10 Buildings at the University of Michigan – Flint You Need to Know

Getting around campus can be hard, especially if you’re new. Hundreds upon thousands of students are walking around campus and constantly looking down at their GPS to ensure that they’re going to the right building. If you’re a person who struggles with directions, don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here we have a list of the top buildings at the University of Michigan – Flint that you need to know!

1. Hubbard Building

The sign for the Hubbard Building address

Address: 602 Mill St, Flint, MI 48503

Do you always seem to feel safe on campus or like you have people who you can turn to in cases of emergency? That’s what the Department of Public Safety is for! The Hubbard Building houses those who help to keep the facilities up and running. It is home to the Department of Public Safety.

2. W.R. Murchie Science Building (MSB)

The  W.R. Murchie Science Building view outside

Address: 415 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48503

If science is your go to, then this building is for you! This building is home to all of the university’s science departments. It holds classrooms, lecture halls, labs, and study rooms where students can get together and study. This building also houses multiple science faculty offices.

3. UM-Flint Theatre

An outside look a the UM-Flint Theatre

Address: 373-599 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48502

This building is home to the film and theatre department. This building is where students with amazing talents showcase them out to the general public and their peers by putting on shows each semester. Students will be able to see performances here at the Black Box Theatre weekly!

4. David M. French Hall

A look at the David M. French Hall

Address: 327 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48503

The David M. French Hall is named after one of the first ever people who helped to forge academic success and direction at the University of Michigan-Flint. This building houses some of the latest technology such as computer labs, study areas, and educational technology to help faculty, staff, and students!

5. Harding Mott University Center

The Harding Mott University Center which serves as the student center

Address: 400 Mill St, Flint, MI 48503

The University Center is the home of the student center and the heart of campus. Here, students will find the main dining hall and dining places, the Office of Student Live, the KIVA Theatre, Michigan rooms, student services, study and meeting rooms. Additionally, there are places for students to relax in between classes.

6. Frances Willson Thompson Library

Outside of Frances Wilson Thompson Library

Address: 303 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48502

This library is the main library on campus. It promotes academic success and helps to direct students in the right direction with thousands of library resources. Here, students will find study rooms, computer labs, printers, private study areas, quiet rooms, and a cafe for when you want a study break.

7. Northbank Center

The Northbank Center outside view

Address: 432 N Saginaw St #419, Flint, MI 48502

This building is home to many offices for the campus community. It is home to the UM-Flint Dance Studio, many community and campus offices, the Grand Ballroom, LAUNCH which is a small business, and multiple meeting rooms for students, staff, and faculty.

8. First Street Residence Hall

Outside view of the First Street Residence Hall

Address: 301 E 1st St, Flint, MI 48502

First built in 2008, this residence hall is one of the only residence halls on campus. It is the university’s first ever residence hall as well. It houses students in apartment style living spaces that contain bathrooms, a common area, and a kitchenette.

9. Riverfront Center

A riverfront outlook on the Riverfront Center

Address: 1 Riverfront Plaza, Flint, MI 48502

This building is home to the UM-Flint School of Management. Since 2012, this renovated space has been providing students with innovative smart classrooms, digital displays, meeting and study areas, a finance lab, a 24/7 computer lab, and off-campus student housing offices.

10. University Pavilion

A street view of the University Pavillion

Address: 303 Saginaw St, Flint, MI 48502

This building is situated on the corner of Saginaw St. and Kearsley St. It is home to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Registrar’s Office, the Financial Aid Office, Academic Advising, and the Career Center on the 2nd floor. Students will also find the campus bookstore here.

Hopefully this will help you get around campus better! It’s essential to know your way, especially if you have a class that you have to book right after the next. These buildings are the main campus buildings to know when going to class or just roaming around to know where you are!

Restaurant and Cafes for the student at the UM-Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint is a public University in Flint, Michigan. It is one of the two University of Michigan satellite campuses. With an acceptance rate of 74%, the population is usually high throughout the year, this calls for high numbers of cafes and restaurant to satisfy the demand for drinks and meals. Some of the restaurant and cafes near this campus include;

1. Café Rhena

Café Rhena?

