Restaurants & Cafes for Students at UVA

If you are attending UVA and are looking for some local food joints the university offers, you’ve stepped upon the right article. UVA has dozens of food joints amongst its massive grounds. While there are plenty food chain places to eat, there are also many food joins that are mainly local to Charlottesville, which is what distinguishes the area from other universities. Listed below are several local restaurants and cafes for university students at UVA!

1. Bodos Bagels

If you are running a little late to class or hoping to get a bite to eat before your morning class at 10am, stop by Bodo’s Bagels. Bodo’s offers of course, fresh hot bagels and coffee, breakfast sandwiches for students to enjoy. Bodo’s is a New York-style breakfast joint that keeps up with the bustling life of its university students.

Bodo's Bagel store front in Charlottesville

2. Afghan Kabob

Afghan Kabob is one of the many low-key restaurants at UVA that students can enjoy. The restaurant is a tiny small eatery located on Barracks Road full of afghan specialties and kebabs. Many organizations at UVA are known for catering Afghan Kabob because of their popular, easy catering service.

Afghan Kabob logo

3. Corner Juice

The feel-good health eatery of Charlottesville, that attracts a significant amount of students. The Corner Juice is a healthy smoothie café that aims at promoting good health, wellness, and nutrition. What makes Corner Juice unique is that they have a yoga studio at the basement, so after having a healthy workout, you can go get yourself a fresh smoothie!

The Corner Juice restaurant

4. Roots

Another take on Cava-styled bowls. With all fresh ingredients, Roots is a quaint and cozy restaurant aiming to make Charlottesville all the more healthier. Popular amongst students on grounds, you’ll usually see a long line around the building of the restaurant- don’t worry it goes pretty fast.

Roots Natural Kitchen logo

5. Mellow Mushroom

This is the restaurant to go on a Friday evening if you’re looking for some unique fresh pizza. The hip pizza café serves creative pizzas, craft beer, and calzones. The location is close to grounds, perfect for a night out with friends.

Mellow Mushroom store front

6. The College Inn

If you’re looking for an afternoon grub, or it’s 3am and you’re finishing that 10-page Anthropology essay and needing a quick pick-me-up, The College Inn is the restaurant to go. Located on the Corner, College Inn is a Greek/Italian styled restaurant full of comfort foods to fulfill your hearts desire. The College Inn is a staple amongst Charlottesville and incredibly popular amongst UVA students.

College Inn store front in Charlottesville

7. Argo Tea

Last but not least, the tea place central right next to the chem building and the Engineering school. Argo tea offers gourmet teas, snacks and coffees perfect for students who want to study or chill between classes, or for students who are on the go. The café has a cool, modern feel and many artisan options for students to choose from.

Photo of the inside of Argo Tea

Once you come to UVA you will see that there is an incredible resource of big or small eateries to choose from. There are significantly more choices to choose from on this list, so there’s no need worry if you’re getting bored from one place. There’s always a new café to try that can make your experience all the more better.

Health and Wellness Services at UVA

As students, we go through many trials, physically, mentally, and emotional. Whatever issues they may be, there are many services offered on grounds to help combat such issues. The school promotes many of these services and urges students to use them whenever possible. As students, its important to take care of our health, which should be put ahead of everything else. Take a look at some of these health and wellness services at the University of Virginia below.

1. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Mental health is a large issue amongst students in college and often it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility thrown at us. UVA offers a service called CAPS that aid students who are going through stress, anxiety, depression, and several other health issues. It is a clinic on-grounds associated with the student health clinic  and aims to better the well-being of us wahoos.

the CAPS logo

2. Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA)

This is a service located in the city of Charlottesville where UVA resides and is completely open to all UVA students. SARA aims to help victims of all types sexual assault, and educate all about sexual violence and promote advocacy against it. SARA has several advocacy services, a 24-hours crisis line, and therapy for those going through trauma.

logo of SARA

3. UVA’s Womens Center 

The center aims to flourish the UVA/Charlottesville community while offering leadership development and counseling opportunities. The service hopes to create strong women leaders who aim for gender equality. The center offers many internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities.

logo of the UVA's Women's Center

4. Elson Student Health

This is a health clinic offered on grounds for all UVA students. All appointments made are free of cost (as long as you have insurance which is required and checked by the school every year). Any type of health-related problem is accounted for and students may choose whichever physician they would like to make the appointment with.


-Student makes an appointment online, specifying their problem from the list, on the wahoos health page

-Students picks a physician

-Student picks a date, appointment set! (It’s that easy)

-$25 late fee charge for a no show

Contact: (434) 924-5362

the Elson student health building

5. Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE) 

This center aims to help and empower those of domestic violence, through various services. There is a 24-hour hotline number willing to help those also either in immediate or non-immediate danger. The shelter also has many community programs such as training, presentations, and activities on the topics such as domestic violence. They also work with other community partners aimed at helping specific cases.

the logo for SHE

When in doubt, if you are in need of aid, don’t wait to ask for help and utilize the resources that are available on or off grounds. Your well-being, physical and mental health are extremely important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. No problem is too small to go for help.


