10 Hardest Courses at the University of Pittsburgh

College is no walk in the park. It is sure to be the best and worst days of your life. In these few years, your decisions will greatly affect your future. Getting into a university is as difficult as choosing a degree, and you might be indecisive right now – but that’s completely normal. To help you decide on what you want to do for the rest of your life, or at least until your college years are over, let’s first take a look at the top 10 hardest courses the University of Pittsburgh has to offer.

1) BIO ENG 1150 Bioengineering Methods and Applications

Hands-on experiments for bio-engineering students at the University of Pittsburgh.

This course focuses more on the practical application of lessons learned during lectures. Bioengineering is a tough course since your technical writing, graphing, data analysis and statistics knowledge will constantly be put to test. Therefore, it as a great course to regularly challenge yourself but keep in mind that these challenges are not for the faint of heart.

2) Telcom 2125 Telecommunication Network Science and Analysis

Studying telecommunication cables is part of the TELCOM class at the University of Pittsburgh.

In the age of technology, it is no wonder that telecommunications would be an in-demand course. But don’t let it fool you, this course is as tough as the others on this list. By carefully scrutinizing the in’s and outs of network development, you will be expected to analyze how society deals with information and the overall structure of networks being used today. It is a difficult course due to the fact that as a student, you have to be able to identify small mistakes that greatly affects the system. If you are not detail oriented, then this would be particularly challenging for you.

3) FM 5431 Topics in Family Medicine

A family medicine doctor explaining health and wellness to a patient.

Health care is a privilege everyone needs, as a result, family medicine focuses on affordable healthcare for all. By studying how to manage HMOs and treating medically and mentally ill patients, you will be versed in public medical service upon graduation. It is a course that requires unwavering determination to face various courses and topics that will test your willpower and critical skills.

4) NPHS 1530 Analysis, Intelligence and Decision Tools for Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency department at the University of Pittsburgh.

National security is a huge issue that shouldnot be taken lightly, that’s why emergency preparedness is a tough course toendure. You will be studying and developing ways to ensure that the masses willbe able to respond in times of peril. This is a great course for anyone eagerto serve the people.

5) BUSACC 0030 Financial Accounting

A professor at the University of Pittsburgh showing notes on accounting.

This course is designed to educate students interms and processes used by ‘firms’. Though accounting is constantly growingand evolving with time, the university prepares its students to be able toadapt and cope with the changes. They aim to equip their students withcommunication, technical and interpersonal skills that they are sure to be usedas professionals in the concrete jungle. This course heavily demands time andcritical thinking, so make sure that if this is the path you will choose, youare mentally prepared to study for long hours of investigative and criticalthinking.

6) Math 0470 Actuarial Mathematics 1

Math textbook, notebook and a pen are some of the important materials in studying Mathematics studying.

If you have a passion for all things math related, then this course is perfect for you. When studying Actuarial Mathematics you will be expected to receive a grade minimum of B from every imaginable math course such as Calculus 1 (Math 0220), Linear Algebra (Math 1180), Applies Statistics ( Stat 1000), and so much more. Being a mathematician requires knowledge in various fields, which means long hours of studying and extensive know-how of basic and advanced mathematical equations.

7) FDSED 0002 Introduction to Education

Some Education graduates from the University of Pittsburgh teach young students.

Shaping the minds of the future is no easy task. Because it demands a lot of time and devotion to understanding the best and most efficient way to educate the minds of the future. You will continuously be using analytical skills to unravel the academic strategies used by educators everywhere.

8) ANTH 0102 Physical Anthropology

Department of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew where we came from? This is the basic premise for anthropology. This course aims to understand the genetic basis of our evolution and adaptation. That is why it is difficult to study evolution. First of all, understanding how we evolve and the culture that stems from adaptation is a complex topic. Many topics are debatable, especially since anthropology is deeply rooted in Charles Darwin’s theories. It is certainly an exciting and challenging course to take.

9) ECON 0100 Introduction to Microeconomic Theory

A digital microeconomics chart for Economics lecture.

Money makes the world go round, and economicshelps us understand the complex system of how money moves. By learning howconsumer and suppliers behave and analysis of the economic growth, we canunderstand how money powers the world.

10) NROSCI 0080 Neuroscience Brain and Behavior

University of Pittsburgh student concentrates on studying neuroscience.

The human brain is one of the most complicated and fragile of organs, due to an abundance of synapses that make up for why we are what we are. As a result you will be exploring the link between how the human brain works and how it behaves. It is a curious course where you will be studying sensory perception, clinical disorders and other mechanisms of behavior. Neuroscience is difficult if you are not intrigued by these topics because, in this class, you will learn more about yourself and others around you.

