10 of the Coolest Courses at OleMiss

The University of Mississippi is a public research university located in Oxford, Mississippi. The university offers many courses to cover the academic needs of its over 18,000 undergraduates. Some of these courses may be counted as elective credit and not necessarily towards a student’s chosen course of study. Many students may wish to take electives in order to balance out their academic schedule and ensure that their workload for the semester will be manageable. Here are ten of the coolest courses offered to students at the University of Mississippi.

1. AAS 170 – Introduction to African History

In this course, students will be introduced to the history of the diverse continent of Africa from the earliest times to the present day. While it will be impossible to cover all of the diversity of Africa in this course, the most major cultures and events of historical significance will be covered and discussed in detail, and students will gain a better understanding of Africa as a whole and its relationship to the rest of the world.

The African continent on the globe.

2. AH 102 – Introduction to Non-Western Art

This course serves as a chronological and comparative survey of indigenous, non-Western arts created in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania. Non-Western art will be viewed through a critical lens and compared with Western art, and students will discuss the major similarities and differences between the two as they gain a deeper appreciation for non-Western art through their studies.

A famous work of Japanese art.

3. ANTH 101 – Introduction to Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of all things human, from our beginnings to the modern times, and it is a science that consists of the cultural anthropology and biological anthropology sub-fields. This introductory course offers a general introduction to anthropology and its four main sub-divisions, including cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology,and anthropological linguistics.

The evolution of the modern human.

4. ART 326 – Watercolor

In this art course, students will explore watercolor painting techniques, and the various materials and tools that they can use to explore water-based media on paper. Students will create their own original paintings in watercolor, and give and receive in-class critiques of each other’s work in a constructive workshop setting.

A painting made in watercolor.

5. AH 315 – Egyptian Art and Archaeology

In this art history course, students will explore Egyptian art and archaeology from 3000 B.C.E. through the first century B.C.E. Art and archaeology will be explored within a cultural context, paying special attention to the Egyptian empire and its reign over the world and eventual downfall. The trajectory of how works of ancient Egyptian art were taken out of modern Egypt will also be examined.

A work of Egyptian art.

6. PHIL 308 – Buddhism

This course is an overview of Buddhism in both its historical and contemporary contexts. Students will learn about the major ideas of Buddhism, its origins as a world religion and philosophy, and its impact on the modern world. They will also follow its spread and explore why it has become so popular all over the world. This course is reading and discussion heavy.

The Buddha, founder of Buddhism.

7. FR 101 – Elementary French I

In this course, students will receive an introduction to the French language. The course will emphasize reading, writing, and conversational skills for basic communication. Students will also gain cultural and linguistic insight into the French-speaking world. The course is intended for students who have taken fewer than two courses in high-school French.

The French flag and the Eiffel Tower.

8. ART 683 – Digital Photography

This course emphasizes a fine arts approach to digital photography. Students will develop their own personal photographic style as they photograph the world around them, and learn about theoretical, conceptual and contemporary issues surrounding digital photography. They will also follow the way it has become popularized as an art form in the modern world.

A digital camera ready to shoot a picture.

9. ASTR 103 – Astronomy I

This introductory astronomy course intended for non-majors combines lectures, demonstrations in astronomy, laboratory assignments involving celestial mechanics and light, and observations through an optical telescope. Lecture sections meet twice a week in the daytime and laboratory sections meet once a week in the night or afternoon, for an optimal stargazing experience.

The Andromeda galaxy surrounded by stars.

10. AAS 392 – Modern Africa

In this course, students will analyze the major trends in African history from the year 1800 to the present day. Through their studies, students will gain a better understanding of the cultural, social, political, and economic forces present in societies across the continent of Africa. The course is heavy in reading and discussion.

The political boundaries of modern Africa.

Restaurants & Cafes near or at the University of Mississippi

The dining services of the University of Mississippi excels in taking into account the needs of all the students. In this way, they can enjoy a good time snacking with friends, eat fulfilling breakfast or make a quick grab on their go. However, for the most part, the college cafes take aims to provide quality, convenience, hygiene and value for the food they offer. So let us have a look at some of these college cafes:

1. Einstein Bros Bagels

A box full of doughnuts

The coffee and deli café is present in the university’s Anderson Hall. The students can consume a fulfilling breakfast by buying freshly made sandwiches, bagels and fresh salads. With an energising gulp of hot beverages and espressos, they are all set to start their productive day. Tasty soups at lunch can make their day.

