10 Hardest Courses at the University of West Florida

The University of West Florida is a well-known public university located in Pensacola, Florida, United States. This University was established in 1963 to provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate education, conduct teaching and research that services the body of knowledge, and contribute to the needs of professions and society. They offer varieties of incredible courses at both graduate and undergraduate level. Here are the top 10 hardest courses offered at the University of West Florida.

1. MAR 4324 – Integrated Marketing Communications

Different types of Integrated Marketing Communications

This course examines the principles of advertising, sales promotion, and related tools within the context of the overall marketing communications program. It requires 5 hours of rigorous lectures per week. tudents must memorize their lecture notes in order to pass this course.

2. ANT 3015 – Forensics in the Media

A man checking out CCTV footage

This course provides students with relevant learning experiences focusing on the standard methods and techniques of forensic science and how it is inaccurately portrayed in popular media. It also dispels CSI related myths in popular media, while learning about the multidisciplinary science behind real crime scene investigations. Students are usually given hard projects towards the end of the course.

3. BCH 3033 – Biochemistry I

picture of a pipette

This course deals with the classification, function, and chemistry of proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids and the smaller molecules from which they are derived. Topics covered include conformational properties of biomolecules, enzyme kinetics and mechanisms, allosterism and cooperativity. The laboratory section is the hardest part of this course.

4. BCN 2405  – Statics and Strength of Materials

A long bridge constructed over a very wide river.

This course analyzes the strength of structural elements for buildings, bridges and specialized structures that utilize steel and timber and concrete. This course covers the statics of particles, rigid bodies, friction, and strengths of materials such as wood, steel and concrete. The calculations of the strength of materials in this course are very difficult.

5. CEN 4078 – Secure Software Development

secure software represented with a cartoon image

This course examines the importance of building security into the design, implementation and testing phases of software development. It also covers coding techniques that avoid known vulnerabilities and test strategies that can uncover previously unknown weaknesses. This course is highly technical and very hard because of the difficult advanced coding involved.

6. ECO 3504 – Public Policy

picture of puzzle piece with word public on it placed on blank space called policies

This course examines the role of the public sector in the economy. The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the reasons for government intervention in the economy, the extent of that intervention, and how government actions affect the economy including the response of private agents to these actions. Students are required to know the material from previous classes to be successful in this one.

7. AST 3222 – Introduction to Astrophysics

the beautiful universe showing the planets and the sun

This course deals with a comprehensive survey of the universe in relation to Seasons, tides, eclipses. The solar system will also be treated as a major part of this course. The hardest part of this course is the difficulty in translating what is being taught in the classroom to the real world.

8. FIN 3144 – Financial Planning with Business Applications

puzzle being made with word financial on last piece being placed on blank spot with word planning

This course covers the business applications and considerations that owners and employees in various industries face. Furthermore, this course considers a variety of consumer financial issues for personal household management. The concept of this course is very difficult to comprehend.

9. PHY 4604 – Quantum Theory I

graphic illustration of quantum theory

This course covers the theory of quantum mechanics. This theory is the foundations of modern physics and is an introduction to the main concepts and tools for applying quantum mechanics to a variety of different problems. This course is totally abstract and there’s absolutely nothing you can relate it to. Many students end up failing it.

10. GLY 4240 – Geochemistry

natural reaction taking place on the land

The fundamentals of the interactions between geological and chemical concepts in Earth systems are discussed in this course. Students will assess how chemical properties influence geological and environmental processes in a range of Earth environments. Topics will include the application of geochemical tools to interpret modern and ancient environments. Students will spend money, time, and energy on field trips and they might still not have good grades at the end of the semester.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at the University of West Florida

Being in college and eating dining hall food can be such a drag. It can be fun to change up what you eat and where to go on a daily basis while on campus. Searching for new and exciting college cafes, and restaurants near campus can also show students unique and quietly kept places of their college down. Here is a list that students at the University of West Florida can use as a guide to check out new food options!