Top 10 Majors at University of Virginia

Interested or enrolling in UVA in the fall/spring? Here are some potential majors UVA offers that you might want to look into. These are some of the most specialized programs that are popular among the students on grounds!

1. Women, Gender, and Sexuality

For those interested in learning about gender relations and sexuality, this is the perfect interdisciplinary program. This interesting and unique course will teach students how gender and sexuality is viewed not only nationally, but globally as well. This will provide a career-path in a wide range of industries.

photo representing women and gender studies

2. Human Biology

If you are trying to look for a non-traditional pre-med/biology major that sets you aside from the rest, learn up on the interdisciplinary program of Human Biology. This program focuses on the contemporary biological world and the many breakthroughs that have happened over the century. The major will also educate students on the many biological challenges that face the world today.

picture of the inside of the human body

3. Teacher Education

If you are hoping to becoming an educator after university this is program will take you on the right track. This program is important because it will allow students to learn how to become positive influencers in a classroom. If you want to make a difference in the lives of the future generation, this is the major for you.

Teachers teaching soon to be teachers

4. Neuroscience

This unique course takes a multidisciplinary approach on the nervous system through the context of biology, chemistry and psychology. For those who are interested in the nervous system and want to take a non-typical pre med major, this program will be the most fascinating. The program is designed to make students prepared for neuroscience fields.

a picture of the human mind

5. Politics

There are actually two majors under this department: Foreign Affairs and Government. The different is the location in context, so foreign affairs focuses on governmental and political relations on a global scale.  Depending on what your looking to study in government or hoping to do after college, any of these programs might be right for you.

A picture representing the different views in politics

6. Global Studies

This is another interdisciplinary program consisted of different concentrations (e.g. Global Development Studies or Global Sustainability). If you are hoping to work outside of the country after college and learn about the world around you, this is the perfect program. The different concentrations take different global approaches, so find which one interests you the most.

A picture representing global inter-development

7. Public Policy and Leadership

This program prepares students for a wide sector of potential careers that could be in law, government, education and many other professional employments. Students will be able to gain insight on the many policy challenges faced today on a national and global scale.  The program takes these approaches through a political, statistical, and economical stand point.

a picture representing the relation of policy on a public sector

8. Cognitive Science

This is one of UVA’s most interesting majors that takes on the study of knowledge and logic from different disciplinary perspectives. Students will take classes in from different areas such as psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, computer science and more. Try out Cog sci!

picture showing the many aspects of cog sci

9. Kinesiology

For those who are interested in the movement of the body, medicine, physical activity, this is the perfect program that intertwines all three topics. This program will lead to career paths in fitness-related jobs, public health, and medical careers as well. Students will have the opportunity to practice out in the open field including classrooms and clinics.

a picture of the movement of the human body

10. Youth and Social Innovation Major

This is a specialized major in UVA that focuses on learning about and creating social development policies and programs for adolescents. Throughout the major, students will engage in on-going research to truly understand programming for youths. This is a very interactive program perfect for students who want a direct approach in positively affecting the lives of the next generation.

A drawing of kids jumping

No matter what major you decide to choose, each will prepare you for a successful career. Find out which program interests you the most and start taking classes related to it. Remember, you can always choose more than one!

Top 10 Dorms at the University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is an excellent academic institution. However, it also boasts some pretty rock solid living areas. If you’re thinking about living on campus, here are the ten best options to consider:

1. Hereford Residential

Hereford Residential

Address: Hereford Residential, Charlottesville, VA

The main goals of Hereford are to emphasize sustainability and diversity. The beds are super sized, the air conditioning is prevalent, and it’s a great place to live. The excellent location all contributes to make Hereford the number one living area on campus.

2. Alderman Road

Alderman Road hall-style housing

Address: 1960 Alderman Road

Alderman Road is an excellent living option because of the options it provides you. You can choose to live in either typical hall styles or suite styles and both have their benefits. There’s also a plethora of laundry options, which is more helpful than you might initially believe at the outset.

3. Bice House

Bice House

Address: 583 Brandon Avenue

Bice House is a cut above dorm style living. They actually seem like apartments! What’s even better is that Virginia is constantly working to improve the are surrounding Bice through construction, making it a top notch living destination.

4. Casa Bolivar

Spanish House

Address: 1408 Jefferson Park Avenue

Casa Bolivar is one of the top living areas at the University of Virginia, especially if diversity is what you’re after. Not only do you learn about Spanish culture, but you also get academic credit for it. All while living in a top notch dorm institution!

