Top 10 Buildings at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) is a public university in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The institution provides a serene environment that ensures that students have a good time while on campus and also achieve their academic goals. UTC, as it is usually referred to, is comprised of several iconic and important buildings. Below is a list of the top 10 buildings at the institution.

1. Danforth Chapel

The Danforth Chapel at UTC

The Danforth Chapel which was dedicated in 1952 is a small facility that accommodates up to 50 people. The chapel has doors that face Oak Street. The chapel is made of brick and has paneled glass windows. The chapel also has a small, round window at the top of the chancel. The chapel also features a red carpet.

2. Patten House

The Patten House at UTC

The Patten House is a historic building in UTC. The Southeast Center for Education in the Arts is housed in the second and third floors of the building. On the first floor, there is an event space that can be rented. The Patten House is a fantastic setting for meetings, receptions, retreats, and other social activities.

3. Aquatic and Recreation Center

The Aquatic and Recreation Center at UTC

The Aquatic and Recreation Center, which is commonly referred to as the ARC, is the home of UTC recreation for the UTC fraternity. The first floor has 14,000 sq ft of exercise space, a fitness studio, a personal training studio, and a spin room. The second floor has Multi-sport courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and indoor soccer. The third floor has a 1/8 mile indoor track, a large fitness studio, among other fitness equipment.

4. Maclellan Gymnasium

The Maclellan Gymnasium at UTC

The Maclellan Gym is home to the various recreation events, resources, and activities at the UTC Campus for all current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The gym has two full-size multipurpose courts available for many indoor sports including basketball, badminton, volleyball, and dodgeball. 

5. Brock Hall

The Brock Hall at UTC

The Brock Hall in UTC accommodates the departments of foreign languages, geography, anthropology, history, and sociology. The building comprises of departmental offices and boardrooms. The building is mostly made of brick and has large windows that let in natural light.

6. Challenger STEM Learning Center

The Challenger STEM Learning Center

The UTC Challenger STEM Learning Center is among the 45 centers of the National Challenger Center Network. The Challenger Centers were built in commemoration of the Challenger Space Shuttle’s crew. The UTC Challenger Center opened in 1994 and offers several programs including simulated space missions, summer camps, teacher professional development workshops, and team-building sessions.

7. UTC Library

The UTC Library

The UTC Library serves students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community. The UTC Library supports researchers and scholarship needs of the UTC community. The new library building that opened in January 2015 is modern, very spacious and provides a broad collection of diverse study, research, and reference materials.

8. Fine Arts Center

The Fine Arts Center at UTC

The Fine Arts Center within the UTC campus houses the Departments of Music, Theatre, and the Visual Arts in three main venues: The Dorothy Hackett Ward Theater, The Roland W. Hayes Concert Hall, and the George Ayers Cress Gallery of Art. The Hayes Concert Hall has a capacity of up to 505 seats and hosts over 200 performances each year.

9. James R. Mapp Building

The James R. Mapp Building at UTC

The James R. Mapp Building at UTC is home to the Physical and Occupational Therapy programs. It was named after James R. Mapp who was the president of the Chattanooga Chapter of the NAACP for 16 years and also served as NAACP Tennessee president and Southeast Region chairman.

10. University Center

The University Center at UTC

The University Center which is commonly referred to as UC is the central hub for the UTC fraternity. The center has dining facilities, offices, the campus bookstore and meeting spaces for campus departments and student organizations. The center has close to 200,000 square feet of space and operates 24/7.

These are just some of the buildings within UTC. You can learn more about other buildings at the campus through the institution’s official website. Knowing where each building is located and what activities take place in a particular building will make your life at UTC easier.

10 Coolest Courses at University of Tennessee – Chattanooga

Nobody likes a boring class; time goes by so slowly and you’re not even interested in what you’re learning. It’s much easier to learn and succeed in a class when you’re excited about the material. Luckily, if you’re a student at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, then you have a lot of exciting classes to choose from! Check out this list of the top 10 coolest courses offered at UTC.

1. ANTH 2200 – Human Origins

Image of the evolution from ape to man.

Ever wondered where people came from? Why do we look the way we do? Then check out this anthropology course! This class teaches the origins of the human species, culture, and cognition based on primate models, fossil record, genetic evidence, and prehistoric material culture and sites, as interpreted by anthropologists using the scientific method and evolutionary theory. This super interesting course will answer all your questions.

2. ART 2330 – Sculpture I

Image of hands sculpting a clay face.