Located around 0.3 miles from the University along 432 Saginaw St, Café Rhena is themed coffee café; they specialize in coffee and espresso-based drinks. They accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa card and digital payment; therefore, you don’t need to carry around liquid money. To entertain their customers, the café offers live music and others event regularly in the front of the lounge or back which can hold a maximum of 50 peoples.

2. Cork on Saginaw

Cork on Saginaw? pic

Are you looking for good food accompanied by excellent service? Cork is the place to go. Located in the heart of downtown inside a renovated building bank building, cork features a wine bar and American cuisine. They open for five days per week starting from Tuesday to Saturdays,opening their Café mostly late in the afternoon.

3. Lunch Studio

Lunch Studio is frequent by the students

Situated merely 0.3 miles, very near to the campus. Lunch Studio is frequent by the students not only because of the distance but due to the fact that the staffs are friendly, the place is clean, and the food is always fresh. You can contacts them for reservation; working days are Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 pm.

4. Temple Dining Room

Temple Dining Room guarantees quality service

Located just a few miles from the University, Temple Dining Room guarantees quality service thanks to their helpful, professional and friendly employees. The place is ideal for a large group, kids as while as couples. They have delicious homemade food ranging from chickens to mashed potatoes.

5. Bill Thomas’ Halo Burger Incorporated

Bill Thomas’ Halo Burger Incorporated

Students frequent the place for it offers the latest and up-to-date vibe at the University. In it, one can get their favorite burgers,milkshakes, salads, sandwiches, and on top of rotisserie. You can make your order in the comfort of your room.

6. Donn’s Donuts

Donn’s Donuts? picture

Are you craving for donuts? At this point, you will find wide range of donuts to choose from. One reason you should eat at Donn’s Donuts is that they give back to the community. They have ample parking lot, and people in a wheelchair can access the place comfortable.

7. Sorianos

Soriano’s has Mexican setting

Located in less than a mile from the campus in 836 south SSaginaw St, Soriano’s has Mexican setting, always playing Mexican music. When you make an order, it’s served quickly; therefore, you wouldn’t miss that class taking your meal. Online ordering is also available.

8.La Familia Morales

La Familia Morales?

Are you looking for Mexican food in town? Look no further La Familia located in 725 Garland St is the place to go. The meals are cheap and tasty; the staffs are very friendly. They open daily from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM,so you have assured bite every single day.

With this wide range of foods/drinks restaurants and cafes, the students have all sorts of options to choose from. This will only be influenced by their budget, class schedules, and their preferences. For more information on these restaurants and cafes while at the university visit their websites.

Health and Wellness Services at UM Flint

The University of Michigan- Fint normally operates a modernized health and wellness service provision by issuing students with medical insurance plans. They also have an online platform known as M-Health which is equipped with quality medical solutions for students. Thus, most of the scholars have benefited from this by learning numerous self-care hacks. Additionally, there are physical clinics where students receive counseling on drug and substance abuse, screening for various ailments, and wellness coaching. Here are some of the health and wellness services and resources that all students and the communities around can easily access.

1. Healthcare Center

One of the health centers run by the University of Michigan

The major healthcare facility at the learning institution is the University of Michigan Medical Center. The hospital offers holistic care for the medical needs of the scholars within campus location. Besides, the school also runs the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center where the medical practitioners employed by the institution attend to students with cancer. They also perform screenings for ladies and gentlemen studying at the various campuses to prevent the malignant disease from spreading in their bodies. Moreover, there is also another hospital which was founded by the school under the department of Michigan Medicine and has now grown to become the West Ann Arbor Health Center. Therefore, the numerous healthcare centers at the University of Michigan-Fint has made it easier for many students to received quality and specialized medical attention.

2. Special Care Center And The Services

Facility used for special treatments

For quality delivery of special care, the school decided to inaugurate the University of Michigan Brighton Center for Specialty Care which has been running for some time now. The skilled physicians in this hospital have specialized in medical problems such as cutaneous surgery, headache and neuropathic pain, cardiology stress testing, anesthesiology, neurosurgery, physical therapy, psychiatry and otolaryngology. At the clinic, students with serious conditions can be admitted at any time since the labs operate on a 24/7 basis.