Whatever course you choose to take, you will always face decisions and trials that will test your determination. That is why, you need to make sure that before choosing a course, you know in your heart that this is something you want to do. If you are focused and determined to finish a course, there is no way you would fail.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Pittsburgh

It’s a thing to get a delicious meal to satisfy your craving; it’s another to identify where to get it at a reasonable cost.  If you are a student at Pittsburgh University or if you stay around the campus, here are some of the best cafes and restaurants you can find around the university area.

1. The Porch at Schenley

PIcture of exterior of Porch

Location: 221 Schenley Dr, 15213, Pittsburgh

Schenley’s Porch prepares very sweet, delicious, yummy and tasty specials. Yes, their Jerk Brisket Hash and Cast Iron Cinnamon Rolls are worth dying for. They offer excellent meals for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Meals like their tender and flavorful brisket served with potatoes, and an egg is really delicious. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss a hot, straight out of the oven cinnamon roll, would you? If you are a lover of Shrimp ‘n Grits, then this is the right spot for you.

2. Union Grill

PIcture of food from Union Grill

 Location: 413 S Craig St Pittsburgh

There are times you may be extremely hungry and need some grills to kill the urge for food, stop by the Union Grill at Carnegie Museum of Art near Oakland. The restaurant is highly welcoming. You could order for their Cod sandwich with Cole slaw; I bet you won’t be able to finish such tasty cod with enough fish in it alone. Their baked onion soup, seafood cake, and salmon Caesar salad are also worth dying for.

3. Asia Tea House

Asia tea house exterior

Location: 4230 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh

Asia Tea House is relatively close to the university and Carnegie Mellon. They offer different types of Asian foods and American food such as fries. If you are a student in Pittsburgh, you will have heard of their famous dumpling loved by most students in the university.

4. Lu Lu’s Noodles

Plate from Lulu's noodles

Location: 400 S Craig St, Pittsburgh

Yes, Lu Lu’s Noodles meals are delicious! From their Earth Ramen Bowl, fresh veggies and tofu, and Chicken Teriyaki Rice, to their Gyoza and nicely flavored sauce, you would want to have more and more. Top these meals with a Bubble Tea drink, Honey Boba with Mango pop or their Mango gloved tea.

5. Yuva India Kitchen + Bar

Picture of plates from Yuva India's restaurant

Location: 412 S Craig St, Pittsburgh

You don’t have to travel to India to enjoy the great taste of Samosas especially one with nice feelings and great sauce. Taking the Rita would cool off your tongue in case the sauce is harsh for your taste buds or a big cup of basmati rice. Whenever you go there to eat, try not to forget to order their Shiraz wine with a bowl of Chicken Dhaba and Garlic naan.

6. Legume

Fancy plate of food from Legume's

Location: 214 N Craig St, Pittsburgh

The simple decor with warm lighting and absolutely wonderful service found a place in our hearts. Additionally, lobster ravioli and the skirt steak made with fresh vegetables are also irresistible. You can also order for their tasty salad or their delicious carrot soup and other varieties on their menu for dinner.

7. Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

Picture of PIttsburgh Popcorn company

Location: 3710 5th Ave, Pittsburgh

There are days you feel like eating tasty popcorn, especially when there is a game on campus. Their Popcorn is not only delicious, but it also comes in different flavors. The great thing about this popcorn company is that their charges are relatively fair and they have one of the best customer relation services.

Above are some of the best cafes and restaurants in and around Pittsburgh University. Your years of study in this University are incomplete if you haven’t visited any of these cafes and restaurants. Try to visit any of these today, and you will be glad you did.

Job for College Students at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a public owned research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The University offers a range of rewarding jobs and opportunities to her students and this cuts across the part-time federal work-study jobs partly funded by the government of the United States of America, a wide range of internships, volunteering opportunities, and research opportunities. 

The school also has the out of class curriculum (OCC) which is independent of class activities and has its credit and offers the opportunity to serve in a team and possibly build your leadership skills. Below are some of the student jobs and opportunities available at the University of Pittsburgh:

1. Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technicians

Medical personnel working in a hospital

The University Medical Center often need nursing students to fill the rules of casual nursing support.  The responsibilities of this role includes, assistance of general patient’s day to day activities (including hygiene needs),  working closely and reporting changes in patient’s well-being and condition to nursing staff,  performance of basic clinical operations (such as weighing and taking blood pressure values), transportation of patients by assisting with pushing their wheelchairs, assisting with canes and crutches. To be qualified for this position, one must be currently enrolled as a nursing student, for candidates who have, had no previous experience working in a hospital or have very little experience; the center organizes training which you must commit to attending for a week before you can commence work.  The salary ranges between $14.12 and $22.16. Work hours are done by shift, and they are flexible with some casual employees working a minimum of eight (8) hours, every two weeks.

