Jobs for College Students at University of Oxford

If you are a student living in resident it can be hard to pay of all your expenses on you own as there is a lot of them living by your self. But there is no need to worry as there is plenty of student jobs on campus that students can apply for. Not only that but they also have flexible schedules unlike outside jobs because they know students still attend classes. So here is a list of jobs and opportunities for students at University of Oxford.

1. Administrative Assistant

a women talking on the phone

This position has a pay of £22,017 to £25,482. If you are a person that is great with helping others and experience with administrative work than job will be great for you. Having knowledge in Microsoft and Excel is a must as you will be using these programs and communicating effectively is very important as plenty of information will be passed on from person to person.

2. Part-time Receptionist

receptionist helping 2 customers

This position is looking for someone that will be joining the building and facilities team in the Old Road Campus Research building. One of the best part about this job is that it is located in the campus so there is no need to commute long hours and waste money plus time. As a receptionist you will be helping people with their questions, answering phone calls and keeping records in a detailed fashion. This job will require you to work independently and as well as in a team.

3. Student Support Assistant

A women helping another women with her questions

If you are someone that is great at giving advise and helping people though their problems than this is the perfect job for you as the school is looking for someone to help the students with the problems they have, whether it may be personal or academically. Communication is key as you will be mostly talking in this job and the main goal is to ensure the students well-being and welfare.

4. Student Fees Credit Controller

Texas scientific calculator

If you are a student that is into math or is in the accounting program than this may be an useful opportunity for you as you can gain some experience. This position is for the university’s student finance office. You will be keeping track records and working with large databases. For students interested in this job that have previous experience should apply soon as applications will be closing at an near date.

5. Trainee Academic Notetakers in Oxford

person is taking notes in a book

This position pays £12 an hour. It provides academic support to students that are disabled and are not able to take notes for themselves. Your role will be to take accurate and liable notes from the lecture contents and be able to hand it in within a specified time frame.

6. Student Ambassador

a group of student ambassadors

If you are student that is in the upper year than you most likely will qualify for this position as you know what the school is about and you know the core values it intend to represent. As a student ambassador you will be working with and communicating to a lot of students, in-addition to planning events. This will be a great experience for you as you will gain a lot of experience and skills throughout this position.

7. OneClass Online Note Taker

a boy uploading notes online

Take notes with and receive payments while you go to class. When you take Notes with,you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Note taker today.


Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England. The school is fairly harder to get into as it only accepts around 17% of its applicants. Here are tasty nearby restaurants to check out at University of Oxford.

1. Vaults & Garden

a group of parfaits

This cafe is situated in a building that was built in the early 1300’s. There is a picturesque garden to take selfies at and the cafe serves breakfast and lunch. Pricing starts at £2.50 (sourdough toast) to £10.50(slow roasted lamb shoulder).

2. The Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen

cooked duck with green beans

This is a casual cafe that has artisan coffee and breakfast/snack food. There are plenty of different options for breakfast/lunch and dinner. Pricing starts at just £4(summer berries breakfast pot) to £16(Harissa marinated lamb steak).

3. Jimbob’s Baguettes

two sandwiches and chips

This is a great place to visit for flavorful and homemade breads. These in house made breads are a staple for any meal. You can also purchase tasty lunch options such as sandwiches or even drinks(coffee). Pricing starts at £3(crossiant/ danish +hot drink) to £5.40 (meal deal).

4. Art Cafe

local art hands on the walls

Art Cafe is a go to hot spot for all things coffee and related. Chill with your friends for a cozy drink or spend your lunch break eating hot paninis. Pricing starts at just £1.8 (Macchiato) to £7.65(Penne Bolognese).

5. No.1 Ship Street

the ground floor with wine glasses

This building houses a tasty lunch time menu in what is called No.1 Ship Street. The menu gives you an option of two or three starters (9.95 or 12.95. The menu consists of starters such as tomato bruschetta , lamb faggot (main) and sides (minted potatoes).

