10 Hardest Courses at the University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi is a comprehensive public research institution delivering transformative programs to students. The University is dedicated to scholarship and learning, integrating students at all levels in the creation and application of knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, creative activities, outreach, and service. Highlighted below are the top hardest courses offered at The University of Southern Mississippi.

1. ACC 330 – Federal Income Tax Accounting

calculators and coins placed on a table with tax written on whiteboard

This course is the hardest in the department of accounting. Topics covered in the course are very difficult to understand. Students are required to be well-grounded in mathematical calculations and constant study in order to pass this course.

2. ANT 445 – Bioarcheology

dinosaur fossil

Methods and theories used in the interpretation of skeletal and mortuary data in archaeological contexts are covered in this course. This concept of this course is totally abstract and very difficult to understand. It is one of the hardest courses in anthropology.

3. BSC 382 – Microbial Ecology

microbial organisms viewed by microscope

Micro-organisms such as fungi, spirogyra, bacterial are thoroughly studied in this course. The lectures are very frustrating and boring. Students are required to spend 6 hours of lectures per week just for a 3-unit course.

4. CHE 404 – Spectral Elucidation of Structure

A typical example of Spectral Elucidation of Structure

Students need to brush up their knowledge of first-year physics before taking this course. Topics covered include the applications of vibrational, electronic, nuclear magnetic resonance, and mass spectrometry to structure determination. This course is totally abstract, and the formulas are very difficult to memorize.

5. CSC 417 – Software Process Engineering

The components of Software Process Engineering

Different programming software packages are used in this course. Students are required to study each line of codes and apply them to the development of software. What makes this course very hard is the advanced project which each student must complete within a limited period of time.

6. ECO 470 – Comparative Economic Systems

different people with different currencies

The concept of fascism, socialism and capitalism are covered in this course. There are numerous materials and notes to memorize in this course. Students are advised to spend more time to read in order to perform well in this course.

7. EET 323 – Advanced Analytical Methods

The board of an electronic system

This course covers the concept of advanced analytical methods used in electronics. Topics treated are Transfer functions, z-transform methods for discrete time signals and systems, frequency-domain methods. This course is very hard to pass because of the rigorous calculations involved.

8. GHY 330 – The Geography of Exploration

picture of map of the world with a magnifying glass on it

This course highlights the significant discoveries and examines how geographical information is gotten through explorers, scientists, and traders. Class attendance and assignments are an integral part of this course because they contribute to the final grade of students. The practical section of this course is very tedious and hard.

9. KIN 437 – Kinesiotherapy I

gym with modern facilities

This course introduces the basic concept of kinesiotherapy. The function of the spine in relation to body fitness will be thoroughly evaluated. Students spend most of the course content is very bulky and boring. The topics covered in this course are very hard which makes many students to fail.

10. MGT 472 – Advanced Human Resource Management

The different aspects of Human Resource Management

This is the hardest course in the department of management. Different types of training, development, employee relations and negotiations are used to further enlighten the students. The materials to study course are numerous and it always makes students confused. Therefore, students are advised to start an early preparation in order to perform well in this course.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM), known informally as Southern Miss, is a public research university located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This school was established in the early 1900’s, 1910 to be exact, and over time it has grown so that it is now home to close to fifteen thousand students and nine hundred academic faculty members. Students flock to this school not only because of sports and academics, but also because of the wonderful jobs and opportunities available to students both on and off campus.

1. Online ESL Teacher K-6 Students

This image shows a student working.

They are seeking experienced and enthusiastic teachers who are passionate to provide exemplary individualized and engaging educational experience for students. The hourly rate for this flexible position is $14-$25, with a $300 bonus to new teachers! Students in this position must have teaching experience and the ability to maintain a six month contract.

2. Facility Management

A student working in Facilities Management may work with a manager similar to the one above.

Students hired for this position within the on-campus Rec Center are responsible to oversee the following positions, which are composed of other student workers– Facility Set-Up/Breakdown Crew, Facility Attendants, including WorkOut Zone attendants, Equipment Issue attendants, and Pride Field Supervisors. This position is extremely flexible and provides students with the ideal opportunity to further their interpersonal skills.

3. Group Exercise Fitness Instructor

This Barre Course is an example of a class a student may teach.

