10 Coolest Courses at University of South Alabama

University of South Alabama is a public, national research university in Mobile, Alabama, United States. This institute breeds leaders and challenges in research, services, and academics. They offer various courses that are both fun and challenging! Here are the top 10 coolest courses of University of South Alabama


man looking at various documents pasted on the wall

This course is an overview that teaches students the complex types of reasonings. In this class, the students will be able to analyze and examine the given reasoning examples. This is one of the coolest courses because this will sharpen the mind of the student and develop the ability on how to examine arguments, common errors and biases in reasoning and decision making.


two guys having a conversation outdoor during winter

Argumentation focuses on developing modes of logical reasoning. This is one of the coolest courses because it enhances the debating skill of a student and exercises their minds to develop critical thinking functions as better thinking that participates in various forms of argument.


man speaking in public while someone records him on a phone

Public speaking emphasizes the interaction between the speaker and the audience. In this class, the student will be able to improve their communication skills and this is one of the coolest courses because this class includes exercise about subject analysis, critical thinking, organization and delivery of speeches.


woman and man sitting on the beach not talking with each other

Interpersonal communication is a course that deals with communicating interpersonally and this involves developing knowledge, trust, and understanding between people. This is one of the coolest courses because it helps in developing the skills in a communication exchange with other parties.


young girl with a backpack staring at the ocean

This course focuses on the development and behavior of the adolescent. The student will be able to learn the issues that mostly occur on this developmental stage including the role of the school’s environment in the social, emotional and intellectual development of the adolescent. It will be understood why adolescents act in a certain way.


three ladies wearing beautiful dresses while drinking wine

Human Development and Behavior is a course about the principles of the development of human and in this class is one of the coolest courses because it focuses on the growth pattern of each individual. A student in this class will learn the attitudes, family, school, and community impact of all ages.


medical personel storing blood samples

Health Informatics emphasizes on the relevant connection between the technologies and their role in providing maximum health care. This is one of the coolest courses because the classes involve using electronic record systems, clinical reporting, security and privacy of clinical data and the efficiency of providing health care.


various first aid tools

First aid is a course that practices first aid training that is highly needed at all times. In this class, students will be taught the basic life-saving procedures such as CPR and treating wounds on an accident in public. This is one of the coolest courses because this can be used to save a life anytime and anywhere.


woman performing yoga on a yoga mat

Personal health focuses on the sociological, psychological and economic factors of an individual’s life. This is one of the coolest courses because a student will be able to explore the causes and effects of the factors on the personal health of an individual.


a concept of a woman skiing on a grassland while snow is receding

This course deals with international concerns that help students understand and learn the complex issue the global society is facing. This is one of the coolest courses because this class will explore the economic structural components of the global system and the world economy.

10 Hardest Courses at the University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama is one of the highly rated institutions in the country. Because of this reason, students come from all over the world seeking to join this university. However, not all qualify to secure admission. The lucky ones go on pursuing their dream programs. Some get it easy while others struggle with the hardest college classes ever. Below are some of the toughest courses in campus:

1. ECO 451 – Mathematical Economics

math equations

The study of mathematical economics is not a simple task. Students learn how to apply mathematics in economic situations such as demand, supply, production, consumption, etc. It requires well-witted students to pass the course.

2. FIN 350 – Financial Statement Analysis & Corporate Strategy

sample financial statement

This course is all about financial planning for corporates and companies. Besides, it’s about creating sound business strategies for companies. If you are not equal to the task, it’s better to stay away from it. Poor grades can ruin your dreams.

3. ISC 285 – Intermediate Programming

sample codes

This course is for elite students who understood the basics of programming at the introduction level. Students learn how to program using complex software such as Oracle, Java, and C++ among others. The amount of work to be covered is usually very much and thus challenging to many students.

4. CHE 331 – Thermodynamics I

This course is rigid and inflexible. It is characterized by laws, concepts, equations, mathematics, and practicals. It covers lots of mathematical work and that’s the main reason why students don’t like it. The idea of applying calculus in chemistry might not be an easy one.

