University of Scranton Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at the University of Scranton, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in Pennsylvania. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at the University of Scranton.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around Pennsylvania.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 100Elements of Chemistry
CHEM 110-111Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 110L-111LIntroductory Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 112General and Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 112-113General and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 113General and Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 114LGeneral Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 232Organic Chemistry
CHEM 232LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 233Organic Chemistry
CHEM 233LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 240Inorganic Chemistry
MATH 005Algebra
MATH 103Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MATH 106Quantitative Methods I
MATH 107Quantitative Methods II
MATH 114Calculus I

10 Coolest Courses at the University of Scranton

Located in the Hill Section of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the University of Scranton is a private Catholic and Jesuit institution offering undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and pre-professional programs in various fields of study. The institution offers a serene environment and ample resources to support student’s academic success and spiritual growth. Of all the courses offered at the institution, below is a list of 10 of the coolest.

1. ART 112 – Color and Design

A combination of different colors forming a smoke-like image

Using color as part of design is fun and creative. This course acts as a foundation for the elements and principles of two-dimensional design. Students will learn very interesting concepts and techniques related to color and design. The course is highly practical and students will spend most of the time in the studio. The course is recommended for students that wish to major in Arts.

2. THTR 111 – Introduction to Acting

Two acting masks in front of a theatre curtain

Being a good actor is dependent on the mastery of acting skills and techniques. This course acts as an introductory course in acting. Students will learn all the concepts and techniques related to acting. Most sessions will be conducted in the studio where students will practice to perfect the skills taught.

3. PHED 203 – Sport First Aid

Two first aid personnel attending to a female athleteon a soccer field

Athletes are prone to injuries whenever they are in the pitch or the tracks. They require a qualified first aid attendant on-site to examine their injuries. This course is designed to help future coaches and fitness instructors know how to prevent injuries, and how to correctly respond to athletes’ injuries. The course is recommended for students that wish to major in Physical Education.

4. ASL 101 – American Sign Language

Human hands making hand signs for ASL

Sign Language has been recognized as an official language in the contemporary world. To help beginner students learn the language, this course introduces the fundamentals of American Sign Language, including its history. Students will learn through practice the hand movements and signs as used in the language as they develop their expressive and receptive conversational skills.

5. MUS 233 – Music in America

A persons hands playing the keyboard

As it is said, music is medicine to the soul. With this course, students get to explore the music genres in the United States from colonial times to the present. Students will listen to and analyze music from renowned American artists. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in music.

6. HIST 110 – History of the United States

An old American flag with the words "A History of the United States"

Learning about past events can be very interesting. Students that will enroll in this course will explore the historical events of the United States from the time of its beginnings to the present with special emphasis on the history of Pennsylvania. Students will learn very interesting facts through readings and ancient films. History majors are recommended for this course.

7. FREN 101 – Beginning French

A drawing of the Eiffel tower on the French flag

Learning a new language is fun and important in today’s world. If you wish to learn French as a beginner, this course is tailored for you. Students in the course will learn how to comprehend, speak, read, and write the French language. Students will learn through readings and practice. The course also involves the use of videos and audios as learning tools.

8. EXSC 212 – Nutrition in Exercise and Sport

A Stethoscope, a bowl of fruits, a skipping rope, a bottle of water and a pair of sneakers

What people eat as they workout is essential in helping them achieve their goals. This course focuses on the role of nutrients in optimizing human performance. Students will learn very interesting concepts related to nutrition and sport exercises. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Exercise Science.

9. ENLT 121 – Introduction to Poetry

A half pencil written Poetry on the other end

Poetry is a very interesting way of expressing one’s ideas. Through this course in English Literature, students will explore the nature and techniques of writing quality poems. Students will analyze a series of already written poems to identify the techniques the poets used and understand the message they tried to relay. English Literature majors are recommended for this course.

10. PHIL 210 – Ethics

A poster written Ethics

Knowing what is morally right and wrong is helpful as we go by our daily activities. This course examines moral issues through close readings of texts from renowned writers and philosophers. Students will analyze very interesting themes such as happiness, virtue, the nature of justice, free choice, and conscience among others from the readings. This course is recommended for Philosophy majors.

10 Hardest Courses at the University of Scranton

The University of Scranton is a private Catholic and Jesuit research university located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. They have a 75% acceptance rate. Here are ten of their hardest courses!