2. Freshii

wraps and sandwiches

The café provides healthy meal choices for those who are in a quick hurry to head to their classes. Therefore the food choices such as burritos, wraps salads, rice bowls and breakfast items make use of fresh ingredients.

3. The rebel Market

fresh salad

This college café is present in Johnson’s commons of the university and specialises in various foods. They include Asian cuisines, sushi, custom-made pasta and piping hot pizzas from the brick oven. Furthermore, other food options go in hand with the fresh salad entrees and southern tastes of food. Moreover, this place is the only Green Certified café in the Mississippi state.

4. McAlister Deli

yummy sandwiches

This café is popular for its grilled light sandwiches and stuffed potatoes that are truly delicious. And the sweet tea rocks the stage in a true sense. Fresh salads, lunch boxes and healthy breakfast options appeal to the tastes of students who desire fine dining.

5. Raising Canes Chicken fingers

a fulfilling chicken fingers meal

This café offers the typical American food and specialises in offering crispy chicken tenders and fingers. Furthermore the Texas toast and crinkle cut fries lure the students towards the café to satiate their hunger pangs.

6. Panera Bread

Cuban sandwich

Panera Bread is a bakery and a café near the university campus that excels in offering light, healthy sandwiches. The salads are incredibly fresh and organic that ensures that the students remain fit throughout the academic year. The food is clean without any extra sugars, artificial flavourings and colours. The bread is the most popular item of the café.

7. Ajax Diner

Inside of restaurant

The environment of the place is amicable and inviting. The place has a lively bar which offers a wide range of cocktails and light drinking to the visitors. So, by just walking or through a quick drive the students can visit the place and enjoy happy drinking with friends. The place offers food that has a twist of southern cooking.

Thus with these college cafes and dining places near the university campus, the student’s university life is truly enjoyable. These dining hangouts reduce the burden and stress of advanced level studies greatly.

Health and Wellness Services at Ole Miss

The University of Mississippi is a public research university located in Oxford, Mississippi. The university offers a variety of health and wellness resources to its student population of over 14,000 undergraduates. Among these are different resources related to physical, mental, and sexual health. Here are five health and wellness resources offered at the University of Mississippi that all of its current and prospective students should know about.

1. University of Mississippi Student Health Services

The University of Mississippi’s Student Health Services seeks to promote the health and well-being of University of Mississippi students through education, prevention and care of acute medical conditions, through which it aims to enhance students’ college experience. Students can expect to receive a variety of treatments and services here, such as acute care, allergy services, contraception, free HIV testing, immunizations, men’s and women’s health, mental health services, travel services, x-rays, and lab work.

An x-ray taken of a patient.

2. Counseling Center

The University of Mississippi Counseling Center seeks to promote mental health and mental health awareness, while diminishing any stigmas surrounding mental health treatment. Students can make an appointment in person; however, appointments are in high demand. Individual counseling and therapy, group counseling and therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, employee assistance, and outreach are all resources that are offered here. Students and faculty may seek help here.

A group attending group therapy.

3. Sexual Wellness

The University of Mississippi provides students with an array of sexual wellness services, including STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, contraception (both male and female condoms, emergency contraception, at-home pregnancy tests), and STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing. The University of Mississippi also promotes violence prevention, particularly sexual and relationship violence. Men’s health and women’s health services are also available, and women can schedule gynecological appointments, including pap smears.

A device used to test for pregnancy.

4.  Emergency/ After Hours Care

University of Mississippi students experiencing a life-threatening condition should call 9-1-1 or immediately go to the emergency department at Baptist Memorial Hospital- North Mississippi. For after-hours and urgent care, University of Mississippi students can visit the Urgent Care Clinic of Oxford or Oxford Urgent Care for assistance with their medical emergency or other urgent medical dilemma.