5. Johnson Hall

Johnson House

Address: Johnson House, Charlottesville, VA

On the outside, Johnson is a pretty standard looking dorm. But on the inside, there’s a lot of benefits, especially when considering the living situation. With over two-thirds of the rooms being singles and few people on each floor, you can have pretty easy access to a lot of the amenities!

6. Weedon House

Runk Dining Hall and outdoor recreation area

Address: Weedon House, Charlottesville, VA

Weedon is very similar to Johnson, but it’s just a little bit further away from some of those choice amenities I wrote about. It’s still right on the cusp of some large recreation centers. And it also has steadily consistent access to the buses.

7. McCormick Road

McCormick Road hall-style residences

Address: 421 McCormick Road

McCormick is an excellent dorm building and it’s similar to Wheedon in a lot of ways. What bumps it down a spot, though, is that it can be a bit more cramped, especially when it comes to the bathrooms. Not every room has air conditioning, though.

8. Shea House

Shea House

Address: 400 Monroe Lane

Shea House, similar to Casa Bolivar, boasts a lot of language benefits. Any one of the floors provides you with complete immersion into a different language from English. Shea also has different events for the residents on the regular.

9. Brown Residential

Brown College

Address: Brown College at Monroe Hill, Charlottesville, VA

Brown loses some points when it comes to proximity to all that Virginia has to offer on campus. But what it loses in this department, it makes up for in sleekness and a feeling of new. Those tile floors certainly don’t hurt either.

10. Gooch Suites


Address: Gooch, Charlottesville, VA

Joined with Dillard, Gooch is one of the best places to live for exclusive suite style living. The laundry set-up isn’t great and the living situations can be less than desirable. But the closeness to fitness centers and dining halls earn Gooch a spot on the list.

The University of Virginia has a lot of dorms. And these dorms have a lot to offer. Each of them would be great to live in no matter what sort of student you are.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Virginia

1. Room Basics


– Multiple pillows
– Beanbag chair
– Fan
– Hangers
– Key shelf

2. Food and Snacks

ramen noodles

– Chips, cookies, and other snacks
– Ramen noodles
– Plates
– Mini refrigerator
– Water filter

3. Tech and Entertainment

 the martian on dvd

– Laptop
– Cell phone charger
– Rewatchable movie DVDs
– Video games
– Card games
– Board games
– Stereo

4. School Supplies


– Rubber erasers
– Highlighters
– Calculators
– Notebooks
– Rulers
– Sticky notes

5. Cleaning and Organization


– Napkins
– Closet organizer
– Hangers
– Trash bins
– Cleaning spray

6. Campus Gear


– Umbrella
– Sunglasses
– Belt
– Socks with school colors
– Portable charger
– Drawstring bag

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing


– Types of medicine
– Razors
– Microwave
– Toaster
– Candles

Top Library Resources at the University of Virginia

Having access to resources on campus is essential for anyone! Luckily, we have provided you a list of some of the most well-known and thought out resources that you can use at the University of Virginia!

1. Study Spaces

 a study space.

There are plenty of study spaces and rooms to go around for just about everyone on campus. Whether you want to checkout one beforehand or just walk in, you can do so at the library!

2. Printers and Scanning

 a printer.

Not every college student has access to printers and scanners. Some students find it hard to print from their dorm or maybe their printer has worn down. Either way, students have the opportunity to print and scan anything at the library for a relatively low price!

3. Digital Equipment Checkout

the word digital.

Did you know that you can get access to numerous resources right at the library for a short period of time? The library allow students to checkout laptops, phones, calculators, headphones, and laptop locks free of charge.

4. Digital Labs

 a computer.

The UVA Library offers students the chance to gain access to thousands of digital resources. Here, students can video edit, work with materials online, and format images.

5. Ask a Librarian

 ask a librarian.

You don’t have to go to the front desk to ask the librarian stuff. You can do so from your own laptop or computer screen. The Ask the Liberian Feature on the library’s website is open until the library closes.

6. Library Class

 A class in the library.

Some professors are nice enough to allow you to gain essential tools needed for researching. The Library Class is taught by one of the many library staff that will walk you through the processes of researching through hundreds and even thousands of databases.

7. Special Collections

 special collections.

Do you want to gain access to something that isn’t out in the open for everyone to see from the library? Special collections allows students to ask and reserve a document for their own use.

8. Digitization Request

 digital transformation.

The library provides a number of scanning services that student snd faculty can use to digitize texts, image, and audios. Just go up to the reference desk and they will be able to assist you!

9. Databases

 a database

The library has access to hundreds and thousands of databases for students to use. All you have to do is be able to research and pinpoint which scholarly works you would like to use in your next paper!

10. Intelibrary Loan

 a loan.

Do you not see something ijn the library that you need? No worries! The UVA Libraries can borrow books, journals, etc. at the discretion and request of a student from a library that is around the world in another country.

Top 5 Libraries at UVA

1. Music Library

a music library.

Are you looking for a music score or just a performance tape? We got you! The Music Library holds and supports research in all fields of music which include composition, musicology, performance, jazz, etc.

