10 Gifs That Describe What It’s Like to Be A UNH Student

Attending and being a student at UNH comes with a lot of emotions and reactions to certain things. UNH offers a unique campus life and academics, so as such, there will be some odd occurrences. Here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at UNH.


1. When they use the words “curtailed operations” in the email they send you about cancel classes.

The decision to curtail is made when the Durham campus is or is expected to be, unprepared for parking, pedestrian traffic, and local road conditions preclude the continuation of bus service and/or there are utility and power outages that impact our working environment. However, most UNH students have to Google this definition after staring at their phones for 2 minutes confused as to what this term, “curtailed operations” means. But, now you know!

2. When the Wildcat Transit is nowhere to be seen but the UNH app says its arriving.


Although the app is very easy to use, it can still be confusing and stressful at times when you think that the bus is at your stop but it’s nowhere to be seen. When this happens, it most likely is just around the corner stopped for a traffic light, pedestrian, or just plain traffic in general. Have no fear, the transit is on the way!

3. Getting ready to lose your voice doing the hockey chants.


You may think that because you’re not a huge sports fan, or because you don’t get too rowdy at events that this won’t apply to you, but you will see with time that it does. The spirit at UNH hockey games is both infectious and contagious, and you really can’t avoid it. Bring your cough drops and a beverage to get through!

4. Trying to find an open table in Union Court during lunch time.


Because Union Court is one of the most popular places on campus, it’s usually hard to find a seat between the short time of 12-12:30/1ish. The rush doesn’t last too long, but if this is when your lunch break is, it’s a good idea to have a backup place to chill and eat because sitting in the actual Union Court area will definitely be a struggle.

7. Having to awkwardly kick people out of a breakout room at Paul College because you have it reserved or being kicked out when someone else has it reserved.


This one is pretty much a given… but it does happen often. Remember that confrontation is healthy at times and 9 times out of 10 it’ll only last a minute or two. If the people in the room put up a fight there are faculty around who can help deal with the situation, but that’s probably a very rare occurrence. We are all adults here.

8. Trying to be extra quiet in the Quiet Study Rooms in Diamond Library but then your phone vibrates.


The quiet study rooms at Dimond Library are so wonderfully quiet that making a loud noise can cause anyone’s heart to skip a beat. It’ll most likely happen inevitably, and students know and can relate to these situations so they won’t get mad, but it is awkward and embarrassing to some when it happens so… just be prepared.

9. Being hella jealous of people living in air-conditioned dorms like Congreve Hall when it’s wicked hot out.


Although it is New England and it doesn’t get incredibly hot out before we go back to school in the fall, it sometimes can feel like your dorm is a sauna and THAT is when this GIF will be most relatable to you. You will be jealous of the Congreve students inevitably.

10. The joy you feel when you see a dog while sitting on T-Lawn.


This probably goes without saying, but seeing a dog on UNH campus is a tiny blessing that you will always be grateful for. Luckily, because Durham (especially T-Lawn) is so friendly and beautiful, you will most likely see lots of dogs which is very exciting. Who doesn’t love dogs? Actually, don’t answer that. We all do.

So, there you have it. If you see these GIFs roaming the internet prior to becoming a UNH Wildcat, they might not be too important. But after? They will be so relatable you’ll have to laugh and then share with all your college friends!

Top 10 Questions About Dorm-Life at UNH: Answered.

There are lots of FAQ’s about living on campus at UNH and although there are many ways to find the answers to these questions, it can take time to research. Sorting the most important ones to know and understand is vital, so keep reading for the answers to the top 10 questions you have about UNH housing!

1. Are there closets?

Packing for college is always stressful, but not knowing how much space you are going to have makes it even worse. Are you going to have a wardrobe, dressers, a cabinet type thing, or a full-blown closet? It makes packing difficult and if you have a wardrobe or a cutout in the wall, you may have to buy a shower curtain to cover up all your things hanging up. Not knowing if you have a closet can add to the piles of stress that already exists.

Answer: Each dorm room should have at least one closet per student. If there is not a closet there will still be adequate room for your clothes. Not all your clothes may fit so invest in extra storage bins that can fit in your closet or under your bed.


2. Do you need to pay for laundry?

Quite frankly it sucks and we all hate doing it. Unfortunately, it is not something that we can avoid. You want to know how expensive it is so you can plan around it. Make sure you always have enough money on your ID so you can wash your clothes. Realizing you’ve run out of laundry money is almost as terrible as actually having to pay money to do it.

Answer: You have to pay for laundry, but most machines are modern enough that you don’t need to use coins and you can swipe your card instead.


3. Are the beds liftable?

Not having a lofted bed is not that bad, having one is not either. Sometimes you need to loft it for more floor space, especially to make room for more seating, a refrigerator or TV. Lofted or not, at least you know there will be a bed for you to sleep in. But warning: getting into and out of lofted beds can be a difficult endeavor if you don’t have a ladder.

Answer: It is most likely that if your beds are loftable they will already be in this style for you when you arrive at school. Usually, RAs refrain from allowing you to loft your own beds for safety purposes. Again, invest in under bed storage for extra room.


4. Are the floors co-ed?

It may not matter to some people, but having a co-ed floor is so fun. Making both guy and girl friends open up so many possibilities! While it may not be a question that you think about, for others it means everything. Same-sex dorms are not always ideal for some people. When you apply for housing do a little research, you want to know who is going to be living with you all year first instead of being unpleasantly surprised with what you don’t want.

