10 Buildings at the University of Nevada – Reno You Need to Know

There are a number of buildings on a college campus. From offices, classrooms, the Student Center, libraries, it can sometimes get confusing for students who don’t know their way around already. However, this is a way that you can get acquainted with the buildings and the campus. Below we have compiled a list of the ten buildings that you need to know at the University of Nevada – Reno!

1. Church Fine Arts

Front view of Church Fine Arts Building

Address: 1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89557

This building was first opened in 1962. It is home to the departments of art, dance, music, and theatre. Here, students will find the Redfield Proscenium Theatre and the Nightingale Conert Hall. Students will also find acting studios, dance studios, rehearsal spaces, and classrooms.

2. University Arts Building

The front of the University Arts Building

Address: 1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89503

This building allows music and art to thrive on campus. It is home to the Barbara R. Hall Recital Hall, the John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art, a fabrication lab, rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, and support services for students. Students will also find teaching studios here as well.

3. Knudtsen Resource Center

Front of the Knudsten Resource Center

Address: 1000 Valley Rd, Reno, NV 89512

This building was first built and opened in 1967. It sits as the Knudsen Resources Center. This building houses the College of Biotechnology, Natural Science, and Agriculture, the department of Natural Resources, and the college of Engineering. Students will find classrooms, offices, and study rooms here.

4. Joe Crowley Student Union

The Joe Crowley Student Union

Address: 1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89503

The Joe Crowley Student Union is the hub and heart of campus life. It was dedicated to Joe Crowley in 2007 upon being complete. It holds the student bookstore, student organization center, a two-level movie theater, dining options, the Center for Cultural Diversity, and the Graduate student Association.

5. E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center

The E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center

Address: 1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89557

Are you ready to get fit? This center first opened in 2017 and sits as the fitness center for campus. Students will find multi-purpose rooms, indoor running track, multi-use courts, training studios, spinning room, exercise machines, lounge area, lockers, and exercise equipment. You can get a great workout in here!

6. Chemistry Building

The front of the Chemistry Building

Address: 1664 North Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89557

Do you have chemistry with someone or something? This building is home to the department of Chemistry. It holds a number of research instruments, research laboratories, a machine shop, a high vacuum system, electronics shops, and classrooms. Students will also find study rooms and lecture spaces here too.

7. Ansari Business Building

Ansari Business Building exterior of building

Address: 1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89503

This building was first built and complete in 1982. It houses the Nevada Small Business Development Center, the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Anthropology Department. Students will also find classrooms, academic units, and a special collections for research.

8. Applied Research Facility

Side view of the Applied Research Facility

Address: Reno, NV 89512

This building is the heart and the hub for research, outreach, and innovation. Here, students will find offices for the department of Environmental Health and Safety. This building is where many applied research projects and team building start ups happen as this building holds classrooms and research team rooms.

9. Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center

The front of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center

Address: Reno, NV 89512

This building is one of the most advanced technological library in the nation. Here, students will find computing and information technologies and support systems. This includes computer labs, book collections, gaming collections, digital media and design studios, and digital technology checkout for different equipment.

10. Fleischmann Planetarium

The top view of Fleischmann Planetarium

Address: Reno, NV 89557

This 13,00 square foot building is home to large-screen star shows. This building also shows feature films and has a gift shop for visitors. Students will be able to go inside for free and see the stars through a different light from right in their seats and right on campus!

This list if for YOU! As a student or even a visitor, it’s important to know the campus that you are surrounded by. In case your phone dies, you don’t want to have to ask every other person where you are. Look at this list to know your way and know the buildings that are along the way as well!

10 Hardest Courses at the University of Nevada-Reno

The University of Nevada-Reno is a research institute that focuses on improving the research practices of the students. In this respect, the courses are very hard as they are completely at odds with the ones that require rote learning. So, here are some of the hardest courses in the university.

1. MATH 126 – Precalculus I

2 graphs showing equations in calculus

This is an introductory course that teaches about the basic concepts of calculus. The hard part is that the topics require critical thinking. Students need to firmly grasp the graphical applications of logarithms and understand the complex numbers, matrices, vectors, and other concepts.

