Job Opportunities for Students at University of Winnipeg

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg is a public research university in Canada. The university is offering a lot of undergraduate programs in different disciplines like Humanities, Economics, and Science. As of 2017, the total enrollment of the university is  9,359. Below you can find the list of student jobs offered by the University of Winnipeg. 

1. Community Ambassador  

characters lifting parts of a box

The Canadian Cancer Society is seeking Community Ambassador(s) to increase awareness of support programs and services within your community. Work in co-operation with the Society’s Community Engagement staff and volunteers to integrate our mission into local Society community events, such as wellness initiatives, along with networking and engaging in your community by sharing and distributing of Society materials.

2. Swim Instructor 

a swim instructor teaching a young swimmer how to swim

Being a swim instructor at University of Winnipeg, you need to work 1.5 hours per week. This is a volunteer position and your duty would be to instruct swimming and encourage students to take part in swimming.

3. Academic Capacity Marker 

a meeting of academic coordinators

In these positions, Employees are responsible for supporting the Immediate Supervisor in instructional activities, course-related or otherwise. You need to work a minimum of 45 hours at this position and compensation of this job is $12.80 per hour. 

4. Tutor  

Shot of a teacher working with a young students while sitting in a classroom

In these positions, Employees are responsible for supporting the Immediate Supervisor in instructional activities, course-related or otherwise. 
You need to work a minimum of 45 hours at this position and compensation of this job is $12.80 per hour. 

5. City Reporter

a female city reporter reporting

The city reporter will work closely with the city editor and will review and follow all relevant policies and guides including Canadian Press style, the Canadian Association of Journalists ethics guidelines, the Uniter style guide and Uniter editorial policies. This position pays $120/week.

6. Campus Reporter

A reader and Reporter

The Campus Reporter will attend weekly pitch meetings, monthly section meetings and professional development workshops. This position pays $120/week. 

7. OneClass Note Taker 

OneClass logo

If you would like to have an online job, this is the opportunity for you! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you are going to classes! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during lectures for your own classes! Become a note taker today! It is one of the best jobs a student could ask for!

If you are looking to take admission at University of Winnipeg or currently a student there, then you can earn some extra bucks by working at on-campus and off-campus jobs mentioned above. 

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Winnipeg

Food is a basic necessity for the survival of students on campus. A student that is not well fed cannot read not to talk of attending lectures. However, its good to eat quality food from the best restaurants and cafes around the within and outside the university’s premises. The University of Winnipeg has several restaurants and cafes around, which meet the needs of students. Listed below are the restaurants and cafes available to the students of the University of Winnipeg.

1. Promenade Cafe and Wine

The front view of Promenade Cafe and Wine

If you want the best of tea, coffee and wine then this is the right place for you. They have a well-decorated, peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Their menus are very affordable for an average student. With just $2, you are good to go. You can also have a vegetarian breakfast which will contain a pile of perfectly cooked has-browns, fresh vegetables, sweet peppers, hot peppers finished off with two soft poached eggs. 

2. Stella’s Cafe and Bakery

An image of Stella's Cafe & Bakery

This is one popular restaurant serving healthy burgers and out of the world salads located along Portage Avenue near to the University. It has an all-day breakfast. Their bacon and eggs are what students crave for. They have friendly and lovely staffs that will make your experience a memorable one.

3. Parlor Coffee

The photo of Parlor Coffee

It’s small, but it’s arguably the best-known coffee spot in Winnipeg and probably the only place in the city that’s buzzing with caffeine and conversation as early as 7 a.m. It’s not the easiest place to find parking, it’s situated along most major bus routes and perfect for a quick cup of coffee before going for a lecture.

4. Homer’s Restaurant

Varieties of foods at Homer's Restaurant

This Greek restaurant is a mainstay in the University of Winnipeg. Their food is quite good and the service is always very friendly. Be sure to try the Flaming Saganaki! Most of their dishes can be gotten with as low as $5. They are situated close to the university.

5. Elements Restaurant

An Image of Elements Restaurant

This bright and spacious little restaurant has some very interesting artwork to discuss while you have breakfast. They have great services and you get free parking when you eat in the restaurant. Their menus are delightful and will make you return for lunch. Their breakfast sandwich both the classic and the veggie were amazing. A whole wheat tortilla rolled around fabulous home fries, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cheese, green onions and chipotle aioli are available at a reasonable price.