Answer: Most dorms (especially freshman dorms) are co-ed in the sense that you share a floor with both males and females, but not bedrooms and likely not bathrooms. You can look online for specific co-ed living options here!


5. Is there air conditioning?

You do not realize how important this is until you live without it. If there is no AC, bring as many fans as you can possibly fit in there. Heat rashes and night sweats are both terrible experiences. Air conditioning will save your life and you will have tons of friends. Everyone who doesn’t have it will flock to your dorm room to get a break from the heat.

Answer: Some dorms have air conditioning and some do not. Students are not allowed to install window AC units. It’s a bit of a pain, but a bedside fan will solve that problem quickly. This is something you can also research online here!

6. What is a universal bathroom, and does UNH have them?

Basically, they are bathrooms that are gender neutral! You have the ability to use these if you are not comfortable in a same-sex bathroom. It is not something to be afraid of or intimidated by.

Answer: UNH has universal bathrooms. However, there are single-sex bathrooms too, so UNH does provide students with both options.


7. Is my bed a twin or a twin XL?

The word ‘confusion’ pretty much sums up how most students feel about this before coming to school. You do not wanna buy the wrong ones and end up with sheets that don’t fit. Make sure to do some research before you go ahead and buy your bedding.

Answer: Most likely, you should purchase extra long twin sheets for your bedding. Most dorm beds are extra long and if they aren’t you can simply tuck the extra length of fabric underneath the mattress- you won’t notice. Better safe than sorry!

8. How strict are the RAs?

First of all, they are not looking to get anyone in trouble, but if they see something dangerous or really questionable, they will stop you. It is their job after all. They are mostly there to keep everyone safe and if that means they have to call the police or 911, they will. Just remember not to be too stupid. They really do have your best interest in mind. Don’t worry about them acting like your parent or trying to limit you too much. They don’t want to have to get you in trouble just as much as you don’t want to get into trouble.

Answer: It depends. Most of them understand you’re just a student trying to have fun, but keep in mind that many RAs have a lot at stake and a lot to lose should anything bad happen under their watch-so, “keeping an eye on you” is part of their job. If you would rather your RA turned a cheek to you and your college behaviors, don’t act stupid and give them reasons not to.


9. Are there elevators?

Having an elevator is a blessing. Walking up multiple flights after a long day or an exhausting night can be terrible. Imagine having to walk up eight flights of stairs at least three times a day. Move-in day would be a nightmare without them too. You want elevators.

Answer: Yes, there are elevators. But there are also stairs if one of them is broken and the line is down the hall.

10. What is the deal with fire drills in the middle of the night?

They suck, but they are a part of the experience. Some places make you get up at 3am for a fire drill and yes, you have to follow the protocol you can’t just stay in bed. It is a terrible feeling waking up to a loud screeching alarm in the morning, but it does happen. It will also happen in the surrounding dorm buildings.

Answer: They are definitely something to be prepared for, but don’t worry they don’t happen too often. The main reasons why they go off at night is mostly because students pull them as a prank or by accident, anyway.


There you have it. There’s a lot to learn about campus living at UNH, and most can be discovered once you get here and actually move-in. But it’s easy to understand that the fear of the unknown can lead to extra stress so hopefully this article helped to clear up any confusion you have about the big things of living on campus at UNH. And if not, there are plenty more resources online and in-person that can help!

5 Opportunities at UNH You May Take for Granted

The University of New Hampshire is the place that us Wildcats call our second home, and it is also one of the top 100 universities in the Northeast region. In addition to providing outstanding academics, the opportunities at UNH are wonderful, and definitely not something you want to miss out on. Here are 5 examples:


1. Prime Location

While at UNH, you should not miss out on all of the great places that are not too far away. UNH is only an hour and forty-five minutes south of the White Mountains. Covering around a fourth of the state and being home to Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern US, this mountain range is too breathtaking for one to miss out on. On the opposite side of the spectrum, UNH is only an hour north of Boston, MA for those seeking a more urban adventure.


2. Local Treasures

Even closer to the campus of UNH, there are many places to go to as well. On campus aside from what Main Street has to offer, we have the Dairy Bar to satisfy your sweet or savory cravings. For the late night greasy/fried cravings; Kurt’s Lunchbox is a no-brainer, (if you haven’t been there you are surely missing out on the heart-or should I say stomach-of C-Lot on weekend nights.) If you’re interested in branching out a little farther, the towns of Portsmouth and Newmarket have tons of shops, boutiques, and places to eat that are definitely worth going to! For all you coffee aficionados, The Coffee Station in Newmarket is one of my favorite spots.


3. Paws & Relax

Paws & Relax is a pet therapy program offered at UNH. Hamilton is a Great Dane mix who is scheduled weekly to visit the libraries around campus and other academic buildings, for the sole purpose of brightening your day! Hamilton can be requested to visit a residence hall, Greek house, and classroom or student organization. He is even available for one-on-one therapy sessions in health services! If you are in need to de-stress, or just missing your pooch back home, Hamilton is definitely a lovable guy who is worth paying a visit too!

(Meetings can be scheduled through health services website.)


4. Seacoast Child Development Clinic

Located in Hewitt Hall, this University-run clinic “provides family-centered diagnostic evaluation and consultation to assist families of children who have developmental challenges”. In other words, families from around New Hampshire can come to UNH to have their child evaluated medically, developmentally, and educationally by UNH staff specializing in health fields. Students studying in corresponding fields have the opportunity to shadow and observe these evaluations. While this may not apply to everyone on campus, for those who are able to, a wonderfully eye-opening and insightful experience towards their future careers is provided.