2. MATH 642 – Differential Geometry

differential geometry of a surface illustrated by an example

This course expects students to get full command on concepts related to different types of geometry. So they need to learn the Gaussian curvature; the Gauss-Bonnet theorem, Frenet’s formulas, and complex curves and graphs thoroughly. Also, daily practice is necessary to master these concepts.

3. SOC 101 – Principles of Sociology

books on principles of sociology

At first, the course appears easy but understanding society through a different lense makes it hard. Everybody can learn the perspectives of a sociologist, but applying them critically in exam questions is an art. Thus, social theories regarding various aspects of society require evaluative studying so that you can make your arguments strong.

4. MUS 121 – Music Appreciation

Colourful illustration headphone and CDs

Everybody loves to listen to music and ease off their stress. But when it comes to studying music, the subject shows that it is hard. Students need to learn the history of music and its evolution over time. In fact, they need to study music not in isolation but with respect to different aspects of society. Once they realize that music impacts the society at the individual or collective level, they will then develop arguments and critical knowledge in their exam papers.

5.  CHEM 121A – General Chemistry I

Chemistry lab Apparatus

This course has a theoretical appeal and students need to carefully learn all the definitions. Once they succeed in learning them, the next step comes. Here they need to apply the knowledge of their concepts in studying the atomic structure, chemical bonding, states of matter, thermal chemistry and so on.

6. CAS 154 – Problems of Substance Abuse and Addiction

addiction and related terms

This course discusses the emerging concern of our society. In this respect, it is both hard and interesting. The course is hard because students have to study the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and different drugs on an individual’s health. Also, they need to design the medical and rehabilitative remedies for the victims of drug abuse.

7. PSY 240 – Introduction to Research Methods

chart showing steps of research method

It is easy to memorize the psychological definitions and theories but when research and applications come, the subject becomes hard. Thus, the focus of this course is on conducting effective research by playing stress on certain techniques. So, with smart researching and by being focused, a lot of problems in dealing with behavioral science will lessen.

8. CRJ 106 – Introduction to Corrections

 Image of 2 keys on textbook cover

This introductory course allows students to be aware of the concepts regarding the field of corrections. Once they learn the history of it, they need to analyze the evolution of correction systems. Also, they need to evaluate and be up to date with new developments in existing correction programs.

9. WMST 101 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

women study and related terms

Gender equality is a hot topic, now more than ever in a society dominated by males. The course shows the events in the past that lead to women empowerment theories. Here, you will learn about the different views women hold in society. Then, on the basis of these views, you’ll need to critically approach the exam paper.

10. ENV 101 – Introduction to Environmental Science

a girl examining plants through microscope

The environment is something that almost everyone takes for granted. In this respect, this course deals with the developing concerns that our environment faces day by day. They include overpopulation, pollution and everything that harm the environment. Also, the course introduces the concept of sustainable energy and points on hard concepts of conservable energy resources.

Following this article, it is clear that the University of Nevada – Reno offers many hard courses for students. Studying for these courses do not only require rote memorization and lots of study time, but also critical approach when it comes to applying theories and concepts in situations.

10 Coolest Courses at University of Nevada – Reno

University of Nevada – Reno offers students cool classes to ensure that they have a good academic balance. These classes engage students in an exciting and fun way. It is a way to salvage your academics and have that college experience that you have been yearning for. The list below describes each of the coolest classes at the University of Nevada – Reno!

1. DAN 338 – Modern Dance (Advanced)

Picture of three people dancing

This first class is great way to earn credits in an easy and fun way. If you are a dance enthusiast, then you must enjoy this class. Students learn about body alignment and rhythmic patterns. The trends in modern dance will also be highlighted.

2. ENG 106 – Editing for Style

Screenshot of photoshop screen

The next class, ENG 106 is a great way to learn techniques in editing for style. Students will gain skills for editing different documents. In addition to that, they will gain skills in proof reading and clear writing.

3. ACC 201 – Financial Accounting

Close up picture of people writing over financial documents

This is cool class that takes you through financial accounting and the basics. Topics include accounting principles, measuring business income, assets and equity accounting. Students will also be expected to model the accounting cycle successfully.

