Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at University of North Florida

All across the University of North Florida many buildings make up the beautiful campus scenery. Buildings range from old architectures to the newest designs. All buildings are created for students to gain knowledge and community in order to pursue their future careers. From lectures to labs these buildings can fit them all. Here are 10 buildings featured at the University of North Florida

1. John A. Delaney Student Union

Front view of the building with a pond and fountain in front of the student union.

This student union is a great place for students to hang out whether they are studying, getting a bite to eat, or enjoying leisure. People have access to a ballroom, game room, and way more! With this type of architecture, the building is divided with an East and West side.

2. The Fine Arts Center

Night view of the building with the inside lights on.

This center is equipped with two unique stages. Many art students practice their studies in this piece of architecture. Many memorable shows and performances are placed during the semesters for all students and faculty to enjoy. It brings the community a little closer.

3. Thomas G. Carpenter Library

Inside view of the library with students studying at tables.

Students are always hanging out at this library. With the convenient location, students can study for their majors, whether for their first exam to finals week. Plenty of space is available in the building for students to spread out and take as much time as they need. Resources and research is also readily available.

4. Coggin College of Business

Side of the building with a pond in front of it and dangling trees by the edge.

This is the building where business students pursue their studies for a lifelong career. Many lectures and resources are taken places in this building that represents the college of business. Its wide space is convenient for many students to learn at once while attending the university.

5. John E. Mathews Jr Computer Science Building

Multiple story building with a lawn and trees in front of the structure.

Many computer science majors attending courses in this building. With many technological resources provided, one is always willing to learn more. The big space can attain many students all at once so everyone has a chance to pursue their knowledge.

6. Arena

The front of the building with a fountain and stairway in front of it.

This is where many students come together as a community to cheer on their fellow peers. They can always find a friend in the arena and its spacing makes sure everyone has a place to sit. It’s one of the universities most crowded areas when it’s game day.

7. Tom and Betty Petway Hall

Students walking towards the building with trees in front of the entrance.

This building contributes and hold the College of Education. Students will have lectures and it contains many resources for their college. It’s convenient location is also helpful for students to study their courses in the classrooms.

8. Honors Hall

A garden blocking the front of the building during the day.

Select students have the privilege to gain access to resources in this building. Its lovely architecture is always a beauty for the campus. Students are able to appreciate the garden and have plenty of spaces to study and relax.

9. Osprey Commons

A side view of the commons with a big entrance.

For students living in the Osprey housing, this commons is convent. It contains many meals for students all throughout the week. Students can hang out, eat, and sit all around this area when they want to leave their dorm rooms.

1o. Social Sciences Building

A side view of the building during the day with a walkway leading to the doors.

This beautiful piece of architecture represents the main area for social science majors. With its wide space, many resources are able to be stored in the building for students and faculty. Lectures can also take place in this building along with further studying.

These 10 buildings along with many more shape the campus of the University of North Florida. The buildings’ beauty are placed for students and visitors to see as they step foot on the campus ground. With their convenience, the buildings are always filled with students and faculty ready to learn. Their structures will live on and will eventually be surrounded by even newer buildings. The University of North Florida is definitely a place to visit.

10 Cool Courses at University of North Florida

The University of North Florida is a public university in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. The school has around 13,000 students that attend as well as around a 65% rate of acceptance. Here are 10 cool courses to take at the University of North Florida.

1. MAR4503 – Consumer Behavior

customer smiling in front of register

In the world of marketing, studying consumer behavior is important in being able to reach the targets that your product or service hits. In this class not only will you learn many resources to find out the data, but you will also have an understanding of what the data means. One of the many popular databases for research is Nielson.

2. MAR4104 – Social and Ethical Issues in Marketing

person choosing between the signs ethical and legal

When studying the basics of marketing it is important to look at the ethical issues that marketing deals with. It is a fun course to take as you look at largescale scandals and events that shaped society and history. One of the larger ethical issues that many people experience is advertisements and lack of knowledge on “true costs.”

3. CAP4630 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

 the lightbulb with flashes of lights connecting

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is a course that is both interesting and difficult as it touches base with being able to understand what artificial intelligence does and is. Artificial Intelligence, in many cases reacts to your choices, and is able to make decisions based on you. One major step in artificial intelligence is the human-looking robot that is able to portray facial expression and talk.

