UNH Online Tutoring Services

If you find that you are having difficulty understanding your course material at the University of New Hampshire, then you’ve come to the right place.

Janine the Tutor is a private tutoring service that provides supplemental instruction, and other related services to high school and college students in New Hampshire. These are online tutoring sessions that can be done in one-on-ones and in small groups.

Janine the Tutor aims to help students grasp a deeper understanding of course materials. It provides students with study skills and strategies that they can apply in their course assignments and prepare for their exams.

Tutors come from different universities, and specialize in a wide variety of subjects. The two main areas are Mathematics tutoring and Chemistry tutoring at the University of New Hampshire.

Additionally, they also have SAT and ACT tutoring for high school students around New Hampshire.

Please book a call with Janine the Tutor for a 10 minute consultation. Note that tutoring availability may be limited during exam season. Book early to reserve your spot! If your class is not listed below, give us a call and we will find the right tutor for you!

Course CodeCourse Name
CHEM 403General Chemistry I
CHEM 404General Chemistry II
CHEM 404HHonors/General Chemistry II
CHEM 405Chemical Principles for Engineers
CHEM 409Chemistry and Society
CHEM 411Introductory Chemistry for Life Sciences
CHEM 413General Chemistry Lecture I
CHEM 414General Chemistry Lab I
CHEM 415General Chemistry Lecture II
CHEM 416General Chemistry Lab II
CHEM 517Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 518Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
CHEM 545Organic Chemistry
CHEM 546Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 547Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 548Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 549Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 550Organic Chemistry Laboratory
MATH 301Elementary Math I
MATH 302Elementary Math II
MATH 418Analysis and Applications of Functions
MATH 420Finite Mathematics
MATH 422Mathematics for Business Applications
MATH 424ACalculus for Social Sciences
MATH 424BCalculus for Life Sciences
MATH 425Calculus I
MATH 425HHonors/Calculus I
MATH 426Calculus II
MATH 426HHonors/Calculus II
MATH 439Statistical Discovery for Everyone

10 Hardest Courses at the University of New Hampshire

University studies are no walk in the park. It is because they are advanced and a level high from the high school ones. In universities, students not only learn the concepts of the course, but also need to critically approach them. In this respect, we will now explore some of the hardest courses in the University of New Hampshire.

1. PHYS 702 (01) – Quantum Mechanics II

Light quantum mechanics

The name of the course itself sounds very hard and challenging. Students need to understand the concepts of the Schroedinger equation and the hydrogen atom very thoroughly. Then they have to apply them critically in understanding the complex nuclear and atomic structures of elements.

2. PHYS 703 (01) – Electricity and Magnetism I

A blub and magnet

This course not only deals with an understanding of electromagnetism and Maxwell field theory but also requires you to apply them. Also, students will need to identify situations where they can use these theories and develop a critical approach when answering exam questions.

3. MUSI 401 (01) – Introduction to Music

Music symbols

In this course, students need to develop their listening skills as they need to approach the subject critically. Although the history of music is important here, the main focus is on analysis of the music through different approaches. Also, you will need to take part in university music to approach this course with a better understanding.

4. ESCI 401 (01) – Dynamic Earth

Image of globe

This course is very lengthy and hard as students need to learn a lot about minerals, rocks, and landscapes. Also, they need to learn the different types of natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, avalanches and how they change the earth surface. A majority of the work is theory-based but camp field trips are also part of the course. There, the students need to experience the concept of surviving in harsh conditions.

5. BIOL 411 (01) – Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular

structure of DNA

This course introduces complex topics such as the structure of cells, genetic functioning, tissues and concepts related to heredity. Also, students need to undergo tough lab experiments and practical work.

6. BMCB 658 (01) – General Biochemistry

Diagram showing chemical composition of cell

This course is very long and requires a full understanding of the hard topics of biochemistry to pass the exam. In this course, students need to carefully study the complex structure of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Only then, they will be able to analyze the composition of these nutrients in different food diets.

7. NUTR 400 (01) – Nutrition in Health and Well Being

fruits and salad

It is necessary that students at this point should have complete knowledge regarding nutrition and what is right to eat. Thus, you will need to learn the science behind different nutrition-based foods and how they impact our body physically and mentally. With such broad topics and concepts, the course becomes difficult.