4. AM 145 – American Sign Language I

A-Z Sign Language guideline

In this class students will learn about signing and finger spelling techniques. An understanding of the Deaf Culture will be expected of the student. Etiquette in sign language will also be discussed.

5. APST 270 – Introduction to Statistical Methods

Closeup picture of statistical derivations

This is an introductory class to statistics and the methods used. The principles of statistics and the different ways in which they are applied will be explored. In this class emphasis will be given to computer applications.

6. ART 231 – Painting I

A painting of people walking

This is a great way to break the boredom that comes with attending hard and monotonous classes almost all day. Students will explore the history of painting and contemporary trends. Enroll in this class and gain skills in painting.

7. AST 109 – Planetary Astronomy

The solar system showing all planets

This is a fun class where you get to learn about the different planets in the solar system. Students will learn about the different observational techniques and the results that each produce. The students will also try to explain the different physical phenomena that happens in the universe.

8. ATMS 121 – Climate Change and Its Environmental Impacts

Highly detailed planet Earth in the morning. Exaggerated precise relief lit morning sun. Detailed Earth. The countries of Central America. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Climate is important to human survival. In this cool class students will learn about the environmental impacts of global climate. In this class students will study wildfires, landscapes and destruction of water resources.

9. CPE 201 – Digital Design

design word cloud

Every aspect of life has become digital. In this interesting class, you will learn how to apply engineering and computing principles. Topics include register transfer, binary arithmetic, number bases, memory, minimizations and the Boolean logic.

10. COM 217 – Argumentation and Debate

debate club logo in red

Lastly, the Argument and debate class is one that equips you with knowledge and skills in debates and argumentation. You will learn about research, evidence organization and citation of sources. Activities will include discussions, debates and speeches.

In conclusion, these classes help you gain knowledge in a more enjoyable and exciting way. It is up to you to make your life at the University of Nevada – Reno by taking up these classes. Feel free to enroll at any time!

Restaurants & Cafes for Students at UNR

Having a good meal, snack or beverage at any time of the day can be so refreshing. Food in general is very important and especially to students at the institutions of higher learning. There are many activities that students have to do before the day ends. Be it studying, going from class to class or even engaging in extracurricular activities and they all require much energy. Taking food and beverages helps to replenish all the energy and to keep you focused on your goals in school. The University of Nevada – Reno provides students with many great cafes, restaurants and food vans that are worth checking out. Below are some of the restaurants and cafes for students at the University of Nevada – Reno.

1. Overlook Café

The front view of the Overlook Café

The Overlook Café is great place to grab a meal or take a snack as you head to class. It is located in the Jot Travis building and opens from Monday to Friday. The food here is very affordable and the portions will leave you satisfied and happy. There are daily specials ranging from Taco Tuesday to Ice Scream Friday for the students buying lunch.

2. The Downunder Café

The front elevation of the Downunder Café

The Downunder Café is a café located in Argenta Hall. It offers students with breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. Brunch and dinner are served on weekdays and holidays. Students are on different meal plans that are affordable. It is a nice place to grab your food as you rest and relax.

3. Pathways café

Chef working inside the Pathways café

The Pathways café is a new café offering breakfast and lunch to students. the food is usually organic and ecofriendly. Vegan and gluten free options are also provided whenever possible. Food can be availed in premade or made-to-order options. The food is affordable and the diversity in the food keeps the students coming.

4. Bytes Café

The front view of the Bytes Café

Bytes Café is located in the lobby of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center. It offers students with tea and Peets coffee. It is easily accessible and the food can be afforded by the students.

5. Aloha Shack

A picture of the Aloha Shack.

Aloha Shack is a food truck serving Hawaiian-Asian fusion dishes to students. students love this food place because of its diversity and new choices. The items are relatively affordable by the students.

6. Lyft Coffee

A lady smiling from the window of the Lyft Coffee truck

Lyft Coffee is a mobile cafe owned by a local athlete called Emmily Butz. It serves coffee to students and residents. The café promotes a pay-it-forward program to help the community.

7. Cantina del Lobo

An evening picture of the Cantina del Lobo

Cantina del Lobo is a campus restaurant that has been built to suit its university clientele. It has a diverse menu with extra quick to-go options, nonalcoholic specialty drinks and discounted food. The restaurant offers more than twenty blended nonalcoholic mock tails.