An ambulance used for emergency transportation.

5. Allergy Clinic

The Allergy Clinic at University of Mississippi Student Health Services will administer allergy medication under the direction of students’ allergist or physician. Students can bring their medication directly to Student Health Services or have it mailed directly from their physician’s office to. A nominal fee is charged to students for administration. Students receiving allergy injections should plan to remain in the clinic for 20 minutes after receiving the injection. Student Health Services at the University of Mississippi is no longer able to continue providing allergy injections for students who do not observe this 20-minute requirement. Allergy testing is not available here; students must receive their first allergy injection in their own physician’s office. Thus, it is important that students receive their allergy testing before heading off to school at the University of Mississippi, if this is a health concern that they have a history of.

Somebody receiving an allergy injection.

10 University of Mississippi Library Resources

The University of Mississippi is an American public research university located in Oxford, Mississippi. This means that the university makes a portion of their funds through creating and doing research. Here are 10 different library resources that can help you.

1. Chat

 use the chat box for easy communication

Easily chat with a librarian through the online library site. This makes it so you can be detailed in your question, all the while having as much time as you want to explain it(different from talking to someone in the moment). Allow up to 1-2 days for a response.

2. Group Study Room

 study rooms are great for getting work done

A group study room is the perfect meeting place for you and your assigned group. If you need to practice your presentation, or simply need work time here is the place to do it. Be mindful of timing and make sure to book your space.

3. Archives

 example of what archives look like

Archives are a part of the library you will want to check out. Great historical research lies in the archives. They have old documents from letters, or old newspaper clippings that can give you the research edge over everyone else doing the assignment.

4. Printing

 print either in black and white or color

Printing is a great way that the library keeps paper cost low for you. Many other places would change double if not more for you to print off your homework. The library only charges .15-.50 cents for black and white or for color printing.

5. Scanning

 scan documents for easy access

Scanning is available at the library for staff/faculty and student use. It is a great way for students to be able to scan any original documents such as newspaper clippings onto their computer. The images work great as resources for your project.

6. 3D printing

 3d printers can make anything you want

3D printing allows your wildest dreams in design to come to life. As a student or faculty member you are allowed to use this service. Make sure to allow proper time for the design to be made as they do take up to a few days or longer depending on how many there are to make.

7. Book Drop

 book drops allow students to return books

The book drop is in plenty of places around campus. This makes returning your books from the library easily assessable for you if you don’t have the time to go into the library. This makes it great for those that are going in between classes.

8. Circulation

 example of a circulation desk

The circulation desk will most likely be the first thing that you see in the library. This is because it is the main hub of information that you would go to if you had to check out a book, reserve a book, or any other service that you are confused about.

9. Copying

 copy any helpful documents for projects

When copying you must have your ID on you. It is .15 cents for a black and white copy. You can pay for this by putting money or “credit,” onto your student account. But you can also use cash to pay for the copying if you forgot to add money.

10. Idea Lab

 sewing kits are available at the idea lab

The Idea lab is open to not only student but the general public. It is meant for ideation sessions as well as creation. It is a great space to use for planning out your projects and feature objects to help in the process such as:sewing kits and art supplies.

Libraries at University of Mississippi

 1. Grisham Law Library

 inside the Grisham Law Library

The law library is the main place to go to if you are a student that is studying law. The law can be seen as a broad term that covers a variety of different jobs. You could go into being a paralegal, or an officer, or even a judge. Make sure to check out the library for great sources on all laws and their contracts.

2. Rowland Medical Library

 inside of Rowland Medical Library

The Rowland Medical library is meant for those students that are studying any type of field of medicine. Which medicine can be a broad term, but for a few examples they have books on biomedical and different diseases and their cures.

3. John D. Williams Library

 John D. Williams library university of mississippi

The John D. Williams Library is the main library of the campus. It features plenty of great books and ebooks to take advantage of. They have study rooms and will always be there for you if you need any help in the research side of homework

7 Ole Miss Buildings You Need to Know

The University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss as it’s commonly known, is a public research university—and home to the University of Mississippi Medical Center—located in Oxford, Mississippi. The university was founded in 1848, and more than 23,800 students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) attend the university currently.

