Top 10 Buildings at the University of North Texas

Located in Denton, Texas, the University of North Texas (UNT) is a public research university that strives to provide its students with a serene environment that supports their educational success and personal growth. Among the facilities and resources offered at UNT, the institution has various buildings that support various activities. This piece highlights the top 10 buildings at UNT.

1. Bruce Hall

Bruce is the oldest on-campus accommodation hall. Constructed in 1946, the hall has a traditional architecture and houses residents of all classifications and majors. Some famous ex-residents of Bruce hall include Norah Jones and Don Henley. Bruce Hall is also home to both the Music & Jazz and Science Living Learning Communities.

2. Athletic Center Building

The North Texas Athletic Center is a 45,000 square-foot facility that provides a variety of features and services for the education, strength, conditioning and medical treatment of the Mean Green’s student-athletes. The facility also houses the administration of the North Texas Athletic Department. The Athletic Center includes the student-athlete residences, dining hall, practice and game facilities for the football, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, track & field and cross country programs.

3. Champs Cafeteria

The Champs cafeteria which is located next to the Victory Hall student is a bright, open hall that offers a variety of delicacies for the UNT fraternity. The cafeteria is open on weekdays for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast menu at Champs includes omelets, eggs, ham, hash browns, waffles and pancakes, biscuits and muffins, fruit and cereals.

4. Alumni Pavilion

Located near the northeast entrance to Apogee Stadium, the Alumni Pavilion is a meeting place for UNT Alumni Association members and guests. The pavilion occupies a 2,000 square-foot space and has enough rooms to host 150 guests. It is equipped with big-screen televisions and has a 3,200-square-foot outdoor deck.

5. Pohl Recreation Center & PEB Natatorium

The Pohl Recreation Center & PEB Natatorium is home to UNT’s swimming and diving team. The facility is a 138,000 sq ft, two-story building with an eight-lane pool with fan stands and an electronic scoreboard. The facility also has a 25-meter pool with six lanes for training and warm-ups. Adjacent to the Recreation Center is the PEB Natatorium, which houses the diving facilities.

6. Library Annex

Located West of the main UNT campus off of Airport Road, the Library Annex is home to the Collection Management Division as well as library materials that are in remote storage. The remote storage materials are in a closed-stack arrangement and requests for photocopies can be made from periodicals or retrieval of specific titles by using the Library Materials Delivery Service.

7. Legends Hall

Legends Hall is a residential building within UNT. The hall is located at the corner of North Texas Boulevard and Sycamore Street, and directly across from the Pohl Recreation Center. The hall offers accommodation only to upperclassmen students. Residents can choose to live in either in single occupancy rooms or in private single occupancy rooms with suite cooking areas.

8. The UNT Kristin Farmer Autism Center

The UNT Kristin Farmer Autism Center is a Research, Training, and Direct Services Center. The UNT Kristin Farmer Autism Center offers autism-related services and other professional services. The center has qualified, dedicated, compassionate, and caring staff that ensures clients are served accordingly.

9. Goolsby Chapel

The Goolsby Chapel at UNT offers a quiet and peaceful place for prayer, meditation, or reflection on campus. The chapel is not affiliated with any denomination and can be used by people from any religion. The chapel is open on weekdays from 9:00 AM to sunset. The chapel can also be reserved during evening and weekend hours for events.

10. Gateway Center

The Gateway Banquet and Conference Center is a 28,000sq ft multi-level facility within UNT. The building is located on the entrance to the campus. The Gateway Banquet and Conference Center provides opportunities that support and enrich the educational process and meets the needs of the North Texas Community.

Apart from the buildings described above, there are many other buildings at UNT. New students are required to attend orientation and familiarize themselves with the buildings. More information about the buildings at UNT can also be found within the institution’s official website.

10 Hardest Courses at the University of North Texas

University of North Texas the most comprehensive public research university providing top quality education. The university is located in Denton, Texas, a town that offers a peaceful haven for study and research. UNT’s faculty and staff work each day to prepare students for the challenges they will meet in our changing world. Here are the 10 hardest courses at the University of North Texas.

1. AERO 3320 – Leadership Studies

An image of Leadership Studies

This course entails the study of leadership and management fundamentals, professional knowledge, and leadership ethics and communication skills required of an Air Force officer. It’s a very demanding course that requires students to attend all lectures and seminars.