Students who are passionate about exercise and living out a healthy lifestyle are perfect for this potion. They can teach courses to small groups of students, and such courses include yoga, cycling, and boot camp style circuits. This position pays well and is always looking for students with new and fresh ideas to implement.

4. Rock Climbing Wall Attendant

This picture shows one of the rock climbing walls that students may watch and work at.

This student who is hired for this position will be trained and prepared in order to ensure that they are able to do their job properly. This position requires the ability to be flexible and readiness to learn something new! Students hired for this position must also have excellent interpersonal skills, as they will be working closely with students as they prepare them to climb the rock wall and explain rules and regulations for interested students.

5. Alternative Spring Break

This image is used to promote Alternative Spring Break around campus.

In addition to employment opportunities, USM provides students with the chance to volunteer both locally and nationally. They offer an Alternative Spring Break trip that costs only $325 per person and boasts a life-changing experience. This year, students can spend their spring break learning about immigration and other systems of the US government. On this trip, students will serve immigrant communities and explore the history of US immigration while experiencing the unique culture of Washington, D.C. 

6. American Red Cross Public Relations/Communications Intern

This is the extremely well-known logo of the American Red Cross.

The Mississippi Region American Red Cross seeks an enthusiastic, motivated and dependable intern to assist the region’s director of communications and marketing manager. This internship is an incredible opportunity to gain excellent professional experience in a non-profit environment and to network with area professional communicators in the fields of public relations and media. Students hired should be majoring in a topic that pertains to the field of the internship and have a deep desire to learn. This is an unpaid internship, and most work for this internship will take place during regular business hours (8:30 – 4:30) some events may take place during evening and weekend hours.

7. Hattiesburg Downtown Association

This image is of the downtown that students will be working towards revitalizing.

This intern will be part of a wonderful and innovative organization hat aims to revitalize Downtown Hattiesburg in the context of historic preservation and economic vitality. The student hired for this position will be seeking to become engaged in the Downtown community, events, and projects. The ideal intern would have an interest in and be looking to pursue a career in event planning, hospitality, public relations or marketing. A majority of the internship will be centered on event planning, coordination, and communication.

8. OneClass Note Taker

This image portrays the OneClass logo.

Students on campus can take notes with OneClass and get paid while he or she goes to class. When students take Notes with OneClass, they not only earn money but also get better at studying and focusing during their lectures. It’s a wonderful opportunity and students can become a Notetaker today!

The University of Southern Mississippi provides students with the opportunities to pursue their dreams both in and outside of the classroom. With the perfect balance between rigor, academics, and activities, this school truly does meet the needs of almost every student who attends.

Restaurants and Cafes in or near USM

Different varieties of restaurants that bring the tastes of different countries surround the University of Southern Mississippi. It means that the students have a great choice in dining. They can enjoy American, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai and many other food choices. The best part of these cafes is that they have a local spark which means that all the ingredients and raw material have a local source. The food is very clean and healthy and offers the students great taste. Their aim is both to enjoy the cafes’ tasty food and do some reading in the friendly environment they offer. So let see some of these off-campus cafes:

1. Petra Cafe Greek & Mediterranean

greek-salad serving in plate

This café offers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food varieties. The all-time favorites of the students are their gyros, burgers, wraps, and kebabs. The best part of the café is that its atmosphere is warm, friendly and relaxing. There, people can ease their minds from study-related worries.

2. Purple Parrot café

seating area of cafe

This café has a shiny and glossy interior where the students sit to enjoy their dining. The place excels in offering traditional American food with a little twisting of flavors. On the whole, the drinks, food, and service is number one. Also, the café’s cocktails are much-loved among the visitors due to their taste and freshness.

3. Asian Café

Inside of asian cafe

The café is much-loved among the students for three reasons. One is that the café offers comfortable seating and environment. Second, the food at the café is healthy, tasty and gluten-free. Lastly, the café allows the students to grab a quick bite on their go.

4. Cotton Blues


The café has a modern setting, and the environment is perfect for homemade, hearty Southern Cuisine. Also, the place offers refreshing cocktails and drinks. So, the students and the visitors love the café’s lobster taco and crawfish mash potatoes. Students normally book the venue for special events that can include event planning and bridal showers.

5. Marlins Bar & Grill

dining hall of Marlins bar & grill

This is basically a seafood eatery that has relaxing wood-paneled seating throughout. Also, the place a large deck for live music. Thus, this café is the ideal place where the students celebrate with a group of friends or spend weekend nights.

