International Students Essential to the Financial Health of the University of Windsor

Changes to postsecondary education by Doug Ford this coming educational year are probable to have significant consequences for international students studying in Ontario universities.

For example, in response to this coming year’s mandatory ten per cent drop in domestic tuition for Ontario universities, some schools are turning to international students to balance out this expected drop in tuition revenue.

Among these schools, the University of Windsor is one university that has already announced an increase in international tuition of five per cent this coming academic year in response to the domestic tuition cut.

With the aim of showing current and past trends in international and domestic student tuition and enrolment at the University of Windsor, we compiled data from 2006-2017 to find meaningful insights to share with UWindsor students.

The overview of our analysis is that over the years, the University of Windsor has been progressively dependent on international students with no sign of this reliance slowing down.

See the full analysis below.

*When a year is stated, it is the beginning of that academic year. (ie. 2006 refers to the 2006-2007 academic year)

*Data was collected mainly from CUDO (Common University Data Ontario) by the Council of Ontario Universities, school documents such as tuition fee schedules and school-specific CUDO data.

*Tuition fee data was based on the tuition cost for an average undergraduate arts and science full-time degree as this is the metric CUDO uses as a common metric among all Ontario universities.

*The tuition fees stated below refer to the tuition cost for the first-year of studies.

The University of Windsor Tuition Fees

International Tuition Increased at Rates 3.1x and 3.7x Higher than Domestic Tuition and the Inflation Rate, Respectively

International tuition at the University of WIndsor outpaced domestic tuition and the inflation rate by only about 3.1x and 3.7x more, respectively, from 2006-2017.

International tuition outpaced domestic tuition and the inflation rate by more than 3x from 2016-2017.

First-year domestic tuition costs for a full-time undergraduate arts and science degree at UWindsor grew from $5,096 in 2006 (in 2017 dollars) to $6,287 in 2017, which is an increase of 23.37 per cent.

On the other hand, international tuition for the same degree grew from $13,040 in 2006 (in 2017 dollars) to $22,500 in 2017, which is an increase of 72.55 per cent.

The increase in international tuition costs outpaced the domestic tuition increase and the inflation rate by disproportionate amounts, showing signs of increased reliance on the tuition revenue coming from international students.

International Tuition Increased by 8x More Than Domestic Tuition Each Year

University of windsor International tuition at has increased by more than eight times the average increase amount of domestic tuition each year.

International tuition has increased by more than eight times the average amount of domestic tuition each year.

From 2006 to 2017, the average annual domestic tuition increase was only $108 while the average annual international tuition increase was $860.

This means, in terms of dollar values, that international tuition increased by more than eight times the amount of domestic tuition each year.

international tuition at the university of windsor has increased at significantly higher rates than domestic tuition year over year

Adjusted for inflation: numbers shown are in 2017 dollars.

Looking at international and domestic tuition each year, it can be seen that international tuition has been rising at a rate significantly higher than the slight increase rate of domestic tuition.

The annual financial contrast in tuition increases demonstrates the intention of the University of Windsor to capitalize further on incoming international students.

From 2006-2017, International Tuition Increase Rates Outpaced Domestic Tuition Most Years by Double the Amount

Windsor's increasing reliance on international students is clear when looking at the annual increase rates on a year-to-year basis.

Windsor’s increasing reliance on international students is clear when looking at the annual increase rates on a year-to-year basis.

From 2006 to 2017, the increase in international tuition was more than double the size of domestic tuition for the majority of the academic years.

For instance, from 2013-2014, international tuition increased by eight times more than domestic tuition, clearly showing the university’s focus shifting to international tuition revenue.

*International Student Fees NOTE:

One important thing to note is that the fees being used to calculate international fees do not include ancillary fees, UHIP, Ontario’s International Recovery Fee, etc.

Although ancillary fees are typically equal for both domestic and international students, extra fees such as UHIP and Ontario’s International Recovery Fee could add an additional $1000-$2000 to an international student’s yearly fees.

Which would further widen the gap between total international and domestic fees.

*Enrolment data is based on both full time and part time students for all levels of degrees including Bachelor’s and 1st Professional Degrees, Master’s Degrees, and Doctoral Degrees.

The University of Windsor Enrolment

International Enrolment has Increased by 95 Per Cent While Domestic Enrolment Decreased 15 Per Cent from 2006-2017

The increase in international enrolment was overwhelming, compared to domestic enrolment which decreased from 2006 to 2017.