2. Student Brand Ambassador

student brand ambassadors pose for a picture

This role requires students who already have established connections and networks with other students through, school groups and activities, leveraging the power of their networks to build and strengthen Kaplan partnership with these school clubs and organizations. This role may require you to deliver presentations to students informing them, on the path of graduate school and the plans of Kaplan to help them reach their goals.  To be eligible for this position, you must be an individual that is Tech savvy,  a social influencer,  resilient,  resourceful, enthusiastic, self-motivated and a current sophomore,  junior or senior willing to commit to a one year contract.  The pay is $15 an hour.

3. Student Behavioral Associate

A student helping out the nurse

This role is available at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  The Student behavioral associate assists the nursing staff in providing physical care for clients’ needs; they also document medical records according to the established policies.  The requirement for filling this role is a full-time enrollment in a health care related baccalaureate. The salary range is between $13 and $20.25.

4. Teaching and Research Assistant

A student assistant teaching a class

The University offers students with good grades the opportunities to teach and be research assistants in various departments. This position is paid with flexible working hours and the advantages of honing your teaching skills and upping the chances of getting into graduate school.

5. Pizza Delivery Driver

A Pizza Delivery Driver

This role operates outside of the school, and you can learn everything on the job. Pizza vendors such as Dominos and Pizza Hut provide uniforms for this role and the skill needed is communication skills and friendly demeanor.  The pay is between $12 -$15 an hour.

6. Notetaker with OneClass

A man taking notes on a piece of paper

You can take notes with OneClass and earn extra income. Asides earning extra income, you can get better at studying and focusing during your lectures

Top 10 Coolest Classes at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a really amazing University, offering students amazingly unique classes, that they can relish in. Here are our top picks of the coolest classes at the University of Pittsburgh.

1. ASTRON 3705 – Astronomical Techniques


A class composed of three parts: astronomy instruments (think, telescopes and X-rays), theories and practical workings. How cool does that sound? This class is really amazing

2. MRKT 1415 – Consumer Behaviour

Someone holding a ipad with a shopping cart icon

A big part of marketing is understanding the consumer. This class gives students a chance to study individual consumers, using social science concepts and consumer research methods.

3.BORG 1640 – The Entrepreneurship Process

A man fixing his tie

Every aspiring business owner should take this class. Learn strategies, marketing, financial and accounting skills and even visit real-life entrepreneurial successes, you’ll be inspired and prepared for the future.

4. PS 1541 – Politics of Global Econ Relations

A person writing in the notebook

It is important to understand the current issues that our world faces today, not only to help change the situations, but to never allow us to make the same mistakes. This class will be extremely eye-opening.

4. ES – 1450 Topics in Evironmental Studies

A green globe

We had to include this in our list. This special class at Pittsburgh, allows studies to advance their studies with a special topic. This creates freedom and makes for a really engaging class.

5. HAA 0620 – Art of China

An asian art piece

Be introduced to the rich, artistic and cultural traditions of Asia, in particular China, but the class also features works from India and Japan. This will be an amazing class filled with color and artistic genius.

6. INFSCI 1061 – Game Design

a game console

Imagine being behind the designs found in some of the most popular games around? This class is designed as a multiplayer game experience, aiming to make the student fully immerse themselves in game design.

7. JOURNL 1138 – Reporting

Seeing city through the camera lens

Learn just how to gather and report on news, writing hard news that are of human interest. This will introduce students to deadline writing that’s clear and concise.

8. PHIL 0225 – Food in Societies

Fruit and veggies

Humans have a very unique relationship with food, and each society is different. Study the diverse ways in which humans obtain, distribute and consume food.

9. SOC 1450 – Health and Illness

A person typing on a laptop

This class will examine a bunch of selected health and illness issues, examining the way that medicine and public health have affected religion, law and social control.

10. WRITING 1402 Writing from the self

A person writing on a notebook with pencil shavings

This will help all students find their true writing voice, through essays, autobiographies and memoirs. This is a really cool, personal course that will give students an amazing set of skill sets

As you can see, the University of Pittsburgh has so many amazing classes to get stuck into and develop with. What do you think?

Wellness and Health Services at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh ensures that they enhance every student’s living and learning experiences in order to create holistic individuals. This is done by ensuring that there are wellness and good health within the university. The university has a well-established health program offered by the student’s health services with a full functioning pharmacy and a lot of health education programs. Here are some of the services and resources offered to promote good health and wellness. 