6. Branch

American Cuisine platters

This cafe surrounding the university campus is a new inauguration and offers American cuisine. It has a great outdoor seating in the patio along with ample seating in its lounge area. Also, the students can buy whatever drink that suits their interests and mood.

7. C’est La Vie Bakery

serving of Paris Brest

The beauty of this café lies in offering unique tastes and quality in the dishes. The main focus of the place is on the desserts that include different kinds of pastries. Also, the pastries go very well with the coffee. The flavors in pastries include blueberry cheesecake, almond, chocolate, pear cranberry, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.

Thus, these are the local cafes that offer different varieties of breakfast, lunch and dessert menus. Here, students enjoy tasting different types of food in their university life. And this is what makes university life exciting and full of life.

Coolest Courses at the University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi is a public institution that is found in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It is a large-sized University that boasts of a minimum enrollment of about 10,246 students. It has an acceptance rate of about 60%. This makes the University to be termed as a competitive institution. Some of the courses termed as the coolest by students include;

1. DAN 130- Dance Appreciation

Already love dancing as a hobby

The students in this class learn about all the forms and styles of dances that exist around the globe. This enables them to fully understand dance as a part of human behavior and its role in the human society. This is studied in the past as well as in the present. In turn, they are able to embrace the diverse dances and appreciate them too.

2. ART 101- Drawing I


Are you fond of spending your time drawing? Well, you can still learn more on drawing by enrolling for this class. This will make you as a student better in expressing yourself through drawings through advanced thinking and seeing. It develops the best artists as the students are challenged to bring out their inner best in this course.

3. ECO 101- Basic Economics


Have you ever found yourself wondering how the world economics get to work and how they balance the economies? Basic Economics 101 is the go to class as it will equip you with the basics and skills to fully understand all that is involved in this sector. All the principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics that are current are taught in this course.

4. ANT 101- The Human Experience; A Global Perspective on Human Diversity

The course focuses on the five major sub-disciplines that are found under anthropology, that is, physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, social/cultural anthropology, and applied anthropology too. This equips the students with a clear understanding of the overall humanity’s social and biological diversities.

5. KIN Q30- Racquetball


Is it not cool sitting in class at times to learn more about your favorite sport and even graduating well in that field? Well, this unit will just give you this privilege. It comes with both theoretical concepts in class and laboratory experiences in order to hone your racquetball skills and techniques. All the best game strategies are learned in this course.

6. MER 121- Principles of Merchandising


For enthusiasts who are ever looking out for new ways to capture the attention of their goods and services buyers. Students are taught on how to go about with the production and merchandising of their goods and services, how firms get to price and merchandise theirs the way they do.

7. PS 101- American Government


For those students who are interested in venturing into the political world. PS 101-American Government is a course which is tailor-made to give them the basics of the country’s political systems. It tends to equip the learners with all the insights and skills involved in Political Science. Basically, it entails the basics that are advanced in the higher levels as students major in this field

8. DPH 101- Personal Wellness


Students are taught how to deal with the wellness of an individual which is vital in this life. They explore the means to understand well the diverse lifestyle aspects to gauge the wellness of any individual.

9. KIN 136- Bowling


This unit will be an extended fun to the class if you already love bowling. The concepts and practical bowling are taught to sharpen your skills and playing strategies.

10. KIN 160- Beginning Swimming


Swimming being a hobby for many of the students is an added advantage when they join this class to learn the theoretical fundamentals and practical lessons when it comes to swimming.

These courses termed as thecoolest at USM will reduce the stress that comes with taking the hardestcourses. They will also see that you spend your time on other things while beingassured of passing well and attaining that perfect GPA too. Your semesters willalso be full of fun.

Top 10 Library Resources at the University of Southern Mississippi

Founded in 1910, the University of Mississippi boasts a large collection of both print and electronic library data designed to help students in their study and research. Let’s get to a discovery journey of some of the resources the libraries offer.

1. Research consultation appointments

meme about research consultation

At the University of Southern Mississippi, students are exposed to high-level research through the help of knowledgeable library assistants. During business hours, students can also hold their research appointments online. Research consultation is an extended way of acquiring scholarly information.