8. NURS 450 (01) – Making Babies: Technology, Nature, and Social Context

3 babies

This course deals with the rising problems of infertility in the world. In this respect, the course highlights the concepts of IVF, human genetic network and prenatal analysis and treatment. As these concepts are totally new, the students need to understand the technologies and thinking behind them. In this way, they can apply them in their answers and in real life situations in a wider sense.

9. SOC 400 (02) – Introductory Sociology

8 men sitting on chairs and talking with each other

This course is both theoretical and practical. At first, students need to get good command on all the theories related to society and its concerns. Then, they need to work on their researching skills so that they can easily connect with society in real life situations.

10. SAFS 405 (01) – Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production

Agricultural land

In this course, the stress is on two hard concepts regarding agriculture. They include food that is environmentally friendly and the second is organic food. Also, the course discusses the scientific and biological processes that concern the production of organic food and how far the communities are accepting it.

Thus, with these courses students find it hard to maintain their GPA every semester. But, if they show a serious attitude towards these courses and alot enough time to study, they will be doable.

10 Coolest Courses at University of New Hampshire

In order to become the best student that you can be, you need to succeed academically. The best way to do this is to pick some of the cooler classes offered. Here are the ten coolest classes offered at the University of New Hampshire!

1. ACFI 708- Real Estate Finance

The first interesting course that you should consider taking is Real Estate Finance. This is a great class that can give you some good insight in the real estate world. This can give you a leg up on the competition. 

a real estate graphic

2. CHEM 408- Green Goggles

One of the most unique classes offered at this school is Green Goggles. This is a chemistry class that focuses on being environmentally friendly. The professors of this department are dedicated to keeping the environment healthy and thriving. 

a green city landscape

3. CA 500- Media Writing

If you want to write for the media, you should start by taking Media Writing. This class will show you the very specific writing style that this industry harbors. You will use this information in the real world every single day with this type of job. 

a bunch of forms of media

4. MKTG 557- Promotion and Advertising

One of the more interesting marketing classes that you can take is Promotion and Advertising. As the name of the class implies, you will learn how to effectively promote products and services. This is a great skill to have. 

terms of advertising
different aspects of marketing

5. ZOOL 412- Biology of Animals 

If you love animals, Biology of Animals may be the class for you. You will learn about how animals function and live in this world. That will give you a good sense of the natural world. 

Zoology: A study of the animal world

6. ARTS 401- Principles of Design

One of the coolest art classes that you can take is Principles of Design. More specifically, this class shows you how to make good designs that consumers love. This will make your art skills much stronger in the real world. 

a nice design

7. ANTH 412- Broken Pots and Buried Cities

Broken Pots and Buried Cities is a very interesting anthropology class that is available. You will study ancient relics and see the old cultures that were on this earth many years ago. This will give you an ancient view of history. 

an old civilization

8. CMN 455- Introduction to Media Studies

Another media-based class that you can take is Introduction to Media Studies. This class dives into how the media work and run every day around the world. This is a cool class because all of the material is very relevant. 

media outlets and their logos

9. NURS 504- Disease and Drugs 

Disease and Drugs will probably be the coolest class that you take if you are in the nursing program. That being said, you should take this class to see how drugs and disease affect people. This will be a very fun time for you at school. 

some different pills and drugs

10. NUTR 405- Food and Society

The final cool course that you need to take advantage of is Food and Society. It is no secret that food plays a big role on the world. That being said, this material will be current and interesting. 

Selection of fruit and vegetables

Health and Wellness at the University of New Hampshire

When stress levels spike or you have a fever, your school performance is one of the first in line to feel the impact. Your academic grades, research projects, and even your extracurricular activities are affected by any health and mental problems. Therefore, It is vital to know the health and wellness services your campus offers to prevent the effects of health and mental issues before they get serious. The University of New Hampshire (UNH) provides health and wellness services to its students, faculty, and staff. To learn more about these services, continue reading below.

1) Health & Wellness Services

Health & Wellness staff photo

The University of New Hampshire student’s first choice for health education and care is the Health & Wellness Services. It is nationally recognized for six consecutive years by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. The Health & Wellness of UNH offer holistic care and services, health promotion and illness prevention, public health and leadership services and learning opportunities. The quality wellness education and medical care of this program are open to all UNH students, employees and UNH dependents.

2) Student Accessibility Services

The Student Accessibility Services located at Smith Hall.