1. Carmelina’s Coffee

This cafe is one of the most popular breakfast spots close to campus. They serve famous danishes that everyone buzzes about, alongside fresh juices. They also have a fairly wide price range of foods to choose from. The style of this cafe is really cool and unique which is why a lot of people enjoy coming here!

How customers react feel if their coffee isn't from here.

2. Boneheads

Boneheads is a very popular eatery that serves food from breakfast till dinner, has excellent fish, and drinks that customers rave about! This restaurant is reasonably priced which is great being so close to campus. The food is really tasty and the waitstaff is said to be so friendly!

What customers look like when eating here.

3. Nautilus Market and Grill

This restaurant, cafe duo serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch for students and locals. Found right outside of campus, this super uniquely decorated cafe leaves for great picture opportunities too. They are also very accommodating with any allergies, or lifestyle diet choices like being vegetarian. 

Image of a delicious seasoned chicken sandwich.

4. Bistro Blue

The Bistro Blue is an awesome place for students to chill and hangout while in a unique, food truck setting. They have a variety of food such as vegetarian friendly, vegan Options, gluten free options. Any student can come here and find something they love. It is even ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

Fresh healthy salad made.

5. Drowsy Poet Coffee Co.

The Drowsy Poet Coffee Co. is an awesome place for students to relax and hangout while in a quaint, coffee shop setting. They have a variety of food and drinks for anyone who wants to sit down and study. Any student can come here and find something they love. It is even ranked 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

Quaint little coffee shop image.

6. Smoothie King

The Smoothie King is just what students are looking for if they are on a health kick and are craving smoothies! Made from all local, organically grown products, this cafe truly uses the healthiest ingredients. All food on the menu is gluten, dairy, soy, free and paleo, all while tasting amazing!

Refreshing smoothie bowl image.

7. Mugs and Jugs

This local pub very close to campus is the place to be when it comes to nightlight. Students come here on the weekend to meet up with friends and have a good time. Aside from the nightlife bar scene, their food is said to be amazing and games can be played while hanging out too!

Cocktails made at a bar.

Overall, these are just a few of the restaurants and cafes around campus for students to check out. Exploring different places can be so exciting and fun. Getting off campus can also be a treat, so try one of these places to dine and enjoy it!

Jobs for College Students at UWF

Are you an University of West Florida student currently seeking job opportunities on campus? Take a look at this list for interesting positions that are available year-round. Reach out to departments for more information or specific jobs for more information!

1. Cashier

Female cashier in a supermarket

Do you have previous cashier experience or want to learn in a customer service position? Working in the bookstore, dining hall or ticketing office will allow you to use perform duties including receiving cash and checks, counting money, issuing refunds, and preparing basic financial reports. It’s a great job where you can advance your communication skills.

2. Laboratory Aide

Person handling files

AS a laboratory aide, you can be assigned to a faculty member to help with research. You’ll assist with setting up and taking down equipment, cleaning up work areas after experiments/activities, and so much more. This is a great opportunity for students who want to continue working in research related positions.

3. Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant speaking with student

If you love working with people and being in a leadership position, being a Resident Assistant would be perfect for you! As a Resident Assistant, you have the responsibility of monitoring the residence halls. You will be the resource person for the residents while creating a safe and secure residential environment.

4. Student Assistant

People in the library

The UWF Libraries are always looking for students interested in working in their many areas. You can work in either the Main Library, Emerald Coast Library, Special Collections, and the Curriculum Library in their public and technical service departments. The assistants help out in many areas as well as the students that come in everyday.

5. Athletics Student Photographer

Photographers in the football field

Student photographers have the chance to photograph home events, help with the photo archiving system, and have their images posted on social media platforms. It’s a great job to have if you want to increase your photography portfolio.

6. Athletics Ticketing Coordinator

Person handling tickets for an event

Are you interested in the ticketing office for athletic events? Working with the Athletics Department will give you the chance to work at home sporting events by assisting with game day ticket sales and having the opportunity to interact with student-athletes, coaches, donors, and fans.

7. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

?10 Coolest Courses at the University of West Florida

The University of West Florida is a public institution that is found in Ferry Pass, Florida in the Pensacola region. It is a medium-sized public university which has a minimum admission of about 7,153 undergraduate students. It has an acceptance rate of 41% which can be considered to be fairly competitive. All this put under consideration, UWF can be termed as an above-average public University. Let us know look at the coolest courses at this college.

1. COM 4110- Business and Professional Communication

communication skills

The hype associated with this course once the students graduate from the college sees many of the students going for it. The status bestowed on being media houses anchors, editors, show’s hosts, and many more, which puts many of them in the social limelight encourages them more. The lectures are ever cool and easy as they lecture on communication skills in the job and on maintaining relationships.

2. PEM 2127- Pilates

Pilates by studying each individual movement.

The course is always full of fun and from being enrolled you are ensured to get a minimum of 3 credits by being part of it. Students learn all about Pilates by studying each individual movement. It equips students with the latest skills needed in the job market as the best Pilate instructors. Practical practice is also involved as you learn which makes it more exciting.

3. CIS 3512- Software Documentation

basics of software system

Students will get the chance to know the basics of software systems and how to create Software. The course can be studied over the internet and it is always easy. The notes are easy to read and manage. All the time students spend in this class is worthy their fees.

4. ENC 1102- English Composition II


The course focuses on analyzing the diverse genres of English. The course is mainly an introductory one. The lecturers who teach this course are ever fun and will take the students in the best way on how to go about writing for diverse groups. It is so exciting for the new students and easy too.

5. CGS 3604-Applications of  Information Technology

technology has impacted

Deals with learning how technology has impacted on the business, science, education, and all the other worlds. The students have an opportunity to learn and enquire about the course from their lecturers through emails.

6. SLS 1109- Foundations of Academic Success.

 involves assisting the students in adapting

The course involves assisting the students in adapting to the college way of life. It is so easy but so important at the same time. Most of the students get grade A even without having to strain for it. It teaches the new students on how they can handle the college life and what to expect while in the university.

7. HLP 4722- Health/Physical Education for Elementary School Teachers

physical education

The students in this class are taught skills that they need as teachers for grades K-8. It is a perfect class for anyone interested in teaching. The lecturers are ever hands-on and tend to spoon feed the skills to their students and all that is in the upcoming exams. This prepares the students fully for their exams and minimizes the effort required to study for the same.

8. TSL 4081- Teaching English to ESOL students

This makes such students stand out from the rest.

Do you fancy speaking a second language?! In this class you will be taught how to have English as your second language. At your own pleasure you can enroll for this unit during the summer! So, cool right?

9. BSC 1005- General Biology for Non-Majors

major is subjected to intensive study and research about the environment

Even with the smallest interest in biology this class will be fun to be enrolled in. the tutors are ever easy and fun to listen to. Tests happen once in a week. This becomes more exciting by being offered extra credits at later stages of the course.

10.ANT 4190- Historic Preservation in Archaeology


It has the easiest assignments and throughout the coursework you will be guided by the study guides. The lecturers are ever experienced in this field which is a sure way to be assisted in this unit.

Feel at home and welcome at UWF to enroll in any of these coolest courses they offer.  Going for the listed courses is a good and easy way to improve your GPA. Just visit a website for more information or visit the University personally.

Top 10 Resources at the University of West Florida

University of West Florida (UWF)  has two libraries, but students can still access others near the university. All students have access to the catalog materials held by all the libraries. Here are some of the resources you can expect.

1. Interlibrary loan

interlibrart loan graphic

Although the libraries have a wealth of both electronic and print materials for easy research and study, there are some which have to be borrowed from other libraries that act as intermediaries. The librarians are always helpful in the retrieving of materials through intercampus of interlibrary loan.

