Top 10 buildings at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Commonly known as UNCG, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a public coeducational and Research university in Greensboro, North Carolina. The campus has grown to include 30 residence halls and 27 academic buildings on over 250 acres. Below is a list of 10 top buildings at the institution.

1. Coleman Building

Outside the Coleman Building

The Mary Channing Coleman Building, commonly known as the Coleman building was officially opened in 1989. The building houses the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness, the School of Dance, Department of Kinesiology, and the Department of Public Health Education.

2. Sullivan Science Building

The Sullivan Science Building exterior view

Opened in 2003, this building was originally called the Science Building. It was designed by O’Brien/Atkins Associates of Durham, North Carolina, and Ellenzweig Associates of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The building was renamed on April 10, 2008, in honor of Patricia A. Sullivan. The building houses the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

3. South Spencer Residence Hall

A side view of the South Spencer Residence hall

The Spencer Residence Hall consists of two connecting buildings: the North Spencer Residence Hall, opened in 1904, and South Spencer Residence Hall, opened in 1907. The basement of the building housed the campus post office between 1949 and 1953. The building was named in honor of Cornelia Phillips Spencer.

4. Anna M. Gove Student Health Center

A front view of the Anna M, Gove Student Health Center

The Anna M. Gove Student Health Center offers medical, psychological, and preventative health services for students and staff at UNCG. The building was opened in 1953 and named in honor of Dr. Anna M. Gove (campus physician from 1893 to 1937) a year later. The building underwent renovations that included expansions in 2006.

5. Jackson Library

A front view of the Jackson library

Designed by Northrup O’Brien of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the Jackson Library was opened in 1950. The additional tower on the building was opened in 1973. Jackson Library is named in honor of Walter Clinton Jackson (professor, author, and chancellor from 1934 – 1950).

6. Elliott University Center

A front view of the Elliot University Center

The Elliot University Center accommodates the Spartan Market, Chick-Fil-A, Barnes and Noble Cafe, and the Food Court. The Elliott University Center opened its doors in 1953 and was later expanded and renovated in 1968. The building is named in honor of Harriet Wiseman Elliott, who came to the College as a history and political science professor.

7. Moran Commons and Plaza

An elevated view of the Moran Commons and Plaza

The Moran Commons and Plaza hosts the Student Mail Services, UNCG Sustainability Office and the SpartanCard Center. The complex was built over a span of thirty-five years. The building is also home to the Spencer Dining Hall, West (later Spartan) Dining Hall, South Dining Hall, and North Dining Hall.

8. Mossman Administration Building

The Mossman Administration building

The Mossman Administration Building that was opened in 1975 currently hosts the UNCG Financial Aid Office and the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office. The Building was designed by William F. Freeman Associates of High Point, North Carolina. The building was named in honor of Mereb Ethna Mossman in 1977.

9. Kaplan Commons

The Kaplan Commons

Located on the west lawn of Elliott University Center, The Kaplan Commons which was created in 2007 and in honor of Randall Kaplan, the CEO of Capsule Group LLC and on the Board of Trustees of UNCG. There are two sculptures at the building: Mohawk and The Lion’s Roar that are located at a central place where two walkways converge.

10. Maud Gatewood Studio Arts Building

The Maud Gatewood Studio Arts Building

The Gatewood Studio Arts Building was opened in 2006 in honor of Maud Florence Gatewood who was a nationally recognized artist that graduated from the institution in 1954. The Gatewood Studio Arts Building is home to the Gatewood Gallery.

These are not the only buildings that are available at the institution. There are a lot more unique and greatly-designed buildings at UNCG. More information about the buildings at UNCG can be gotten from the institution’s website.

Restaurants and cafes near or at University of North Carolina Greensboro

The dining experience at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro is more than the appreciation of food. Also, the dining services call for the appreciation of cooking, presentation, use of fresh ingredients and sustainability. The catering team of the university dining facilities dedicate themselves in providing quality food and service. So, let us now look at some of the dining opportunities at the university campus

1. Williams dining hall

healthy doughnuts

Although the dining hall offers routine food, it is convenient for the majority of the students. It is because the student is often on a tight schedule. Therefore, they need just quick bites and rush off to the class. And the food quality is up to the mark and is hygienic. Furthermore, the ambience is quiet and perfect for quiet study with food combination.