6. Thom and Bargen Coffee and Tea

An image of Thom and Bargen Coffee and Tea

Thom Bargen coffee and tea is the meeting spot of choice for creative minds. They offer a cheap but quality service. Most of the tea and coffees are within the range of $2 to $5. Their services are always available from morning to night every day.

7. Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub

Image of a pizza at Garbonzo's Pizza Pub

They have amazing and tasty pasta in this restaurant for as low as $12. Their pasta is very good, and a very large portion.  included also in their pasta is a very good breadstick. Students always crave for their quality and delicious pizza. They experience a very high patronage from students of the Univesity of Winnipeg.

Health and Wellness Services at the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is known for its dynamism as it helps connect people from diverse cultures. They offer high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs with most of them research oriented. To ensure that the students get the best out of their time studying at the institution, the University of Winnipeg has vibrant health and wellness services available to students and staff. Here are the leading health services available here.

1. Klinic on Campus

A health staff helping a student with physical therapy

This is the primary health service center at the university. The services offered by this clinic includes birth control information, health information and referrals, medical appointments including general health care, pap tests, physical examinations, prenatal care, and STI testing, including HIV. They also offer services for unplanned pregnancy counseling (parenting, adoption, or abortion). The Klinic is open Monday – Thursday: 9: 00 am – 4:30 pm while the nurse practitioner will be available for appointments between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm only.

2. Axworthy Health and RecPlex

A man standing in front of the Axworthy Health and RecPlex

The University of Winnipeg is currently working on renovating and creating a block-long physical activity and health complex, the first of its kind in the center of the city. This complex is being developed with the aim of expanding the medical attention students at this university. The health complex will be able to give primary health care for students, staff and local community members and athletic therapy and massage therapy including sports medicine.

3. Student Counselling

The wellness and counselling team at Winnipeg

This institution has a vibrant counseling unit and is a safe space where students can address any concern, difficulty, or dilemma affecting them. Topics that can be discussed here include relationships, homesickness, procrastination, work-life balance, grief, addiction, abuse, anxiety, difficulty eating, sexual orientation, suicide. It is available for students and they can access it at the Wellness Center, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

4. Klinic Crisis Line

Student in need of medical attention

The university Klinic has a crisis line that students can call at any time of the day if a medical issue arises. This emergency hotline is  204.786.8686 and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer assistance to students in need. The crisis line can be contacted for any urgent medical emergency and they will be attended to as soon as possible.

5. Klinic Sexual Assault Line

Students parading sexual safety banners

The Klinic also has a sexual assault line that students can contact in case of such emergencies. The university recognizes that sexual assault is a very serious issue which is why the assault line was provided by the clinic. Students can get through to them via 204.786.8631 and they are available to offer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Top 10 Coolest Courses at UWinnipeg

The University of Winnipeg, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada offers lots of undergraduate faculties like art, business and economics, education, science and kinesiology and applied health. But it is not easier choosing the best for you. Here are some of the coolest and extraordinary courses the university has. Have a look!

1. CHEM 0100 – Chemistry

students working at the lab

One of the most popular science programs that is offered which you should consider as your first choice. Because the professors of this program are dedicated to your success and you have a great career option. You will certainly enjoy this course here.

2. ECON 1102 – Economics

learning about valuable trade commodities on the computer

Are you the type who is interested in the world economy? If so, you should major in Economics. The curriculum is always being updated and improved upon that is why this program is super popular. This is a perfect course for you.

3. ENV 1600 – Environmental Studies

getting knowledge of environment through drawing

There is a lot being discovered and researched upon about our environment nowadays. A lot to discover yet in this field, a large market is out there for young people making lots of new discoveries. With a degree in Environmental Studies in your hand, you have a great future ahead.

4. HIST 1006 – History

an image showing historical culture at sites

Would you agree that history is one of the broadest fields? Why not go for the broad degree, right? You will get to study various eras and you can always pick one period of any era to focus on. This not only broadens your knowledge, but also allows you to be an expert in the subject.