1. BIOL 104 – Anatomy, Physiology and Health

model of human muscle anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology is a commonly difficult biology class. Students in this class have to memorize all human muscles, bones, veins, organs, and more. Tests require a lot of study time.

2. BIOL 260 – Genetics

scientist using a test tube wearing gloves

Genetics is another biology class that’s very difficult. This class teaches students all about human genetics, inheritance, traits, genes, mutations, DNA formation, and more. Students have to study a lot for these tests.

3. CHEM 233 – Organic Chemistry

chemist woman holding a test tube in a lab

Organic Chemistry is another class that’s usually difficult on any college campus, no matter where you go. This class is all about the importance of carbon in chemical processes. Tests are extremely difficult in this class.

4. CHEM 351 – Biochemistry

petri dish with blue liquid inside

Biochemistry is another chemistry class that’s often found to be pretty hard. This class teaches students about the chemical and physiochemical processes happening within living organisms bodies. Tests and homework are pretty hard.

5. EXSC 313 – Biomechanics of Human Movement

man running up a grassy hill

Biomechanics of Human Movement is an interesting but difficult class. Students learn about the different mechanical laws and processes that dictate how humans move. Tests are pretty hard in this class.

6. HADM 218 – Health and Aging

group of elderly people dressed in white

Health and Aging is another interesting but hard class. This class teaches students about how humans age, and how aging impacts their health, mentality, and physique. Tests require a lot of time studying.

7. MATH 114 – Calculus

kid in lab coat doing math problems

Calculus is another class that’s commonly hard on any college campus you go to. Many students struggle with the different concepts, theories and problems introduced in this class. There is a lot of homework and testing in this class.

8. NEUR 348 – Functional Neuroanatomy

colored sections of the anatomy of the brain labeled

Functional Neuroanatomy is a difficult neurology class that discusses the anatomy and physiology of the brain. Students learn about different parts of the brain, their purpose, their composition, how neural networks function, etc. Tests are very difficult.

9. PHIL 320 – Aesthetics

lone orange tree with blue sky background

Aesthetics is an interesting but difficult philosophy class. The concepts introduced in this class can be very hard to understand. Students learn about the reasons why humans enjoy aesthetics so much, and why people have different preferences. This class is very writing heavy.

10. PHYS 121 – General Physics

physics problems with star background

Physics is another class that’s usually hard on any college campus. This class is all about the nature and properties of energy and matter. Students learn about gravity, thermodynamics, and more. Tests in this class are very difficult.

Top 10 Library Resources at University of Scranton

The tradition of excellence inspires the University of Scranton. The institution fosters the freedom of personal development and inquiry to achieve growth of integrity and wisdom in its community. To offer an excellent learning experience this university prides in the Weinberg Memorial library that drives a shared commitment through study and research. We have compiled a list of 10 library resources at the University of Scranton as follows:

  1. Distance Education Library Services

Distant learning student studying online

The Weinberg Memorial library offers distant educational library Pledge. Services provided under this program include library instruction and resources alongside with various research services. All these resources boost the learning & research needs of the entire university. The library facility considers distant students in its various functions such as instruction, home delivery of articles and books alongside with the support in research.

2. Citation Help

APA Sample electronic journal citation

The library offers help on how to create citations. This service is achieved through the library’s Citation Research Guide that provides more information on citing. Several tools including management software and citation software are used as a guide. Most databases are designed with a citation feature that creates citing on a simple click.

3. Reserves

Reserve checkout counter

Making required readings for your class is essential. The Memorial library gives both print and electronic reserves for this purpose. The facility endorses the use of these e-reserves according to the patterns of use to encourage sustainability. Media materials can also be placed on reserve.

4. Information Literacy

Media literacy workshop in a library

Information literacy is a series of combined abilities covering information findings, creation, and value. The set also focuses on the information application in the production of new skills across different ethical learning communities. This program enhances faculty familiarity with their classes with the services and resources of the library through literacy instruction. The experienced librarians offer tailored instructions to fulfill individual needs.

5. Ask a Librarian

Ask a librarian icon

The library staff offers full-time research and intellectual support to the university’s academic departments. The faculty may coordinate with the liaison librarians on questions pertaining collection development and literacy instruction. Learners have direct link to the library staff assigned to their respective classes. They are eligible for personalized support regarding the subject under research.

