10 Hardest Courses at the University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia is situated in the fastest-growing region of the state. This university was formed through the consolidation of North Georgia College and State University and Gainesville State College. The mission of the university is focused on academic excellence and co-curricular programs that develop students into leaders for a diverse and global society. Here are the top 10 hardest courses that are offered at the University of North Georgia.

1. BIOL 3326K – Vertebrate Zoology

An image of Vertebrate Zoology

This course is an overview of the general taxonomy, morphology, physiology, ecology, and evolution of vertebrates. The course includes a rigorous laboratory. This is a very difficult course because students will spend at least 6 hours of practical per week.

2. PHYS 4210 – Nuclear Physics

A pictorial representation of Nuclear Physics

This course is a study of the properties of the nucleus, radioactivity, and interaction of radiation with matter. It also covers the detection of nuclear radiation, nuclear models and nuclear reactions. This is the hardest course in the department of physics.

3. CHEM 2734 – Analytical Chemistry

The basic concept of Analytical Chemistry

This is an introductory course to quantitative analysis, kinetics, equilibrium reactions and calculations, thermodynamics and electrochemistry. The laboratory will stress elementary statistics and titrations and the use of instruments such as pH meters and spectrophotometers. There are lots of technical data to analyze and report in this course.

4. ENGL 2215 – Magazine Production II

An image of Magazine Production unit

This course offers students instruction in writing, editing, and designing a literary and art publication. As a practicum, it allows students the opportunity to work on the production of the annual magazine. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. This course is very boring and highly demanding.

5. ART 4453 – Digital Illustration

A simple example of Digital Illustration

This is an advanced studio course in the principles and practices of digital illustration. Most of the major illustration fields are explored. Students will complete a series of illustrations utilizing a variety of software and techniques. Use of the computer as an illustration tool is emphasized. This course is very demanding and it will require students to spend more money on projects.

6. ENGR 3200 – Engineering Dynamics

An image of Engineering Dynamics

This course deals with the study of the kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies that include the dynamics of particles, work and kinetic energy, impulse and momentum, rigid body motions, moving coordinate systems and relative motion, and basic mechanical vibrations. This contains numerous difficult calculations and assignments are given to students in each class.

7. NURS 4010 – Nursing Research Practicum

Pictorial representation of Nursing Research Practicum

This course offers the student an opportunity for active participation in a nursing research project with the approval of the supervising faculty members. This course allows students to apply their beginning research and skills to selected areas of focus. Advanced research skill is needed in this course.

8. MGMT 4655 – Advanced Operations Management

A picture of Advanced Operations Management

This course is an in-depth study of the nature and scope of production and operations management in modern manufacturing and service firms and industries are presented. A sampling of the topics emphasized includes quality control, inventory control, efficiency, planning and scheduling and other OM principles. The intent of this course is to expose the students to real business applications, computer applications and/or relevant academic research.

9. GEOG 4200K – Biogeography

The fundamental concept of Biogeography

If you register this course, then be prepared to memorize a lot of course materials. This course analyzes the interactions in nature and potential consequences of climatic and global environmental change on biodiversity. Topics covered include the arrival and differentiation of species, impacts of climate and plate tectonics on biodiversity, isolation, marine and island biogeography, and ecosystems.

10. MATH 3010 – Partial Differential Equation

An image of Partial Differential Equation

Topics include power series method for solving ordinary differential equations, Fourier series and integrals, orthogonal functions and partial differential equations with boundary conditions. Students with bad mathematics background don’t do well in this course because of the advanced calculations involved.

Restaurants and Cafes at or near the University of North Georgia

Campus life can be stressful, deadline-driven, and hectic. It often feels like you need all the concentration and energy in the world to finish your class, assignments, exams and other school activities. How often you eat can have a powerful impact on your energy levels and thus knowing restaurants and cafes at or near your school is important. If you’re a student from the University of North Georgia (UNG), this list of restaurants and cafes is just right for you!

1) UNG Main Dining Hall

The Dahlonega Campus which housed the University of North Georgia's Main Dining Hall.