2. Europa Bar and Café

Inside view of Cafe

The place lures the students in its own unique sense with a vintage atmosphere and a large mahogany bar. The staff of the café is welcoming and hospitable, and the prices of food are affordable as well. In the spring and summer season, the experience of dining at this café is truly amazing. Steaks, burgers fries and a gulp of wine are absolutely divine!

3. Dolce Aroma café bar

coffee and muffin

The best part of the café is that the service is very fast. That’s why this café is famous for making the coffee in the fastest way as possible. The café’s owner is extremely friendly, and the coffee shop ambiance is warming and welcoming. So those students who want to enjoy a peaceful time with their coffee must visit the café. Also, the café is perfect for some quiet reading and speculation.

4. Coffeeology

A cup of coffee

The students heavily crowd the leading coffee shop in the campus. The reason for such overwhelming attendance is that the café offers vast choices in their menus regarding coffee and hot drinks. The name and the appearance of the coffee are creative. Furthermore, the place is also popular for Panini and gelato.

5. Calypso Mama Caribbean Café

A man standing in the dinning hall

A place where the students can feel the joy of having mom’s food. Thus, the café presents the typical West Indian taste that makes use of the fusion of unique spices and flavorings. And the best part is through the meals quantity perfectly complement the price.

6. Green Bean

Outside view of Green Bean

This is another coffee shop present in the neighborhood only a few miles from the university campus. The place offers great coffee and hot beverages that help to overcome both the cold and tiredness of the students. Every weekend the students set their relaxation mood with a couple of wines and craft beer along with music at the café.

7. Mikhael’s Café and catering

A fulfilling breakfast

This place offers various breakfast options such as different kinds of omelettes, pancakes and the best brownies in town. Also, the sidelines such as bacon, croissant rolls and cheese and meat make the main course fulfilling and tantalizing.

Therefore, with these college cafes and restaurants near the campus of the university, it is unlikely that students are hungry. As their hunger satiates, their attention to their studies also enhances.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at UNC Greensboro

UNC Greensboro is a public research university located in Greensboro, North Carolina. This school is part of the UNC system and currently has an enrollment of a little over 20,000 students. With so many students coming from all of the state and country to attend school here, it is no surprise that in addition to academic and athletic activities, UNC Greensboro also offers a variety of jobs and opportunities for students to participate in while in school. Students can volunteer, work for pay, and even enroll in internships while on campus. These opportunities are truly great chances to develop professional skills in addition to making a little bit of money!

1. University Communications Internship

This image shows what skills will be needed for this internship.

University Communications at UNC Greensboro is searching for either one or two students to assist with Digital Asset Management. The position is available now, and they are looking for either one part-time student for 20 hours/week, or two students for 10 hours/week each. Pay is $10/hr. Interns tasks include assisting the Digital Asset Manager. This gives them the opportunity to gain experience and learn about digital asset management, work on metadata and taxonomy, and cataloging digital assets. Interns will also be trained to use the MerlinOne Digital Asset Management system, so any background in technology is welcome.

2. Tutoring at the Student Success Center

This is the front of the Student Success Center.

The Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs includes professional staff, temporary employees, graduate students, and undergraduate students who work collaboratively to accomplish the division and office goals. At this time, they are searching for a graduate student at UNCG who will be supervised by the Senior Assistant Director and will work closely with the Coordinator for Tutoring Services to support tutors and students. The time-commitment for this position is 20 hours/week during office hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-6.00 PM). Students are compensated $12,000 for an academic year of their services.

3. Book Store Cafe

This poster is often used to advertise for the B&N Cafe at UNCG.

This position is a part-time job open to students who attend UNC Greensboro. The Cafe is a high energy, fast-paced department where your customer service, food handling, listening, problem-solving, and team-work skills will be exercised. In regards to qualifications for the position, 
candidates must be a minimum of 16 years of age and have graduated high school. Furthermore, basic math, keyboarding, and data entry skills are necessary. And, flexibility in scheduling is also a must. This position is perfect for a student who is looking to make a little extra money and has great communication skills!

4. Social Work Intern

This image displays some of the responsibilities of social workers.