2. Technology checkout and support

computer tech in lecture room

Print materials are checked out to students for use within and beyond the library. This allows students to generate academic information to develop their research strategies tailored to their individual and group needs. The materials borrowed can be renewed but for a certain duration. Students should note that any items lost will be charged a replacement fee.

3. Library instruction program offering workshops and credit-based classes

Library instruction program graphic

Normally, students that receive instructions from a trained library assistant tend to perform better in their research. As such, you can expect to get library leads from librarians in these libraries. Tutorials are also carried out in the libraries.

4. Workshops

library workshops post it note graphic

Recorded and live workshops are carried out to help students perform better and understand their classes in a broader manner. The workshops cover a variety of research topics, introducing students to a variety of general rules for researching,  citing materials, and writing papers.

5. Course Reserves

printing a document from phone

These give access to academic materials to support instruction. It means that students are able to access the right materials for their study including electronic and print resources. The materials are available on request.

6. Data Management

image of data management on button

Data management holds a scholarly place in research and overall academic practice. With this tool, the university is able to meet the emerging compliance requirements.

7. Interlibrary Loan

graphic for book swap

Interlibrary loan is a process that ensures students have access to the most helpful books in their research and study. This is whereby the library patron borrows books the university does not have from other libraries that act as intermediaries. The items borrowed could include print, music, DVDs, electronic data, among others.

8. Space Reservations


Students can access reserved and drop-in study spaces which should be booked in advance. The libraries have a variety of rooms and study spaces which can be booked for either individual or group studies.

9. Tutorials

professor showing student something on laptop

In the University of Southern Mississippi, libraries accommodate one-on-one tutorials with either the librarian or a professor. The tutorials are focused on study and research. Students are also trained on how to best utilize the available resources in the library for their academics.

10. Online Database

online data base graphic

Students can subscribe to the dozens of information the library database contains. The data is collected from trusted and helpful sources to help students in their study and research needs.

Top 5 Libraries at the University of Southern Mississippi

1. Hattiesburg Campus Library

Hattiesburg Campus Library

This five floors library stimulates learning and reading and comes to you with helpful and friendly staff. It has a large collection of books microforms, periodicals, and government materials which support the university’s research programs.

2. Forrest County Law Library

Forrest County Law Library

This library contains a large collection of documents touching on local historical interest and archival materials. The digital collection of the library has a selection of items from Hattiesburg Vertical Files. The materials are necessary for education and research purposes.

3. Petal Branch Library

Petal Branch Library

This library is open for meetings and study. There are different sized rooms where students can have a private study or engage in group discussions. It has five active book clubs and thirty-eight PCs.

4. McCain Library and Archives

 McCain Library and Archives

This is the chief reserve library in the University of Southern Mississippi. It houses materials not allowed for checkout, yet highly valuable in research and study. It also houses one of the largest collections of children literature.

5. Dumas L. Smith IE Rouse Library

Dumas L. Smith IE Rouse Library

This library is home to many students, where they can choose to read online by accessing materials through WCU library’s website. If the books are not available in the catalog, students are advised to request for the material through the interlibrary loan.

Top 10 Majors at USM

The University of Southern Mississippi is a public research university with its main campus located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The school has an enrollment of about 12,000 students. Here are 10 of the top majors to check out.

1. Art Graphic Design

a person designing on an ipad

The major that is art with a focus on graphic design shows you the many programs that can be used to create a piece of work. Such programs include: using adobe Photoshop, using final cut pro for editing moving videos, adobe illustrator and so much more.

2. Athletic Training

 a football player injured on a field

The major that is athletic training is one that allows you to have a career that is health minded. As a trainer you could work in a gym and give work out regimes to people who are focused on either a good all over workout or looking to strengthen their core , glutes, ect.

3. Public Relations Journalism

a person being interviewed

When going into the major of public relations journalism it is important to note that journalism itself teaches you how to write in a style that is both professional but easy to read to the average person. Public relations are when as a journalist an event would occur and sometimes you would be asked to conduct interviews for a story.

4. Hospitality and Tourism Management

 a person taking photos of a building

The world of hospitality and tourism management is one that is wide and open. The job allows you to be your own boss by having the skills and knowledge needed to start your own travel agency, or even have a website that shows locals fun events to attend.