2. Physics Library

 the word physics.

The Physics Library is one of the most prestigious in the state. This library holds electronic and print collections that relate to atomic, optical, chemical, and condensed matter physics.

3. Mathematics Library

 Different math equations.

This library is home to all things math. Whether you are an undergrad or a graduate student that is looking to strengthen in algebra, geometry, or the K-theory, this library has all that you will need!

4.  The Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library

 People looking at special collections.

This library is home to many of the small special collections that relate to maps, rare books, photographs, audio, and video recordings. Students will have access to thousands upon millions of books and archives here as well.

5. Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library

the word fine arts.

What’s finer than art? Well, art! This library holds and supports many and numerous activities and books that relate to art, art history, and European Archaeology. Here, students will find plenty of quiet spaces that they are free to use as well.

7 University of Virginia Buildings You Need to Know

Established in 1819 by Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia is a public research university located in Charlottesville, Virginia. There are not many schools in the US that have a richer history than this one, which means attending it for four years will definitely be an experience unlike no other. If you’ve been looking for information about residence halls or academic buildings on the UVA campus, below are seven university building descriptions as well as seven general facts about this historic school!

1) The Rotunda

The exterior of the Rotunda

This is a marvelous feat of architecture, designed by Thomas Jefferson to represent the “authority of nature and power of reason.” For any of you Roman Empire scholars out there, you’ll realize this building significantly resembles the pantheon in Rome.

2) Leander McCormick Observatory

This is outside the Leander Mccormick Observatory

This beautiful observatory was built by and dedicated to Leander J. McCormick in 1884. For any of you students studying astronomy or a related topic, there’s a good chance you’ll spend a lot of time in this building while you earn your degree here.

3) The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia

Outside the Fralin Museum of Art

The collections and displays housed within this museum are pretty unique, especially since UVA has such a long and rich history. If you attend this school for any amount of time, you’re going to want to make a point of visiting this museum at least once.

4) Edgar Allan Poe Room

This is the Edgar Allan Poe room at UVA

This room is a replica of what Edgar Allen Poe’s would’ve looked like when he attended UVA back in 1826. This is arguably one of the coolest things on the campus, therefore you’re missing out if you don’t get a chance to visit it while you study here.

5) Alderman Library

An image from outside Alderman Library

This is the main library on campus, therefore it’s where the majority of students spend a lot of their studying time. When you walk in this small library, you’ll immediately either love or hate the setting.

6) Chemistry Building

This is the Chemistry Building at UVA

If you’re studying chemistry at this university, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending a significant amount of time in the Chemistry Building. There are several state-of-the-art labs housed inside, which means you’ll really be able to get hands-on experience here.

7) Monroe Hall

This is Monroe Hall at UVA

Both undergraduate and graduate students use this building on a routine basis—many academic departments are setup inside here, which means you’ll probably be paying a visit there sooner or later.

Interesting facts about the University of Virginia

1) Dr. Seuss Was Denied Admittance

An image of Dr. Seuss

That’s right—the world-famous children’s author was denied admittance into this prestigious university. Clearly, however, the rejection did not inhibit him!

2) Bulletproof Clock

This is the UVA clocktower

Students were shooting the hands of the clock off, so the university, being fed up, solved the problem by installing bulletproof glass over the face of the clock.

3) Evan Almighty

An image from the movie Evan Almighty

Scene’s from the 2007 movie starring Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman were shot on the UVA campus.

4) International Studies

An image of world flags

At present, the institution offers several programs related to international studies. If you’re looking to forward your education with a semester overseas, then this is a great school to do it with.

5) The Queen and the Rotunda

An image of the Rotunda's front

The Queen and Prince Philip have walked The Lawn and interacted with students—what friendly people.

6) Notable Alumni

An image of graduation caps in the air

Because this is such a prestigious and historic university, many now-notable individuals have attended and earned degrees here—they’re now notable alumni.

7) No Honorary Degrees Here

An image of a cap and degree

At this school, there’s a specific section in the student code that outlaws the awarding of honorary degrees. It has been a staple of this school’s existence that every degree is earned.

If the information from these lists has given you new perspective into the history and culture of UVA, then perhaps this is an institution where you should start or continue your education!

Top 10 Clubs at UVA

The University of Virginia is a public research university and the flagship for the Commonwealth of Virginia. It only has an acceptance rate of 30% so it is fairly hard to get into. One you get in though you want to have the overall experience of college, which is why you should check out these 10 clubs!

1.Residence Life

This group is made up of mostly RA’s. They work as a team to create engaging and fun events for students living on campus. They also are there for you if you have an concerns.

 Residence Life

2.National Pan-Hellenic Council

This council is thought of as a check and balance for different sorority groups. They make sure that the group is putting their best efforts at heart. This means donating service to charities or fundraising.