2. Databases

database graphic

Here, students can expect journal articles indexed in an A-Z list, books, reports, conference proceedings, among other publications. Some offer abstracts and citations, while others are available in full text. There are databases that contain statistics, financial data, and images.

3. Tutorials

students using computer in library

The purpose of the tutorials is to help UWF students get familiar with the study materials and collections the libraries have.  The tutorials include web-based tools, research guides, and videos. Tutorials are run throughout the year.

4. Textbooks Reserves Program

stack of books on shelves

Textbooks reserves can be borrowed and checked out for two hours without any renewals. Before the student borrows the book again, it has to be placed on the shelf for at least an hour to give others an opportunity. The textbook reserves may not be allowed to leave the building. Students must show the Nautilus card when borrowing the books.

5. Circulating Collection

a bunch of music books

The libraries have floors dedicated for circulation. Some have a collection of music scores and paperback collections for students who only need to read fun materials. Others only have juvenile books, and the students can also get theses and dissertations for postgraduate.

6. Reserves

collection of CDs and DVDs

The libraries have reserve collections containing materials with high circulation restrictions. Some of these include CDs, audio-books, DVDs, materials with multi-media components, and high demand materials.

7. Workshops

library workshop word cloud

Workshops are available for all UWF students, the staff, and the faculty. They are open for at least one hour. However, students are allowed to stay after the session for further assistance.

8. Reserved Workspaces

library workspace

The libraries have several collaborative workspaces available for students. However, some of them have to be reserved for about an hour or two for group and individual study.

9. Reference Desk

library front desk

UWF libraries have reference desks where students can access the right resources under the help of the librarians. Students are also given access to library collections, expertise, and multiple sources.

10. Consultation Appointments

consultation happening

Students are given access to consultation appointments with librarians and professors to aid in their research and general study.

Top Libraries at University of West Florida

1. Pensacola Campus/John C. Pace Library

Pensacola Campus/John C. Pace Library

This library is home to over 1.7 million microform pieces, 858,102 volumes, and electronic serials subscriptions. This library is also a regional depository of government publications belonging to Florida and the US.

2. Emerald Coast Instructional Site Library

Emerald Coast Instructional Site Library

This library is home to at least 27,000 volumes of print and digital serials subscriptions. Students in the library are given access to electronic resources including journals, e-books, and databases.

3. West Florida Genealogy Branch Library

West Florida Genealogy Branch Library

This library that is off-campus houses non-circulating collection of genealogical and historical resources. Here, students can get research answers from society volunteers.

4. Century Branch Library

Century Branch Library

This is easy to access for the university students. It offers a good quiet studying environment for individuals.

5. Westside Branch Library

Westside Branch Library

This library is located inside the Theophalis May resource Center. It has public computers with internet access, computer lab, and private study rooms.


Top 10 Majors at University of West Florida

The University of West Florida is a mid-sized public university located in Pensacola, Florida, United States. The school services around 10,000 students and is fairly hard to get into. The acceptance rate is 42%. Here are 10 of the top majors offered.

1. Accounting and Finance

a person going over charts

As someone who is going into the major of accounting and finance, this is meant for those students who are looking to do jobs that require a heavy handle on business math and being able to give financial advice or tax advice.

2. Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

people visiting a plane

A person who does this major is open to many different jobs in the field. As someone in global hospitality it gives people a chance to know what it takes to service customers from all over the world. If you do tourism management you can work for a travel agency and give guides to people who are not from the area.

3.  Marketing

 a horn with a light bulb

If you are looking for a degree that is one that is fast paced an always changing then marketing if your best bet. Marketing and the respective classes in the major will teach you how to confidently and professionally talk to people about products and services.

4. Supply Chain Logistics

a truck unloading boxes

When someone goes into supply chain logistics they are in a field that requires them to know the process at which items are going through. This means all the steps that it goes from such as ordering raw product all the way to when it hits the hands of the consumer.