Image of thermodynamics and heat flow

5. ST 335 – Regression

different regression relationships

Regression is a topic in statistics that explains the relations of certain phenomenon. It’s pure mathematical work which is often very daunting. To pass this course, you need to have extreme knowledge on how to work out the mathematics as well as the theoretical work.

6. EG 360 – Fluid Mechanics

fluid flow based on pascal's law

This course is primarily for engineering students. It covers the analysis of the nature and behavior of fluids. Like other engineering courses, there is alot of work to be covered. It is a mandatory course that calls for maximum efforts.

7. CE 367 (W) – Hydraulics Lab

hydraulics pipes and nozzles, tractor or other construction equipment. focus on the hydraulic pipes

You will probably spend the better part of the semester trying to understand hydraulics. This part is often challenging because many students never understand. The Lab attendants and technicians also feel overwhelmed by teaching this course.

8. CSC 418 – Advanced Game Development

different things related to games

Programming tends to get even harder when it comes to game development. Students face a hard task of creating working electronic games. Even the brightest students will tell you how difficult it is. To others, it’s a dream never come true.

9. PH 354 – Electronics

inside hardware

For physics students, life has never been easy. Challenging courses come one after the other. Electronics is a damning course that was made for geniuses alone. This is because it involves the use of both software and hardware simultaneously. Besides, it’s very broad thus a huge challenge.

10. BLY 301 – Cell Biology


Although the title sounds cool, the course is very tricky. It covers all aspect of animal and plant cells. There are very many cells that the students have to master. Additionally, the course has lots of scientific concepts that demand attention.

When it comes to higher education, everything gets hard. As a result, students who aren’t ready enough face the difficult times. Probably, not students are psychologically ready to handle the tough times. This leads to poor results or maybe dropping out of school.

University of South Alabama Past Exam 2019

Looking for the University of South Alabama past exams, old exams, and practice exams? This list includes past exams and solutions at University of South Alabama. Feel free to check them out and be sure to share them with your fellow USA peers.

Course CodeCourse NameView Exams
ACC 211Principles of Accounting IView Exams
AN 100Intro to Cultural AnthropologyView Exams
AN 200Language and CultureView Exams
AUD 622Medical AudiologyView Exams
AUD 643Audiology and AgingView Exams
BLY 101Life Science IView Exams
BLY 122General Biology IIView Exams
BMD 114Anatomy and Physiology IView Exams
BMD 334Human Physiology IView Exams
BMD 410PathophysiologyView Exams
BMD 420PharmacologyView Exams
CA 100Intro to CommunicationView Exams
CA 110Public SpeakingView Exams
CH 131General Chemistry IView Exams
CIS 115Beginning ProgrammingView Exams
CIS 150Intro to Computer ApplicationsView Exams
CIS 210Intro to C++ ProgrammingView Exams
CIS 235Programming Language SeminarView Exams
CIS 250Advanced Comp ApplicationsView Exams
CJ 320Modern Police FunctionsView Exams
CJ 360Introduction to the OffenderView Exams
CSC 311Networking and CommunicationsView Exams
CSC 320Computer Org-ArchitectView Exams
CSC 333Prog Language TheoryView Exams
CSC 413Computer GraphicsView Exams
CSC 520Computer ArchitectureView Exams
EE 334Analog and Digital ElectronicsView Exams
EE 381Electromech Energy ConversionView Exams
EE 539VLSI Technology – FabricationView Exams
EH 102English Composition IIView Exams
GEO 102Landscape ProcessesView Exams
GY 111Physical GeologyView Exams
GY 303Igneous & Meta PetrologyView Exams
GY 403Structural GeologyView Exams
GY 450Thin-Section TechniquesView Exams
HY 101HY of Western Civilization IView Exams
HY 102HY of Western Civilization IIView Exams
HY 135US History to 1877View Exams
HY 136US History since 1877View Exams
HY 303Warfare Society Modern WorldView Exams
IDL 580Fund Basic Medical Sciences IView Exams
IS 100Global IssuesView Exams
IS 200People-Nations –View Exams
ISD 613Instructional StrategiesView Exams
ITE 475IT Project ManagementView Exams
LG 132Introductory Spanish IIView Exams
MA 110Finite MathematicsView Exams
MA 112Precalculus AlgebraView Exams
MA 113Precalculus TrigonometryView Exams
MA 115Precal Algebra-TrigonometryView Exams
MA 120Calculus and Its ApplicationsView Exams
MA 125Calculus IView Exams
MA 227Calculus IIIView Exams
MA 237Linear Algebra IView Exams
MA 238Differential Equations IView Exams
MA 320Foundations of Math – WView Exams
MA 508Adv Partial Differential EqnsView Exams
MKT 336International MarketingView Exams
MUA 100Recital ClassView Exams
NU 578Pharm Adv Practice NursesView Exams
PH 104Concepts of PhysicsView Exams
PSC 250Comparative PoliticsView Exams
PSY 310Biological Psychology IView Exams
SLP 534School-Aged Language DisordersView Exams
ST 210Stat Reason and ApplicationView Exams