5. Legal Studies

a large law book

When going for the major that is legal studies it is important to note that the education will take you to all different aspects of the law. A perfect career to go into would be a paralegal. A paralegal researches documentation before it goes to a lawyer.


a calculator and charts

Finance allows you to make a difference in others by giving them helpful advice on all their financial needs. The major gives you flexibility to be a financial adviser or to be a top manager at a bank or a credit union.

7. Forensics (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

coding the dna of a fingerprint

When looking into the area of forensics if you are a chemist you would then have the job of taking samples that have been at a crime scene, and then going to a lab and testing those samples. Chemist can for example take a blood sample and see if they can figure out the DNA of it.

8. Spanish

 different flags with the nationalities of the spanish language

Spanish is the second most popular language in the United States. The significance of it is that it is also taught in most high schools. If you are majoring in the language not only will you be able to put bilingual on your resume but have the option of being an interpreter or teacher.

9. Library and Information Science

 a library and a table

Yes being a librarian is an actual major. No it is not the easiest thing in the world. The major itself gives you top notch communication skills that will be helpful in being the information hub for people that need to know where something is.

10. Nursing

a group of nursing students

The world of nursing is not one that is taken lightly. It makes people in the major not only study at a fairly quick rate a large amount of information, but nurses are always needed as the job itself usually asks for long hours and constant accuracy.

University of Southern Mississippi has a medium size for a school which gives you the best of both worlds. Its size is large enough to make you feel like there is some breathing room for getting to know people but not overly small. Make sure to check out more info on these 10 majors.

Top 10 Majors at Ole Miss

The University of Mississippi is a public research university in Oxford, Mississippi. It has the largest enrollment for any Mississippi university. UoM has a 79% acceptance rate. Here’s ten of its best majors!

1. Dental Hygiene

smiling dentist

For those interested in going to dental school to become dentists, the dental hygiene major is a perfect fit. This major prepares undergraduate dental students for dental school by teaching them the basics about dental hygiene and teeth.

2. Forensic Chemistry

crime scene forensics

The forensic chemistry major is an interesting major for anyone who aims to work in crime investigation/forensics. This major teaches students all about the chemistry of a crime scene. It prepares students for investigating crimes.

3. Psychology

woman holding clip board

The psychology major teaches students all about the functions of the brain and its chemicals, and how people’s behaviors affect and influence us. This major prepares students for futures in may different careers, such as therapy.

4. Anthropology

human evolution

The anthropology major teaches students about the history of humankind. Students in this major learn all about our history and evolution over time, and how different cultures developed throughout the world.

5. Journalism

newscaster outside

The journalism major at UM is perfect for students aiming to work in the news industry in their future. This major prepares students for working in the news and media by educating them about current events, past influences and more.

6. Accounting

 accountant at desk


The accounting major is for students who want to become accountants. This major teaches students about accounting, and requires students to learn about national and global economics, businesses, business mathematics, and more.

7. Criminal Justice

police car

Students in the criminal justice major are preparing to enter the field of criminal justice, whether it be police work, other law enforcement, or more. Students learn all about national laws and regulations, crime investigation, etc.

8. Dietetics and Nutrition

woman smiling with food

The dietetics and nutrition major is perfect for students wishing to become nutritionists/dietitians. Students learn all about food and health/wellness, food and body chemistry, exercise science, and more to promote human health.

9. Education

teacher pointing at the board

Students who seek to become teachers in their future should take the education major. There are many specialities like mathematics or science to choose from. This major prepares students for teaching and gives hands on experience in local schools.

10. Geology

rocks in utah
The geology major at UM teaches students all about the history and composition of the Earth. The long history of this planet and its configuration is important to understanding today’s environment and climate.

10 Coolest Clubs at University of Southern Mississippi

Hey guys! Here we are in Southern Mississippi, Seymour the Eagle! The University of Southern Mississippi is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and is home to about 12,000 people.  Here are some cool clubs here and if you keep reading there will be some recommended events that are a must-do!

1. Athletic Training Club

This club focuses on bringing knowledge about athletic training to anyone interested in the field.  You will work around the community and must have a real passion for this field.

2. Chaotic Movement

This is a dance team that dances at events on and off of campus.  You will be allowed to show your dance skills off at events and is for men and women who have a passion for expressing themselves through dance.