Formerly known as the Disability Services for Students, the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) of the University of New Hampshire promotes personal independence and student development that are necessary to achieve academic success. They strive to build a welcoming community that advocates equality for all the students of UNH. If you want to learn more about the specific services that SAS offers, you can email them or access their official site.

3) Psychological and Counseling Services

Staff of Psychological and Counseling Services

Life on a university campus can be challenging. At times, you’ll find yourself mentally exhausted with the demanding academics and activities, but here at the University of New Hampshire, you can ensure a more comfortable and relaxed campus life. With the aid of the Psychological and Counseling Services that the university offer, you can enhance your abilities and fulfill your academic dreams without any mental or personal issues. The Psychological and Counseling Services at UNH provides education and support through confidential counseling, outreach, prevention services and psychiatric consultation. To avail of these services, you can call or visit them to make an appointment.

4) ConvenientMD Urgent Care

ConvenientMD Urgent Care clinic

For emergency concerns, you can seek help at one of the urgent care centers near the University of New Hampshire – the ConvenientMD Urgent Care center. It is just short distance from UNH. This urgent care center provides compassionate, quality and emergency healthcare to the Durham community. The center is complete with a professional medical team, including a doctor who is always on site. So, if you have minor urgent care needs, the ConvenientMD can serve you professionally and quickly. An appointment is not required, you can simply walk-in and let the medical team assess you.

5) Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare center activities

One of the recent development of health and wellness services at UNH is the establishment of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center. It was just launched 3 years ago and aims to advance the outdoor behavioral healthcare field of the campus by using evidence-based research and developing effective treatment and best practices. The center’s main vision is to reduce the overall rate of substance abuse and mental health issues by 2020.

Health and wellness significantly matters because in everything you do and every emotion you feel relates to your overall well-being. Studying can be less stressful when you have optimum mental and physical health. Have access to the University of New Hampshire Health and Wellness services and live a healthy campus life!

Top 10 Majors Offered at UNH

The University of New Hampshire is a public research institution in New Hampshire. Established in 1866, the school is both the largest and flagship university of New Hampshire. Over a hundred majors are offered at the University of Kentucky, and this list contains the top 10 majors offered at the University of New Hampshire.

1. Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Medicine (B.S. M.S.)

A biomedical scientist working in the laboratory

Over the last few years, the University of New Hampshire has experienced an increasing interest in its biomedical sciences and molecular medicine programs. This is because the department excels in biomedical sciences, biochemistry, genomics, and microbiology.

2. Business Administration (B.S. M.S. / MBA)

A meeting of business managers

The University of New Hampshire has a standout business school with business administration being the premier major. The department graduates more than 700 students annually. Students are provided with the skills and pillars of a business and educations to be able to take on administration roles in business and non-business oriented organizations.

3. Communications (B.A.)

Communication: An illustration for corporate discussion

The University of New Hampshire is a great place to pursue a major in communications. The program focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to take on careers that require the analyzing, description, describing, and solving problems in communication patterns.

4. English (B.A., M.A., & Ph.D.)

An introduction to English language

English is also one of the most sought-after majors at the University of New Hampshire, and the school offers the best programs at different levels. The programs offered at the school are structured to train students who are imaginative and can solve real-world problems using their knowledge in English.

5. Food and Nutrition Studies (B.S. M.S.)

A Keto diet food pyramid

At the University of New Hampshire, food and nutrition science is one of the most popular majors. Students who complete this major can pursue careers in medicine, pharmacy, the health care industry or become a nutrition specialist.

6. Human Development & Family Studies (B.S. & M.S.)

A happy family of four

The human development program is interdisciplinary which gives students the knowledge and skill to work in different organizations including in education, social services, and health care.

7. Mechanical Engineering (B.S. M.S.)

The model for a car engine

Mechanical engineering is the most popular engineering major offered at the University of New Hampshire. As a research-centric university, next-generation advancements in mechanical engineering is one of the core convictions of the school.

8. Political Science and Government (B.A. M.A.)

Background text pattern concept wordcloud illustration of political science

The University of New Hampshire is a great place to study political science. The major concentration areas are American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory. National security, global poverty, and terrorism are also part of the curriculum.