2. CHEM 3610 – Quantitative Techniques

Scientific Glassware For Chemical Background

This course highlights the modern methods used in analytical chemistry such as statistical treatment of data, gravimetric and titrimetric methods, spectrophotometric, chromatographic, potentiometric, and radioisotope techniques. It contains rigorous and advanced calculations which students find very difficult to solve.

3. BIOL 3331 – Biomedical Criminalistics

Research in Biomedical Criminalistics

Survey of the various forensic sciences with emphasis on direct examination of human remains and directly related biological evidence are covered in this course. Students learn how cases arise, i.e. how remains are located, recovered and processed. This course requires students to memorize definition and concepts. It’s a hard course indeed.

4. CSCE 3420 – Internet Programming

pictorial representation of Internet Programming

This course covers Internet programming in depth, including client-server peer-to-peer, and web applications. The primary goal is to help students understand the principles of how distributed applications are built, while also giving them practical experience in creating common Internet applications. Student complains a lot about this course because it consumes most of their time and it doesn’t give them the space to study other courses adequately.

5. ECON 4550 – Law and Economics

An image of Law and Economics

This course is an introduction to the mutual interaction between legal systems and economic activity. Topics include an introduction to legal systems and institutions, legal analysis, application of economic concepts to various legal doctrines, contracts, torts, criminal law, constitutional law, regulation and antitrust If you don’t like reading and making researches then you might not perform well in this course.

6. COMM 3920 – Organizational Communication

typical example of Organizational Communication

Principles of communication applied in the organizational environment are taught in this course. It also focuses on the diagnosis, analysis, and resolution methods related to communication-based problems with organizations. It’s a very boring and hard course.

7. PHIL 4650 – Philosophy of Water

The image of an ocean

Students examine water issues at the interface of science, policy, philosophy, art and culture in this course. Philosophical approaches include ethics, aesthetics and ontology of water; epistemological analysis of water conflicts; local and global governance theories. This course has the highest number of failure.

8. ENGR 2332 – Mechanics of Materials

The Mechanics of bridge

This course covers the relationships among loads placed on structural components, shape and size of components. Students are also taught the resultant stresses, strains and deflections of components. There are multiple assignments all through and students feel burdened by the amount of work at hand.

9. GEOG 3010 – Economic Geography

The pictorial representation of Economic Geography

This course examines the inter-connected and interdependent world economy. Focuses on world-systems, production, distribution, finance, labour, economic policies and economic change, and their socio-cultural implications. It also fosters critical thinking along with social and environmental responsibility. It is the hardest course in the department of geography.

10. MGMT 4660 – International Management Perspectives

An image representing International Management Perspectives

A comprehensive framework is used to study the management of multinational operations in cross-cultural environments with a focus on the decisions that managers must make. Topics include strategic planning, organization, human resources, operations management, entrepreneurship and ethics. Many students fail this course because of the large number of materials to read.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near the University of North Texas

Attending the University of North Texas (UNT) offers a delectable experience into the town’s dining life. If you’re looking for a perfect method to free yourself from the hectic schedule of your campus life, the best way is through your stomach. Dine in great restaurants or cafes at or near the University of North Texas and enjoy life despite college demands. Below are the list of restaurants and cafes at or near UNT.

1) Avesta Restaurant

Simple but elegant interior at the Avesta Restaurant.

Located in the heart of the University of North Texas is the Avesta Restaurant. This restaurant is proud to present its simple but elegant interiors, along with upscale yet affordable cuisine. You can choose from delicious entrees made from unique and classic dishes. For a special lunch menu of $7. 75, you’ll surely be full and satisfied.

2) New York Sub Hub

Uniquely decorated, leaving a no empty space wall inside the New York Sub Hub restaurant.

New York Sub Hub may not be as close to the campus as the other sandwich shops, but the taste, cost, and portion of the sandwiches are on the top-notch level. When you enter the shop, you will be amazed at the well-decorated walls, making the shop more distinctive. The service is quick and the staffs are friendly in this sandwich shop. Enjoy a whole BLT sandwich for $5.55 only at the New York Sub-Hub.

3) Mean Greens

Vegan inspired dining hall at the University of North Texas.