1. Nordenberg Hall–Wellness Center

Nordenberg Hall–Wellness Center

The student’s health service is located next to the university club that faces the soldier and sailors memorial hall. The health center provides quality basic health care, preventive health education and dispensing chemist’s services to all the students it serves. With the help of certified practitioners, the clinic provides physical examination to patients, treating and testing of sexually transmitted diseases, evaluation of sexual problems related to men such as impotence; management and evaluation of dermatologic complaints such as acne and loss of hair. All these are done with the aim of providing quality medical care to the patients.

2. Disability resources and services (DRS)

Disability resources and services. (DRS) logo

At the University of Pittsburg, disability is viewed as a diversity and people with disabilities are not discriminated, rather they are accommodated. The DRS’s main function is to ensure that students with various forms of disability receive reasonable accommodations and services. The university is committed to providing equal opportunities to all students including the disabled ones. The DRS works with individual students to ensure that they access all the universities programs, activities and classes. 

3. Counselling center

Counselling center Reception

The university counseling center (UCC) works towards ensuring that mental health is achieved by the students. The UCC has a multidisciplinary team that works towards promotion and achievement of health among students. The mental health services include counseling, psychiatry, assessment and psychotherapy for groups, couples and individuals. Additionally, the center offers outreach services, crisis intervention, referrals, and consultation to all students and the entire Pittsburg community. The center also has apps like the mindfulness coach that helps in times of anxiety and ways of relaxing, dream EZ for those having sleep difficulties, and habitica used in the creation of better habitual patterns.

4. UPMC urgent care at Shadyside

UPMC urgent care at Shadyside

The center offers all the urgent care treatments required by individuals past normal working hours of the health center. Usually, the services run from 9 pm to 9 am giving immediate care for flu shots, illnesses, and injuries. The facility provides free parking to all the patients, comfortable waiting areas, convenient payments, and multiple treatment rooms. However, the urgent clinic does not offer care for life-threatening cases like the heart attacks, stroke, chest pains and difficulties in breathing.

5. Healthy U

Health U Logo

Healthy U is a special program that offers unlimited resources and services helping the students maintain a healthy physical and emotional state while in school. Wellness is a continuum process that brings about a holistic individual who lives well in and out of the classroom.

University of Pittsburgh Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule

We have provided University of Pittsburgh’s Fall 2018 final exam schedule. Please check the schedule carefully to ensure you have the correct date and time for your examination.

We recommend adding in the exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

Please make sure to bring the following items with you to your final exam:

-Student ID

-Pen, pencil, eraser

-Calculator (if permitted by instructor)

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the final exam, click on the link beside the departments and special course offerings.

***Please note that exam dates/times are updated on a regular basis. Please consult with the official University of Pittsburgh exam calendar to ensure the highest degree of accuracy***