9. Psychology (B.A. M.A. & Ph.D.)

Virtual representation of a human brain

Psychology is one of the most popular majors at the University of New Hampshire. The department focuses on the scientific study of human and non-human behavior. The school also has strong partnerships with nationally recognized organizations which server as places of learning for students.

10.  Recreation Management & Policy (B.A. M.A.)

Recreation studies: where passion meets profession

The University of New Hampshire offers a great recreation management and policy program. The program is designed to give students a strong liberal arts background that prepares students for careers in program management and clinical services.

10 UNH Library Resources You Need To Know About

Sometimes, college can be really, really hard. When it does get really hard, resources are your best friend. Luckily, at the University of New Hampshire, there are plenty of resources that you can find.

1. Connors Writing Center

Connors Writing Center, UNH

Although this is not a library, the Connors Writing Center provides free writing conferences to all UNH citizens. This means students, faculty and staff. Each conference is just under an hour long, and are conducted by trained undergrad and graduate students. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?

2. Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Online Writing Lab Logo - Owl perched on a pencil

The OWL is a great resource for students who need help with writing, but may not have the time or didn’t make an appointment at the Connors Writing Center. Students, faculty or staff can submit up to twenty pages of double-spaced writing to be edited and helped with. The OWL is completely free to all UNH citizens.

3. Natural Sciences Resource Center

 Natural Sciences Resource Center

In the Natural Sciences Resource Center, students can find help and literature in the biological sciences collections. They can also receive reference services and instruction sessions. It’s like a Connors Writing Center, but for the Natural Sciences!

4. Geospatial Services Center

Geospatial Services Center

The Geospatial Services Center (GPS) offers assistance with geospatial technology and finding data sources for analysis. The GPS can be found inside the Dimond Library.

5. Academic Technology (AT)

 Academic Technology

At UNH, Academic Technology is part of the Information Technology (IT) in the Dimond Library. AT provides help for knowledge, information, and research for all aspects of college. There are plenty of options that can be pursued through AT, such as writing programs, university Honors Program, and ROTC for both Army and Air Force, just to name a few.

6. Digital Collections

Digital Collections

The Digital Collections of UNH contain all digital versions of books, letters, photographs and so much more. The Digital Collections are mostly focused around the history of New Hampshire, but also contains books and archives on fly fishing, poetry, music, and science.

7. UNH Scholars Repository

UNH Scholars Repository

The UNH Scholars Repository houses the scholarly and creative works of the UNH citizens: students, faculty and staff. There is always a Paper of the Day, which people can read all around the world. No matter where you live, you can download a work from the UNH Scholars Repository and read to become enlightened.

8. Newspapers and Microforms

The New Hampshire Newspaper

It’s a lucky day to be a student or faculty member of UNH, because that means you get all your newspapers for free! UNH subscribes to regional, national and international newspapers in all forms: print, electronic, and microform. Never again will you miss another thing in the news!

9. Library Services for Government Information

UNH Emblem

There is government information at UNH that can be shared with anyone who wishes, as long as they are holding a Wildcat Card. This information can be found many ways, such as through the UNH Library Catalog, UNH Discovery Search, and the BLCWorldCat Catalog, which includes information borrowed from other libraries.

10. Librarians

Dimond Library

When in doubt, ask a librarian! In all of UNH’s special libraries, you can find multiple staff members that are willing to help you find exactly what you need to become successful in achieving your goals. They know the library like the back of their hand, and can point you in the right direction.

Libraries of the University of New Hampshire

1. Physics Library

Physics Library, UNH width=

At University of New Hampshire, there are multiple libraries to go to. Named the David G. Clark Library, it is located on the ground floor of DeMeritt Hall. Offered here are resources for physics and astronomy, anywhere from introductory to professional level. Hours of operation are 8:00 am until 10:00 pm.

2. Engineering, Math, and CS Library

Engineering, Math, & CS Library

The second library is the Engineering, Math, and CS Library. Open from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm, this library offers resources for math education, computer science, statistics, engineering, and physical sciences. The materials here are always new and updated. The Engineering, Math, and Computer Science Library is located on the second floor of Kingsbury Hall.

3. Chemistry Library

Chemistry Library

The Chemistry Library is located in Parsons Hall, and open 8:00 am until 10:00 pm. This library includes literature and resources for analytical, inorganic, organic, organometallic, and physical chemistry. It also includes the chemistry core curriculum journal collection. The Chemistry Library is rumored to be one of the quietest places on campus to study.