6. The White Rabbit

the outside of the pizza place

The White Rabbit is a great place to go with your friends when you are looking for tasty meets affordable food. The food is mostly Italian inspired and specializes in pizza and plenty of beer. Pricing starts at
£2.50 (Italian Olives) and goes up to £11.95 (Calabrese Pizza).

7. Moshi

outside seating for moshi

Moshi is a great place to go to if you are craving Japanese food. They specialize in traditional flavors while also keeping the pricing fairly affordable . A few crowd favorites have been: Udon Noodle Soup Chicken ( £8.95) , Ebi Katsu ( £6.45) and Octopus Sashimi( £6.00).

Health and Wellness Services at the University of Oxford 

In order to make the very most your time at school, you need to make your health a top priority. This will allow you to be the best student that you could possibly be. A great perk of your university are the various health and wellness services that help you be at your best. Here are five health and wellness services offered to you at the University of Oxford!

1. The Student Health Service

The Student Health service is a great resource that is available to you. This facility is similar to a regular doctors office where you can go to get check ups and other medical testing done. There are always nurses and doctors here during business hours that can help you get answers. If you make frequent visits to this location, you will be much healthier in the long run. Be sure to keep this in mind.

university of oxford student health service

2. Health Surveillance 

One of the more specialized health and wellness services available to you is the health surveillance service. This is a unique resource that allows you to monitor your health efficient way. You will sit down and talk to a health professional in an individual manner. This professional will help you stay healthy while on campus. This is a resource that you should take a vantage of every chance that you get.

student health service working professionals

3. Counseling

A Very important aspect of your health is your mental state. That being said, it is very important to keep your mental health in check. A great way to do this is by going to counseling sessions offered by the University. You will be able to meet with a real professional and get some quality help about your mental health. This will allow you to be at the top of your game at all times. Utilize this resource as much as you can while you have the opportunity.

a counseling room at the school

4. Oxford University Hospital

The oxford university hospital is the closest working hospital to the rest of campus. This is where you should go if you are ever in need of emergency medical assistance or need to see a doctor for any reason. There are trained professionals that work around the clock here to ensure that you are as healthy as you can be. That being said, when in doubt, go to this location. You will be in good hands at this hospital.

oxford hospital building front

5. Travel Health

The final health and wellness services offered to you as a student is the travel health service. This is a specific service designed for students who want to travel abroad. You will get all the information necessary for you to have safe travels throughout your life and in the future. In fact, this is often a resource that goes unnoticed. That being said, you will be able to get the individual attention that you deserve. This will make your travels much easier.

a group of international students

10 Coolest Classes at the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is known worldwide, it’s exceptional standard of teaching is made all the more exciting by their cool, unique classes. Check out our list of the most innovative courses that Oxford has to offer. 

1. EARTH4086 – Planetary Science 

the planet saturn and stars in the background

This class focuses on everything regarding space. With a particular focus on the solar system and extraterrestrial material, space missions and the technology used, this class will be sure to keep you engaged.

2. FTV4017 – Amateur Cinema

film strip with a sunset in frame

Combining research and history of amateur cinema, this class will give students an in-depth knowledge of key pieces, frameworks and the culture behind amateur films. It will also touch on the relationship between professional and amateur, and the movements surrounding them.

3. CRWRT5043 – The Genre Bending Art of Essaying

close up of hand writing in journal

This class will be sure to change your perception of essay writing, maybe even help you develop and enjoy writing them. With a combination of research and workshops, this module is a really interesting take on traditional creative writing topics.

4. LATIN4012 – Roman Satire

old school book with rose inside

A new way to look at Latin writing and Roman history. Satire is a unique literary genre that was shaped by two Latin poets. We won’t give too much away – that’s what the course is for.