If you like art or need a creative outlet to de-stress from your other classes, then considering taking sculpture. This course is an introduction to the concepts, techniques, and processes of sculpture in a variety of traditional and nontraditional media. This is a super fun class where there is no right or wrong answer; you can sculpt whatever your heart desires!

3. COMM 2250 – Television and Pop Culture

Illustration of a child with both hands on a television screen that shows the Netflix logo on it.

Who doesn’t love some TV and modern references? Television is often assumed to be an escapist enterprise that does not demand critical attention. This assumption occurs without full consideration of the medium’s aesthetic language and its broader socio-cultural roles and impacts. This course, rooted in the critical/cultural tradition, interrogates that assumption by closely analyzing TV aesthetics and its cultural roles and impact. In this class, you’ll get to learn about a popular past-time and how it impacts your society. This class is not only relatable, but also enjoyable.

4. ESC 4400 – Tropical Marine Ecology

Underwater image of coral, fish, and other marine life.

If you like the ocean and the animals that live in it, then you’re going to love this class. This course is an examination of tropical marine habitats at the species, population and ecosystem levels with particular emphasis on sea grass beds, coral reefs, mangrove forests, tidal rivers and lakes, and the intertidal zone. But the best part of this class is the trip; the required field components is a one-week experience at a field station in the Caribbean. Who wouldn’t want to take a week-long school field trip to the Caribbean?!

5. HHP 0049 – Beginning SCUBA Diving

Underwater image of a person SCUBA diving with a school of fish.

Speaking of the ocean and the animals living in it, ever wanted get up close and personal with them? If you’ve been wanting to learn how to scuba dive, then now’s your chance. This course will teach students how to dive safely and plan a scuba dive. Diving equipment, techniques, medical aspects, and diving physics will be covered. This class is perfect for those seeking adventure.

6. HIST 3420 – Gender, Sex, and Society

Illustration of different consumer products tailored to men and women.

It’s interesting how societal and cultural norms change every decade. This course is an examination of shifting perceptions of gender and sexuality over the course of United States history. Topics include ideas about interracial romance, sex censorship, the eugenics movement, the development of LGBT identities, shifting marital and familial norms and the development of feminist thought. You’ll be fascinated at what normal things today were considered taboo years ago.

7. MUS 1350 – Guitar Class

Image of two people holding guitars and sitting across from each other.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument, the guitar is the perfect choice! Guitar playing is a very popular hobby, and the perfect addition to a barbecue or bonfire. This class is for people without guitar experience. This is an introduction to the technique and classical literature of the guitar. This guitar class is a fun, relaxing way to gain a new skill and college credits!

8. PHIL 2350 – Popular Culture, Religion, and Philosophy

Illustration of the continents and all the different cultures and style on each one.

Studying pop culture is fun because it’s relatable and everyone can connect to it in some way. This class is an introduction to the study of philosophy and religion through popular culture. The course topics may include film, television, novels, short stories, comics, games, music, comedy, or other aspects of popular culture. If you like to watch movies and TV, read comics, play games, or listen to music in your free time, you might as well get college credit for it!

9. PSY 3150 – Primate Behavior

Image of two monkeys looking at something.

If you have an interest in monkeys and their similarities to humans, then this may be just the class for you. This course is a comparative survey of the ecology, social behavior, and cognitive ability of nonhuman primates, especially monkeys and apes, with emphasis on the evolutionary factors that have shaped primate behavior. We know that apes and humans are very similar genetically, so this class is a super interesting comparison between primates and human behavior and intelligence.

10. THSP 1210 – Beginning Acting

Image of three people reading from a script and acting on a stage.

Everyone always dreams of being a famous actor; it looks like so much fun, and can potentially pay really well. And who wouldn’t want to be in movies and TV shows? This class teaches you the basic principles of acting. You’ll practice acting out different scenarios with different emotions and expressions. If you’re looking for a fun and relatively easy class, then look no further.

10 Hardest Classes at UTC

The University of Tennessee- Chattanooga is a public university located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The university is part of the University of Tennessee system. Here are the toughest classes at the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga.

1. MATH 2550 – Multi-Variable Calculus

Multi-Variable Calculus Problem

A difficult class for students at the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga is multi-variable calculus. Multi-variable calculus is required for all students studying engineering. The class covers difficult mathematical concept and is very fast-paced which can be a struggle to some students. Tutoring is available to students that need it.