6. Inter-library Loan

ILL services

Do you need a book, which is not available at Weinberg Memorial library? Don’t worry! Use the ZBorrow option. In case of any issues or error-related messages, contact the library circulation desk for assistance. Use ILLiad if the book or article you need is not provided at PALCI.

7. Laptops and Tablets

The library has seven iPads and 15 laptops for student borrowing privileges. The circulation period for the laptops is two years but that for tablets is 24 hours. Campus students fully eligible to borrowing privilege can request for a tablet or laptop at the Circulation Desk. Permission is not granted to students with delinquent accounts.

8. Media Resources Collection

Library audiobooks

The Weinberg Memorial Library supports the University goal to foster excellent education in liberal arts regarding the Jesuit tradition. The facility collaborates with the faculty in offering emerging and traditional media materials for student research and instructional support. The Edlab collection in the Media Resources Collection has a variety of kid’s textbooks and literature to support the university’s educational curriculum. The Media Resources Collection is sited on the third level of the Memorial Library.

9. University Archives

Sample archives & special collections

The university archives preserve and offer both digital and physical access to publications, documents, books, photographs, and artwork. The department also provides additional materials that portray the history of the institution. The university archives present opportunities for class visits and exhibitions in the year. The public at large is offered access to the special collections to enhance scholarship and education.

10. The Writing Center

Students cited in groups at the writing center

Nestled on the fifth level of the Loyola Center, the writing center is a quiet and safe place where learners work on their assignments and papers under the assistance of professional consultants. Students can make online appointments to secure chances at the writing center using my.scranton. The steps include logging into my.scranton, clicking on the self-service option and selecting Student Service & Financial Aid. The library consultants offer help in the writing processes undertaken by students including prewriting and revising.

Top 5 Libraries at Scranton University

 1. Weinberg Memorial Library

Weinberg Memorial Library – side view

The Memorial Library strives to support both the social and intellectual life of the campus. The library achieves this by inspiring knowledge, innovation, collaboration, and diversity. The excellent services offered by this facility meet the diverse cultural, social, and scholarly needs of the faculty, students, and staff at Scranton University. The Library appreciates research, teaching and is dedicated to intellectual freedom and sustainability.

2. Keystone College

Students walking outside the Keystone College

The Miller Library allows Keystone College’s students to borrow materials on presentation of an acceptable ID. The borrowing privileges are also extended to the faculty, staff, and the local community at large. Keystone staff, faculty, and learners are required to have an official keystone Id on check out of items. The resource does its lending procedures based on the existing circulation policies. Public patrons are eligible for borrowing with an acceptable PA Driver’s license.

3. Kings College

Main entrance of the Kings College

King’s College has mutual agreements with University of Scranton, Wilkes University, Marywood College, and the Luzerne Community College. A member of king’s college is required to present evidence of attendance at kings and an Id to qualify for the borrowing  registration at any of the institutions mentioned above. You are advised to carry any kind of An ID regarding the fact that the individual colleges fix the regulations. Any borrower from these local colleges has to show a photo ID and affiliation proof to be eligible for registration at King’s Library.

4. Marywood University

Main entrance to the Marywood University

Marywood University has a 21st-century library that is dedicated to the active empowerment of learners. It is a gathering space for student collaboration and mind expansion in different disciplines. Marywood library provides PALCI’s EZBorrow service that allows for borrowing of library research holdings by the Marywood faculty and scholars. Students on inter-library loan program can get electronic materials via mail through the PALCI’s RapidILL service.

5. Misericordia University

A green garden in front of Misericordia Library

Founded in 2004, the Friends of the Mary Kintz Bevevino Library sustains programs and support events that enhance student & community learning. The facility allows entire university and the visitors to conduct projects and creative works through the library’s Speaker Series. Students from Luzerne College, King’s College, Penn State University, Marywood University, Wikes, and the University of Scranton may make applications about borrowing privileges. A library ID is processed on showing an accepted ID card and filling in the borrower’s application form.

10 Coolest Clubs at University of Scranton

Clubs are a great way to get involved in extracurriculars on campus, and they are also a great resume builder. Joining clubs makes the college experience so much better! Here’s 10 great clubs at University of Scranton!

1. Adopt a Boxer

Boxer dog grey background

Adopt a Boxer is a great service club that allows students to adopt in need boxers. These boxers are stuck in shelters and need help, which is why students in this club step up to give them a loving home.

2. Aquinas

Person typing a paper

The Aquinas is the University of Scranton’s student newspaper. It is published each week on Thursdays while the semester is in session. They are the voice of the students.