5. SCOTLIT4013 – The Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas and Influences

An overlook of a Scottish city

When in Glasgow, learn about the Scottish Enlightenment. This class will introduce students to the movement and how it has had a lasting influence on the country. It also enables students to visit important Scottish cultural centres, museums and libraries.

6. URBAN5051 – Asian Cities 

landscape view of an asian city with lots of skyscrapers and lights

An exciting module that displays up to 60 real estate development case studies to the students. Through site visits, presentations and workshops, students will develop new skills and offer solutions. With time spent in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai, this is definitely a cool class.

7. UESTC4020 – Wireless Sensor Networks 

graphic explaining wireless sensor networks

This class is an introduction to a fundamental part of modern society. Learn all about embedded systems and wireless sensor networks. By the end of the class, you’ll have a key understanding of every aspect of the applications and technology.

8. THEATRE4016 – Writing for Performance 

aisle view of a theatre

Contemporary writing for performance is a highly sought-after skill. You will develop your own writing ability, conduct an individual project and explore other pieces of performance writing. You will finish this cool class with all the skills and techniques needed for live performance.

9. URBAN5118 – Urban Conservation 

landscape of city of Glasglow

In a city so rich in conservation areas, beautiful culture and rich architecture, you couldn’t be studying this class in a better place. Explore the philosophy, methods and principles behind urban conservation at the University of Glasgow.

10. NANKAI5005 – Mandarin Advanced Translation

a lot of dictionaries translating different languages

As part of Glasgow’s SMLC Translations Studies Programme, this class will give students all the necessary training and practice needed to effectively translate from English to Mandarin. This is a super special class, courtesy of the University’s unique programme.

The Univesity of Glasgow offers so many different classes and courses for all types of students, regardless of the subject or topic of interest. It’s a great place to study and exceed.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at the University of Oxford

When given the option, students will almost always choose easy classes over hard ones. However, sometimes there is no choice available for students. These ten courses are some of the hard ones they might be faced with when attending University of Oxford.

1. Q400 – Egyptology

Hieroglyphics are an important part of studying Egypt


Egyptology may seem like something only archaeologists from movies would study. But, actually, it is among the most popular courses at Oxford. It can be a very difficult course to crack, especially since it deals with so many ancient materials.

2. T601 – Arabic and Islamic Studies

Islamic studies are an important part of the school


Arabic and Islamic studies are important bits of knowledge to have in regards to the eastern world’s history and culture. Arabic studies mainly focuses on cultural elements of this portion of the ancient world. Islamic studies are more interested in theology and religious studies.

3. LV64 – Metabolism and Respiration

Lungs are a crucial part of respiration


This course is among the most important in the medical science field at Oxford. After all, what would the human body be without the respiratory system? This class also keeps students up to date on the latest developments of this system and what is known in the world of science and medicine.

4. PA2 – Molecular Pathology

Scientific tools help guide researchers to pathology


Molecular pathology is a course that is incredibly difficult for students to understand. At Oxford, some students have been known to drop the class once they read the syllabus. After all, a syllabus where the easiest term to understand is “pathology” does not bode well for an easy A from the class.

5. T6TX – Persian with Subsidiary Language

The Persian language is depicted


Persian would be a hard enough course to learn all on its own. But for students who take this class, they have more to learn than just Persian. They also have to embrace a subsidiary language that will bring on even more challenges.

6. T101 – Chinese

Chinese is a challenging language to learn


The learning of the Chinese language has been growing in recent years. Many believe it is one of the languages of the future. That does not mean, however, that it is easy to learn and this course at Oxford proves that.

7. OS6N1 – History of Religion

Many religions have icons that symbolize them


Another religious course at Oxford deals with the history of many different ones, including Islam and Judaism. There are a lot of religions incorporated into the class, too. With such a rich, deep history throughout the world, students will have to embrace a large encompassing academic structure.