Special Courses Exam Guides
ANTH 0780
PHIL 0500

*The above can cover more than one section

Class Name Exam Date Exam Start Time Exam End Time
BIOSC 1855 Fri, Dec 14 10:00 11:50 AM
*BUSACC 0030, 0040, 1204, 1205 Wed, Dec 12 10:00 11:50 AM
*BUSECN 1010 Wed, Dec 12 2:00 3:50 AM
*BUSENV 0060 Mon, Dec 10 10:00 11:50 AM
*BUSFIN 1030 Fri, Dec 14 10:00 11:50 AM
*BUSFIN 1321 Mon, Dec 10 10:00 11:50 AM
*BUSBIS 1060 Thurs, Dec 13 2:00 3:50 AM
*BUSMKT 1040, 1426 Wed, Dec 12 4:00 5:50 AM
*BUSORG 1020 Fri, Dec 14 2:00 3:50 AM
*BUSQOM 0050 TUES, Dec 11 12:00 1:50 AM
*BUSQOM 1070 TUES, Dec 11 12:00 1:50 AM
BUSSPP 0020 TUES, Dec 11 4:00 5:50 AM
*BUSSPP 1080 TUES, Dec 11 4:00 5:50 AM
CHEM 0110/0410 Wed, Dec 12 4:00 5:50 AM
*CHEM 0120/0420 Fri, Dec 14 2:00 3:50 AM
*CHEM 0960 Mon, Dec 10 10:00 11:50 AM
CS/COE 0401 Wed, Dec 12 10:00 11:50 AM
ECE/COE 0031 Wed, Dec 12 4:00 5:50 AM
ECE/COE 0132 Mon, Dec 10 10:00 11:50 AM
*ECON 0100 Mon, Dec 10 4:00 5:50 AM
*ECON 0110 Thurs, Dec 13 4:00 5:50 AM
*ECON 1100 Tues, Dec 11 4:00 5:50 AM
*ECON 1110 Mon, Dec 10 4:00 5:50 AM
ENGR 0011 Thurs, Dec 13 8:00 9:50 AM
ENGR 0022 Tues, Dec 11 12:00 1:50 AM
ENGR 0131 Thurs, Dec 13 12:00 1:50 AM
ENGR 0135 Fri, Dec 14 10:00 11:50 AM
FR 101,010,201,030,104 Thurs, Dec 13 2:00 3:50 AM
GER 101,000,200,030,004 Wed, Dec 12 4:00 5:50 AM
ITAL 0101,0102,0003, Fri, Dec 14 2:00 3:50 AM
**MATH 0031 Mon, Dec 10 10:00 11:50 AM
MATH 0120 Tues, Dec 11 12:00 1:50 AM
MATH 0200, 0230 Wed, Dec 12 2:00 3:50 AM
MATH 0220 Tues, Dec 11 10:00 11:50 AM
MATH 0240 Wed, Dec 12 10:00 11:50 AM
**MATH 0280 Tues, Dec 11 10:00 11:50 AM
MATH 0290 Wed, Dec 12 2:00 3:50 AM
PHYS 0110 Tues, Dec 11 12:00 1:50 AM
PHYS 0174 Tues, Dec 11 4:00 5:50 AM
Class Day/Start Time Exam Day Exam Start Time Exam End Time
MON, 8AM Thurs, Dec 13 4 5:50 AM
MON, 9AM Fri, Dec 14 8 9:50 AM
MON, 10AM Thurs, Dec 13 8 9:50 AM
MON, 11AM Wed, Dec 12 8 9:50 AM
MON, 12PM Fri, Dec 14 4 5:50 AM
MON, 1PM Thurs, Dec 13 12 1:50 AM
MON, 2PM Sat, Dec 15 8 9:50 AM
MON, 3PM Fri, Dec 14 12 1:50 AM
MON, 4PM Wed, Dec 12 12 1:50 AM
MON, 5PM Thurs, Dec 13 4 5:50 AM
TUES, 8AM Tues, Dec 11 10 11:50 AM
TUES, 9AM Mon, Dec 10 12 1:50 AM
TUES, 10AM Mon, Dec 10 2 3:50 AM
TUES, 11AM Tues, Dec 11 2 3:50 AM
TUES, 12PM Thurs, Dec 13 2 3:50 AM
TUES, 1PM Thurs, Dec 13 10 11:50 AM
TUES, 2PM Tues, Dec 11 8 9:50 AM
TUES, 3PM Sat, Dec 15 8 9:50 AM
TUES, 4PM Mon, Dec 10 8 9:50 AM
TUES, 5PM Fri, Dec 14 8 9:50 AM

More exam study guides are available below ordered by department

Department Exam Guides
Biological Sciences
Computer Science

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Top 10 Majors at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh (or Pitt) is a public research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school has an urban campus and many majors to offer for prospective students. Here are the top ten majors at the University of Pittsburgh.

1. Psychology

Picture of the brain to represent psychology

Psychology is a really popular major which is housed in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. The university treats psychology as a natural science and uses the scientific method when teaching through their hands on method. Options in the major include clinical, cognitive, developmental, health, and social psychology.

2. Liberal Arts

Picture to represent the different aspects of liberal arts

Liberal Arts is a really popular major which is housed in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. The liberal arts major allows students to build a stronger understanding of the real world. The liberal arts major allows students to flourish and be more informed about the world around them.

3. Finance

Calculator and financial charts to represent Finance

Finance is a really popular major which is housed in the Pitt Business College of Business Administration. Finance majors get access to the Financial Analysis Laboratory which allows them to further understand their subject and gain hands-on experience. The 3,000-square-foot facility, which resembles the trading floor of an investment bank, and has the equipment and technology to learn more about the subject.

4. Nursing

A nurse to represent nursing

The nursing program is really popular and has its own school (School of Nursing.) The nursing program emphasizes the study and hands-on practice done in the school. The program also provides a series of practicing exams for nursing students and better trains them for the real world.

5. Neuroscience

Nerves to represent neuroscience

Neuroscience is a really popular major which is housed in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and has its own department. The neuroscience program offers hands-on training to the students and even has a doctoral program to better prepare students for their careers. The Neuroscience program also has mentors to support the students.

6. Marketing

words marketing written on blue backgroundMarketing is a really popular major which is housed in the Pitt Business College of Business Administration. The major is designed to provide students with the knowledge of products and how to identify the distribution of these products. The major also provides hands-on learning to better prepare students for the real world.