5. Memorial Union Building

While many people just know the MUB as holding a few lounges and Union Court, the MUB has much more to offer. The MUB has many leisure activities such as MUB Movies at the two theaters located on the Third floor, the MUB Game Room where students can play pool, ping pong, and video games, and many events and lectures revolving around various topics that are all available on their schedule, and more!


These are just a few of the many wonderful opportunities provided to us Wildcats here at UNH! With most students only being here for four short years, there are definitely some experiences that you won’t want to miss out on here in Wildcat Country!

15 Ways to Get Fit for Spring at UNH

Even as the winter storms swirl, you’re already beginning to dream of warmer weather and parties. Oh, wait, you’re not ready – what about those last few pounds that just won’t go away? That’s not to say you’re not beautiful the way you are. It’s just acknowledging that if you’re anything like me, the compliments of others won’t stop you from desiring to get fit. So what can you do to get ready for short shorts and exposed mid-riffs to tantalize all of the people you want to want you while you drink margaritas? Let’s start with the obvious ways to get fit for Spring at UNH.

1. The Obvious: Go to the Hamel Rec Center. Work out.

The newly renovated gym holds even more resources for your best work-out ever than it did before. With cardio machines galore, updated courts, and a whole new running track, there are plenty of options. Plus there are always the offered exercise classes.

2. Take a jog or walk through College Woods.

When the weather is warm, College Woods is the ideal remote, peaceful, and expansive location for solitary exercise. Whether you prefer jogging or walking, nature’s best is on display for you while you zip by or stroll through. It’s also out of the eyes of nosy spectators, so if you’re embarrassed about your sweat, well, don’t sweat it!

3. Go sledding!

Since there’s no avoiding the snow, especially now that it’s waist deep, why not take advantage? If it was sticky snow, building a snow village, surrounded by a snow fort, from which you could hold a snowball fight, would be an awesome way to get some much-needed exercise and laughs at the same time. However, it’s too powdery for that. So in the meantime, hit the slopes – at least the ones around campus or at Wagon Hill, a simple bus ride away.

4. Join a Broomball team.

Or choose another intramural or club sport. Sports are a great, fun way to get exercise with friends, and intramural sports are pretty casual. If you’re not looking for a commitment, try intramural sports. If you’re looking for something more unique and don’t mind making a commitment, UNH has some fun club sports like Fencing and Archery.

5. Follow the Guiding Stars and sectioned plates.

Maybe it’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s certainly true. If you watch what you eat, and make sure you’re eating in a healthy manner, your body should reflect that. That doesn’t mean diet. It means to eat healthy amounts, at healthy intervals, and stay hydrated with water – not just coffee and alcohol. The dining system at UNH goes to a lot of trouble to help us understand what foods they serve are and aren’t healthy and to help us learn how to eat in healthy portions. So use those tools: follow the guiding stars and the four sections outlines on half the plates provided at the dining halls.

6. Skip dessert.

It may seem hard to do or not worth it. Still, if you really want to lose that muffin top in time for spring weather and end of the year parties or Cinco de Mayo, it’s one of the best ways. Dessert is almost never healthy and that can also affect the other foods you eat – eating sugar usually makes you crave more sugar. If you really need some quick sugar, grab some fruit. The natural sugar is much less likely to stop you from losing weight and more likely to keep you from putting it on. Don’t cave. Leave the pudding – take the fruit.

7. Eat in.

That’s right. No more Dominos, Mei Wei, DHOP, or Lexie’s. It’s a horrible thing to think, let alone say or do. Just like skipping dessert, though, it will help you get to the fitness level you’re looking to be in for party weather. We tend to eat more when we eat at a restaurant because the financial investment doesn’t seem worth it if we don’t eat the entire five-times-the-regular-portion amount of food on the plate. The best option for your health is just to give up dining out until the cocktail season has passed.

8. Buy a bike, skateboard, or roller blades.

The more fun version of taking a jog. It’s interesting to be part of something so different it’s somewhere between a dangerous moving vehicle and a pedestrian. Exhilarating, even. Sometimes running can seem too tedious and boring, so these are some great alternatives.

9. Jump in! The water’s fine.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It helps reduce body fat and build muscle. There are plenty of ways to get in laps or recreational exercise even when the outdoor pool is closed. For instance, there’s always the indoor Swasey Pool in the Field House. It’s rumored the water is even heated at times. In warmer weather, there are also many close by beaches and river swimming areas.

10. Go out dancing!

Honestly, dancing is one of the best ways to get exercise. Not only is it a great work out because it works every part of the body and gets you to sweat, but it’s fun in the process. There are also a million different ways to fit dancing into your schedule. Going to a club – or dancing in Libby’s basement, attending clubs like the Hepcats Swing Club on campus, Zumba classes at the Hamel Rec Center, and various types of Line and Contra Dancing workshops in Dover, Portsmouth, Newmarket, and other surrounding towns. Then again, you could always pull a Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain and dance down the street on your way to classes.

11. DIY Workout.

All this simply means is to create your own. For some people, this might mean doing a set of push-ups and squats every day. For others, it might mean something more creative, like creating your own aerobicize video by mashing up dance scenes from popular movies. Think up your own creative solution that will get you moving.

12. YouTube Videos are your friends.

Rather than making your own, you can rely on the original aerobicize videos – in a new format. Then again, there are plenty of videos with movie dance scenes or other dance work-outs or just regular work-outs. You can exercise in the comfort of your own home without all the prying eyes.