8. Q402 – Ancient Near Eastern Studies

There are still remnants of the ancient world


Many aspects of the ancient world, like Greece and Rome, are at least vaguely familiar to students. But the ancient world of the East is less commonly incorporated into modern culture and academia. That is why this course can pose a lot of problems for unsuspecting students.

9. GL1 – Latin and Greek

Many root words come from these languages


Greek, on its own, is a language that is tough enough to learn. But when a course is built around that and Latin, it can get even more difficult. Latin, after all, is a near dead language, meaning not many students are familiar with it.

10. 5V1 – Biblical Studies

The Bible is a crucial text of many religions


This isn’t the course you experienced growing up. Biblical studies at Oxford are much more complex than when students were being educated by their local churches. The demands of this course are much more rigorous and feature more exam-based lessons.

The University of Oxford is one of the most well-renowned schools in the entire world. Therefore, it stands to reason that the school would have some tough classes to get through. But Oxford students are more than prepared enough to endure them!

Top 10 Majors at the University of Oxford

We probably don’t have to introduce you to the University of Oxford. The prestigious University is a symbol of higher education, known globally for its incredible students, courses and teachers. The University of Cambridge is especially known for it’s creative/ humanity subjects. Here are the top majors.

1. Philosophy and Theology

The University of Oxford boasts an incredible philosophy major
Picture: Pixabay

This course enables you to use the ability to critically analyse and reason with religion. The Philosophy department at the University of Oxford is one of the largest in the world, by bringing this into religion you are left with an incredible subject to major in.

2. Modern Languages

The University of Oxford is known worldwide for its modern languages course
Picture: Pixabay

A major in modern languages will give you the ability to write and speak in another European language, as well as study a broad range of literature. Modern languages have been taught in Oxford since 1724, it has one of the largest student intakes in the UK – with more than 250 choosing to study it every single year.

3. Geography

A major in geography will open many doors
Picture: Pixabay

Majoring in Geography will give you valuable insight into climate change, the economy, inequalities globally and culture. It’s a subject that seems to bridge that gap between social and environmental sciences. The facilities available for geography students are some of the best in the country.

4. English language and literature

The University of Oxford boasts amazing research for English Language and Literature
Picture: Pixabay

If you want to major in English language and literature, Oxford is the place to go. It sports one of the broadest courses in the country allowing you to study almost every single type of writing you could think of.

5. Human Sciences

Study all aspects of human life at the University of Oxford
Picture: Pixabay

Of course, Oxford isn’t only great for arts and humanities subjects, it also has a truly impressive human science subject that you can major in. From this, you can study the social, cultural and biological aspects of human life – a refreshing change from traditional subjects.

6. History

History at the University of Oxford allows you to be as focused or broad as you wish
Picture: Pixabay

A University and a city so rife in History, could you think of a better place to study it? Although it gives broad insight into history, it also offers much more focused topics, centred at smaller groups, smaller periods and very specific problems.

7. Fine Arts

Fine Arts gives creative students the chance to study at a prestigious university
Picture: Pixabay

All those arty students don’t have to be left out from the magic of Oxford. A major in Fine Art would allow artists to discover their potential, use their imagination and follow what their creative mind’s want.

8. Chemistry

Study alongside the greatest minds in Chemistry
Picture: Pixabay

Oxford is also pretty amazing at Chemistry. A major in this atomic focused subject would most definitely prepare you well for life after graduation. Oxford has one of the leading chemistry departments in the world, sporting state-of-the-art labs and research that spans internationally.

9. Music

Study every aspect of music at Oxford
Picture: Pixabay

On the other end of the spectrum, we have music. This isn’t just about playing instruments, it’s about studying, listening, reading, composing and performing. Majoring in music could give you that extra push that you needed to start pursuing your dreams.

10. Oriental Studies

This major encompasses language, history, philosophy, religion and social studies
Picture: Pixabay

A unique, interesting and different subject that goes beyond usual topics in the humanities section. These courses are filled with so many different aspects; language, history, philosophy, religion and social studies. It’s truly a topic bursting with knowledge.