Though this is not a paid position, it can provide invaluable experiences to interest students. As a whole, UNC Greensboro provides rich internship opportunities and works with a number of interns throughout the academic year, and this internship is no exception. The hope is to have a social work intern stay over the summer to work directly with immigrant and refugee cases. Because of this, a car is recommended and requested, but not required. Transporting clients is requested on a voluntary basis and not it is not required for the internship, so if transportation is an issue, it will not impact students’ ability to have this internship.

5. Cashier for UNCG Retail Food Service

This image displays a cashier helping a student.

This position is offered as both a full and part-time opportunity, but, due to student schedules and classes, it is more likely that this will be a part-time job opportunity for students and full-time for those who have graduated. Essentially, employees must be able to perform cashiering duties, including making cash transactions, verifying cash drawer, giving change, counting cash receipts, and completing cash reports. Further, employees may also perform general food service work. It is also expected that any future hires will be able to maintain sanitation standards in the preparation, service, and dining room facilities.

6. PR/Marketing Intern

This poster lets students know that they're help is wanted!

The Fraternity & Sorority Life Marketing and Communication Intern will be responsible for marketing the fraternal experience and community at UNCG, and there will be a strong focus on enhancing social media presence. This internship is supervised by the Graduate Assistant for Fraternity & Sorority Life. In regard to responsibilities, the intern who is hired must be able to create and post content on all social media, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. In addition, they must be able to design and distribute general marketing materials, including posters, flyers, presentations, and more. The time commitment for this position is between 5 and 10 hours per week, and the intern shall coordinate with the supervisor to determine schedule. 

7. Crew Member at UNCG Chipotle 

Students will be representing Chipotle as workers and the faces of the business.

Students who decide to work at the on-campus Chipotle are part of creating a better place to eat and work. Students who do get a position are offered tuition assistance (up to $5,250 a year), free food, paid breaks, paid time off, and even holiday closures. Chipotle on-campus is looking to hire someone with a friendly, enthusiastic attitude in additon to someone that loves to help and serve others. In addition, hard work is required, as the new hire should be ready and prepared to learn how to cook.

8. OneClass Note Taker

This is the logo for OneClass.

Students on campus can take notes with OneClass and get paid while he or she goes to class. When students take Notes with OneClass, they not only earn money but also get better at studying and focusing during their lectures. It’s a wonderful opportunity and students can become a Notetaker today!

Ultimately, UNCG is a wonderful school that provides opportunities for growth to each and every student. Students here can participate in jobs, internships, academics, and volunteering efforts in other to further their professional development skills and gain more experience! 

Health and Wellness Services at UNC Greensboro

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, sometimes called UNCG or UNC Greensboro, is a coeducational, public research university that is located in Greensboro, NC. This institution is a part of the larger UNC system. However, UNCG, like all members of the UNC system, is a stand-alone university and awards its own degrees. The university offers more than 100 undergraduate, 61 master’s and 26 doctoral programs. With so many programs and so many students, it is a must that this school was a wonderful network of health and wellness resources.

1. Student Health Services

This image shows a student walking into the Student Health Services building.

In addition to performing regular check-ups and exams, Student Health Services at UNCG offers a Drug Disposal Dropbox so that students can safely dispose of unwanted and expired medications the right way. The dropbox located within the green receptacle by the front entrance of the Student Health Center. In addition, students can go to Student Health Services to get their flu shot, participate in acupuncture therapy, and enjoy some massage therapy if needed.

2. The Counseling Center

This image shows a few of the available workshops for the Fall semester.

The Counseling Center offers students with a variety of services, including but not limited to couples therapy, workshops, consultations, individual therapy sessions, group session, psychiatric services, referrals, and outlets for outreach. In addition, The Counseling Center is home to the Spartan Recovery Program, or SRP, which is a program that is available, free of charge, to UNCG students in all phases of recovery from addictions to alcohol and/or other drugs. The SRP is not a treatment program; rather, we focus on creating a network of recovery support services that promote the personal, academic, and professional goals of students in recovery.

3. UNCG Police

These are some of the officers who can be seen on campus.

he UNCG Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of campus law enforcement services available. The employed officers and employees are highly trained and dedicated individuals whose personal mission is to make sure that the student experience at UNCG is not only memorable and successful, but also safe. UNCG one of 25 colleges recognized for improving campus safety, which really is an amazing feat!