5. POL 1011 – Political Science

image showing the system of government

In a rapidly politicized world, getting a degree in political science can be very beneficial to you. There are tons of jobs opening up for young people in this industry. This allows you to take advantage of some great career opportunities.

6. PSYC 1000 – Psychology

studying about the mind behavior

The major which is not just a popular program offered by the University but also has a ton of jobs, in the real world which students can get after the completion of the degree. The perk of being a psychology student, I suppose. You certainly can enjoy the course here.

7. REL 1002 – Religion and Culture

people of different religion and culture

Knowing about one’s religion and culture is like getting into the person’s heart. It is a very interesting path to take. This major is all about the relationship between culture and the religions that make up civilization. This major for sure will give you a very different outlook of the world.

8. CJ 1002 – Criminal Justice

law students taking photos at the university

This major is also the prerequisite course, if you want to get into law enforcement. You should start by majoring in Criminal Justice. This program will you gain the necessary information that will help you succeed in the law enforcement. It’s a perfect course for you.

9. BUS 1202 – Business Administration

different aspects of the business policy

Curious about what goes on in the business world? Then, Business Administration is one of the best majors that you can take to learn all about the business world. Not only the knowledge, but also you will learn about how to succeed in the business world. You really can enjoy the course here.

10. EFIN 1029 – Finance

student studying financial statements on internet

Most of us have a problem managing money and this is the truth. You will learn to manage money very well. This will not only help you, it will help others too. This is a perfect course for you.

Here are the top 10 coolest and coveted courses at the University of Winnipeg. Though a few of the courses may seem regular, but it is there curriculum that makes them stand apart from other courses that Universities have to offer. So choose the one you like and pursue it.

10 of the Hardest Classes at the UWinnipeg

The University of Winnipeg offers students with a number of classes from which to choose. All of them carry different weights in terms of work load and the content that you have to study and understand. In short, all the classes are structured or created differently. Some are easy while some are tough and carry a lot of workload. Most of these classes will leave you worn out and with little or no time to experience the campus life. The following are the 10 of the hardest classes that you will find at the University of Winnipeg.

1. MATH 3104 – Methods in Partial Differential Equation

A worked example of a Differential EquationThis class introduces students to Partial Differential Equation with an emphasis on analytic and numerical methods used in solving problems. The class involves plenty of work and will leave you with little time to sleep most of the times. Students have to master all the concepts and apply them in chemistry, biology and physics.

2. BIOL 4950 – Neurobiology

Human brain with receptors in redIn this class, students explore from a biological perspective, the entire field of neuroscience. So, you can bet that the work load will be heavy. This class will test your limits to the breaking point! It involves intensive studying and memorizing definitions, concepts and processes. If you are a student struggling with your GPA, then this might not be the most appropriate class for you.

3. MATH 2106 – Intermediate Calculus II

A calculus calculation on a green boardThis is a class that will engage you completely! This class is mostly taken by students who want to major in mathematics. It is a difficult class that includes topics such as vector calculus, vector functions, multiple integrals and more. It requires intensive studying and practice in order to understand the concepts applied.

4. PSYC 3920 – Cognitive Neuroscience

3 brains viewed under X rayThis class gives students a basis on cognitive psychology and neuroscience. It is an interesting class but still requires a lot of reading, memorizing, laboratory time and application. Much of the time will be spent in the library going through the large volumes of material available for the class.

5. ACS 3916 – Human Computer Interaction

A person using virtual reality gadgetsThe Human Computer Interaction is another difficult class that requires much determination to understand the different human-computer interfaces. A lot of class work is put in to internalize most of the concepts. Students are also engaged in practical experience with design projects at the end of the class.

6. MATH 3203 – Linear Algebra III

Word cloud of words related to Linear AlgebraThis class introduces students to advanced topics in linear algebra and other topics such as unitary matrices, inner product spaces among others. It is a pretty intensive class that will drain most of your energy. So stock up on some good energy drink or snack! A lot of class hours will also be spent leaving you with little time for yourself.

7. CHEM 2203 – Organic Chemistry II

Chemical structures of Organic Chemistry compoundsThe Organic Chemistry II class introduces students to chemistry and structural identification of aromatic and aliphatic organic compounds. The class is taken together with labs. Due to this, students will spend most of their time engaged with both class and lab work. The workload is also heavy as students are required to study a lot of material.