The Mean Green’s Cafe is the nation’s first collegiate dining hall. If you’re a certified vegan, you will definitely love every dishes at the Mean Greens. This cafe offers everything from seitan and pizza to made-to-order paninis and fresh deserts at affordable prices. The Mean Greens also features gluten-friendly meals for people on a special diet.

4) Crooked Crust

Great deals at the Crooked Crust restaurant.

Crooked Crust is one of those local college pizza places that rings delicious and affordable pizza menus. The place is simple, comfortable and made specially for students on a budget. You can enjoy their great deals with your friends or classmates. A 1/4 of any pizza served with a drink will cost only cost you $7.

5) Dix Coney Island

Unique and Cozy Interior of the Dix Coney Island restaurant.

If you’re up all night to study for a big exam, the Dix Coney Island is a place-to-go. This restaurant is open 24 hours and provides scrumptious affordable meals for the locals and students of the nearby University of North Texas. The dining area of this place holds nine bar stools and seven booths that sit four each.  You can delight yourself with their wide selection of food and drinks.

6) Cool Beans

A selection of great bar food at the Cool Beans.

The Cool Beans is one of Denton’s original dive bar/restaurant that serves great selection of affordable food and drinks. The fries are awesome, the beer is good and the atmosphere is relaxing at the Cool Beans. The place has a large patio with a TV, where you can enjoy watching your favorite sports game while hanging out with your friends or classmates.

7) Bruce Cafeteria

The spacious Bruce Cafeteria after the remodel in 2012.

If you’re craving for a freshly made deli sandwich, salad or fruits, you can visit the Bruce Cafeteria. This cafe is located at the University of North Texas, on the corner of Chesnut and Avenue C. The dining area is spacious and it features an awesome salad bar with fresh vegetables and fruits. The Bruce Cafeteria also offers a wide array of hot dishes, healthy meals, pizza and pasta at reasonable prices.

Overall, this list is just a short collection of restaurants and cafes at or near the University of North Texas. The school has a lot to offer and the local restaurants around the university also provide great food and drinks to students, staffs, faculty and UNT community.

Jobs for College Students at University of North Texas

Finding a job in college isn’t as hard as it may seem. If you are having trouble, however, we are here to help you succeed. Take a look at some of the jobs we have listed below. These are jobs that you will find at the University of North Texas that require little to no work experience.

1. Data Entry – Housing Office

Image result for data entry

In this position, you will be entering information in for those in housing. Your daily tasks will mainly consist of sitting at the computer answering emails and entering data about where students live or want to live.

2. Help Desk – Student Center

Image result for help desk

As a Help Desk Representative in the Student Center, you will be answering emails, phone calls, and any other questions about the Student Center. Students will help visitors and those who come up to the desk as well who want more information about campus.

3. Circulation Desk – Main Library

Image result for circulation desk

Are you interested in working in the library? The library is hiring students to work at the Circulation Desk. In this position, you will be checking in and checking out books borrowed from the libraries on campus. You will also interact with other students, staff, and faculty members throughout the day as well.

4. Research Assistant – Department of Science

Image result for research

As a research assistant for the Department of Science, you will help scientists prepare to conduct research. You may even participate in the research yourself. This position will require that you work at least 10 hours a week.

5. OneClass

Image result for taking note

Don’t skip class kids! Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

6. Best Buddies

Image result for best buddies

This is a year-long program. Students will be able to be paired off with another buddy. This buddy is a student who has some sort of disability. Students will be able to participate in activities together and develop relationships with one another as well.

7. Habitat for Humanity of Denton County

Image result for habitat for humanity

Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to providing housing for people worldwide. The Denton County Habitat for Humanity is seeking out volunteers who want to help fundraise money to do so. Students will also have a chance to educate others on housing matters as well.

Top 10 Coolest courses at University of North Texas

Generally, university studies are very tough and demanding. However, there are some courses in the university that make students actually look forward for them. Yes, they are the coolest courses that have interesting concepts and way of imparting knowledge. So, let us now look at some of the courses that the University of North Texas offers the students:

1. MUAG 1909 – Italian Diction

A student reading Italian sound diction

Students will look forward to learn how music sounds in Italian. Therefore, this course will teach them the manner of pronunciation and articulation of music in Italian. The idea of learning and evaluating phonetics of vocal music Italian appeals to students a lot.