4. The Walk Safe Program

This poster is often used to advertise for the program.

The purpose of the walk safe program is to provide someone from the police department to walk with faculty, staff, students, and visitors who feel unsafe on campus. Safe walks are provided by police officers, security officers and student rangers upon request. All safe walks provided by the UNCG Police Department will be confined to locations on campus; however, student rangers are able to walk students to off-campus locations if needed. Students can call (336) 334-5963 or request a safe walk through the LiveSafe Mobile Safety App today for services.

5. Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness

This image provides a blueprint for the new center.

Though still in the process of being built and developed, The Department of Recreation & Wellness is committed to UNC Greensboro’s vision of making a difference in the lives of our students and campus community. In everything that is done in regards to the planning of this building, considerations are met in order to meet the unique and diverse needs of students and members. Over time, on campus, Recreation & Wellness has evolved into a place where students can reflect deeper, play harder, grow stronger, explore farther, accomplish more, and enjoy life.

UNCG is a school united in its desire to promote a safe and healthy campus in all aspects of life. Students can come to UNCG assured that they will be well-taken care of in regards to their emotional, physical, and all around well-being.

Top 10 Coolest Classes at the UNC Greensboro

Why do students sit in boring, useless classes—especially when so many cool ones are offered each semester! No matter what major you’re in, it’s important to take at least one cool class per semester, that way you ensure you don’t lose your mind. If you want to know about 10 cool classes at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, read through the following list!

1. MST 100 – Understanding Media

This is one of those discussion-based classes where the professor is pretty much nonexistent. If you’re someone who thrives in this kind of learning environment, there’s a good chance you’ll pull a lot of valuable things out of this class.

The world as TV screens

2. PHI 115 – Critical Thinking

Classes like PHI 115 are not offered at every university, and that’s why students who attend this school should take PHI 115 if the opportunity presents itself. If a class with worthwhile material is something you’ve been looking for—you’ve found it!

This is a silhouette thinking

3. PSY 370 – Ethnicity, Development, and Psychopathology

Want to engage with interesting writers, speakers, and subject matter? If say yes, then you need to enroll in this course. Not only is this course one of the coolest offered at this school, it’s also quite easy too!

These are silhouettes building

4. MKT 320 – Principles of Marketing

Classes where text books are not required are always cool, though MKT 320 is something else. In this class, most of your readings will be distributed by the professor on a weekly basis; expect to engage with these readings throughout the week they’re assigned, but don’t worry, for they’re almost always interesting.

'Marketing' written in a notebook

5. HIS 101 – Contemporary World

Why would you waste your time in classes that put you to sleep? Are you sick of the monotonous drone of the professors you’ve had in almost all of your lectures? Take HIS 101 for some relief next semester!

Silhouettes in front of a map

6. FIN 300 – The Management of Personal Finance

One of the most attractive classes offered at this institution is FIN 300. If you’re sick of the monotony associated with most of the lectures you’ve been in thus far, take this class!

Blocks on top of dollars

7. ENG 261 – Dialects of American English

A class like ENG 261 is going to be a relief for students who have a jam-packed semester. If you like learning about interesting subject matter and characters, this is the class for you!

This is a politician speaking

8. ECO 100 – Economics of a Global Sustainable Society

Don’t be that student who elects to enroll in a semester full of boring classes. Instead, take ECO 100. This class is interesting, informative, and one that you’ll definitely remember after graduation.

Someone writing 'Sustain'

9. BUS 105 – Blueprint for Professional Success

If you just can’t take another class where you have to keep preventing yourself from falling asleep, take BUS 105 instead. This class is one that students recommend across the board, so there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it too!

This is a blueprint

10. PCS 212 – Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

There are some classes you’re required to take that make you wonder why you ever enrolled in school in the first place—PCS 212 is not one of these classes. If you like learning about interesting subjects, take this class!

This is a sign representing peace

Since you’ve reached the conclusion of this list, it’s fair to say you now have more information about 10 cool classes that are routinely offered at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. College is a time for learning and discovery, and that’s exactly what happens in all of the classes on this list. Are you going to enroll in any of them?

10 Hardest Classes at UNC Greensboro

The best way to succeed while at School is by avoiding the hard classes that you could choose. This will make your time at school much more enjoyable. Here are the top 10 hardest classes at UNC Greensboro!