3. Mental Healthcare Center And Services

Depressed student

The University of Michigan also provides medical care for students with mental health issues either as a result of induced or genetic psychosis. These services are available at the Department of Psychiatry which is classified at Michigan Medicine. Mental conditions that psychiatrists and counselors attend to most of the time include autism at the Autistic Spectrum Disorders Clinic, depression, addictions, bipolar and neurological problems. Furthermore, the school also has another mental facility known as the University of Michigan Psychological Clinic where special students are assessed mentally for anxiety, academic performance and depression. All these infrastructural resources have helplines which operate throughout.

4. Emergency Center And Services

Staff members at the mental health department

In addition, the institution operates the University of Michigan Department of Emergency Medicine. The clinic is usually open for urgent medical needs of students on a 24 hours basis. Besides, they are dedicated towards better medical care through evidence-based research.

5. Center for Public Safety and Security

Public security and safety officers

The school also owns a department known as the University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security. Its main aim is to alert the administration of the well-being of the scholars through emergency and non-emergency call numbers. Most of the time, it is used when students are suspected to be unwell and the school is concerned about their overall progress in life.


Top 10 Coolest Classes at the UM Flint

Those lecture courses that make you want to fall asleep five minutes in are common throughout college and university campuses across the globe. At the University of Michigan – Flint, students know that the university offers a handful of cool classes each semester, and that’s why many of them make a point to enroll in these classes—the point of college is to learn something, right? If you want to know more about 10 cool classes at the University of Michigan – Flint, then read on!

1. ACC 201 – Principles of Financial Accounting

Who wouldn’t want to take a class where the subject matter is actually interesting? Take the ACC 201 class: you’ll enjoy every class period!

These are bookkeeping materials

2. CAS 120 – Making Sense of the Numbers

If you’re worried that your schedule is overloaded with difficult or boring classes, taking CAS 120 is a sure-fire way to guarantee you have an enjoyable semester! The subjects covered in this class are so cool!

A sequence of numbers

3. CDR 430 – Community Disaster Response

Students with an eye for academic success know that a dense schedule may be necessary sometimes, though such is never truly ideal. If you’re a student who can’t avoid a semester full of classes, make sure you at least take a cool class like CDR 430, that way you won’t be overworked.

A destroyed piece of property

4. EDM 100 – Problem Solving for College Students

This is one of the most interesting classes offered at this institution, mainly because the professors who instruct it are first-rate. Take this class if you want to enjoy some of your upcoming semester.

A red figure holding a puzzle piece

5. ENG 112 – Critical Writing and Reading

Don’t be that student who elects to enroll in a semester full of boring classes. Instead, take ENG 112. This class is interesting, informative, and one that you’ll definitely remember after graduation.

This is someone writing

6. FIN 269 – Personal Finance

A class like FIN 269 is going to be a relief for students who have a jam-packed semester. If you like learning about interesting subject matter and characters, this is the class for you!

This is a wallet

7. HIS 315 – American Civil War and Reconstruction

Why would you waste your time in classes that put you to sleep? Are you sick of the monotonous drone of the professors you’ve had in almost all of your lectures? Take HIS 315 for some relief next semester!

The battle of Bull Run

8. MUS 222 – Jazz Survey

The idea of a schedule full of cool classes is one that crosses the minds of many students, yet these students never take the opportunity to enroll in courses they suspect they’ll enjoy. Take MUS 222: you won’t regret it!

This is John Coltrane

9. NSC 105 – Nutrition Now

This is one of those discussion-based classes where the professor is pretty much nonexistent. If you’re someone who thrives in this kind of learning environment, there’s a good chance you’ll pull a lot of valuable things out of this class.

This is an apple

10. HIS 409 – Colonial America

Want to engage with interesting writers, speakers, and subject matter? If say yes, then you need to enroll in this course. Not only is this course one of the coolest offered at this school, it’s also quite easy too!

