10 Fun Facts About UWO

1. Western was founded in 1878.

Western is basically Hogwarts. When it was first founded, one of the faculties was ‘divinity’. That’s how like Hogwarts it is. All it’s missing is a Quidditch team (oh wait, it totally has one of those).

2. Western has a system of underground tunnels.

Exactly like this. More or less. They go between buildings, and are ideal for avoiding things like rain, cold weather, and zombie apocalypses.

3. Western started the first French immersion school in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.

4.Western has a huge rivalry with Queen’s.

Since the dawn of time, Queens and Western students have had a bitter rivalry. The reason for the feud is anyone’s guess, but the two schools are constantly at each other’s throats. Sports games between the two are like weddings on Game of Thrones.

5. Western has 167 clubs.

There is a club for that. And if there isn’t a club on the impressively long list, students are welcome to create their own. There are so many ways to get involved at Western that it’s not really surprising that it is well-known for its school spirit..

6. Western has one of the top ten medical programs in Canada.

Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin, discovered the medicine while at Western. Researchers led by Ivan Smith developed the world’s first ‘cobalt bomb’ cancer treatment, revolutionizing cancer therapy. Brains and beauty.

7.Rick McGhie has performed for Western students since 1975.

As my mom will tell you, Rick McGhie is an institution, and he has been playing at Western for years and years. Pretty much the Beyoncé of UWO.

8. The secondary school average for first-year Western students was 89.3 percent.

9. Western’s motto is Veritas et Utilitas or “Truth and usefulness”

If there was ever a go-getter motto, this would probably be it.

Veritas et Utilitas

10. The UWO movie theatre offers this menu option.

Enough said.

19 Signs You Go To the University of Western Ontario

1. You blow way too much money on spoke bagels

2. You know how lucky you are when you find an empty table at ‘Club Weldon’ during exam season 

3. You own at least one western sweater

uwo sweater

4. You Instagram a picture of campus (probably UC tower) at least once a school year

5. You know at least one person on a varsity sports team

Dose varsity jackets doh

6. You’ve either seen Rick Mcghee at the spoke or heard people rave about him on campus 

7. Delaware is not just a state in America to you

8. You never turn down the opportunity to get King Richie’s pizza for late-night munch 

9. You know a soph is not a short form for sophomore

sophs posing with their arms crossed

10. You’ve spent a homecoming on broughdale

11. You know that JACK’s and Jack Astor’s are two distinctly different places

12. You have a soft spot for the Ceeps 

13. You’ve made the “W” at least once in your Western career

14. You now dislike Canadian geese even more than you did prior to your university career

Like why they gotta poop everywhere

15. You do everything you can to avoid the walk up UC hill

16. You know someone who told you their program was AEO IVEY in first year

the AEO IVEY  logo

17. Uwosecure-v2 has caused you trouble more than once when trying to do an assignment on campus

18. It’s a guarantee you will hear someone complaining about all the Uggs and Canada goose jackets they see on campus once it starts to get cold

19. And of course the UCC is your go-to meeting spot

University Community Centre

11 “Netflix and Chill” Alternatives at Western

“Netflix and chill” can mean quite a few things. But the bottom line is this: it is a really lame way to ask someone out. So if you’re a Western student looking for love in all the wrong search engines, look no further!

1. Campus tour and chill

Asking someone to “Netflix and chill” is to romance what Pluto is to the sun; the furthest thing. Taking your prospective date on a tour around campus, on the other hand, is a pretty great idea. Western is beautiful, and there are all kinds of picturesque walkways to really knock your date off their feet (figuratively).

2. UCC and chill

The UCC has it all: food, a lounge, a beautiful outdoor space, and, most importantly, a Booster Juice. If you are looking for a date that involves going out, but not necessarily doing something, the UCC is the place for you. You and your date can chill for hours and just talk.                

3. Picnic and (uc)hill

Located just down the road from the UCC, University College Hill is one of the most beautiful things on campus. UC hill is picturesque, it’s open, and it’s inviting. And nothing says romance like a picnic.