1. ATY 354 – Modern Asia Through its Music 

Modern Asia Through its Music is the first hard class that you should stay away from. This is a very difficult class because the curriculum is so in-depth. This class will make your life much more stressful. map of asia

2. HIS 223 – European Revolutions 

Another hard class that you should stay away from is European Revolutions. There are so many events that you will have to cover in this class. This also means that there is a lot of work required of you outside of the classroom. map of Europe

3. MKT 408 – Operating Problems in Retailing

Operating problems in retailing is another pretty challenging course available to you. You will spend your days working tirelessly in order to get the good grade that you need. In some respects, the work is too much and it is not worth the effort.a retail store

4. PHI 319 – Knowledge, Truth, and Belief

If you really want to challenge yourself, you should take knowledge, truth, and belief. This is a philosophy class that will have you thinking the entire time. You’ll even be pushed to your limits in this class.Philosophy terms

5. REL 202 – Hebrew Bible 

In general, some religious classes can be very hard. That being said, Hebrew Bible is one of the harder classes that involves religion. That is because this text is very old and complicated.hebrew text

6. STA 562 – Statistical Computing

One of the hardest math class is offered to you is statistical computing. This class combines mathematics and computer science to give you a very weird and hard experience. This is the class that you should definitely stay away from at all cost.stats table

7. NAN 612 – Food and Agricultural Nanotechnology

A very weird and unique class offered is food and agricultural nano technology. As the name sounds, this is a very difficult class they will add stress to your already stressful life. You should steer clear of this class at all costs.a food pyramid

8. MST 252 – Creative Process in Film and Video

Creative process in film and video sounds like it would be a great class to take. That maybe so, however, the curriculum is pretty hard and demanding. You will be up to your neck in homework every single day.making a moovie

9. IAR 211 – Visual Communication I

Visual communication I is an introductory level class, but it’s still very hard. If you have a choice, you should not enroll in this class. That is because the professors are very strict and require a lot of work.communication terms

10. NTR 403 – Food Science and Technology

The final major that you need to stay away from his food science and technology. This is a very new class that is always changing and improving. This means that it may be difficult to pay attention and receive all the information.Picture of the food science laboratory

Top 10 Majors Offered at the UNC Greensboro

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is one of 17 excellent public research university in North Carolina. Here are the top 10 majors offered at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

1. Biology (B.S., M.S.)

Biology: The Science and Study of Living Things

The Greensboro campus of the University of North Carolina is another great place to study Biology. The school has a Research Bee Station for teaching and diversification of biology and related subjects through research.

2. Business Administration and Management (B.S.)

Business Administration and Management

This one of the fortresses of the University of North Carolina and Greensboro gives students the opportunity to build an excellent foundation in business. The school also offers great courses in other related majors like business analytics, economics, finance, and financial planning.

3. Communications (B.A. & M.A.)

Digital communication and network

Communication is an integral part of every business endeavors, which makes it one of the highly sought after majors at UNC Greensboro. The school places great priority in teaching and reaching communications as a means to connect people and change the world.

4. English (B.A., M.A., & Ph.D.)

Learning English

While English is the most popular language, however, it is important to study if you want to teach English at any level, become a journalist, editor, writer or lawyer. If you the language, and you want to major in English, UNC at Greensboro is a great institution to do so.

5. Human Development and Family Science (B.A./B.S., M.A. & Ph.D.)

A family of four

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a great place to study human development and family science, and popularity of HDFS is growing in the school. The school has a great track record of research, teaching, and service in the field of human development.

6. Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Exercise science

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has an excellent history of teaching and research in Kinesiology and exercise science available traditionally and online. Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields, this is evident by the number of applicants and graduates UNC Greensboro gets annually.

7. Liberal Studies (B.A.)

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is one of the top majors offered at UNC Greensboro. For students looking to major in Liberal Studies, this course is only available online. Students can concentrate in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Professional Studies.

8. Nursing (BSN)


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has an excellent school of nursing (one of the first in North Carolina) to prepare students to be professional nurses, based on its inquiry, caring, and standards of practice.

9. Psychology (B.A./B.S., M.A. & Ph.D.)


UNC Greensboro one of the best institutions to study Psychology in the United States. At the undergraduate level, students can either chase a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, so students can take their studies from the classrooms to the laboratory to conduct research.