An image from colonial America

Since you’ve reached the conclusion of this list, it’s fair to say you now have more information about 10 cool classes that are routinely offered at the University of Michigan – Flint. College is a time for learning and discovery, and that’s exactly what happens in all of the classes on this list. Are you going to enroll in any of them?

10 Hardest Courses at UM Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint is an institution where you need to have the knowledge of all the courses in your major.  Some courses at the University of Michigan-Flint are quite challenging while some are easy ride. Many students struggle to get good grades in these classes, but knowing which classes you’ll need to focus your attention on will definitely give you a leg up. Here’s a quick rundown of the hardest courses offered at UM-Flint.

1. ACC 320 – Cost Accounting

Analogy of expenses in accountingAlthough major in accounting sound more interesting, there are some courses that’s very frustrating, an example of such course is ACC 320. Collecting, analyzing and controlling the cost of manufacturing a product or rendering a service. Particular emphasis on cost accounting systems, allocations, and providing different costs for different purposes in helping shape business strategy. If you intend to take this course, you need to put in some extra-efforts, because many students in the past failed it.

2. PHY 143 – College Physics I

funny physics pictureIn this course, tests are made up of conceptual trick questions. So even if you study very hard from the book, understand the material, you can still encounter a tricky conceptual question on the exam and easily get it wrong. He doesn’t practice these conceptual problems, he just springs them on you during the exam.

3. ANT 110 – Introduction to Archaeology

Archaeology cartoon and comicsDo not bring your high school mentality to take this course, the course requires more seriousness because assignments are given in every class and the lecturer takes impromptu attendance. All these will eventually contribute to your final grade.

4. EGR 110 – The Engineering Profession

Funny engineering memeThis is one of the hardest course in UM-Flint. The professor runs a DVD player to teach the course. This course is basically showing promotional videos of different engineering departments of UM-Ann Arbor. He makes this course as a 2+2 requirement for his own benefit. You learn nothing.

5. BIO 104 – Introduction to Human Biology

funny meme of human biologyThis is yet another one of the hardest courses in University of Michigan-Flint. Most students usually overlook the course with the mindset that it’s simple. However, the exam questions are the most difficult type of question you can ever see. The lecturers want students to think deep. It’s better not to take this course at all if you’re not properly prepared.

6. MTH 118 – Calculus for Management and Social Sciences

calculus is sexyIf high school math was difficult for you, multiply that level of Calculus by 3 and imagine how complex it could get. If you end up taking this course, be ready to integrate the assignments, quizzes, midterm and final examination marks to get a number that helps you pass the course.

7. CHM 263 – Introductory Quantitative Analysis Laboratory

funny picture of chemistryChemistry is the scariest nightmare for all High School students, right? However, some definitely love it and decide to continue their lives with Chemistry. There are many calculations in this course. So if you’re not ready, it’s advisable you stay away from it.

8. NUR 308 – Research in Nursing

funniest things that nurses write or sayStudents are not required to make mistakes during the practical session of this course. i.e it requires all seriousness in the part of the students. This clinical immersion course is designed and tailored to the students’ specific clinical interest. Both theory and clinical elements are included to ensure the application of nursing practice and research in targeted areas of interest such as paediatrics, obstetrics, perioperative care, critical care, and trauma nursing.

9. URP 485 – Environmental Emergency Management

comic picture indicating the weather conditionsEnvironment Emergency Management is one the most difficult programs to get into in UM-Flint and that’s not the only tough step. As you walk through the pre-requisite courses and make your way to upper year courses, URP 485 that is an introduction to Environmental Emergency Management stands as a barrier, ready to stop you from graduating with excellent grades on your transcripts.

10. HIS 113 – World History: 1400 to 1900

funny picture of world's historyThe lecturer that takes this course is very knowledgeable, therefore you must be ready to read extensively if you want to take this course. And you must devote Special attention to global encounters and interactions; colonialism; the intellectual, political and socioeconomic revolutions that led to the emergence of the modern world; imperialism.