8. Jolt-N-Java

A picture showing the front of the Jolt-N-Java

The Jolt-N-Java is located at the Getchell Library. It serves snacks and beverages to students. There is quick service and the items are affordable. It is also a nice place to take a break from studying as you take your coffee to fire up the brain.

Jobs and Opportunities For Students at University of Nevada – Reno

The University of Nevada, Reno is a tier-one research university that offers a lot of opportunities to both students and outsiders. The institution has exciting urban environments, excellent dining, and entertainment opportunities, with incredible outdoor recreation also available. University of Nevada, Reno has several different employment categories, with student jobs available fort hose that seek them. The student jobs available differ in terms of pay, benefits, leave, and other elements involved in employment. Here are some of the jobs available for students in the institution.

1. Student Desk Attendant (SDA)

A desk officer attending to a student

This job is regarded as one of the most important for students in this institution. The SDA serves as a means to support one’s education and those holding this position are tasked with providing a friendly and safe living environment for the residential communities through working at the front desk of a residence hall. A background check is conducted for each applicant and students are required to have experience living/working in the Residence Halls and ability to work both at night and during the day. Students can submit their application at the HR department or contact them via their email.

2. GAP Student Ambassador

Students take a group picture

This position has several responsibilities for students who are hired. They are expected to generate interest in the Gerontology Academic Program to students across campus through marketing and outreach, assist with planning and implementing program-related events and activities, and other duties assigned to them. To get selected, a student must be comfortable giving presentations to groups, dependable, detail-oriented, a self-starter, organized, and proficient in Microsoft Office. It is a tough job with several applicants annually.

3. Graduate Student Association

Two students smiling and working
The Graduate Student Association? staff

The Household Item Program student worker position is crucial in delivering service for the Graduate StudentAssociation. The student will be tasked with coordinating pickups as well as deliveries of furniture to graduate students who are in need of household items and must have excellent customer service skills and be able to be organized and meet all deadlines. It is a tough and competitive job as it has several requirements that a student will fulfill before given the job. Application can be submitted to the HumanResources department in person or via email.


Students at the JSCU info desk

This is a wide sector with jobs available for students in Building Operations, Audio Visual Technology,Information Technology, and Programming. The position also requires photographers with Adobe skills. To get one of the jobs, you must be enrolled as an undergraduate student, graduate student or graduate special during the fall or spring terms in any academic year. Applications can be submitted via LinkedIn or in person at the HR department.

5. Office Support

This job is given by FacilitiesMaintenance Services Department and interested students will be tasked with administrative office support. Duties include Microsoft Office, Word, and Excel document preparation; data entry; creating and editing work orders; writing and editing reports, inventory, and more. This is apart-time position with 15 hours/week, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Applications can be submitted at the department or via their email.

Top 10 Majors Offered at the University of Nevada – Reno

The University of Nevada – Reno is a leading public research university located in Reno, Nevada. The school is known for offering great undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. This list contains the top 10 majors offered at the University of Nevada, Reno.

1. Biology (B.S.)

Biological studies

Biology is one of the premier majors offered at the University of Nevada, Reno. Students are given the solid foundation they need for various career paths. Students are taught extensively on molecular biology, chemical biology, evolutionary biology, cellular biology amongst other fields of biology.

2. Business (B.A.)

A bar chart showing monthly growth

At the University of Nevada – Reno, business is one of the most sought-after major every year. At the business school of the University of Nevada, Reno students are given opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial, and business school. The school focuses on developing real business skills in its students.

3. Criminology (B.A.)

Sheriffs Office shows service dog to criminology students

Criminology is a very prominent major at the University of Nevada – Reno, graduating a good number of efficient criminal justice specialists every year. The school does an excellent job in equipping students with the required practical and theoretical knowledge to pursue careers in criminal justice.

4. Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studies (B.S.)

A Keto diet food pyramid

This is perhaps the most recognized department at the University of Nevada – Reno, graduating the highest number of students annually. Students are taught on nutrition, its relevance in medicine, agriculture and the society at large. The school also prepares students for careers in nutritional research, biological disciplines, and other health-related professions.