The first on our list of restaurants and cafes is centrally located in the heart of the (UNG) University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus – The UNG Main Dining Hall. This dining hall features a variety of dishes from different parts of the world. From Southern Kitchen, Mongolian Grill to Cafe Roma, the UNG Main Dining Hall have it all. It is a perfect place to socialize with friends and classmates or have a snack on the go. The meals are affordable and healthy for every students, staff and faculty of the school.

2) The Smith House

A vast garden outside the Smith House restaurant.

Try a home cooked country cooking in a family dining area at The Smith House. This restaurant has a spacious and beautiful garden and a family-house feel that you can enjoy just 200 meters away from the University of North Georgia. The Smith House offers delicious home cooked food at reasonable price.

3) MISO Noodle and Sushi

The Hoag Student Center is the home of Miso Noodle and Sushi dining area.

Do you like Japanese food? If yes, then the Miso Noodle and Sushi dining area at the Hoag Student Center is the perfect place for you. The place is open from Mondays Through Friday. It features Asian-inspired dishes such as the famous Miso and Sushi of Japan. You can have a taste of Asian food at a reasonable price if you try the Miso Noodle and Sushi dining option.

4) Paul Thomas Chocolates

A wide selection of chocolates at the Paul Thomas Chocolates Store.

Chocolates are food for the brain. If you need some food to boost your performance at school, you should have some chocolates. Visit the Paul Thomas Chocolates, located .3 km from the University of North Georgia and get yourself some chocolates at reasonable prices. As soon as you enter the store, the chocolate aroma enthralls you and makes you never want to leave the place.

5) Picnic Cafe

Warm and Americanized Atmosphere at the entrance of the Picnic Cafe

One of the cafes that students from the University of North Georgia often visit is the Picnic Cafe or famously known to locals as the “Dessertery or Picnic.” The cafe has a friendly and warm vibe from the outside to the interiors. It offers a variety of snacks and drinks at a very reasonable price.

6) Bourbon Street Grille

The beautiful and classic front view of the Bourbon Grille restaurant.

Do you love Cajun and seafood? Included in our list of restaurants and cafes at the University of North Georgia is the Bourbon Grille. The Bourbon Grille restaurant offers a lot of Cajun and seafood dishes, as well as black or blue sirloin and crab cakes. The restaurant has a laid back atmosphere that you can enjoy any day of the week. Food are exceptional and the cost of meals are very reasonable.

7) El Jimador

El Jimador is packed with customers.

El Jimador made it on our list of restaurants and cafes at or near the University of North Georgia. If you’re craving for authentic Mexican dishes, the El Jimador restaurant is your best option. Located just 0.1 km away from the University of North Georgia, the El Jimador features a variety of great Mexican food that you’ll surely love. The restaurant serves large portion of food at an affordable price.

When you’re in the middle of a hectic schedule, a grab of sandwich and a sip of fresh drink could be the best way to unwind. Try the different restaurants and cafes at or near the University of North Georgia to help you survive the demanding campus life.

10 Coolest Courses at the University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia is an institution located in Dahlonega, Georgia. The university offers many courses to cover the academic needs of its over 16,000 undergraduates. Some of these courses may be counted as elective credit and not necessarily towards a student’s chosen course of study. Many students may wish to take electives in order to balance out their academic schedule and ensure that their workload for the semester will be manageable. Here are ten of the coolest courses offered to students at the University of North Georgia.

1. ENGL 2140 – Gender and Literature

PIcture of different combinations of gender identity

This course is a historical survey of literary texts with a focus on gender and its relationships to different categories of life, like economics, religion, politics, art and culture. The course will involve reading, analysis, and interpretation of significant literary works within their historical, social, and cultural contexts. 

2. ART 2100 – Life Drawing

Drawings of a live person.

In this course, students will practice drawing the live model. Draftsmanship building, individual interpretation, and conceptual development of ideas in drawing will be emphasized. In-class critiques by peers will help students to improve upon their work, and students will be able to practice their art interpretation skills by giving critiques of their peers’ work.