Top 10 Majors at UM Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint is a comprehensive urban university of diverse learners and scholars located in Flint, Michigan in the United States. The university is currently offering more than 70 amazing majors. Having a knowledge of these major is a key to making the right choice. Highlighted below are the top 10 majors offered in this university.

1. Communication Studies

Analogy of communication studies

All Communication Studies majors complete core courses focused on developing speaking and writing skills, mastering essential theories of how human communication works and learning how to evaluate research. As a major, you will learn more about how internships in Communication Studies at UM-Flint work, and why it is so important for students to have one.

2. Criminal Justice

The tools of criminal justice

As a student of this department in the University of Michigan-Flint, you’ll focus more on the U.S. criminal justice system and use an interdisciplinary approach to understand real-world issues. Students also study issues like poverty, homelessness, addiction, and access to public services, and how they intersect with the crime.

3. Accounting

The accounting tools

This major is for students that want to become an accountant. Students will get to learn how to provide assurance about the reliability of financial statements, keep track of company revenue and expenses, examine financial records for errors or fraud, Implement new accounting and finance technologies and systems, manage and mitigate financial risk and many more.

4. Theatre and Dance

A theater which dance and drama are performed

This Major is best for students who are talented in dancing, playing of instruments, act drama etc. The central focus of the UM-Flint Department of Theatre & Dance is to provide students with a challenging educational environment and richly diverse learning experiences.

5. Physics

Energy equation in physics (it's the most popular equation)

UM-Flint provides an education in the basic laws of mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, relativity, quantum mechanics, and elementary particles. Students also study applications of the basic theories to the description of bulk matter, including the mechanical, electric, magnetic, and thermal properties of solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas, and to the description of the structure of atoms and nuclei. In addition, students develop the laboratory skills and techniques of the experimental physicist, skills that can be applied in the experimental search for new knowledge or in applications of the known theories.

6. Health Education

Analogy of health education

Health Education Major at UM-Flint is aimed at promoting the health and well-being of the community by preparing community-oriented health educators with expertise in theory-based practice, to contribute to the knowledge base of health education, and to serve as a resource to the community.

7. Political Science

tools of a political scientist

Political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels. The political science program at UM-Flint provides students with a broad array of courses representing the different sub-fields of the discipline. These include international relations, comparative politics, American politics, political theory, and research methods.

8. Computer Science and Information Systems

This is the picture of a computer displaying graphs

Computer Science programs provide students with an understanding of the Science of Computation. Students completing a concentration in Computer Science are prepared to enter the computing profession or to continue in graduate studies.

9. Astronomy

A picture showing the outer space

Students study astronomical phenomena such as day and night, the lunar phases, summer and winter, eclipses, and the motions of planets can all be predicted with accuracy by the orderly use of simple natural laws. Courses in astronomy are designed for students who seek to fulfil the general education requirement in natural science or to develop their understanding of classical and modern astronomy.

10. Public Administration

This is a picture representing a public administration career

Public Administration is an interdisciplinary degree designed to provide students with the conceptual knowledge, analytic and quantitative skills, and practical experience relevant for entry-level positions in public and nonprofit organizations. The program aims to develop a multidimensional understanding of the role of public institutions in meeting the needs of a dynamic and changing society.

Top 10 Library Resources at University of Michigan – Flint

For diligent students, the library is considered to be the most exciting and convenient place to study and research. If you’re looking for a convenient and cozy environment to study, then the Frances Wilson Thompson Library at the University of Michigan – Flint is the right place for you. Here are the Top 10 Library Resources at the University of Michigan – Flint.