Top 10 Majors at University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama, is a public, national research university in Mobile, Alabama, United States. The average acceptance rate is about 78%. The total enrollment is about 11,000 students. Here are 10 majors to check out.

1. Hospitality and Tourism Management

a globe with monuments

The world that is hospitality and tourism management is fairly broad. You can go into the major and find jobs that vary in restaurants, working as a manager at a hotel or a motel, or you can even start your own touring agency around your area.

2. English

 a sign saying english time

Those who study English are able to have a better understanding of the written and spoken word. This means that you will learn about how to improve your grammar as well as the structure of sentences as well as even learn about the history of the English Language.

3. Marketing

logo that says marketing

Marketing is the study that is meant for students to know about the business world in the side of creating a want for the product or service being offered. Marketing showcases itself as being a large field that has many different jobs such as strategizers of campaigns or even sales representatives.

4. Criminal Justice

 a pair of handcuffs

The major that is criminal justice has to do with being able to make the world a better place. This is all about being able to keep people in line as well as make sure that justice is served to those who try to break the rules. Possible careers include forensics and a person to oversee a jail.

5. K-6 Teacher Education

 a teacher and students

The K-6 Teacher education program is a chance for future teachers to understand tips and styles on how to teach youth who are of the grades k-6. At this age group, you need to speak and use mannerisms that are able to be communicated in such a way that is understandable to the students.

6. Nursing

 a group of nursing students

As a nursing student, it is important to keep in mind that this is a very hard major to get into. There is a lot of competition as well as material to be learned in a short amount of time. Before you get the degree you take the test boards as well as do clinicals.

7. Music

 splatter paint music notes

In the world of music, you can show off your talents and hone your skills in order to be able to perform for others. The major requires you to take classes such as applied music, music theory, and music organization. Bring your talented singing skills or playing to life with this major.

8. Communication

 two people communicating an idea

The major that is communication is one that will prove to help you in your career path as it allows you to know the best ways to communicate professionally and effectively with others. The major is best coupled with a business major.

9. Accounting

 looking over financial reports

The major of accounting deals with knowing how to move around and record your assets and liabilities. It is important that a business has an accountant to clearly have a picture on where the revenue and the losses are coming from.

10. General Business

 a business meeting happening

A general business degree allows students to be able to get an idea on the business industry. This is the perfect major for those wanting to know all about making a deal and the proper way of closing the deal as well as proper follow-up.

The University of South Alabama is a smaller school that allows students to be able to get to know one another as well as their teachers in a way that gives hands-on learning as well as one to one if you need extra help. Make sure to check out their website for their major requirements.

10 Library Resources at University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama offers many resources to help you get the most out of your education. Below are ten of the best ones. Keep reading to find out which one is the best for you!