3. Art Club

Man painting a field

Whether a dedicated artist, an inexperienced creative, or between; the Art Club has its place for you. One aspect of the club is open to all to create and participate in art projects.

4. Beading Hope

Colorful beaded bracelets

Beading Hope is an on-campus organization that gives members of The University of Scranton community the opportunity to come together to make and send bracelets to people living with mental health conditions.

5. Biology Club

Biologist in the lab

The mission of The University of Scranton Biology Club is to provide scientific knowledge to students campus wide while continuing to enhance biological intellect.

6. Cancertacular

Fight cancer pink logo

A major goal of Cancertacular is bringing and inspiring awareness of Childhood Cancer across the world. The mission of Cancertacular is to help those children and their families who are affected by cancer.

7. Compassion for Animals

Cats dogs rodents and rabbits

Compassion for Animals is a club that aims to promote the fair treatment of all animals, and bring awareness to everyday changes that can make a difference.

8. Gaming Club

Video game controller and mouse

The University of Scranton Gaming Club is a social organization that revolves around video games, board games, card games, and more! They regularly meet every Friday.

9. Ice Hockey Club

Hockey players on ice

The Ice Hockey Club competes at the Division II level in the American Collegiate Hockey Association and the Eastern Collegiate Hockey Association.

10. Psych Club

Colorful brain question mark

The psychology club is a social organization composed of Psychology majors and University of Scranton students who express an interest in the field.

5 Great Events at the University of Scranton

1. Noel Night

christmas themed music

Noel Night is a fun musical Christmas event at U Scranton. This is held by the music department, and it is the 51st annual Noel Night. Students, faculty, alum and families can come and enjoy the music.

2. Empty Stocking Fund Benefit

Christmas stocking on chimney

This musical event is open to the public, and all who attend the concert are asked to bring a new toy, new toiletry items (toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, comb/brush, etc…), or a monetary donation to help those in need.

3. Energizing Yoga

People in a yoga class

Students who need to relax can come to this yoga class to stretch and practice their yoga skills. This class is for experienced students as well as beginners with a higher fitness level.

4. Art Exhibit

Woman staring at artwork

The University of Scranton holds multiple art exhibits for their students to come and appreciate the work of local artists. The newest artist coming in is Niko J. Kallantiosis.

5. Light Weight and Abs

women lifting light weights

This is an upbeat group fitness class combining total body toning and aerobic exercise using light weights and resistance bands. It is free for students, faculty and staff.

Top 10 Residences at the University of Scranton

Looking for a place to live for the upcoming school year? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t stress out yet! There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding your own home away from home. We have listed a few suggestions below that you can look through at the University of Scranton below!

1. Casey Hall

Casey Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residence hall houses 59 students. This dorm is coed and is home to the FIRE Residential Learning Community. Students living here will live in double occupancy rooms or single rooms with twin size beds.

2. Denis Edward Hall (DE)

Denis Edward Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residence hall is coed and currently houses 75 students who are either non-RLC students or who are in the Helping Professions Residential Learning Community. Students will be able to live in  a double occupancy or single occupancy room.

3. Driscoll Hall

Driscoll Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residence hall is a coed hall that houses 139 students. Students living here will be able to live in fully furnished rooms and enjoy many amenities such as a lounge area and study rooms.

4. Fitch Hall

Fitch Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residence hall houses 59 students who live co-ed by each floor. Students will live in a double or single occupancy room. Students living here are usually in the SITE Residential Learning Community.

5. Gannon, Lavis, & MacKillop Halls (GLM)

Gannon, Lavis, and MacKillop Halls (GLM)

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residence hall currently houses over 200 female students. Students living here will have fully furnished rooms. Students will also have access to study arras and lounges.

6. Giblin-Kelly Hall

Giblin-Kelly Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residence hall houses up to 77 students. Students living here will live in fully furnished rooms with a dresser, desk, desk chair, and a closet. Students will also have access to a study room, lounge room, and help desk.

7. Hafey Hall

Hafey Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This building can house up to 56 male students who will live in suite style dorms. Students will live in fully furnished rooms. They will also be close to many academic buildings as well.

8. Lynett Hall

Lynett Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residence hall houses the Celebrate the Arts Learning Community and non residential learning community students. Students will get fully furnished rooms with adjustable furniture. Students will also have access to other amenities located around and throughout the building.