10. Sociology (B.A. & M.S.)


The University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers one of the finest sociology program and other related programs. The school has an impressive history and reputation of research in sociology and is one of few institutions committed to advancing sociology analysis.

Top 10 Library Resources at the UNCG

At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, students not only borrow research materials and books from their libraries. The majority of student learning experience occurs and develops at these quiet halls. So if want to maximize your growth as a student at this University, here are the Top 10 Library Resources you can use at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

1. Research Help for Students

The librarians at any libraries of the university provide a myriad of services for students including research guide (by subject), research tutorials, as well as citation guides.

student requires research help


2. Borrow, Renew & Order Materials

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has a clear Borrow and Renew Contract for all of its books. You can check their Loan periods at their library services online. Furthermore, students can now order materials at the library or online.

borrow books from the library

3. Display Case Reservation

Do you want to publicize an event such as a special initiative? The Jackson library, in particular, has a number of display cases that are available for use by campus organizations and academic departments.

student presenting

4. Distance & Online Learning Guide

As an online or distant learning student, you have full access to all materials available on any library at the UNCG. You can also get online services such as Help with Research, Library Catalog as well as Library Online Tools. You could say that nearly everything the UNCG libraries have to offer are now made available virtually!

student using a laptop

5. Electronic Books

The UNCG libraries offer digital copies of all their research materials in the form of E-books. The best thing is that you don’t need things like Kindle, Nook, iPad or a smartphone to access these materials. You can read UNCG E-Books using the library computer or any of your personal computers!

e book reading


6. Tutorials

At UNCG libraries, you can ask for personal tutorials and assistance with your projects through any designated library faculty. Learning is much easier with a tutor around!


7. Digital Media Commons

At the lower level of the Jackson Library, you can find a dedicated space for UNCG students and staffs to create and refine their multimedia projects. Here are just some of the tools available: Digital Images, Digital Video, Digital Audio, Presentations, Web Pages, 3D Printing and many more!

student using a projector

8. Wireless Access in the University Libraries

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the library? Then find it online! Get free wireless internet access across all UNCG libraries!

wireless internet access


9. Printing in the Libraries

Each UNCG student is given a free 75-page worth of standard print for one semester and then 40-page worth of print during the summer. Getting a hardbound material is a lot easier thanks to this privilege!

3D design printing


10. General Use Computers and Software

UNCG libraries provide free general use of their computers for all UNCG students, faculty and staff. They also provide free internet access in their vicinity.

student using library computer


Libraries at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

1. Walter Clinton Jackson Library

The Jackson Library is the largest among the 5 libraries and contains the bulk of the UNCG collections including Audio Books, Digital Media, Theses and Dissertations, Government Information, etc. It is open 24-hours during the Weekdays and closes at 10 pm during the weekends.

librarian reading a book


2. Harold Schiffman Music Library

The main purpose of the Harold Schiffman Music Library is to enhance and support the research, teaching and performing activities of UNCG by providing music information, resources and services to all of its residents. The library has 5 laptops, 4 iPads, 2 digital voice recorders, 4 camcorders, 2 microphones and 2 still cameras.

student looking for a book at the library


3. Intercultural Resource Center

The Intercultural Resource Center is a place where all members of the UNCG community can share and build their experiences together. Its main purpose is to create an opportunity to make cross-cultural connections among all students.


4. Interior Architecture Library

The Interior Architecture Library, also known as IARc, was opened in 2009 and housed a collection of books, DVDs, periodicals and student design theses. Some of its more valuable collections include the illustrated guidebook of London indicating the history of its city, the Silver Jubilee Walkway.

library walkway


5. Teaching Resources Center

The Teaching Resources Center has served as a media center offering a large collection of picture books, young adult fiction, audiobooks, board books, kits, manipulatives, and DVDs. Its main purpose is to provide instructional materials and services to students and faculty alike.

library photo with shelves

Top 10 Clubs at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Are you trying to join a club or organization on your campus? There are many to choose from but what exactly is there available? Below we have listed some of the top clubs and organizations at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

1. Foreign Film Club

An image of film club

Are you interested in film? The Foreign Film Club provides students with a safe place and environment where they can learn more about films around the world. All films shown will also be subtitled so that students can understand and learn languages as well.