4. CAP4831 – Discrete Systems Modeling and Simulation

examples of a discrete problem

In computer science, discrete systems and their simulation are able to take computers and give numbers that are random different probabilities. This means that you can look for variables and then look at the simulation (the computer doing the work) and then have it output an answer. If you have an interest in how variables work this is a great class for you.

5. FIL4933 – Topic in Foreign Language Cinema

a scene from a foreign movie man holding gun

Topic in Foreign Language Cinema is a course that teaches students the various famous foreign-language movies that have been created. It is a fun course that teaches students culture. It also gives a look into how the cinematography has changed over the years when it comes to overall quality.

6.ECO 3704 – International Trade

an arrangement of different country flags

International Trade is an economics course that allows students to learn about the world on a large scale basis. When it comes to trade there are many countries that need each other to have a supply of materials as well as gross income. International trade is a great course to learn if you are looking to study policy or even work for a business.

7.ECO 3411 – Business and Economic Statistics

calculator and person going over graphs

Business and economic statistics is a course that teaches students the role that economics plays in the business world. It also teaches students about statistics on a financial level. You will learn to interpret graphs and charts so that you can make a smart assessment of what moves to make next.

8. MMC 3001 – Social Media for Communication

a screen with social media apps on it

Social media for communication is a course that teaches students to have fun when it comes to how they communicate as well as be professional. How your message gets presented and played out is completely dependent on what form of social media you use. Your characters have to be short and to the point for Twitter, while your picture quality has to be authentic and stunning for Instagram.

9. MMC4500 – History of Mass Communication

 a person using an ipad to order something for traveling

History of Mass Communication is a course that is fun for students to take as it looks at what major turning points history had when it comes to communication. It also goes over how communication has changed over the years. It is a great class to learn about retro communication tactics and what they mean in the present age.

10. PGY3824C – Color Photography

a rainbow of colored pencils

Color Photography is a course that is all about being able to manipulate your surroundings to make for the best photo. It is all about being able to use people’s natural moments that are usually never before seen appreciated, into something cherished and excited by others.

The University of North Florida is of a medium-size school that prides itself on being able to accept a wide variety of different people to be an accommodating school. The school has plenty of different courses to take that puts it as a school that is there for you to learn. Not a school that sits back and waits.

10 Hardest Courses at the University of North Florida

The University of North Florida is one of the best public university located in Jacksonville, Florida United States. The university is ranked very high in the country due to its excellent academic performance and advanced academic researches. They offer quite a number of amazing courses in both Undergraduate and Master’s level. Highlighted below are the top 10 hardest courses offered at the University of North Florida.

1. MAT 3930 – Mathematical Science

An image of Mathematical Science

This course covers advanced topics in statistics, data science and programming. The calculations involved in this course are very tough. If you’re not into math or not math-minded, this course can be a nightmare given the abstract and difficult concepts involved.

2. BCH 3023 – Bioorganic Chemistry

Various components of Bioorganic Chemistry

This course examines the carbon chemistry of biological substances, the structure and function of biological molecules. The concept of this course is very difficult to understand, which makes many students not to perform well.

3. ACG 4682 – Forensic Accounting

An image of Forensic Accounting

This course is an examination of the tools and techniques utilized in forensic accounting. Basic topics include generally accepted accounting principles, financial statements, income determination, and presentation. The course consists of a lot of computations and mathematical calculations that students find hard to get.

4. FIN 3124 – Financial Planning

A pictorial representation of Financial Planning

This course provides a comprehensive examination of the general principles of financial planning, professional conduct and examination. It also covers topics like reserves and earning assets, loans and discounts, accounting analysis, income and expense, services, personnel and public relations. This course is hard because there are so many calculations and notes to memorize.

5. ECO 3411 – Business and Economic Statistics

Business and Economic Statistics

This course is an introduction to the essential concepts, tools and methods of statistics for students in business, economics and similar disciplines, although it has a wider interest. It’s a very hard course.

6. EGS 3038 – Leadership for Engineers

A picture of Leadership for Engineers

This course uses a weekly seminar format with guest speakers and student presentations to understand the concept of leadership as an engineer. Students are usually given project topics on short notice, thereby making them score low mark during presentations.

7. GEO 2420 – Cultural Geography

An image of Cultural Geography

This course analyzes the characteristics of human behaviour in different cultures throughout the world. This course makes many students switch majors because it’s very boring and hard.

8. PHY3101 – Modern Physics

The image of Modern Physics

Students that register for this course are taught the knowledge and understanding of some of the laws, principles and theories of physics. , some topics in applied mathematics of interest to scientists and engineers are selected. Students with poor calculation background might not perform well in this course.