1. Interlibrary Loan

The UM-Flint only has one library and although its supplies are more than enough for the needs of its students, there are certain materials that are only available on nearby libraries. Interlibrary Loan allows students to borrow research materials and documents from libraries outside UM-Flint.

woman looking for books at a library

2. Off-Campus Access

Online library resources such as E-Books and E-Journals are available 24/7, whether you’re on or off campus. Students at UM-Flint can easily browse the entire database of the library by simply logging on to their site!

students taking a picture on the university lawn

3. Checking Items Out

The Thompson Library allows students to check out nearly all of its items except for a number of private and secured documents. Check out their site for more information about their borrow and return policy.

female student checking a book from a library shelf

4. Get This (Books from Ann Arbor)

The “Get This” feature is similar to an Interlibrary Loan except, it’s only limited to transactions between the University of Michigan – Flint and Ann Arbor District Library. It’s also significantly much faster, averaging a response time of 2-3 days (if the book is on the shelf) while Interlibrary Loan usually around 1-2 weeks.

stack of books

5. Course Reserves

Course reserves are research materials that professors put behind the circulation desk or make available virtually for the students they are teaching.

research materials on the table

6. Library Instruction and Orientation

All the faculty members of the Thompson Library are more than happy to provide assistance to students for the complete utilization of library resources. The librarians regularly conduct sessions to encourage students to use all library equipment and services.

teacher teaching students

7. Reference Desk

The librarians at Thompson Library can answer any queries via their Reference Desk. Students can use this service in person or online. So if you ever need help or got any question about a library resource(s), the librarians are more than happy to help you out!

teacher on a desk teaching parents

8. WiFi

Of course, regardless of how big your library is, there will always be some materials that are not available in it. Luckily, at UM-Flint, students can access free WiFi services inside the library premise!

smartphones, tablets

9. Computer and Laptops

Just like any advanced libraries, the Thompson Library also has a number of computers and laptops for students to utilize. Students can also access virtual services using library computers.

laptop beside a pen and book

10. Tutorials

Last and arguably the most handful service of the Thompson Library is their tutorial services. Students can ask for personal tutorials from any available faculty at the UM-Flint library. Every additional boost can take you a long way in the university!

student getting tutorial session

Top 5 Libraries at University of Michigan – Flint

1. Thompson Library

The Frances Wilson Thompson Library provides all the essential research materials for both students and faculty members of the University of Michigan – Flint. The first floor of the library mainly has all the computer equipment as well as the executive rooms: the Thompson Center for Learning and Teaching and then the Honors Program. The second floor provides group study rooms and spaces as well as ITS workstations. The third floor has the majority of the research materials, laboratories, and the Children’s Literature Collection.

student doing research

2. Ann Arbor District Library

All residents living within the Ann Arbor District Library area are provided with free services from the library. This includes computers, internet and many more. The Ann Arbor is the only library that allows the “Get This” library service from the UM-Flint.

a photo of a public library with residents studying

3. Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library opened on March 25, 1865, and initially contained a collection of more than 5,000 books and public documents. Today, there are multiple branches of the Detroit Public Library following the need for public collections and resources. The main branch is the closest one to the University of Michigan – Flint.

public library on the evening with students studying

4. Flint Public Library

The Flint Public Library provides a complete learning experience for students and even for young adults that are starting to build their own family. This public library provides research materials and resources specifically catering to the needs of teens, kids, and parents.

books under the desk at the library

5. Lapeer District Library

The Lapeer District Library offers full library services for the public including Borrow/Renew, Virtual Library, and many more. If you love to do extensive research on a particular subject, then the Lapeer District Library is the best choice as you can access their database 24/7 – entirely for free. The library also has a number of award-winning and definitive book lists including Pulitzer Prize Winners, Nebula Award Winners, Hugo Award Winners, Man Booker Prize Winners and many more!

a photo of a librarian using the library computer

10 Cool Clubs at UM-Flint

Clubs and other extracurricular activities are a fun way to expand your resume, as well as meet new people and do great things! Here’s ten popular clubs at University of Michigan at Flint!

1. Cinema’s Finest

people watching a movie

Cinema’s Finest is a film and cinema club at U Michigan Flint for any students who love cinema. Members watch different films from all over the world and discuss them.

2. Community Engagement

community of people

The Community Engagement club is a great group of students that enjoys providing service to the local areas through volunteer opportunities. Students who love volunteering should join!

3. Food Recovery Network

Official FRN FB Profile Photo.jpg

The Food Recover Network recovers unused food from dining halls that would otherwise be thrown away and safely donate its to shelters for those in need.