3. High Def 

This is a dance group that lets students from all ethnicities and different demographics grow as dancers overall.  You will get more confident in your dancing skills as well as gain more experience.

4. The Investment Club

This club is of main interest for finance majors, but is also perfect for anyone interested in investing or business overall.  You will manage a mock portfolio and work with peers to do so.  This club doesn’t have a set meeting time, but is perfect for students to apply concepts they have learned.

5. Tea Club

This club isn’t about gossiping.  No, we don’t want that kind of tea! This one is all about relieving stress and being g welcomed into a positive and calming atmosphere where everyone drinks tea together.

6. Active Minds

This is the logo for this active club.  It includes two circles coming together to show that no-one is ever alone when it comes to mental health.

This club is all about mental health awareness ranging from worldwide to just campus-based.  This club is present at many other campuses around the world so you will have a chance to connect with other students who may be having the same struggle as you.  You will feel safe, comfortable, and NEVER ashamed to talk about your mental health!

7. Student Eagle Club

This is a club focusing on promoting Eagle sports.  This is even one of the largest organizations on campus!!! You will get to meet tons of new people as well as promote the university and be part of something big!

8. USM Social Dance

This is a small club of currently only 6 members dedicates to learning a bunch of different types of dances.  This club is open to people who have never danced before to experts.  You will need to meet weekly with the club and then you are welcomed to go to different events.

9. USM Ultimate Frisbee Club

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  You get together with people who are interested in the same sport and get to all play together.

10. University of Southern Mississippi Football Club

This club is all about welcoming international students through the sport of football.  Members will be able to enhance their endurance through the sport as well as meet new people from around the world.

Thanks so much for reading hopefully this article helped you decide what you want to get in to/participate in this semester. Go eagles!


Top Events this Semester at USM

1. Immigration Panel

A discussion about immigration and different people’s perspectives on it. This panel will be super interesting and is a must-see!

2. 2018 Southern Miss Ceramics National 

This is an exhibition of various sculpture and pieces from artists all across the country! If you are interested in pottery or the arts this is a great event for you!

3. Southern Miss Art + Design Open House

This is another free event that takes place in the George Hurst Building. It takes place from November 2 from 9 to 3 pm. Great event to look at art and design!

4. Eagle’s Nest Food Many Benefit Concert

This is an event put on by the School of Music in the March Auditorium.  All proceeds will go to a good cause!

5. Bachtoberfest

This is an event on October 29th at 8 pm.  It is a free event! This event is mainly focuses on Bach and you will for sure have a great time.

Top 8 Residence Halls at USM

If you are planning to live on campus, it is important to make sure you are well-informed about all your options before making a decision. This place will be your home for the next year to come, so make sure you are 100% clear on your commitment. Let this article be your guide to familiarizing yourself with the different residence hall options that the University of Southern Mississippi (also known as USM) has to offer you today.

1. Century Park North

This is century park north.

Address: 2901 W 4th St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Century Park North is one of the popular residence halls on campus. Here they offer double bedrooms with pre-designed furniture. Some furniture included is two single beds, desk, desk chairs, and chests of drawers.

2. Century Park South

This is Century Park South.

Address: Black and Gold Blvd, Hattiesburg, MS 39406

At Century Park South you have more variety of bedroom styles to choose from. They offer double rooms with private bathrooms outside the room and down the fall. They also have different amenities available such as laundry facilities on each floor, student kitchen lounges and study rooms.

3. Hattiesburg Hall

This is Hattiesburg Hall.

Address: 108 East Memorial Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39406

This hall is specifically available to upper-class female students. They have around 59 single bedrooms available. The room type is suite style with furnished living areas and semi-private baths.

4. Hillcrest Hall

This is Hillcrest Hall cross walk.

Address: 6263 US Highway 49 Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Hillcrest Hall at USM is another residence for female upperclass men students. This is a larger residence with about 362 available rooms for rent. The room types offered include single or double suites.

5. McCarty Hall

This is McCarty Hall.

Address: 2775-2971 W 4th St Hattiesburg, MS 39401

McCarty Hall is composed of two different buildings, McCarty North and McCarty South. McCarty North is for upper class men females, both general and athletes. McCarty South is made for upper class men males, also for general or athletes.

6. Mississippi Hall

This is Mississippi Hall.