The increase in international enrolment was overwhelming, compared to domestic enrolment which decreased from 2006 to 2017.

From 1,596 international students in 2006 to 3,106 in 2017, the University of Windsor’s international student population almost doubled at a rate of 94.61 per cent.

However, from 14,744 domestic students in 2006 to 12,543 in 2017, the University of Windsor’s domestic student population actually decreased 14.93 per cent.

Which effectively means that international student enrolment from 2006 to 2017 doubled, while domestic student enrolment actually dropped.

The University of Windsor Student Enrolment Breakdown

Since 2010, international student enrolment has steadily increased.

Since 2010, international student enrolment has steadily increased.
Domestic enrolment has actually dropped in 2006-2017.

Domestic enrolment actually dropped from 2006-2017.

When broken down into international and domestic enrolment over the years, there is a sharp difference between the two groups of students.

While international enrolment has been steadily increasing annually, domestic enrolment has gone down since 2006, showing the university’s increasing reliance on international students over domestic students.

On Average, International Enrolment Increased by 15 Per Cent Annually While Domestic Enrolment Dropped 1.5 Per Cent

International enrolment has steadily increased annually by 15.24 per cent on average.

International enrolment has steadily increased annually by 15.24 per cent on average versus domestic enrolment decreasing each year by 1.44 per cent.

As international student enrolment grew by a significant amount each year, domestic enrolment showed a downward trend.

This means that the University of Windsor focused almost entirely on growing international enrolment, neglecting the enrolment of domestic students relative to international enrolment.

International enrolment grew at rates drastically higher than domestic enrolment year over year, particularly after 2009.

International enrolment grew at rates drastically higher than domestic enrolment year over year, particularly after 2009.

When looking at enrolment on a yearly basis, it’s clear that the University of Windosr has had a greater focus on growing their international student population far more than their domestic student population.

From 2009 onwards, the number of enrolled international students has exceeded the number of domestic students by more than double the amount each year.

For example, international enrolment increased by 50 per cent in the years 2011-2012, while domestic enrolment actually decreased.

The Proportion of International Students at the University of Windsor has More than Doubled From 2006 to 2017

the University of Windsor's student population is comprised of more than double the amount of international students in 2017 than in 2006.

The University of Windsor’s student population is comprised of more than double the amount of international students in 2017 than in 2006.

From 10.82 per cent in 2006 to 24.76 per cent in 2017, the University of Windsor’s increasing dependence on international students has resulted in the proportion of international students at UWindsor more than doubling in just 12 years.

It is clearly evident that the University of Windsor has turned more to international students as a significant source of revenue through considerably greater tuition increases and enrolment levels compared to domestic students over the previous 12 years.

Ontario universities have taken advantage of their high international demand to increase their international tuition fees and enrolment without major implications due to the quality and accessibility of their schools, as well as a cheap Canadian dollar relative to competing countries.

With Ford’s changes to education set to be imposed this coming academic year, namely the ten per cent drop in domestic tuition, a further increase in international tuition and enrolment appears to be expected and is, therefore, something that international students should take note of.


*Ancillary fees, Incidental fees, UHIP, Ontario’s International Recovery fee, and any other fees were excluded from calculations; only tuition fees were included.

*Enrolment data was collected from CUDO by the Council of Ontario Universities.

*See here for a similar analysis but on Ontario as a whole: 
Ontario Universities’ Increasing Reliance on International Students


University of Windsor CUDO Data

CUDO Tool by the Council of Ontario Universities

CUDO Archives


Ontario Universities’ Increasing Reliance on International Students

Students Say Ford’s Performance-Based Funding is Misguided

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Author: daniel @ oneclass . com

University of Windsor | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at University of Windsor. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Windsor Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

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SOSC 25004/15/20193:30 PMView Now
STAT 29104/15/20193:30 PMView Now
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SWRK 20404/9/201912:00 PMView Now
WGST 21004/8/20198:30 AMView Now
WGST 25004/13/20198:30 AMView Now

Job Opportunities for Students at University of Windsor

Located in Windsor, Ontario, University of Windsor is a public research university in Canada. As of 2016, the total enrollment of the university is  15,587 with more than 3,000 graduate students. If you want to be a part of this University, have a look at the student jobs mentioned below. 

1. Part Time Student Counselling Coordinator   

image showing female counselling coordinator

The coordinator will be responsible to receive and appropriately direct in–person, email and telephone inquiries related to Counselling Services.  He/She will facilitate ongoing and timely access for non-urgent student to therapist counselling and book meeting times through Titanium.