1. Worldcat

WorldCat logo

Worldcat allows students to have electronic database access whenever they need it. The electronic database is great for when students can’t find a book or journal that they are looking for in any of the libraries, or if it is after library hours but they need a book right away.

2. EBook Collections

eBook Collections

Much like an online database, the EBook Collections has many thousands of books, journals and articles. Most of the EBook Collections are public and can be used by anybody, but a few are private and require a USA ID. Some may also require a subscription to the service.

3. Dynamed


Dynamed runs through EBSCOHost, one of the popular electronic databases used by students. However, Dynamed is used by strictly medical students. It is purposed to help clinicians be able to answer complicated medical questions and further their understanding of concepts.

4. UpToDate


Very similar to Dynamed, UpToDate offers constantly updated information so students, typically in the medical school, can always improve their knowledge. It can help students earn credits if they are missing some as well.

5. Departmental Liaisons

Liaison Team logo

The USA Biomedical Library assigns each health science department a liaison. They answer specific questions about where certain journals or books may be in the Biomedical Library, and will take suggestions to collection development. They are the special librarians for the health science field of study.

6. Interprofessional Collaboration Center

collaboration center

The Interprofessional Collaboration Center is designed for the students, staff and faculty within the Colleges of Allied Health Professions, Medicine, and Nursing. Here, the students can collaborate on projects, research and other group activities. The tables are based on first-come first-serve, so getting there early is a must.

7. Study Rooms

The Challenge: Finding Time to Study

There are many study rooms on campus. In each study room, access to computers and the internet is granted so a student can have everything they need to study and more. The rooms are also equipped with a fax machine, copier and printer. These rooms are usually checked out, and if they aren’t checked out they are on an open basis, like first-come first-serve.

8. Writing and Citation Help

writing/citation help

On the U of Southern Alabama website you can find many different resources within this one resource to help with citations and writing. There are many scholarly writing guides, as well as punctuation refreshers and research report help. There is so much more, too! Go check it out.

9. International Business Marketing Resources

business marketing

This resource is super-specific, but also very helpful. The International Business Marketing has a guide just for itself, and has four additional sub-resources as well. These four resources are globalEDGE, International Financial Statistics, International Statistics Agencies, and World Economic Outlook Databases. These may be the most helpful for business and/or marketing students.

10. Course Reserves

Course Reserves

The Course Reserves is a depository of information, from the faculty and staff to the students to use in their coursework. All of these resources within the Course Reserves could be a book, EBook, test or exam, or examples of papers. These could be very helpful to a student who feels stuck in their work.

5 Libraries at the University of Southern Alabama

1. Marx Library

Marx Library

The Marx Library is the most popular library, widely used by all USA students and staff members. This is where the majority of all-subject books will be found, as well as a variety of study rooms and extra resources. The library’s hours are usually 7am to 1am, but vary on weekends.

2. Baldwin County Library

Baldwin County Library

Although it is not on campus, the Baldwin County Library is located right around the corner. The library hours are not offered, but between normal business hours is to be assumed. Students can use this library, as can the general public.

3. Mitchell College of Business Library

Mitchell College of Business Library

Like it says in the name, the Mitchell College of Business Library pertains to business and marketing students. Another name for this library is the Jospeh and Rebecca Mitchell Learning Resource Center, or MCOB library. Business students can use this library to quietly study and work on research projects.

4. Biomedical Library

Biomedical Library Building

The full name for this library is the Charles M. Baugh Biomedical Library. It caters to students in all health majors to enjoy their very own library with countless books on medical terminology and study. This library’s hours vary, but most weekdays are open from 7:15am to 10:45pm.

5. Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Although the title says it all, the Doy Leale McCall Library is quite the interesting place. It is located within the larger Marx Library. Inside includes it’s coveted mission, which is “to identify, acquire, appraise, preserve, organize, and describe important historical material relating to the history of the Alabama Black Belt”. This would be a very fun, interesting library to spend the day exploring.