The University of Oxford, unsurprisingly, does not disappoint. The selection of subjects to major in, combined with world-renowned departments and technology make it a wonderful place to study and grow with.

10 University of Oxford Library Resources You Need to Know

There are not many schools that can boast a reputation like the University of Oxford. One of the oldest institutions in the world, students accepted here are some of the brightest on the planet. Across a spectrum of academic fields and at various levels, students are working every day on this campus, and many of them take advantage of the fabulous libraries affiliated with this school. Here’s a list of library resources to help you identify what each library affiliated with this university has inside!

1. Private Study Rooms

Study room library

There are a plurality of reasons why one might need to rent out a study room: a group project, private space for studying, access to the whiteboards or projectors therein; study rooms are just so useful, and moreover they’re incredibly easy to book.

2. Stable Wifi

Someone searching for wifi

Are you looking for a place to study where the internet won’t cut out on you? If so, then you should make it a point to go to one of the several libraries located on campus. The wifi in these buildings is always exceptional regardless of how many people may be inside.

3. Copy Machines

Copiers in a library

Copying things on your own is going to get expensive fast, which means it’s all but required that you use the copiers here. If you copy a lot, there’s a chance the library will expect some kind of minor compensation in return, but this will, in all likelihood, not amount to much.

4. Printing Stations

People watching a high-tech printer

If you print the majority of your assignments from home, you’ll quickly realize that doing so becomes expensive FAST. If you want to save time and money, try printing at one of the university’s libraries. Most of the printing done here is free or for an extremely low cost, which means you’ll be able to print out those multipage psychology reports without having to worry about ink cartridge depletion.

5. Accessibility

An image of accessibility signs

Those students and faculty who require special ways to access buildings will not find any trouble at this university. Wheelchair ramps and reliable elevators can be found in every library, which means they truly are made for everyone.

6. Books & References

Stairs and shelves

What is a library without books and references? Far from a library, that’s for sure. At all the libraries affiliated with this school, an expansive collection of books and references, most of which can be checked out whenever you want, are what you can expect.

7. Unisex Bathrooms

A nice public bathroom

There are multiple unisex bathrooms and traditional bathrooms located in every one of the libraries on this university’s campus. Students of all genders are able to come here and confidently use the bathroom without fear or ridicule.

8. Reliable Staff

A library staff

They’re not like those crooked, old librarians you see on TV. In fact, they’re anything but. The librarians here make your priorities their priorities, which means you’ll never be without professional assistance for too long!

9. IT Services

An image of someone using a computer

If you don’t think you can fix the issues with your computer on your own, then you need to come here! The IT professionals will make sure your computer is up and running in no time—you’ll have it when you need it, that’s for sure!

10. Computer Access

An image from inside a computer lab

Don’t stress if you don’t have a computer with you; there are plenty of computers at any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Got a project that needs to be done on a computer but deleted after? You can complete anything here and it will not be saved!


Libraries at the University of Oxford

1. Taylor Institution Library

This is inside the library

If you’re interested in older documents, this is the place you should visit. You never know what you might uncover with some good research. Also, the librarians here are very pleasant, which is always nice if you’re new to the library.

2. Radcliffe Science Library

This is the library's exterior

This library’s expansive collections and offset study rooms are what make this building so popular. Students and faculty come here for a plurality of purposes each day, which means it’s likely you’ll see someone you know.

3. Vere Harmsworth Library

A state-of-the-art library

If you’ve been looking for a great place to study with friends and peers, look no further: this is the place you want to go to. Research and studying can be done here in a quiet setting, which means you’ll always get a ton of work done when you come here.

4. Bodleian Library

A photo from inside this library

Those students who are studying ethical issues and associated subjects will often spend a lot of time in this building. Expect typical library rules to be enforced here, which means talking is in most cases impermissible.