4. Milne Special Collections and Archives Library

Milne Museum

The Special Collections and Archives holds just about 18,000 linear feet of rare books, manuscripts, photographs, and University records. Fun fact, this library is also a museum! There are both current exhibitions and past exhibitions to be explored. The Milne Special Collections and Archives is only open between the hours of 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

5. Dimond Library

Dimond Library

The full name for this library is the Ezekiel W. Dimond Library, and is the main library on the University of New Hampshire campus. Within this library is literature for humanities, social sciences, business, health sciences, human services, education, and earth sciences. There are five levels to this library alone! The hours of this library are 7:30 am until 12:00 am, by far the longest library open on campus.

10 Buildings You Need to Know at UNH

The University of New Hampshire is a public research university in the University System of New Hampshire, in the United States. Their mascot is the wildcat. Here are 10 buildings you need to visit. You might find the mascot in one of them.

1. Dairy Bar

This used to be an old train station. Now it offers tasty treats like ice cream. They do try to be sustainable by using compostable cups and cutlery.

Dairy Bar and railroad station, taken by Clement Moran ca. 1917.

2. Holloway Commons

This is the largest dining hall on campus. It gives students a great option to eat on campus. The location has food stations that are prepared for you right in front of your eyes, such as stir fry and brick oven pizza.

 holloway commons

3. Stillings Hall

This is a favorite eating place for students. It allows students to customize their food likings. They have Rotisserie, Grill, Daily Specialty Bars and a Spaghetti Bar that is available on Sunday nights.

Exterior of Stillings

4. The Commons

This was the first dining hall to be made. It used to house many different floors for eating as it was the only place to eat. Now it has been replaced and is used mostly for function space.

Commons interior, main dining hall at mealtime, 1922.

5. Field House

The field house is the main place to view games. It holds areas for ticketing and for bag check. It also holds bathrooms and concession stands.

Rear of Field House with bleachers full of people.

6. Snively Arena and Hamel Recreation Center

This is the main area for those who want to get fit. There is a pool that is loved by many. It keeps you cool and gives a great full body workout.

Snively Arena with outdoor pool in the foreground, ca. 1965.

7. Whittemore Center

This center is the place to go for playing indoor sports. It features plenty of options to join in on and get a good workout. Some examples of sports are: track, basketball, and hockey .

The Whittemore Center across Memorial Field, July 2016.

8. Elliot Alumni Center

The alumni center is where to go when you have questions about being a alumni. Going to the school for that long you have access to many too. You also have access to fun events for alumni.

Elliott Alumni Center entrance with flags in the foreground, ca. 1970s.

9. Health Services Center

This center is there to help you. If you aren’t feeling good don’t be afraid to come on in for a checkup. They also do plenty of other works such as dieting and exercise tips.

Entrance to Health Services Building with Stoke Hall visible in the background.

10. President’s House

This house is meant for the president to live in. It is meant as a way for the president to always be around when need be. It originally only cost $5,500 to buy the building in 1905.

President's house_UNH

Interesting Facts about The University of New Hampshire

1. Conference

Every year there is one particular conference that garners attention. This conference is the undergraduate research conference. It is unlike any of its kind because it has the highest attendance at the University of New Hampshire(over 1,800 students).

 undergraduate research conference university of new hampshire

2. Law

This school is known for being a top law school to attend. It is ranked as one of the top law schools in the country with 99 other schools. It ranks top 10 for intellectual law.

 law makers

3. First

The university is the first of its kind to use landfill gas as most of its energy. It uses energy in a more sustainable way. The way it works is that it purifies methane from a dumpster.

 garbage bags

4. White House

The school was granted access from the White House to implement a strategy for research on harassment on campus. It will utilize a training program. Then it will look at the results post training.

 white house

5. Rachel Uchitel

She is a famous promoter. She went to the college to go for a degree in psychology. She is best known for being on Celeb Rehab with Dr.Drew.

Rachel Uchitel Picture

Top 10 Clubs at University of New Hampshire

College is full of stress for a variety of different factors. It is important as a student to make sure that the stress of college doesn’t consume your life. Activities such as attending school events and joining clubs are the perfect cure to combatting stress. So let this be your guide to ten amazing clubs at the University of New Hampshire that will help be your solution to the overwhelming stress.