Address: 116 East Memorial Drive Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Mississippi Hall houses only upper-class men males at USM. This residence hall is relatively small, offering around 59 single rooms. The room styles are suites with furnished living areas and personal locks.

7. Scholarship Hall

This is a residence hall on campus.

Address: 3571 Montague Blvd. Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Scholarship hall is another small residence hall on campus. Scholarship hall homes upperclassmen females accepted into scholarships. The room type are doubles with private bathrooms.

8. Wilber Hall

This is a residence hall on campus.

Address: 6173 US Highway 49 Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Wilber Hall is one of the largest residence halls on campus. With 8 floors, each floor has designated room assignments dependent on gender. They also have specific halls for programs such as ACES.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at USM

1. Room Basics

This is a dorm bed with storage units underneath.

  • Standing Storage
  • Bed Sheet Package (Often Twin XL)
  • Extra Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Table Lamp

2. Food and Snacks

These are snacks.

  • Water Bottles
  • Gold Fish
  • Canned Food
  • Chips
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Frozen Foods

3. Tech & Entertainment

These are students using tech in a dorm room.

  • Television
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Applicable Charges (Laptop and Phone)
  • Alarm Clock

4. School Supplies

These are school supplies.

  • Binders
  • Folders
  • Staples/Stapler
  • Pens (Blue,Black, and Red)
  • Highlighters

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

This is a person cleaning.

  • Lysol Wipes
  • Clorox Spray
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Extra Standing Storage
  • File Holders

6. Campus Gears

This is a student on a bike.

  • Bike
  • Bike Lock
  • Scooter
  • Helmet
  • Skateboard

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

This is a kitchen in a dorm room.

  • Candles
  • Open Heat Surfaces
  • Heated Hair Products
  • Blenders

Living on campus can be a different experience to many students. Finding the perfect place to stay can be difficult. Let this be your guide to helping you find your new home away from home. May your next home bring you a great college experience.

10 of the Easiest Courses at the USM

It can often be difficult for students to find easier classes to take in college to boost their GPA. The required classes for a student’s major are often really difficult, but there are classes that can balance the GPA made in the more difficult classes. Below are 10 of the easiest courses to take at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM).

1. ANT 101 – The Human Experience: A Global Perspective on Human Diversity

Surveys the five major subdisciplines of anthropology (physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, social/cultural anthropology and applied anthropology) to provide the student with a holistic understanding of humanity’s social and biological diversity.

2. ART 101 – Drawing I

A study of the possibilities of drawing as the expression of a variety of ways of seeing and thinking. Students of all levels are encouraged to take this class, as the course will challenge every student to be the best artist that they are able to be.

3. DAN 130 – Dance Appreciation

A survey of dance as a worldwide phenomenon of human behavior and its function in human society, past and present. Students will grow a strong appreciation for various styles of dance.

4. DPH 101 – Personal Wellness

An examination of the relationships of various lifestyle components to various levels of wellness. Students will get an insight to how wellness of oneself is very important in life.

5. ECO 101 – Basic Economics

Principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics applied to current social issues for understanding of policy proposals. The class will give you an insight to what Economics is, and it is a great introduction for students majoring in subjects related or correlated to Economics.

6. KIN 130 – Racquetball

Theoretical concepts and laboratory experience in development of fundamental racquetball skill techniques and game strategies. Students of all levels are encouraged to take this class on racquetball, as it can challenge even the best of players.

7. KIN 136 – Bowling

Theoretical concepts and laboratory experience in development of fundamental bowling skill techniques and competitive strategies. Students of all levels are encouraged to take this class on bowling, as it can challenge even the best of bowlers.

8. KIN 160 – Beginning Swimming

Theoretical bases and laboratory experiences in fundamental swimming techniques and assistive rescue skills. Students that do not know how to swim well are encouraged to take this class, as they will learn from the basics.

9. MER 121 – Principles of Merchandising

An introduction of merchandising with an overview of production and merchandising system. Students will get a better understanding of how merchandise is priced and why companies merchandise certain items the way they do.

10. PS 101 – American Government

An introduction to American national government and politics. The class will give you an insight to what Political Science is, and it is a great introduction for students majoring in the subject.

These classes will most definitely help you with your GPA, getting more sleep, and feeling less stressed throughout a semester. Taking a variety of classes like these will help you to make sure you are majoring in what you want to major in. Taking these classes will only help you while you are in college!