8. PHYS 4601 – Quantum Mechanics II

An illustration of an atoms in an element using quantum mechanicsThe Quantum Mechanics II is an advance class for studying basic structure and application of quantum mechanics. The class is intense and a lot of reading and application is required. It is a difficult class that will demand much of your time and energy.

9. BIOL 1112 – Human Anatomy and Physiology

A well labeled human heartIf you are not accustomed to heavy workloads and intensive studying, then this will be an overwhelming class for you. The study materials involved are usually voluminous and plenty. This class will take most of your time as it will be spent in the library or the labs trying to memorize all the body parts and systems.

10. MOD 1101 – Introduction to Dutch Language and Culture

A handwritten text of learn dutchLearning a new language is not easy. It takes so much work and dedication. Students are required to do computer exercises regularly as well as engage in oral practice every day. If you don’t comply to this, then you are at a risk of failing the class!In conclusion, with these classes you will have to put in an extra effort and break a sweat to pass. If you are the student who doesn’t want to get stuck in the library all day and all week studying, then these are not the classes for you. For those students who are positive with a little challenge then they are free to take up the classes.

Top 10 Majors at the University of Winnipeg

If you want to succeed during and after college, you need to be in the best program for you. This will allow you to enjoy every part of your educational experience. Here are the top 10 majors offered at the University of Winnipeg!

1. Chemistry

The first option that you should consider is Chemistry. This is also one of the most popular science programs that is offered at this school. That being said, the professors of this program are dedicated to your success. 

beakers and test tubes

2. Economics

If you want to know about the world economy, you should major in Economics. This is a great program that is super popular. This means that the curriculum is always being updated and improved upon.

supply and demand signs

3. Environmental Studies

There is a lot being discovered about our environment at this point in time. That being said, there is a large market for young people to make new discoveries. With a degree in Environmental Studies, you can take advantage of this. 

a person holding a tree

4. History

A very broad degree that you can earn is History. This is because you will study various times of history, then you can pick one period to focus on. This allows you to be an expert in the subject. 

history terms

5. Political Science

In a rapidly politicized world, getting a degree in political science can be very beneficial to you. There are tons of jobs opening up for young people in this industry. This allows you to take advantage of some great career opportunities. 

politics graphic

6. Psychology

A very popular program that is offered is psychology. This is an industry that hosts a ton of jobs in the real world. This is a pretty big perk for you to keep in mind when picking a major. 

terms relating to psycholgoy

7. Religion and Culture

A very interesting path to take is Religion and Culture. As the name implies, you will study the relationship between culture and the religions that make up civilization. This will give you a very different outlook of the world. 

world religions

8. Criminal Justice

If you want to get into law enforcement, you should start by majoring in Criminal Justice. This program will give you the necessary information that will help you succeed. This is a great perk to going through the system. 

criminal justice system icons

9. Business Administration

Business Administration is one of the best majors that you can take. This information allows you to have the knowledge necessary to succeed in the business world. You will also be able to make a lot of money with this degree. 

the brain of a businessman

10. Finance

The final option that you need to consider is Finance. You will be able to manage money very well with this degree. You will be able to help yourself and others with this type of education. 

dollar signs

10 Library Resources at the University of Winnipeg

Included, of course, in University of Winnipeg‘s drive for a dynamic campus is a bountiful selection in their library/ies to help students with their academics. This is naturally one of the reasons that they can produce graduates with an excellent reputation in the workplace and the community. Here are 10 of the library resources at UWinnipeg.

1. Accessibility Services

The University of Winnipeg Library is committed to providing equitable access to collections and services to all students, faculty, and staff of the University. The Librarian for Accessibility Services co-ordinates services for persons with disabilities and is also available for in-depth research assistance by appointment.

Accessibility icon graphic logo

2. American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters

The main library takes service to all kinds of students as serious as possible that they even have ASL interpreters available! Students requiring an ASL-English interpreter when visiting the Library or for an appointment with a librarian.

American Sign Language in ASL

3. Study Spaces and Room Bookings

The Library has a wide range of facilities to accommodate students, faculty, and community members. They have group study rooms, study mezzanines, and even reading rooms for some peace and quiet. The University of Winnipeg Library allows the consumption of food and beverages within reason and in most public areas of the Library.