2. MUAG 1012 – Keyboard Skills for Music Majors

A teacher instructing music skills

For students who want to develop their careers in music will learn the basics of keyboard functioning. In this way the students will learn how to play piano through sight reading, progressions, harmonization and transpositions.

3. AERO 3310 – Leadership Studies

Meeting of company leaders and employees

Air force officer is an inspiring career. However, this course makes the career more enticing when the leadership qualities of air force officer come in context. Therefore, with the help of case studies, the concept of air force leadership becomes fascinating as the students get to learn how to prove and implement practical applications in the field.

4. ANTH 2035 – Urban Poverty

A man and boy standing in slum

Poverty is not a new concept but its implications are present in the modern context. Therefore, the course in an interesting way discusses an old concept and allow students to see the development of poverty in the first world nations.

5. ANTH 4230 – Psychological Anthropology

Human brain

Through conductive research and working with people of different mindsets, this course has a practical approach. Therefore, with such an approach, the students learn to trace the link between culture, self, and society.

6. AGER 4020 – Psychology of Death and Dying

A doctor consoling an old man

This course invites students to perceive death from a psychological standpoint. Furthermore, this course expects the students to become hands-on when it comes to researching about death and dying. In this way, they can connect with their terminally ill relatives.

7. ARCH 3650 – Origins of Civilization

Egyptian civilization portrait

Students are always eager to know about their roots and standing in terms of archeology. Thus, this course clears all their curiosity by exploring their origins with respect to economic, technological and cultural evolutions.

8. ART 1200 – Art Appreciation

A group of people looking at the art piece

This course allows the students to express visual art forms by getting an understanding of artistic elements and principles. In this way, art becomes a significant aspect of their life.

9. ART 1500 – Drawing I

Paint brushes

Everybody can draw, but the drawing that has a unique standing and an upper hand is the one that follows the dimensions of artistic principles and elements.

10. AEAH 3750 – Children and Art

2 kids painting on the wall

Art for children is the best form of creative expression. This is the main focus of the course. The students reflect on the nature of children through different theories of creative development. In this way, the students can enlighten the lost child within themselves.

Thus, these coolest classes in college ensure that university life and academics are far from being tough and hard. These courses discuss new concepts in light of experiential teaching that makes students actually look forward to them.

10 Library Resources at University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is a university located in Denton, Texas. At this university all your endeavors are pursuable. Students together with the faculty engage themselves in creative and innovative research that will often bear fruits. There is no better place to get ideas and research material than in the library. The university libraries have modern resources to facilitate all your research needs. Below are the top 10 library resources at the University of North Texas.

1. Course Reserves

Student reserving courses at the library

This first resource enables students to access items that have been brought by faculty members regarding their courses. The items are usually limited and therefore always create a high demand. They are placed at the reserve desk or made available online.

2. Computing

Computers arranged in the library for students use

The second resource is technology and computing. The library provides students with computers for accessing the web and doing their research and assignments. They are connected to the university Internet.

3. Printing, Scanning, Photocopies

A student scanning a page of a book

The libraries provide students with a number of copiers, scanners and printers that are distributed throughout the library. Students are required to pay small charges for printing and copying. The pay to print principle is employed.

4. Laptops for Checkout

A laptop on a desk displaying a blue screen

The fourth resource is laptops for checkout. Students who don’t own personal computers can check put laptops and use them for a period of time before returning them on the due date. Available laptops for check out include MacBook’s and dell computers.

5. Citations & Styles

Word document illustrating citation method

The fifth resource is citations and styles. The library provides students with manuals and online links to assist them learn how to cite and use the different styles. It is an important skillset for students to learn in order to apply the citations in the correct way in their research and assignments.

6. Reserving a Group Study Room

A reserved study room awaiting student

The university understands the need to have rooms set aside for discussions and other engagements. Students at this university can book a room in advance for their discussions. The library has several of these rooms that have been scheduled purposely for group studies.

7. Library Instruction

A librarian instructing students

Library instructions include scheduled and specific instruction sessions for students on the dynamics of the library. These sessions enable the students to learn about the library and know how to navigate the various resources within.

8. Tutoring Services

One student rises her hand and asks question

This is a resource provided in partnership with the UNT Learning Center and the UNT Writing Center. It offers writing skills to students to enable them improve on their creativity and skill skills in academic writing. Students don’t require any appointment to attend.