If you’ve been looking for information about residence halls or academic buildings on Ole Miss’s campus, below are seven university building descriptions as well as seven general facts about Ole Miss.

1) Campus Walk

An outside picture of Campus Walk

If you’re an upperclassmen who has been waiting patiently to get out of the dreaded underclassmen residence halls, then this is the building you want to end up in. Of course you’re going to have to pay a little bit more for residency here, however you’ll soon see that the expense is totally worth it.

2) Northgate

Northgate from the outside

Upperclassmen who are interested in apartment-style living will love living in Northgate. If you and your roommates are all over 21, you’re allowed to drink in this building too. Modernist design and contemporary living are two things that make this building great!

3) Pittman

The entrance of Pittman Hall

Living conditions for honors students are typically pretty good, and that reality is true in Pittman as it is in any other honors dorm. If you’re someone who has really worked academically, then you deserve to live in these nice conditions.

4) The Lyceum

The front of the Lyceum

The architecture involved in this building is one of the facets that make Ole Miss the classic, academic paradise it has historically been. If you happen to visit someone attending this university, or if you attend, then you’re definitely going to want a picture in front of the Lyceum.

5) Barnard Observatory

An outdoor view of the observatory

This building is another magnificent one on campus, especially if you’re someone who likes historical science buildings. If you happen to have a chance to go inside, you really should! The telescope in this observatory was, for some time, the largest in the world!

6) Croft Institute for International Studies

This is the Croft Institute

This building has deep affiliations with faith groups on campus, therefore it’s a very beautiful and enjoyable place to behold. It is commonly referred to as the “Y.”

7) James Alexander Ventress Hall

An outside view of James Alexander Ventress Hall

If you’re a fan of Romanesque architecture, you’re going to love this library. Students usually congregate in and around this building, and this is probably in large part due to the fact that it’s so aesthetically appealing.

Interesting Facts About Ole Miss

1) The Number 38

A sign with '38' on it

The number worn by paralyzed university athlete Chucky Mullins is retired and revered at this university.

2) 18 Mph Speed Limit

An 18mph speed limit sign

If you’re familiar with the football player Archie Manning and the number he wore, you’ll be reminded of it every time you see a sign indicating an 18mph speed limit.

3) The Battle for the Golden Egg

An image of a golden egg

When Ole Miss’s football team squares off against the other instate school Mississippi State, the match is referred to as the Golden Egg or the Egg Bowl.

4) Talk About a Blowout

A player catching a football

Ole Miss’s football team scored 114 unanswered points against Union College in 1904.

5) First in Flight

A picture of an airplane

The university’s football team was the first to use a plane to travel to a road game.

6) 10 Hall of Famers

This is the College Football Hall of Fame

Ten members of the College Football Hall of Fame come from Ole Miss.

7) The End of Colonel Reb

Ole Miss's old mascot

Colonel Reb used to be the school’s mascot, however he was substituted for a more appealing and less racially-charged mascot, a Mississippi black bear!

After reading through this list, you should have more information about Ole Miss than you did before. If you’re reading this list because you’re contemplating where you’d like to attend undergraduate school, hopefully it gave you insight into the campus life elements and the historical background of the university—two important facets you should consider when you’re selecting where you want to go to school.

Top 10 Professors at the University of Mississippi

Mississippi is one of the hardest states to spell so it shouldn’t be surprising that their school has a rigorous education for the students. Fortunately, excellent professors at the University of Mississipi are there to help with that. Here are the ten best:

1. Rahul Govind

Professor of Marketing for rahul govind mississippi

Rating: 5.0
Department: Marketing

Courses Taught by Professor Govind:

MKTG351 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Govind:

“Excellent professor.”

“Take him if you want to learn.”

“Dr. Govind is the best professor I ever had but he is also the toughest. I got so much from his class.”

2. Kayla Harville

Professor of Mathematics for kayla harville mississippi

Rating: 5.0
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Harville

MATH125 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Harville

“Very easy class, great professor.”