2. Track Ancillary Academic Staff

Girls and Boys City Track Team Championship

The University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business and Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre (EPICentre) invite applications for a full-time position at the rank of Learning Specialist, Ancillary Academic Staff (AAS) II in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, normally commencing July 1, 2019.

3. Associate Dean 

Office of the Associate Dean - Academic

The University of Windsor invites applications for the position of Associate Dean, Partnership Development & Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (FAHSS) for a term of 3 to 5 years commencing July 1, 2019, according to Senate Bylaw 8. This position is subject to final budgetary approval.

4. Information Services Librarian 

Community Services Librarianship

The University of Windsor’s Leddy Library invites applications for a Limited-Term 24-month Information Services Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Archiving position commencing January 1, 2019. Rank will be commensurate with experience. This position is subject to final budgetary approval.

5. Temporary Major Gift Coordinator 

how coordinator manage multiple tasks at one time

The Major Gift Coordinator is an integral part of the Faculty of Law and the Development team whose focus will be on fundraising plans to support the University’s capital expansion as well as student scholarships, endowment and faculty and research development. The Coordinator will have responsibility for raising funds for the Faculty priority projects and plans.

6. Student Brand Manager

a group of student brand

Our Student Brand Managers (SBMs) are responsible for building a local face of our global Red Bull brand on their respective university campus. Their main objective is to integrate Red Bull into the student lifestyle through the planning and execution of marketing activities, initiatives, and projects that are targeted towards university students.

7. OneClass Note Taker

If you would like to have an online job, this is the opportunity for you! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you are going to classes! When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during lectures for your own classes! Become a note taker today! It is one of the best jobs a student could ask for!

Just like any other top-ranked university, University of Windsor is offering a lot of courses for graduate and undergraduate students. Besides this, the university is also offering a lot of job postings for its students. If you are a student of Windsor university, you may need to look at the job postings mentioned above.  

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is a public research university located in Ontario Canada. The university was founded in 1963 and they currently have approximately 10,000 undergraduates which over 3,000 graduate students. 
Like most universities, meal plans are mandatory for all students living in residence. There are several distinctive eateries scattered throughout campus but you need to know the best out of them. Highlighted below are the restaurants and cafes for students at the University of Windsor.

1. Mare Nostrum Restaurant

MareNostrum restaurant seating

They offer customer-oriented eateries featuring countless and diverse menu choices.  They have created an environment that offers customers quality, value and convenience. This is the cheapest eatery you can found around the campus with quality and tasty meal. Students love patronizing their pasta especially the mixed grill.

2. The Garden Asian Vegetarian Cuisine

Food at The Garden Asian Vegetarian Cuisine

Are you a vegetarian? If yes, then this restaurant is perfect for you. They serve foods to customers hot and fresh. They have such an amazing tasting range of options for vegetarians and vegans alike. They offer all these services at an affordable price. They are always available from Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m to 9 p.m.

3. Ero’s Restaurant

The front view of Ero's Restaurant

Eros is a small restaurant very close to the University of Windsor. Their food is delicious and affordable. They offer exciting and nutritious choices that fit in with your lifestyle.  Your options include popular franchises, national brands, comfort foods, gourmet coffee, smoothies, sushi and much more.

4. Dragon’s Inn Restaurant

Foods at Dragon's Inn Restaurant

Dragon’s Inn Restaurant is committed to providing an outstanding, integrated food experience for the campus community that emphasizes culinary excellence, sustainable food practices and customer satisfaction. 
Their foods are served to steam hot with a huge portion. Some of their menus are expensive but most students can still afford them.

5. Namaste Flavours South Indian Restaurant

an indian dish

Namaste Flavours is one and only South Indian Restaurant in Southern Part of Ontario in border city Windsor. Since 2017, Namaste Flavours has been offering premium, authentic South Indian food in a warm, welcoming, casual atmosphere. Their menu features lovingly prepared authentic Indian dishes giving you the feeling of dining in India without flying to India.S

6. Subway Restaurant

Front entrance of subway with half an image of a sandwich

Their meals are just outstanding and phenomenon, as such, they experience a very high patronage from staffs and students alike. They are located at the campus avenue and their services run from morning till night. At subway, you can eat to your maximum satisfaction with just $10.