 National Pan-Hellenic Council

3.Multicultural Greek Council

This group is an unbrella council for eleven different multicultural councils. A few of the groups under this council are as follows:PHI SIGMA CHI MULTICULTURAL FRATERNITY, INC and GAMMA ETA SORORITY. The purpose of this group is to be a leader in community and love for all backgrounds.

Phi Sigma Chi Multicultural Fraternity, Inc.


4.Ducks Unlimited chapter at the University of Virginia

This group is a national wetlands conservation organizations. The group fundraises for upkeep of the wetlands. It is mostly for like minded individuals to come together for a good cause.

 Ducks Unlimited

5.Virginia Women’s Chorus

This group of women sings their heart out. They perform classical hits. The group was established in 1974. Auditions to join are mandatory.

 Virginia Women's Chorus

6.  Her Campus

Her Campus is an online article site. It gives you advice on all things women such as lifestyle, food, relationships, and study tips. They are always looking for more writers and editors.

 university of virginia her campus

7.Hoos in the Stairwell

Hoos in the Stairwell is a co-ed musical theater a cappella group. The group strives to introduce theater to students on campus. This is done through flash performances and performing around campus at various events.

 Hoos in the Stairwell

8.Spoon University

Spoon University is a online publication for students that are interested in all things health and wellness. This is a great opportunity for students to get experience in writing, editing, and advertising and photography. High resolution pics is a must!

 university of virginia spoon university


9.Active Minds

Active Minds is a group that is all about mental health. The group fights stigma and is there if you need an open mind. They will support you in any situations you might find you need advice on.

 active minds

10. Advocates for Life at Virginia Law

The group pairs the idea of the law and life. Its makes it so life is kept sacred and a last resort punishment. It looks at all the facts while also doing so legally.

Advocates for Life

Top Events During the School Year at University of Virginia

1.Ducks Unlimited at UVA Fundraising Event

This event is raising funds for the Ducks Unlimited Chapter. Tickets are $30. There will be a live auction, silent auction, and a banquet.

 Ducks Unlimited

2.Virginia Women’s Chorus Auditions

The auditions are to join the oldest women’s chorus. It is a student run organization. You do not have to have a prepared piece for the audition.

Virginia Women's Chorus

3.Research and Career Seminar featuring Dr. Andrea Cox, MD/PhD

The event is sponsored by Advocates for Females in Research and Medicine. There will be free pizza. This event is meant for students to gain insight from Br. Andrea Cox. She will be discussing her career as well as her contributions in the study of chronic viral infections, including HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

 Dr. Andrea Cox

4.Broadway Talks Back – Solea Pfeiffer

Solea Pfeiffer will be coming to the University to speak all about her experience working on Hamilton the Musical. She will be there to answer any questions about the life of a Broadway star and work needed to get in.

 Solea Pfeiffer

5.Gi-free Rolling

This is an event that is reoccuring. This is for those who want to know more about ju jitsu and learn self defense. It is recommended you wear gym shorts and a rash guard, but gi pants and a t-shirt works.

gi-free rolling

Top 10 Professors at the University of Virginia

Some say that college is what the student makes of it. However, there are several factors that truly have an effect on the experience that a student may have, particularly when it comes to classes. Here is a list of professors that are known to make their lectures worth every minute at the University of Virginia. All images are from

1. Walter D. Harman

Walter D. Harman

Rating: 4.7

Department: Chemistry

Courses Taught by Professor Harman

CHEM 1810-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Harman

“Honestly, such a genuinely nice guy. His class is very difficult, but he is so caring about his students and his office hours are incredibly helpful. The tests are like nothing you’ve ever seen but he does allow for test corrections, so if you go to lectures and ask for help you’ll probably do fine. Taking his class is definitely worth taking 1810.”

“Greatest chem prof I’ve had here. HIs office hours were like a second lecture.”

“Harman is awesome! This class is not easy, and the tests definitely require studying, but you will come out of this with the best chemistry understanding in the world. He is such a clear lecturer and is totally invested in making sure everybody understands the concepts. He sends out plenty of practice tests and review sheets to help. Great class!”

2. Kenneth Elzinga

Kenneth Elzinga

Rating: 4.2

Department: Economics

Courses Taught by Professor Elzinga

1. Econ 2010-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Elzinga

“Elzinga is pretty famous at UVA (and in general). He teaches Econ well but reading the textbook is somewhat necessary to do well. His lectures are a bit more airy than the technical work you need to know how to do. The grading is really difficult/specific and some of the questions seem to come out of nowhere. Worth taking with the legend though.”

“Prof. Elzinga is an amazing professor. He is a real gem and going to his office hours were one of my favorite memories of UVA so far.”

“Makes Econ applicable to the real world. You need to do a decent amount of reading and there are clicker questions in most classes.”