“Absolutely incredible! She demonstrates how to do everything multiple times. All of her notes match up with both the homework and the tests. She’s also bright and cheery even during an 8AM class! highly recommend and wish i could have her again!”

“Gives you time to do homework and makes it really easy to do well. Notes match exactly to every homework problem, and tests are the same format and similar questions to the study guides.”

3. Micah Milinovich

Professor of Mathematicsfor micah milinovich ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Milinovich

MATH263 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Milinovich

“If you can take Micah, do it! He’s the absolute best and made cal 3 a lot easier than most profs. Always gave back test in a timely manner. He doesn’t give test reviews but he tells you exactly whats going to be on the test so its not that bad!”

“Excellent teacher! He was always willing to help me with my homework. He writes all his notes on the board, and you can actually repeat the problems when you follow your notes. Great teacher. Take him for any math class he teaches.”

“My favorite teacher freshman year. He’s literally always willing to help and makes Calculus 1 very easy to understand. He’s obviously very intelligent and it shows when he teaches. If you get a chance… seriously… seriously take calculus from him. Plus he’s precious.”

4) Linda Keena

Professor of Criminal Justice for linda keena ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: Criminal Justice

Courses Taught by Professor Keena

CJ390 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Keena

“Easy professor. Gives a lot of homework and a hefty paper that is to be due on top of the homework due every night for the end of the class. Watch a lot of movies in class (that actually pertain to the subject) and guest speakers (that are not boring). Probably one of the coolest teachers I’ve had here. Very willing to help the individual.”


“This was Dr. Keena’s first year at Ole Miss. I had her for a 2.5 hour class and found myself not wanting to leave many nights. She makes class interesting with her jail/probation stories. And i don’t think i have to mention her charm.”

5) Tim Earley

Professor of English for tim earley ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: English

Courses Taught by Professor Earley

ENG221 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Earley

“One of the best Professors I have ever had. His lectures are interesting, and as long as you show that you are putting in effort you are going to do well. I would definitely recommend taking him for any English course.”

“Come to class, pay attention, and you will do well. He’s hilarious, his lectures are easy to digest.”

“Awesome guy, incredibly friendly, very intelligent. One of the best.”

6) Mark Frezzo

Professor of Sociology for mark frezzo ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught by Professor Frezzo

SOC355 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Frezzo

“This man has completely made every idea I have had with my thesis take flight. Coming with knowledge and passion, Dr. Frezzo is a teacher and man that any student could look to as a role model and superb citizen. This man reached across his specific studies to embark on this thesis with me, only respect and gratefulness for this man!”

“Frezzo is an excellent teacher, passionate about the subject, and well worth taking any and all of his classes!”

“He’s brilliant and will inspire you like no other professor. Make this your first course selection of the semester.”

7) George Haymans

Professor of Business for george haymans ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: Business

Courses Taught by Professor Haymans

BUS250 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Haymans

“Go to class. He tells you everything you need to know! Easy class if you pay attention & go to class!”

“Haymans is easily one of my favorite professors I’ve had. He’s very personable and uses real world examples for terms. He pretty much reads through the book in class and tells you what you need to know. Go to class and read through the book and you’ll be golden. He does give add an extra 3% to your overall grade if you never miss.”

“Great professor. Very knowledgeable about law. Can exempt the final if you ace the first 3 tests.”

8) Lisa Ewell

Professor of Mathematicsfor lisa ewell ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Ewell

ENG11011 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ewell

“She is the sweetest and most charming teacher I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, this angel teaches calculus. She’s clearly very intelligent and will happily give detailed explanations when prompted.”

“Awesome teacher. Very clear and made Calculus 1 a breeze. Tests were straight forward and I was really prepared for the departmental final. Get her if you can!”

“Really nice lady explains things very well. Things on tests are from the study guide. Do the study guide and homework and you will be fine.”

9) Travis Hitchcock

Professor of Education for travis hitchcock ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Professor Hitchcock

EDHE105 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Hitchcock

“Travis was my teacher for the freshman course. The class isn’t hard but you have to go to events you probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t required. Travis makes the class fun and he is easy to talk to if you need help. I actually went to him for advising even though he was not my advisor. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute.”