7. Shway Shway Cafe

Shway shway cafe entrance

They have a nice and relaxing atmosphere complemented by excellent food and service and all of this at a very reasonable price. You can have your breakfast and lunch here. Their staffs are friendly and their decors are clean, comfortable and modern. The coffee/espresso is delicious!! The food choices are eclectic and inspired. They can easily accommodate gluten-free and vegan. Most students bring their dates here for flexing. 

Top 10 Hardest Courses at the University of Windsor

Most of the time students register for courses with great enthusiasm only to find out that they cannot handle the units due to various reasons. At the University of Windsor, scholars have complained about the hardest courses in biochemistry, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, and maths to the point of some dropping out of the classes. Below are the ten hardest courses at the institution and those who want a fantastic experience in campus should keep off.

1. BIOC 4010 – Bioinformatics/Genomics/Proteomics

Before anyone enrolls for this class, the administration expects the students to have passed extremely well either in BIOC 3500 or BIOC 3130. On top of that, they are required to have background knowledge in amino acid sequencing, development of DNA microarray, cloning, forensic studies and more. Most of these units are hard to master and the lecture hours and computer classes are also long. The worst part of it is using the software in analyzing various aspects of the studies.An outline of what bioinformatics entail.

2. PHYS 2250 – Optics

Any degree that involves physics is feared by many students at the University of Windsor. For optics, understanding the laws of refraction and reflection is difficult. The mathematical equations involved are equally hard to solve. But no one is allowed to take this course unless they pass MATH 1730 and PHYS 1410. There are also many unnecessary theories to cram, and this has defeated many thus making them score very few marks in tests. Image of a prism refracting light

3. BIOC 3581 – Biotechnology Laboratory

The most exhausting aspect of Biotechnology Laboratory is the intensive lab work. It is also broad and makes students to continually refer to other disciplines such as plant breeding, tissue culture, molecular biology, human genetics, forensic genetics, and bioinformatics. Scholars in this field are required to have taken BIOC 2131 and BIOC 2010. They are also expected to study other courses related to Biotechnology, and they include BIOC 3130, BIOC 3110 and BIOC 3100.A student carrying out laboratory experiment in biotechnology lab under a bio-safety cabinet

4. BIOL 2021 – Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is one of the most challenging units in medical school because the coursework is usually broad and requires a lot of time to master. It also entails numerous laboratory work and dissection of dead human bodies as specimens. Waking up to those corpses every day is depressing. Besides, learning all the bones, tissues, organs, muscles, body parts and their functioning is quite exhausting, and people rarely proceed to the next academic year. Medical students carrying out gross dissection during a human anatomy session

5. CHEM 3400 – Quantum Chemistry

The unit requires more time in class which usually makes the students have three classes weekly. They have to spend equally as much time in the laboratory when conducting experiments. What scares people the most is the derivation of the Schrödinger Equation. A prerequisite to getting into a Quantum Chemistry class is that students should not fail in CHEM 2410.Derivation of an equation in quantum chemistry

6. BIOC 4050 – Drug Design

The examination board at the University of Windsor only allows students who meet the requirements in BIOC 3310 to proceed to BIOC 4050. The pass marks are usually high and difficult to attain considering how technical biochemistry is. Also, the thought of studying Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacodynamics, and Pharmacodynamics requires genius brains which are hard to come by these days. Flow chart showing the basic steps involved in drug discovery and design

7. BIOL 2023 – Genetics

For this course, only students with good grades in BIOL 1101 and BIOL 1111 or anything related to genetics studies qualify. Afterward, it is expected of them to excellently master the basics of inheritance, genetic disorders, molecular analysis of DNA and RNA through Polymerase Chain Reactions and more. Additionally, most of the lecturers for this course at the University of Windsor do not pay much attention to students who are not sharp hence making it difficult to fit in.The components of the Central Dogma in genetics

8. BIOL 2033 – Introductory Molecular Biology

Units needed for the successful understanding of this unit are BIOL 1111, BIOL 2111 and BIOL 1101. These are hard to pass hence making the contents of Introductory Molecular Biology hard to comprehend. Students are required to understand DNA hybridization analysis, DNA sequencing, signal transduction, and gene regulation coupled with intensive laboratory experiments. All these are weary leaving one with no social life. Molecular biology students carrying out titrations for DNA analysis in the laboratory

9. COMP 2140 – Computer Languages, Grammars, and Translators

Computer studies require one to disconnect from their normal free lives and adapt to a busy schedule. For this particular discipline in Computer Science, learners should be well equipped with knowledge from COM 2120 and COMP 1000 which have proven hard for students to memorize. The languages used when programming and codding are complex and requires maximum keenness because missing a comma can prevent a programme from running. Therefore, most students fail in this unit because of the tiny details that they forget during their studies. An example of translator with the language and grammar used in computer programming