4. The Spoke and chill

You haven’t lived until you’ve had the CLT (chicken lettuce tomato) at the Spoke. So tell your date that. Insist that you be there for this momentous moment. The quickest way to the heart is through the stomach.

5. Saugeen and chill

For those of you who don’t know, Saugeen is the party residence at Western. Potentially also the world. But let me just say that if there is any place where you could do something that would be much cooler “Netflix and chill” Saugeen has got you covered.

6. OneClass and chill

Download note and study guides from OneClass and find a study buddy.

7. Rec Centre and chill

Western has a beautiful, state of the art recreation centre. You can go swimming with your date! How romantic is that?

8. Homecoming and chill

Peanut butter and chocolate. Wine and cheese. Homecoming and Western. Do you know what these things have in common? They pair well with one another. Homecoming isn’t just an event at Western, it’s an experience. It’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So, make sure that you bring along a person that you wouldn’t mind remembering for a while.

9. McIntosh Gallery and chill

McIntosh Gallery features student and professional artwork. It also has some super rad art exhibits. Cultured and sophisticated, this makes for a great date night idea.

10. Western Film and chill

Western Film has a lot of advantages if you’re paying for two people. For one, it’s only five dollars per movie. Even poor students can find love at that price. The other great thing is that you can split “The Trough” and not feel like a terrible person for eating so much popcorn.

11. Concert and chill

If you’re looking for a more romantic evening, the Don Wright faculty of music frequently has concerts during the year to take your date to. For a more relaxed feel though, there is always Rick McGhie, the greatest Western icon there is.

10 Reasons Why the University of Western Ontario Ruined My Life

1. There are happy people everywhere

Literally everywhere you go there are always people laughing and smiling. Like, can you not?! I just want some peace and quiet. I can’t hear myself think over your obnoxious happiness. You probably just saw your friend yesterday, must you hug them like it’s been three years? It’s unavoidable. People are just happy here all the time, and it’s contagious. I found myself smiling at someone trying to sell me something the other day. Like, who does that?!

2. The camera roll on my phone is constantly full

Once a month I literally have to clear my phone onto my computer because there are too many things to take pictures of on this campus. The stone buildings, UC Hill, Middlesex college, it’s so annoying! My phone never has a GB to spare! Forget new songs, it’s going to be fall soon, which means my phone will be jammed packed with pictures of trees and the leaves changing. Disgusting.

3. There are good looking people everywhere

I literally cannot walk down the street without resembling the dog from “Up” (SQUIRREL!) Everywhere you go there are attractive people. Whether you’re into guys or girls, there’s someone for you to drool over until you walk past them. But I guarantee five minutes later another person will walk by that you’ll want to ogle at for hours. And Weldon… let’s just say I spend more time when I’m in you planning my future with hot strangers than doing homework. What did you put in the water Western? A) I want some and B) please stop before I fail all my classes.

4. I’ve forgotten what sleep is

The FOMO is real at Western. I never want to stay in my bed because something could be happening, and I don’t want to miss out! So, since I’ve gotten here, it’s fair to say I’ve slept significantly less hours than I should be. Thanks for the dark eye circles and sleep deprivation symptoms Western, how will I ever repay you?

5. I feel obligated to go to the gym

How much was the Recreation centre renovation again? Something in the millions. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and I feel like I have to use it. I never used to work out before, but now if I don’t go at least three times a week I feel guilty. I even bought a “Blender Bottle” and I use it. I didn’t choose the gym life, it just chose me.

6. Majority of my clothes are now purple

I never even used to like purple, but now I own about 20 purple sweaters and t-shirts combined, purple socks, a purple hat, even purple pens. How did I even get here?

7. There is never a dull moment

Why is there always something going on?! Whether it’s on campus or in the city of London, there is social of some sort, or a poetry reading, or a sporting event happening! I can’t even sit in my bed and watch Netflix anymore without feeling utterly lazy and guilty. I actually want to do things with my life now, instead of getting too emotionally involved in fictional ones. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

8. Spoke bagels

I will fully admit I have a problem controlling myself around the bagels from “The Spoke”. I don’t know what they throw in them behind the scenes, but it’s something that keeps me coming back every week, sometimes more than once! Not only are they kind of pricey but, bagels equal bread, which equal carbs, which results in our lovely friend the freshman fifteen AFTER freshman year. Whatever will power I had has officially been destroyed by your bagels, so thanks for that.