Open study spaces

4. Computers and Equipment

The library offers assistance using library systems and other campus computing support services and technology infrastructure. Use one or two multimedia/accessibility or 22 general use computers near the Reference Desk, for research and writing papers.

Rows and rows of computer units

5. Printing, Photocopying, & Scanning

The library and its associated computer labs provide self-serve printing, photocopying and scanning.  These services are part of the campus-wide Equitrac system. Students and faculty and staff members are issued user accounts for accessing the equipment.

Man printing in the library

6. InterLibrary Loans

If you discover materials in the course of your research that are available from other Universities, we offer the InterLibrary Loan system.  Requesting materials from other Universities are free for students and faculty, and enables us to provide access to millions of titles. You can request an InterLibrary Loan directly from the catalogue, or find more information and a form at their website.

Shelves filled with books

7. Reference Services

Reference Services provides assistance to students, faculty, and staff in identifying and using print and electronic resources. A reference staff member will try to respond to email reference queries within 24 hours. The reference desk is open weekdays, between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.

Reference Desk graphic logo

8. Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go is a series of workshops to help new and existing students get started doing academic research in the Library. Learn about the different information sources available in the collections and how to find and use this information to write academic research papers.

Ready. Set. Go. research help

9. Research/Subject Guides

Don’t know where to begin?  These research guides are collections of some of the most useful books, databases, and other resources in each subject area.  They also contain help and tips on citation styles for each particular area of study, and much more!

Research Guides graphic logo

10. Citation Tools

RefWorks – This is the official citation manager of the University of Winnipeg. The library provides an institutional subscription to all students, faculty, and staff, including an Add-in for MS Word. They even have video tutorials for RefWorks available on their website.

RefWorks graphic logo

Top 5 Libraries at UWinnipeg

1. UWinnipeg Library

The University of Winnipeg Library is the heart of the downtown campus, providing vibrant spaces and resources for students, Faculty, and community members to pursue their academic goals. They house hundreds of thousands of books and articles, and provide access to many more online through their catalogue.

UWinnipeg Library

2. Archives & Special Collections (University of Manitoba)

Since its establishment in 1978, the Archives’ mission has been to acquire, catalogue and preserve university records and special research collections which further the educational aims of the University of Manitoba, and to promote and provide wide access to them.  The Archives’ wide-ranging collection mandate includes the acquisition of the records of the University of Manitoba, Canadian Prairie Literary Manuscripts, the Archives of the Agricultural Experience and rare books in various areas.

Archives & Special Collections University of Manitoba

3. Canadian Mennonite University Library

CMU’s collection totals over 120,000 items. Extensive resources are available in the areas of Christian studies and music, and efforts are underway to increase library holdings in newer program areas such as peace and conflict studies, international development, psychology, sociology, political studies, and business and organizational administration.

Canadian Mennonite University Library

4. John Fairbank Memorial Library

The John Fairbank Memorial Library is located in the heart of Winnipeg. It houses a growing collection of over 55,000 books, journals, videos, audio-cassettes, CD-ROM’s, maps and microfilms, specializing in the fields of social work, theology, and pastoral care and counseling. In addition, the library subscribes to approximately 150 journals and periodicals and has past issues of over 240 journals.

John Fairbank Memorial Library

5. The Centre for Rupert’s Land Studies

The Centre for Rupert’s Land Studies at The University of Winnipeg facilitates scholarly research and publishing concerning the human history of the Hudson Bay watershed, known in the period from 1670-1870 as Rupert’s Land.

Rupert's Land map

Top Residences at the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is a cozy place. You will enjoy the close-knit community. Here are the best places to stay on campus.

1. McFeetors Hall

McFeetors Hall at University of Winnipeg

Address: 370 Langside St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2T4, Canada

Start your time with the University of Winnipeg right by living in McFeeters Hall. These dorms are set up to prepare freshman for a new start in a new community. Single and double rooms are available. In addition, unlike most dorms, all of them come with full private bathrooms! Accommodations have also been created at McFeeters Hall for family housing.