9. Software Carpentry

An instructor teaching students using a presentation

Are you a fan of programming? The University of North Texas provides free hands on workshops that are open to all students, staff and faculty that wish to improve their skills in programming.

10. Interlibrary Loan Borrowing and Document Delivery

Librarian desk where students borrow and return books

Lastly, the Interlibrary Loan Borrowing and Document Delivery is a resource available to current students as well as the faculty and staff. Students can request for items that are not available in the UNT libraries from other external libraries. Students are required to have an ILLiad account to request and track the materials.

Top 5 Libraries at University of North Texas

1. Willis Library

The Willis Library building

The Willis Library is one of the UNT libraries. It is located on the library mall in Denton Campus. It contains collections for arts and sciences. It also has 24hr computing and a variety of study spaces. It is open 24 hours.

2. Eagle Commons Library

Front view of the Eagle Commons Library

The Eagle Commons Library is located on the first floor of the Sycamore Hall. It houses government documents as well as collections in geography, law and political science. It is open from 8am to 10pm during the weekdays.

3. Media Library

Front view of the Media Library

The Media Library is located in Chilton Hall. It houses audiovisual and non-print collections for the University of North Texas. It opens from 7:45am to 10pm during the weekdays.

4. The Discovery Park Library

The Discovery Park Library building

The Discovery Park Library provides library resources and services to the Colleges of Information and Engineering. It operates from 8:30am through to 6:30 during the weekdays.

5. The Music Library

Front view of The Music Library

The Music Library collects and preserves reference works, printed music and monographs among others. It also subscribes to electronic databases for research and streams music all in a bid to support the research needs of the College of Music.

Top 10 Clubs at University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is a public university in Denton, Texas. The school offers over 100 different undergrad programs as well as at least 86 masters programs and almost 40 doctorate. Here are 10 different clubs to join.

1. Alternative Spring Break

 an assortment of gardening tools

The alternative spring break is led by students who are looking to make a more impactful change in the world. The spring break is where you dedicate your entire vacation time to go into a place that is struggling from natural disaster or food/water and help in the community.

2. Spoon University

 a chocolate drizzled waffle

Spoon University is an online article site that is meant for students who have a passion for both food and health and wellness. The group meets up to create content that is centered around recipe guides as well as different tips for motivation.

3. Clay Guild

 making of a clay bowl

Are you a student that is looking for the creative juices to be used in a resourceful and fun way? Join clay club to learn how to make beautiful pieces of ceramic art. You can do this by making ornaments or even a teacup set.

4. Improv

 people doing improv on stage

Improv is a student initiative for people who are looking to bring comedy to the school. Improv is where you do not make up the joke a head of time but it tests the waters of your on the fly thinking.This is a great group to join for clever laughs and jokes.

5. Metals Club

 different metal creations made such as jewelry

Have you wanted to make your own jewelry? Think you have what it takes to create intricate pieces of artwork or want to start a business? The metals club will show you how to do all this and more. If you are an alumni or student you can join.

6. Voices of Praise

 people singing in worship

They say that praising the lord is the best way to have your voice be heard. You can praise him in song and prayer is sent through by the sweet harmony of you and the rest of the group. Join if you have a musical interest in being with the lord.

7. Big Brothers Big Sisters

 logo for big brothers big sisters two people holding hands

Big Brothers Big Sisters is where students on campus act as an older mentor to teach children the ways in which studying and living a balanced and healthy life. The mentor program allows younger people to have someone to ask advice to.

8. Best Buddies

 a mentor and his buddy

Are you in the non-profit administration major on campus? This is the perfect group to be in. Best buddies is an initiative that partners students with those who are suffering from an intellectual disorder. Join if you want to do service in the community.

9. Hearts for the Homeless Dallas

 a blood pressure screening

This initiative is for students who are looking to help the homeless. The group on campus fundraise in order for homeless people to be given basic medical care such as free blood pressure screenings. It is a great way to get involved in the community.

10. D20

 dungeons and dragons miniatures characters

If you are interested in being part of a Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder campaign then this is a group for you. Make sure to come prepared for serious imagination . Dungeons and Dragons is a roleplaying game where your character goes on adventures.