9. The overwhelming sense of spirit

Purple and white! Purple and white! Whenever I go home, my family literally has to shut me up when I start talking about Western. It’s like I’m brainwashed to go on and on and on about it, especially to people to who go other schools. I wont even hear them out, Western is the best. Period. Oh, you go to Queens? Sorry, I don’t think I am legally allowed to associate with you during the eight-month school year, yet I am, illogically, and completely okay with that. “Purple pride” is real, and boy is it overpowering.

10. I barely recognize myself sometimes

Not on the outside, but on the inside. There are times when I simply have no idea why I made certain decisions. What made me make them in the first place? Am I growing up? Am I changing? Do the two coincide? Despite wanting an answer, I don’t think there is one. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I don’t think anyone else does either. The confusion drives me insane, but I can’t help but think that maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  

Western, you are officially ruining my life as I know it one day at a time, yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Ten Weirdest Traditions at Western

1. Dying Eng Purple

Engineering is one of the most unforgiving and difficult programs at Western, so Eng is generally given some creative license. So, every year during orientation week, the engineering department dyes everyone purple. They get a head to toe makeover. The showers in residence have dye all over them for weeks after.

2. Engineering Pumpkin Drop

And it’s not just body dye that the engineers get up to, there’s also a yearly pumpkin drop to support Western’s Engineers Without Borders. It’s an amazingly fun event that every student should take a break to go check out!

3. Broughdale

Every year, without fail, Western students will head out to Broughdale to celebrate homecoming. For some reason, no other street will do, Broughdale is just the place to be if you want to party.

4. Sledgehammer Bingo at the Ceeps

Basically, if you go out The Ceeps on a Tuesday night, you’re probably going to be playing bingo. And if you win, you get to take a sledgehammer and smash up some fruit. It’s something you didn’t know you needed in your life until right now.

5. UC Selfie

The university college building

Western has a beautiful campus, and perhaps one of its most iconic buildings is University College. And at some point during every Western student’s career, they will take a picture with it. It gives you that quintessential “Western” image, plus it makes every photo 100x better.

6. Spoke Beer Tour

The Spoke is one of the most popular places to eat on campus, but it also offers an extremely wide array of drinks as well. The Spoke has a “beer tour of the world” that includes everywhere from England to Australia to Slovenia.

7. Rick night at The Spoke

the spoke at uwo

Wednesday night is Rick night at the Spoke. Every week, Western students head over to listen to the man, the myth, the legend.

8. Intramural Purple Shirt

If you thought sports weren’t competitive enough before, imagine awarding a coveted prize to the best team in an intramural league. At Western, that prize is the Purple Shirt, and it brings intramurals to a whole other level.

9. CLT

The CLT is not just a food. You may think that it’s just chicken, lettuce, and tomato, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the holy grail of food at Western.

10. UC tobogganing

a child tobogganing with his father

Back in my parents’ day, you could grab a tray from the cafeteria and go sledding down UC Hill. And you can still do that today! Some things change, but some awesome, weird Western traditions will always stay the same.

10 of the Coolest Courses at Western University

If you are looking for some cool classes at Western University, well…look no furthur! UWO is home to some of the most spirited and hard-working students. It is one of the most welcoming campuses with classes for everyone. Here are 10 of the Coolest Courses at Western University.

1. ENGLISH 2092F – The Many Faces of Harry Potter

Being a muggle can be boring sometimes so why not visit Platform 9 ¾ and escape to the wonderful world of wizardry in a course all about Harry Potter. Keeping up with readings is usually difficult but you are probably ahead of the game in this course as the list consists just of the book series plus a few more popular reads. If you are a potterhead, you will find this bird course riddikulus-ly awesome!