7. Economics

Economics data to represent the Economics major

Economics is a really popular major which is housed in both the Pitt Business College of Business Administration and Dietrich College of Arts and Sciences. Being housed in two colleges, students have plenty of options to choose from in this major. The major also provides the hands-on experience which can be used in the real world.

8. Rehabilitation and Therapy

Different types of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a really popular major which is housed in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. The program prepares students for the real world by having admission requirements, classes, and certificates. Students can even specialize in various options in rehabilitation.

9. Biology

Picture of cells to represent biology

Biology is a really popular major which is housed in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. The university also conducts biology research which gives students a chance to receive some hands-on training. Topics covered include Biochemistry, Evolution, Structural Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Computational Biology, Ecology, Microbiology, and Molecular biology.

10. Mechanical Engineering

Picture of a mechanical engineer at work to represent the mechanical engineering major

Mechanical Engineering is a really popular major which is housed in the Swanson School of Engineering. Mechanical Engineering professors are world renowned and still provide an encouraging environment for students. Topics covered include advanced design, extreme conditions, and modeling.

10 University of Pittsburgh Library Resources You Need to Know

The University of Pittsburgh, commonly known as Pitt, is a state-related research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is composed of 17 undergraduate and graduate schools and colleges. Ranked among the top research universities in the United States, Pitt takes research and education really serious, and makes the learning process for the students easier by providing different resources for their use. That’s why here’s a list with 10 Pitt library resources you need to know.

1) Equipment

media equipment

The equipment that is available at Pitt Libraries for the use of all the Pitt Community include: Dry-Erase Board (12″ x 16″), laptop, iPad, Cables for iPhone 4 and later , early models of the iPads, and lightning connector charging cables, Android cables, Adapters HDMI and VGA, Jackery Explorer 75 External Batteries, Ultra high capacity battery with AC wall outlet, Quick Charge 3.0 and Type-C, 4 noise isolating headphones and 2 noise cancelling headphones, TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator, and Audio and Video equipment.

2)  Mobile Devices

mobile devices

One of the innovative practices at Pitt Libraries is that you can borrow a mobile device up to 8 hours (if not there’s a fee to pay). To be able to borrow one of this you have to be possessor of a University of Pittsburgh Panther Card. With a Pitt mobile device you could be able to use a variety of research and productivity tools, also you can access your email and the Internet, download temporary data and save data on a thumb drive or online.

3)  Lockers


To Pitt University, the privacy and security of the personal objects of all its community it’s important, that’s why they have a self-service lockers located on the 4th floor of Hillman Library that are always available on a first come basis for the use of all the community.

4)  Places to Study

places to study

To Pitt Libraries that’s actually one of its mains purposes. Each of the libraries that are in campus have at least one quiet place dedicated to silence and focus for those students that are in need of it. To know them all you just have to go to the Library System page where you will find a list of all of them and the library they are located for easier localization.

5)   Metadata Services

Reading Metadata On Digital Computer Screen With A Magnifying Gl

The Metadata and Discovery Unit provides metadata consultation, development, and production support for students, faculty, and staff. Specialists are available for consultations to help you start a new project, improve your metadata quality and consistency, and learn more about what metadata can do for you. Training on standards and best practices, controlled vocabularies, and data cleaning tools are also available.

6) Printing, Scanning and Photocopying


In all of the Pitt Libraries there is a self-service photocopiers available, and also they are available on each floor of Hillman Library. Most photocopiers operate using Panther Funds. Photocopying fee is $0.15 with cash and $0.10 with Panther Funds. Also, there are Scanners in all the libraries and their use is free. In cases of needs, the library also offers digitization services for more specialized requests, including drop-in hours at the Digital Stewardship Lab in Hillman Library.

7) Help

help button

The Pitt Libraries have created a lot of resources to help students with studying, classes and research that can be found on the Library System. They include the contact of a subject specialist to make consultations, course and subject guides, instruction services, citation tools, classes and workshops, videos How-to, and the “Ask a Librarian” feature.

8) Archives & Special Collections


Archives & Special Collections (A&SC) is one of western Pennsylvania’s largest repositories for manuscripts, rare books, photographs, microfilm, maps, audiovisual materials, and more, that’s used for research and study purposes inside the Pitt community and others. It has relocated its materials to the Archives Service Center (Library Resource Facility) but there is still a reading room in Hillman Library.