3. BIOL 3220K – Genetics

Chromosomes, the building blocks of DNA.

In this biology course, students will study the principles of inheritance, including transmission, molecular, and population genetics. Topics include gene action, transfer systems and mapping, and cytological genetics. Laboratory assignments will be an important aspect of this course.

4. ART 3560 – Contemporary Art History

A work of contemporary art.

In this course, students will examine, analyze, and interpret the major developments and changes in Western visual and material culture from 1945 to the modern day. Outside readings will be important and incorporated into classroom discussions. Students will gain a vocabulary for talking about art.

5. CRJU 4002 – Drug Identification and Investigation

Illegal drugs, like various pills.

In this criminal justice course, students will gain a basic orientation, conceptual framework, and technical vocabulary for the study of illegal drugs. Students will be introduced to drug abuse as they study the extent of the problem across our society, and the ways that it affects our prison system. Students will also be exposed to the pharmacological, sociological, and criminal dimensions of the drug problem in our country.

6. ART 3450 – Introduction to Graphic Design

Materials needed for graphic design work.

In this course, students will be introduced to the foundation principles and practices of the new-age art of graphic design. They will create their own works of graphic design, combining art and technology to transmit their own original ideas. In-class critiques will help students to improve upon their graphic design work and learn how to communicate ideas about art.

7. ANTH 3400 – Anthropology of the Middle East

A political map of the Middle East.

In this course, students will come to better understand the complexity of modern societies and political life by studying an interconnected framework of competing empires and cultures, and their cultural, political, religious, and economic relationships. This course is reading and discussion heavy. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the history of the Middle East, and the relationships that have come out of it in the present day.

8. ART 3570 – Latin American and Latino Art

Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican surrealist painter.

This course covers the art of Latin America and of U.S. Latino art in the 20th and 21st centuries. Media discussed include painting, sculpture, photography, video, installations, pottery, and weaving. Students participating in this course are expected to help set up an exhibition featuring Latin American and Latino art, which takes place every semester.

9. BIOL 4060 – Mechanisms of Disease

petri dish undergoing experiment

This course provides students with a deeper understanding of the basics of the development of disease and the effect that the process has on tissue, organs, and the body. Students will develop scientific critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning as they explore the material. The course includes laboratory assignments as well as theory and readings.

10. ART 3530 – Renaissance Art History

Leonardo Da Vinci, famous Renaissance figure.

In this course, students will examine various paintings, sculpture, prints, and architecture of the early, high, and late Renaissance as it took place in Italy, France, the Holy Roman Empire (including Germany), the Netherlands, and Spain. Using a combined chronological, comparative, and thematic approach, students will gain a deeper appreciation for Renaissance artists and a wider art-related vocabulary that will assist them in art interpretation and analysis in the future.

Jobs for College Students at University of North Georgia

There are plenty of jobs both on and off campus for college students. Students in college often think it’s hard to apply to jobs because they don’t have much experience. However, many jobs in college require little to no experience. They just want to make sure you are getting the work you need to get done…well done. Below are some of the top jobs at the University of North Georgia below.

1. Bookseller – Bookstore

Image result for bookstore

Are you good at selling things? The bookstore is looking for booksellers. Booksellers will work with students to provide the best experience possible and to provide answers to their questions about books they need for classes or that they just want to read during their leisure time.

2. Library Assistant 

Image result for library

Are you wanting a job that doesn’t require much effort? Students can apply to become a library assistant. This job only requires students to circulate around the library depending on your shift and to interact with students who want to checkout books.

3. Student Tutor

Image result for tutor

Are you good at math or science? What about reading? The main library and student support services offers jobs for students who are wanting to help out their fellow peers. Students who apply to be a tutor in a specific subject must have earned at least a B in the course.

4. Housing Desk Assistant

Image result for desk job

As a housing desk assistant, you will be sitting for long periods of time while working the front desk. Students will sign in guests, interact with residents in the dorm, and more. Students will also have a chance to do their classwork if they need to as they will have plenty of free time as well.