2. HISTORY 3707F/G – The Business of Wine

Everything gets a little bit better with wine… Including class. This course explores the classic beverage in all aspects from its role in history, the production and also the business side of the art. Definitely a course where you can use what you learn to impress your friends. So wine not take this fun course?

3. MIT 3282F/G – Comic Book Culture: From Pulp Fiction to Post Modern Legitimacy

Reading gets a lot easier when its accompanied by colourful pictures and minimal text. Take this course to learn all about the history of comic books, how they were transformed into film, as well as their overall aesthetic.

4. FILM 2159A/B – Disney

The name of this course says enough. Fly away with us to Neverland and relive your childhood dreams. A course all about the art of Disney films as well as the powerful meanings beneath each. What’s better than falling in love with your favourite characters all over again and getting graded for it. So are you Aladdin or are you Aladdout?

5. FILM 2166A/B – Zombie Film

Do you ever feel like a walking zombie going to class? Well in this class, you’d fit right in. This course discusses the phenomenon found in filmmakers’ interest in this horror genre as well as the issues they present. Definitely an interesting and fun course to take!

6. DANCE 2270A/B – Dance Improvisation

Lectures can get boring when all you do is sit in your hard chair for 3 hours and stare at a screen. But not in this class! In this fun course, you are encouraged to get up on your feet and dance! This creative class is all about feeling the music and letting your body follow along with spontaneity.

7. PSYCH 2075 – Human Sexuality

This course is bringing sexyback to learning. It explores all things related to sex – attraction, sexual orientation, anatomy, theory, sexual health, and even pornography. So get ready for a sexier version of “the birds and the bees.”

8. HISTORY 2188A/B – Pirates

Ahoy matey! Sail with us in this course and learn about how pirates. From the history of pirates to modern day piracy, you’ll get hooked onto these ocean thieves.

9. MUSIC 1102A/B – Listening to Music

Can’t leave the house without your headphones? Do you feel incomplete without an earbud in? Are you always caught with headphones in your ears perhaps even during lectures? Well this class requires you to do so. Listening to music is all about… well… listening to music. Through this easy class, you acquire active listening skills to enhance your overall music listening experience. You’ll be coming Bach for this bird course.

10. PSYCH 2020A – Drugs and Behaviour

Let’s be blunt, this course is like no other. Alcohol, caffeine, opiates, stimulants, and more are joint together to bring this course to you. From previous use as well as current use of the drug to the psychological and behavioural effects it has, this course uncovers every aspect of various drugs. At your next family dinner when your parents ask you what you are learning at school, be sure to mention this course.

Become a Notetaker at UWO

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Notetaker at UWO on OneClass.com. Since 2010, students have submitted their notes and study guides. OneClass is an online education platform serving hundreds of thousands of post-secondary students at UWO. Every day, we help university students achieve their potential and excel in their scholastic careers by providing them with study resources they need to succeed. Thousands of students have collectively saved countless hours in studying for exams

Who are we looking for:

We’re looking for top students with a knack for taking lecture notes and making quality study guides for midterms and exams. If you are looking for a job this semester while attending school, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.


Upload your lecture notes on a daily basis, as well as your past notes from courses completed in the last semester. Plain and simple! You are required to ensure top quality content and organization. You can upload typed or hand written notes.

What do you get:

-Help others and give back to the community
-Build your resume
-Receive a letter and certificate of recognition

You can apply to become 2 types of Note Takers:

1. Good Student Note Taker ($450/course)

2. Elite Note Taker (Pay Varies depending on course) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us here

10 Ways to Kick Butt at the University of Western Ontario

The smell of the upcoming school year is a midst, and causing a lot of students to panic for the upcoming school year. Although school is known to be stressful, these 10 steps can really help the transition into the new year very simple, easy and stress free! Learn to start that new college school year off right!

1. Mentally Prepare Yourself

Don’t psyche yourself out now because of the slowly approaching school year, however, learn to train your brain into thinking and believing that everything is going to be alright, you got this, and it is all going to run as smoothly as possible. Making sure that you’re positive thinking, is extremely important in order for a new school year to run off on a good start. Beginning a new chapter in the College book can be very intimidating, stressful, and confusing to students (especially new ones). Although, all the bad stuff could immediately be avoided by just heading into the new year with your head up high and positive, healthy thinking. Learn to be open to new things and tell yourself that you got this!