10. COMP 2800 – Software Development

Developing software has been a challenge to many, and the same applies to students at the University of Windsor. They need to internalize the basics of coding, programming, and creation of different designs all which are difficult skills to master. The many hours spent when trying out the GUI designs for one to come up with software is discouraging.A student going through the hustle of developing software

Top 10 Majors at the University of Windsor

The University of Windsor has been recognized to be a comprehensive, student-focused university that offers numerous programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. The university creates a unifying atmosphere of excellence across all of their faculties as they encourage lifelong learning, teaching, research, and discovery. Here are the top 10 majors offered at this institution.

1. Economics

4 people in suits talking around a table

This program is a fascinating area with an enormous breadth of influence. As a science, students will learn about how a society uses its scarce resources to produce the goods and services that its people desire. It will provide the students with an understanding of how individuals, firms and public agencies influence what is produced, how it is produced, and who gets to consume what is produced. They will also learn how those actions will ultimately determine the direction of the overall economy.

2. Criminology

Students taking notes during a Criminology class

Students will learn how to systematically examine criminal activity, legal issues, policing, regulation, the criminal justice system, and security as major factors in society. They will focus on the causes, consequences, and control of crimes, illegalities and wrongdoings, criminal law, policing, prosecution, sentencing, punishment, and deviance.

3. Business Administration (with optional Co-op)

Three people in a business meeting

This program combines classroom teaching, faculty interaction and hands-on learning through case studies, group projects, community engagement, and extracurricular opportunities. It will groom the students to play a role in meeting up with growing global markets and increased demand for productivity.

4. Biology

A Biologist conducting a research

Students will be able to explore and study the well-being or overall condition of molecules, cells, organisms, and the environment through observation, experimental investigation and theoretical explanation. The program involves the application of modern investigative techniques in several biological areas with specialization in microbiology, cellular, developmental, environmental and evolutionary biology, population and ecosystem ecology.

5. Civil Engineering (Optional Co-op)

Two people pointing at a design

For those interested in structures, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, and geotechnical engineering, then the civil engineering program here will be a good place to learn. Students will learn about numerous fields such as engineering mathematics, structural analysis, hydraulics, hydrology design, soil mechanics, and management which would provide them with the needed broad-based education.

6. English Language and Literature

Students during a visionary art class

By studying English Literature here, you will be exposed to the immense range of human experience as expressed across many historical periods and cultures, from Anglo-Saxon oral tradition through to contemporary writing in English from around the world. You will also discover the power of language and develop your own skills in research, analysis, organization, and expression.

7. International Relations and Development Studies

Two students reading a book

This program will enable you to explore the complex and challenging dynamics of global governance, international affairs, and development. The program will prepare students for a wide variety of careers in public service, diplomacy, consulting, international law, and policy analysis.

8. Law – Canadian & American Dual JD Program

Two students holding plaques

The Canadian & American Dual JD Program offered here is the only comparative program of its kind in Canada or the United States in which students can earn two law degrees in three years. The program gives students a competitive advantage in today’s globalized legal environment.

9. Mathematics and Statistics

A hand pointing at a graph

The mathematics and statistics program offered here is made up of courses designed to develop mathematical problem-solving and communication skills and to increase knowledge of mathematical structures and applications. It will help students prepare for careers that require critical thinking, analysis, and quantitative skills.

10. Physics (with optional Co-op)

Professors during a Physics presentation

The knowledge of physics will equip students with the abilities to develop future technologies and provide a deeper insight into nature. The reasoning, mathematical, experimental and computer skills acquired while earning a physics degree will equip students with the needed requirements to pursue careers far outside the traditional boundaries of physics.

Top 10 Library Resources at UWindsor

A quality school that can provide all the academic needs of their students factors as much as the students’ performance to the latter’s success. University of Windsor does not only have excellent academic programs but also quality library resources to help their students with their studies. Here are 10 of the best library resources at University of Windsor.

1. Order From Other Libraries

RACER is the Interlibrary Loan service that delivers texts from other libraries when the material is not available at the University of Windsor. The library is also offering electronic document delivery of articles to all their registered patrons. So when what you need is not available in the campus library/ies, you know what to do!

Little girls browsing through bookshelves

2. Videos

Reading is an exhaustive (but still priceless!) hobby and task for most students but there are video materials to make learning a little more entertaining. The library has a couple of video materials in the form of video cassettes, DVDs, and streaming videos that students can access with a quick search on their website.