2. FREN 4070 – Seventeenth Century French Literature

French literature from one of the readings required for this class

Reading and analyzing old literature in English is already hard enough, try doing it in another language. Seventeenth century French literature is another really difficult class especially for students that speak French as a second language. The class covers various literature from throughout the seventeenth century as well as analyze these texts. Students that need help can go to tutoring or to their professor’s office hours.

3. PHYT 4100 – Human Gross Anatomy

Human anatomy textbook

A difficult class for students is human anatomy. Students studying nursing, pre-med and biology are required to take this class to meet certain requirements. Students are required to be familiar with various functions and aspects of the human body. Students that need help can go to tutoring or to their professor’s office hours.

4. ACC 4060 – Advanced Managerial Accounting

Accounting software on the computer with the work station

A difficult class for business students would be advanced managerial accounting. Students are required to know many different rules and invest a lot of time outside of class to do well. Students that need help can go to tutoring or to their professor’s office hours.

5. ENGL 3310 – The Literature of England to 1300

Old English text to represent the literature covered in this class

The Literature of England to 1300 is a difficult class for students as they are required to read texts that date back thousands of years. Students that take these class are English majors or students who can actually be dedicated to the study of English. Students that need help can go to tutoring or to their professor’s office hours.

6. MATH 1960 – Calculus with Analytical Geometry II

Math problems designed to be solved

A difficult class for students would be another Calculus class. This class is required for engineering majors and is really hard because it requires a strong knowledge of geometry as well. Students that need help can go to tutoring or to their professor’s office hours.

7. PHYS 4120 – Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Physics diagram from the textbook

Nuclear Physics is another difficult class. Students are required to have immense knowledge of mathematics before taking this class. They are also required to put in many hours outside the classroom with readings and practicing problem sets. Students that need help can go to tutoring or to their professor’s office hours.

8. UHON 2850 – Innovation Lab 1

Innovation mindset for this class

The Innovation Lab is a course offered for college students that want to challenge themselves some more. The Innovation Lab requires a lot of creativity and time outside of the classroom. It is part of the honors college and requires more time in class than another course would.

9. ART 2050 – Figure Drawing

Art palette to represent art class

A difficult art class for art students is figure drawing. This art class requires work to be proper and neat and students are graded based on their artistic abilities. Students are required to draw many people and objectives which may be challenging to most students.

10. BUS 3350 – Legal Environment of the Business

Business Law to represent the class

Students studying business are required to take business law. Business law can be challenging since students are required to learn and memorize many aspects of the legal system. They are also required to write long papers. Students that need help can go to tutoring or to their professor’s office hours.

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at University of Tennessee – Chattanooga

It is important for students to have enough energy in order to be able to carry on their activities throughout the day. Students need to take food regularly in order to replenish their energy and stay active. For that reason, the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga has set up a number of cafes and restaurants across the university to allow for students to access food and beverages at their convenience. Below are the cafes and restaurants for students at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga.

1. Dippers

Inside the Dippers cafeteria

Dippers provides dining services to all UTC students. There is a variety of options at Dippers including Mocs salad, boneless wings, chicken dippers among others. The meals come with a small fountain beverage of your choice. The prices are student friendly.

2. Chick-Fil-A

Front view of the Chick-fil-A

The Chick-Fil-A is a chicken restaurant. It serves chicken sandwiches, additional entrees, side dishes salad. The meals come with a choice of 2oz fountain beverage. The meals are worth the money that you spend.

3. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Customers being served at the Einstein Bros. Bagels

The Einstein Bros. Bagels is a leading operator of the bagel bakeries. It is located in the West Campus. Its products include crisp salads, fresh-baked goods, gourmet coffee and the made-to-order sandwiches. The prices for the items is reasonably priced.

4. Moe’s Southwestern Grill

Workers at Moe's Southwestern Grill preparing meals for their customers

The Moe’s Southwestern Grill is a food place for the UTC students. It provides students with fajitas, quesadillas and burritos. The food is served in an atmosphere that is quirky and fun thus attracting a lot of students.

5. Steak ‘n Shake

Front view of the Steak 'n Shake

The Steak ‘n Shake provides students with great burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches that they can enjoy with some beverages. It is great place for students to come and take their breakfast. The price range for the items is also very friendly to the UTC students.

6. Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

Front view of the Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is the place to visit when you need to have the best sandwich. It offers students with a variety of customized sandwiches according to your likes. There are also vegetarian options for a healthy lifestyle.