13. Who doesn’t love a puppy?

Get a dog. Since you will need to take your dog on walks outside, you’ll get exercise – whether you like it or not. It’s one of the only ways to really force yourself to keep to your routine and it’s clever because you also get to enjoy having a dog around the house all the time. Which is awesome. Best idea ever. Right? Of course, right.

14. Rock out to WUNH.

The wonderful UNH radio station has many DJs who play rock music and upbeat hip-hop. Dancing or exercising to music is always the most fun. This is just another great source of great music to get fit too.

15. Plan a walking date.

Having friends around always helps to keep you on track. If someone else is guilting you about missing your walking trip, you’re more likely to go next time or do not want to miss it. Nagging is sometimes a good thing. Besides, you’ll be partying with them later in the year anyway. No wonder we love our friends so much!

UNH, like most college campuses, will always encourage a healthy lifestyle, so finding ways to get fit for Spring isn’t hard. Don’t fret about wearing that bikini soon because these methods will have you trimmed and shaped and ready for those new Spring styles!

Pros and Cons of Joining a UNH Sorority

Joining a sorority at UNH, or any school for that matter, is quite the exciting experience. However, many girls wonder if it’s something really worth pursuing. Like anything in life, there are many pros and cons of becoming a part of Greek life, and it’s up to you to decide which ones outweigh the others and whether it is the best choice for you. Keep reading to weigh out the pros and cons of joining a sorority at UNH to help decide the best option for you!


Pro #1: You will meet SO many people.

When you join any club or organization at school inevitably you meet tons of people you probably never even crossed paths with before. Now it’s pretty safe to assume that if you’re joining a sorority at UNH you like being surrounded by friends and socializing, so having the opportunity to expand your friendship circle ten-fold is quite the positive attribute. Everywhere you go you see someone you know whether it’s at the gym, the dining hall, class, or just walking around campus. The best part about it is that these people aren’t just random faces you somehow recognize from a night out with your friends, they’re girls you genuinely know, like, and hang out with.


Pro #2: You will have a Big.

Speaking of people you meet, one of the most exciting is your big. You search and search, or you get lucky and immediately just know, for the perfect big who’s going to be your mom, best friend, and sister in one. Now as if having a big wasn’t exciting enough, along with her comes a plethora of other girls to call “family”. This can mean a grand big, aunt, and to be honest too many cousins to count. Knowing that you have someone, or many people, who no matter what will always have your back is the greatest feeling in the world.



Pro #3: You will NEVER be bored.

Luckily with this prioritizing of plans, you find yourself in the midst of a plethora of options coming directly from your sisters. There’s always someone to hang out with or something to do whether it’s waking up at 4:15 in the morning to watch the sunrise at the beach, going to another sorority or fraternity’s philanthropy event, or just sitting in the house eating and watching “How to Make a Murderer” on a rainy day. It could even be something as exciting and random as one of your friends getting sick and asking you to go with her date to another fraternity’s formal at 11:30PM the night before. Plans are always coming up out of nowhere, and if you’re like me and enjoy being surrounded by friends then this is your idea of paradise.


Pro #4: You will never NOT have anything to wear!

With all of these events comes the need for cute outfits, themed apparel, and formal dresses. However, we are in college here and are definitely on a budget. Luckily, your 160 sisters are always willing to let you borrow something of theirs. Even when you need a dress for a formal that you’ve been invited to less than 24 hours in advance, you know it’s as easy as posting on your Facebook page or texting a friend. Then, within an hour you have a perfectly fitting new outfit all the way down to your shoes.


Pro #5: You will always have a safe haven, a second home away from home.

Last but not least, having a place to truly call home at school if you join a sorority at UNH. This is especially true if you hate your dorm. Knowing that there’s a house down the road with a beautiful wrap around porch and four floors of girls hanging out, laughing, and always willing to welcome your company is truly amazing.


Con #1: There is a slight divide between Greek life and non-Greek life.

Now obviously making all these new friends, and feeling like you’ve found your people, bridesmaids, and long-lost sisters are incredible. You don’t want your non-sorority friends to feel like you’re leaving them behind and forgetting about them, but you do want to utilize any and every opportunity to become closer with your new sisters. It becomes a juggling act that can be hard to manage especially if you’re a very active member of your sorority. At times you feel like an outsider in your friend group, not knowing the inside jokes and awkwardly trying to laugh along and make up for missed time. There’s really no easy way to deal with this, and it’ll always be a component of your life when one group of your friends is in a sorority and the other group isn’t.


Con #2: You will have to learn how to prioritize your plans and obligations.

Along the same lines is the difficulty of prioritizing events. Of course, there’s going to be a lot going on in your life and in your friends’, after all this is college. So it becomes quite difficult to decide when to hang out with your friends who aren’t in a sorority at UNH, and when to be absolutely sure you won’t be missing a “risky business” themed social. In a perfect world, everyone’s schedules would be compatible making this decision nonexistent. While you wait for that to happen, you’ll have to continue managing your time efficiently, and maybe missing out on a sister bonding experience to the trampoline park just, to spend some much needed and missed quality time with your roommate.


Con #3: Sometimes, you will have to do some things you don’t necessarily want to do.

However, although you may find yourself always having someplace to go and something to do, it’s not always something you necessarily want to do. Maybe you have a huge exam and paper due on Tuesday that you’re totally stressed about, but unfortunately for you, there’s the weekly chapter meeting Monday night that no matter how badly you want to skip you can’t. Or maybe you’re required to walk around a track until 12AM on one of the last Saturdays of the semester. Regardless of whether it’s an event you signed up for and aren’t feeling up for it at the last minute or a mandatory event for all the sisters that’s at a conflicting time for you; not all of the plans that arise are going to be ones you are particularly excited for or too keen on attending.