4. Molecular Biology Club

different types of microscopes

The Molecular Biology Club is a student organization for biology majors that provides opportunities for members to stay up to date on research in Molecular Biology!

5. NBA Fan Club

pro basketball players

The NBA Fan Club is a hobby based club for students at U Michigan Flint who love the NBA. Members come together to watch and talk about basketball.

6. Pre-Med Club

female doctor smiling

The Pre Medicine Club is a great pre professional club for students seeking careers in the medical field. This club helps students prepare for applying to med school as well.

7. Public Health Student Orgpaper mache people in a circle

The Public Health Student Organization aims to promote health and wellness across the U Mich Flint campus. Their goal is to educate peers about their health.

8. Social Work Club

people holding hands

The purpose of the Social Work Club is to improve social welfare through volunteering and other activities, as well as promote social work across campus.

9. The Michigan Times

Man typing on laptop

The Michigan Times is a student run newspaper at University of Michigan at Flint. Members write and edit articles about world news, as well as campus news and events.

10. Pre Dental Club

dentist and kid

The Pre Dental Club is another pre professional club. Students seeking careers in the dental field can join to gain experience and knowledge, as well as aid in grad school applications.

5 Great Events at University of Michigan at Flint

1. Economic Forum

The U Mich Economic Forum features a panel of financial and economic leaders and professionals who will discuss current U.S and worldwide economic events and problems.

2. Bank Financing 101

man looking at paper

The Bank Financing 101 is a workshop where students can come to learn all about banking. Students will learn how to make a loan, what good credit is, and more!

3. Art Walk

people at an art exhibit

Art Walk is a fun showcase at U Mich that features all of the artwork done by students. Artwalk has a rotating exhibit that visitors can explore while enjoying free food and drink.

4. Taste of Downtown

fancy empty restaurant

A Taste of Downtown is a fun event for any U Mich foodie. This event gives students the opportunity to try a bunch of eateries/restaurants in the U Mich downtown area all at once!

5. Farmer’s Market Frenzy

fruit at the farmers market

The Farmer’s Market Frenzy at U Mich brings the local farmers market to the students! This is a great way to find fresh fruits, vegetables and other food/produce.

Top Dorms at U Mich-Flint

The University of Michigan at Flint is one of two satellite campuses of the main campus located in Ann Arbor. It was founded in the aftermath of WWII as part of the push by FDR to ease GIs back into civilian life. There are only two housing options for students at the Flint campus but lots of cheap off campus housing choices.

1) First Street

Flint housing

Address: E 1st St, Flint, MI 48503

The residence hall at First Street is home to all first year students. Residents of this hall are required to have meal plans. The First Street Residence Hall boasts apartment-style suites for two to four students, complete with kitchens, laundry facilities, wireless internet, and other amenities. Prices for a room range from $10,745 for a 2 person single to $8,769 for a 4 person double meal plan included.


2) Riverfront

Just look at that waterfront view!

Address: 1 Riverfront Plaza, Flint, MI 48502

This apartment style residence hall is reserved for upperclassman and graduate students. A meal plan is completely optional. Offering expansive views of the riverfront, the building also features a 40+ person movie theater, gaming lounge and pool tables. The prices are a lot cheaper going down to as little as $5,709 for a 4 person double.

3) Durant Luxury Apartments

Those countertops look so shiny!

Address: 607 E 2nd Ave, Flint, MI48502

This offering is for either a studio apartment ranging from $730-830 a month or a 1 bedroom from $798 a month. Leasing an apartment gives students discounted access to the gym. The kitchen features marble countertops and a full sized refrigerator.

4) Kings Lane

Kings Lane housing at UMich Flint

Address: 4400 Kings Ln, Burton, MI48529

You will certainly feel like a king if you choose to rent this apartment although you won’t have to pay that much! Rent starts at only $500 a month, which is a total steal! The apartment is situated only a few minutes from downtown with easy access to dining and shopping.Not bad for only $500 a month, wouldn’t you agree?

5) Rosewood Riverside Townhomes

It really doesn't get better than this for less than $450 a month.