2. Balmoral Houses

Balmoral House at University of Winnipeg

Address: 266 Balmoral St., Winnipeg, MB R3B 0M2, Canada

The best way to prepare for a completely independent lifestyle is by staying at the Balmoral houses. Here, you are just as responsible as you would be living off-campus except you still have the choice of staying with classmates, and friends who attend the school with you. Houses come with single rooms, a full shared kitchen, shared bathrooms, a living room, and even a basement. Enjoy this fully decked out housing arrangement with several of your closest associates.

Enjoy your time at the University of Winnipeg. You won’t regret your time here!

Here’s your Move-in Day Packing List at  University of Winnipeg

1) Room Basics

a room at a college dorm

  • Twin size comforter set
  • Fridge
  • Hangers
  • Curtains
  • Rug

2) Food and Snacks

snacks students could keep in their dorm

  • Crackers
  • Little Debbies
  • Tv Dinners
  • Juice
  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • Canned Foods

3) Tech & Entertainment

having fun things in your room keeps you from getting bored

  • Headphones
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Alarm Clock

4) School Supplies

school supplies needed for college

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Binders
  • Notebooks

5) Cleaning up & Organizing

cleaning supplies needed for college dorms

  • Broom
  • Swifter
  • Filer (for books)
  • Air Freshener plug-ins
  • Clorox wipes
  • Gloves
  • Cleaning Solutions

6) Campus Gears

campus gear helps students show school spirit

  • School shirt
  • School hat
  • School License plate
  • School Stickers
  • School Writing utensils
  • School Backpack

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

Some items may be unsafe to bring on-campus

  • Candle Warmer
  • Candles
  • Hot plates
  • Matches
  • TV
  • Microwave

Top 10 Buildings at University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is a public university in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is known for business, econ, and applied health. Here are 10 different buildings you need to check out.


Anx is a multi use building. It is great for on the go because they have Starbucks to keep you awake. If you need a tasty lunch they also have Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub.

 starbucks coffee

2.Ashdown Hall

This is where you would go for the English Language program. This is a great building if you need advice on any possible post grad jobs. Most jobs used for the English major is teaching English in a foreign language or teaching in a high school or middle school setting.

 english time


3.Bryce Hall

This is the main building you would go to for anything history. They have a club that talks about Canadian history that meets up. There is also a music and theatre club.

 bryce hall university of winnipeg


4.UWSA Daycare

If you have children but want to still remain school minded this is the perfect place for it. Drop your kids off while being stress free. Your children are in good hands.

 day care


5. Auxilary Health and Recplex

This is the building you would go to if you aren’t feeling well. The health services building holds checkups and can diagnose you. It will help with prescriptions and even connect with your insurance.

 Auxiliary Health and Recplex

6.Rice Centre

The Rice centre is a multi use building. A few notable places that it holds is record and administration, financial services, and alumni. These you will need if you want your records for any jobs, grants, or need info for alumni events.

 rice centre university of winnipeg

7.Duckworth Centre

This is the building you would go to if you are looking for fitness and dieting. There are people there that will give you helpful tips. They also hold plenty of free and fun interactive events.

 Duckworth Centre

8.Wesley Hall

This is seen as more of a religious space. It is used for only certain occasions. It holds the Muslim prayer space.

 wesley hall winnipeg

9.Manitoba Hall

This holds accessibility services.You would go here if you had any diet restrictions. You would also visit if you had any disabilities that would prevent you from certain maneuvers around campus.

 Manitoba Hall

10.Riddell Hall

This building contains Bulman student centre. It also holds Pangea’s Kitchen. Pangea’s Kitchen has an assortment of breakfast lunch and dinner options, this is a great place to go in between classes.

 pangea's kitchen winnipeg

Interesting Facts of University of Winnipeg

1.50 Years

The school was first founded over 50 years ago. It originally was two different schools that merged together. The original colleges were Wesley and Manitoba.