If you’re thinking about rushing this semester or next, think about these things before doing so! There are a few drawbacks to being in a sorority, but also a bunch of pros too. It’s up to you what kind of college life you want!

10 Date Ideas Around UNH

Tired of the same old dinner and a movie dates? Then look no further! With its own picturesque college downtown, a short drive from the seacoast, easy access to the Amtrak, and beautiful New Hampshire scenery, Durham is overflowing with ways to spend the day or night with your significant other. Get ready to be the ultimate couple goals and make lasting memories on one or all of these 10 cute date ideas around UNH.

tumblr couple


1. Route 1A and Rye Beach

Contrary to popular belief, New Hampshire isn’t actually in the middle of nowhere and has a lot of beautiful seacoast scenery. If you have a car on campus and are a fan of sand between your toes, then consider taking a drive along Route 1A to Rye Beach. A relatively short distance, only about 30 minutes from Durham, Route 1A offers a breathtaking expanse of the oceanic landscape to admire along your way to the beach.

Once at Rye Beach, you and your significant other can enjoy the beauty of the ocean listening to the waves hit the shore and taking in the fresh scent of salt wafting through the air. Take a romantic stroll along the shore, pack a picnic, or just relax in one another’s company. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, plan your date around the sunset or even sunrise. This is certainly a cheap and very romantic way to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend or win over someone’s heart on the first date.


2. York, Maine

If you’re a fan of beaches, short road trips, and coastlines then there’s also York, Maine. It’s a little further north of Durham, but it’s definitely another great place for a scenic date. Stop by the lighthouse and sit on the rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean for a romantic getaway that will be sure to take your breath away. Although it’s only a 30-minute drive, making this a weekend day trip be sure to explore the quaint seaside town and grab some delicious and fresh seafood as well. It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday or beat the “Sunday blues”.


3. College Woods

If you love being active, then grab your boyfriend or girlfriend and go for a walk through College Woods. Located right on the UNH campus, there’s no better way to spend a New England fall day, especially if the foliage is at its height. Of course, a walk through the woods during the winter isn’t a bad date either, the day might be better enjoyed during a warmer season especially when the leaves are turning vibrant shades of red, gold, and orange adding a spectacular, seasonal specialty. Overall, this is a relatively low-key, relaxed date that will give you a wonderful opportunity to either spend some quality time with your significant other or really get to know your crush.


4. Downtown Portsmouth, NH

If you’re looking to get away from Durham and nature, then Portsmouth is a great place to visit. You can even take the Wildcat transit there if you don’t have a car on campus or don’t feel like dealing with parking. There’s a plethora of restaurants to choose from and a ton of little shops and boutiques worth meandering through. Any time of day or year you’ll find many ways to keep your date as exciting as possible. Stop by Kilwin’s for some decadent chocolates and then head next door to Popovers for a steaming hot latte, both a relaxing way to rest your feet after strolling the streets of downtown Portsmouth.


5. The Spot and The Juicery

Trying different (and healthy) food is always a great date idea. Sharing in new experiences helps couples grow closer, so why not take advantage of this whether you’re in a long-term committed relationship or are just looking to take a cutie out and get to know him or her better? And believe it or not, Durham is the perfect place to do this. With so many new eateries there are plenty of options to try. If you don’t have a lot of time and want a quick and easy place, then go to The Spot for a refreshing acai bowl, papaya bowl, or smoothie. It’ll be sure to hit the spot (pun intended). Another great option if you’re in the mood for a healthy and filling smoothie is the Juicery. Both restaurants are located right in the center of town so it’s an easy walk no matter the time of year.


6. Gables Pond

If you’re looking to stay on campus and enjoy some fresh New Hampshire air, then pack up a picnic and head over to the Gables Pond. Just a short walk or bus ride from anywhere on campus located around the back of the Gables, this is certainly a great and cheap way to spend your day. Of course, Durham is known for its many months of endless winter, so if snow and cold are in the way of a picnic then grab your ice skates and a thermos of hot chocolate instead.


7. Breakfast at Young’s Restaurant

Although food is one of the most important parts of life, dinner dates can quickly start to feel redundant. A fun way to switch it up would be to go out to breakfast instead, the perfect fresh and innovative alternative. Young’s Restaurant located right in the center of Durham is precisely the place to go. Who doesn’t love a nice and hearty breakfast to start the day, especially when it’s spent in the company of someone cute? Starting the day early with a mouthwatering plate of bacon and eggs will without a doubt lead your relationship onto the road to success.


8. The Coffee Station

If you have a car on campus and enjoy a good old coffee shop date, then consider driving to the Coffee Station. It’s only 10 minutes away, and what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with its coffee. Although it’s a drive-thru it’s still a cute and cheap date, which is more than ideal for a college student budget. With their unique flavors that change by the day, you’re sure to leave both content and caffeinated. The drive to and from the place is also the perfect time to have some uninterrupted one-on-one conversation. It’s an easy quick date, but one that is sure to be a hit because let’s be honest here, what New Englander doesn’t love a refreshing iced coffee?