2. Make checklists

Checklists are very important when it comes to keeping organized and maintaining a stress free environment. Making lists are helpful for almost everything, including your dorm room necessities, school supplies, new wardrobe, as well as other basic needs. Creating a checklist for the school year really helps with cutting out the things you don’t really need versus the important things a college student needs. Not only can you save a lot of money with making lists, you can also save a truckload of time, effort, and stress, because who wants all that when you’re starting a new year of school!

3. Be a Social Butterfly

Many people say that the first two to three weeks of the school year is the most important when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. It is essential for new students to be a social butterfly during the first transition into the school year, because it is prime time to not only meet those in your dorm, but also in your classes, cafeterias, or even new clubs. It is a great deal to make yourself known (of course, in a good way), so the transition into the new school year runs smoothly and easily. So do not be nervous to put yourself out there, to join clubs, intramural sports, or even talking to those around you!

4. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Of course everyone has their own comfort levels and zones, however college has countless opportunities for students to be apart of and be the best possible person that they could be! It is viable that you reach a little out of your comfort zone, in order to get the greatest college experience you could get. Joining new clubs, sports teams, intriguing classes, volunteering, or even sports events, are a great way to meet new people, make new friends, be apart of your school and showing spirit! Furthermore, it is also important that you maintain control over timeliness between the social atmosphere and school work!

5. Check your routes!

It is extremely essential for a student to get familiar with their campus and the prime locations where they will be spending most of their time throughout the school year. It is very important to learn and understand your routes from your dorm, to all your classes, the bookstore, teachers offices/ buildings, food locations (cafeterias, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, etc.), to the campus libraries, recreation centers, and etc. It is also important for students to understand and get familiar with the shuttle stops and routes around campus to not only make your traveling easy, but also stress free and quick. Another great tip is to learn the bus stops and routes around the city, to help you easily get around town.

6. Brush up on your intelligence

Ahh, sweet summer is quickly coming to an end, and so is the laziness as well as all the forgotten knowledge it brings. It is not required for you to brush up on your school knowledge (from the school year prior), however it is extremely recommended for a student to prepare themselves for the upcoming school year by reviewing what they previously learned the year before, in order to make the transition into the next year stress-free, easy, breezy and beautiful… student life. It is recommended not only by your teachers or administration to review your already attained knowledge, but also by other students. Walking into a new year, with knowledge completely forgotten from the past few months of not practicing or retaining the information, it could be very confusing and stressful for students in their continuing classes, and could also create a lot of students to not start of well. So, spend a few hours every few days, reviewing your past material from the last school year, in order for you to start the next school year right!

7. Take what you need/ Budgets!

It can not be said enough, it is most important for all students (especially in college) to learn about their budget for the upcoming school year, so that they don’t end up surviving on cup of noodles or ramen, easy mac and Dominos. Before the school year starts, learn about what you can do to save money, earn money, and how to use it during the year. For example, create different budgets regarding grocery money, basic necessities/ supplies, food, books, and etc. It is also important that you purchase and bring (from home or previous living space) things that you really need, and cut out unnecessary things.

8. Start looking for jobs (if interested)

If you are a returning college student, it may be in your preference to find a job and earn money to support yourself throughout the upcoming school year. Many colleges and universities have countless jobs on campus that they provide for students in order to make some money while they go to school! Before the school year starts, it could be extremely helpful to start looking and applying for on campus or nearby campus jobs now before the rush and high demand starts once school begins.

9. Eat well, Sleep well.. zzz…

Maintaining a great sleeping schedule and diet can be a great tip when it comes to starting off anything with a great boost. Create a diet and sleeping schedule to your preference and best ability so that you are more energetic and sharp minded throughout the day! Not only can this help you have a great start to the upcoming school year, it also prevents stress and creates a smooth, healthy transition for students.