3. David Kittlesen

David Kittlesen

Rating: 3.9

Department: Biology

Courses Taught by Professor Kittlesen

1. BIOL 2100-Learn more

2. BIOL 3240-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Kittlesen

“WHAT AN ICONIC PROFESSOR! David Kittlesen such an engaging, kind, and qualified professor! Excellent professor, interesting lectures, fair grading, Dr. Kittlesen is my favorite professor at UVA!!!!!”

“Kittlesen is my favorite UVA professor, his classes are tough but he is so accessible before and after lecture and with office hours. He is hilarious and printing out his powerpoint slides before class for notes is extremely helpful. Great class, legendary professor.”

“A very engaging lecturer, makes BIOL 2100 an entertaining class. There is usually 10-25 pages of reading from the textbook and an online assignment that takes 30-60 minutes for each class. Additional studying before tests can be quite time consuming. Kittlesen is a fan of complicated/”trick” questions on quizzes, so assessments can be difficult.”

4. Edward M. Murphy

Edward M. Murphy

Rating: 4.3

Department: Astronomy

Courses Taught by Professor Murphy

1. ASTR 1210-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Murphy

“Professor Murphy is a great teacher who makes sure that you learn a lot without the lectures being too overbearingly boring. Be warned, though: the quizzes can err a little bit on the difficult side, so make sure that you take good notes.”

“Professor Murphy is an amazing professor. He enjoys what he does, and makes the material interesting. I have absolutely no complaints about him. However, the class is harder than it should be. The quizzes are pretty difficult and almost impossible to study for. Getting a B is pretty easy, but the quizzes are brutal.”

“He is awesome and makes the lectures super cool!”

5. Richard Handler

Picture Richard Handler at University of Virginia

Rating: 4.2

Department: Anthropology

Courses Taught by Professor Handler

1. ANTH 2250-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Handler

“Extremely mindblowing, straightforward.”

“BEST CLASS. He’s so nice. Doesn’t believe in structured exams or quizzes, so the only grades are short papers which I thought were very easy and opinion-based. Final exam was take home and it was a breeze. He is very liberal and respects everyone’s opinion. Was the only class i enjoyed my first year at UVA. Convinced me to be a Global Studies major.”

“This class was a big lecture that required 3 papers (1 to be dropped or not written) so I could have taken better advantage of his office hours. When it came time for papers to be due he was always there to answer questions through e-mail. His liberal view was very clear in this class and provided a hilarious channel for discussion.”

6. Chad S. Dodson

Photo of Professor Dodson

Rating: 4.0

Department: Pyschology

Courses Taught by Professor Dodson

1. PSYC 1010-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Dodson

“Dodson was one of my favorite teacher of all time! His lectures were easy to follow thanks to his powerpoints. He is the reason I am pursuing psychology. Definitely take notes in the class as the tests (all multiple choice) come directly from it. Overall, very funny and passionate guy.”

“LOVE Chad Dodson! If you are going to take intro to psych definitely take it with Dodson! I found his lectures really interesting, and he uses examples and videos in class that help you remember. There is no outside work except studying for the tests which can have some tricky questions but overall I did well!”

“I adore Chad. Attendance in his class is not mandatory, but his lectures are so interesting that I always wanted to go. He plays videos in class that are not linked to the PowerPoints he puts on collab, and sometimes he put questions from them on the tests. His tests are all multiple choice, but they can be very tricky. Don’t buy the textbook.”

7. Peter C. Brunjes

Peter C. Brunjes

Rating: 4.0

Department: Pyschology

Courses Taught by Professor Brunjes

1. PSYC 2200-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Brunjes

“One word. MICROPHONE. Mans teaches a 300 person large lecture and doesn’t use one. The lectures are genuinely very interesting, but you can’t hear him if you sit anywhere near the back. And most of the test material (all of your grade) is from those lectures. I recommend you bring a hearing aid to class. Graded on a bell curve, not too hard.”

“I’d absolutely recommend this class to anyone who is considering it. Brunjes makes his tests difficult, but he posts exams from the past 10 years or so online, and they’re great to study from. I found the tests difficult, but still did well in the class because of the curve. Definitely worth taking if you’re willing to put in the time to study.”

“Brunjes is great, but this class is really hard. It’s cool cause you can drop any exam, including the final, but the exams are very difficult. Also, he curves it, which is nice. Lectures are fun and interesting, but you have to be listening to get his humor, which is hilarious.”

8. Manouchehr Mohajeri

Manouchehr Mohajeri

Rating: 4.5

Department: Applied Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Mohajeri

1. APMA 2120-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Mohajeri

“Professor Mohajeri definitely knows his content very well and is one of the best math professors especially in conveying concepts, but there have been times he seemed rather unapproachable and made students feel bad about their performance or lack of understanding of a concept, which is the opposite of what professors should do.”

“An amazing teacher. Truly knows about the subject and can teach it well. Also genuinely cares about you succeeding in the class.”

“Absolutely amazing, actually cares and knows what he’s talking about.”