2. Garden Club

An image of a garden

Are you interested in gardening? The Garden Club is dedicated towards providing a place where students can plant and share their love for the environment. Students will also be surrounded by a creative community that is dedicated towards building a sustainable place for students on campus.

3. Club Swim

A girl swimming in a pool

Do you like swimming? This Swim Club is welcome to all skill levels? Students will be able to compete in tournaments, learn and develop more skills necessary for swimming, and having a chance to workout in their own space.

4. Club Football

An image of a football

Do you want to play football? Do you like playing for fun? Club Football is dedicated towards providing a space for students where they can come and play a game of football. Students will also participate in various tournaments as well.

5. Campus Outreach

An image of outreach

The mission of Campus Outreach is to help students develop their own relationships with God while shedding light on spirituality as well. Students will work to develop and mature as people as they learn more about their faith.

6. Campus Invasion

An image of invasion

What is a Campus Invasion? This group is a spiritual based group that is dedicated towards building a community and helping each other develop a relationship with God Students will be able to create a balance with their own life and their spirituality.

7. Black Business Students Association

Black Business Students Assocation

The Black Business Students Association is a support and business group that strives to allow black students achieve and develop connections with other black business professionals. They will also receive numerous opportunities for their own field for business and various industries.

8. Geography Club

An image of geography

Do you know how to read a map? The Geography Club is dedicated towards helping students learn about human interaction, natural environments, and cultural environments. Students will also develop and apply skills learned in the field of geography.

9. J-Club

An image of Japan

This organization is dedicated towards maintaining and creating a community among Japanese students and the campus as a whole. Students will share their love for Japan, the Japanese language, anime, and other forms of media as well.

10. 1st G

An image of First Generation

This organization is geared towards first-generation students. Students will be surrounded by other peers who all share one thing in common, they’re the first person in their family to go into college. Here, they will be guided and given support through a series of resources.

Top Events at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

1. Geography Club Lunch-Talk

An image of geography

Are you interested in talking about the Earth and its environment? Are you just interested in free food? Come join the Geography Club for a lunch-talk where you can talk with your peers about geography and the environment!

2. Women’s Paint and Sip

An image of paint

This event is geared towards bringing women together. Come and paint in a class that is led by a local artist! Take a break from studying from all of your midterms and relax with us!

3. Mindful Mondays

Reasons why I love Mondays

What’s a Monday without a relaxation? Start up your week with meditation! This 30-minute silent meditation is led by some faculty and volunteers at UNCG who are dedicated towards providing a calming space for students.

4. Mr. & Miss ASU

Girls who won in a pageant

This pageant is one for the fellas and the ladies! The African Student Union will host this pageant to showcase students in the following areas: service, leadership, education, and excellence. It will allow students to also display some of their hidden talents as well!

5. Yoga and Meditation

An image of people in a yoga class

Do you like yoga and meditating? This session will allow students to develop breathing and meditative techniques that is geared towards helping them relax. Students will also develop their own skills as well.

10 Dorms at the UNC Greensboro

Welcome to University of North Carolina at Greensboro! Congrats on coming to such a great school.  You made a big decision to come here, and now it’s time to make another big decision: what dorm to live in!  Read this article to find out what dorm you will like best.

1) Cone Residence Hall

Outside Cone Residence Hall

Address: 1104 North Dr, Greensboro, NC 27412

Cone Residence Hall holds 349 residents and has 9 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for all grades, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00.

2) Grogan Residence Hall

Inside Grogan Residence Hall

Grogan Residence Hall holds 322 residents and has 8 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for freshmen and sophomores, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00.

3) Guilford Residence Hall

Inside Guilford Residence Hall

Address: 300 College Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27412

Guilford Residence Hall holds 137 residents and has 3 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for freshmen and sophomores, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00.

4) Mary Foust Residence Hall

Inside Mary Foust Residence Hall

Address: 301 College Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27412

Mary Foust Residence Hall holds 119 residents and has 3 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for freshmen and sophomores, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00. It does not have an elevator.

5) Moore/Strong Residence Hall

Inside Moore/Strong Residence Hall

Address: 106 Gray Street, Greensboro, NC 27412

Moore/Strong Residence Hall holds 262 residents and has 3 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for mostly freshmen and some sophomores, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. There are some suites as well. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00.