“He is awesome.”

“He is a genuine teacher. He is always there when you have questions although you will rarely have any because he’s very clear about what he expects. His tests are nearly verbatim to his PowerPoint slides which he posts on blackboard. If you look over those, you’ll easily pass.”

10) Elise Gutshall

Professor of Music for elise gutshall ole miss

Rating: 5.0
Department: Music

Courses Taught by Professor Gutshall

MUSIC15 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Gutshall

“She will make you work, but you learn some really good stuff.”

“Apparently, she doesn’t give quizzes anymore, but she’s still easy and a good teacher. get your beauty sleep the night before because movies can get a little dull.”

“Introductory music class very easy. Quizzes are open book and final was take-home.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Ole Miss

1) Cannabis Production by Suman Chandra

Suman Chandra

FacultyAgriculture and Horticulture Sciences

Beyond recreational use, there is a lot to study about cannabis. Professor Chandra has even conducted research into the production of the plant. For his research, he won a science award.

2) 3D Printing by Jiaxiang Zhang

Jiaxiang Zhang

Faculty: Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

A lot of medicine is not able to be processed into forms for ingestion. Zhang’s research with 3D printing found that he could make capsules for medicine. He won an award for his presentation on the research.

3) Corpse Flower by Lal Jayaratna

Corpse flower.

Faculty: Botany

At the University of Mississippi, research is about to conclude on the corpse flower. When it blooms, it is a rare event. But when it does bloom, it will release the odor of a decomposing life form.

4) Eradicating Bed Bugs by Junaid Rehman

Studying bed bugs.

Faculty: School of Pharmacy

Bed bugs are one problem with sleeping that has been very hard to solve over the years. Research scientists at Ole Miss have found a safe solution to handle the pests. They’ve discovered a natural chemical that will help rid beds of these bugs.

5) Military Diets by Bharathi Avula

Bharathi Avula

Faculty: School of Pharmacy

Members of the military often use dietary supplements. To improve these drugs, research is going to be conducted into the best methods of improving these drugs. For this study, Avula has received a grant of almost a quarter of a million dollars.

The University of Mississippi continues to be endlessly enhanced by these exceptional research projects.

10 of the Easiest Courses at Ole Miss

Most of us always look for shortcuts to success, however, we all know that there is no easy way out for achieving success at University of Mississippi. All you could do is take electives that boost your grade, consume lesser part of your brain and require you to put lesser effort. Here are 10 hot electives that would provide an easy shortcut to succeed in achieving a higher GPA.

1) JOUR 101: Introduction to Mass Communication

Reporting events for the media might be your thing. If this is true, then this course on journalism is a yes-yes for you. It covers the basics of journalism and reporting. This course is meant for beginners and could be taken as an easy or intriguing elective.

A meme showing how people doubt the credibility of everything reported by the journalists.


2) ASTR 101: Descriptive Anatomy

If you know a lot about the solar system and the galaxy, this course just adds a little to your knowledge, giving you a chance to get credits without spending any astronomical energy. Take GEOL 130 and learn about dwarf planets, satellites and suns, while you shine like a star.

A meme showing a person on moon and mocking at how getting an 'A' in astronomy is theoretical.


3) CSD 201: Introduction to Communicative Disorders

CSD 201 explores the causation, recognition and management principles of various speech, language and audition disorders. It is ranked as one of the “birdiest” courses that you could take at University of Mississippi.

A meme showing the reaction when communicative disorders assistant is introduced as "the assistant".


4) MATH 123: Trigonometry

Whether you are a math gem or not, you would definitely know that sin^2 + cos^2 = 1. Take this course to learn more about your sine, cosine and tangent functions which you already know a lot about.

A meme depicting a way to propose someone and ask them to be "1" by getting together.


5) PHYS 213: General Physics I

PHYS 213 is an introductory physics course that is designed to let the students with no background in physics explore the world of force and torque. If you do not want to experience Force/Area (which you would know after taking this course is Pressure), then do take PHYS 213 as an elective.

A meme showing a person traveling at the speed of light.


6) CJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJ 100 explores the philosophical and historical backgrounds, agencies, and processes of the criminal justice systems in the United States. If you are interested in law or you are just interested in knowing a little bit about criminal justice, this course is interesting  and easy for you.

A meme showing the expected and real life of criminal justice majors.


7) INST 101: Introduction to International Studies

INST 101 dwells into the ways of knowing themes and concerns of international studies, and current issues and events in their global context. It is an introductory level course meant for International Studies students and thus, it is easy to get a straight ‘A’ on this course.

A meme asking if international studies majors who work at the UN know how the world works.


8) BISC 102: Inquiry Into Life Human Biology

BISC 102 survey course intended for nonbiology majors, introducing basic principles and emphasizing the function of the human body, including diseases, cellular process, respiration, muscular system, reproduction, development, immunity, and inheritance. If you require a science credit and want to acquire it without effort, this course is a win-win for you.

A meme showing someone escaping the prison using transport proteins.


9) SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 101 is an Introduction to the Spanish language, including reading, writing, and conversational skills for basic communication. If you have not taken any Spanish courses in High School or have taken only less than 2 years of HS Spanish, only then you could take this course. So this is a basic course meant for beginners so it is super easy.

A meme showing how "Si" is one of the most common Spanish words.

10) GEOL 101: Physical Geology

GEOL 101 is a classical introduction to Earth science and the physical and chemical processes that affect the Earth. This course would help you get a required science credit without having to put in much effort.

A photo showing a rock formation that is formed by "recent" tectonic activities and sedimentation.


Choosing easy electives is a path that could help you to easily attain good grades. So in considering good grades as success, the shortcut to success is not a cut short to success. You might have this point to debate about one of the most debated topics in  life.


5 Reasons You Need to Apply to the Early Entry Program at Ole Miss

Have you decided you want to major in Pre-Pharmacy? Then Ole Miss‘s Early Entry Program might just be your dream come true!

1. Admission to Pharmacy School

Most Pre-Pharmacy programs require you to take 2-4 years of undergraduate classes and THEN cross your fingers that you are a part of the 1/4 of students that get accepted into their professional program. At Ole Miss, once you are accepted into the Early Entry Program, you are guaranteed acceptance into The University of Mississippi‘s School of Pharmacy, only contingent on a GPA requirement and PCAT scores. HOW MUCH OF A RELIEF IS THAT???

 2. Bachelor Degree plus TWO MINORS

For those of you that have looked into being a Pre-Pharmacy major, you’ve probably noticed that very few schools offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences within their program. Many colleges will suggest that students major in general Biology or Chemistry, or simply don’t have the option for students to get a bachelor degree within their pharmacy program. Within the Early Entry Program at Ole Miss, not only are you on the path to earning a Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences, but a minor in Chemistry and Biology as well.


3. Free tutoring

One of the most beneficial aspects of the program is the free tutoring. Yes, you read that correctly, FREE! (Every college students favorite word). These tutors are older students in the program that received an A in the course they are tutoring. Tutors are provided for the courses students find most difficult in the curriculum: biology and chemistry. And the best part, they come to the dorm building lounge!


4. Scholarships

Several students from each Early Entry class are given a scholarship of $1,000 from The School of Pharmacy, based on high school GPA and test scores. The Pharmacy school also loves to reward students that excel in their courses, so any student that earns a 3.5 or higher after their freshman year will earn a scholarship. The value of these increase each year that a student earns a 3.5 or above!



It would be so difficult going through first semester without the pharmacy family – phamily. The School of Pharmacy truly does focus on making everyone feel comfortable and immediately involved with their peers. They offer a specific Living Learning Community dorm option for students exclusively in the Early Entry Program, which is extremely helpful when it comes to studying and working on assignments, as well as allowing one to become very close with other Early Entry students. The School of Pharmacy also plans social activities: Pharmacy formal, Halloween party, game nights, and holiday parties. All of these activities are great opportunities to meet more people and make many memories. Lastly, as an Early Entry student, you are provided with another counselor and mentors who will become your parents away from home. These peers and mentors will quickly become your phamily, being the support system you truly need!