9. Free Skate at the Whitt

The winter months in Durham can really drag on for what feels like a never-ending brigade of snow and cold. Although this leaves many of us with a desperate desire for the beach, there are still plenty of fun activities that can make for a delightful date. Instead of opting for another day inside curled up with a piping hot mug of hot chocolate, take a more adventurous option and head over to the Whittemore Center for the free skate. Several times a week the rink is open to UNH students making for a picturesque winter date. You can even rent skates, so there’s really no excuse for you not to try it out at least once. Stay extra warm (and balanced) by holding your date’s hand as you both circle around on the ice talking and enjoying each other’s company.


10. Take the Amtrak to Portland or Boston

One last date idea around UNH is, in fact, that one of the best parts about Durham’s location is its easy access to the Amtrak. If you have the time and a spare $19 per person, then walk over to the Dairy Bar, located next to the Whittemore Center, and hop on the train to either Portland or Boston. Both locations will give you an unforgettable day or evening filled with exploration, delicious food, and new adventures. It’s the perfect date if you’re looking to get away from New Hampshire for longer than a few hours and explore a new city. The hustle of the metropolitan area will also add an extra touch of excitement and give a spark of romance to an already existing or new relationship.


Well, there you have it! There are so many cute ideas for dates around UNH so be sure to put yourself out there and meet someone special. Live while you’re young!

10 Free Things to Do Around UNH

As much as we all love UNH, it is one of the most expensive public college in the country. With $4118 of your hard-earned summer paycheck going to the cheapest meal plan, $6820 to pay for a double room, and $3019 going to “mandatory fees”, you don’t have much left over for spending on the weekends. Thankfully, a good portion of that money comes back to students in the form of campus rec whether we use it or not, so you might as well take advantage of these fun and free opportunities. Keep reading for 10 free things to do around UNH!

1. Go for a bike ride through College Woods.

Clear your head with a walk or bike ride through the great ole outdoors. It’s one of the most relaxing and free things to do around UNH. Or if you are like me, and love to do schoolwork outside but often catch yourself wasting time people-watching, then College Woods is a fantastic distraction-free option. If you have a hammock, bring it! If you have a dog, bring it! Entrances are behind the Field House to the right of the train tracks and a bit farther down Main Street opposite the horse barns. The map should be at kiosks at the entrances, please don’t get lost.


2. Cheer on the Wildcats!

Every sports game is free to UNH students. You would not believe how many students are not aware of this. “Hey John, you going to the hockey game tonight?” “Nah man, I don’t have the money to pay for a ticket.” No metaphorical John! They are completely free and you do not need to be a good sports spectator to have a blast. The CatPack, marching band, mascots, and dedicated alumni do an amazing job of getting the crowd involved.

Game day is one of the best free things to do around UNH!


3. Ice Skating at the Whitt.

Enjoy some authentic New Hampshire recreation! Take a break from the library and head to a free skate session at the Whitt. If you a native New Hampshirite you probably already own a pair of 30-year-old hand-me-down skates, but just in case you need a pair, rentals are $3 (Pro tip: Girls, go down two sizes from your regular shoe size. Guys, go down one size). There are even special Stick & Puck times if you really want to live your fantasy as a Wildcat hockey player. Times vary every week so check the website.


4. Sign up for intramurals!

You don’t have a chance of making a D1 team, don’t have time to devote to a club sport, but still want to play [insert sports name here]? Campus rec coordinates many intramural and tournament leagues sports throughout the year. This fall hosted soccer, flag football, volleyball, and of course, the world-famous broomball. You can’t just go to college in New Hampshire and not take advantage of a free chance to play run around an ice rink with sneakers, hitting a ball with a broom. For even less time commitment (usually a week or less), jump into a tournament league. You’ll have to wait until spring semester to join a league but you’re still in time to register to play in the futsal, ice hockey, basketball, billiards, and ping pong tourneys! Find more details here.


5. MUB theater movies!

Spent all your money on books and have none to spend on your sweetie? Do you celebrate Thirsty Thursday with a large fountain drink? Free movies in the MUB Theaters Thursday through Sunday, with starting times usually varying between 7:30pm and 10:00pm. This semester has hosted Finding Dory, Neighbors 2, Suicide Squad, Sausage Party, and quite a few other 2016 blockbusters. You might still be in time to catch Jason Bourne, Hell or High Water, Star Trek Beyond, and Nerve. The theaters are genuinely gorgeous too, they give Cinemagic a run for their money. The only downside is that movie weekends end a couple weeks early of winter break. Check the UNH Mobile app for movie time details!


6. Join an org!

Beyond being a wonderful way to take a break from academics, meet people with similar interests, and build a grad school resumé, joining a club might mean the ability to do something you love for free! Outside of member dues, student organizations receive some money out of the student activity fee (some clubs are also sponsored by outside sources), meaning that some of your clubs’ campus events, apparel, and even trips could come at no cost to you! From hitting the trails with Horsemen’s Club to dancing the night away with the EDM Club, there is something for everyone.


7. Take advantage of MUB events.

Stay on top of MUB events with the UNH Mobile app! Don’t be like me and hear from your hallmates that you missed meeting Grey’s Anatomy cast members or free airbrushed laundry bags (one of those things is clearly more important than the other but you get the point). This month the MUB will host Relaxation Stations, a Diwali celebration, a contra dance night, stand-up comic Kelly MacFarland and Jay Dukes, and most importantly, bingo night! How can you beat those free things to do around UNH? Be there or be the one hearing how much fun it was from your hallmates.