5. Music

 splatter paint with music notes

The major of music not only teaches you the resources that are most helpful in expanding your musical talent, but it also gives you the history of when music and its origins came from and where it changed throughout the years to modern age.

6. History

an old historical map

The major of history is one that allows students to learn about different significant time frames as well as the events and major people who changed history. If you are looking to be a historian or teach a class on history this is the major for you.

7. Philosophy

a statue of a person thinking

The major of philosophy deals with mostly knowing the side of argumentation when it comes to ethics . Once you do the major it opens you up to being able to be a business adviser on ethical best practices or teaching it to students.

8. English

 people holding the letters english

Understanding the English Language is about being able to write in such a way that allows for your message to be easily understood. Those who major in English are able to be teachers for those who are of different countries looking to learn the language.

9. Nursing

 nurse students working on a dummy

The school has a great program when it comes to nursing. If you are interested in nursing you have access to extensive in classroom training as well as clinical that give you hands on training(clinical are working on different hospital floors).

10. Social Work

 a hand with hearts

As a social worker it is a job that is both physically and mentally demanding. The major prepares you for a field that asks students to come into a job knowing that patients will not always be easy, but your job is to provide your insight to help remedy the situation. Being a listening ear sometimes is all it takes.

University of West Florida is a great school that has a smaller class size for its lectures which allows students to feel truly immersed with the content and their professors. The school has a wide variety of different majors and these 10 different ones are worth checking out.

Top 10 Clubs at University of West Florida

The University of West Florida, is a mid-sized public university located in Pensacola, Florida, United States. The school has about 9,800 students. The chances of getting into the school is fairly hard. The acceptance rate is under 50%. Here are 10 Clubs at University of West Florida.

1. UWF’s Animal Rights Alliance

 a picture of a scared bird in hay

The animal rights alliance is a group on campus that is committed to doing good for the community and for themselves. They are an activist group for animals and seek to show others the benefits of a plant-based diet as well as info about how animals are mistreated.

2. Eating Disorders Anonymous

 tape measure around a fork

If you or a friend is suffering from losing weight or binge eating(bored eating also counts) make sure to have your voice heard. The road to recovery is a tough one but with other people telling their stories of hardship it is possible.

3. Pi Kappa Alpha

 the greek letters for pi kappa alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha was first founded with the name PIKE (nickname) at the University of Virginia as a college fraternity. It is a group that is open to all students and strives to do philanthropic service to help the community. The organization has over 225 chapters.

4. Life Campus Ministry

 the word of god and a bible under it

Life Campus Ministry is a group on campus that is looking to reach the diverse students of the school. The group is committed to being a guide to faith and spirituality. If you are looking for a close college bond with the lord consider this group.

5. Campus Activity Board

pictures that are symbols such as a calculator and a guitar

The Campus Activity Board is a group on campus that holds large events for the whole student body in mind. The events are open to all and is a great hands on experience for those who want to work with event management and are good with people.

6. Alpha Chi Omega

 greek letters for alpha chi omega with a harp in background

Alpha Chi Omega is a philanthropic minded sorority group. Their philanthropy that they support is domestic violence awareness. The group uses fundraising , tablings, and service projects to have their voices be heard.

7. UWF Gaming Club

 smash characters such as pikachu and charizard

Are you a gamer at heart? Looking for a group of people who will be able to appreciate the game as much as you? Look no further to gaming club! This group on campus plays a variety of games and holds campus wide events such as Smash 4 tournaments and D&D campaigns.

8. Intervarsity

 intervarsity in bold blue lettering christian fellowship in yellow

Intervarsity is a nondenominational christian fellowship on campus. This means that the group is committed to leading students to Christ but does not base their beliefs on any ONE religious sector. If you seek to learn and worship the lord join Intervarsity.

9. Mathematics Association

 a math tutor helping a student

This group of students are made up of people who enjoy and or are in the major of math. The group helps the school by being students who are tutors of math or proctors for mathematic test examinations. The association is great hands on experience in the math field.