9. PHI 4220 – Philosophy of Language

The concept behind the Philosophy of Language

This course explores the lasting significance of the linguistic turn in philosophy, including its different philosophical perspectives in analytical situations. This course contains numerous course notes and materials. Student finds is difficult to complete the course content.

10. CHM 4410 – Physical Chemistry I

Physical Chemistry's calculation and experiment

This course provides a basic understanding of the core area of physical chemistry, based around the theme of systems, states and processes. Topics covered are chemical thermodynamics and equilibria, and kinetics. A good understanding of physical chemistry is important to students intending to complete a major study in chemistry, and it lies at the borderline with engineering.

10 of the Easiest Classes at UNF

Imagine studying at a gorgeous university in Jacksonville, Florida, in the midst of a deep forest! The University of North Florida has a beautiful campus, but when it comes to classes, being a college student isn’t easy, especially if it’s your first year.  You’re transitioning from high school into an entirely different lifestyle, and it’s often hard to adjust at first. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the top ten easiest classes at University of North Florida to help you take some of the stress off your shoulders as you take the time you need to adjust to your new school in Jacksonville, Florida.  These courses are easy, fun, and have the best professors at University of North Florida, willing to help you with whatever you need.

1. MAR4461 – Purchasing Management

This class involves learning about an introduction to how large companies and organizations purchase products, goods, and other services.  Students learn about strategies that the selling and buying companies use. It is a great choice for students who wish to go into a career in business.Image of two people shaking hands.

2. MMC1004 – Media Literacy

This class is for students who are interested in learning about how the media affects society and how this process works.  Students have said that professors often have interesting lectures that end early. Certain professors even reveal the exam questions and answers in class, in class before the day of the exam.  Students feel that this class is an “easy A.”Signs with various forms of media.

3. CGS1100 – Computer Applications for Business

This is a fun and interesting course that teaches students about computing programs for any career besides engineering. The class is practical and applicable to everyday life.  The students who have taken this class agree that much of the material learned in class is “common sense” or “already known” by the students before having taken the class. The logos of Microsoft Office products.

4. HUN2201 – Basic Principles of Human Nutrition

Here, students study and learn about healthy dietary choices and planning for humans.  The class focuses on essential nutrients and why the body needs them. The class is said to be easy if you read the assigned material, and some teachers even implement all of their quizzes and tests online rather than in person. Bowls of healthy foods.

5. PEL1321 – Volleyball

This course introduces students to the basic skills and knowledge necessary to play the game of volleyball.  Students get to practice and improve their performance and ability in the game. This class is also offered for other sports such as tennis, racquet ball, basketball, softball, golf, etc. Students say that the professors are laid back as long as students show up for class on time. Women spiking and blocking while playing volleyball.

6. SOW4511 – Field Education I

In this course, students learn about how to help social work students develop educational and professional skills necessary to thrive in school and at work.  Students in the class learn how to test skills of their potential clients, as well as help them to refine these skills. The class is apparently comprised of only a few assignments as well as getting in 150 “hours” of experience.Photo of a man talking to a woman and child.

7. EDG2000 – Career Planning and Professional Success

  This course introduces students to different ways that they can explore their potential interests and plan their career and major accordingly.  Students will develop the necessary skills for their chosen career path after coming to a decision as to what they are interested in. The professors are said to be extremely nice and easy, making the class enjoyable and useful. Adult writing career related terms.

8. HSC4234 – Health Education about Healthy Eating Guidelines

This course studies the guidelines for how to create a healthy eating plan.  Students study the concepts regarding what a balanced diet looks like and how to educate others about the topic to raise awareness. Students feel that the professors are very understanding, easy, and give extremely easy tests, especially if you take your time. A food pyramid depicting a balanced diet.

9. HSC4150 – Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention

This interesting class is a good course to take for students who want to learn about how to prevent the issues of substance abuse and violence.  It teaches students about how to recognize where these are occurring and how to handle these situations. The classes are said to be extremely easy, yet always interesting. Word cluster with terms related to substance abuse.

10. CHI1120 – Beginning Chinese I

This course is a great class for students who want to learn the basics and foundations to speaking, reading, and writing Chinese.  The students who have taken this class agree that the professors are funny during lectures. Professors give great feedback and want to help the students succeed. Chinese characters for the numbers 1 through 10.Hopefully with this list of classes, first year students will be able to ease into college and get used to it while taking some fun and intriguing classes.  For other students who have already been at UNF for a year or more, these classes should provide a nice break and a contrast from the classes that students have found more difficult.  Whatever the case, we hope this list has helped you and provided some ideas for classes you might want to take in your years at University of North Florida!