5. Human Development and Family Studies (B.S. & M.S.)

A family of four

If you are looking for an institution that offers a great program in human development, you should consider the University of Nevada – Reno. A well-structured human development department, students are prepared to work with individuals and families.

6. Journalism (B.A. & M.A.)

A journalist working on a news article

The University of Nevada – Reno is famous for is journalism program run by Reynolds School of Journalism. The school puts students through extensive courses and practical work to prepare them to take on jobs in the print, broadcast, digital media agencies and more.

7. Marketing (B.S.)

Strategies for successful marketing

The University of Nevada – Reno also has a great marketing is a great program. Marketing at the school is more practical than theoretical, preparing students to take on marketing and advertising careers anywhere in the world.

8. Mechanical Engineering (B.S. & M.S.)

A mechanical engineer fixing a car engine

The University of Nevada – Reno has a strong background in engineering, and mechanical engineering is the most popular of the engineering programs offered at the school. The school prioritizes research and excellence, and the department has some notable figures in this department.

9. Nursing (BSN, RN-BSN, MSN, & DNP)

A nurse administering an injection to a patient

The University of Nevada – Reno has one of the best nursing programs at Nevada. The nursing programs of the school are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Students are educated on the roles, functions, and responsibilities of a registered nurse, and prepared to pick up several careers in the growing health care sector.

10. Psychology (B.A. M.A. & Ph.D.)

Virtual representation of a human brain

The University of Nevada – Reno also gained a considerable amount of recognition for its excellent psychology programs. It is also one of the biggest departments at the school, and students can concentrate on general psychology, research psychology, or behavior analysis.

10 University of Nevada – Reno Library Resources You Need to Know

The University of Nevada – Reno, also referred to as UNR, is a public research university located in Reno, Nevada. Founded on October 12, 1874, the UNR is the sole land-grant institution for the state of Nevada. According to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, the University of Nevada is a research university with high research activity. The campus is home to the large-scale structures laboratory in the College of Engineering, which has put Nevada researchers at the forefront nationally in a wide range of civil engineering, earthquake and large-scale structures testing and modeling, but is also home of some of the best research libraries at Reno. That’s why here are 10 University of Nevada – Reno library resources you need to know.

1) Reserve Materials

reserved reno

Materials placed on electronic reserve (journal articles, book chapters, ebooks, notes, sample exams, homework solutions, etc.) are almost always available via the course page in WebCampus. Course Reserves can be accessed directly via the course reserves website in the libraries page. Multimedia, instructor copies of some textbooks, and other hard copy materials may be available for restricted use in the library.

2) Databases

databases reno

On the main page of the UNR’s libraries, you can access the databases of all UNR’s libraries. This includes all the materials like books, journals, and articles, but also include the special and digital collections of all the libraries, and everything in just one place and one click in the main page.

3) Equipment Checkout


At UNR’s libraries, you can check out equipment for study purposes. Include are video cameras and regular cameras, audio equipment like microphones, presentation equipment for more audiovisual classes, lights, laptops and tablets, and much more. Every library has more or less equipment available but these are the basics in each of them that can be requested online or in the main desk at each library.

4) LINK+


At the UNR’s libraries, aside of the Interlibrary Loan service, there is LINK+. This is a catalog of more than 4.5 million unique titles available from over 60 academic and public libraries throughout California and Nevada. This service allows current UNR students, staff, faculty, and community borrowers to request a book not readily available at UNR Libraries.

5) Borrow and Renew


At UNR’s libraries, you can Borrow and Renew any of the documents available at any of the libraries. To borrow all you need is a WolfCard or a Community Borrower card. And to renew to keep books or archives longer you can do it online, by phone or in person in the main desk of each library. Books may also be checked out using the Self-Checkout machine located next to the library services desk on the second floor.

6) Print, Scan, Copy, Fax

print san copy fax

At each of the UNR’s libraries, there are available services of Print (Black & White and Color, no WolfCard needed it), Scan (it’s free), Copy (Black & White photocopy and also Color photocopy), and Fax (Domestic and International). For prices (except scanning) please verify on each of the services’ point.