Top Events of the School Year at University of North Texas

1. Denton Animal Shelter Toy Making

 cats in an animal shelter

The Denton Animal Shelter is the local shelter for all pets. The school will be having an event where they will be collecting donations of toys as well as blankets to go to the pets of the shelter. Consider also donating money for toys as well.

2. Go Green: Homecoming Celebration

 walnut basel green pesto pasta

Green is the school spirited color. This is why at the big homecoming celebration thanks to campus dining there will be sold green pesto pasta as well as delicious green ice cream. Make sure to be decked out in the lucky color.

3. Breast Cancer Awareness

 breast cancer awareness symbol pink ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness is where people will be having an info booth on the preventative ways that you can get rid of breast cancer in its tracks. This is a perfect event to go to be given healthy tips for eating as well as lifestyle in general.

4. Zombie Dinner

 zombies in film and tc with ratted hair and decayed teeth

The gracious people of campus dining have put on a ghoulish surprise dinner that will feature zombie-inspired food(plenty of brains and blood), scary décor & sounds, fog machines and strobe lights (to give a fun and wild feel).

5. Learning 101: Test Taking Tips

choosing which bubble is the correct answer with a pencil

Learning 101 is a workshop that will give you the best tips for taking a test. A few examples of this would be getting a good nights sleep, eating a balanced meal, and avoiding cramming of information. Come to the workshop if you are feeling stressed about your test.

Top 10 Residence Halls at UNT

One of the most convenient ways of getting to campus is by living in residence halls. Although they can be expensive, many residence halls can be paid for with student aids. They are close enough on campus, beautiful and often hold many different events for students. If you are looking to live on campus at the University of North Texas (also known as UNT), let this be your guide to choosing which residence hall suits you best.

1. Bruce Hall

This is Bruce Hall.

Address: 1624 Chestnut St, Denton, TX 76201

Bruce Hall is known for being one of the “most character-rich” hall within housing on campus. Here each house of residences is classified by major. The hall is based on a traditional form of architecture and is the oldest residence hall on campus.

2. Clark Hall

clark hall unt

Address: 1717 Maple St, Denton, TX 76201

Clark Hall is one of the freshman residence halls on campus. Here they have rooms for tenants of two or three. Across from the campus they have popular ares where many students love to hang out.

3. Crumley Hall

Crumley Hall

Address: Crumley Hall, Denton, TX 76201

Crumley Hall is another hall dedicated mainly to freshman. However, Crumley is known for being a smaller unit which allows for a more intimate community among students. Crumely hall also homes sixty percent of freshman engineering majors.

4. Honors Hall

Honors Hall

Address: 1716 Eagle Dr, Denton, TX 76201

Honors Hall is home to upperclassmen at UNT Honors College. Here students will be able to have their own private single room to themselves. Each bedroom has a common living space to share among others.

5. Kerr Hall

Kerr Hall

Address: Kerr Hall, 1413 Maple St, Denton, TX 76201

Kerr Hall is another unit dedicated mainly to incoming freshman. Kerr Hall is the largest residence hall on campus. There are four learning communities who live among the building.

6. Legends Hall

Legends Hall

Address: 221 N Texas Blvd, Denton, TX 76201

Legends Hall is a residence hall available exclusively to upperclassmen. Here they can live in single rooms with shared suit cooking areas or in their own single occupancy room. This is a popular hall because it does not require a meal plan.

7. Maple Hall

Maple Hall

Address: 1621 Maple St, Denton, TX 76201

Maple Hall is another freshman residence hall. They hold the Mean Greens cafeteria which is the only dining hall that serves 100% vegan dining options on campus. They also have many healthier options for freshman.

8. Rawlins Hall

Rawlins Hall

Address: 1815 Maple St, Denton, TX 76201

Rawlins hall is located on the southern edge of the UNT campus. Here they have rooms available to both freshman and upperclassmen students. The rooms are more suite-styled than dorms.

9. Traditions Hall

Traditions Hall

Address: 502 N Texas Blvd, Denton, TX 76201

Traditions Hall is a freshman residence hall as well. Here they have lobby areas that host a TV lounge. They also offer community study rooms for late night study sessions.

10. Victory Hall

Victory Hall

Address: 1379 S Bonnie Brae St, Denton, TX 76207

Victory Hall is a residence hall created mainly for varsity sports teams and freshman/ Here they have different types of food options. Some of these options include Champs Cafe and the Mean Green Village.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at UNT

1. Room Basics

 dorm bed

  • Full Bed Linen Set
  • Extra Standing Storage
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Water Bottles
  • Pillows

2. Foods and Snacks

These are some snacks.