Woman watching on her laptop

3. Writing Help Tutorials

When you’ve got quality content, the next thing you need to take care of is putting all these information effectively. Students can get information about the Writing Support Desk at the library; citation style guides for APA, MLA etc., and access to Zotero (an online tool for managing your references and so much more).

Female university student preparing note for the exam at library

4. Individual/Group Study Spaces

University of Windsor libraries has quiet study spaces, group study areas and rooms. The group study rooms can be available for up to 3 hours and may not be pre-booked. They are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are also graduate study carrels (only for full-time graduate students) where a $50 key deposit is required.

Male student with piles of books in front of him

5. Course Reserve Requests

Course Readings are comprised of high demand print or digital materials selected by instructors for use by students registered in specific courses at the University of Windsor. To use the course readings (reserves) service, students can just fill out the  “Place items in Course Reserve form” or email your reading list of works to their email address.

Male student sleeping on his books

6. Alternate Format Materials

Students requiring alternate format materials from the library can contact the necessary staff with their requests. Students who have received a token to access the Accessible Content E-portal “ACE” database can do so. Students registered with Student Accessibility Services, who have been approved to have materials in alternate format, can contact SDS.

Students doing research at the library

7. Computers & Technology

The Library operates more than 200 computer terminals. Most of these terminals are dedicated to Catalogue access but they also provide internet browsers and word processing software. The library also has a group of Scholar terminals that provide a wider range of applications software. For both the Catalogue and Scholar terminals, there are a number of stations designated for wheelchair access.

Female student in a wheelchair

8. Printing & Copying

Printers and photocopying machines are all around the library. Students can pay with their UWinCard or guest affiliate card. You can add funds to your UWinCard in a number of ways, including the value-added machine located on the first floor of the library. Change is provided at the Circulation Desk.

Mobile printing at the library

9. Equipment and Office Supplies Loan

Students can borrow different equipment and gadgets for a few hours to a few days period. They can also borrow office supplies from the Information Desk for personal use.

A pile of office supplies

10. Statistics and Data Help

The Academic Data Centre is here to help faculty, staff and students at the University of Windsor access and use statistical and geospatial data. They are located in room 1104, Leddy Library (next to the Cafe). Walk-in support and consulting are available during our open hours, or email for an appointment.

Librarian assisting two students

Top 5 Libraries at University of Windsor

1. Leddy Library

The Leddy Library, the University’s main campus library, holds over three million items including in excess of 1 million electronic titles and data sets. The Leddy Library is located near the corner of University Avenue West and Sunset Avenue.

The Leddy Library building

2. Windsor Public Library

Important firsts for the Windsor Public Library include being the first library in Ontario to offer eBooks to the community and it was the first North American library to actively deliver a library card to each household in the community. It was also the first Public Library in Ontario to offer a print-on-demand newspaper service which provides the capability to select from over 225 same-day edition newspapers from around the world and to tailor them to the WPL collection and customers.

Windsor Public Library

3. Paul Martin Library

The Paul Martin Library is the dedicated library for the faculty of Law. The Law Librarian directors have always been full faculty members who were also engaged in teaching and research. They are open all week.

Paul Martin Library

4. Essex County Library

The Essex County Library was established by County Council in January, 1966. It replaced the Essex County Co-operative, which was a loose federation of independent municipal libraries. Today, with the financial support of the County of Essex and the Province of Ontario, the Essex County Library provides a collection of over 367,000 items and a wide range of services through its branch libraries.

Essex County Library

5. Chatham-Kent Public

Students can also borrow from the Chatham-Kent Public Library in cases where their requested materials are not available inside the campus. Chatham-Kent Public Library is located at 120 Queen Street, Chatham in Ontario.

Chatham-Kent Library


Top 6 Residences at the University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is located right by the American border. Enjoy the school where multiple cultures can mesh. Here are the top residences you can stay in right by the border at school.

1. Laurier Hall

Laurier Hall at the University of Windsor
Address: Wyandotte St W, Windsor, ON N9B 3P4, Canada

These dorms are traditional in style but they give you a Beyond First-Year Experience. Most of the students you would be living with should already have classroom and on-campus residential experience. In addition to your fully furnished single or double room, you will have access to computer stations and extra storage facilities.