7) Room & Locker Reservations

Room & Locker Reservations

Inside the libraries, there are Study rooms that can be reserved online to be used for group studies. There are also other spaces available but for information about them, you have to call the libraries. There is the Leonard Room (an elegant space to meet with friends, do research, write your next opus), Study Carrels, Graduate & Faculty Lockers, and also General Library Lockers (limited number of lockers are available in the Knowledge Center and the DeLaMare Library).

8) Research Guides

research guids

Available in the libraries of UNR there are Research Guides. These are developed and maintained by the UNR’s subject librarians. They organize selected resources, mostly by subject, course, and topic, but you can also find them on the main database as reference sources and how-to guides.

9) Computer Labs

Computer Labs

At UNR’s libraries, there are computer labs which the main goal is to give the students a center to make research, studies, and work in just one place. There are: the @One Floor (General Software Assistance, Posters, Laminating, Scanning, 90 Windows PCs and 7 Macintoshes), DataWorks North Lab (GIS, Statistics, CAD, Math & Other Productivity Software, 18 PC workstations with Dual Monitors), DataWorks Lab South (18 PC workstations and different software), Video & Audio Editing, Sound Booth, Mac Lab (18 MacPro workstations, Sound Recording Booth and other tools and software), Small Training Lab (18 PC workstations and other programs), and the Savitt Computer Lab (21 PC workstations).

10) Remote Services

Remote Services

From any online computer, you can launch software applications hosted on the university’s Remote Services server. If you are using a Mac you will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to Remote. Microsoft Windows users do not need to install a client/app. To connect simply go to https://remote.unr.edu and log in with your NetID.

Libraries at the University of Nevada – Reno

1) Jon Bilbao Basque Library

Jon Bilbao Basque Library

The Basque Library was founded in 1960 under the auspices of William Douglass and the guidance of Jon Bilbao. It is the leading library on Basque subjects throughout the world outside of the Basque Country.  Today, the Basque Library is integrated into the University of Nevada, Reno’s Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, and combines the advantages of modern-day technology and strong relationships with the Basque Country’s libraries and key organizations to provide the best services possible. As part of UNR’s libraries system, the Basque Library is able to acquire and supply Basque Studies researchers and academics with the necessary documentation and data they require.

2) Savitt Medical Library

Savitt Medical Library

That Savitt Medical Library is staffed part-time with a medical librarian for consultation and assistance to serve the entire professional and educational community (space and services are not available to patients or their families). The librarians are able to connect patrons with public access online resources (e.g. PubMed, ClinicalTrials.gov, Cancer.gov, AIDSInfo, MedlinePlus, TOXNET, National Guideline Clearinghouse). It has two workstations for accessing online resources. Services to support the information needs of our users include reference assistance, in-depth literature searching assistance, and instruction. Services offered only with a UNR NetID: all of the licensed resources which include databases, journals, ebooks, and videos.

3) DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library

DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library

The DeLaMare Library, located inside the Mackay Mines Building, is a dynamic and technology-rich environment alive with learning and research activity. Nationally recognized and named to Make Magazine’s list of “Most Interesting Maker spaces in America” the library has been leading the way in the rapidly changing nature of academic libraries. In 2012 the library became one of the first academic libraries to offer 3D printing and scanning support in addition to supplying unique tools and technology to University faculty, students, and staff, as well as the public.

4) TLT Instructional Design

TLT at the Knowledge Center

The Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) is comprised of the Classroom Support and Instructional Design Teams, and it is located in the Knowledge Center on campus. The TLT provides support for instructional design, instructional technologies, such as WebCampus and other online programs, and the technology found in the University’s classrooms.

5) Special Collections & University Archives

Special Collections & University Archives

Department staff is available at the Special Collections reference desk during open hours to assist researchers. Requests for materials are received at and paged from the reference desk, along with requests for copies of materials.  Pencils are provided for researchers’ use. Electrical outlets are available for laptop computers and other portable devices. Access to Special Collections guides, databases, the library catalog, digital projects, and the library’s subscription databases such as Newspaper Archive is available to visitors on computers in the reading room. On laptops, “guest” wifi access is available on site.

Top 10 Clubs at University of Nevada Reno

Getting involved in extracurriculars is an important part of having a well rounded college experience. One way to do this is by joining clubs all over campus! To get you started, here’s ten great clubs at UN Reno!