7. Starbucks UTC Library

The Starbucks located at the UTC Library

The Starbucks at the UTC Library provides students with venti Frappuccino and espresso drink. Students have the chance to customize their orders. The prices are relatively affordable and the student are left happy and satisfied after visiting Starbucks.

8. Panda Express

Chefs at Panda Express preparing meals for their customers

The Panda Express offers students with Mandarin and Szechwan wok-cooked entrées. Items sold include the kung pao chicken, beef with broccoli and the orange chicken. It is easily accessible and offers high quality services that are worth every penny that you spend.

Jobs and Opportunities For Students at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga

The University of Tennessee–Chattanooga has a vibrant student employment unit. The unit offers student jobs to help them promote self-help in educational financing, as well as to encourage a sense of personal achievement and the development of positive values. They also have Federal Work-Study (FWS) available for students and it is a financial aid that is based on financial need and must be earned through student employment. Part-time jobs are available for students both on and off campus. Here is a list of some of the student jobs available in this institution.

1. Residence Assistant

Resident Assistants at UNTC smile for the camera

The resident assistant job in this institution will see the student provide safe, comfortable spaces for students. They will also be required to help students who wish to move to new residence halls or switch rooms in their current halls. It would also require the student to help them have more experience through programs and amenities that facilitate individual learning and development. Office hours are usually Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm and applications can be submitted to the Residence unit or via their official email.

2. Campus dining team

Campus dining team preparing food for students

Students can work and gain experience with the campus dining team. The students working here will be required to help plan meals, provide other students and staff with their food and get feedback on how to make the services even better. Skills required for this job include organizational skills, cleaning and cutlery services. The job is a very open one and interested students would find it easy to get if they have the required skills.

3. Undergraduate research internship

Medical Interns learning and taking notes

This is a great opportunity for students to intern at research labs and institutes. There are numerous organizations available for students to intern. The research assistants will be assigned clerical tasks such as writing memos, mailing surveys, answering mail, typing and photocopying. They will also be required to help assist in other laboratory tasks. The hours are flexible and the application process is easy for students.

4. UT library assistant

A library assistant helping out a lady

Students can also apply and help out as library assistants in the university library. The assistant will be tasked with lending and collecting books, periodicals, videotapes, and other materials at circulation desks. You will also be required to enter and update patrons’records on computers and also process new materials including books, audiovisual materials, and computer software. This job is easy and doesn’t require many skills. Students can submit their application to the library department or via their official email.

5. TRECS Assistant

Students working out at the fitness center

TRECS assistant is a position open for students that wish to be a part of the recreational team of the institution. The hired student will be responsible for documenting facility participation, assisting with routine maintenance of equipment and facilities,event set-up and take-down. They will also be tasked with ensuring a safe environment at all facilities and recreational areas. The hours are flexible and it is open for students that have the needed skills.

Top 10 Majors at UT Chattanooga

Every college has a lot of great majors. The University of Tennessee is no different. Students have a hard time choosing from many of the different majors the campus offers. Here are the 10 majors at the University of Tennessee- Chattanooga.

1. Psychology

Signs all about self care

The first major on this list is Psychology. This major focuses on better understanding the brain as well as human behavior. It is perfect for anyone interested in extending their understanding on the material, and join a very adaptable major.

2. Education

A colorful classroom

The second major on this list is Education. This major focuses on teaching new teachers, and getting them in the classrooms. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher.

3. Computer Science

The wifi sign

The third major on this list is computer science. This major focuses on teaching different programming languages and techniques. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in programming.

4. Communication

Words used with communication

The fourth major on this list is communication. This major examines how people communicate, and how that could be used in a job field. It is perfect for anyone that wants an adaptable field.

5. Art

Paint and paint brushes

The fifth major on this list is art. This major examines different types of art, and the creation of different pieces. It is perfect for anyone that likes to draw, and is exceptional at it.

6. History

Sign with the world and History on it

The sixth major on this list is history. . This major looks at history as a whole, and covers a broad amount of different concepts on the subject. It is perfect for anyone that is a true history buff.

7. Accounting

Person working on accounting work

The seventh major on this list is accounting. While this major is also pretty difficult it will lead to a great job. It is perfect for anyone that can stay very organized and on task.

8. Engineering

Person creating engineering sculptures

The eighth major on this list is engineering. While this is a very tough major it is a great major for the people that can handle it. It is perfect for people who like to work with their hands, and think on their feet.