1. Alter Ego Dance Club

At Alter Ego Dance Club, you can meet others who use dance as their way of expression. Here everyone is welcome to collaborate and express themselves. No previous dance experience is needed.

These are dancers.

2. Alumni Network

The Alumni Network is the perfect club to help you in your future. Here you can meet other individuals who graduated with the same degree you are working for. It is a great way to start building connections.

These are students who graduated.

3. American Red Cross of UNH

The American Red Cross of UNH is a branch from the original foundation the American Red Cross. Here you will get to help with their activities that they put on campus. This is a great way to help a great cause and volunteer.

portrait watching dutch red cross

4. Changing Lives for Those Who Changed Ours

Changing Lives for Those Who Changed Ours is a great way to also volunteer. Here you will get to join activities that help promote their goals. This is also a great way to meet new people.

This is someone helping another person.

5. Eating Concerns Mentors

Eating Concerns Mentors was created to give those with eating disorders a place to speak. You can either be assigned a mentor or be a mentor to one in need. This is a great way to help out a fellow student who is in need.

6. First Year Programs

First Year Programs is for freshman students. Here you will get a place to meet others in the same position as you. It will be a fun way to meet others who are also transitioning into their new college lives.

These are first year students.

7. Freestyle Figure Skating Club

Freestyle Figure Skating Club is a unique and fun way to get exercise. Here you will get to learn more about figure skating. You can also join them on their events.

This is a couple figure skating.

8. Half Marathon Club

Half Marathon Club is for those who love exercise. Here you can learn training tips and train with other students. It is a great way to get fit even if you don’t want to join them on their half marathon events.

These are people running a marathon.

9. Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles on campus. You can volunteer at booths to help them spread their message across. You will also learn new health tips that you can incorporate into your own life.

These are some healthy foods.

10. Karate Club

If you want to learn a form of martial arts, Karate Club is the place for you. Here you will get to learn the basics of karate and put them into action. No previous experience is necessary.

These are people doing karate.

Top Events During the School Year at University of New Hampshire

1. Drop-In Guided Meditation

Since college can be stressful enough, the University of New Hampshire creates their own cure. Here they provide Drop-In Guided Meditation series for students to pop in at their own leisure time. It will be happening all day on campus so you can go when you have breaks or finished class for the day.

This is a woman meditating.

2. Campus Takeover

Campus Takeover is a way for students to become more familiar with campus. Students and volunteers will walk around learning more about the campus. This is also a great way to find your classes before they begin.

This is a campus with students.

3. Paws & Relax

Paws & Relax is another series from the University of New Hampshire to help students combat stress. Here you can meet other furry friends who you can pet and meet in between classes. It is a sweet and fun way to have a small break.

This is a dog holding a brush.

4. Earth Sciences Brown Bag Seminar

Earth Sciences Brown Bag Seminar was created to help students who are interested in the earth learn more. You are encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch to sit in on and listen. This is a great way to learn more on campus.

This is a picture of the earth.

5. Becoming American

Becoming American is a series created about immigration. They want to share the stories of those who have struggled to come to America. This is a great way to learn more while supporting fellow peers on campus.

This is a protest for supporting immigrants.

So don’t be afraid to take a break and relax. College is filled with stress and the University of New Hampshire has the cure. Let this be your guide to finding the perfect fit for you.

Top 10 Professors at UNH

Great professors are pretty hard to come by, so it’s always nice to know what kind of person your teacher is ahead of time. Here’s ten of the best professors at University of New Hampshire!

1. Adam Wenzel

Adam wenzel unh

Rating: 100%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught:

PSYC101 – Learn More
PSYC401 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“I LOVED THIS CLASS! By far the best professor on campus. He is hysterical. I used to hate psychology, and know I love it! Def. try and get him for your psych professor if possible!”
“Great man, great professor. Easy to learn from, extremely fair, and easy to get to know outside of class! If you can get him as a prof, go for it, I can guarantee a great class!”
“By far one of the best professors I’ve had. Extremely funny, knows how to interest a class and is always available for help. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to relate boring topics to students lives. If you get the chance, don’t pass it up, he’s one of the best!”