 50 years


There is a total about a little less than 10,000 students. There are more than 270 graduate students. There are over 700 international students.

 student studying


There are plenty of different programs to go into. If continuing college is what you look towards check out these programs. There are just to name a few: Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance, Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and Society,  Master of Science in Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy, and Master of Arts in English with a Focus in Cultural Studies.

 masters program


The library has a large amount of different sources to take advantage of. Whether it be electronic or book there are many things to read and research from. There is total over 750,000 resources.

 library books


The University has both women’s and men’s sports to enjoy. This is a great way also to get involved with the community or do fundraising for certain causes. The sports to choose from are volleyball, basketball teams, and a women’s soccer team.

 athletics University of Winnipeg

10 of the Coolest Clubs at UWinnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is not only known for its high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs including some that you can only take in there such as Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights. To balance out and further these academic programs, there are also enjoyable interest/hobby clubs and other student associations for their students. Here are some of them.

1. Cultivate UWinnipeg

Cultivate UWinnipeg is a student-focused rooftop gardening organization at the university who grow vegetables for personal consumption and for potential sale at weekend markets. The main purpose is to provide free garden space for students who don’t have that privilege (living downtown, renting, small yard,etc.).

Student gardening inside the campus

2. Illicit Dance Crew

Illicit Dance Crew is a student-run group that advocates dance in addition to Korean music and culture to the general public. The club aims to offer accessible dance classes to the university students and perform for events in the campus.

Famous Kpop groups

3. Inexperienced Sports League

Are you one of those couch potatoes? Stayed by the sidelines during gym classes? Inexperienced Sports League (ISL) strives to create a place for you to play sports with no skills required. Members play non-competitive, low skill, entry-level games of tag, soccer, frisbee, and more!

Different sport stuff

4. UW Improv

UW Improv is dedicated to introducing students to the skills of improv and applying them to life. Improv is a form of theatre that takes a simple idea and transforms it into something monumental.

Students doing improv on stage

5. UW League of Legends

The purpose of this group is to bring together those who have a competitive or interest in e-sports. E-sports is a growing trend in today’s society and bringing together students with this interest in mind can and will create an environment in which new social bonds can form.

League of Legends poster

6. UWSA Photo Club

The goal of the club is to provide workshops for photographers at the University, a place for people to discuss their work and to provide free photography services to other student groups and university-related events.

Photography club members and their cameras

7. Young Parents Movement of Winnipeg

YPMW changes the stigma on teenage parents especially their rights to further their education. YPMW is where student parents can go to feel safe, understood and non-judged. As parents, members have many obligations outside of university and it can be hard to make friends, stay organized, make for our families while trying to stay on top of all our responsibilities for school.

Young expecting parents

8. UofW Table Tennis Club

The purpose for this group is for students to have a chance to be exposed to table tennis and play in a nice facility with good quality equipment and make new friends by having fun or improving their table tennis skills. It is also to help promote the sport and create a different way for university students to get more physical activity and become more involved in school activities.

Two students playing table tennis

9. Best Buddies

Best Buddies are a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote inclusion through friendships between University of Winnipeg students and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Best Buddies members from Mexico

10. Innovate

The purpose of this student group is to bring together students interested in becoming educated in, discussing, and applying scientific knowledge. Innovate will emphasize group discussion, presentation, and the inclusion of workshops throughout the year.

Innovate's club poster

Top Events During the School Year at UWinnipeg

1. Snowed In

Snowed In is University of Winnipeg’s winter welcome back event in January. The UWSA invites students back to campus following winter break. At the end of the week, UWSA host an event off-campus to celebrate the start of the Winter Term.

Snowed In poster

2. Grass Routes

Grass Routes is an annual celebration of ideas, skills, and art for a sustainable future. Through workshops, exhibits, and discussions, the festival engages conversations about what sustainability means, what a sustainable world might look like, and how we might get there.

Grass Routes poster

3. Roll Call

Roll Call is UWinnipeg’s annual back-to-school event. Roll Call is a celebration on the front lawn of the University of Winnipeg downtown campus, with free food from local restaurants, live music, tabling fair, art, and beer gardens. Its aim to curate an event that represents the student body and supports local businesses, creating an event that is fun, accessible, and representative of the work of the UWSA.

Roll Call poster

4. UWSA Foodbank

School making you hungry already? UWSA is distributing free food supplements to registered students! Replenish the hunger and maybe it’ll power you up in your classes.

UWSA Foodbank poster

5. Doggo Days

What’s the best way to relieve some of the stress? Spend your break with cute and cuddly dogs from Manitoba Mutts.

Woman playing with a husky