5. OneClass

Image result for taking notes

Do you take notes in class that you want to get paid for?Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

6. Disability Dog Trainer

Image result for dog trainer

Do you like pets? This job is for you then! This opportunity is a semester long program that provides animals with the necessary training before taking on patients. Students will train dogs to do basic commands.

7. Habitats for Humanity

Image result for habitat for humanity

This is a volunteer opportunity for students. Students will be able to work with their school’s chapter to come up with ways to fundraise to build houses. Students will also be able to take trips to build houses themselves in order to see what the process is like.

Top 10 Library Resources at the University of North Georgia

Perhaps one thing that stands out in the University of North Georgia is its high profile libraries. These libraries present vast possibilities, from resources to print materials that all come together to achieve the university’s mission of fostering education and academic excellence. Get to a discovery process of the resources the university offers, and then familiarize yourself with the libraries available for your learning needs.

1. Student Work Space Reservation

indoor library space

Students can make use of the workstations through reservations.  Note that the libraries have a scheduled time limit. Other guests such as friends of the university may use the workspaces, the reason it is advisable to book a space beforehand.

2. Access to Staff Member/Librarian

librarian shushing

The librarians in all the libraries have been trained to work on circulation transactions. They remain on-call for any in-depth research assistance. The access services staff, on the other hand, have been trained to answer basic reference questions. Students in need of research assistance can get the help they need from the librarian either during business hours or in a scheduled appointment.

3. Academic Database

database on multiple computers

Most of the libraries are serviced by an onsite and fully-stuffed database. Students are exposed to more than 300 academic databases, print and electronic books, and journals. Students have 24/7 access to online database. The university also participates in innovative resource-sharing initiatives. This gives students access to remote requesting of electronic books.

4. Lobby Enhancements

Lobby Enhancements

The libraries have enhanced lobbies most of them accessible on a 24/7 basis. Most of the libraries also have carrels for individual study.

5. Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary Loans

Also referred to as inter-loans, the university through the help of the patrons borrows books, music, among others from other libraries to help students get optimal assistance in their study and research. The university also receives and lends photocopies and helpful documents.

6. E-Journal Subscriptions

E-Journal Subscriptions

Students expect to consult acceptable resources when researching. The University of North Georgia has active subscriptions to academic journals. Students only need login information to access scholarly articles.

7. Professor Study Hours

student and professor

Students are welcome to schedule a one-on-one study with their professors in the library. Every lecturer wants to see their students perform, so will be delighted to help in citations and in-depth study with individuals.

8. Safety Programs

safety officer in hallway

Students should not feel insecure around the campus library. It is important to check the university website for safety details, such as needed escort when crossing campus paths from the library at night.

9. Book renewal

Book renewal screen

Students are allowed to borrow and renew books at their discretion. The students can renew their books online or at the library InfoPoints. For online renewals, every student will need a library PIN, student number and ID number.

10. Library Equipment and Computer Access

Library Equipment And Computer Access

The university libraries have specialized equipment such as flatbed scanners and PC computers. Library staff trained in basic and advanced computer programs also teach free computer classes.

Top 5 Libraries at University of North Georgia

1. Library Technology Center

library interior

Serving at least 6,500 students, the Dahlonega campus library is open all seven days of the week, giving access to 200 computer seats, wireless connectivity, 24 group workstations, 880 reader seats, library classroom, and 4 program rooms. It has at least 120 print serials and over 134,500 print books.

2. John Harrison Hosch Library

John Harrison Hosch Library exterior

The Gainesville campus library is the second largest after Dahlonega, housing at least 70,000 volumes of print materials.

3. Oconee Campus Library

helicopter landing in front of Oconee Campus Library

This one is open only six days of the week. It has access to 38 computers and wireless connectivity, serving as a tutoring center. Here, students can expect one-on-one research assistance through scheduled appointments.

4. Learning Commons

 Learning Commons

The Cumming campus serves at least 700 students, offering 13 computer seats and 58 reader seats. It has portable whiteboards, a smart board, and one study room.