9. Patrick J. Wilkie

Image result for uva business school
UVA’s Business School

Rating: 4.3

Department: Business

Courses Taught by Professor Wilkie

1. COMM 5460-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Wilkie

“Prof Wilkie is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. Material is dry but he strives to make the the class easier to understand and interesting.”

“Wilkie’s always nice and willing to help inside and outside class. In my personal opinion, and I know many disagree, I thought he’s better at Erickson as a lecturer because he’s very clear and to the point. The course though was very difficult, dense, and a lot of times, the online homework had nothing to do with the material.”

10. Dan Willingham

picture of Dan Willingham

Rating: 4.3

Department: Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Willingham

1. PSYC 2150-Learn more

Student Reviews of Professor Willingham

“Professor Willingham is one of my favorite professors at UVA. His class was very challenging but the review sessions were very helpful and he was accessible through collab at all times. His lectures were sometimes a little information heavy.”

“While his tests are hard, if you study and do the readings (and follow his study techniques given to you at the start of the semester), you can definitely get an A. He was very funny and always tried to make his lectures interesting and engaging. Must go to classes and you have to do the readings if you want to do well.”

“I like psychology. I like Professor Willingham. He’s funny, his jokes are great. Overall, class is good. Can be a bit boring at points. Make sure you study for the tests, they can be tricky. If you the readings and go to the lecture you should be fine. I’d recommend the class if you want to be a psych major but not just as a fun class.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at UVA 

1) Research project by Professor Harman

Walter D. Harman

Professor Harman: Chemistry at UVA

The Harman group has focused on the dearomatization of arenes. Pertaining to such topics, his group also studies other sectors within chemistry. For further information, feel free to see:

2) Research project by Mike Skrutskie

Photo of Mike Skrutskie

Faculty: Astronomy at UVA

Astronomer Mike Skrutskie’s group has shared new images of certain characteristics of Jupter’s moon Io, which has never been seen previously. In the provided article, Skrutskie mentions how the collaboration with other Astronomers, by using the Large Binocular Telescope, were able to observe specific areas on Io. More information can be found on this page:

3) Research project by David Hill

photo of David Hill

Faculty: Neuroscience/Psychology

David Hill, UVA neuroscientist and psychology chair, delves into how taste cells regenerate. In the discussion, Hill mentions how cells responsible for taste, regenerate on a regular basis. What makes this interesting is the fact that unlike other senses that degrade with age or other external factors, taste will regrow. You can read more into what he says in the following link:

4) Research project by UVA Researchers

an image about different kind of energy of production.

Faculty: Chemistry

Researchers from UVA have partnered with the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion to design and develop a method of energy production. Each affiliated organization has pledged roughly $2 million dollars in order to set the project in motion. Read more about this project in the following link:

5) Research project by Leora Friedberg and Steven Stern

Leora Friedberg and Steven Stern

Faculty: Economy

Two economists at UVA have started looking into how marriage may be tied into economic studies. The general outline of the study shows how the answers of the couples in marriages – or those that have decided to divorce – could provide insight into the relationship between two people. To read more in-depth about the research, click on the provided link:

5 Tips on Applying For Classes at UVA

Applying for classes can seem like a fun, exciting process- and it is, but there are still a few tips you must learn because it can also be a very frustrating and difficult one as well. It’s important to have a flexible mindset and an open mind when choosing your classes. When it comes to UVA, there are just a few things that you have to know before you’re ready to start the selection.

1. Know Your Enrollment Time and its Effects

What UVA does (and maybe other universities too) is give different enrollment times (your designated time to start picking classes) depending on the kind of student you are, and your year. If you are, say an athlete or have a disability or maybe an Echols scholar, you will have the earliest enrollment time (wohoo for you!). If you are a fourth year, you will also be given the earliest enrollment time. That means if you are a first year with no other exceptions, you most likely won’t get the class times you want since one, you enroll in your classes at orientation for first semester after everyone else, and two, you are competing with the rest of your class. Second semester is also the same story except you are on your own for picking classes.

2. Use Course Forum or Die

Course Forum is an online site that has (most) of UVA’s classes up to the current semester. It is famous amongst the UVA community because it calculates student’s GPA average in the each class every semester and allows students to create reviews of the class and the professors. Whether you know what class you are going to take or not, the Course Forum is the holy grail for all UVA students because it shows you what classes to avoid. Important fact to know, if most of the students hate the class or the class GPA average is below 3.0, don’t take it. It’s always important to see the views of other people unless you absolutely have to take the class.


3. Beware the 1000 Level Classes

This is not at all discouraging you to take the lower level classes because they vary, but if you are taking them because you think they are easier, think again. A lot of classes such as Intro to Psych or Intro to Sociology that are at the 1000 level are actually harder than the higher level courses. They are known as weed-out courses for people who are looking into that particular major and professors will make them especially hard for the students. Like the advice says from above, review the Course Forum because these classes may or may not wreck you and your GPA by the end of the semester.