9. English

Fun sign about English

The ninth major on this list is English. This major focuses on writing etiquette, and refining the skill. It is a multi purpose major, and can lead to many different job fields.

10. Political Science

Plaque of criminology

The final major on this list is the Political Science major. This major studies the criminal justice field, mostly for the intent of becoming lawyers or politicians. It is perfect for anyone that wants to go into the political world.

10 UT Chattanooga Library Resources You Need to Know

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, also called UT-Chattanooga or UTC, is a public university located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. It was founded as Chattanooga University in 1886, and in 1969, with the Chattanooga City College, merged with the University of Tennessee. The university is part of the University of Tennessee System (UT System). The UTC has a big library system that is an integral part and serves the UT community. These are 10 University of Tennessee-Chattanooga library resources you need to know.

1) Borrowing


Undergraduate students and graduates, faculty, staff, employees, UTC Retiree, visiting faculty, Community and the University of Tennessee System members can borrow books, Games, Movies, Music and Technology equipment. Also, The Tennessee Board of Regents system, the largest system of higher education in Tennessee, can also use the borrowing privileges.

2) Return Materials

return books

Materials may be returned inside the library during operating hours. But for borrowers’ convenience, the UTC Library has exterior book returns. The exterior book returns are located on Douglas Street and on the Chamberlain Field, near the building entrance. Technology and Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan must be returned to the Checkout Desk at the library.

3) Interlibrary Loan

ILL tenesee

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows UTC students, faculty, and staff to obtain library materials that the UTC Library does not own. Materials like books, articles, book chapters, and DVDs can be requested via ILL. Requests must be submitted electronically. The system notifies by e-mail when the requested item is available. Articles and book chapters are delivered electronically as a PDF file.

4) Library Studio

lib studip

The UTC Library Studio is a workspace for innovative technology and media creation. In this space, students can produce a documentary, prototype an invention, and make projects come true. There are 24 dedicated workstations equipped with specialized software and a specialized staff to help and assist students in their projects.

5) Computers and Software

comp soft

UTC Library provides a variety of service points for computer and software used in the building. The library puts at the services of the community their open common areas. Specialized rooms and spaces with unique technology can be reserved. Users must accept the library technology and Computing Resource Use Policy to be able to use the service.

6) Technology Services

tech tenesee

The use and understanding of modern technologies are crucial for students and researchers. That’s why The UTC Library offers a variety of technology to assist patrons in their research and creative endeavors. The library offers desktop, laptop computers, and Wi-Fi; circulating technology like Chrome books, cameras and Kindles; and advanced technologies like 3D printing.

7) Connecting

wifi tenesee

The UTC Information Technology Division provides On-campus wireless access to university members. Interested must visit the UTC Wireless Networks page or contact the UTC Computer Help Desk. Off-campus access to library databases is restricted to current UTC students, faculty and staff.

8) Writing & Communication Center

Writing & Communication Center

The W&C Center helps students, faculty, and staff with any type of writing or communication project, including research papers, presentations, and resumes at any stage in the process. The Center offers consultations in person and online, workshops and class presentations, a library of writers’ resources, and a supportive environment.

9) Distance Learning

Distance Learning tenesee

The library has a Distance Learning program. Through this program, students can access hundreds of thousands of eBooks and articles offered by the library. Books can be shipped for free but requester will be responsible for shipping the book back to the Library. Journal and articles will be available in 24 hours; the system will send a notice by e-mail.

10) Disability Resources

Disability Resources

UTC Library will be given first priority for community members with disabilities. Information about campus resources can be found at the UTC Disability Resource Center and the Accessible Technology Initiative. The library is equipped with assistive technology and software to be used by individuals with learning disabilities like Visual, Hearing or Speech Impairments. Also for those with Physical Impairments; elevators, Doors that can be opened electronically and public restrooms with wheelchair access are available.

Libraries of the UT System

1) UTC Library

UTC lib

The UTC Library is the main library of the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, and it supports the research and scholarship needs of UTC students, faculty, staff, and the local community. The new building made of metal, glass, and brick was opened in January of 2015 with LEED-certify in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The library is part of the University of Tennessee system with UT Knoxville, UT Martin, UT Memphis, and UT institutes, that means that students may check out books and others items from the system’s libraries.