2. Kateryna Sylaska

Kateryna Sylaska

Rating: 100%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught:

PSYC240 – Learn More
PSYC552 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Kateryna is a wonderful teacher! You can’t go wrong taking a class with her. She applies concepts to everyday life scenarios so that student’s can easily grasp them. She’s passionate, involved, personable and so on.”
“One of the best teachers I had here! She can go off on tangents sometimes that aren’t exactly relevant but is more than willing to offer any extra help to students and is very understanding. Tests are also open book and open note so if you show up to class you will get an A.”
“Kateryna is amazing. She is a great professor and a kind, caring, smart person who really cares about her students and wants them to do well.”

3. John Ernest

John Ernest unh

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENG400 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“He changed the way I view literature and the world. I was shocked to see a bald, middle-aged white man teaching African American Lit; however, Prof. Ernest discussed race and literature on a level that was fresh, engaging, and insightful. The paradox of understanding will stay with me forever.”
“An amazing professor who will radically affect the way you see things. He invests so much time into his students and their assignments that you know he cares about your progress. One of those unique professors you will always remember and to whom you will forever remain indebted.”
“The best teacher at UNH. A much needed teacher to help with all those that have no experience with African-American culture.”

4. Heather Barker

Heather Barker unh

Rating: 100%
Department: Education

Courses Taught:

EDUC751 – Learn More
EDUC851 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“What an amazing teacher. This was the best professor I have had in my educational career. She has taught me so much in just this short semester. I walked away from this class feeling really good about becoming a future teacher.”
“Heather is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. I can credit almost everything I’ve learned about actual classroom instruction to this class. This class should be the #1 mandatory class for teacher education.”
“Heather is an excellent professor. I would love to take more classes with her. There is a lot of work but the assignments are meaningful which made them easier to complete. Easy grader and the class goes by very fast. She is a great professor and person.”

5. Edward Andrews

Rating: 100%
Department: History

Courses Taught:

HIST401 – Learn More
HIST405 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Prof. Andrews is the best teacher I’ve had at college. He’s very engaging, intelligent, and prepares you well for exams and papers. As long as you keep up with the work and pay attention in class, you’ll do fine.”
“Awesome professor. He makes history really interesting, he’s goofy and easy to listen to during lectures. Does assign a lot of reading and he is critical on papers but definitely worth taking the class.”
“Ted is a great teacher. His powerpoints are very helpful and he doesn’t move too quickly. I signed up for his class with little enthusiasm, but I ended up really enjoying it. I would recommend his classes to anyone in need of a history gen ed.”

6. Rikki Miller

Rikki Miller unh

Rating: 100%
Department: Psychology

Courses Taught:

PSYC402 – Learn More
PSYC401 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Rikki is an amazing professor. She’s really understanding and tries hard to learn her student’s names to make it a more personalized class. She really knows what she’s talking about and can explain it in a way that makes perfect sense. ”
“Rikki is one of the best professors UNH has. Makes power points available before class, and really wants to make sure you understand the material. Easy grader.”
“Rikki is great. Probably one of the best professors I’ve had at UNH so far. She goes out of her way to make sure you understand the material presented. Very straight forwards as to what she wants you to know for the exam.”

7. David Wilson

Rating: 100%
Department: Philosophy

Courses Taught:

PHIL110 – Learn More
PHIL450 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Great prof, had a heavy emphasis on ecological education.”
“Really easy class, basically just attend, read the books and write the papers, which if you follow the syllabus you will get full points. Very enthusiastic and pretty amusing. Such an easy science gen ed.”
“Awesome teacher! Loved him. Would take him again.”

8. Keith Gilmore

Keith Gilmore unh

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENGL401 – Learn More
ENGL527 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“I had the great pleasure of auditing one of Mr. Gilmores classes. I must say he is one of the most forward thinking Professors of our day, going far beyond typical expectations, combining music and meditation with lessons is a refreshing change.”
“Great teacher, great class. Keith is hilarious and you learn a lot.”
“Keith Gilmore is the best teacher I have ever had. He was extremely helpful, and each class was different and exciting.”

9. Michael Kurtz

Michael Kurtz unh

Rating: 100%
Department: Economics

Courses Taught:

ECON402 – Learn More
ECON401 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Awesome prof! Way better than any other. All quizzes & tests use exact questions covered in homework & in class. Easy A because of clarity & helpfulness. He also holds extra weekly review sessions.”
“Probably the best teacher I have had at UNH. Very passionate about economics. I strongly encourage everyone to take his class”
“He is a great guy and a great teacher. Very engaging and you can tell he is excited to teach economics. Teaching is clearly his passion. Highly suggest taking his class.”