10. Al Research Group

 a coffee cup with smoke coming out logo for java

Are you a undergrad or graduate student who seeks to learn about Al? Al is a programming tool that will help you. If you are studying computer science or cyber security this will be for you. The group touches on Java, Python, and C/C++ programming.

Top Events of the School Year at University of West Florida

1. SOLD Workshop

 people in light blue holding hands with a dark blue person(the leader)

The SOLD workshop stands for Student Organization Leadership Development workshop. This workshop is meant for one representative from each club to come to this event and learn about the key elements of leadership within a club(most likely is the president).

2. Bake Sale

 vegan zucchini bread and coffee

The UWF’s Animal Rights Alliance group is hosting a bake sale of delicious vegan baked goods and treats. If you haven’t tasted for yourself the difference of vegan baked goods here is your chance. Make sure to stop on by.

3. Eating Disorders Anonymous Weekly Meeting

 a scale representation of what someone thinks about weight in themselves

The weekly meetings are put on by the group eating disorders anonymous. The event occurs every Saturday from the hours of 6p.m.-7p.m. This is a great way to come check out what the group has to offer as well as share your story.

4. Fireman’s Challange

a firetruck with a dolmatian dog on it

The Fireman’s Challenge is a philanthropic event that is occurring to help raise funds for the MCV Foundation to support the Evans-Haynes Burn Center. The center is there to raise funds for medical supplies for burn victims. Consider donating for this great event.

5. Poetry Night

 the word poetry and other letters coming out of a pencil

This event is put on by the group LIFE Campus Ministry. This is event that help the students get to know the group as well as involve community engagement. If you have a poem or spoken word that you would like to share feel free to.

Top 10 Dorms at the University of West Florida

A great way to be successful at School is by choosing a good dorm. This is one of the most important decisions that you have to make in college. Here are the top 10 dorms at the University of West Florida!

1. Martin Hall

The first option that you have is Martin Hall. This is an all-freshman dorm on campus. If you live here, you’ll be in good hands.

Martin building

Address: N/A

2. Argo Hall

Argo Hall is another first year Residence Hall. There are always things events going on here to help you get involved. This allows you to make the most of your education. 

Argo building

Address: 925 Service Rd 

3. Pace Hall

If you want a little more peace and quiet, you need to check out Pace Hall. This dorm is located on the very edge of campus. This gives you less hassle. 

Pace area

Address: N/A

4. Junior Suites

The Junior Suites is a great complex that you have access to. The rooms are much bigger here. That adds even more convenience to your education. 

Junior suite

Address: N/A

5. Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall has a lot to offer to you as a student. The main reason why this is a good place to live is it’s location on campus. You are right in the heart of the action here. 

Heritage building

Address: N/A

6. Village West Apartments

If you need a bit more freedom, you can live at the Village West Apartments. The rooms are much bigger here. There are even fewer rules that you have to follow. 

Apartment complex

Address: Campus Dr. 

7. Village East Apartments

The sister building to Village West is Village East. There are some great amenities to enjoy here. Some examples include a swimming pool and laundry machines. 

Apartment complex

Address: Campus Dr. 

8. Presidents Hall

A very popular option is Presidents Hall. This is a building only for upperclassmen. This is also a coed space. 

Presidents building

Address: Campus Dr.

9. Fountains Apartments

A good off-campus option you have is Fountains Apartments. This is a large complex that will treat you well. 