8. Don’t miss out on dorm socials.

Okay, this one is really subjective, but let’s hope that your RAs and hall directors are as fabulous. The events they put on are some of the best free things to do around UNH. In my dorm, Mondays are looked forward to because that is when you get your “This Week in Peterson” email. This email will reveal the fun events and freebies offered to the residents. In just over two months, you and your hallmates could have made a cake in a mug, carved pumpkins, received flowers for the rooms, attended two B-Dubs parties, and colored so, so, so many pictures for free! So in conclusion, if your dorm hosts these socials, go to them! If they don’t, make sure you request Peterson Hall next year.


9. Make a splash!

The brand new outdoor pool it won’t reopen until mid-June of next year, but until then the indoor Swasey offers plenty of free swim time and aquatic programs to keep you in the water all through winter. There are varying lap swim times every day if you would rather hit the pool than the gym and open swim times on weekends if you wanna just splash around with your friends. One of the true hidden gems of UNH is Wednesday night pool kayaking from 9:00pm to 11:00pm, free to students, no registration needed, just pop in and get paddling. There are even instructors there to help you if you are a beginner! More programs like lifeguard certification and advanced swim training are offered for an extra fee. Check the website for details.


10. Enjoy the ice cream smorgasbord in the dining halls!

Listen to me: Do. Not. Go out for ice cream Saturday through Monday. Not even the Dairy Bar. Save that cash and still collect on the creamy goodness. Hit the ice cream smorgasbord as it travels through the dining halls. Classic chocolate and vanilla plus four new flavors every week, one of which will be a non-dairy option. We’re talking unlimited scoops, unlimited hot fudge, unlimited caramel sauce, unlimited toppings. It’s beautiful and easily the most delicious of free things to do around UNH. If you really want to make an event or a cute little date out of going out for ice cream, eat dinner at one of the other dining halls then take an evening stroll to the dining hall hosting the smorgasbord. Saturdays: Hoco 4:30pm to 9:00pm. Sundays: Philly 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Mondays: Stillings 4:30pm to 8:00pm. Share. Save a life.


So, there you have it! The next time you think there’s nothing to do for free around UNH, check again! Any of these options are sure to become routine during your four years of being a Wildcat.

9 Things You’ll Never Hear a UNH Student Say

There’s a lot of talk around the University of New Hampshire campus, whether it’s between friends or you just hear it walking from class to class. But there are some things you may never hear a student say at UNH, such as:

1. “Wow, there was no line at DHop on Saturday night!”

We all know you will never hear this sentence because as the drunk crowd stumbles down Main Street in the late hours of the night, the line will go out the door and around the corner. And you’ve definitely waited for it too.

2. “I didn’t break a sweat walking up the side hill to the library.”

You did break a sweat, you were out of breath and you almost turned back around to head back to your room. That hill is probably the worst thing ever made and it doesn’t even feel like your legs are moving.

3. “I regret eating WildKitty last night.”

If you think for one second that you wish you didn’t eat WildKitty last night, are you even a Wildcat? WildKitty is the best thing ever invented. Ever.

4. “It was just a normal night at Stoke without any police visits.”

You know you will never hear a soul say this around campus. The police might as well have a room on the first floor of Stoke for how much they are there. You also pull yourself together real quick when you see those pretty blue lights… don’t lie.

5. “I walked from the Gables to my class because I felt like it.”

No one in their right mind walks from the Gables anywhere. You know you check the bus schedule every 5 seconds just so you don’t miss it because there’s no way your little feet are walking that far.

6. “I want to go to HOCO for dinner at 6:30.”

No. Just No. No one will ever say they went to HOCO at 6:30 for dinner, that is prime dinner rush and you’ll be waiting in line for 20 minutes for a cold piece of pizza.

7. “I think I’ll go to the big hockey rival game 10 minutes before it starts!”

We’ve all made this mistake. No one should ever say that because you won’t get a seat and then you’ll get kicked out of your seat 5 different times because someone purchased those seats. You’ll never hear me say this again.

8. “Let’s go to the bookstore after the first day of classes!”

The line will be circling around the entire store and you might as well bring some snacks because you will be there all day!


9. “Is today really a great day to be a Wildcat?”

If you ever question this, you might as well transfer to the University of Maine. Everyone knows that EVERYDAY IS A GREAT DAY TO BE A WILDCAT!!!

Well, there you have it. Although these may seem random, once you’ve been on campus for at least a semester you will understand most. Every day is a great day to be a Wildcat-and to never say these quotes.

4 Things That Make the Typical Day of a UNH Student

Being a Wildcat requires the perfect balance between school, sleep, sports, and nights out. Thankfully we’ve got it down to a science! Here’s what a typical day as a student at the University of New Hampshire is all about.

1.Woke Up Like This

We all have that dreaded 8 am class that we never want to go to, but at the same time, we need it to graduate. UNH students are pretty good about getting out of bed on time, and that is because the dining halls have pretty bomb breakfast. Philbrook has a phenomenal omelet bar and there is always a great selection of breakfast foods to kick-start the day. Besides breakfast, it also a great idea to give yourself time in the morning, and it may be hard with an 8 am. However, if you have a later class in the morning, still try to get up earlier. It can really put your mind at ease if you give yourself extra time to browse your closet for your outfit for the day, making sure you have everything you need for the day, and even to put some makeup one before you leave the dorm for good. Make sure you take the time each morning to get organized, that way you’re not flustered or forgetting anything throughout the rest of the day. The last thing you want to do is start the day our rushed or panicked.