10 Cool Clubs at University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama, is a public, national research university in Mobile, Alabama, United States.  The school’s more notable alumni were Jon Lieber, who was a former major league baseball player. Here are 10 cool clubs to check out.

1. Food Recovery Network

 the logo for food recovery network

The food recovery network is built on the idea that students should be able to fuel themselves in order to perform at their best in school. The group uses food that is about to be wasted from campus dining and allows needy students to use it.

2. Ultimate Frisbee

 a person playing ultimate frisbee

The game of ultimate frisbee is unlike any casual game of frisbee. This game is meant to be like the frisbee but in a sense much more competitive. You are constantly running to grab the frisbee from your competition, sometimes even lunging for it.

3. Sustainability Council

 a hand with a green planet

Sustainability Council is a group of students who gather together and discuss how the school can be more energy-efficient as well as more environmentally conscious. They do this by showing proper separation of trash.

4. Wesley Foundation

 a cross with fire on it

The Wesley Foundation is a large group of college chapters that explore the meaning of the lord and his teachings by being a constant example to others. The founder of the group was John Wesley was the one who established Protestantism.

5. Residence Hall Association

 logo for residence hall association

Resident hall association is a group on campus that allows students who are RA’s to be able to gather and talk about ways to do better. This means that they go over plans of engaging the students that live on campus as well as talking about how to discipline others.

6. Rocking Climbing Club

 a person rock climbing up a wall

Rock Climbing club is a group that meets up who is interested in getting a good all over work out . When you rock climb it not only builds up your endurance but it also allows

7. Kappa Sigma

the crest of kappa sigma

Kappa Sigma is a social fraternity that is made up of men who are driven to get to know people as well as do good for the community. The group helps to fund charities by hosting events for their philanthropy. The group also host social events that are open to other students to get to know the group.

8. Meditation and Mindfulness

 a person meditating on a beach

The meditation and mindfulness club is a group on campus that meets up in order to be able to fully relax and let your stress melt away. The way that the club works is that you use yoga and learn special breathing methods to be able to truly clear your mind.

9. College Republicans

a red white and blue elephant

The group that is college republicans is one that is made up of women and men who are looking to know more about policies within government. The bias is skewed towards the thinking of republican but if you have questions about how to be more active in government this is perfect for you.

10. Archery Club

 arrows and target for archery

Do you have pent up anger and emotion from the stress that is college? Why not harness it in a peaceful and empowering way. Archery is a sport that uses hand eye coordination and accuracy to be an outlet of relaxation for others.

Top Events of the School year at University of South Alabama

1. Commencement

 people waving their grad caps

Commencement is held in the Mitchell Center MC – Arena – Main. The event of commencement is one that allows students to see their friends and siblings graduate. It is a great event that celebrates the accomplishments of others.

2. Career Fair

 people talking to recruiters

Career Fair is held in the Mitchell Center MC – GGL. It is an event that allows students to be given insight on different jobs that are looking for talent as well as possible internships that will give the students the experience they need.

3. Lights of Love

tree outside with lights

Lights of Love is the tree lighting that is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. The event is sure to warm your heart, it is located at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital. There will be a Santa meet and great as well as tasty snacks.

4. USA Day

 people taking a tour of campus

USA day is where students who are perspective of the school can have a guided tour of the campus in order to be given further information on what the set of the school is like as well as where things are. Make sure to go attend a scheduled tour.

5. Holiday Concert

 music sheets by ornaments and ribbon

Get into the holiday spirit by being at the beloved school concert. It allows the students of the school to show off their talents when it comes to singing as well as creating music. There will be music played from typical holiday tunes.

Top 10 Residences at University of South Alabama

Founded in 1963, the University of South Alabama, or USA as it’s commonly known, is a public research university located in Mobile, Alabama—the university’s official nickname is “the South.” The institution is divided into ten colleges and schools, and as well includes one of Alabama’s two state-supported medical schools. At present, close to 16,700 students are enrolled at this university, most of whom are undergraduates. If you’ve been looking for information regarding residence halls and off-campus living around USA, then you should read through the following list of residence descriptions.