9. Martin Hall

Martin Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

Students living here will be housed in a co-ed hall. Student will live with 48 students. Students will have access to cable, internet, air conditioning, and movable furniture within each unit.

10. McCourt Hall

McCourt Hall

Address:  Scranton, PA 18510

This residential hall houses 51 students.  Students living here have access to the Internet, lounge areas, vending machines, laundry facilities, and more. Students will live in either a single or double occupancy room.

Here is Your Move in Day Packing List for University of Scranton 

1. Room Basics

An image of a bedset
– Pillow case
– Throw blanket
– Comforter Set
– Pillow Cases
– Chair
– Curtains
– Desk Lamp
– Area Rug (white is always nice)

2. Food and Snacks

This is candy

– Your favorite candy
– Cereal (Frosted Flakes are the best)
– Your favorite bag(s) of chips
– Pretzels
– Eggs
– Cheese
– Bread
– Meat

3. Tech & Entertainment

two people talking in front of a laptop

– Kindle
– Laptop
– Headphones
– TV
– Tablet

4. School Supplies

School supplies

– Mechanical Pencils
– College-Ruled Paper
– Spiral Notebooks
– Composition Notebooks
– Loose-leaf paper

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Cleaning supplies

– Mop
– Broom
– Dust-pan
– Windex
– Paper Towel
– Storage Bin

6. Campus Gears

This is earbuds

– Earbuds
– Umbrella
– Light Jacket
– Poncho
– Backpack (obviously)

7. Items You Should Ask first before bringing

An image of a tv

– Microwave
– TV (if you have a roommate)
– Pots and pans
– Mini-fridge (depending on dorm restrictions
– Cleaning supplies (coordinate with roommate)

10 of the Easiest Classes at Scranton

If you want to boost your GPA and have an easier college schedule, there is a solution for you. By taking the easiest classes that you can take, you will have a much more enjoyable time on campus. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at the University of Scranton!

1. PHIL 121 – Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason is one of the most basic philosophy classes that you can take to learn more about this broad subject. You will learn about the meanings of religion and faith in a philosophical sense. You will breeze through this class with no problem because the material is very simple!An open Bible

2. INTD 100 – Energy and Society

Energy and Society is an introductory class that you can take to learn about how energy resources impact society in a multitude of ways. By taking this class, you will put a good break in your schedule!An energy use map of the world

3. ENTL 141 – Introduction to Irish Culture

If you want to learn more about Ireland, you should consider taking Introduction to Irish Culture. You will be covering a lot of information about how Irish culture was formed and has changed over time. This is easy and interesting information that you can learn to have a stressfree class.An Irish pub

4. BUAD 101 – Ideas of Business

Ideas of Business is the most basic business class that you can take. You will be covering the basic elements of this fairly broad subject. This is an easy class because you will only have to cover the very basics to give you a general view of business.Business man drawing graph by hand

5. ENTL 130 – Imagining College

The easiest class that you will take in college is Imagining College. This is a university run class that will teach you how to have a healthy and enjoyable time on campus. This is an easy class because there is no challenge at all.A name tag with freshman on it

6. T/RS 121 – The Bible: Sacred Story and Meaning

The Bible: Sacred Story and MEaning is a religion class that you can take to learn more about Christianity. You will be covering the Bible and the very basic elements of it. You will breeze through this class because a lot of the information is common knowledge.An open bible in church

7. PCPS 122 – Foundations of Professional Integrity

If you want to take an easy class to boost your resume, you should consider taking Foundations of Professional Integrity. You will learn how to be a professional and act like one too. This is also a lectured class so there is not a lot of classwork required.Businessmen making a deal

8. ARTH 111 – Art, Time and Place

One of the most popular options to fulfill a fine arts core requirement is by taking Art, Time and Place. This is an art history course that will teach you about the origins of art and how geography influences it. You will put a good break in your schedule with this class.A color palette

9. ENTR 100 – Entrepreneurship

If you want to see if owning a business or company is a good path for you, you should take Entrepreneurship. Since this class just touches on a variety of topics within the broad subject, you will fly through this class with no problem.A checklist of starting a business

10. COMM 125 – Mass Media

Mass Media is an introductory class about how information spreads across the world. This class will teach you all of the ins and outs of the media world. Since a lot of the information is common knowledge, you will have no problem passing.People huddled around mediaBy taking any of these classes at the University of Scranton, you will have a higher GPA and a better time on campus!