2. Macdonald Hall

Macdonald Hall

Address: 480 Huron Church Rd, Windsor, ON N9B 3P4, Canada

These traditional-style dorms are for first-year students at the University of Windsor. As a 10-floor building, this dorm has been set up as a co-ed facility. However, for comfort and respect, you only have to sign up with same-gender occupants.

3. Cartier Hall

 Cartier Hall at the University of Windsor

Address: Cartier Hall, Windsor, ON N9B 3P4, Canada

Cartier hall provides semi-suite style accommodations. One of the better perks of this room is that the bathrooms are only shared between two double rooms. Double room semi-suites are the only set-ups available for Cartier hall.

4. Alumni Hall

                       Alumni Hall at the University of Windsor

Address: Alumni Hall and Conference Centre, Windsor, ON N9B 3B5, Canada

In Alumni Hall, students have the opportunity to stay in double rooms if their sociable or single rooms if they prefer more private settings. Nursing and Engineering students reside in these suites. Each suite is fully furnished and comes with a full bathroom.

There’s no room for complaints at the University of Windsor. With so much to enjoy, you won’t have the time to. Enjoy your stay here!

Here’s your Move-in Day Packing List at University of Windsor

1) Room Basics

A girl decorate her room

  • Comforters
  • Organizers
  • Hamper
  • Floor Rug
  • Filing shelves
  • Night stand
  • Calendar

2) Food and Snacks

snacks most students can enjoy

  • Crackers
  • Little Debbies
  • Tv Dinners
  • Juice
  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • cookies

3) Tech & Entertainment

electronics most students need for school

  • Headphones
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Blow Dryer
  • Shavers
  • Flat Iron

4) School Supplies

school supplies most students need

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Binders
  • Notebooks
  • Bookbag

5) Cleaning up & Organizing

cleaning supplies needed for dorm rooms

  • Broom
  • Swifter
  • Filer (for books)
  • Air Freshener plug-ins
  • Clorox wipes
  • Gloves
  • Cleaning Solutions

6) Campus Gears

things students may want for school

  • School shirt
  • School hat
  • School License plate
  • School Stickers
  • School Writing utensils
  • School Backpack

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

ask button

  • Blender
  • Candles
  • Hot plates
  • Matches
  • Tv
  •  Microwave
  • Mini Fridge
  • Bulky Luggage
  • Lighters
  • Toxic Cleaning Chemicals

10 Buildings You Need to Know at University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is a public comprehensive and research university in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is Canada’s southernmost university. The school’s president is Dr. Alan Wildeman. You might see him in any one of these 10 buildings you should check out.

1. Main Leddy Library Building

The library is a time to relax, get homework done and study. It is also a time to finish all the homework you didn’t do all weekend. But have no fear the Brown Gold Coffee shop is also located in the library to serve your tired caffeine-less needs.

 Main Leddy Library Building

2. Odette School of Business

This building holds a variety of business courses. It also holds the cherished Tim Hortons. When you are feeling tired and need a pick me up this will be your new favorite location.

university of waterloo Odette School of Business

3. Student Center

The student center is where a majority of student organizations will have their meetings. But it is also where student traffic is busy in general. The building holds the main places to get food which is: Subway, Tim Hortons, Booster Juice, and Pizza Pizza.

Subway food

4. Alumni Hall Residence

This is the building that Alumni visiting can go for old memories or even to stay the night. It also has the local convenience store Bru. Bru is great for visiting people, they have on the go options from soup to sandwiches.

 Alumni connected

5. Compute Centre IT Services

This is the place you would go if you have a project or need to print. This is the best place to go for any computer issues. The IT staff will look into or find someone who can.

 IT Services

6. Central Recieving

Central recieving is where most people on campus get their mail. It is an office where you can send and pick up your packages. The building will give you a notice when your packages arrive.

 picking up packages

7. Campus Community Garden

The garden can be loved by all. If you have an interest in knowing how to garden there are students that are more than welcome to give you a tour. The garden mostly grows veggies and flowers.

 campus community garden windsor

8. Forge Fitness Centre

This is where you would go to work out. The staff on duty can give you pleny of advice. From being your spotter to something as simple as helpful diet tricks.

 forge fitness centre windsor

9.Dillon Hall

Dillon Hall is a place of many uses. It houses an array of classrooms. It also houses the student success centre and career services.

 university of windsor dillon hall

10.MacDonald Hall

This building is a place on campus to live. It is a co-ed building. There are learning and living community floors for science and engineering.