1. Mock Trial

Students in Mock Trial

Mock Trial club is a group of students interested in law with varying majors. These students conduct courtroom procedures in a mock trial fashion, as well as study laws and trials.

2. Wolf Speaks

Poetry Clip Art

Wolf Speaks is a poetry club at UN Reno. They seek to strengthen the presence of poetry on campus and in their community, as well as participate in national and global poetry competitions.

3. NextGen America

Climate Change Weather Impact

NextGen America is a club dedicated to preventing and speaking out about the issue of climate change and natural disasters. They seek to education UN Reno students about the politics of climate change.

4. Emergency Relief Association

Emergency Relief Aid

The Emergency Relief Association is a medium for UNR students to provide relief to those in need of emergency care all across the globe. Action and aid is in constant demand, making this a great volunteer club.

5. Downtown Friends

Helping the Homeless

Downtown Friends mission is to provide aid to the homeless and people in need in the Reno community by visiting them and providing them with basic essentials (water, food, hygiene).

6. UNRchers

Archery Target Practice

UNRchers is a group of archer students who come together to practice, compete, and learn about archery. They practice their archery regularly together.

7. Global Student Embassy

Global Student Embassy Logo

Students will meet to plan and fundraise for trips with the non-profit Global Student Embassy. The most recent trip is to do volunteer work in Ecuador, but the trip changes destinations every now and then.

8. Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

The goal of this club is to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing by promoting various forms of self-care through activities, workshops, and fundraising.

9. Reno Justice Coalition

Discussion and Dialogue

The Reno Justice Coalition seeks to bring attention to issues of social injustice and inequality by creating open and free spaces where dialogue can develop and lead to positive action.

10. Wolf Pack Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Wolf Pack Virtual Reality aims to educate students on virtual reality and 360° video technologies, and software, on and off campus, as well as provide experience with these technologies.

5 Cool Events at UN Reno

1. Ignite Integrity Contest

Ignite Integrity Contest

Students can submit a drawing, video, song or written piece that expresses why you think it is important to act with integrity in academics, research, or as a professional. Enter for a chance to win a $200 bookstore gift card!

2. Fall Career and Internship Expo

Career Exposition

Students can come to find a career opportunity, part time or seasonal job, or internship! Employers will be searching to hire students for hundreds of positions, full time and part time, both on and off campus.

3. Fall Dance Festival

Different Dance Styles

This performance is a showcase of the talents of UN Reno dancers and choreographers. They show off their many different dance styles and specialties for attendees to enjoy.

4. One Million Cups

One Million Cups Logo

This weekly event showcases two Reno startup companies and helps them expand their outreach and grow through audience-led Q&A. There is free coffee, connections and community discussion.

5. Movie Series

Free Student Movie Night

The Movie Series is a great free weekly series every Thursday and Friday. Students can come and watch all of the different movies each week and enjoy some time with their friends at no cost!

Top 8 Dorms at UN-Reno

If you want to succeed academically, you need to live in a good dorm. This will make your time at campus much easier. You’re the top 8 dorms at the University of Nevada Reno.

1. Argenta Hall

One of the largest dorms on campus is Argenta hall. This dorm is mostly a freshman dorm that is also coed. This is a fun and safe place to live.

Argenta Hall

Address: 1201 N Virginia St

2. Great Basin Hall

If you are going into a field relating to STEM, you will live at the Great Basin Hall. By living here, you will be surrounded by your peers. This will raise your GPA overall.

Great Basin Hall

Address: 1250 Virginia St

3. Peavine Hall

A newer dorm on campus is Peavine hall. This dorm is home to majors that relate to wellness and health. There is even a popular dining facility very close by.

Peavine Hall

Address: 38 W. 11th St

4. Juniper Hall

One of the older dorms on campus is known as Juniper. This is also an all freshman dorm. There are always events going on here to get you involved.

Juniper Hall

Address: 1014 Virginia St

5. Nye Hall

Another freshman dorm is Nye Hall. This building is older but still has a lot to offer to you. You’ll have a great time living here.

Nye Hall

Address: 55 Artemesia St

6. Canada Hall

Canada hall is a building only for upperclassman. This gives you an environment free of annoying freshman. There are tons of amenities that are offered to you here.