1) Creekside Apartments

A kitchen area inside a unit here

6655 Zeigler Blvd, Mobile, AL 36608

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and community-oriented place to live off campus, then you should consider looking into Creekside. Doesn’t jumping in to one of your complex’s two saltwater swimming pools sound great? After a long day of classes: you’ll need it.

2) Kingswood Apartment Homes

This is one of the homes at the complex

5453 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

There’s no place like home: that’s what you’ll say every day you come back from classes to your gorgeous apartment here. If you like hardwood floors and marble countertops, you’ll love your unit here! The complex is pet-friendly too!

3) Carondolet

A kitchen inside one of the units

4612 SpringHill Ave, Mobile, AL 36608

The peace and quiet necessary for intense studying is something you will always find if you live at Carondolet. Between neighborly curtesy and the units being a good distance apart, there’s little doubt you’ll always be able to find that unbroken silence you need to get your work done.

4) Maison De Ville LLC

This is the complex from the outside

3920 Berwyn Dr S, Mobile, AL 36608

Do you like stainless steel kitchen appliances and elegant hardwood flooring? Then you’ll love an apartment at Maison De Ville. Don’t waste your money on a shabby shoebox when you have the opportunity to live at a vibrant apartment community.

5) 701 South Apartments

A kitchen inside one of the units here

701 S University Blvd, Mobile, AL 36609

Don’t waste time and money in some rundown shoebox that a sketchy landlord somehow passed off as an inhabitable  piece of real-estate. Instead, live here! All the amenities you could ask for and a community that’s first-rate; it simply doesn’t get better than this!

6) Knollwood

An image of the complex's exterior

1651 Knollwood Dr, Mobile, AL 36609

Location and convenience: those are probably two priorities you have in mind on your quest to find the perfect off-campus housing. Expect all the latest and greatest amenities when you enter your room for the first time—the associates at Knollwood want you to feel right at home.

7) Ashford Place Apartments

The pool at Ashford Place

6075 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL 36609

There are a few things you might have to sacrifice, as far as amenities go, when you go away to college. Fortunately, such is not the case here. If you live at Ashford Place, you can expect your apartment to come with all the state-of-the-art features you can think of.

8) Cimarron Ridge Apartments

This is an exterior shot of the building

6427 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL 36695

Charming, beautiful, and landscaped like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The Cimarron Ridge Apartments will have you never wanting to end you time in school. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city: come here!

9) Huntleigh Woods Apartments

A dining room inside one of the units

375 Hillcrest Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

Want a low-key place to finish out your last couple semesters at school? This remodeled apartment complex is the perfect place for anyone who likes a cozy community. Bring your pets too—there’s a dog park for your furry friends!

10) Colony Park Apartments

This is a kitchen at Colony Park

1 Country Ln, Mobile, AL 36608

Looking for a place that’s ideal for college students? Look no further than Colony Park Apartments. Elegance meets modernism at this beautiful complex, and you’ll come to realize what this means the second you walk through the door. As far as amenities go, you’ll have only the best of them here! Best of all: it’s so cheap!

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at University of South Alabama

1) Room Basics

An image of a standard dorm

– Toiletries
– Bedding
– Fans
– Snacks
– Posters

2) Food and Snacks

An image of popular snacks

– Plastic wrap
– Paper Bags
– Water Bottles
– Soup
– Plastic Utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

An image of phones, laptops and tablets

– Gaming Console
– Headphones
– Laptop
– Power Strip
– Speakers

4) School Supplies

Rulers, notebook and colored pencils
– Binders
– Tab Dividers
– Glue
– Writing Utensils
– Daily planner

5) Cleaning and Organization

These are basic cleaning products [
– Trash Bags
– Laundry Baskets
– Detergent
– Surface Cleaner
– Drier Sheets

6) Campus Gear

These are student fans in the seat
– Shower Shoes
– A Swimsuit
– Sweatshirts
– A Winter Coat
– A Backpack

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

A large assortment of lighters

– Fans
– A Water Filter
– Cooking Spray
– Lighters
– Candles

With this list at your disposal, you should now be able to find the perfect residence for your time at USA. College is a lot harder if you don’t have a comfortable place to come home to; find your dream living-space now!