2.Study Time

It is always important to find time in between your classes to sit down, take out your agenda, notebooks, textbooks, etc, and get yourself organized and caught up. Check your agenda regularly just to be sure you are caught up with everything and the act of writing them down and reviewing them will make it less likely you will forget them.  Taking time out of your day to get your bearings together is a really great way to keep you stress-free and on top of your homework and studying. We all know how good it feels to get that pesky assignment that is due in a couple weeks done and taken care of. Union Court in the Memorial Building is a great place for you to sit down at a table, spread out, and let you catch up and get your life organized and making you feel very adult. These study breaks are paired great with a coffee and a little healthy snack.


3.Nap Time

Let’s be honest: college is kind of a bitch. It takes a lot out of you and even getting through one class can knock you out. So, an hour or two spent napping in your dorm is not a bad thing. College students are experts at napping, and it is a valuable life skill too. It can recharge your batteries and there is nothing wrong with getting a little more sleep. Even if you don’t feel like sleeping but your mind just needs to shut off for a little bit, watching a couple episodes of your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix can also do the trick. If you have to nap or relax in between classes or meetings, remember to set your phone alarm because the last thing you want to do it miss anything and have your only excuse be that you were napping!


4.Gym Life

As lazy as you may feel on any given day, working out can improve more than just your body. Exercising helps clear your mind, lighten your mood, and you can let out any stress you may feel. It just so happens UNH’s gym is a bomb and free and open all day. There is nothing better than exhausting yourself by exercising and you will sleep better too. Plus, exercising daily makes those cheat days not feel as bad and guilt-ridden, and have you seen the UNH dining halls; they are a delicious hell. Exercising can also help you study better; you feel more productive after you work out as opposed to sitting around all day watching TV all day. Taking flash cards with you to the gym is another great idea. And if you ever having the internal war about going to the gym, just think of it as this: what would the Rock do? He would go work out. And if you are confused or don’t know what to focus on when exercising, the UNH gym helps with that. They have a variety of machines and equipment that will help with whatever area that you want to work on that day, whether it’d be abs, cardio, arms and so on.


There you have it, folks! These things you will definitely find becoming your life when you move onto campus and become an official Wildcat! It’s both scary and exciting, but once you get into the groove of things, you’ll look back at this article and be like “… oh, yeah… she was right…”

10 Most Delicious Things to Eat at UNH

Whether you’re a picky eater or eat whatever is put in front of you, there are some things you simply cannot resist. Between Durham and Portsmouth, around The University of New Hampshire campus, there are some restaurants you can not pass up! So before you Graduate and move on with your life, give some of these things you need to eat around UNH a go!

1. Egg Breakfast Sandwich – The Works

An all-time favorite meal of the day is breakfast so you can not pass up an egg and bacon sandwich on an original “Works” bagel. It’s simply to-die-for, and if you’re not picky like me, go ahead and add cheese!

2. BBQ Bacon Burger – WildKitty

You’ve probably heard about this place way too much, but no one can lie. WILDKITTY IS AMAZING They have everything that will satisfy your hunger, craving and post party needs. The late hours are really convenient for midnight cravings and the service workers are always so cheerful and nice.

3. Buffalo Chicken Pizza – DHOP

DHOP is simply #life for every Wildcat and the buffalo chicken pizza will have your mouth drooling by the time you step inside the door. DHOP is a lifestyle here at the University of New Hampshire. An absolute MUST eat around UNH.

jennifer lawrence meme asking where is the pizza

4. Lo Mein, Chicken, Spring Rolls – Mei Wei

Everything about this small Chinese restaurant off of Main Street is delicious. You can’t go wrong with ordering everything on the menu. A cold winter night with a little takeout Chinese food sounds like a perfect night to me.

5. Dairy Bar Club, Camp Fire Smores Ice Cream – Dairy Bar

From breakfast to a cold treat to fulfill your every needs the Dairy Bar is the ultimate place to go on campus. Not to mention…Lil Uzi Vert stopped by for lunch before the big fall concert, just saying.

6. King’s Way Crepe – The Friendly Toast

A little way off campus but not too far enough. Portsmouth, New Hampshire  is a part of the college experience here at UNH. Now, before you graduate you MUST, absolutely MUST go to the Friendly Toast and try their crepes. The caramelized bananas will you having screaming B is for Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!!!

7. Pulled Pork Sandwich – Portsmouth Brewery

In the heart of Portsmouth is a great pub by all the shops and tourist locations. It may be a little way of a trip from campus but after you indulge yourself in a pulled pork sandwich it will be worth it. It’s the ideal date night or just a night out on the town with your friends you HAVE to stop by the Portsmouth Brewery before you graduate!

8. FUDGE! – Kilwins

Portsmouth has it all, from perfect restaurants with great food to the ultimate dessert shop! They have everything from candies, gelato, caramel apples and Fudge. Creamy, delicious, mouth-watering FUDGE! Holy fudge, it’s the best fudge ever. If you haven’t been you have to go and it will leave you saying #lifemade !!!!!!

9. Mocha Mud Pie – Annabelle’s Homemade Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth for ice cream Annabelle’s homemade ice cream is the shop for you. A small little hole in the wall shop is amazing. The aesthetic of the shop is so cute and relaxing and not to mention the ice cream is to DIE for. Satisfy your cravings, you deserve it!

10. OG Acai Bowl – The Spot

A more healthy choice for an on-campus treat is The Spot. It’s located right on Main Street and will have your taste buds thinking you’re eating a bowl of ice cream but really you’ll be treating your body to something healthy and nutritious. It’s basically the best of both worlds on campus at The Spot!

And there you have it! The next time you want to skip out on the dining hall food but don’t know where to go, try one or many of these options! You definitely won’t regret it, and all of these places are quite Wildcat friendly! Go, team!