Fountains Apartments

Address: 9975 University Pkwy 

10. Water’s Edge

Waters Edge is the cheapest option that you have. You will save a ton of money by living here. Although the price is low, you still have plenty of resources. 

university of west florida waters edge

Address: 2220 Gloria Cir

Here is your packing list for the University of West Florida 

1. Room basics 

a doormat

– Doormat
– sheets
– pillow
– mattress topper
– clothes

2. Food and drinks 

a cup of coffee

– Bottled water
– coffee
– cake
– fruit snacks
– bowls

3. Tech and Entertainment 

a computer

– Computer
– cell phone
– chargers
– extension cord
– tv
– Netflix

4. School supplies 

a red binder

– textbooks
– pencils
– pens
– binders
– folders

5. Cleaning and organization

a bottle of shampoo

– shampoo
– toothbrush
– paper towels
– wet wipes
– doormat

6. Campus Gear

a red backpack

– walking shoes
– backpack
– bike
– skateboard
– water bottle

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a small printer

– pets
– couch
– scanner
– printer
– space heater



10 Easiest Courses at UWF

Welcome to Pensacola, FL home of Argie the Argonaut! For the University of West Florida (UWF), their mascot is everything! In a school full of about 13,000 students you can see this warrior mascot everywhere.  Whether you are a student or know someone who is a student, this school is no joke despite having a pretty high acceptance rate (60%). Some classes will probably be the hardest you have ever taken and others will be a piece of cake.  Well, hopefully this article will help make those easier classes known to you!

1. COM 4110 – Business and Professional Communication

This class is really easy and the teacher is really chill.  However, you will have lots of presentations to make so you can learn to speak in front of an audience.  You will also learn how to communicate in your job and how to manage your relationships.Business analytics. 

2. HLP 4722 – Health/Physical Education for Elementary School Teachers

You will learn the skills needed to teach grades K-8.   This is a great class, but be aware that it is at night and there will be a lot of activities.  However, the teacher is really nice and will spoon feed you what is on the tests.A healthy strawberry. 

3. PEM 2127 – Pilates

Okay, I know what you are thinking, but this class is super fun and is worth 3 CREDITS!!! Students will learn to practice pilates by slowly go through each movement.   By the end of this class, you will have the information to become a pilates instructor if desired.  The only negative about this class as it’s not as hands-on as you would think and you do take notes.  On the positive side, if you wanted to go practice at home she will let the whole class out early.Girl prating pilates. 

4. SLS 1109 – Foundations for Academic Success

This course will help students get used to the university.  One of the easiest classes you can take, but also one of the most useful.  You can really float by and still get it an A.  Sometimes can get really boring, but is a really good class for freshman to get a taste as to what the university has to offer.A recent graduate. 

5. CIS 3512 – Software Documentation

Their are some prerequisites for this class, but this class introduces dives into the software system and how it has changed over the years.  You can also take this class online and its super easy! You will take away a lot, but the work is manageable and the time you will put it (although little) will be worth it!Bunch of computer language. 

6. TSL 4081 – Teaching English to ESOL Students

This course focuses on teaching English as a second language.  This course can even be taken in the summer.  You will learn a lot, but also get a very easy A.  You just need to make sure you are on top of the points and assignments, if you lose track it can get difficult.Basic English phrases. 

7. BSC 1005 – General Biology for Non-majors

This class is open to anyone that has a small interest in biology.  The professor is really nice and very interesting.  Quizzes are once a week, but don’t worry.  If you get a bad grade, extra credit will be offered later.Looking at the life of a snail. 

8. ENC 1102 – English Composition II

This is an introductory class that focuses on analyzing different genres.  The teacher is really fun and will teach you how to write for different audiences.  This is a great class for freshman and is pretty easy and definitely manageable!Journal to write compositions in. 

9. ANT 4190 – Historic Preservation in Archaeology

This class gives a review of laws regarding archaeology.  As long as you study the study guides than you are good! The assignments are also super easy and the professor really does know his stuff.  He will help you whenever you need it.Corinths in Greece 

10. CGS 3604 – Applications of Information Technology

In this class, you will look at how technology is applied in the business, science, education and many other worlds.  The teacher really isn’t that nice, but does respond to emails.  You will need the textbook, but the class is really easy! Final is hard but the rest of the tests are easy.A deep look at technology.Hopefully this all helped you decide some of your classes for next semester! While this classes, may be “easy” they are beneficial and will help boost your GPA.  They aren’t a waste of time and will really help destress your college experience.