Address: 130 River Bank Dr, Flint, MI48503

Also located in the heart of downtown Flint, this offering is an even better value than the previous one! For $449 a month, you get 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms with a total of 1,000 sq feet of living space! There’s even an attached garage for your car.

Here is Your Moving Day Packing List at U of M Flint

1) Basics

Shower caddy

  • Toiletries
  • Fan
  • Towels
  • Pillow
  • Shower caddy

2) Food/Snacks

A bag of dorito

  • Doritos
  • Oreos
  • Instant noodles
  • Utensils
  • Mugs, bowls

3) Tech/Equipment

A power strip

  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Power strip
  • Gaming console
  • Cord organizer

4) School Supplies

An image of school supplies including notebooks and crayons

  • Backpack
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Pouch
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • TV

5) Clean up and Organization

Swiffer mop

  • Swiffer
  • Dust pan
  • Trashcan
  • Trashbags
  • 3M hooks
  • Iron

6) Campus Gear

UMich Flint flags

  • Sweatshirt
  • Posters
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Baseball cap

7) Ask before bringing

An image of space heater

  • Air conditioner
  • Microwave
  • Sharp knives
  • Open flames
  • Space heater


10 Easiest Classes at UM Flint

Every student has a million things to balance in their life ever semester. Some semesters will be full of rigorous classes, tons of events, and stressful deadlines. There are other semesters where you can have a little bit more control over your schedule and free time. At the University of Michigan Flint, there are tons of classes for you to choose from that will help you get in some extra free time, and help your GPA.

1. AFA 204 Dance and World Culture

Dance and World Culture is a class designed to open the eyes of students who already have an appreciation of dance. This course will look at movement and have a focus on global cultures and how their traditions are included in dance.An image of people dancing in unison. 

2. AFA 312 Black Arts Movement

Students will look at the contributions to the Black Arts Movement from the 1960s as well as the early 1970s to understand culture in a new way. Students will look at different work by writers, poets, dramatists and journalists of this time to better understand the movement.An image of paint being mixed on a palette. 

3. ANT 295 The Indian Ocean World

Students will study the people, wildlife, and environment of the Indian Ocean basin. This course covers east Africa, the Arabian peninsula, south Asia, and southeast Asia. The Indian Ocean World focuses on different aspects of a society and culture and how they are affected by location.Pictured above is a body of water crashing against rocks. 

4. ARH 140 History of Graphic Design

Slide lectures will teach students about the progression and evolution of graphic design. The graphic design studied in class will cover international, social, political, and technological developments since the 1400’s.An image of pencils over a sketch of a man. 

5. DAN 102 Yoga

Students will learn the basics of yoga, starting with foundational exercises and then exploring more advanced moves and technique. Students will learn warm up exercises, movement series, and relaxation techniques.Above is someone doing yoga in front of the sunset. 

6. ECE 120 Music in Early Childhood

This course takes a closer look at how music affects children from their earliest stages and into childhood. There is no prior musical experience necessary, but the course will teach students how to teach music to children of kindergarten age.Image of an empty classroom. 

7. ECN 335 Sports Economics

Sports economics will give students an understanding of basic economics, and then apply it to the sports industry specifically. Topics include public financing, cost-benefit analysis, compensation of athletes, and optimal ticket pricing strategies.An image of a sports stadium full of fans. 

8. HCR 104 Volleyball

Volleyball gives students a chance to holistically learn about the sport. From a physical and ideological standpoint, students will practice and perform the sport, while understanding the basic fundamentals and history which it was founded upon.Above is someone lacing up a sneaker. 

9. MUS 145 Mainstream Music Writing

Students will explore song writing techniques with elements like melody, harmony, and rhythm. Mainstream music writing will focus mostly on modern day songs and teach students through these examples.An image of hands holding various instruments. 

10. Social Theory

Students will be given a review of classical and contemporary social theory. This includes topics such as problems and anthropological explanations of society and inequality as well as significance of theoretical concepts in relationship to practice.Pictured above is a busy city. With classes from the list above, you’re sure to have a less stressful semester. At The University of Michigan Flint, there is so much to do that you won’t want to take time consuming classes ever again.