposed to a myriad of different people in order to interview them, learn from them, and network with them.

4. Be globally informed

Mass communications is inherently a global study; different groups of people across the globe are increasing their interactions with one another and there is a demand for people to study these communications. Degrees in mass communications often attract a great number of international students, of which VCU has a robust population. Interactions with international peers is a great way to diversify your learning and overall thinking.

5. Well-developed student media groups

In order to find out what elements of mass communications best suit your interests, you might want to join one or several student media groups. Luckily, VCU has a thriving community of students exploring media through various clubs and organizations like the WVCW Radio, Ink Magazine, the Commonwealth Times, and Amendment. Depending on your interests you might want to join the student radio station, the newspaper, or any of the various other literary and art publications under the student media center. These organizations are a great way to get your foot in the door and make professional connections that you can use on resumes or in future jobs.

a neon green cover of ink magazine

Students who pursue mass communications majors at VCU are primed by an education from one of the largest schools under the College of Humanities and Science and one of only about 100 accredited schools with mass communications programs. If you get a degree in mass communications, you can choose to immediately enter the workforce after graduation, but you also are provided great resources to successfully apply and attend graduate school. If you are interested in the interactions between people on a large scale, you might want to consider pursuing a mass communications degree at VCU!

6 Cultural Clubs at VCU

One of the things that is most appealing to students who attend VCU is the diverse student population. VCU is also known for hosting a large number of international students from over 100 countries and harboring an environment of equality and representation. In order to maintain this atmosphere, VCU offers a variety of cultural clubs for students to join to learn about or express different aspects of their (or others’) culture. Listed below are just six of the more than thirty cultural organizations to be a part of at VCU.

1. African Student Union

The African Student Union at VCU (ASU) is a group of students that work to promote the awareness of African culture on the VCU campus. This goal is accomplished through various workshops, socials, meetings, debates, and other events. The ASU at VCU even hosts an annual fashion show that highlights African culture through student models and designers. The ASU is a very inclusive club, meaning that you don’t necessarily have to be of African heritage to join and participate. Members are also offered exclusive discounts around campus at select restaurants and retailers. While the organization does have an official website, it is rather out-of-date, and you are more likely to find more recent, accurate information about the club’s regular meetings and special events.

2. Latino Student Association

The Latino Student Association (LSA) was founded at VCU to encourage exploration and support of Hispanic culture. Like the ASU, the Latino Student Association is a non-exclusive club, meaning that people of all cultures and beliefs (that have an interest in Hispanic culture) are welcome. As of the spring 2018 semester, the organization is very robust club that boasts well over 400 members. The LSA regularly works closely with other organizations that focus on more specific elements of Latin culture (i.e. political activism, specified Latin countries, etc.) such as FACT (Filipino Americans Coming Together) or PLUMAS (Political Latinxs United for Movement and Action in Society).

3. Ryse Lion Dance at VCU

A significant number of students are familiar with the lion dancing club at VCU due to their high-profile performances (typically at the start of the fall semester during Welcome Week events) and their regular practice by Hibbs Hall. However, many of the students that know about the lion dancing group do not know it by its name: Ryse Lion Dance. The group not only performs around VCU and at school-sponsored events, but they also attend regional and national competitions and have even performed at local weddings and other private events. Students who are interested in becoming a part of this organization are not required to have any experience.

4. German Club at VCU

The German Club at VCU is a group of students that work to promote knowledge of German heritage and traditions. Many of the students in the group take (or have taken) the German language courses offered at VCU. However, knowledge of/experience with the German language are not required to become a member. Students involved in the German Club at VCU often take part in small socials or meetings that involve German films, music, food, and activities. The German Club at VCU doesn’t host many large-scale events, so this organization is perfect for students that don’t have much time to offer or are looking for a more intimate setting.

5. Arabhi

Arabhi is a fairly new student organization at VCU; it was founded in the fall semester of 2015. The club is VCU’s first and only Indian vocal group. Students who audition and are accepted into the group perform at various places around the VCU campus and the city of Richmond. Performances typically feature classical and traditional aspects of Indian vocals. Arabhi only meets for about one-and-a-half to two hours per week, so their schedule isn’t super demanding on your time.

6. Persian Club at VCU

The Persian Club at VCU is arguably one of the most active cultural organizations at the university. It has over active 400 members that participate in regular meetings. However, the organization is best known for their extravagant theme nights (Persian Night) and their annual Persian New Year Gala. The Persian Club at VCU works to promote solidarity amongst students with Persian heritage, as well as inform others who are interested in learning more about the varieties of cultures represented by this club.

VCU fosters a very welcoming environment that harbors people from all walks of life. The extensive variety of cultural clubs, organizations, and events (of which only a few are listed above) allow students of the university to explore the diversity that exists within its boundaries.