10 Easiest Classes at USA

College is supposed to be some of the best few years of your life. They can also be some of the most stressful, when incorporating tough major classes and numerous extracurriculars into the mix. However, there are a bunch of “GPA booster” classes that can help ease the load. Here are some of the easiest classes to take at University of South Alabama.

1. AFR 101 – Introduction to African American Studies

An interdisciplinary investigation of the origins, experiences, conditions, accomplishments and contributions of people of African ancestry in the United States.Black civil rights leaders collage

2. AN 100 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Introduces culture as a set of integrated behaviors and meanings learned in a social environment. Explores the diversity of human cultural practices in terms of kinship, gender, religion, subsistence, and politics. Language is emphasized as the means by which culture is transmitted from one generation to the next.Natives

3. BUS 150 – Introduction to Business and Management

A survey of the field of business, including profit-seeking firms, not-for-profit organizations, and new businesses created by entrepreneurs. Emphasis on the business environment, organization and management, current economic and international issues, and career opportunities. Societal and ethical issues are also examined.5 people in business meeting

4. CA 100 – Introduction to Communication

Course examines various approaches people take to communicating. Focuses on developing an awareness of how and why we communicate and why we do not always communicate effectively. Includes consideration of variables related to interpersonal, group, public, and mass-communication contexts.Two people communicating in speech bubbles

5. LS 191 – Introduction to Leisure Studies

An introduction to the Leisure Services profession; its history, philosophies, and the psychology of leisure in the changing society. Includes an orientation to community leisure agencies.People in the woods

6. MAS 331 – Marine Science 1

This course will present the basic principles of geological and physical oceanography. Marine science is an interdisciplinary science field in which geology, physics, chemistry and biology interact in complex ways that are fundamental to the oceanic environment. This course will examine the characteristics of oceanic and coastal geomorphology and the associated marine sediments as well as the circulation of water masses that reside in these different regions of the world’s oceans. Geological oceanography topics that will be covered include: Structure and evolution of ocean basins, types and properties of marine sediments, sediment transport processes and characterizing coastal regions. Physical oceanography topics that will be covered include: basic physical laws, properties of the water and the ocean, air-sea interactions, general circulation and coastal processes.Photograph of the corals and fishes living around it

7. MA 110 – Finite Mathematics

This course is intended to give an overview of topics in finite mathematics together with their applications. The course includes logic, sets, counting, permutations, combinations, basic probability, descriptive statistics and their applications.Doodles of math and science on green board

8. PHL 110 – Introduction to Philosophy

An introduction to philosophical analysis and criticism through a survey of the major branches of philosophy. Topics may include, but are not limited to: the mind/body problem, theory of knowledge, skepticism, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, and philosophy of religion.Definition of philosophy in dictionary

9. PSC 130 – Introduction to U.S. Government

Stresses formation and principles of the United States Constitution and roles of Congress, the President, and the Courts in the American system of government. Considers popular participation in politics, rights and responsibilities of citizens, and current public problems.US Capitol

10. REL 100 – Introduction to the Study of Religion

As a general introduction to the academic study of religion, REL 100 examines the function of religion in relation to human beliefs, social practices, and culture in general. The course surveys a broad number of important debates in the history of religious studies, such as the definition of religion, the insider/outsider problem, theories on the origins of religion, the comparison of religions, religion’s psychological, sociological, and political functions, and the manner in which human communities authorize systems of behavior.Different personas related to religionsThese courses are designed to help you get a better GPA and ease some of the stresses that being a college student has. College is all about exploring your options and learning new things, so why not take that chance by taking some of these classes? Your mental health and your GPA will thank you for it!