Canada Hall

Address: 1255 Virginia St

7. Sierra Hall

Another upperclassman hall is Sierra Hall. This building offers single and double suites. This gives you a little more room to live at college.

Sierra Hall

Address: 1001 Virginia St

8. Ponderosa Village

If you want even more freedom, you will stay at the Pondarosa village. This is an apartment complex located on campus. There are less rules and more room for you to enjoy.

Ponderosa Village

Address: 1775 Evan Ave

Here is your packing list for UN Reno

Room basics

– Garbage can
– mattress topper
– sheets
– pillows
– area rug

a dorm room

Food and drinks

– Bottled water
– instant soup
– microwavable meals
– coffee
– fruit

a bunch of snacks

Tech and entertainment

– Cell phone
– laptop
– chargers
– extension cord’s
– TV

A laptop

School supplies

– Text books
– notebooks
– pencils
– paper
– calculator

A stack of books

Cleaning and organizing

– All purpose cleaner
– paper towels
– plates
– shoe rack
– desk organizer

Cleaning Supplies

Campus Gear

– Spirit wear
– backpack
– umbrella
– walking shoes
– bicycle

Blue umbrella

Things to ask about before bringing

– Pets
– skateboard
– furniture
– scanners
– microwave

a pet dog

10 Easiest Courses at UNR

In the midst of the chaos of completing your major requirements, GPA might drop every now and then. No worries! Here are a few classes that were reviewed as “easy” at the University of Nevada Reno.

1. CEE 389: Probability and Statistics for Civil Engineers

This course relates statistics, probability distributions, and regression analysis as an applicable approach to civil engineering. 

2. CH 202: The Modern World

This course examines the European legacy and its influence on world ideas, institutions, and cultures. It covers Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Romanticism, development of science & industry, political revolutions, colonialism, post-colonialism, and globalization. 

3. BIOT 607: Biotechnology Laboratory

This course focuses on project-oriented laboratory techniques in the construction, expression and function of recombinant proteins. It will cover manufacturer’s directions, standard operating procedures, web-based programs, and primary literature. 

4. CAS 154: Problems of Substance Abuse and Addiction

This class examines the effect of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on health, personal, social development, and touches on its relation to social, philosophical, cultural, prevention and treatment issues. It will also cover the historical perspectives of drugs and alcohol, the various drug trends observed, the theories of addiction, and the classification of the major American based drugs. 

5. BADM 769: Seminar in Marketing Issues

This course examines selected topics that are within marketing with a focus on national and international matters. It will also cover how concepts in game theory can be applicable to formulating strategic marketing choices. Some of the materials covered include: Nash equilibrium of a game, games in normal form, different game strategies, payoffs, and more. 

6. ART 141: Introduction to Digital Photography

This course introduces photographic techniques, and discuss the topics of exposure, camera controls, digital printing, and file management. It will also cover theoretical, fundamental, and practical concepts related to producing meaningful images. You will also learn about the relationships between photographic works of art and how they play a role in culture, society, and individual identity. 

7. AST 110: Stellar Astronomy

This course provides a detailed introduction to the stellar and galactic systems. It also covers the life cycle of stars, theories of the formation of the universe, the relative temperatures of stars observed (uses a telescope!), other information regarding stars, and how to determine the phases of Moon through observation. 

8. NUTR 325: Food and Culture

This course covers what factors contribute to food choices and the deeper meaning behind each food in the context of cultures and cultural values. It will also cover how food selection and dietary habits affect health, as well as how food preparation and safety play a role in the choices of foods that we make. 

9. PSY 101: General Psychology

This course introduces psychology as a science focusing on the actions of organisms in a different environments, especially of social and cultural contexts. It will also cover how knowledge, perspectives, principles, and categories of reasoning is used in psychology. 

10. SOC 101: Principles of Sociology

This course covers the sociological principles of the development, structures and function of various topics, which include culture, society, human groups, social change, and the formation of one’s personality. It will also cover how social conditions and forces have an effect on the formation of human behavior and other outcomes. Whether you actually choose one of these classes or the multiple dozen others, best of luck! College is a learning experience in and out, and every class will teach you something.