5. Gainesville Campus

Gainesville Campus

This one has 11 study rooms available on a first-come basis for individuals and groups. It has computers on both floors, but the majority are on the first floor.

Top 10 Majors at University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia is an educational institution that is located in Dahlonega, Georgia. The school has about 16,000 students. The acceptance rate is about 96%. There are over 100 programs to choose from. Here are 10 great majors at University of North Georgia.

1. Marketing

 a microphone with a lightbulb

The world of marketing is a smaller umbrella term for business. In order to successfully market a product or a service you must be knowledgable on not only the product that is being offered, but how to be able to entice others based on how you deliver the message.

2. Journalism

 a news anchor being filmed

In the major of journalism this subject takes on many different varieties of jobs. If you have a passion for writing as well as using your voice to reach others then this is the major for you. You can help with the social media aspect or write articles for a newspaper.

3. Pre-Law

 people discussing the law


A person who is in the pre-law program is one that is a person who is studying to most likely be a lawyer. The overall major gives you a good background basis on what the world of law looks like as well as provides classes to weed people out.

4. Accounting

 a calculator and a chart with numbers

An accounting person is the person and major you would go to if you are interested in the numbers and using math in such a way that you are able to compile it in a real world sense. When configuring dollar amounts you are moving over your assets and your liabilities, to move over money and track revenues.

5. Business Administration

 charts and graphs of sales and revenue

In the world of Business administration your primary goal is understanding what it means to be a business person. This major is a broad major that gives business people an idea on the  possible careers that are open to them such as sales people and cold callers.

6. Communication

 two people communicating an idea

The major of communication is a fairly broad major that allows students to learn the skills to properly be able to talk to people in a calm/confident and professional way. This is the perfect overall major if you are looking to be a teacher down the road or a smart business person.

7. English

 a person writing in a journal

English is a major for those who are looking to improve their writing skills. It is a great way for students to be able to create content in a writing style that best suits what they are looking to write in the long-term. They will be exposed to different styles such as poetry, creative, or technical writing.

8. Film and Digital Media

a laptop and the wifi symbol

The film and digital media major is someone who is looking to be in the industry of film, which deals in part with working on music videos or helping out as crew production for movies and commercials . Digital media deals with shorter pieces of content that usually get consumed daily.

9. Exercise Science

 a person lifting weights while squatting

If you have always been interested helping others get back into shape then the major of exercise science is for you. This major allows you to get careers such as being a trainer at a gym or someone to go to if a person is seeking diet tips.

10. Teacher Education

a teacher writing on a blackboard

Teacher education allows students to learn what it takes to be a teacher . Teachers learn different methods of being able to teach students such as activities in retention as well as being able to communicate with students on a level that is understandable and clear.

University of North Georgia has a wide variety of great majors to get into depending on what your needs and career goals are. Make sure to check out their website to check out any degree requirements for these 10 great majors.

10 Coolest Clubs at University of North Georgia

Hey guys so now we are headed to North Georgia for, you guessed it, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA! Home to about 16000 in Dahlonega, GA.  If you are looking for clubs to join or events to participate in than keep on reading. Here we gooooooo!

1. American Sign Language Club

Picture of someone using sigh language.

This is a club for people in the deaf community or those just trying to learn sign language.  This club helps the deaf community find their place and be able to communicate with hearing people.  This club is a great way to learn a new language and meet many new people!

2. Arabic Language and Cultural Club

Some popular Arabic symbols.

This is a club for people who are really interested in the Arabic language. This club is completely open to EVERYONE and everyone at UNG!

3. Art Club

Cool art design.

This club is kind of self-explanatory but is for people interested in art.  It is open to all students and has meetings every Wednesday! Plus, you don’t need any prior experience or expertise to join this club.

4. Baseball Club

Logo for UNG baseball club with an eagle on it

This is for anyone who is interested in baseball and wants to keep up their play in college.  From beginner to expert are all welcomed and encouraged to join!

5. Biology Club

Picture from this club.

The goal of this club is to educate and network those interested in the biology field.  You will have a bunch of interactive activities and even meet some guest speakers.  Anyone can join!