10. Get excited!

Although summer is ending, and the school season is starting, that is no reason to be glum about returning to your beloved University. Not only will you see your returning friends (if you are returning as well), but you will also be given countless opportunities given to you by your own college to meet new people, discover things about yourself, and be the best you can be as a person mentally, morally, and with your growing intelligence!

The Tale of the University of Western’s Saugeen Stripper

Saugeen-Maitland Hall is a coed students’ residence located at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. It houses approximately 1252 students and is the largest student residence on campus and one of the largest in North America.

“Saugeen”, as commonly referred to by Western students, is responsible for Western’s reputation as one of the biggest “party” universities in North America.

In 2005, one 18-year-old student decided to perform stripteases in the residence, while also allowing photographs to be taken.  She became infamously known as the “Saugeen Stripper”.

As a result of the photographs being leaked across the internet, many Canadian and American media outlets started to pick up on the story. The publicity sparked discussion about how much control high learning institutions have over what happens in their residences.

If you are interested about reading more about the Saugeen Stripper, here are some additional articles that you can read:


10 Reasons Why Western is Better Than Queen’s

Western is an amazing institution, but more than that it is a home. It is a beautiful place and in comparison wipes all other institutions off the map, including Queen’s University. This is why:

1. SPIRIT and PARTYING Western has an insane amount of school spirit and everyone knows it, even Playboy. Everyone who is a mustang is proud to be a mustang. Playboy ranked Western #4 out of the top ten schools in North America. They were judged based on their spirit, partying, and academic excellence. It is the only Canadian University to make the list. Western works hard to play hard. This was important to me as it means that I can get involved and show off my school pride.

2. London versus Kingston. London is known as a partying city but it also offers more opportunity. It is a larger city, giving hustle and bustle, but also offers solace for those who prefer quieter areas. London is also very accepting of its universities and its students. Kingston is a smaller city, leaving fewer opportunities for students. It has also been noted that the city of Kingston is not well receptive to all of the students joining their population for 8 months out of the year.

3. Residences. Residences at Western were rated above those of Queen’s. Many people who have come from Queen’s suggest not staying in residence. Many had noise or cleanliness complaints and that the showers were frequently cold due to a lack of hot water. One admin at Queen’s suggested for a student to not stay at residence as they received so many complaints. Residence is super important to me as it is where I will be spending the next year of my life if not four, so I want it to be my home.

4 Scholarships. Western has many opportunities for financial aid. In their first letters sent out to those applying at Western they mention that they will help you receive the aid you need for school. Apparently, Queen’s is very stingy with their scholarships and bursaries making it harder for students to go to their school.

5. Community. Many feel like Western is more of a community than an institution and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. There is something for everyone at Western, there are options for every single person so that they can be involved and feel like they are part of the community. While many at Queen’s find the people arrogant and privileged. People found that Queen’s had a very preppy feeling due to the people that attend there, while Western has people from all classes. Many people feel as though there is more culture at Western than at Queen’s as various types of people attend Western. I chose Western as I wanted to feel like I was part of a family, not just a school.


6. Huron, Brescia, King’s. These are the three schools associated with Western. This allows for more programs to be provided to Western students and also allows for various classes to be provided. There is also the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry as well as the Ivey Business School. These allow for multiple opportunities to Western students, giving them a leg up in the real world in comparison to other schools.

7. Food. Many of the cafes of Western are frequently busy and provide quality food, not only that it has its own small grocery store in its main student centre. The campus has multiple opportunities for eating and it is all fairly decent food. Queen’s students have suggested that eating cafeteria food is not a regular occurrence that they want. They find that unless it’s decorated for an event, they should not enter the cafeteria.


8. Global Opportunities. Western offers many opportunities to experience the world. There are more than 500 active research collaborations in every continent. There is opportunity to study in more than 36 countries, in over 115 institutions. This allows for student to see the world and expand their knowledge at the same time.

9. Faculty. Western is one of the top 100 employers. They have award winning staff and faculty. Western is determined to give you the best of the best, give you the best experience and education possible, including their teaching staff.

10. Mascots. Last, but not least we have a much better mascot than Queen’s. Boo Hoo the Bear versus JW the Mustang. Their names speak for themselves.