Deciding to apply for the Early Entry Program is one of the best decisions an aspiring pharmacist can make. Despite the tough course schedule, long nights of studying, and the multiple panic attacks over grades, the experiences you’ll have will be worth it. You will make some of the best memories, develop lifelong friendships, and learn more information you can even begin to imagine. For anyone considering majoring in Pre-Pharmacy,  definitely look more into the Early Entry Program at Ole Miss. You won’t regret it!


Ole Miss Students React to Increasing Netflix Prices

“No way!” “I am not paying that.” “Why would they go up on their prices?” These are just a handful of the responses from Ole Miss students after learning that Netflix, an online streaming service, may be raising their prices pretty soon. The corporation made this announcement last week that they will be raising prices beginning this month, which is the first time in two years. Prices are expected to only raise by ten percent, but there is only one result from raising prices – fewer customers. The last time Netflix prices changed, which was the same time the streaming service unbundled their online and DVD subscription, the corporation lost over 600,000 subscribers. Jalen Hurst, a sophomore exercise science student at Ole Miss has already planned to cancel his subscription with the streaming service. “We are in college,” said Hurst, “and this time is all about learning to budget. I just don’t see myself paying extra for something that I don’t use as often.” Jalen hit a very good point. Most Netflix subscribers only view about 30-40% of the content provided, meaning that up to 70% of the content that Netflix provides goes unwatched. But the real question to ask is why is Netflix raising their prices. 

Since the service started releasing original content the last few years, their profit margin has shrunk dramatically, meaning they are not bringing in enough cash.  However, according to Fox  News, Netflix is planning to spend six billion dollars a year on original content as they compete against other streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, and Apple TV. This change could have not come at a worse time for Netflix, for Hulu combined forces with Spotify, a premium music streaming service, to create a deal college students could not refuse: video (Hulu) and music (Spotify Premium) for only $5 a month.

Junior nutrition major Kaylan Gilliam was one of those students who could not refuse the deal. “There is no need for Netflix or Apple Music now. I was paying $11 for Netflix, $10 for Hulu, and $5 for Apple Music. This [bundle] just cut my monthly subscriptions by more than $20,” said Gilliam. Since releasing this bundled deal, both streaming services have seen a boost in subscriptions.

Netflix has been a leader in the online streaming community, especially since bringing back popular demands such as Fuller House, and even producing their own content like House of Cards, Narcos, and their big hit Thirteen Reasons Why. With their recent announcement of prices increasing, Netflix may be losing a large number of college students especially with Hulu and Spotify offering a dream bundle for college students. There is only remaining question to ask – what will happen to Netflix?


Three Ways to Prep for a Chem Exam at Ole Miss

Having trouble studying for that big chemistry midterm? Don’t know exactly where to start? Well, these tips should help out! Here are three of the best ways to study for a chemistry exam:

1. Old Tests

Image result for stack of tests

Sometimes professors get lazy and decide not to change their exams from the previous semester. Sometimes they will just change the order of the questions, or sometimes they will just shift the dynamic of the question and still cover the same concept. Just find you someone who has taken the same class under the same professor you are currently enrolled in, ask for their old exams, and review the format, not the answers to the questions. Use this as a measure to see how well you know the tested content. However, do not rely solely on this tip. Professors might feel energized and change the entire test.

2. Note Cards

Image result for neon note cards chemistry

Note cards are really helpful. I like to play a matching game with them, writing the concept/problem on one colored note card, and the explanation/answer on another colored note card. You mix all of the cards up, spread them out on the floor, and get to matching! This is very great whenever you need to remember chemical names and structures, formulas and equations, or simple definitions.

3. Homework and Notes

Image result for chemistry notes

Reworking old homework is a very productive way to study for a chem test. As you are reworking the questions, write down the concept before completing the problem, refer to your notes, write down any important information you think you will need to answer this question, and then go back and complete the question. If you do this for each question, you are bound to know the material.

Chemistry is a subject that takes hard work (and great time management) in order to be successful. The different concepts discussed in class will confuse you if you do not know how to distinguish them from each other, especially when it comes to test time. Use these tips, and you will be A-ok. HOTTY TODDY!