6. Boxing Club

Inside a boxing ring.

This is a place for anyone seriously interested in boxing.  You will train and work together to develop your boxing skills and practice a great sport! You will focus on fitness, academic success and maintaining a love for boxing throughout college!

7. Cycling Club

Two cyclists in this club.

This is another fitness related club! You will meet other people interested in cycling and meet together to focus on something you love.  You can like mountain biking, road biking, or anything along those lines.  You will get to meet many different people and get to live out your love for cycling!

8. Dodgeball Club

Event for this club.

You will get to play dodgeball with your peers as well as create a community where dodgeball is welcomed as a sport. Great times and new friends!

9. Fencing Club

Logo for fencing club

This club is open to all students and you don’t even need any experience to participate.  You will get open access to equipment and meet people with the same interest.

10. Film Club

Picture from a popular film.

This is a club for anyone interested in movies and really has a passion for them. You will get to watch movies as well as meet other students.  You will watch new and old movies and normally meet on Fridays.

Top Events this Semester at UNG

1. Starlight Celebration

A picture of the fireworks from this event.

This is an event that has already passed but happens every year.  You will get to see a bunch of fireworks from your car at $10 per car.  There will also be food and tons of fun!

2. Soccer Game

Photo from a soccer game.

Soccer games are a ton of fun at UNG.  A super fun and interactive event!

3. College Speaker Series

Picture from a recent speaker presentation.

This is event that takes place at the end of October.  It takes place in the Student Resource Center and has a wide range of speakers to come and talk to the students.

4. Student General Recital

Picture from a recent recital.

This is a musical event full of a student recital and is about an hour long performance.  The music department puts this event on.

5. Flamenco and the African Diaspora Flamenco

Beautiful flamenco dancer.

This is a really fun dance event that takes place in the Hoag Student Center! You will get to see some amazing dancers put on a show for anyone interested.

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully, this article helped you decide what to get involved in and participate in.  Have a great rest of the year!


Top 10 Dorms at the University of North Georgia

A great way to call campus home is by living in a dorm that you love. This will make your entire experience much better. Here are the top 10 dorms at the University of North Georgia!

1. North Georgia Suites

The North Georgia Suites is a great place to live. The suites offered here are larger than the normal dorm rooms. This is a great factor to keep in mind.

North Georgia building

Address: 255 Sunset Dr

2. Donovan Hall

Donovan Hall is a more classical option that you have. That being said, there are still some great amenities here for you to enjoy. Some examples include printers and laundry machines.

Donovan building

Address: Colombo Dr

3. Lewis Annex

The Lewis Annex is a fairly large complex on campus. This is where a lot of freshmen tend to live. There are tons of resources here to help you get used to college life. 

Lewis area

Address: N/A

4. Lewis Hall

Lewis Hall is a specific dorm within the Lewis Annex. This is a first-year dorm that has a lot to offer to you. If you live here, you will be in very good hands. 

Lewis Hall building

Address: N/A

5. Owen Hall

Another good option you have is Owen hall. If you live here, you will be exposed to some of the best resource as possible. There are also always events going on here to get you involved.

Owen building

Address: 40 Alumni Dr

6. The Commons

One of the more popular places to live is at the Commons. It is here where you can live with two or three of your closest friends. This is also a coed dorm.

the commons at university of north georgia

Address: 2 Walker Dr

7. Patriot Hall

The final grade on campus option you have is patriot Hall. This is where a mix of both freshmen and upperclassman stay. This is another coed space.