  • Gold Fish
  • Canned Food
  • Pre-made build your own food containers
  • Frozen Foods
  • Orange Juice

3. Tech & Entertainment

This is a dorm room with many technological advances.

  • Charger
  • Portable Charger
  • Desk Lamp
  • Printer
  • TV
  • Laptop
  • Laptop Charger

4. School Supplies

These are some school supplies.

  • Calculator
  • Laptop
  • Notebooks
  • Binders
  • Desk Calendar
  • Planner

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

This is a post it that says clean your room.

  • Portable Vacuum
  • Extra Standing Storage
  • Hangers
  • Desk Organizer
  • Filing Folders

6. Campus Gears

These are college students riding bikes.

  • Bike
  • Scooter
  • Skateboard
  • Helmet
  • Appropriate Lock

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

This is a coffee machine in a room.

  • Coffee Maker
  • Blender
  • Water Heater
  • Candles
  • Portable Stove

For those coming to school or looking at living on campus, it is important to get to know all your options. You will be living here for a whole year so make sure you take the time to get to know what you are committing yourself to! Let this article be your guide to helping you find and adjust to your new home on campus at the University of North Texas.

10 of the Easiest Classes for UNT

You’ve landed in the right spot. Do you want to boost your GPA? Add some of these courses to your fall or spring schedule, you’ll be sure to get an A. Here are 10 of the easiest courses at the University of North Texas.a picture of a A+

1. ADES 1550 – Introduction to Fashion

In this 3 credit course, students will overview fashion as art and as an industry. Topics include manufacturing processes, terminology, and line organization. Also, students will learn the principles and elements of design as applied to fashion.a picture of a clothing rack

2. ATH 1100 – World Cultures

This course is an introduction to the ways humans, past and present, have thrived in different cultural worlds. Students will cover tribal, imperial, commercial, and interactions between people and their environments. Students will also focus on capitalism as a cultural form and examine how it impacts societies.a picture of hands with the world on them

3. CJUS 3340 – Computer Crime

Have you always wanted to know how criminals steal information online? In this course, students will be introduced to computer crime through an examination of the crime and individuals who are committing it. Students will also learn specific laws, investigative techniques, and criminological theories.a picture of computers

4. COMM 3260 – Storytelling, Narrative and Everyday Life

Did you enjoy writing personal narratives when you were younger? In this course, students will investigate the role of a story in the formation of identity and culture. Students will also explore the narrative structure of everyday life.a picture of notepads and coffee

5. DANC 1100 – Stress Reduction Through Movement

This course is designed to introduce students with diverse and global perspectives on wellness and health. This course offers four basic units of study. These include philosophies and disciplines, the mind-body connection, therapeutic massage and bodywork, and movement.a picture of a person dancing

6. ENGL 3450 – Short Story

Who doesn’t love a short story? This course offers comparative survey of the short story from its inception in the 19th century to the present day. Students will look at works from Asia, Britain, Russia, North and South America, and more.a picture of books

7. HDFS 1013 – Human Development

Have you always wanted to learn how humans develop? This course is for you. In this course, students will receive an introduction to the theories and processes of physical, cognitive, and social development of the individual from conception to death.a picture of a person

8. HIST 4495 – United States Food History

Does food interest you? This course examines the history of American food and its relationship to identity in terms of nationality, race, gender, religion, politics, and other categories. Students will place close attention on the meanings Americans have assigned to food and eating over time.a picture of a hamburger

9. MGMT 4470 – Leadership

Here’s a class that could be beneficial to life beyond college. In this course, students are provided practical tools and methods of leadership that apply to a variety of organizational structures. Students will gain insights about their own personalities, skills, ethics, and more.a picture of hands shaking

10. MRTS 2400 – Digital Media Writing

This course focuses on formats, styles, and how to research content/material. Students will get an introduction to converged broadcast information writing. Some topics that will be covered include talk magazine, sports, long-form documentary, and news formats.a picture of a person writing on laptopGetting a better GPA is easier than you think. Consider adding some of these courses to take a load off. For more classes and information visit the University of North Texas main page.