5. Sackler Library

The exterior of the library

This is an appealing library both inside and out, and many students make it a point to spend time here each day for a variety of purposes. If you’ve been looking for a quiet but casual place to study off-campus, this should be one of the buildings you consider.

Now that you’ve reached the conclusion of this article, there’s a good chance you now have more information about the libraries affiliated with the University of Oxford. Take advantage of these libraries!

10 Easiest Courses at University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a research university in Oxford, England. The school is known as one of the leading universities in the world. They are internationally renowned as an institution who highly values the academics of their students and pride themselves on their “distinctive collegiate structure”.  All together school has 38 Oxford colleges which all tend to different academic subjects and communities. They also have six private halls that are built to help students and researchers come together. The University of Oxford is a prime and amazing school to attend, one that is a great honor to attend. If you are one of the lucky students who have been chosen to attend the University of Oxford, here is your guide to ten easy courses that can help you start your year off great.

1. Digital & Social Media Strategy

In Digital & Social Media Strategy, students will gain a new understanding of how the media affects both the public and businesses. You will look into how the digital world has changed and how businesses have altered their publicity to work with the popularity of social media. You will also research different social platforms to see how different publicity is presented on each website.

The image above shows different icons of popular social media platforms.


2. Reputation & Leadership

Reputation and Leadership is a great course to learn valuable life skills while also earning a grade and credit. In this course, you will learn about different ways to help create and sustain a valuable reputation. You will also evaluate different scenarios to see appropriate ways of response.

The image above shows the word Leadership with words associated with Leadership.


3. Learning and Teaching of Vocabulary

If you are looking to enter the education field, Learning and Teaching Vocabulary is the perfect course for you. In this course, you will look into major concepts of vocabulary. You will learn more about language and different ways to teach them to students. You will also look at how to teach to those who are learning as a second language.

The image above shows students learning in a classroom.


4. Foundations of Computer Science

If you are majoring in Computer Science, or looking to create new technological skills, Foundations of Computer Science is the perfect course for you. In this course, you will learn the basics of technology and how you can use them for coding and other resources. This is a great way to learn computer skills that you can use on your resume to help give you a competitive edge.

The image above shows a portion of a code.


5. Homelessness and Affordable Housing

Homelessness and Affordable Housing is a great class that often helps students create a new perspective. In this course, you will focus on learning about basic human need. You will study the differences between rich and poor societies and the differences between their functions.

Image result for homelessness


6. Animal Behaviour: An Introduction (Online Course)

A great feature of the University of Oxford is that they offer a wide variety of short and online courses. One of these courses is Animal Behavior, in which you learn about how and why animals act in certain ways. Some things you will look at are behaviours in certain scenarios and behaviours developed from the animal kingdom.

The image above shows a picture of a lion.

7. Introduction to Study Skills

Introduction to Study Skills is another course that is amazing for learning basic skills that will help you once you leave college. In this course you will learn about how to successfully take notes and tips on studying. You will also focus on tips to help writing great essays and planning.

The image above shows a student studying.

8. Exploring Music

In Exploring Music, you will get to research different styles of music and how they impact people in different ways. You will look at the evolution of music. You will also research about different instruments and voices to see how they impact different genres of music.

The image above shows music notes.

9. Analyzing Classical Music: An Introduction (Online Course)

The University of Oxford also offers Analyzing Classical Music which is another online course available for students and the public. In this course, you will research about how classical music has impacted people all over the world. You will also research about the types of information that most of society does not  know when they are listening to classical music.

The image above shows a symphony playing classical music.


10. American Art in the Twentieth Century

In American Art in the Twentieth Century, you will get a look into more classical art. You will research about how modern art today has grown from the twentieth century. You will also learn about cultural pluralism and famous artists who have made a huge influence during this era.

The image above shows women admiring art.


So if you are looking to attend the University of Oxford, here is your guide to ten easy and different courses that will help bring some variety and hopefully good grades to your next school year.