10. Samantha Seal

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENGL751 – Learn More
ENGL512 – Learn More

Student Reviews:
“Professor Seal is simply the best. I have taken several classes with her before, and she always manages to pick out interesting books. She is extremely knowledgeable about her field and makes lectures humorous and interesting.”
“Dr. Seal made a class I thought I’d hate one of my favorites. Her summaries of texts are hilarious and her grading is super reasonable.”
“I loved professor Seal! I had her for two semesters and she was fantastic both times. So funny and very engaging. She makes things that are usually impossible to read so simple, and it really sticks with you.”

Notable Research per Faculty at UNH

1. Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria by Marc Boudreau

Mark Boudreau

Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Marc Boudreau is an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at UNH. In his lab research, him and his team study antibiotic resistance in bacteria using organic chemistry. He also researches organic synthesis and its function in bacteria.

2. CO2 Reduction in Solar Energy by Gonghu Li

Li GongHu

Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Gonghu Li is an Associate Professor at UNH in the Chemistry Department. He has been studying ways to develop catalysts for sustainable energy in his lab. His main research interest right now is the applications of CO2 reduction in solar energy.

3. Population Genetic Research by Anita Klein

Faculty: Department of Biology

Anita Klein is an Associate Professor at UNH who has a wide variety of research interests. But mainly, she has studied population genetics and genomics. She has performed research on genome sequences of many plant species.

4. Undergraduate Biology Education Research by Melissa Aikens

Melissa Aikens

Faculty: Department of Biology

Melissa Aikens is an Assistant Professor at UNH who has conducted undergraduate biology education research. She wants to understand how students learn, so her studies involve looking into self beliefs and values and relating them to a student’s motivation.

5. Pigeon Gene Expression by Janet Anderson

Janet Anderson Biological Sciences Lecturer

Faculty: Department of Biology

Janet Anderson is a Lecturer in Biology at UNH. She is interested in studying gene expression among different animals, especially pigeons. She has many publications to her name about pigeon gene expression and some of their resistance to atherosclerosis.

Top 6 Features of UNH App

If you’re a UNH Wildcat you’re most likely familiar with the UNH app, in the App Store, but learning how to maneuver it can be more challenging than you think. Although the design of the app is strong, the features can be difficult to find. So, here are the top 7 features in the UNH app, so you already know what to look for.

1. MUB Events


Here is where you can view all the events going on on campus. Under MUB events, you can see all the things open to students and where they are happening. The next time you’re without plans or just finding yourself being bored, check the “events” section of the UNH app!

2. Dining Hall Menus


If you want to know what the dining halls are serving without going to all three and looking, this section of the UNH app is perfect for you. Not only can you view what’s being served at that present time, but what will be served up to the next ten days. You can also view what’s open and closed on campus for food if you’re unsure.

3. MUB Movies


For those nights when you just want to chill out and relax either with your friends or alone, remember that the MUB is always showing movies for free. You can view which ones are being shown and what times under this section of the UNH app, and remember that you don’t have to pay for them! Snacks and concessions are also sold at the MUB, so traveling to see a movie is no longer necessary.

4. Wildcat Transit


One of the most popular and necessary features of the UNH app is the bus scheduling section. The Wildcat Transit allows for tracking of when the busses are coming to your stop and which ones will arrive. You can also view when they are going in and out of Dover and Portsmouth for your weekend travel needs. The tracking is very accurate so you don’t have to worry about it lying to you and the bus never showing up!

5. Dorm Laundry


Another very useful part of the app is the laundry section where you can view which washers and dryers are open for use. You can also view how long they will be running for so you know exactly when your loads are done. Again, the app is very accurate and will save you a lot of time and energy.

6. Athletics


Finally, the athletic section of the UNH app. Not only can you access scheduling and results of any Wildcat teams, but you can get your tickets straight from the app. Simply use your UNH information to log in and the tickets are free for reserve. You can also see live statistics of any games you can’t make.

So, there you have it. The UNH app is extremely helpful in numerous ways, and here are some of the most important features to remember. Also, the app is always getting updated with new things, so be searching for other useful tips and tricks in the future!