Patriot building

Address: Georgia Cir

8. Lake Lanier Club

A great off-campus option that you have is Lake Lanier club. This is located about 10 miles away from campus and is one of the cheaper options that you have.

a swimming pool

Address: N/A

9. Carrington Park

Carrington Park is another good option you have. This is a large apartment complex where you can live. It is the cheapest option that you have.

carrington building

Address: N/A

10. Dawson Forest

The final housing option given to you is Dawson Forest. Although this option is a little more expensive, you’re still save money overall. There’s even a pool here for you to enjoy.

lobby area

Address: N/A

Here is your packing list for the University of North Georgia

 1. Room basics

a blue pillow

– garbage can
– clothes
– sheets
– pillows
– area rug

2. Food and drinks

a cup of coffee

– cup
– cereal
– bottled water
– coffee
– tea bags

3. Tech and entertainment

mac computer with tablet

– computer
– cell phone
– chargers
– adapters
– extension cord

4. School supplies

wooden pencils

– text books
– pencils
– pens
– highlighter
– calculator

5. Cleaning and organization

a doormat

– all purpose cleaner
– paper towels
– wet wipes
– doormat
– shoe rack

6. Campus gear

a red umbrella

– backpack
– bicycle
– Umbrella
– walking shoes
– rain jacket

7. Things to ask about before bringing

a black hoverboard

– big furniture
– space heater
– hover board
– guests
– alcohol

10 of the Easiest Courses at the UNG

Fortunately for college students, classes don’t all have to be difficult. In order to balance out a schedule of hard, time-consuming classes, here are 10 suggestions of classes at the University of North Georgia that will help make your week easier (and hopefully boost your GPA!):

1. ART 2510 – Art History 

A famous paintingThrough this class, you will learn about and experience the different periods of art throughout history, including prehistoric times as well as the Gothic period. This class examines specific pieces of artwork in each era, determining the characteristics that identify art of each time period and place. Outside of class, there will be educational experiences such as exhibitions to go to.

2. ANTH 1102 – Introduction to Anthropology 

A colorful image of the world

The UNG Academic Catalog states that there are 4 subfields explored in this class: biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archeology, and sociocultural anthropology. From topics of evolution to language to culture, this class has a lot to teach about humans. It will be fun and easy to take as well!

3.  CRJU 1110 – Introduction to Criminal Justice 

golden gavel

This class teaches about the criminal justice system, how it has evolved over time, and what components make up the system. It will give you a more in-depth perspective of what goes on when a crime is committed or injustice occurs, and what the entire process is like, as well as who is involved. The relationships between people in the criminal justice system will be explored, and the relationships between levels of the system will be discussed.

4. MGMT 3661 – Fundamentals of Management 

A depiction of a leader in the workplace

In the workforce and in other business settings, knowing how to manage an organization is especially important if you are a formal or informal leader. Management includes planning and implementing goals and actions, organizing at many different levels, leading others and being responsible, and being able to control things effectively.

5. ACCT 2101 – Principles of Accounting I 

A picture of someone doing accounting workThis class will be useful for math majors as well as others that will deal with money in their careers, especially those looking to go into the corporate business world. It will educate you on the basics of accounting and the standard procedures. Additionally, it deals with financial statements and how to use them.

6. ART 1100 – Art Appreciation 

A picture of paintbrushes and paint on a canvas

After taking this class, you won’t look at visual art the same way you used to. Art is influenced by factors such as science and religion, and this class will give you a deeper appreciation of all the components that come together to create a work of art.

7. EDUC 2110 – Critical Issues in Education 

A simple picture of a school desk with books and an apple

This is essentially a class about the education system and will bring you through the problems that the current system faces. This class will cover many topics from the diverse methods of schooling to the ethical laws covering schools.

8. MDST 1110 – Film Appreciation 

film stripes with clappert

Movies and cinema have so much history and behind-the-scenes elements that go on, and this class will give you a deeper awareness for them. Besides, it will be an enjoyable and easy time!

9. MUSC 1100 – Music Appreciation 

music notes

As a result of this class, you will be able to understand basic notation of music, different styles and important periods in music, and vocabulary related to music. This will also be an engaging class because attending concerts and other presentations will be required.

10. HIST 2112 – U.S. History II

A picture of the Constitution against an American flag

The history beyond the Civil War is quite interesting, and much of what happened in the past has culminated in the present situation of our country. This class will help you become a more informed citizen!Taking any of these classes should not only land you an easy A, but they will teach you about some fun topics and useful information that you might have not otherwise known or ever be taught. Let these classes help ease your course load so you can enjoy your college experience more!