9) Research Support Services

research support

Pitt Libraries provide services, resources, and expertise to support every phase of your research, from discovery and design to creation and sharing. The capacitated staff can help you with the discovery (Locating research materials with PittCat+, Search disciplinary and multidisciplinary databases like Scopus, and more), design (helping you manage your research materials and data using library-supported tools like Endnote, Mendeley and others, find free or low-cost general or specialized Pitt-supported software, and more), creation (Work with your data with the support of library specialists, Analyze, manipulate, and visualize spatial data by using library-supported GIS tools and expertise, and more), and sharing (helping you Identify the best outlets for your published work, Discover the benefits of open access publishing and get guidance on license options that maximize sharing and reuse, Share your work openly to increase visibility, spark new research, and more).

10) Borrow Books and Articles


To Borrow books and archives at Pitt Libraries you only have to be holder of the Panther Card. If you don’t have the library you only need to present a valid Pitt ID at CMU or PTS Libraries. The limit of books and archives that you can borrow are high but you have to be aware of the penalties and fines for returning them late.

5 Libraries at University of Pittsburgh

1) Frick Fine Arts Library

frick fine arts library

The Frick Fine Arts Library serves the Department of the History of Art and Architecture, the Studio Arts Department, and the University community in general. This rich circulating collection contains over 85,000 volumes and subscribes to more than 350 journals in relevant fields. And this library is located on The Henry Clay Frick Fine Arts Building, which is a landmark Renaissance villa and a contributing property to the Schenley Farms-Oakland Civic Historic District.

2) Langley Library

Langley Library

Langley Library is the biology, neuroscience, psychology, and life sciences unit of the University Library System at Pitt. Their collection includes over 70,000 books and over 650 journal subscriptions. This Library is located at The Clapp/Langley/Crawford halls complex, CLC for short, which comprises three inter-connected buildings (Clapp, Langley, and Crawford Halls) and the Life Science Annex that house the Department of Biological Science and the Department of Neuroscience.

3) Barco Law Library

barco lib

This library, which was originally conceived as a law library and a research center, is located at the Barco Law Building. The fourth floor is the library’s nerve center, containing the circulation desk, reference desk and reference collection, group-study rooms, printing and photocopying services, two computer labs, and the IT Department. The current collection includes all of the major legal databases as well as 468,000 volumes and volume equivalents.

4) Hillman Library

Hillman Library

The Hillman Library is the largest library at Pitt University and the center of administration for the University Library System (ULS) of Pitt. It is located on the corner of Forbes Avenue and Schenley Drive, and also, Hillman serves as the flagship of the approximately 7.1 million-volume University Library System at Pitt.

5) Health Science Library System

health lib pitt

The Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) at Pitt University offers a wide array of information services, educational opportunities, and resources in print and electronic format to faculty, students, and researchers in the schools of the health sciences (Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Public Health).

Top 10 Residences at University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh is a well renowned institution of higher learning committed to providing the best education to its students. At this institution, students are offered with a variety of accommodation options to suit their needs. These halls of residence are secure, spacious and offers a conducive environment for studying as well as enhancing your social life. the following are the top 10 residences at the University of Pittsburgh.

1. Pennsylvania Hall

New Pennsylvania Hall

3825 University Drive C, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Pennsylvania Hall is a residential hall for co-ed students. It consists of four person suites with double rooms and private bathrooms. There is a microwave and a refrigerator in every room. There is a fitness center, a multipurpose room and common areas.

2. Amos Hall

Amos Hall

3990 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Amos hall is a residence for upper-class women students. It consists of sorority suites. There is a chapter room, private bathrooms and a living room.

3. Holland Hall

Holland Hall

3990 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Holland Hall is a residence hall female first year students. It consists of single, double, triple and quad rooms. There are laundry facilities, spacious lounges and communal bathrooms on every floor as well as kitchenettes.

4. Forbes Hall

Forbes Hall

3525 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Forbes Hall is a residence for the first year Engineering Living Learning Community members. It consists of double occupancy rooms with adjoining semi private powder rooms. There is a kitchenette, common study area, laundry area and communal showers.

5. Sutherland Hall

Sutherland Hall

3725 Sutherland Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Sutherland Hall is a first year’s students’ residential facility. It consists of spacious double rooms that are joined by a shared bathroom. There are study lounges, coffee cart and common spaces.

6. Lothrop Hall

Lothrop Hall

190 Lothrop St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Lothrop Hall is a coed and upperclassmen residential hall. It consists of single rooms and few suite style rooms. There are lounge spaces for socializing and studying, fitness center, entertainment centers and laundry facilities.

7. Brackenridge Hall

Brackenridge Hall

PIttsburgh, PA 15213

Brackenridge Hall is a residence for the upperclassmen. It consists of suite style rooms with three, four and five students’ suites. There is a gym, laundry facility, study space and a large communal lounge.