2) The John C. Hodges Library (UT Knoxville)

The John C. Hodges Library

The present John C. Hodges Library was opened in 1987and is an expansion of an earlier undergraduate 1969 library of the same name. The John C. Hodges Library, in the heart of UT Knoxville campus, houses the majority of the UT Libraries’ collections and many unique services. During the semester, the Hodges Library remains open 24 hours, five days a week, plus additional weekend hours.

3) The Webster C. Pendergrass Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine Library (UT Knoxville)

The Webster C. Pendergrass Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine Library

The Webster C. Pendergrass Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine Library serves those who seek information in areas important to UT’s Institute of Agriculture. Pendergrass Library holds the majority of the University Libraries’ collections for agriculture, natural and environmental sciences, food sciences, and veterinary medicine. The Library is a United States Government Depository for documents from the US Department of Agriculture.

4) George F. DeVine Music Library (UT Knoxville)

The George F. DeVine Music Library

The George F. DeVine Music Library serves those seeking information in areas important to music and musical theatre. The library was named in 1985 for Professor DeVine; to honor his longstanding commitment to building the library collection. At the library students can Search online music dictionaries and encyclopedias; Find books and journal articles and listen to different genres and music from around the world.

5) Paul Meek Library (UT Martin)

The Paul Meek Library

The Paul Meek Library, named in honor of Dr. Paul Meek, was built in 1968. The library supports the University of Tennessee at Martin’s mission as a diverse community of learning. The Paul Meek Library is a “Library without Walls” featuring resources and services like a 24-hour computer lab. It was designed to house 200,000 books and a lot of library-related media materials.


10 Cool Clubs at University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Joining clubs is a wonderful way to get yourself involved in extracurriculars on campus. Whether you’re volunteering, playing club sports, or just hanging out, clubs are a great way to spend your free time! Here’s ten great clubs at University of Tennessee Chattanooga (UTC)!

1. Film Club

The Film Club is a student organization meant for people interested in and/or passionate about film watching, reviewing and creating. You don’t need prior knowledge about filmmaking to join.

Film Club Camera

2. Fortitude

Fortitude is a student group committed to connecting health-conscious and ethical leaders in their common interest in holistic health, social justice, and leadership development.

Health Promotion in Fortitude

3. Pre-Med Society

The goal of the student pre-medicine society is to promote an understanding of the process of entering the medical field within and around the UTC college community.

Pre Medicine Society

4. Sequoya Review

As UTC’s literary magazine, the Sequoya Review aims at showcasing the best creative content that UTC students have to offer. All artists, poets, and writers are encouraged to submit their works.

Typing and Writing

5. Step Up

Step UP! is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others. They aim to help people gain their own voices.

Don't be a Bystander

6. Student Social Work Club

The Student Social Work Club was created to enhance participation in the educational process from within and beyond the classroom to expand our horizon from student to career.

Student Social Work Club

7. The Perch

The Perch is UTC’s web-based radio station run by students. It is dedicated to bringing you live broadcasts along with the newest music releases to keep the entertainment flowing.

The Perch Students On Air

8. Active Minds

Active Minds UTC is a chapter of a national organization for Active Minds. This club seeks to promote mental health awareness and self care by educating students about mental health.

Active Minds UTC

9. Geology Club

The Geology Club is a student organization designed to promote interest in Geology by hosting lectures, field trips and other activities as well as providing professional networking opportunities to members.

Geology Club

10. Mock Trial

UTC’s Mock Trial team is a group of students who compete in invitationals and AMTA sanctioned competitions every year. Mocktrial is a team based critical thinking competition.

MockTrial Students

5 Cool Events at University of Tennessee Chattanooga

1. Part Time Job Fair

The Part Time Job Fair is a great opportunity for students in search of work. Students can come to the fair to learn about companies hiring part time workers, and make connections with them and maybe even land a job!

Image result for part time jobs

2. Fiddle Festival

The Fiddle Festival in Roland Hayes Concert Hall is a fun filled musical festival at UTC. Featured fiddlers and violinists and other instrumentalists/artists perform for students here!

Image result for fiddle

3. Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night Chattanooga is an internationally recognized event that is a visible stand against sexual violence, specifically violence against women.

Image result for take back the night

4. Homecoming Kickoff

The official start of UTC Homecoming kicks off with the annual Pep Rally! Join peers and students for a fun filled event packed with cheerleaders, marching band music, and free Chick-Fil-A!

Image result for pep rally

5. Beat Hunger

Beat Hunger is a concert produced by the UTC Percussion Ensemble, directed by Dr. Monte Coulter, which is a benefit for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

Image result for concert