10 MORE of the Easiest Courses at UNF

With a full schedule of grueling classes, you can be left drowning in work and studying until the crack of dawn just to maintain that high grade. You might scramble to find a course with a lighter work load, whether to even out your GPA or just make your college general education requirements that much more bearable. Before panic sets in, take a look at these 10 easy courses you can find at UNF.


1. ANT3212 – Peoples and Cultures of the World

Taking this course will introduce you to a new perspective on culture and differences among those we are already familiar with. The content itself is simple to learn and consists mostly of short readings in class, of which the tests are based off. It’s sure to get your GPA up as long as you attend class and absorb the material you’re reading!

Gif of World Spinning

2. MUS2018 – The Evolution of Jazz

This class doesn’t have any need for a textbook, since all the information you need can be found on the course’s online platform. Completely virtual, and one of the easiest A’s you can get at UNF. The class analyzes different styles of jazz and their origins, so if you have a passion for music, this class is a perfect fit.

Gif of A Lively Jazz Scene

3. LDR3003 – Introduction to Leadership

This is a great summer class to take, 8 week term but easy to follow! Simple assignments that are straight forward, that center on applied discussions and leadership skills. This one’s also fully online, so you don’t have to worry about being in-class during summer!

Gif of An Online Lecture 

4. HSC4314 – Mental and Emotional Health Education

This class has some corequisites of other HSC courses, but for Health Science majors, this is a great option. The only big assignments to worry are the presentation, and substantial paper due at the end of the term. No tests! Health Science majors can expect to learn how to monitor mental health and work to communicate and implement ideas regarding the subject.

Gif of Home to School 

5. EDF2085 – Introduction to Diversity for Educators

Education majors can expect to benefit from this one. Centering on the broad topic of diversity, this class is heavy on reading, but that’s about it. There are some quizzes and papers, but nothing major. Participation is key, as attendance is a good portion of your grade, but the subject is easy to comprehend and the assignments should boost your grade up to get an easy A.

Gif of Student Studying Hard 

6. EEX3202 – Psychology and Sociology of Learners with Exceptionalities

Psychology majors assemble! This class requires EDF2085 as a prerequisite, but this class is quite easy as long as you come in to class. Videos are played in class with some group activities to follow and a set of tests, but they’re fairly painless! This will broaden your knowledge on learning disabilities and how it can affect one’s path through education, with professors that care about the subject and education for all.Gif of Ink Blot Animation 

7. EME2040 – Introduction to Technology for Educators

Another plus for education majors, this course involves critical thinking skills and real-life applied techniques surrounding technology. Since you’re working with computers the entirety of class, there’s no risk of boring lectures and assignments are in class! No final, so there’s no risk of night-before cramming.Gif of Advanced Technology 

8. PSY3021 – Professional Opportunities in Psychology Seminar

A multitude of guest speakers and topics related to Psychology, Psych Seminar will give an overview of Psychology that is not only interesting and gripping for Psychology students, but easy on your average! Very easy to get a passing grade, and you’ll have a plethora of information to work off if you’re unsure about your spot in Psychology, or if you’re planning to pursue that route. This class requires Intro Psych (PSY2012)  as a prerequisite.Gif of Animated Brain Activity 

9. SOP3004 – Social Psychology

In case you couldn’t get enough Psychology, this course is sure to bulk up your GPA. Everything you learn comes directly from the textbook, and the tests are fairly basic. You’re learning about social behavior and the tendencies of human beings in the real world, which can make for some interesting lectures. Be sure to give this class if you’re looking for exciting topics and an easy A.Gif of Moving Brain Scan

10. MGF1106 – Finite Mathematics

Math can seem like a daunting subject, but this class is sure to ease the blow for any students that struggle with it! This course focuses on linear algebra and has a moderate amount of homework, but the tests are based off the reviews almost exactly, so you are sure to understand the material beforehand without surprises. Math may seem like a chore, but this class will make it easy on you if you have to fulfill those math credits!Meme of Zach Galifianakis in The HangoverCollege is all about finding where you shine and where you want your future to lead. Though this takes a lot of hard studying and grueling classes, with one of these classes you’re sure to catch a break!