*Note: If you have to take some, that is perfectly OK! Just make sure to enroll with the best professor possible in that course if you can.

4. Have Backups, Upon Backups, Upon Backups

What is particularly frustrating for picking classes is that UVA has large class sizes for mostly intro classes. That means required classes like ENWR 1510 or a language class have about only 15-20 people limit. Unfortunately, you most likely won’t get the class time you want. Be sure to have a backup class/time because if not, have fun spending 30 more minutes looking for another class that fits your schedule, or bumping out a class all together.


5.Be Flexible

It will be a much easier process if you come with a mindset that you will not get all the classes you want. It’s important that you have prepared a schedule that can easily be shifted around because as a first year, that is very crucial. That 30 person class on modern topics in Women and Gender Studies (WGS) that you are trying to get into? Not going to happen. Be willing to try a range of new classes because you have so much time before having to choose a major. UVA also allows a 2 or 3 week period where everyone can switch in and out of classes or drop them, so don’t sweat it- and hey, maybe you might get into that WGS course you’ve been aching to enroll in.

At the end of the day, class registration is basically like the Hunger Games. There are almost 30,000 students (yikes) that are fighting for the classes they want/need. Attain all the skills and knowledge you can before you’re called to enter the games. Be smart, stealthy, and adaptable, so you too can come out the victor.

5 Expectations of Living in Old Dorms at UVA

For those who don’t know what old dorms are, they are basically the oldest dorms at UVA that haven’t been constructed for decades unlike the new dorms. New dorms and old dorms are housings specifically meant for first years. Right now, UVA is attempting to construct each old dorm so they can then be called, “new old dorms”. You’ll understand soon enough.

When you receive your acceptance to UVA, there is still a significant amount of steps you need to take before becoming a student at this prestigious school. One of them is applying for housing. First years are either granted the “new dorms” or the infamous “old dorms”. Here in this article, you will read about what and what not to expect when you are assigned one of these many old dorms.

Things not to expect:

1. Don’t expect to have air conditioning

One of the many things that old dorms are known for is having no AC in any of the rooms unless there are special conditions that warrant one. This means that during the early fall and spring time, having fans (particularly window fans) is a must. The dorms get extremely hot and having no fans means that its almost impossible to stay in your dorm without getting a potential heat stroke or being kept up all night due to lack of oxygen. This also includes the winter since during that time, the heater is turned on which then makes the room a very hot environment. If you have about like 2-3 fans, however, you will be perfectly fine.


2. Don’t expect to have the cleanest of bathrooms

Think about it. You are sharing a communal bathroom with about 40-50 other people every single day for an entire year. This means that what you may see is unflushed toilets, bits or rolls of toilet paper on the floor, food in the sink, hair all over the showers, and many other unsightly happenings. The best thing that you can do personally is making sure that whatever you do in there, don’t contribute to the mess. Every weekend is when the bathroom hits its peak and then custodians are forced to clean up our horrible disarray. Try help keeping the bathroom clean if you can.


3. Don’t expect to have peace and quiet all day

Although not everyone in the hall will become friends, it is much easier to make friends within the old dorm building compared to the new dorms. This means that people can regularly make a lot of noise throughout the hall and especially on the weekend when either getting ready to go out or coming back from a fun party. One of the ways to survive the noise is to either suck it up because it’s Friday night and people just want to get rid of all the stresses of the school week, or if it gets unnecessarily loud on a school week in your hall, politely ask for the perpetrators to- settle down.


Things to expect:

1. Do expect to be close to grounds

One of the best things about living in old dorms is how close to grounds it is. Have a class at New Cabell Hall at 10am and you wake up at 9:40am? With all the determination and agility you will be able to get there at 9:58am on the dot. This is a blessing that no one else besides the people living in old dorms truly have. Of course there will be times when taking the bus is necessary if your class is far away or under certain weather conditions, but for the most part, walking or biking is the easiest bet to getting to class on time.

P.S. You’ll also be very close to both dining halls (Newcomb and O’Hill) so yeah, you have options!


2. Do expect to be close to your hallmates

Old dorms is also known for a sense of communion that new dorms just doesn’t have. The dorms are smaller and the doors don’t automatically shut. Sometimes it’s normal for your hallmates to knock a couple times and just walk in your dorm or simply just walk in. Of course there is still the option of locking you door because we all need privacy. This is a great advantage, however, because you will always have that set group of friends to eat meals with and study with if you’re taking some of the the same classes. It is also great for those late night chatting sessions when you’re avoiding to do homework.


Whether you are in old dorms or new dorms, or in those faraway dorms that no one ever sees, you can still make the best of your situation. Don’t let the dorm you are assigned to ruin your experience at UVA. Dorms is only one of the many obstacles that you will face here, so don’t sweat it. College is what you make of it!