6) North Spencer Residence Hall

Inside North Spencer Residence Hall

Address: 316 College Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27412

North Spencer Residence Hall holds 209 residents and has 2 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles and is for freshmen, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00. It does not have an elevator.

7) Phillips/Hawkins Residence Hall

Inside Phillips/Hawkins Residence Hall

Address: 103 Gray Drive, Greensboro, NC 27412

Phillips/Hawkins Residence Hall holds 339 residents and has 5 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for students of all grades, and each floor has a mini kitchen (refrigerator and microwave). Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00.

8) Ragsdale/Mendenhall Residence Hall

Inside Ragsdale/Mendenhall Residence Hall

Address: 201 Gray Drive, Greensboro, NC 27412

Ragsdale/Mendenhall Residence Hall holds 318 residents and has 3 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for freshmen students, and there are full kitchens available.  Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00. It does not have an elevator.

9) Reynolds Residence Hall

Inside Reynolds Residence Hall

Address: 1206 North Drive, Greensboro, NC 27412

Reynolds Residence Hall holds 326 residents and has 8 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for freshmen students, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00. It has two elevators.

10) South Spencer Residence Hall

Inside South Spencer Residence Hall

Address: 301 College Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27412

South Spencer Residence Hall holds 109 residents and has 2 floors!  Hall type is traditional doubles for freshmen and sophomores, and bathrooms are community style by floor, segregated by gender. Rate per semester is $2,690.50, and per year is $5,381.00. It does not have an elevator.

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at UNC Greensboro.

1) Room Basics 

A decorated dorm room.

When you start college at UNC Greensboro, you’ll want to have several things with you in your room! Be sure to include: comfortable sheets, blankets, a comforter, a good mattress pad, pillowcases, and pillows.  You’ll also want to have your alarm clock (if you don’t use your phone as an alarm), a water filter, and things to decorate your room with!

2) Food and Snacks 

Some dorm room snacks.

At UNC Greensboro, you’re inevitably going to get super hungry during those late nights while studying!  Don’t forget to bring food that you can keep in your dorm and make easily. Examples include healthy snacks such as granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit.  If you have a mini fridge and a microwave, you can also keep fresh fruit and veggies as well as instant ramen.

3) Tech & Entertainment 

An apple laptop.

You’ll want to remember these important things as you start college at UNC Greensboro! Be sure to bring your laptop, all your chargers (for computers, tablets, phones, etc), earbuds and/or headphones, cables, speakers, a keyboard and mouse if you are bringing a PC, printer and ink/paper, and if you want, a TV and video game console!

4) School Supplies 

Closeup image of school supplies.

Every UNC Greensboro student should be prepared for their classes! With this list, you’ll be ready in no time.  Make sure you bring notebooks, a backpack, binder paper, pencils, pens, erasers, paper clips, a stapler, calculator, index cards, highlighters, binders, folders, and a good planner to write down your assignments and due dates.

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing 

Shelves to stay organized.

Now that you’re on your own and living away from your parents at UNC Greensboro, you’ve got to make sure you are organized and independent.  Keep your place together with the following items: shelves for your books and supplies, a laundry basket/bin and laundry detergent, dish soap and a sponge, a shower caddy and shower flip flops, a towel and bathrobe, and clothes hangers.

6) Campus Gears 

Some great school gear!

LET’S GO SPARTANS!!! Show off your school spirit by bringing your school apparel.  Some examples of great spirit wear include these: a school hoodie, a t-shirt with your mascot, various clothing items and accessories in cherry and white, a cap or a beanie with your school’s name on it, and sunglasses in your school’s colors.

7) Items you should ask first before bringing

Coffee maker with breakfast.

There are some things that UNC Greensboro might now allow you to bring to your dorm room.  Just in case that might be the situation, check with the people in charge of your housing assignment before bringing these items: microwave, mini fridge, hot water maker, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, candles, electric space heaters, and anything flammable.

Hopefully with this list of dorms and packing supplies, you will be able to ease into college and get used to it while making some fun memories and lifelong friends.  For other students who have already been at UNC Greensboro for a year or more, this list should provide a nice refresher in case you have forgotten and need a reminder.  Whatever the case, we hope this list has helped you and provided some ideas for things you might want to do in your years at UNC Greensboro!