8. Nordenberg Hall

Nordenberg Hall

111 University Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Nordenberg Hall is a residence for the new first year students. It consists of double and triple room styles. There is a fitness center, study lounges, communal laundry rooms, TV lounges and communal bathrooms.

9. Tower C

Tower C

3990 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Tower C is a residential hall for upperclassmen and first year students. It consists of private rooms and communal bathrooms. There are entertainment areas, lounges and study areas.

10. Bruce Hall

Bruce Hall

3990 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Bruce hall is a residence for first year students and to the members of the College of Business Administration Living Learning community. It consists of three, four and five person suites. There are laundry facilities and a classroom for LLC activities and learning programming.

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at University of Pittsburgh

1. Room Basics

Organized bed

School supplies
Mattress topper

2. Food and Snacks

food and utensils

Water bottles
Energy bars

3. Tech & Entertainment


Cell phone
Alarm clock

4. School Supplies

School office supplies

Text books
Sticky notes

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

Cleaning Up and Organizing

Lysol wipes
Paper towels

6. Campus Gears

university of pittsburgh gear

Walking shoes
Campus gear like sweatshirt
Water bottle

7. Items you should ask first before bringing


Electric heaters
Big pieces of furniture like sofas
Iron board

7 University of Pittsburgh Buildings You Need to Know

University of Pittsburgh is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a D1 university. There are over 18,000 students enrolled at the university. There are a lot of buildings on campus which is why not many people know the nicest ones on campus. The following buildings are the ones that everyone needs to know about.

1. Cathedral of Learning


The building was made to be very tall and not take up a lot of space because the university had a major space problem at the time of construction. The building’s architecture was made with parallel lines that would never touch which implies that the learning is unending. The extensive proportions of the building shows high achievement of the university.

2. Wesley W. Posvar Hall

Wesley building

This building houses the College of General Studies, the Office of Veterans Service, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, School of Education, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Center for International Studies, and social science departments. It is the largest academic only building on campus. The building is at the site of the former ballpark for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

3. Litchfield Towers

3 buildings

The towers make of the largest residential complex on campus. The three towers house 1,868 men and women in the building’s air-conditioned single and double rooms. The lobbies of the buildings house the mail center, a fitness center, laundry, vending machines, email kiosks, a coffee cart, a small shop, a made-to-order dining facility, and Quick Zonel.

4. Music Building

Music Building

The building was recently enlarged and renovated. It houses classrooms, a piano lab, the music library, offices, practice rooms, the Electronic Music Studio, the Ethnomusicology Lab, a lounge, and teaching studios. The music studio in the building houses a mix of hardware and software synthesizers, samplers, signal processors, and digital recording equipment.

5. Heinz Memorial Chapel

Heinz Memorial Chapel

The chapel is a nondenominational chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus and was a gift from Henry John Heinz. It was dedicated in 1938 and currently hosts about 1,000 events annually including religious services, concerts, tours, and more.

6. Allegheny Observatory

Allegheny Observatory

The observatory is one of the major astronomical research institutions in the world. It is a few miles off the main campus but is an important building for astronomy majors. The main function of the building is pure research, the telescopes and instrumental equipment are available for use by the students and teachers.

7. Fitzgerald Field House

Fitzgerald Field House

The field house is home to gymnastics, indoor track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. It was built in 1951 and was named after Rufus H. Fitzgerald, the chancellor from 1944-1945. The field house has a weight room, locker rooms, and a wrestling room.

Interesting Facts about University of Pittsburgh

1. Mark Cuban

shot of mark cuban

Mark Cuban went to University of Pittsburgh for one year before dropping out of school.

2. Victory Lights

victory lights on building

The upper section of the Cathedral of Learning illuminates gold after the football team wins.

3. University of Pittsburgh Panthers

panthers logo

The athletic team is called the panthers not only because it is a fierce animal but also because panthers were once indigenous to the Pittsburgh area.

4. Cathedral of Learning

light show on cathedral

The Cathedral of Learning is the second tallest university building in the world.

5. Star of Films

Sorority Row movie poster

The Cathedral of Learning is such a landmark that it’s appeared in Sorority Row, Wonder Boys, and Mothman Prophecies.

6. Destined for Marriage

Chapel view of bridge

There is a legend at University of Pittsburgh that says if a couple kisses on the steps of Heinz Memorial Chapel then they are destined to be married there.

7. Polio Vaccine

newspaper headline

In 1952 the world’s first vaccine for polio was created at the University of Pittsburgh by Jonas Salk.

The University of Pittsburgh is home to many beautiful buildings and success stories. Stories range from one-year students like Marc Cuban to the pioneers of medicine. Most students do not know a lot of the interesting things about the university due to its large size, but the above facts and buildings provide a great base of history about UPitt.