Macdonald Hall building

Interesting Facts about the University of Windsor

1. Assumption

The college was originally named Assumption college. It was opened in 1857. It was a small liberal arts college.

 liberal arts

2. Faculty

The faculty are the heart and soul of the school. Through their love of learning and teaching they make the school successful and possible. There are over 500 faculty.

 faculty and staff

3. Programs

The school has many programs and “schools,” within itself. There are 190 graduate programs. There are 65 graduate programs.

 graduate programs

4. Small Classes

The students love that the school is large but small at the same time. Students are able to have one on one time with teachers if they have questions or need help. There are about 26 students per one teacher.

 students in classes

5. Ratio

The males to females are close. Those who attend are just a bit over for females. Females make up 52% while males make up 48%.

 men and women

10 Coolest Clubs at the University of Windsor

The University of Windsor does not only have 190 undergraduate programs, 65 graduate programs, and six professional programs to fulfill the academic needs of their students but also fun clubs to give them some social opportunities that are equally as advantageous to their well-being and future career. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs you can join at the UWindsor.

1. All In UWindsor

White supremacy is a serious issue in and out of the campus, that’s why two friends decided to establish the All In UWindsor. This is a club dedicated to abolishing any trace of white supremacy in the campus through social justice activism. Each semester, the club will be donating all the funds they raised throughout the semester to a different social justice cause or organization.

Social activists protesting against white supremacy

2. Cooking Club

Got any family recipes you want to share with others? Join this cooking club and learn how to make different dishes. It’s okay if you’re a newbie at cooking, classes come in different levels with appropriate dishes to practice for each. You can even have a cookout with other members!

The Cooking Club logo

3. De-Stress4Distressed

Any student would agree that university life can be super stressful. The De-Stress4Distressed club arranges fun monthly meetings between members who can all relate to the stress situation on the campus. You’d get to meet a lot of friends and maybe even share personal tips in relieving stress.

Stressed student studying

4. Fur Your Information

Love for animals is the main drive of the Fur Your Information club. The goal of the club is to spread awareness about how our actions affect the cute and cuddly creatures around.

Sad dog behind a locked fence

5. GLOW Meditation Club

GLOW Meditation is a student group providing morning and evening group meditation sessions to students. The club believes that meditation is indispensable to any student aiming for personal growth and success — something that is crucial for any student.

Woman meditating on a mountain

6. Hope4Hope

Hope4Hope is a student-run group at the University of Windsor supporting children with life-threatening medical illness, as well as their families in order to improve their well being, health, and most importantly, give them hope in achieving their dreams.

Someone helping a sick little girl

7. Joker Club

Joker club seeks to improve university life by making students laugh and smile with memes/jokes. All charity events would be themed to something that members can contribute their internet-trend jokes and skits.

Group of friends making jokes at each other

8. Music for Fun

This club is for people who enjoy music but aren’t very knowledgeable about it. They hold casual events for music lovers, such as karaoke nights, talent shows, and more.

Music club for students

9. SHINE at UWindsor

SHINE at UWindsor is a student-led organization whose main objective is to help spread some happiness in the Windsor community. With random acts of kindness, the club will volunteer in hospitals, retirement homes, and any other places where someone may not be feeling their greatest.

Young man hugging an elderly

10. The Blissful Baking Club

The Blissful Baking Club is exactly how it sounds. If you’re someone who wants to learn more about the science of baking or if you’re a seasoned baker looking to master your skills, then this is the club for you! Members will be taught novel techniques to bring their baking game to the next level.

Baking club and their baked goods

Top Events of the School Year at UWindsor

1. Meet & Greet Coffee

Have a chance to meet the other members of this group and other future dentists (for the Dentistry students) over a casual coffee. What a great way to kick off friendships with a cup of coffee.

Students chatting over coffee

2. Free Late Night Study Pizza

Are you thinking about slacking in doing some late night study session? The free pizza might convince you otherwise.

Female student studying while having some pizza

3. Fair Trade Movie Night

A documentary movie night with the Fair Trade council. It’s a great free way to spend your free time with friends.

Free movie night and popcorn

4. Bowling Hangout

Bowling is a classic hangout hobby with your friends. Enjoy trying to score a strike with your buddies and you can even head out for a meal after.

Bowling with friends

5. Club Summit

Clubs Summit is a special orientation event planned by the UWSA. This event is hosted by the Student Groups Coordinator to provide orientation training and insight towards all clubs regarding proper club procedure, policy, training, finances, event promotions, duties/responsibilities, and many more training opportunities.

Clubs meeting